Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries H through L


This is a compilation of obituaries of Pioneers and others who lived and died in Lincoln
County.  The spouse has been included where possible, as have a few of their infant children.
The spellings on the headstones is sometimes different than the one in the newspaper obituary, needless to say I don't know which is correct, so I left them as is.  The Obituaries were typed in by Daryll Bahr and only slightly edited by me.
Daryll provided much of this information because of the many headstones of these pioneers that recorded "no information" on them and had no dates. Information in parenthesis was provided.   These obituaries were taken from the Wilbur Register, Wilbur, Washington

Submitted by Daryll Bahr and  transcribed by Rella Gleaton

HADEN, ESLEY E.           1890-1963                        130/8
HADEN, ISADIA M.          1892-1987                        130/8
HADEN, WALLACE E.         1915-1920                        130/7
       Died: WALLACE, son of MRS. & MRS. ESLEY HADEN
       of diphtheria. Grandson of MR.& MRS. T. H. HADEN (TIM)

HAGEN, MARTHA S.          1848-1946                        164/5
HAGEN, NELS H.            1849-1927                        164/5
       Died: NELS H. HAGEN: Born in Norway in 1849, age 78. Came
       to America at age 20 to Wisconsin in June 1878. Married MISS
       MARTHA STALHEIM. In 1888 he moved to Washington, retired
       from farming & moved to Spokane in 1916. His youngest brother died
       a week earlier in Alberta, Canada, of a farm accident. Survived
       by his widow & one son HERMAN, two brothers OLE HAGEN of Wisc.
       & IVER HAGEN, Mich., & two sisters; MRS. MARY BAKKER, Mich.,
       & MRS. BERTHA MARTINSEN, Wisc. Four grandchildren. His son
       HERMAN resides on the homestead near here.


 HAMMOND, Luella Fern [Powers] Hammond, died Feb. 21, 1943 at Wilbur, WA. 

        She slipped and fell on ice at home, injury causing severe stroke, 

        resulting in death.

        Born Feb. 13, 1881 at Red Wing, Minn, and there she married 

        George F. Hammond on Oct. 17, 1897 when she was 16 years old.  

        In 1903 they moved to the plains of North Dakota, where they reared 

        a family of 5 sons, and 2 daughters.  She was one of the very few women 

        in the area for a number of years, helping develop that part of the country. 

        During her years of activity, she freighted wheat to market, driving 

        four to six horses a distance of 60 miles.

        She was a quiet spoken woman, cheerful and friendly and thoughtful

        of family and friends.

        She is survived by husband George, Children, Mrs. H. Curtis [Garnet],

        and Gerald Hammond of Portland, Ore., Richel and Leslie of Spokane, Wa.,

        Harold on Lopez Island,Claire in the U.S. Navy, and Mrs. Harold Engleson 

        [Violet] in Wilbur, Wa.

        Burial in Wilbur Cemetery.  Services in Wilbur Mission Church with Pastor

        Rev. W. A.   Kincaid.

        They made their home on Lopez Island for two years.  Her brother,

        D. D. Powers lives on Orcas Island.  Brother Miller Alva Powers passed on.

        Submitted August 2006 by relative: Jerome J. Hammond

HAMP, HERMAN F.           1884-1927      s/w Mary A. 127/3
      Died: HERMAN F. HAMP: South of Wilbur on Nov 24,1927. He
      attended J. N. BEAN'S funeral the day before & on Thanksgiving
      had a bronchial asthma attack. Born on Nov 14,1884 at Rockford,
      Ill. His father died in his early childhood & his widowed
      mother moved her family to Minnesota. At the age of 16 he was
      confirmed in the Lutheran Ch.  He came here 22 years ago. On
      June 11,1913 married MISS MARY WILKEN.  Four children were born.
      Two sons; CLARENCE & WILLIS & two daughters; FLORENCE & ALICE.
      As well as brother A. J. HAMP of Colbert, Wa. Two sisters MRS. EMMA
      KRUGER of Calif. & MRS. FRIEDA HAYEK, of Minn. His mother died
      14 yrs ago as well as one brother N. J. HAMP 11 years ago.
      MRS. HAMPS parents are WILLIAM WILKEN, of Colville, & sister
      & MR. & MRS. JOHN STRICKERT of Wilbur.

