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Spring Creek Cemetery is located in SE ¼ of SE ¼ of Sec 22 Twp 26 N Range 39, 4 miles NE of Reardan. This land was originally patented by John Surber, issued on 11-23-1891 and defined as 160 acres in the S ½ of the S ½ of Sec 22 Twp 26N Range 39. This land was owned by Fred B Barnard as shown on the 1911 Atlas.  See more information about the cemetery on Page A



Wall, Homer W;  d. 9-01-1896; 12 yrs 4 mos 9 days; s/o JT & Mary; (shared w/Mary E);  “Walls, Homer. Died: Sept 1, 1896, age 12 years. Born: MO. Died at Mondovi. Cause: Enteritis. Residence: near Reardan. Father: James Walls, born PA. Mother: Mary Avenell, born MO.”  (Lincoln Co Auditor: 9-01-1896)


Wall, Mary E; d. 9-07-1917; Beloved Wife & Dear Mother; w/o James Wall. (shared w/ Homer W).  “Mary E Wall. Died: 7 Sept 1917, age 60, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.  Father: William Avenell. Mother: Elizabeth Surber.” (WA State Death Records);


Warren, Nancy Smith;  {d. 7-08-1901; 82 yrs 6 mos 24 days;  Mother; w/o Henry.}  “Mr James M Warren’s mother was Nancy (Smith) Warren, born in Indiana, who came west with her husband, after whose death she lived in this county until she died in 1901, aged eighty-two years.”  (History of Big Bend-1904; note: James M Warren was born 10-12-1843)


Warren, William T;  {b. 1866; d. 1912; Woodsman of the World.} “An appraisement of the estate of W T Warren, who died several years ago, was filed this week, valuing the residence in Davenport at $3,500.  J J Inkster, C W Jarvis, Jr, and Fred S Wells were appraisers and Kate W Warren is executrix.” (Odessa Record: 5-26-1916)  “William T Warren. A native of Bellevue, Jackson County, Iowa, born Dec 3, 1866, William T Warren is now a successful practicing attorney of Wilbur, WA. His father, Thomas B Warren, a native of the same county, was one of the well known characters of the northwest. He came to Montana in 1876, and was for a number of years the postmaster at Dillon. From this point he came to Spokane in 1886, and during President Harrison’s administration he was postmaster there. About seven years ago he went to Okanogan County since which time until his death he was prominently identified with mining operations  and with  the profession of the law. The subject’s mother was Mattie L (Grant) Warren, daughter of Israel Grant, who was first cousin to General U S Grant. He was one of the early pioneers of Callaway County, MO, and for sixteen years was clerk of his county. Mrs Thomas B Warren died in Spokane about 1894. The father’s death occurred in Spokane, March 17, 1904. The only members of the family surviving them, besides the son mentioned above, are Lee G, Mrs Jessie Nosler, and Mrs Alta M Hines, all of Seattle.  In 1871, William T Warren came with his parents to Franklin, Idaho, where he busied himself in selling papers and acted as agent for the Salt Lake Tribune at the terminus of the Utah and Northern Railway for two years. We next find him in the post office at Dillon and at the same time conducting a news stand. His schooling facilities were decidedly limited, he having access to the public schools only a few terms. This, with one year in an eastern school, was all the schooling he ever received. At the age of seventeen he was appointed assistant post master at Missoula, MT, but on account of ill health he did not remain long in this work, but removed to the Bitter Root valley, where he lived on a stock ranch and rode that range for two years. He next worked for a  time on the Northern Pacific railroad on the Rocky Mountain division, his chief being Supt F W Gilbert. He came to Spokane in 1886, where he made his home until 1893. During his residence in Spokane he was variously employed, having served as clerk and bookkeeper for a mercantile house, assistant postmaster, clerk for Justice of the Peace F M Backus, real estate dealer, and lawyer. He was in the real estate business at the time of the memorable Spokane fire  and lost heavily from its effects. While a law student he was married, Dec 3, 1890, to Kate W Rockhold, the eldest surviving daughter of Jerry Rockhold, ex-county surveyor of Lincoln County. Upon being admitted to the bar, Mr Warrant formed a partnership with Judge Backus, under whom he read law, and Judge Watkins, the firm name being Backus, Watkins & Warren. The senior member of the firm later withdrawing, the business was continued under the name of Watkins & Warren until 1893, when Mr Warren came to Wilbur. He is now as…” (p. 387)


Webb Land Patent:  “Patentee:  William N Webb.  Issue Date: 8-05-1889, Spokane Land Office.  160 Acres, Lincoln Co, WA.  SW 14-26N-39E.”


