Wilbur Cemetery Obituaries S through Z

                                            OBITUARIES of PIONEER FAMILIES BURIED AT WILBUR CEMETERY,
                                            LINCOLN COUNTY, WILBUR WASHINGTON

This is a compilation of obituaries of Pioneers and others who lived and died in Lincoln
County.  The spouse has been included where possible, as have a few of their infant children.
The spellings on the headstones is sometimes different than the one in the newspaper obituary, needless to say I don't know which is correct, so I left them as is.  The Obituaries were typed in by Daryll Bahr and only slightly edited by me.
Daryll provided much of this information because of the many headstones of these pioneers that recorded "no information" on them and had no dates. Information in parenthesis was provided.   These obituaries were taken from the Wilbur Register, Wilbur, Washington

Submitted by Daryll Bahr and  transcribed by Rella Gleaton

NAME                          Dates                          Blk/Lot

SCHEIBNER, CHARLES F.         1862-1928        Father          8/4
           Died:CHARLES SCHEIBNER, age 66, a pioneer, of paralysis.
           Survived by three sons. WALTER, & EDWARD, of Spokane;
           HERMAN of Davenport. MRS. ANNA KINER, of Wilbur; MRS.
           MAE SAUNDERS, of Mtn. View, Cal. Four brothers; WILLIAM
           & OSWALT, of Wilbur & FRED of Coulee; HENRY, of Alberta;
           & three sisters MRS. FRED ADAMS, MRS J. F. JENKINS, MRS.
           D.F. OSBORNE all of Coulee.
SCHEIBNER, MARGARET A.        1862-1905        Mother          8/4

SCHEIBNER, CLARA M.           1891-1960        Mother          93/1
SCHEIBNER, OSWALD R.          1877-1956        Father          93/1
SCHEIBNER, FLORENCE R.        1918-1921        s/w Infant      9/5
           Died: FLORENCE MADELINE, three year old child of OSWALT
SCHEIBNER, INFANT                 -1909 Sep 05 s/w Florence R. 9/5

SCHEIBNER, FREDERICK M. Mar 23,1833-1906 Jul 05 @73y 3m 13d     9/6
SCHEIBNER, JOHANNAH E. Feb 29,1836-1909 Sep 09 s/w Fredrick    9/6
           Died: JOHANNAH E. SCHEIBNER; wife of FREDERICK M. Six
           miles northwest of Wilbur, nee JOHANNAH E. (SMITH)
           Born in Germany (Amsterdam)in 1836. In 1861 she married
           FREDERICK. The following children were born: CHARLES F.;
           OSWALD R.; HENRY J.. Emigrated to the U.S. to Tennessee
           & IN 1887 sold their farm in Tenn & moved here.

SCHEIBNER, HERBERT E.         1895-1928                        9/1
           Wilbur couple sacrifice to an unsafe ferry; MR. & MRS.
           HERBERT E. SCHNEIBNER drowned when their car plunged
           from the Keller Ferry into 16 feet of water. MISS EVELYN
           TAYLOR, a sister of MRS. SCHNEIBNER escaped & was rescued
           by ROSCOE JONES, one of the operators of the ferry.
           ED LATTA, ferryman gave testimony.
SCHEIBNER, OLIVE B.           1908-1928                        9/1

SCHROEDER, CHARLES            1859-1938        Father (no name) 50/2
           Pioneer Dies: CHARLES F. SCHROEDER, Age 78 & 11 months. He
           would have been 79 on Aug 30th. Born in Monroe, Mich, he
           came West in early (80's?) but returned to Michigan
           remaining there until March 1885,when he took land a few
           miles south of here & became a leading wheat grower.
           Service in Christian Science Ch.
           Survived by his widow & five children, 13 grandchildren,
           & a brother in the East. BRUCE, RAY, WILL SCHOREDER, MRS.
           J. E. JAMES of Ovando, Mont.; MRS. HENRY GERLACH, of Ecorse,
           Mich.; deceased daughters husband EDWARD BANDY, of Ovando,
SCHROEDER, ROSE               1864-1916                        50/2

