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Spring Creek Cemetery is located in SE ¼ of SE ¼ of Sec 22 Twp 26 N Range 39, 4 miles NE of Reardan. This land was originally patented by John Surber, issued on 11-23-1891 and defined as 160 acres in the S ½ of the S ½ of Sec 22 Twp 26N Range 39. This land was owned by Fred B Barnard as shown on the 1911 Atlas.  See more information about the cemetery on Page A



Davidson Land Patent:  “Patentee: Dow Lorenzo Davidson. Issue Date: 2-23-1892, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SE 24-25N-38E.”


Davidson Land Patent:  Patentee: Gamaliel Davidson.  Issue Date: 10-18-1892, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SE 22-25N-39E.”


Davidson Land Patent:  “Patentee:  John R Davidson. Issue Date: 10-18-1892, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA. NE 24-25N-38E.”


Davidson Land Patent:  “Patentee: Thomas J Davidson. Issue Date: 5-16-1889, Spokane Land Office. 40 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SWSW 26-26N-39E.”


Davidson surname:  See also Reardan Cemetery. (Dow, George, John, Margaret, Ralph, Sarah, Susie.)


Davidson, Elizabeth;  d.. Mar 24, 1886; 23 yrs 7 mos 4 days; w/o J Davidson (upright stone had fallen and broken by 1968 and is now missing).  “John Wm Hostetter. File #47. Filed May 4, 1886, guardianship. Both parents dead, child age 4 yrs, residing with grandparent, Mr Surber. Natural father: Joel C Hostetter, died Aug 1884. Natural mother: Elizabeth Surber Hostetter remarried Thos Davidson. Elizabeth Hostetter Davidson died March 1886 and Thos Davidson, the child’s step-father, deserted the boy.” (Lincoln County Superior Court: Probate file note); “Groom: Thomas J Davidson. Bride: Libbie Hofstetter.  Marriage Date: 4-09-1885.” (Spokane Co Auditor: Marriage Index);


Davidson, Gladys E;  b. 1901; d. 1965; Mother.  “Gladys E Davidson. Died: 20 Aug 1965, Lincoln Co, WA. Residence: Lincoln Co, WA.” (WA State Death Index: Certificate #017148; did not view)


Davidson, Vance W;  b. 1898; d. 1984; Father. (shared with Gladys E);  “Graveside services for Vance W Davidson took place at Spring Creek Cemetery on Monday, Oct 15.  Paul Lillengreen and the Wilbur Masonic Lodge conducted the Masonic Service.  Davidson was born on April 28, 1898 in Redding, CA to Dow and Catherine Davidson. He moved to the Gravelle area with his father, Dow, making their home with Sarah Davidson after the death of his mother. He was a Reardan High graduate, and married Gladys Barnard of Reardan. They lived in Spokane and Wilbur with their son, Robert. After Gladys’ death in 1965, Vance moved to Sacramento. He and Edna Varnum had been married 18 years. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, Tuscan Lodge No. 81 and El Katif Shrine.  Survivors include his wife, Edna, of Sacramento; one son, Robert of Ashland, OR; and three grandsons, Gary of Davis, CA, Bradley of Ithaca, NY, and Matt of Ashland, OR.  Also surviving are nieces and nephews, Beth Krause of Creston; Jean Merrill of Chewelah, Glenna Zwainz and Quintin Landreth of Reardan, Harl Barnard of Santa Fe, NM, and Berne Barnard of Cheney. Scharbach Funeral Home of Wilbur handled funeral services.” (Davenport Times:  10-25-1984) 


Davis Land Patent:  “Patentee:  Moultrie J Davis.  Issue Date: 11-16-1897, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SE 24-27N-39E.”


Davis, Cora B;  b. 1888; d. 1902; (shared with Emily, Frank, Lura & Moultrie). 


