Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries M through R


This is a compilation of obituaries of Pioneers and others who lived and died in Lincoln
County.  The spouse has been included where possible, as have a few of their infant children.
The spellings on the headstones is sometimes different than the one in the newspaper obituary, needless to say I don't know which is correct, so I left them as is.  The Obituaries were typed in by Daryll Bahr and only slightly edited by me.
Daryll provided much of this information because of the many headstones of these pioneers that recorded "no information" on them and had no dates. Information in parenthesis was provided.   These obituaries were taken from the Wilbur Register, Wilbur, Washington

Submitted by Daryll Bahr and  transcribed by Rella Gleaton

MARS, BARTON S.             1854-1918        s/w Albert & Samuel   77/2
MARS, ALBERT DONALD  Mar 25,1902-1902 Aug 22 s/o Samuel C. &
                                                                                            Laura B.77/2
MARS, SAMUEL C.               1848-1923        In Memory Of        77/11
      Died: SAMUEL C. MARS: Born in Boone Co. Missouri on June 5,
      1848 & died on Nov. 7,1923 of chronic stomach weakness &
      complications. His history is in the History of the Big Bend
      1904 obit.

MARTIN, JEROME                No information                       126/5
MARTIN, MARY                     (-1929        @81y)               126/5
        Died: MRS. MARY J. MARTIN at Portland. Age 81. Following
        survive: VINCENT V. MARTIN, Wilbur; JOHN, Everett; CHESTER,
        Portland; LEO, Honolulu; MRS. ADNA GARN, Cheney; MRS. ELVA
        EMMONS, Alaska; & MRS. ESSIE TOMLINSON, Portland.

MARTINSON, DORTHEA  Jun 24,1851-1906 Aug 11 w/o Olaus          38/2
           Died: MRS. DOROTHEA MARTINSON (KNUTSON). Born in 1851
           in S. Norway on June 24,1851. Died eight mi. N of Wilbur on Aug
           12,1906. Married OLAUS MARTINSON in Polk Co. Minnesota in
           1878.  Six children. Living are MRS. NICOLAI JOHNSON,
           ALBERT GUSTAV, & EMMA MARTINA. Her mother age 84, has
           made her home with MR. & MRS. MARTINSON for 25 years.

MAUPIN, DAVID C.       Nov 30,1841-1933 Oct 16                 154/8
        Died: G. A. R. veteran; D. C. MAUPIN, of Govan, Age 92. He
        lived 12 miles north of Govan. Survived by one child MRS.
        SUSAN E. WILSON of Almira & three grandchildren; ALONZO, SIDNEY
        & EVERETT WILSON. Five great-grandchildren & one brother
        & sister. Born on farm near Speedwell, Tenn  Nov 3 1841 he
        attended public school & enlisted at age 19 with two
        brothers in Union Army lst Reg of Tennessee under GENERAL
        ROSECRANS & spent 3 years in service.
        Moved to Wash. in 1888 settling 20 miles north of Wilbur,
        where he resided until his death.  His wife died Dec 26 1926.
        Charter member of G. A. R. at Wilbur & Methodist church.
MAUPIN, MARY A.        Sep 01,1846-1925 Dec 22                 154/8

McALLISTER, CALVIN L.         1908-1909        s/w Geo & Fannie 42/12
McALLISTER, FRANK           No information                      42/11
McALLISTER, FANNIE L.         1875-1937
McALLISTER, GEORGE E.         1872-1909                         42/12
            Died: Death of GEORGE EMMERY McALLISTER: Succumbs
            to grim reaper after long siege of Heart Failure & Dropsy.
            G. E. McALLISTER, for several months a sufferer of stenosis
            of the heart complicated & dropsy, was called from this
            life last Fri. at 5 p.m. in the presence of his wife &
            children. He was born in Henry Co. Iowa on March 14,1872.
            He spent his boyhood in the county & also Des Moines.
            At Burlington, when 17 of age, he moved to Seward,
            Nebraska, where he was united in marriage with
            FANNIE L. SPITTLE on Dec 14 1892. They resided in Seward
            until 1896 when they moved to Burlington, Iowa, where they
            lived for about 10,years & then moved to Wilbur on
            July 5,1906.
            Six Children blessed the union of which four remain.
            wait for a season in this vale of tears to his loss.
            Though not a member of the church deceased has always had
            a great reverence for Christianity & in his last sickness
            made his peace with God & accepting Jesus Christ died in
            his faith. He was a kind & loving husband in the home,
            friendly to all, & loved by all who knew him, whom with
            the family grieve the loss of a friend & neighbor.
            Funeral held in the M. E. Church by REV. J. E. preaching the
            sermon who also read a poem at the conclusion.

McALLISTER, RALPH E.*  Feb 16,1924-1925 Apr 18 *Edward
                                                Infant s/o R. E & V. M. 163/4
            Died: RALPH EDWARD, baby boy of MR. & MRS. RALPH McALLISTER
            of Cheney.  Buried at Wilbur Cem. REV. O. A. ADAMS off.