SEATON, M(ARY)E.              1851-1900   age 49               7/7
SEATON, THOMAS B.             1843-1920                        7/7
        Died: THOMAS B. SEATON: Born in Feb 19,1841 at Hopwood, Penn
        & moved to Missouri at age 29 years. He married MINERVA,
        ALDRIDGE on July 3,1877. One child was born to them CORA
        married again to MARY ELLEN LONGACRE. There were six
        children to this union, five sons & one daughter. Sons;
        SALIS, SAMUEL, HALLEY, CLEVELAND, ELMER, & daughter is

SHEFFELS, CATHERINE T. Jun 05,1910-1924 Jun 08                 162/1
          Died: A Faded Flower: CATHERINE THERESA, daughter of MR. &
          MRS. ROBERT SHEFFELS, age 14, of appendicitis & followed
          by pneumonia was the cause of death, leakage of the heart.
          Funeral held at the Catholic Church. FATHER FLAVIN off.
SHEFFELS, ROBERT C.    Dec 04,1899-1948 Aug 09 Father          162/3

SHEFFELS, ROBERT       Nov 24,1856-1933 Jul 16                 162/2
SHEFFELS, TERESA       Apr 21,1877-1931 Dec 20 Mother          162/2
          Died:MRS. ROBERT SHEFFELS: She was born in Luxemburg & came
          to this region when 11 years old making her home with her
          aunt MRS. MARGARET HOSS. When 21 she became the bride of
          ROBERT SHEFFELS SR. Five children were born ROBERT JR,
          LOUIS & MRS. VICTOR CASEBOLT, of Wilbur, & HENRY, of
          Great Falls, Mont. & the other child CATHERINE died when
          a child.  REV. A. R. M. KETTNER officiated.  St Paul Luth. Ch.

SHELL, MAGGIE                 1885-1933                        30/12
       MISS MAGGIE SHELL buried here. Daughter of MR.& MRS. NATHAN
       SHELL. Her age 47. She had been an invalid for 37 years.
       Survivors besides her parents are MRS. DAN HUDKINS, of Wilbur
       & MRS. W. P. MATTHEWS, of Puyallup.

SHERROD, CHARLES T.           1843-1913        s/w Sarah, David
                                               & Rosa          82/5
SHERROD, SARAH               1849-1938                        82/6
         MRS. SARAH SHERROD dies: Age 88. Pioneer.  Mother of MRS.
         & GEORGE SHERROD.
SHERROD, DAVID L.      Aug 15,1850-1897 Jun 09 @46y 9m 24d     82/5
SHERROD, ROSA          Mar 13,1881-1897 Feb 02 @15y 10m 19d    82/6

SHORT, DONALD H.       Dec 30,1883-1916 Dec 04                 88/5
       Died: DONALD SHORT: Born in 1883. Age 33
SHORT, ELVA                   No information                   88/5

SHORT, LESTER L.              1885-1919        s/w Minnie      88
       Died: LESTER SHORT; Age 34. Born in Illinois & at age 3 came
       with his parents to the Big Bend locating 10 miles southeast
       of Wilbur. On Feb 12,1913 he married MISS MINNIE DALL, who had
       been reared from childhood in his fathers family. A victim of
       consumption. Christian Church. REV. E. MITCHELL of Creston off.
       Attending funeral were his wife, mother, a brother L. S. SHORT
       & wife of Seattle. Brother EARL SHORT of Yakima,& the young
       widow of his brother DON, from Creston.
SHORT, MINNIE BALDWIN         1892-1973                        88/11

SHORT, LUCY F.                1871-1935        Mother          126/1
SHORT, ROLAND P.              1863-1933                        126/1
       ROLAND P. SHORT Buried Saturday: Well known & Popular
       Pioneer Passes: Age 70.  Native of Calif. came with his
       parents 50 years ago to this section first settling in the
       Sherman area.