HANKEL, CARL F.           1846-1894                        158/3
HANKEL, CHARLOTTE         1850-1919                        158/4
        Died: CHARLOTTE FRYER HANKEL: She was born on Oct 6,1850.
        Joined the Baptist Church in 1870. Married CARL HANKEL
        Sept 1872. Died on Apr 4,1919. In 1874 they emigrated by team to
        Nebraska. In 1884 they came west to Portland & in 1888 came
        to Washington settling 10 miles south of Wilbur. The husband
        died Dec 12,1894. Eleven children: 8 boys & 3 girls all
        living. The three youngest live in Alberta & could not be
        reached.  After her husbands death MRS. HANKEL kept a large
        share of the family together for years, transformed their
        residence into larger farm, & conducted farming on a
        considerable scale. She was successful in her investments &
        left land both here & in Alberta. Funeral in Baptist Church.

HANKEL, MINNIE Z. Jan 16,1881-1905 Aug 05 @24y 6m 20 w/o Robt.158/5
        Obituary: MRS. MINNIE Z. HANKEL. Age 24, daughter of MR.
        MRS. OLIVER OVIATT, 6 miles south of Wilbur. She married
        ROBERT HANKEL in Dec 1902. Two children; a daughter age
        about one year surviving.
HANKEL, ROBERT H.         1879-1954        Father          158/6

HANSEN, DORTHEA           1867-1955        s/w Hans M.     193/5
HANSEN, HANS MARIUS       1863-1939                        193/5
        H. M. HANSEN, dies suddenly, Wilbur Pioneer: Born in 1863 he
        graduated from the agricultural college at Klank, Denmark in
        1887. In 1889 he took passage from Copenhagen for the U.S.
        on a boat with 900 people. It took 56 days of ocean voyage.
        Their boat was totally wreaked 1500 miles off Newfoundland
        coast. They were rescued by a passing ship. He went from N.Y.
        to Minneapolis then after a few months later arrived in the
        Big Bend, then Wilbur in the fall of 1889 on the very first
        Central Washington Train to arrive here.
        The trip from Spokane to Wilbur by train took two days for
        they spent the night at Davenport. He was a section crew
        employee at first, but soon promoted to foreman for four
        years. He engaged in the lumber business, real estate,
        bought grain for many years. He was in partnership with
        PETER LYSE in the mercantile business. He established the
        HANSEN dairy with two cow.
        In 1889 he married MISS DOROTHEA BRUHN, their wedding was
        either the first or second wedding in Wilbur. Seven
        Phillipsburg, Mont.; ALFRED HANSEN, VERA; MRS. HELGA, BOSSLER,
        Helena, Mont.; MISS THYRA  HANSEN, & MRS. RANDALL HENRY,
        of Endicott.

HARPOLE, CLEVENTON D.   No information                    114/2
HARPOLE, MARY           (1864-1912       @67y)            114/2
         Died: MARY A. HARPOLE: A pioneer. Born in 1864.
         Age 67 years.

HARRIS, JOHN S.          1885-1918        At Rest          47/6
        Died: In Prime of Life: JOHN S. HARRIS. Survived by wife
        MAYME (HADEN) HARRIS. He died of the influenza. All of the
        Haden family had a severe flu.

HAWKINS, ROBERT BOOKING  1845-1918   Dad  Civil War
                                          Vet 131 Ill Regt
                                          s/w Rose B.     86/5
HAWKINS, ROSE BARLOW     1865-1926        Mother          86/5
         Died at Cheney: MRS. ROSE HAWKINS, age 61. Death due to
         gall stones. R. B. HAWKINS, her husband died six years ago.
         The family came from Missouri in 1902, living a short time
         on the SHAW fruit farm, then a wheat ranch at Broadax &
         later to a place a short distance near Telford. Mother
         of 11 children, six survive her.
         A son J. E. HAWKINS, who lives near Wilbur & five daughters.
         Community Church.

HEALD, FLAVIUS A.        1853-1936                        199/3
       Died: F. A. HEALD, resident of Wilbur the past year, age 83:
       Married in 1882 to MARY BAIRD, one daughter in Wilbur,
HEALD, MARY              1862-1954                        199/3

HENDERSON, MARIE        (1857-1916 Jun)                   31/7
           Died: MRS. J. H. LLEWELLYN: MARY HENDERSON was born in
           Wartburg, Tn. in 1857. She married J. H. LLEWELLYN in 1874.
           Died at Wilbur. She is survived by two children; MRS.
           C. V. HOPKINS & J. H. LLEWELLYN JR. Came to Wash in 1906
           with her husband & family. Internal tumor. Baptist
           Church & during the revival services last Feb.
           She united with the Christian Church.