McCUEN, ELIZABETH            (1821-1906)                             7/6
        Ohio in 1821. At age 8 she became a resident of Indiana. In 1839
        she married WILLIAM McCUEN and moved to Minnesota. In 1888
        she came to Washington. Her husband died two years ago. Two
        children MRS. MARY FOLEY & J. A. McCUEN who lives north
        of Wilbur. Baptist Church member. Presbyterian church.
        Obit: ELIZABETH ARMINTA DYER was born in Knoxville, Tenn on
        12/25/1866. Died four mi. N of Govan on 11/17/1906.  She
        married DANIEL DYER in Tenn. in 1891. Her maiden name
        was BRANSCOM.  She came west in 1899. Leaves three sons
        & one dau. Father & two sisters.
McCUEN, W(ILLIAM)H.              (-1904)       Co 1 10th Mich

McCUMBER, CHARLES A.          1863-1931        s/w Lydia A.   168/7
          Died: CHARLES McCUMBER, age 69. Born in Illinois & cone to
          region in 1900 taking a homestead, farming seven years &
          moving to town.
          Tribute to CHARLES McCUMBER, son RALPH McCUMBER, of Bly,
          Or, & daughter MRS. JESSIE LANE of Idaho were unable to
          attend the funeral as were three sisters of Ill. & one
          brother of Iowa, but MRS. IDA BEAN, his sister & the only
          member of his fathers family in the West, came down from
          Spokane & was with his widow & daughter MRS. MAY McGUIRE.
McCUMBER, LYDIA A.          1867-1946                        168/7

McKAY, JAMES E.              1894-1922                        166/9
       Died: JIM McKAY, son of JAMES McKAY SR. southwest of Wilbur.
       He graduated in 1914 from W. H. S. & married MISS LOUISE MATHER,
       a school teacher in 1917. He was working the family farm, the
       folks retiring to Spokane.
McKAY, PAULINE A.     Nov 07,1902-1989 Jan 15                 166/9

McMILLAN, FLORENCE           1913-1927                        158/1
          Death follows burning of clothing from girl: FLORENCE
          McMILLAN 14 year old daughter of MR. & MRS. M. McMILLAN
          south of Wilbur.
McMILLAN, IDA                1878-1933                         158/1
          Died: MRS. MALCOLM McMILLAN dies: IDA McMILLAN, age 56,
          native of Nebraska.  Came as a young girl in 1888. Four
          children ROSS ,RAY, EARL & HAZEL, all of Wilbur. Besides
          these & the husband she is survived by seven brothers
          & two sisters. ROBERT HANKEL, Wilbur; EDWARD HANKEL, Salem,
          Ore.; MRS. GEORGE WAGNER, Wilbur; MRS. FRANK ALLEN, Salem, Ore.;
          Alberta, Can.
McMILLAN, MALCOLM            1880-1935        s/w Ida          158/2

McQUARIE, HARRIETT E.        1844-1934                         91/7
McQUARIE, WILLIAM H.   Jul 06,1840-1906 Aug 21 Co G 2nd Regt   91/7
                                     Ill Light Artry Civil War
          Died: WILLIAM H. McQUARRIE-Ten miles SE of Wilbur on Aug
          21st,1906,one of natures nobleman. He was an honest old
          rugged pioneer, who throughout his life retained the good
          will & respect of his neighbors. He was born in Argyle, N. Y.
          on June 6,1840. His father JOHN McQUARRIE was a native of
          the British Isles & came to America when he was a boy.
          The mother DIANA (JAYCOX) McQUARRIE was born in Canada.
          Her father was a Captain in a British regiment & was born
          in England.  He came with his parents in 1848 to Canada
          & then to Illinois in 1852 where he received his education
          in the district schools & remained with his father until
          21 years of age. He then enlisted in Co. G Second Ill.
          Light Artillery in 1861 at Camp Butler, Ill. On March 31st
          he had his lst engagement at Union City, Tenn. They drove
          out the Confederates & captured all their stores & 15
          prisoners, & at La Grange, Ten. with his command joined
          the 3rd Division, 17th Army Corps, under GENERAL GRANT
          in his expedition toward Vicksburg & participated in the
          battles of Coffeeville, Lake Providence & Millikan's Bend,
          Louisiana. After other engagements he arrived at Memphis
          on Jan 31st. On Apr 17th 1862 he marched with his
          expedition to cross the river below Grand when the steamer
          sunk & the soldiers barely escaped with their lives.
          Participated in the siege of Vicksburg to its close & was
          with GENERAL STEPHENSON in his expedition to Monroe, La.
          & went to Brownsville, Miss.  He participated in the siege
          of Mobile, then to Montgomery, Ala. & on Sept 4,1865
          ordered to Springfield where he received honorable
          discharge. Following the war, he farmed in Ill until 1868
          &moved to Iowa.  Nov 1883 he moved to Spokane county, where
          in April 1884 he came to Lincoln Co. took a homestead.
          In 1861 he married MISS HARRIET, dau of LUKE & MARIA
          (GOODALE) NICHOLS, natives of Vermont & N.Y. respectively.
          MRS. McQUARRIE was born in Aurora, Ill, May 40,1884.  To this
          couple three children wore born: EDWARD, MRS. ELLEN M. TESTER,
          & PAUL A. Presbyterian Ch. Funeral.  Age 66.

MEARNS, MINNIE                1898-1919                        76/12
        Died: MRS. FRANK L. MEARNS: MINNIE MILLER daughter of P.C.
        MILLER died of the flu. Born 1898 her parents came to the
        vicinity in 1912. In 1915 she Married FRANK L. MEARNS. Her
        husband is in critical condition with the flu also. Her
        mother & father also have the flu. Survived by her husband,
        baby boy, her parents, three brothers & four sisters.

MEARNS, HELEN FRANCES        1860-1921                        155/2
        Died: MRS. J. C. MEARNS, born MISS NELLIE FRANCIS KENT of N.Y.
        State on Feb 27,1860 & died at her home near Wilbur on June
        21,1921. Age 61. Folks emigrated to Iowa & she met J.C.
        MEARNS & married on Feb 9,1882. She came to Washington
        30 years ago & settled on land five miles north of Wilbur.
        Survived by her husband & five children. J. W. MEARNS, Mont.;
        A brother CHARLES KENT & a sister MRS. H. L. WHIPPLE.
MEARNS, JAMES C.              1858-1945                        155/2

MENKE, FRANK F.               1910-1940                        157/6
       Young Farmer dies suddenly: FRANK MENKE of Sherman
       vicinity. FRANK FREDERICK MENKE was born to MR.& MRS. FRED
       MENKE on Jan 23,1910.  His father preceded him in death
       in 1926. Leaves his mother CLARA MENKE four sisters; MRS. H. K.
       One brother LEONARD, Alaska.