SHORT, JOHN R.                1818-1902        h/o Martha A.   85/3
SHORT, MARTHA A.              No information                   85/3
       Died: GRANDMA SHORT: Born in Elgin, Illinois, in 1829. Died
       at her son ROLAND P. SHORT'S home at age 86. MISS MARTHA
       HAMMER was married to JOHN P. SHORT on may 22,1848. MR.& MRS.
       SHORT crossed the plains in 1850 locating in California.
       Came to Wash. in 1884, then returned to California but
       came back to Wilbur.
       Surviving children are: MRS. MARY LYLE, Colfax; S. L. SHORT of
       Sask, Canada; MRS. SARAH E. KEABLES, of Cal., & ROLAND P. SHORT
       of Wilbur. Presbyterian Ch.

SMART, GEORGE A.              1886-1931                        194/2
       Died: GEORGE SMART - GEORGE ALFRED SMART was born in Fort
       Smith, Arkansas in 1866. In 1887 he came to Big Bend country
       except for nine years spent in Montana. He married MABEL BROCK
       of Wilbur in Nov 7,1909. Ten children, eight living are: MRS.
       LUCINDA JANE; One grandchild EDWARD LEE & one twin brother
       HENRY of Seattle. Four other brothers are; CHARLES of Brady,
       Mont.; MARSHALL, of Freeman Wa.; JOE of Spokane; two half
       brothers JOHN BINGSLEY of Condon, Ore.; & J. J. BILLINGSLEY,
       of Wilbur. Four sisters: MRS. SUSIE HASTINGS, of Morrow, Ore.;
       MRS. ANNA GLASOW, of Oakland, Cal.; MRS. JOHN DODD, of Spokane &
       MRS. JOHN WIDBY, of Spokane.
SMART, Infant                 No information                   194/2
SMART, MABLE                  No information                   194/1

SMITH, JENNIE          Aug 24,1858-1927 Jan 27 s/w George C.   151/4
SMITH, GEORGE C.       Jan 07,1850-1932 Jul 28                 151/4
       Died: GEORGE SMITH, age 82, His wife died some years ago. The
       couple had no children. Survived by two nephews, ALVIN
       HAVERSTICK of Wilbur, & CHARLES HAVERSTICK of Brewster.
       He had two sisters

SMITH, MARY HALSEY           1860-1939      Mother  s/w Harmon 195/6
       Funeral for MRS. HENRY SMITH: MARY E. PASLEY was born in
       Virgina in 1860. Married in 1875 to RICHARD HALSEY. In 1910
       she married HENRY SMITH & lived at Creston. Three sons JAMES,
       SAM & ROBERT, of Creston; Four daughters: including MRS. LUTHER
       ANDERSON, of Wilbur.

SMITH, EARL J.                1907-1929        (s/o Jos & Hilda 4/9
       EARL SMITH a victim of spinal meningitis. Age 23. Found in a
       helpless condition in a field five miles north of Almira by
       BOB CAMPBELL for whom EARL was herding sheep. He was the son
       of J. L. SMITH of Wilbur..

SMYTHE, JOSEPH                No information                   122/10
SMYTHE, MATILDA               No information                   122/10
        Died: MRS. MATHILDA SMYTHE: Age 90 years.  She had one son
        who died.  Burial in Catholic Church.

SOMMERS, VINCENT                  -1933 Jan 17 @85 No stone    20/3
         Died: VINCENT SOMMERS, at one time one of the foremost
         stockmen in the Big Bend. Age 85, Addison's disease. Native
         of Austria, who came here a half century ago ranching south
         of Wilbur with his brother JOSEPH, now of Odessa country.
         A bachelor. Catholic Church.

SOWERS, NETA MAE      Jun 06,1920-1923 Sep 26                 10/3
        Died at Wenatchee: NETA MAE, daughter of MR. & MRS. EUGENE
        SOWERS. Age 3. Brought to Wilbur to the home of MR. & MRS.