HESSELTINE, E. ADELBERT   1860-1915                        39/5
            OLD TIMER: E. ADELBERT HESSELTINE: Born in Brown Co.
            Kansas in 1860. His father was born in New York & his
            mother in Ohio. Father was in the Federal Army until
            1863, then spent two years in California
            then Western Oregon, & came to the Big Bend in 1882.
            Homesteaded six miles north of Wilbur. The pioneer P.O.
            later installed in the Keller store was located three
            miles west of his claim. In 1895 he married MISS CARRIE
            A. WOODMAN, of Mich. One child LEE is now 16 years old.
           (He became JUDGE HESSELTINE.)

HILL, ALFRED  J. Jul 27,1918-1972 Apr 23 WA PFC 244 AAA
                                         SLT BN CAC WWII   25/4
HILL, JAMES A.          1878-1953                          68/12
HILL, MABEL V.          1892-1981        s/w James A.      68/12

HIRE, FRANKLIN  Nov 28,1841-1907 Sep 21                    41/10
      Obituary: Died: Sat Sept 21 at 4 a.m. FRANKLIN HIRE, who
      had been suffering from cancer of the face. He leaves a wife
      & nine children to morn his death. MRS. T. W. McCORD, MRS. W. J.
      VANSKIKE, ALBERT, OREN, & WILLIAM HIRE, all of whom reside in
      the vicinity of Wilbur.
      MR. MARTHA CARDEN of Spokane, ELMER HIRE, Alberta Canada,
      JOHN & RENY (ORIE) HIRE of Oregon.
      MR. HIRE was born in state of Ohio on Nov 28,1841. In the
      year 1846 he moved with his parents to Ill.& there resided
      until 1862, at which time he crossed the plains to
      Walla Walla, staying there one year, then returned to Illinois.
      He was married to AMANDA CARLE, on Jan 24,1864, & to this union
      three children were born.
      In March 1864 his first wife died & in March 1870 he was
      married to MARY E. WILSON & to them were born eight children,
      two of whom are dead.
HIRE, MARY E.          1852-1933                          41/10

HOLMES, BYRON R.       1893-1935                          110/2
        Died: BYRON HOLMES, age 40 found unconscious in the city
        park. Foul play indicated, or a hit & run by a motorist.
        His life was saddened by the loss of his wife at the time,
        his son DONALD, age 11 was born. Another son died a week
        previously to his wife's death. Survived by his parents
        & eight brothers. HARRY, of Republic; CECIL, of Detroit;
        ROY, EARL, ERNEST, LEE, ROLAND, & WARREN at the home;
        Two sisters: MRS. IDA McINTYRE, of Pendleton, Ore.; &
        MRS. SYLEVEA PAINE, of Spokane, & one son DONALD.
HOLMES, IRENE         1901-1924                           110/2

HOPE, EDMUND B. Sr.   1845-1922        Husband & Father   164/1
      Died: "TEDDY" HOPE: He was born in Kent, England on Apr 9,
      1845. Died Aug 20,1922. He crossed the Atlantic locating at
      London, Ontario, Canada. Came to U.S. & went back to Canada,
      Stratford, Ontario & married MISS JANE SYKES, moved around
      Canada & came to Wilbur 21 years ago. In Wilbur he conducted
      a private rooming house.  Survived by his wife, two sons
      & one daughter.
HOPE, JANE             1846-1933        Wife & Mother
                                        Dear & Kind     164/1

HOPE, EDMUND B. Jr.    1907-1954                        164/10
HOPE, HARVEY H.            -1913                        164/11
HOPE, WINSTON C.       1916-1922        s/o Edmund
                                            & Pearl     164/11
      A Sad Accident: WINSTON CHURCHILL HOPE, age six, son of MR.
      & MRS. ED HOPE was instantly killed.  He fell under the wheel
      of his fathers car. He tried to climb on by way of the running
      board. The wheel went over his chest & head crushing his skull.
      HERMAN SQUIRE, who was in MR. HOPE'S fruit orchard brought the
      family to MR. HOPES mother.
HOPE, EDWIN            No information                   164/2
HOPE, PEARL            No information                   164/2
HURLBERT, MARY JANE   1850-1938                        46/6
HURLBERT, WILLIAM S.  1841-1927        Co M 7th Mo Cav.
                                       Civil War       46/5
          Died: WILLIAM S. HURLBURT, Age 86.  Native of Indiana,
          moved to Missouri with his parents; Enlisted in the army
          in 1861 Civil War; He had many spectacular experiences
          during the war, one being a personal encounter with the
          notorious QUANTRILL. He came to Oregon in 1874 & Wash.
          Territory in 1877 farming near Colfax until 1884, when
          he filed for a Lincoln Co land mark known as Broadax
          Springs where he resided until six years ago moving to
          A member of R. L. McCOOK Post G. A. R. until it disbanded
          & on moving to Spokane enrolled in Reno, Post. He is
          survived by aged widow & five children. ROBERT, LIVI,
          & MRS. MAY WESSENBURG, of Spokane. GEORGE, Tonasket;
          & MRS. ADA CARLAS, of Peshastin.
HURLBERT, WILLIAM  H. 1869-1909                        46/5