Webb surname:  “Mr W H Webb, of Indian Canyon, has gone to Spokane, where he expects to go into the commission business, and will handle Big Bend fruits principally. Orchard Valley and the river fruit growers have an ever increasing business; and they desire to have an exclusive commission dealer to hand their product and Mr Webb has decided to move there for that purpose, handling his own crop at the same time.” (LCT: 9-23-1902) “Mr Webb, mother and sister left Tuesday for Ashtabula, Ohio, where they will spend two or three months visiting with old time friends. They have one of the best garden farms in Indian Canyon.” (LCT: 12-10-1901)


Webb, Bennie; {no dates; aged 3 yrs.}  [per family report, Bennie Webb is a son of William N Webb and his wife Louisa Coffman Webb.] 


Webb, Emma Peterson;  {b. 1879; d. 1960; w/o Thomas.} “Emma E Webb. Died: 5 Jan 1960, age 80, Monroe, Snohomish Co, WA. Father: Thomas Peterson. Mother: not shown.” (WA State Death Records);  “Thomas D Webb, h/o Emma Peterson.” (Lincoln Co birth records)  


Webb, Louisa J Coffman;  {b. 1851; d. 1922; w/o Wm N.} “Louisa Jane Coffman, w/o Wm N” (Lincoln Co Birth records) [per family report, Louisa Webb had a sister Rebecca, wife of Joseph King.]  “Mrs William Webb. Died: 23 Feb 1922, age 71, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Mr Coffman. Mother: unknown. Spouse: William Weber.” (WA State Death Records);


Webb, Thomas;  {b.1877; d. 1932; (shared with Emma).} “Thomas D Webb, h/o Emma Peterson.” (Lincoln Co birth records)  


Webb, Walter E;  {d. 4-02-1898; 28 yrs 11 mos.} [per family report, Walter E Webb was a son of Andrew Webb, born circa 1820 in IN, by Andrew’s second wife.]   


Webb, Wm N;  {b. 1846; d. 1919; h/o Louisa J.} “William N Webb. Died: 16 July 1919, age 72, Kennewick, Benton Co, WA.  Father: Andrew Webb. Mother: Pricilla Mason.” (WA State Death Records);  [per family report by Patricia Hannon, William Webb was the son of Andrew Webb. Andrew apparently had two marriages, as Walter E Webb was a half-brother to William. Andrew was born circa 1820 in IN. William and Louisa Coffman Webb were the parents of Thomas and Bernie, who are buried in Spring Creek Cemetery.] 


Webster, Charles C;  {b. 11-26-1873; d. 2-07-1904; h/o Alma Lyle.}  “Webster, Chas.  Died: Feb 7, 1904, Crescent.  Age: 32 yrs. Cert. #234.” (Lincoln Co Auditor death certificate)   


Weller, Charles L;  b. 1886; d. 1958; Brother.  “Charles Lynn Weller. Died: 10 March 1958, age 71, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.  Father: Henry Weller. Mother: Joanna A Cauvel.” (WA State Death Records);


Weller, Henry;  b. 4-23-1842; d. 2-02-1909; (shared w/ Joanna A).  “Henry Weller. Died: 2 Feb 1909, age 66, Crescent, Lincoln Co, WA. Father: Isaac Weller. Mother: Sofa Crowlan.” (WA State Death Records);


Weller, Joanna A; b. 3-27-1854; d. 6-20-1919; Mother. 