SPARKS, ELLEN A.              1903-1933        s/w Betty Gayl  195/12
        Died: MRS. ROBERT 'ELLA" SPARKS, 28, wife of Texico agent
        ROBERT SPARKS. Parents MR.& MRS. DAVID THOMSON. Two daughters
        MISS MARGARET THOMSON. One brother EDWARD THOMSON, of Hamilton,

SPITTLE, ANNE E.       Nov    1856-1928 Sep                    38/12
         Died: MRS. ANN SPITTLE, pioneer woman. She was born on Nov
         21,1856 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, where she married WILLIAM
         SPITTLE on Nov 26,1874. She came to Wilbur in 1906 & MR.
         SPITTLE passed away Mar 6 1911. She made her home with her
         daughter the last two years, MRS. FANNIE McALLISTER. She was
         a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
         Pallbearers were: MILTON DWINNEL, ELLSWORTH BROCK, H. E.
         of four daughters survive: MRS. FANNIE McALLISTER, of Wilbur:
         MRS. NELLIE HOOKUM, of Milwaukee, Or; & MRS. DELLA HORTON, of
         Olympia. Eleven grandchildren & nine great grand children.
SPITTLE, WILLIAM                 -1913 Mar 06 @68 yrs         38/12
        Over the River: WILLIAM SPITTLE dead:  Born in 1844.
        & MISS DELLA. Methodist Episcopal Church burial

STARR, J. N.                   No Dates         And his wife    78/12
       DR. J. N. STARR Dead: A Prominent Resident of Wilbur. He was
       born in Indiana in 1840. Age 69, He graduated from the Rush
       Medical College of Chicago in 1872. Joined the regular army
       as a surgeon in the hospital corps. In 1887 in Iowa he
       married CARRIE T. HINE, surviving widow, & moved to Wilbur
       in 1898.
STARR, CARRIE                 No Dates         "Honest in life
                                                Peace in death"78/12

STAUFFER, MARGARET            1850-1920        Mother          159/5
          Died: MARGARET ANN STAUFFER: Born in Ontario, Canada on
          Jan 1,1850 & died on Mar 4,1920.  Married WILLIAM E.
          STAUFFER in 1877 & came to Wash. in 1892. Methodist Ch.
STAUFFER, WILLIAM E.          1854-1895        Father          159/6

STERRETT, A. J. Mrs.            No information                   7/12
STERRETT, A. J.                No information                   7/12
          Died: JACKSON STERRITT; Born in Humbolt Co, Cal. on May
          17,1859 & died Dec 20,1929. About two years ago he fell
          from a combine he was operating on his farm near Marlin
          of which he never fully recovered.  He came to the region
          in 1881. He with TOM WALTERS handled stock extensively on
          their farms about 12 miles south of Wilbur in the early
          He married MRS. ELIZABETH BRENCHLEY in 1889 at Wilbur. MRS.
          STERRITT passed away three years ago. His survivors include
          two brothers & two sisters. One brother GEORGE STERRITT &
          a daughter & a sister MRS. JOSIE ROUNDS came from their
          home in Oregon for the funeral. Three step-sons survive
          also.  WILLIAM BRENCHLEY, Wilbur, at whose home MR. STERRITT
          lived much of the time during his invalidism.

STEVENSON, SAM                No information                   119/12
           A real Pioneer: SAM STEVSON died at his Barry home. Born
           in Louisiana in 1845, he came to Wash. in 1864. He settled
           at Barry in 1887. He married in 1873. Besides his ferry &
           farm at Barry he owned land in Alberta.  Some 20 years ago,
           his family lived in Wilbur while several of the children
           were going to school. He leaves a widow, four sons & one
           daughter. 17 grandchildren & 1 great grand child.  ELBA
           oldest son, Newport; FRED, second son, Or; HARVEY lives on
           the home farm.  MRS. HATTIE BUMGARDNER & family live at
           the Barry home.  Brother in law MR. JESSE COX, a pioneer of
           the east side of the coulee came from Camas, Wa. to attend
           the funeral.