JENNINGS, BEATRICE H. 1886-1908                        86/7
JENNINGS, CHARLES        (-1930        @44y)  129/1
          Died: CHARLES JENNINGS, age 44, at the home of his sister
          MRS. MARY BRITTON. His only child MRS. LOYD SCOLES. Born in
          Daksdale, Wa., Parents MR. & MRS. L. W. JENNINGS, pioneers of
          Oaksdale. Burial Oaksdale. Survivors are: a daughter at
          Colville, three sisters; MRS. ADA GARTH, of Long Beach, Cal;
          MRS. A. E. McMEEKING, Steptoe, & MRS. MARY BRITTON of Wilbur.
          Six brothers; ALBERT JENNINGS, Daisy; FRANK JENNINGS & WILLIAM
          JENNINGS, Cedonia; ANDREW & JAMES of Santa Cruz, Cal,& LEE
          JENNINGS, Santa Anna, Cal.

JONES, ALICE          1878-1958        s/w Elmer       128/11
JONES, ELMER          1875-1957                        128/11
JONES, HAROLD H.      1909-1925                        128/10
       HAROLD JONES taken: Oldest child of MR. & MRS. ELMER
       JONES of typhoid fever. Born in July 5, 1909 age 16.

JONES, ANNABELLE      1897-1926                        117/7
       Died: MRS. FRED JONES: ANNA BELLE WAREHIME, daughter of
       JOHN WAREHIME was born at broadax in 1896.  Leaves her husband
       & three children; Five brothers. Lived at Keller several years &
       her husband is mail carrier between Keller & Wilbur & now
       Keller & Republic.

JONES, JAY ROY        1888-1895        s/w Mary May    39/1
                                 Accidental shooting
JONES, MARY MAY       1878-1885                        39/1

JONES, MARY M.        1852-1912        Mother s/w Wm   3/6
JONES, WILLIAM J.     1852-1924        Father          3/7
                         THE WILBUR REGISTER   1/2/1925
       Another Pioneer Called: WILLIAM JONES: Passed away at the
       home of his younger daughter MRS. ANNA BOOKER at Coeur
       d'Alene, Id. Born in Eurora, Canada on July 17,1852. From
       there emigrated to LaCrosse, Wis. in 1865 & there learned
       the harness making trade. A little later joined the U.S.
       Regular Army serving the U.S. on the western plains.
       Thereafter his time was passed until 1885 in the state &
       territories of Colorado, Wyoming,& Montana.
       In that year he came to Wash. stopping in Spokane & then
       coming to Wilbur. Located on lieu land & when the town was
       established opened a harness shop.  Later he abandoned the
      land & moved to town. When the older children had outgrown
       the Wilbur schools he moved to Pullman where he established
       his family & all had the advantage of a college education.
       During that time he continued his harness business, living
       alone, in Wilbur. After his family became broken up he
       located a homestead on the Columbia River, where he passed
       most of his time ever since.
       He married MISS MARY MERRICK of Blue Earth, Minn. in 1876.
       Six children were born.  The only members of his family
       remaining are: PROF. WILL J. JONES, of Wilbur; MRS. ANNA BOOKER,
       Coeur d'Alene, Id.; & MRS. NELLIE SIEVERS of Vancouver B.C.
       His wife passed away 12 years ago. Surviving members were
       all present at the funeral.
       He had passed many stirring years, fighting Indians, hunting
       buffalo on the plains & roughing it in the Rocky Mountain
       regions but for nearly 40 years he had lived a peaceful,
       quiet life enjoying the esteem of his neighbors, with
       scarcely a ruffle in his association with them.
       The ashes of his eldest son who was drowned in north Idaho
       last year, were deposited in the casket with the father &
       both have now entered the long rest in the Wilbur Cemetery.
JONES, JOHN H.      1876-1923        Their Son
                                      s/w Mary & Wm   3/7