MENKE, DORIS SOPHIA          1878-1924        w/o John        167/11
       Died: MRS. DORIS MENKE: Wife of JOHN MENKE, a farmer south
       of town.  St. Paul Lutheran Church. REV. JOHN GROSCHUPF off.
       sang. Pallbearers were ROBERT BAHR, RUDOLPH DREGER, CARL BERGAU,
       directly from Germany to here with her husband 14 years ago.
       Husband survives & eight children. They are: MRS. MARIE BERGAU,
MENKE, JOHN                   1874-1947                    167/12

MENKE, HENRY J.        Oct 25,1867-1927 Nov 26 Father      166/5
       Died: HENRY J. MENKE: Born in Oldenburg, Germany in Oct.
       25,1867. Died of a Mastoid. Came to America in 1884 & lived
       in Nebraska for nine years. Came to Washington & farmed land
       in the Broadax region from the spring of 1892 until two years
       ago, when he moved to Wilbur & took up the agency for Holt
       Harvester succeeding CHARLES WEST of that company.  In 1895
       he hauled his crop nine miles consisting of 3000 bushels & got
       14 cents per bushel & the sacks cost him 9 cents apiece. The
       following year he received 50 cents per bushel & in 3 years he
       was free from debt. Owned 960 acres of land & had $15,000 out
       on interest & purchased an $8000 home in Wilbur.
       Funeral at St. Paul Luth Ch. Pallbearers were: RUDOLPH DREGER,
       Survivors are his widow LUCINDA DEHMLOW MENKE & five daughters:
       Five grandchildren; four brothers; GEORGE MENKE SR. & RICHARD
       of Nebraska.
MENKE, LUCINDA      Apr 04,1871-1945 Dec 01 Mother          166/5

MEYER, EUPROSINE    Mar 17,1843-1926 Mar 29 Rest in Peace   153/4
       MISS ENITH BAHR was out from Spokane to attend the funeral of
       her grandmother MRS. FRED MEYER: MRS. MEYER (EUPHROSINE
       KRAUSE BAHR) died at her home in Wilbur last Monday, after reaching
       near the close of her 84th year. She had been ailing some
       time & was taken to MRS. JOHNSON, (JOHNSON HOSPITAL) in
       Wilbur by her relatives, recently, but at the end of two weeks,
       said she had been there long enough, & went home against the
       protest of friends & relatives. Neighbors kept a lookout for
       her, & in only two or three days, they found her suffering
       from a stroke of apoplexy. The second stroke, soon after
       ended her life.
       MRS. MEYER, twice a widow, before leaving Germany, came to
       America & to Wilbur in 1891 with her eleven year old son. A
       daughter having preceded her to this vicinity. In 1896 she
       married FERDINAND MEYER, & lived with him on the farm north
       of town a few years. Later they moved to Wilbur. MR. MEYER
       passed away six years ago.
        The deceased is survived by a daughter in Germany, a daughter
       in South America, & a son & daughter, ROBT BAHR & MRS. AUGUST
       RETTKOWSKI of Wilbur. Also 12 grandchildren & seven great grand
       MRS. MEYER had been a consistent member of the Lutheran
       church since childhood & funeral services were held in the
       Evangelical church at 2 p.m. last Wednesday conducted by REV.
       MYERS.  Interment was made in the Wilbur cemetery.  REV. H. F. W.
       MEYER, Pastor.

MEYER, FERDINAND    (b. Dec 3,1852-1920 Jan 19)
       Stricken by Apoplexy: FERDINAND MYER (MEYER) was stricken
       by apoplexy late last Sunday & passed away at his home
       in Wilbur at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, the 19th of January.
       He & MRS. MYER (MEYER) were visiting at the home of his
       step-son ROBERT BAHR on Sunday, & were departing for
       home when the summons came.  Deceased was born in
       Germany on Dec 2,1852. He came to the neighborhood of Wilbur
       early in the 1880's,& for years he & his younger brother
       HENRY farmed in partnership. Several years ago, HENRY removed
       to California.  Some 20 years ago he was married to WIDOW
       BAHR, who is again widowed. About a year ago he purchased
       the residence property then belonging to LEO MARTIN, & has
       lived in town since. The funeral will be held at the
       Lutheran Church today, Friday, at 2 p.m.

MEYER, ANNA                  1869-1937                        44/7
MEYER, HENRY                 1859-1929                        44/7
       Died: HENRY MEYER, one of the first homesteaders in the region
       was claimed. With his brother the late FRED MEYER, he
       homesteaded north of town in 1888. They came to America
       from Germany in 1883 remaining for a time in New York.
       About two years ago he & his wife, who was a MISS MENKE,
       sold the homestead to WALTER HOOKUM & bought the RATCLIFF
       place on Bachelor Prairie where he died on Dec 7th.
       While sawing wood he was stricken. MRS. MEYER was
       working in the yard near him at the time.
       MR. MEYER is survived by his widow & his nephew HERMAN MEYER,
       who made his home with them,& by a brother GOTTLEIB MEYER,
       & a niece MISS AUGUSTA MEYER of Prosser, Wa & by three
       brothers and one sister in Germany.
MEYER, MARGARITTA S.          1873-1902        Beloved w/o

MIKKELSEN, CARL C.*           1876-1937        *Christian      166/2
MIKKELSEN, NELSINE M.*        1850-1922        *Marie          166/2
           At Ripe Old Age: MRS. NEILSINE MIKKELSEN, mother of the
           three MIKKELSEN BROS. who are blacksmiths, died at the
           home of her son CARL on Dec 29th. Danish Lutheran Church.
           Two years ago CARL visited his old home in Denmark,
           bringing his mother with him. The old mother must have
           enjoyed being with her sons during that last short period
           of her life. Age 72 years & four months.