STONE, BETTY                  1853-1931                        161/1
       Died: MRS. J. H. STONE - Wilbur Pioneer settler from
       Missouri, 30 years ago - Born in 1853 & married Dec 25,
       1872.  First farming southeast of Wilbur & later Hawk Creek.
       Sister in law of MRS. J. W. WATTS.  Foster son CLAUDE STONE.
       Survivors are four nephews; DAN REED, Creston; FRED REED, Elk;
       JOHN REED, Libby, Mont.; & JIM REED, Roseburg, Or.  Nephews by
       marriage.  EMMA WATTS, Seattle; & TED WATTS, Waitsburg.

STONE, JOHN H.                1853-1923                        161/1
       Died: J. H. STONE, brother of MRS. J. W. WATTS of diabetes.
       Born in Baxter Co. Arkansas in 1850. Married MISS BETTY REED
       in 1872 & came to Wash in 1902 settling 15 miles southeast of
       Wilbur. Three years ago he moved to Orchard Valley, Peach P.O..
       Survived by his wife & two sisters.

STOOKEY, ALFRED E.            1845-1925                        90/9
         Died: ALFRED E. STOOKEY of Olympia: Age 82 on Mar 4.
         Burial in Wilbur Cem. Born in Ill. on Mar 4,1845 where he
         was raised & educated & engaged in farming until 1868 when
         he emigrated to Kansas & farmed until 1874. Returned to Ill.
         & farmed until 1882 when he came to Wash. locating on gov't
         land three or four miles east & south of Wilbur.  In 1898
         still owning his land (500 acres) he engaged in business
         in Creston.  Later he retired & moved to Seattle & later
         Olympia.  In the middle 90's he served as Co. Commissioner
         of Lincoln Co. one term.
         He married in Ill. in 1868, the wife passing away in 1892.
         Some years later he married MISS ALICE NEAL, a sister of
         JUDGE C. H. NEAL of this county & in capacity of School Supt.
         MR. STOOKEY & brother ALLEN J. who came a year later than he
         were  early settlers of north Big Bend country.
STOOKEY, ALICE NEAL           1859-1940                        90/9

STOOKEY, CATHERINE ANN        1852-1938                        130/2
         Died: KATE STOOKEY. Survived by two sons FRANK & KERUS.
         Pallbearers: JOHN McKAY, DAVE HADEN, ROY BEAN, J. H.
         ALDERSON. She was born in Colchester Co, Ill. Age 85.
         Married on April 16,1874 to THOMAS STOOKEY. They came to
         Wilbur in 1901. MR. STOOKEY died in 1918. Seven children
         were born to them.  MAURICE, who for many years was a
         Northern Pacific engineer was killed in a train wreak seven
         years ago (1931) Four daughters: IONE BENWAY, of Fremont, Neb.;
         MISS MAUDE STOOKEY, all of Wilbur.
STOOKEY, THOMAS J.            1850-1918                        130/2

STOOKEY, F. LOMA              1876-1966                        130/10
STOOKEY, FRANCIS A.           1881-1950                        130/10
STOOKEY, EDITH LOMA           1914-1924                        130/10
         Died: Little LOMA STOOKEY, nearly 10, daughter of FRANK A.
         STOOKEY, of scarlet fever. Community Church last Monday.

STORER, A. ELIZABETH          1910-1969        (Bandy) w/o Henry
STORER, HENRY                No information   stone by Geo Bandy
        Died:: HENRY H. STORER   Meets Death in Auto Crash: age 52
        MRS. STORER the former ELIZABETH BANDY & daughter of MR.& MRS.
        GEORGE BANDY, who frequently went with him stayed at home
        this time. His truck collided with a tanker 16 miles
        Northwest of Ellensburg on Yakima River.
        Died: MRS. HENRY STORER of T. B.: Native of Utah. She was
        born at Fountain Green, Utah in 1882. Married and lived
        at Idaho Falls then came to Wilbur 22 years ago. Survived by
        her widower; one son HAROLD, one daughter MRS. ESON HANSCOM,
        of Lacrosse.  Two sisters, one brother, & a step-sister.