KAUFMAN, MARY F.    1865-1931         w/o Mike        85/4
         Died: MRS. MIKE KAUFFMAN;  She was born on April 30,1865
        & came with her husband to Wilbur about 42 years ago.
         Homesteaded near Govan. One son CLARENCE KAUFFMAN, of
         Wenatchee, & foster daughter MRS. WATSON of Seattle,
         Wenatchee paper.
KAUFMAN, MIKE       1862-1935                        85/4

KENNEDY, EMMA J.    1857-1941                        196/5
KENNEDY, ROBERT C.  1854-1939                        196/5
         R. C. KENNEDY EXPIRES: Born in Amauagh, Co. Ireland, on April
         1854. He was close to 85 years of age. His grandfather was
         an official on the royal estate of QUEEN VICTORIA.  He was
         11 when his parents moved to Wisconsin.  When he was 21 he
         joined the United Brethren Church & later Methodist
         denomination & remained a devout Christian through his life.
         Married: EMMA J. PADDOCK, celebrating their golden wedding.
         He farmed before coming to Washington in 1901.
         He located on wheat land a few miles south of Wilbur, now
         operated by his son JOE & some property in Wilbur.
         Survivors are JAMES C. KENNEDY, of Spokane, a brother;& MRS.
         JOHN LITHGOW, of Tacoma. Three sons & three daughters, 14
         grandchildren,3 great grandchildren. MRS. C. F. SMITH, of Cere,
         Cal., ROBERT KENNEDY, of Wilson Creek; CHARLES KENNEDY, of
         Stratford; MRS. EMMA HOWELL, of Medical Lake; JOSEPH J. KENNEDY,
         of Wilbur, MRS. EDWARD (BELLE)THOMSON,of Monrovia, Cal.

KINER, EDWARD A.    1870-1945                        41/6
KINER, MARY S.      1870-1914                        41/6
       Death was Kind: MRS. E. A. KINER age 43 years died of cancer.
       Born on Sept. 1870. Married E. A. KINER in 1890. In 1891 they
       came to Wilbur. Surviving are her husband & five children &
       sisters MISS MARY YORK & MRS. PARKER, formerly MRS. LEIGH.

KINER, JAMES M.   Feb 02,1853-1912 Mar 16               41/1
       JAMES KINER called home: Born in 1853,died in 1912, Married
       MARGARITE HAWK who died in 1875. Lived 8 miles south of
       Almira. Two daughters MARY NEVADA & IONA ELLEN who are

KINER, Angel Daughter  -1904 Dec 03 @4 days
                                     d/o Fred& Della 85/12
KINER, FREDERIC S. 1863-1916                         85/1
       Died: FRED KINER stricken; Christian Church
KINER, IDELLA J.   1865-1937                         85/1

KINER, FRANK S.    1865-1932       s/w Luella C.     80/12
       Died: FRANK SHERMAN KINER-Community Church-born at
       Fairfield, Henry Co., Iowa. He was 66 years old on Dec 31,1931.
       Married MISS LUELLA COPPOCK, of Cappock, Iowa on 6/2/1886.
       He came to Wash. in 1891 & homesteaded ten miles south of here
       acquiring 400 acres. He moved to Govan in 1907. He was road
       supervisor on the Sunset Highway from Almira to Creston and
       an accident on road machinery resulted in the loss of a leg.
       Died on Jan 24,1932. Survived by his widow, five children & 9
       grandchildren. Two brothers. Children are: A. V. HARDY, Grants
       Pass, Or., MRS. M. C. DRAPER, Govan, MRS. T. J. JOHNSTON,
       St. John, Wa.; MRS. RAY JONASON of Seattle;
       & MELVIN KINER, Govan. Brothers were; JOE KINER,
       Garden City, Kansas; & E. A. KINER, of Omak.
KINER, LUELLA C.     1869-1947                        80/12

KOENIG, KARL         1832-1910                        46/9
KOENIG, WILHELMINE   1840-1936                        46/9
        Wilbur's oldest resident summoned by death: MRS.
        WIHELMINA KOENIG, mother of ED RUX. Age 95.