Davis, Emily J Ratcliff;  b. 1864; d. 1940; w/o Moultrie; (shared with Cora, Frank, Lura & Moultrie).  “Emily Jane Davis. Died: 13 April 1940, age 76, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Isaac Ratcliff. Mother: Mary.”  (WA State Death Records);


Davis, Frank H;  b. 1889; d. 1956; (shared with Emily, Cora, Lura & Moultrie).  “Frank Harrison Davis.  Died: 12 June 1956, age 67, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Moultry Davis. Mother: Emily Jane Ratcliff.” (WA State Death Records);


Davis, Lura E;  b. 1898; d. 1919; (shared with Emily, Cora, Frank & Moultrie).  “Laura S Davis, age 22, of Long Lake, died in the Sacred Heart hospital, Spokane, August 11, says the Reardan Gazette. Deceased was born on the Twin Springs fruit farm, near Long Lake, and has resided in Lincoln County all her life.” (DT & T: 8-21-1919) “Laura Davis. Died: 12 Aug 1919, age 22, Spokane Co, WA. Father: A Davis. Mother: S Shagley.”  (WA State Death Records);


Davis, Moultrie J;  b. 1860; d. 1899; h/o Emily Davis; (shared with Emily, Cora, Frank & Lura). “Notice of Final Proof. Moultrie J Davis. Land office at Spokane Falls, Wash. May 25, 1897. Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register and Receiver of the US Land Office at Spokane Falls, Wash., on Aug 5, 1897, viz:  Moultrie, J Davis, who made H’d entry, No. 7555, for the SW ¼ Sec 24 Twp 27 N, R 39 EWM.  He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: George Cary, Frank Hanes, John Hanes, and Mark L Buchanan, all of Crescent, Wash.  Matthew E Logan, Register.” (LCT: 5-28-1897) “Crescent is again saddened by the death of Mr Moultrie Davis of pneumonia yesterday, the 16th, at 8 a.m.  He will be buried today on his own land near to the Spokane River. Mr Davis was very highly respected and liked by all who knew him. He leaves a wife and five children who have the sympathy of all for their great loss.”  (LCT: 1-20-1899)


Day, Jessie Gray;  b. 1879; d. 1972.  “Jessie Day. Died: Dec 1972. Birth: 10 Aug 1879. Last Residence: Greenacres, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);


DeHart, Sarah Alma;  b. 1905; d. 1994.  “Sarah A Dehart. Died: 11-09-1994, East Wenatchee, WA. Birth: 10-20-1905.” (SS Death Index);


DeHart, William Byron;  b. 1901; d. 1996; married 2-24-1927. (shared with Sarah A).  “William B Dehart. Died: Dec 2, 1996, Wenatchee, WA. Birth: 5-17-1901.” SS Death Index);


Dickinson, Eva E;  b. 1908; d. 1971.  “Eva E Dickinson. Died: 5 May 1971, Spokane City, Spokane Co, WA. Residence: Spokane City, WA.”  (WA State Death Index: Certificate #012014; did not view)“Eva (Elisa) Dickinson .—Her home, Spokane . Mother of Mrs Robert (Joan) Lucas, Spokane; Mrs Eugene (Ellen) Fell, Coulee City, WA; Mrs LeRoy (Deanna) Remmers, Harrington, WA; Mrs Stanley (Doris) Dormaier, Edwall, WA; Mrs Robert (Jeannette) Frase; Joe Dickinson, Richard Dickinson and Carl Dickinson, all of Spokane; George Dickinson, Grand Coulee, WA; 28 grandchildren, sister of Mrs Leon (Cora) Miller, Spokane; Mrs Matt (Addy) Arnold and Mrs Bessie Miller, both of Pasco, WA; Mrs Edith Glotfelty and John D McDougall, both of Reardan, WA. A lifetime resident of the area. Funeral services Saturday, May 8, at 3 p.m. in the Alwin Chapel of the Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home. The Rev John Chatalis officiating. Burial services Spring Creek Cemetery , Reardan , WA .” (Spokesman Review: undated scrapbook item)


Dickinson, Infant;  no dates, (Hazen & Jaeger marker; did not contact funeral home). 


Dickinson, Infant;  no dates, (Hazen & Jaeger marker). 


Dickinson, Joseph C;  b. 1904; d. 1960.  “Joseph Dickinson. Died: April 1960. Birth: 12-26-1904.” (SS Death Index);  “Joe C Dickenson. Died: 4-12-1960, Reardan, Lincoln Co, WA. Spouse: Married. Father:  William Dickenson. Mother: Ora Peebles.  Burial: Spring Creek Cemetery, Lincoln Co, WA.” (Lincoln County Health death card);


Dolbow Land Patent:  “Patentee:  John B Dolbow.  Issue Date: 5-04-1909, Spokane Land Office.  160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SW 32-27N-39E.”