Weller, Pattie A;  b. 1889; d. 1952; Sister.  “Pattie A Weller. Died: 15 May 1952, age 62, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Henry Weller. Mother: Joanna Cauvell.” (WA State Death Records);


Wendell, Lester E;  b. Mar 1917; d. Jan 1999; (shared w/ Lila M Gray).  “Lester E Wendell. Died: 8 Jan 1999. Birth: 28 March 1917. Last Residence: Everett, Snohomish Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);


Wendell, Lila M Gray;  b. 1918; d. no date. (shared w/Lester E). 


Wendlandt surname:  “Members of the Wendlandt family from all over the US will be attending a Centennial Reunion June 19, 1988, in the Reardan Community Hall to commemorate the arrival of the first family member in the Washington Territory in 1888.  August Wendlandt, one of four brothers, arrived in Spokane from Paynesville, MN, Feb 15, 1888. He and two friends, William Schulz and Reverend Zabel, left Minnesota by Northern Pacific train in a big snow storm. After traveling for five days and nights, they arrived in Spokane, a booming tow of 16,000. They were met by a minister friend with whom they stayed for two weeks. The three started walking to Fairweather, now known as Reardan, and all three found jobs their first day there. Wendlandt went to work for $12 a month for Buckman and Ensor, a wheat and cattle partnership. He eventually purchased land four miles south of Reardan, now known as the Harry Wendlandt place, and his brother, William, came west to help him farm.  Wendlandt married twice and had six sons. They include Herbert A Wendlandt of Nine Mile Falls, Alvin H Wendlandt of Scott Lake, WA, and Warren of Agana, Guam. Three sons, Walter, Harvey and Benjamin died earlier. The two oldest boys attended the Plaster School south of Reardan until the family moved in 1913 to a farm east of Edwall.  All the boys attended the old Cloverdale country school and grade school and high school in Edwall.  Wendlandt and his second wife, Hulda, lived in Edwall for 30 years before retiring and moving back to Reardan. He had raised 55 wheat crops without a failure and had ‘broke first plowing of sod land on over 1,000 acres of virgin soil’ over a period of 25 to 30 years.  The Wendlandts lived in Reardan until their deaths in 1951. They have 70 living direct descendants and also four generations of nieces and nephews who are descendants of his brother, Gustav, and his wife Ida, who came west in 1900. Their parents and a younger brother, Adolph, followed in 1909. The reunion event will begin with a potluck at noon followed by visiting and getting acquainted.” Davenport Times:  6-09-1988)  


Wendlandt, Elwood Arthur;  b. 1916; d. 1992; Married 8-02-1945; (shared w/Phyllis).  “Elwood A Wendlandt. Died: 5 July 1992. Birth: 21 Oct 1916. Last Residence: Reardan, Lincoln Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);  


Wendlandt, Phyllis M Hein;  b. 1919; d. no date.  “Phyllis M Wendlandt. Died: 12-04-2007, Reardan, Lincoln Co, WA. Birth: 10-17-1919.”  (SS Death Index);


Wollweber Land Patent:  “Patentee:  Otto Wollweber.  Issue Date: 2-23-1892, Spokane Land Office.  160Acres, Lincoln Co, WA. Parts of 10-26N-39E.”


Wollweber, Agnes Henrietta Golland;  {b. 1873; d. 1933.} “Agnes Wollweber. Died: 6 Sept 1933, age 60, Reardan, Lincoln Co, WA.  Father: Ranson Golland. Mother: Matilda Conrad. Spouse: Otto Wollweber.” (WA State Death Records);   “On Oct 22, 1889, Mr (Otto) Wollweber married Miss Agnes Golland, a native of Michigan, and to them three children have been born, Gottfried, Henry and Matilda.” (excerpt History of Big Bend-1904)   


Wollweber, Baby Boy;  d. Mar 1921. 