KRAMER, ALBERT F.  Oct 10,1883-1942 Apr 10           125/2
KRAMER, LUELLA     May 31,1886-1920 Mar 02 w/o A. F.  125/2
        Died: MRS. ALBERT KRAMER, of Almira: At Edgecliff
        Sanitarium in Spokane from Tuberculosis.
        DIED: KRAABEL KRAMER: Wife of ALBERT F. KRAMER died Mar.2,
        1920 at Edgecliff Sanitarium.  She suffered for three years
        0f tuberculosis. Three months after she was taken ill, her
        son FRANK KRAABEL died. Born in Onalaska, Wis. on May 31,1886.
        Age 33. Baptized in the Lutheran Church.
        In 1893 she moved west with her parents & five sisters who
        made their home at Parkland, Wash. On June 10, 908 she married
        ALBERT F. KRAMER of Almira.  To this union was born one son.
        MR. KRAMER is in business at the KUNZ & KRAMER Hardware Store.
        Deceased leaves the mother MRS. CHRISTINE KRAABEL & three
        sisters; MRS. E. O. ERICKSON of Almira, MRS. VIGGO JURGENSEN of
        Wilbur,& MRS.0.HOLMES of Tacoma. Her aunt & uncle MR. & MRS.
        N.D. NELSON of Maryville, N. Dakota were present.

KRAMER, MILDR     Sep 09,1902-1933 Feb 16                  125/1
        Local woman meets death in auto crash: MRS. EMIL KRAMER.
        Car & snowplow collide in heavy fog.
        Died: Funeral for MRS. MILDRED (QUAM) KRAMER: who was
        killed one mile north of State Road No. 4. She was a former
        Govan schoolteacher.
KRAMER, FRANCES K.  Apr 01,1909-1917 Sep 23 s/o A. F. & L. E.  125/3
        Died in Hospital: FRANCIS KRAMER 8 year old son of ALBERT
        KRAMER of typhoid fever.

KRENZ, MICHAEL           1849-1924        Father          153/10
       First Picture of a person & obituary: MICHAEL KRENZ passed
       away at his home-near Govan. Locating there in 1890. MICHAEL
       KRENZ was born in Germany on Oct 9,1849. Emigrated to U.S. in
       1872. In June 1880 he married MISS WILHELMINA WASHKOWJOCK.
       two years later they moved to Wisconsin & lived there eight
       years. There three children were born. In 1890 he came to Wash,
       settling on the old home place near Govan. There two children
       were born to them. He accumulated two & a quarter sections of
       land in Lincoln & Grant Co.'s. Survived by his widow & five
       children: FRED C. KRENZ-,Hoquiam; MRS. IDA MAYNE, Govan; MRS. MARTHA
       WILLISCROFT, Toppenish; WILLIAM E. & EDWARDS M. KRENZ of Govan.
KRENZ, WILHELMINA A.     1858-1940        Mother          153/10

KRUGER, GOTTFRIED F.   No information                     116/10
KRUGER, DORA             1852-1905        Beloved w/o
                                          Gottfried       116/10
        Obituary: MRS. GOTTFRIED KRUEGER, home 22 miles southwest of
        Wilbur was born nee DORA LITSCH, at Ackerfelds, Germany on Dec
        31,1852. She came to America with her parents in 1870.In 1872
        she married GOTTFRIED. Twelve children; Six girls & six boys.
        Two died in infancy. Age 52. REV. KERL officiating in the
        Methodist Church & buried in Wilbur Cem.

KUCHENBUCH, NORMAN   (Sep 19,1919-   )                    69/11
            A longtime Wilbur area farmer. He graduated from
            Central Valley High School, Spokane, Wa. in 1938.
            He was employed on the Hank Kuchenbuch farm south
            of Wilbur before entering the U.S. Army in 1941.
            At the end of World War II in 1945, he farmed on
            the family farm until 1980 when he retired and moved
            into Wilbur. A member of the Wheatridge Grange,
            and board member of Lincoln Mutual #3.
            Funeral held in Wilbur Lutheran Ch. Wilbur, Wa.
KUCHENBUCH, JANE FRANCES   No dates       w/o Norman      69/11