STUART, ALICE                 1846-1929                        155/4
STUART, JULIUS L.             1840-1921                        155/4
        Mustered Out: Died: JULIUS L. STUART, was born in Rock
        Island, Ill. on Feb 23,1840, & died at Soap Lake, Wash on May
        6,1921 at the age of 81. Married in Ohio in 1868 to MISS
        ALICE SMITH. Survived by three daughters. MRS. NINA REEVES,
        MRS A. A. GOLDSMITH, & MISS MAMIE STUART of Soap Lake. One son
        preceded him in death.

SURLES, SAMUEL M.                  -1902 Jun 24 @39y W. O. W.
        Pioneer of Keller-pneumonia

TESTER,(ELLA)(Mrs.                (-1936         @61y d/o Wm
                                               McQuarrie)      91/8
       Died: Pioneer woman MRS. ELLA TESTER, age 61, daughter of
       WILLIAM McQUARRIE, who settled south of Wilbur in 1884.  She
       went to Wilbur schools & taught schools.  Survivors are her
       husband & son HARRY of Hunters. Two brothers, ED McQUARRIE,
       of Chelan & PAUL McQUARRIE, of Entiat.

THENNES, WILLIAM       Nov 15,1900-1908 Dec 26 "Willie"        76/3
         Died: Little boy of MRS. THENNIS. WILLIE was buried in

THENNES, MILLIE        Jun 01,1899-1909 Feb 08 "Millie"        76/3
         Died: Little daughter of MRS. C. S. THENNES, of Govan, of
         pneumonia.  Wilbur Cem.

THOMAS, ASHLEY                1892-1940                        197/7
        Burial Rites for DR. ASHLEY THOMAS. age 45. Dentist.  His
        parents in law are MR. & MRS. FRANK ROBERTS. Widow is IRMA

THOMAS, JOHN H.               1836-1920                        152/8
        Ripe Old Age: JOHN H. THOMAS, an uncle of A. I. PARKER, who has
        lived with the PARKERS since coming to Wash in 1897, died.
        The deceased was born in Scio, N.Y. on Feb 22,1836. Age 84.
        Heleft N.Y. state & located in Wis. In 1859 he moved to Minn.
        where he took an active part in the Sioux Indian War.  He was
        severely wounded in Aug 1861. He remained in Minn. until
        coming to Wash.

THOMPSON, ANNE SARAH   Nov 11,1824-1892 Feb 02 (Dark)
                                               w/o John W.     79/1
          Died: Anne Sarah Thompson Feb 5,1892. She had been
          living with her sons Messrs Henry and H. D. Thompson for
          several years. Died last Wednesday morning after an
          illness of only about a day. Complication of Chronic
          diseases together with old age, her death was not
          entirely unexpected although she had been about and
          in seemly good health for some time previous to her
          last sickness. Deceased has been in Wash over 8 years
          and most of that time in the Big Bend. She was 68 years
          the 11th day of November 1891. Four sons (William T.,
          Alfred J., Henry M. and Harley D.), and three daughters,
          Amy Jane, Alice E., and Nellie), mourn the loss of their
          mother, all living in this part of the world except
          one son in Idaho.
          (Mrs. Thompson came by ship in 1834 from Wiltshire, England
          to this country when she was a girl of 11 with her mother,
          a sister Sarah Ann, and a brother, John. She married John W.
          Thompson of Clermont Co, Ohio on 5/12/1844. He died in
          July 1872 in Missouri.)
THOMPSON, AMY JANE     Jul 06,1888-1889 Feb 27 d/o Henry M.&
                                               Anna C.
                                               s/w Harley Dark 79/12
THOMPSON, HARLEY DARK  Dec 15,1889-1892 May 02 s/o Henry M.
                                               & Anna C.       79/12

THOMPSON, ELIZABETH           1853-1904        w/o H. C.        115/10
THOMPSON, HENRY C(HARLES)     1843-1929                        115/10
          H. C. THOMPSON, Pioneer: HENRY CHARLES THOMPSON, age 86 was
          born in London, before coming to Wilbur. He organized the
          Spokane Falls Gas Works. His wife died in 1904. One son
          GODFREY THOMPSON was the only other member of the family.