MILLER, PETER                 1860-1933                        200/3
        Died: PETER MILLER, age 72, native of Denmark. He came 47
        years ago, 30 years in Wilbur. He was a carpenter.
        Survived by seven sons,& widow. Sons are: ADOLPH, Addy; VICTOR,
        Yakima; ETLAR of U.S. Navy; OTTO, ECH0, HAROLD, & FOLMER, all of
        Wilbur. Three daughters: FLORA, Yakima; MRS. RALPH GREEN,
        Wilbur; & MRS. ROSE MANRING, Cal.
MILLER, KIRSTEN A.            1868-1957        s/w Peter       200/3

MILLER, CELIA JEPSEN          1857-1926        s/w Elias       45/7
MILLER, ELIAS          Jun 05,1854-1922 Nov 11 s/w Celia 45/7
        Died: ELIAS MILLER: born at Skodberg, Schlesivig, on June
        5,1855.  Died at Clark P.O. Nov 10,1922. He came to U.S.
        at age 21. Married MISS CELIA JENSEN on Jan 18,1878 in Mn.

MILLER, FRITZ HENRY           1877-1915                        43/1
        Sudden call: HARRY MILLER died: Born in Norway in 1877.
        Came to Wash. in 1899. The GLUTSCH & MILLER Butcher shop
        developed into the Wilbur Meat Co. In 1901 He married
        MISS IDA LEE CARTER of Hartline.

MILLER, FLOYD T.              1875-1939        Father          154/2
        Former Wilbur Merchant buried here: FLOYD T. MILLER, age 64,
        father of MRS. DICK COPENHAVER. He was born in Missouri &
        came to Wilbur with his parents when he was 14. Married
        MISS EDITH REYNOLDS in 1900,who died in 1919. 2nd marriage
        to MRS. DELLA COONS IN 1936 of Lewiston, Id. He was in
        business in Almira several years then bought a livery
        stable in Wilbur, established a 2nd hand store & shoe
        repair shop.  Christian Church in charge.
        Pall bearers were J. LLEWELLYN, RUDOLPH DREGER, H. LOUDERBACK,
        He is survived by five children by his first marriage; MRS.
        MILLER, Lewiston; FLOYD MILLER JR., Spokane; his widow & three
        step children at Lewiston. He was the last member of his
        father's family.
MILLER, EDITH S.              1880-1920        Mother          154/2

MILLER, Lena Irene Jerred     1917-1943
Born: 21 Jan 1917, Keller, Ferry Co., WA Died: 07 Aug 1943, Wilbur, Lincoln Co., WA
The Wilbur Register. Wilbur, WA - Thursday, August 12, 1943 Young Matron Dies Suddenly
The Wilbur Mission Church was well filled Monday afternoon when the funeral service of Mrs. Miller (wife of Samuel Guyler Miller) was conducted by the pastor, the Rev. W. A. Kincaid.
Mrs. Miller died very suddenly at her home in Wilbur, Saturday. She was 26 years of age, a daughter of Cecil Jerred and his late wife and a member of their family of 21 children. Her childhood home was in the Keller region, but she lived in Wilbur about two years, her husband having bought the Monaghan cottage on the south hill.
Besides her husband and small daughter (Raedine Carole Miller), she is survived by her father (Cecil Enoch Jerred); and 17 brothers and sisters. (Margaret Schiminske-Jerred, Mrs. Miller's mother, preceded her in death Jan 17, 1939.)
Music for the funeral service was provided by Mrs. Guy Hansen, with Mrs. Vance Davidson as accompanist. Pallbearers were A. V. Squire, Jake Stare, Jack Snodgrass, Joe Kennedy, J. K. Alderson, and an intimate friend of the bereaved husband, Lonnie Williams of Keller.
Interment was made in the Wilbur Cemetery, with the Phillip Funeral Home in charge.
Submitted by  Raedine Miller Delp, November 2008.

MILLER, MATHILDE              1865-1945                        76/2
MILLER, PETER C.              1862-1931                        76/2
        Died: P.C. MILLER,  Age 69, native of Denmark. He came to
        U.S. at the age of 17. Moved here in 1902,farmed 15 years,
        then moved to Wilbur. Helped organize the Danish Brotherhood.
        Married 48 years ago. Had 10 children. Seven who live. MRS.
        HENRY MILLER; Wilbur. MRS. ORVILLE BROCK, Noxon, Mont.; & MRS.
        D. MEARNS, of Wilbur.
        Pallbearers were grandsons: ROY KUNZ, CARL NELSON, HARVEY

MONSON, JOHANNA W.            1846-1914                        159/2
        A Good Life: MRS. JOHANNA W. MONSON died. She was born in
        Sweden on Sept 5,1844. Baptized in the Lutheran Church.
        Migrated in 1869 to America & settled in Iowa. In 1872
        she went to York, Nebraska & married CHARLES J. MONSON where
        they took homestead. In 1901 they moved to Wash. MR. MONSON
        died in Nebraska two years ago. MRS. MONSON resided 17 miles
        south of Wilbur. Of eight children, three remain. Sons; FRED
        & HARVEY & one daughter LUCINDA who married MR. OREN DRAPER.

MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH            No information                   83/2
            Obituary: JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, born Aug 12,1862, in
            Illinois. Died at Keller, Wash. at age of 47. Married
            MISS LILLY PALMER & leaves his wife & three children,

NELSON, NETTA                 1886-1932                        35/12
        Died: MRS. FRANK NELSON, daughter of MR. & MRS. HIRUM
        McMANNIS. Born in 1886. Survived by husband & daughter

NESTOSS, HENRY R.      Dec 28,1854-1938 Jun 28                 38/5
         Died: HENRY R. NESTOSS age 83 who lived at Opportunity for
         20 years. Two daughters: MRS. MABEL KRAUSE, Wilbur; MRS. EMMA
         HUNTER, San Clemente, Cal; One son, OSCAR NESTOSS, Wilbur:
         Two sisters & one brother OLE NESTOSS, North Dakota.
         Service at Danish Lutheran Ch. in Opportunity.
NESTOSS, OLIVE        Apr 10,1863-1927 Dec 19                  38/6
         Died: MRS. OLIVE NESTOSS: Age 63. She & her husband HENRY
         R. NESTOSS came here 37 years ago from N. Dakota & farmed
         near Sherman until about 10 years ago when they moved to
         Pallbearers were: J.C. MEARNS, ROBERT BAHR, JAMES GOLLEHON,
         Survived by two daughters: MRS. WILLIAM KRAUSC, Spokane &
         MISS EMMA NESTOSS, New Orleans, Louisiana, & one son
         H.R. NESTOSS, Wilbur. Several grandchildren.

NEWMAN, LINDON L.                 -1927 Apr 21 Iowa SGT 7 MG
                                               BN 3 Div        170/2
NEWMAN, N(ELS)                No information                   170/2
        Died: N. NEWMAN, who for several years was head miller for
        the Columbia River Milling Co. Buried in Wilbur Cemetery
        beside his son LYNDEN NEWMAN.
        Obituary: NELS NEWMAN was born in Malmo Sweden on 9/3/1872
        & came to U.S. in 1899. He settled in DeCook, Iowa. Came to
        Wilbur in 1915 residing here until 1928 when he moved to
        Spokane. He died on 6/11/1930. Surviving are his wife
        & three grandchildren.

NICHOLS, Mrs. GEORGE           No information                   157/11
         Died: MRS. GEORGE NICHOLS: MRS. ELOISE NICHOLS, came as a
         girl in 1889 from Illinois & took up homestead in coulee
         country, later going to Butte, Montana where she & MR.
         NICHOLS were married in 1895. Moved to Wilbur in 1915.
         Survived by husband and granddaughter MRS. ETHEL MITCHELL,
         of Colorado; a grandson GEORGE R. CROWLEY, Veranda, Mont.
         & 5 brothers & one sister.

NORBOM, EDWARD J.            1872-1950        Father          194/11
NORBOM, ESTELLA MAE          1877-1935        w/o Edward J.   194/11
        Died: MRS. E. J. (STELLA) NORBOM, age 58.  Wife of EDWARD
        NORBOM. She was born in Wisconsin & married in 1899 in Iowa,
        came to Wilbur in 1907. One son ROYDON & three grandchildren.

NOV0TNEY, EVA                 1860-1940                        73/5
          Rites for MRS. FRED NOVOTNEY SR. She was born EVA MULLER
          in 1860. Married in 1882 to FRED N. in Austria, Hungary &
          came to U.S. to Scranton, Penn. In 1891 they moved to
          Nebraska & in 1906 came to Mt. Vernon, Wash. In 1916 they
          came to Keller Ferry area. Golden Wedding was held in 1932.
          Ten children STEVE, JAMES, FRED, MRS. GEORGE WHITELAW,& MRS.
          C. L. BATES.
NOV0TNEY, FRED                1856-1945                        73/5

O'BRIEN, MARTIN F.            1870-1939                        191/5
         Died: MARTIN O'BRIAN age 68, Born in Tipperary, Ireland he
         came to U.S. with his parents MR. & MRS. WILLIAM O'BRIAN,
         settling south of Wilbur. Survivors are WILLIAM & THOMAS
         O'BRIAN & a sister MISS AGNES, who live on the farm.
         Another sister MRS. CATHERINE QUIRKO of Spokane. The last
         several years he farmed near White Bluffs, Wash.

O'NEIL, MICHAEL              1842-1921 Nov 14                 122/7
        Died: MIKE O’NEIL: Born in County Tipperary, Ireland 79
        years ago. He came to America at the age of 29 settling in
        Boston, Mass. He came to Wilbur 16 years ago. He leaves two
        sisters MRS. ATE CONDON, Boston, Mass. & MISS ELLEN O'BRIAN
        of near Wilbur & nieces & nephews.

ODENRIDER, CLARA M.           1871-1944        Mother          6/4
ODENRIDER, HENRY              1854-1926        Father          6/4
           Died: HENRY ODENRIDER: at Govan  Born in Elkhorn Neb. on
           July 15 1854, he came to Washington in 1888. Married
           CLARA MATILDA BENDER in 1889 & worked at the Columbia
           River Milling Co. for 14 years as flour packer & farmed
           near Govan since 1907.  Three sons; FRANK, EDWARD, &
           CHARLES of Govan & a daughter MRS. FRED BOLER of
           Spokane.  Three grandchildren.

OSWALT, EUGENE H.             1887-1969                        129/4
OSWALT, JANET A.              1887-1925                        129/4
        Died: MRS. E. A. OSWALT: JANET A. CAMPBELL was born in Toronto,
        Canada, in Nov. 1888. She came to Wash. over 20 years ago
        locating at Spangle but removed to Davenport where MISS JANET
        remained until her marriage in 1912. In Jan 1913 MR. OSWALT
        accepted a position in the State Bank of Wilbur. Deceased
        leaves three motherless children the oldest 12 the
        youngest 6 all in school.

PARKER, ALBERT I.      Dec 12,1861-1960 Jun 16             152/7
PARKER, SARAH JANE            1844-1920                    152/8
        Died: MRS. S. J. PARKER, mother of A. I. PARKER (IRV) died at
        her sons home south of town. Age 76.

PARKER, EMANUEL (L.)    Jun 07,1852-1942 Apr 23 Father      71/1
PARKER, MARTHA A.      Oct 20,1854-1924 Sep 27 Mother      71/1
        MRS.  MARTHA A. PARKER - MARTHA A KIRK born in Missouri in
        1854. Married EMMANUEL PARKER on Dec 24,1872. One child born
        MRS. W. T. MASTERSON of Wenatchee. Survived by her husband &
        daughter; two grandchildren & four great-grandchildren.