KUNZ, LYDIA             1879-1936                        168/1
KUNZ, FRANKLIN J.       1878-1923                        168/1
      One of the Best: After a lingering illness of five weeks
      J. F. (FRANK) KUNZ, passed away last Tue. at 11 a.m. The
      attack being influenza toward the last he developed a relapse
      & typhoid fever developing into tubercular meningitis which
      became positive two or three days before his death.
        J. F. KUNZ, was born in Elvaston, Ill. on Jan. 10,1878. He
      came to Wash. with his father & family in Feb.1895,living on the
      farm until 1901 when he came to Wilbur & bought grain for H. M.
      HANSEN. Then in 1903 took charge of the Farmers Grain & Supply
      Co. until it discontinued. When the Graingrowers Whse Co. was
      organized, he was given the management of that concern,
      superintending the building of the warehouse & the concrete
      grain tanks.  While yet conducting that business he took the
      agency for the Ford car, then only an infant industry.  That
      business grew to such proportions that he resigned from the
      warehouse business & embarked in the garage & auto sales agency,
      adding other lines to those already carried. He sold out his
      business & enlisted in the armored tank division of the army,
      but did not receive notification to report for duty until
      Nov. 11,1918 the day peace was announced.
      In 1919 he assisted in the reorganization of the Farmers
      Bank, which was opened for business in a rented room on
      Oct 13,1919.  During that winter his bank erected a new
      building.  FRANK was first elected vice-president of the bank
      & later president which he filled until his death.
      MR. KUNZ married MISS LYDIA THOMPSON, a neighbor girl &
      daughter of MR. & MRS. O.K. THOMPSON, pioneers of Sherman.
      Survived by his wife, his step-mother MRS. AMELIA KUNZ of
      Spokane.  By five brothers,& two sisters: F. E. KUNZ, Almira;
      J. H. KUNZ, Soap Lake; LEO, Wilbur; WILL J., Creston; HILARY,
      FRANK was always interested in civic affairs.  He belonged to
      Knights of Columbus & Catholic Church.

LADWIG, LOUISE       (Mar 02,1853-1927 May)                   117/3
        Another Pioneer passes: MRS. LOUISE BRANDT LADWIG, native of
        Germany. Born Mar 2,1853. She came to America at age 18 &
        married LAWRENCE YOUNG in Iowa. Three sons born. After his
        death she married WILLIAM LADWIG & seven sons, two daughters
        were born.
        Moved here in 1905 & purchased the HENRY THOMPSON place near
        Govan. After MR. LADWIGS death she lived in Wilbur. Member of
        St. Paul Lutheran Ch. Survived by a sister, MRS. J. F. LADWIG,
        in Iowa. Seven sons: GEORGE YOUNG, Iowa; WILLIAM YOUNG, Pasco;
        HENRY LADWIG, Hoquiam; EMIL of Moscow; FRED, ELMER, & ORA LADWIG,
        of Wilbur; & one daughter MRS. CLARA MUNSON, Govan. 28

LEWIS, THERESE              (1855-1916)                       32/6
       was born in Clairborne Co, Tn. in 1855. Died of chronic nephritis.
       In l872 she married DR. L. LEWIS Nine children were born with
       seven living. The family came from Tenn in 1885. DR LEWIS
       located on a homestead in the old Grand Coulee precinct 15 miles
       northwest of Wilbur. In 1898 he retired from farming & located in
       Wilbur. MAJOR DAVID ROGERS grandfather of MRS. LEWIS won his
       title in the Revolutionary War. Her father HENDERSON ROGERS
       served three years & six months in Co C of lst Tenn Infantry of
       the Federal Army He was taken prisoner & later exchanged.
LEWIS, LAFAYETTE       May 22,1845-1920 Feb 21 Father    32/5
       One More Pioneer: LAFAYETTE LEWIS: He was born in Hamilton
       Co, Tennessee on May 22,1845 & died at the home of his son
       JAMES of Spokane on Feb 21,1920. DR. LEWIS went to Tenn last
       fall, on a visit to his old home friends & soon after his
       arrival there, began to fail in health.  His son JAMES
       insisted he go after him but the doctor refused to allow it.
       JAMES learned that an aunt was coming from Tennessee to visit
       friends in LaGrand Or. & asked her to join his father on the
       trip home.  In reality to care for him.
       JAMES met them at LaGrande & brought the doctor home with
       him.  Soon afterward his disease was diagnosed as cancer
       of the liver.  Though he steadily declined he refused to be
       waited on, taking care of himself until a few days before
       his death.
       The deceased enlisted in the federal army on Nov 13,1861
       serving the lst Tenn. Light Artillery until near the close of
       the war, being mustered out at Cumberland Gap on Jan 23,1865.
       Though he participated in many bloody battles, & more or less
       important skirmishes, he came thru the war unwounded.
       He farmed one year at his old home after the war, then sold
       his farm & removed to Knox Co, where he began his medical
       career education, thence to Campbell Co., after graduating from
       medical college at Nashville.  He practiced medicine there
       until 1885 & also served four years as treasurer of that
       county. On Sept 5,1872, DR. LEWIS married MATILDA ROGERS,
       a native of Tennessee.
       In the spring of 1885 he & his family came to Wash., locating
       on land 15 miles northwest of Wilbur. There he improved his
       farm & for years practiced medicine, being then the only
       physician in the Big Bend, west of Davenport. When cases were
       not pressing, he visited his patients at night, after
       working on his claims all day.
        He retired from farming in 1898,building a good home in
       Wilbur. (known as the GUY HANSEN home, located across from the
       TED'S Shell Service & today the JACKPOT Service Station) He
       quit the practice of medicine two years later. MRS. LEWIS died
       on July 17,1916. Funeral services were conducted for DR. LEWIS
       at the Christian Church by REV. ADAMS, last Monday. Wilbur Cem.
        Seven children survive; All married; FRED, the youngest,
       all of Spokane; MRS. W. R. PETERS of Ritzville; DAVID & JESSE,
       living northwest of Wilbur;& MRS. FRED W. JOHNSON of Post Falls,
LEWIS, MATILDA ROGERS  Sep 18,1855-1916 Jul 17 Mother w/o L. Lewis
                                                      s/w Lafayette 32/