Dolbow surname: “John Albert Dolbow. Died: 6 Dec 1913, age 2 mos 5 days, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: G W Dolbow. Mother: Jennie O’Brian.” (WA Death Records: File #1992081; burial not investigated)


Dolbow, John B;  b. 4-18-1840; d. 11-13-1920. Father. (shared with Lydia J).  “John Bennett Dolbow. Died: 13 Nov 1920, aged 80 yrs 6 mos 25 days, Grandview, Yakima Co, WA. Father: Erick Bennett Dolbow. Mother: Rachel Bennett.” (WA State Death Record: File #1992757); “John B Dolbow, 60, marr. 38 yrs; Lydia, 55, 10 children born, 7 living; George, 33; Bennett, 25; Ada Grace, 16.” (details extracted from Reardan 1900 census); “Miss Myrtle Glotfelty came out from Spokane yesterday and will visit a few weeks with her parents, Mr and Mrs J T Glotfelty. Her grandfather, J B Dolbow, who has been spending the winter with his daughters at Orting and Walla Walla came out with her.” (Lincoln County Times: 4-01-1915); 


Dolbow, Lydia J;  b. 12-11-1844; d. 4-07-1914.  “Lydia Jan Dolborn (sic). Died: 7 April 1914, age 69, Long Lake, Lincoln Co, WA.  Father: Warren Phillips. Mother: Sarah Walls.”  (WA State Death Records); {Edit: “J B Dolbow, male, 52, IL; L J, female, 48, ME; Clara, female, 15, IA; Bennett, male, 17, IA; Lulu, female, 12, IA; Grace, female, 8, IA.” (Lincoln Co 1892 Census);


Dolbow, Mable R;  {b. 8-01-1884; d. 5-26-1902; w/o EB.}  “Dolbow, Mable Roxy. (#210). Died: May 26, 1903; Age: 18 yrs. Father: Andrew J Holman, born Iowa; Mother: Amelia J Moss, born Iowa. Place of death: Lincoln County.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register)  


Donely Land Patent:  “Patentee:  William Donely.  Issue Date: 3-31-1888, Colfax Land Office. 40 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  NWNW 12-26N-38E.”


Donely Land Patent:  “Patentee:  William Donely.  Issue Date: 5-26-1888, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SW 20-26N-39E.”


Donely Land Patent:  “Patentee:  William Donely.  Issue Date: 10-12-1891, Spokane Land Office. 160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  NW 20-26N-39E.”


Donely surname: (see also Mondovi’s Pleasant View Cemetery) “Wm Donley. (#107) Died: Apr 14, 1899, Lincoln Co; Age: 66 yrs.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death register; burial not specified)  “William Donely, 59, OH; Emily Donely, 51, IN; Ethel Donely, 11, WA.” (1892 Lincoln Co Census);


Donely, Emily; b. 7-11-1841; d. 1-25-1897.  {Edit: Emily and her husband William were on the 1892 Lincoln Co census;  no death record obtained.}


Donely, L;  b. 3-08-1835; d. 12-06-1884. 


Dwiggins Land Patent:  “Patentee: James Dwiggins.  Issue Date: 3-22-1887, Spokane Land Office. 163.68 Acres, Spokane Co, WA. Parts of 6-26N-40E.”


Dwiggins, James; b. 1826; d. 1916.  “James Dwiggins. Died: 16 Dec 1915, age 90, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Solomon Dwiggins. Mother: not shown.” (WA State Death Records); “Two Mormon preachers are here, guests of Mr James Dwiggins. So far they have held no meetings, but simply distributed tracts.” (LCT: 2-18-1898; Crescent column); “Miss Minnie Garretson, of Spokane, is out visiting her grandfather, Mr Dwiggins.” (LCT: 8-16-1895; Crescent column); 


Dwiggins, Martha;  {b. 8-07-1820; d. 4-12-1905.} [Dwiggins, Martha #792 est. 1905; did not view probate file] “Mrs. James Dwiggans died at her home in this village Wednesday morning of old age, aged 85 years. She was born in TN and lived there until 12 years old, when she moved to Illinois, where she grew to womanhood and was married to James R Sharp. In 1854 the family moved to Iowa, where they resided until 1860, when they moved to Utah, where Mr. Sharp died. Later she married Mr. Dwiggans and with him moved to Idaho and later WA, settling at Crescent in 1879, where they lived until 2 years ago, when they moved to Reardan.—Gazette.” (LCT: 4-21-1905)  



Spring Creek Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County

Washington, submitted  May 05, 2009 by Marge Womach.

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