Wollweber, Godfrey;  {b. 1890; d. 1978; WACR US ARMY WW I.}  Gottfried was a son of Otto Wollweber and Agnes Golland, per the History of Big Bend.  “Godfrey Wollweber. Died: April 1978, Spokane, WA. Birth: 8-22-1890.” (SS Death Index); 


Wollweber, Harold M;  {b. 5-01-1925; d. 9-04-1984; Beloved Brother.} “Harold Wollweber. Died: Sept 1984. Birth: 1 May 1925. Last Residence: Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index); “Harold M Wollweber.—Passed away Sept 4, 1984. His home, Spokane. Survived by three brothers, Glenn Wollweber, Reardan, WA; Alvin Wollweber, Edwall, WA; Edward Wollweber, Vacaville, CA; one sister, Mrs Gordon (Betty) Bogart, Spokane; four aunts; numerous nieces and nephews. Member of Fourth Memorial Church. Funeral service, Saturday, Sept 8, 1984 at 2 p.m. Ball & Dodd Krumm & Langbehn Funeral Home. Rev Edward J Underhill, officiating. Interment Spring Creek Cemetery, Reardan, WA at 4 p.m.” (scrapbook item; estimated date: 9-07-1984)  “Last Saturday, most of Edwall attended the funeral of Harold M Wollweber, held in Spokane. He was born May 1, 1925, finished his schooling at Reardan, and passed away Tuesday, Sept 4, 1984.  His home was in Spokane. He is survived by three brothers, Al Wollweber of Edwall, Ed Wollweber of Reardan and Glenn Wollweber also of Reardan; one sister, Mrs Gordon (Betty) Bogart of Spokane; four aunts; and numerous nieces and nephews. June Wollweber served as vocalist and Mike Wagner acted as Organist for the service. Bearers included Gary Wollweber, Kevin Bogart, Gilmore Lokken, John Karling, Greg Bogart, Fred Flemming, Grank (sic) Gropp and Otto Nell. The Rev Edward J Underhill officiated the service. Interment followed at the Spring Creek Cemetery in Reardan.” (Davenport Times:  9-13-1984) 


Wollweber, Henry;  {7-19-1892; d. 12-04-1981; Married 10-19-1919; (shared w/Inez A).} “Henry Wollweber. Died: Dec 1981. Birth: 19 July 1892.Last Residence: Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);  “Henry Wollweber.—Passed away Dec 4, 1981 in Spokane. His home Spokane. Father of Mrs Gordon (Betty) Bogart, Spokane; Alvin O Wollweber, Edwall, WA; Harold M Wollweber, Spokane; Glenn H Wollweber, Ford, WA; Edward A Wollweber, Vacaville, CA; 8 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, brother of Mrs C E Menger, Spokane; numerous nieces and nephews. A member of the Fourth Memorial Church. Funeral service Tuesday, Dec 8, 1981 at 11 a.m. at the Alwin Chapel, Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home. Graveside service Tuesday, Dec 8, 1981 at 1 p.m. at the Spring Creek Cemetery.” (scrapbook item; estimated date: 12-05-1981) Henry was a son of Otto Wollweber and Agnes Golland, per History of Big Bend.


Wollweber, Inez Ann;  b. 7-15-1897;  d. 8-09-1980. “Inez Wollweber. Died: Aug 1980. Birth: 15 July 1897. Last Residence: Spokane, Spokane Co, WA.” (SS Death Index);


Wollweber, Otto;  {b. 1858; d. 1939.}  “Otto Wollweber was born in Weimar, Germany, in September, 1858, being the son of Franz and Caroline Wollweber. In 1885, he came on to Lincoln County and homesteaded a quarter section. On Oct 22, 1889, Mr Wollweber married Miss Agnes Golland, a native of Michigan, and to them three children have been born, Gottfried, Henry and Matilda.” (Hist. of Big Bend-1904) “Ott Wollweber. Died: 31 Aug 1939, age 80, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Father: Frank Wollweber. Mother: Caroline Putz. Spouse: Agnes Wollweber. Burial: 9-04-1939.” (WA State Death Records);



Spring Creek Cemetery Obituaries, Lincoln County

Washington, submitted  May 05, 2009 by Marge Womach. 

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