LEWIS, EVAN H.         Jan 11,1860-1910 Jun 20                 71/2
       EVAN H. LEWIS died: (father of BUELAH BODEAU, & MABEL

LULL, MARTIN I.               1837-1914                        83/6
      Died: MARTIN L. LULL Born in Connecticut. Age 77 years. In
      1898 he crossed the continent with his family stopping first
      at San Francisco. He lived at different points on the coast
      coming to Wilbur in 1896, buying what is known as the INMAN
      farm a few miles southeast of town. While living here his
      wife died & was buried here. Also his wish. Fourteen years
      ago he moved to Tacoma & was a building contractor.
      There he married again & the late wife accompanied the remains
      here to attend the funeral & see that his wishes were carried
      out. A son FRANK lives at Okanogan.

LYSE, ELSEBETH M.  Jun 05,1863-1930 Sep 15 (w/o Julius) 1/2
      Died: MRS. JULIUS LYSE: age 72 at Seattle. Funeral at
      Davenport. Buried in Wilbur Cemetery family plot. MR. LYSE
      died three & a half years ago. She was born in Denmark,
      lived in Clinton, Iowa, came to Wilbur as a bride.
      Husband was Wilbur's first butcher, first furniture dealer,
      & first mortician. Entered business in Davenport in 1915
      & moved to the coast in 1925. He sold his Davenport Mortuary
      & furniture store here to C. M. PHILLIPS & son
      Paternal aunt is MRS. DAVID THOMSON.
LYSE, INFANT                  -1899 Nov 28 s/o Julius &
                                           Elsebeth   1/1
LYSE, JULIUS T.    Apr 11,1863-1927 Mar 12            1/1
      Died: JULIUS T. LYSE, Pioneer: Pioneer homesteader,
      Business Man, Public Spirited Citizen, Former Mayor.
      Born in Tender, Denmark on Apr 11,1863. Died at Seattle on
      Mar 12,1927. He came to the U.S. at the age of 14. In 1883
      he came to Sprague & on becoming of age in 1884 he filed a
      homestead one mile north of Wilbur in a part of which his
      body now reposes. He & brother PETER established the first
      meat market in Wilbur. Later he started the first furniture
      store.  He engaged in undertaking & extended his business
      to Almira & Davenport, moving to the latter place in about
      1913.  He closed out his business interests about a year ago
      being advised that his days were numbered.
      Survived by his wife ELSEBET MAJNS who he married on Apr 11,
      1894, one daughter MRS. A. F. OLSEN of Seattle. Two sisters,
      MRS. DAVID THOMSON ,Wilbur; MRS. A. F. FALDBORG, Spokane,& three
      brothers PETER M. of Bowden, Alberta, MARTIN, Spokane; NELS of
      Castle Rock, Wa.  Danish Lutheran Ch.

LYSE, ELSIE MARIE   Oct 08,1834-1904 Aug 10 w/o Niels I.    2/3
LYSE, NIELS I.      Apr 24,1831-1910 Jul 10                 2/3
      Death of NIELS J. LYSE, one of the first Danish pioneers.
      Born in Apr 24,1831, he came to the U.S. in 1872.

LYSE, ELNA          Dec 05,1883-1906 Mar 22 w/o C.          40/10
      Died: ELMA, wife of CHRIS LYSE of Govan. Blood poisoning.
      Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Age 22, daughter of C. K. & MARIA
      WISEMAN near Almira. Lutheran Church. REV. BLACKAN, off.



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