PARKER, Mrs. (A)                No information               48/5
        Died: MRS. ADA M. (ALLEN) PARKER: MRS. PARKER died at her
        home in Spokane. Her parents came to Lincoln Co from Oregon
        in 1880 when she was small. She grew up in the country near
        Wilbur & was well known to all residents both town & country.
        In 1898 she married JOHN MARKEY. Several years ago MR. MARKEY
        retired from farming & he & MRS. MARKEY established their home
        in Wilbur. Five or six years ago MR. MARKEY died. About that
        time MRS. MARKEY & her mother removed to Spokane. Later the
        mother MRS. ALICE ALLEN, married a gentleman named PARKER,
        a contractor & builder. Three years ago MRS. MARKEY married
        a son of her mothers' husband. The younger PARKERS bought
        a farm near Creston & near the old ferry belonging to the
        elder MRS. PARKER.  There they engaged in farming & had the
        oversight of the mothers' ranch.
        MRS. ADA PARKER, was a very strong robust woman & her passing
        came as a shock to her old friends. The relatives & friends
        are coming from Spokane by motors, & the funeral held at the
        Christian church today, Friday, & Int. in Wilbur Cem.

PARTRIDGE, FREDDIE     Oct 10,1895-1902 Aug 21                 79/5
PARTRIDGE, NANCY            No information                      79/6
PARTRIDGE, W. J.             No information                    79/6
           Died: W. J. PARTRIDGE: Born in Edgar Co I11. on Sept 18,
           1850 & died on Sept 2,1924. Married MISS NANCY I. RILEY
           Oct 17,1869. Eleven children. They are: W. S. PARTRIDGE, of
           Missouri; MRS. SETH STOOKEY of Redmond, Or.; C. W. PARTRIDGE
           of Conconnully; & J. E. PARTRIDGE of Spokane. The rest are
           deceased. He came west from Missouri & located in Wilbur
           Mar 10,1898.

PAYNE, GILES F.               1875-1927        s/w Meldora     115/1
       Funeral: GILES F. PAYNE died in a logging accident at Ferry.
       He came to Lincoln Co. in 1904.  Locating on a farm south of
       Wilbur where he remained until the death of his wife about 8
       years ago, & moved his family to Wilbur, where they remained
       until 1924 & then moved to Hartline, their present home.
       MR. PAYNE owned farmland at Hartline which his sons have
       operated since 1924.  He was on his way to Ferry to begin
       logging when he stopped in Wilbur a few days ago.
       He was born in Carrol, Co. Virginia on Nov. 5th 1875. Married
       DORA BAILEY at Spanishburg, W. Va. on June 1897. He leaves his
       father NOAH PAYNE, at Matoka, W. Va.& four sons ARTHUR G. CURTIS
       F. ELDRIDGE P. & GRAYSON M. all of Hartline. & four daughters
       all of Hartline. Three brothers & two sisters.  Baptist Ch.
PAYNE, MELDORA                1879-1920        w/o G. F.        115/1
       Died: MRS. G. F. PAYNE: Half mile south of the Kenneway.
       MELDORA 0. BAILEY was born in Rock, West Virginia on Dec 19,
       1879. She married G. F. PAYNE in June 27,1897 & lived at Rock,
       West Vir. until 1903.  In 1904 they came to Washington. Eight

PEFFLEY, LLOYD B.             1887-1952                        151/10
PEFFLEY, NANNETTE             1919-1930                        151/3
         Died: NANNETTE PEFFLEY age 10. Daughter of LLOYD PEFFLEY.

PETERSON, ANNA                1861-1931                        155/6
          Died: MRS. A. PETERSON (ANNE); Age 71. Big Bend pioneer ends
          career. Born in Denmark. Her late husband SIMON PETERSON
          came from Denmark in 1869,& to this region in 1882. Married
          in 1886 when Wilbur was only a stock farm of CONDITS.  Five
          children survive. Seven grand children. MRS. MARGUERITE
          CHRISTIE of Great Falls, Mont; MRS. KATHERINE ANDERSON of
          Govan; JOHN B. PETERSON, Spokane; CHRIST J. PETERSON of
          Dishman; ALBERT T. PETERSON of Grants Pass, Ore.
PETERSON, SIMON               1850-1920                         155/6
          Died: SIMON PETERSON: Born in Stepping, Denmark, on Aug.2,
          1850 & died at home north of Wilbur on Dec 2,1920. He came
          to the U.S. in 1869 & filed a homestead north of town in
          the fall of 1882. This place he still owned at the time
          of his death.
          On March 1,1885 he married MISS ANNA BERTELSEN, also a
          native of Denmark, & to this union were born five children;
          ALBERT, all of whom were present at the funeral. He was a
          member of Huram Lodge No. 83, of A. F.& A. M. of Kasson, Minn.
          & the Lutheran Ch.

PETERSON, CARL HARVEY        1912-1940                          193/7
          Died: Truck mishap fatal to CARL PETERSON, age 29, son of
          JENS PETERSON'S. The truck & trailer caught fire when
          He worked for SOL KINDER on construction between Arlington
          & Mooldock Point, Oregon.
PETERS0N, PHYLLIS     Mar 15,1916-1987 Mar 11 (Squires)         193/7

PHILLIPS, ANNA M.            1860-1909        Mother            118/11
          Died: MRS. C.A. PHILLIPS-Passes Away - Tubercular
          Consumption - MRS. ANNA MARIE PARRISH PHILLIPS, wife of
          postmaster CHAS. A. PHILLIPS died.  A sincere worker in the
          Presbyterian Church. Born on Oct 19,1860 at Athens Co. Ohio.
          In 1880 she moved with her family to Oregon.  In 1887 she
          married CHAS .A. PHILLIPS. Five children born, three
          daughters & two boys. In 1894 they moved to Wilbur.
PHILLIPS, CHARLES A.          1854-1930        Father          118/11
          Died: CHARLES A. PHILLIPS, his death was caused by a
          careless automobile driver. He was a school teacher in
          early manhood & became a merchant in Woodburn, Or. In 1894
          he transferred his goods to Wilbur & became a partner with
          his brother in law, the late J. M. PARRISH. He served as
          postmaster for almost a decade & for several years he was
          proprietor of a drug store bought from GEORGE M. WILSON
          who established it.
          MRS. PHILLIPS passed away in 1909 & he sold out & gave up
          postmaster, & moved to Spokane Bridge & carried on in
          diversified farming there.
          He came from a family of long longevity. His father reached
          89 years & his mother bore 16 children & reached 91 years.
          They raised 12 children all living near the octogenarian age.
          Survived by a brother SAMUEL of Salem, Ore.
          MR. PHILLIPS survived by two sons. HOMER, of Spokane, & JOHN
          of Chelan.  Two daughters MRS. GEORGE JOHNSON, Spokane & MRS.
          JALMER REINERTSON, of Ca. One daughter BETH died. His nephew
          VINCENT MARTIN lives here.

PHIPS, KATE                   No information                    46/8
       Died: KATE HULBERT PHIPPS.  Age 51.
PHIPS, ZEB                    No information                     46/7
       Z. V. PHIPPS died in Spokane March 16,1929 from the result of
       being badly frozen in January. He was brought to Wilbur last
       Saturday & laid to rest in the Wilbur Cemetery.

POIST, A. E.                   No information                   160/1
POIST, LOUISE                 No information                   160/2
       Died: MRS. LOUISA POIST, age 70. Wife of ALBERT POIST. She
       was born in Germany, but taken by her parents to London, Eng.
       where they lived until coming to N.Y. in 1867. Married in N.Y.
       in 1892 & lived there until coming to Lincoln Co in 1905.
       Settled South of Wilbur. REV. A. R. M. KETTNER off. Pallbearers
       were old friends including FRED RETTKOWSKI, AUGUST VON BEHRENG
       JOHN MENKE, & HERMAN MENKE. One son was born in N.Y. but died.
       Survivors are her widower & a sister & two nieces in N.Y.

PRATHER, JAMES                1838-1919        Father          115/4
         Died: JAMES PRATHER: He was born in Ill. in Dec 9,1837.
         Old neighbor of W.W. HOWELL.
PRATHER, JULIA A.             1842-1909        Mother          115/4
         Died: MRS. JULIA M. PRATHER, wife of JAMES PRATHER, age 71,
         located 10 miles southeast of Wilbur. Born in Ill on July 4,
         1837 & lived there until 1898. She leaves three sons & four
         daughters,& husband JAMES. MRS. LOUISE SHORT & NELLIE McCLURE,
         of Wilbur, LEONA GEER, IDA B. JOHNSON, of Minn. GEORGE R. &
         SAMUEL, of Wilbur, & LOVEL across the coulee.

PRICE, CLARA A.        Jun 03,1861-1945 Jul 11 Mother w/o Sam  161/5
PRICE, SAM LYNN    Sep 16,1859-1928 Dec 26 Father
                       h/o Clara A., f/o Zetta, Dwight & Robert  161/5
       Died: SAMUEL L. PRICE - Pioneer- of Hesseltine.  Several
       years ago he also purchased land south of Govan where he died.
       After the last harvest he rented his farm to EARL IVERSON &
       retired.  Born in Wisconsin on Sept. 8,1858. In early years
       of manhood he rode the range in Kansas. In 1883 he came west
       to the Blue Mtns. of Oregon where he lumbered. In 1888 he came
       to Lincoln Co. Married CLARA A. HARTMAN in Oregon in 1886.
       DICK PRICE, lives on the farm northwest of Wilbur & is a son of
       S. L. PRICE.

QUIRK, CATHERINE C.           1872-1942                        121/10
QUIRK, DAVID                  1854-1933
       Died: DAVID QUIRK Sr., age 79, born in Ireland. First settled
       in Wilbur in 1885. Born in 1854. Crossed the Atlantic in
       1876 & settled on a homestead to make his home 12 miles SW of
       Wilbur in 1885. In 1917 he moved to Wilbur.
       Married in 1889 to MISS CATHERINE O'BRIAN, who with five
       daughters & four sons & two grandchildren survive. JOSEPHINE &
       TRESA in Spokane; MARGARET in Chewelah; DAVID JR. & Cornelius,
       GOVAN; & PATRICK & LEO, of Wilbur.

RETTKOWSKI, ADOLPH           1902-1938                        192/1
            Died: ADOLPH RETTKOWSKI: Funeral Rites held Wednesday P.M.
            Death was result of a ruptured appendix. He was born
            35 yrs ago & received his education here. Son of MR & MRS
            FRED RETTKOWSKI, well known pioneers. He was baptized &
            confirmed in St. Paul Lutheran Ch.
            ADOLPH was active in the Wilbur Grange, Graingrowers Whse.
            Co. for several years & recently erected a new modern
            residence on the farm south of town. REV. ROBERT OESTREICH
            Off. The music was furnished by MRS. ARTHUR GERL, MRS. GEORGE
            BAHR at the piano.  Pallbearers: were HENRY SCHUSTER,
            & ROBERT SHEFFELS.  Ushers were GORDON SCHUSTER &
            MARTIN GYORFI.
            Survivors are his parents, two sisters: MRS. FRED
            REIFENBURGER, of Fairfield; MRS. LOUIS SHEFFELS,
            MAX,& ERNEST.

RETTKOWSKI, ARMGARD           1900-1908        d/o A & E       75/
            Died: Eight year old daughter of MR. & MRS. AUGUST
            RETTKOWSKI, well to do rancher, five miles west of here
            died Thursday evening Dec 31st of diphtheria after an
            illness of only a few days. The funeral took place last
            Fri. & remains interred in the Wilbur Cem. The bereft
            parents have the sympathy of the entire community
            in the loss of their child.
RETTKOWSKI, RAYMOND  1910-1921(Apr 08) Loving s/o A& E 75/

RICHTER, CHARLES C.         1851-1922        s/w Margaret    83/7
         Pioneer died: CHARLES RICHTER, of Broadax region. Born in
         Niederling, Germany 71 years ago. He came to the U.S. over
         40 years ago. Settled in Broadax about 1883. Married MISS
         MARGARET RUPPERT. No children. German Lutheran Church.
RICHTER, MARGARET           1853-1939                        83/7

RILEY, MARY                     -1911                        31/8
       MARY C. RILEY died: Born in Germany Jan 12,1911.  She came
       to the U.S. in 1883 with her husband & three children &
       settled in the east. In 1899 she came to the Big Bend &
       settled near Wilbur. A widower for 24 years.  Four children
       survive; JOSEPHINE, DAVID, & MARY.

RING, ELIZABETH             1853-1944        s/w Mitchell    45/11
RING, MITCHELL (G.)         1851-1905                        45/11
      Obituary: MITCHEL GREGOR RING, Born on 11/6/1851 in N.Y. Age
      53. Died on 5/15/1905.

RINKER, CALIDONIA  Jun 12,1853-1932 Apr 13 w/o Samuel C.     170/
 Died: MRS. CALEDONIA RINKER: Pioneer; She came here with
       her husband SAMUEL C. RINKER in 1883 locating at Broadax.
       Born June 12,1853 in Arkansas. Survived by three sons:
       PHILLIP RINKER, near Seattle; HARVEY RINKER, Alberta Can.;
       VALLEE RINKER, a Broadax farmer. Eight grandchildren & Five
       great grandchildren. Two children passed away; a son & daughter.
RINKER, SAMUEL C.      Jun 01,1844-1912 Oct 11 @68y 4m 4d  170/8

RINKER, WASHINGTON       1872-1922                           170/7
        Died at Wenatchee: Pioneer - WASHINGTON RINKER an early
        pioneer of Broadax region. His father S. C. RINKER & family
        came to the region in 1883 from Kansas locating near the old
        Hesseltine P.O. His grandfather WASHINGTON RINKER, who was
        born in Tennessee, but lived in Kansas during the bloody
        days preceding & throughout the civil war. MRS. S. C. RINKER,
        mother of the deceased, makes her home in Wilbur.  Survived
        by other members of his fathers family as well as his own
       immediate family.
RINKER, CORA LEE         1879-1977                          170/7

RIPPLINGER, ALBERT            1884-1931         s/w sister Anna
                                               Mittermeyer    167/10
            Died: A. X. RIPLINGER killed in Auto Accident. Car goes
            into ditch when tire blows out. Catholic church. Native
            of Wisconsin he came to Wash in 1907.  Taught school
            near Ritzville & came to  Wilbur in 1908.  He was
            bookkeeper for M. E. HAY Mercantile Co. He married MISS
            PAULINE BROWN in 1910. Since 1911 he has been bookkeeper
            for Columbia River Milling Co. Clerk of the school
            board & Pres. of Golf Club. Age 48.

RIPPLINGER, HERMAN J.  Apr 25,1888-1922 Jun 27               154/4
            Died: HERMAN RIPLINGER; Born at Boyd, Wisc, 34 years
            ago. He served in the army & was discharged in 1913.
            Married MISS ANNA POHTILLA & came directly to Wilbur
            where his brother ALBERT lived.  He engaged in the
            barbering trade.  Purchased S. C. BISHOPS barber shop
            at the time of BISHOPS death. Catholic Church.

ROBERTSON, JOHN H.     Feb 13,1849-1919 Feb 02               151/2
           Died: JOHN H. ROBERTSON: Born in Andrew Co, Mo.  Age 69 yrs
           & 11 mo.  MR. ROBERTSON grew to manhood on a farm. The
           years 1867-1968 were spent with the Kansas Pacific R.R.,
           hunting buffalo in Kansas, Colo., & New Mexico.  Then
           after going home awhile he took a position as a steamboat
           engineer on the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers, which he
           followed until the fall of 1870, when he went to Whitehall,
           Michigan, & secured a position as an apprentice blacksmith,
           remaining until he became master of the trade.
           In the fall of 1887, he came to Washington stopping at
           Sprague for a time. The next year he came to the new
           town site of Wilbur & established the first blacksmith shop,
           being among the pioneers of the town. He retired from that
           work, & for several years has been an efficient officer as
           city marshal of the town.
           On Oct 20,1878, he was married in Andrew Co, Mo. to MISS
           NANNIE HART, native of the county. Four children were born
           to them, two sons & two daughters.  Both sons died in early
           life while the daughters MRS. W. P. DALTON & MRS. LLOYD PEFFLEY
           are residents of Wilbur.  Christian Church.
ROBERTSON, NANCY J.    Mar 06,1852-1948 Jun 06               151/2

ROSMAN, ANGELA EMMA  Nov 30,1904-1905 Jan 24                 87/8
ROSMAN, JOSEPH       Dec 27,1862-1940 Jun 04 Father          87/8
ROSMAN, KATHERINE    May 06,1862-1937 Jan 03 Mother          87/7
ROSMAN, MARY THERESA Jan 30,1899-1908 Jul 22                 87/9
        Obituary: MARY ROSMAN, only daughter of MR. & MRS. JOE
        ROSMAN, living 7 miles S of Wilbur was nine & a half years old.
        Idolized by her brothers & parents. She had complained of a
        pain in her ear & when an operation was performed to alleviate
        her suffering it was found that a tumor had already spread,
        effecting the brain & Wed. of last week she gave her soul to
        the hands of the Maker. Large funeral. Catholic Ch.



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