THOMSEN, MATTIE J.     Oct 12,1891-1929 Jul 15                 33/
         Funeral: MRS. ANDREW THOMSEN died giving birth of a son born
         on Oct 12,1891 in Wilbur. Daughter of MR.& MRS. N. A. CLARK,
         Pioneers. She always lived in Wilbur & was a member of the
         Christian Church.
         Married May 1928 to ANDREW THOMSEN of Seattle, who has since
         lived in Wilbur.  Survived by her mother & three sisters;
         Three brothers CUE, GLENN, & ARNEL, her husband ANDREW & the
         five day old infant MATTHEW CLARK THOMSEN.

THRALL, ELEANOR R.     Apr 12,1830-1894 Oct 14 Age 64y 6m 2d   36/3
THRALL, WALTER D.      Aug 28,1859-1933 Aug 05                 37/12
        WALTER D. THRALL age 74 buried here Wed.  Survived by widow
        and a brother J. T. THRALL of Marlin. His mother filed on land
        in the Broadax region in the 80's. He lived at Coulee for a
        time & spent winters in Calif. & moved to Spokane.

TIEGS, ALBERT                 1871-1946                        191/3
TIEGS, MARTHA L.              1879-1929        Rest in Peace   49/2
       Pioneer Woman Dies: MRS. ALBERT TEIGS died from infection
       following extraction of her teeth.  She passed away several
       miles south of Wilbur at her home on Sept 23rd.  Age 50.
       Born in Germany & lived near Wilbur 27 years. REV. A. R. M.
       KETTNER officiating at a home service.  Pallbearers were
       RETTKOWSKI &  AUGUST VON BEHREN.  Survived by her husband
       & 10 children.  One daughter at Omak, one in Wisconsin;
       one at Loon Lake; & a fourth daughter MRS. LENA KRAUSE &
       the six sons live in this region.  MRS. EDWARD RUX of Wilbur
       is her sister.  MARTHA LOUISE DREGER born in Germany
       on Oct 11,1879.  Died Sept 26th. Age 49 & 11 months.
       She came to the U.S. at age 3. Married in Wisconsin on June
       8,1897, to ALBERT TEIGS.  Eleven children were born, one died
       in infancy.  Daughters are EMELIA TILSON; EMMA BAUMAN, ESTHER
       WALTER, ELMER, & HAROLD. Ten grandchildren.  One sister MRS.
       EDWARD RUX. & one brother RUDOLPH DREGER.

TRAVER, MILFORD               1859-1937                        4/1
        Died: MILFORD TRAVER, age 76, father of MRS. M. R. PRICE
        died along the road 17 miles northwest of Wilbur of a
        stroke.  J. H. GREEN found the body.

TUCKER, ARCHIE L,             1879-1954        And infant
                                               s/w Elizabeth   80/9
TUCKER, ELIZABETH W.          1877-1944        w/o A. L.        80/9
TUCKER, IDA MAY               1878-1928        w/infant
                                               Rebekah         170/9
        Funeral for IDA RINKER TUCKER, daughter of MRS. S. M. RINKER.
        She came from Kansas when a small child with her parents &
        located at Broadaxe.  Only daughter of four children.
        Brothers are PHILLIP, of Port Angeles; VALLEY RINKER
        of Wilbur.

TUCKER, WILLIAM               No Dates         Co G 75th N.Y
                                               Inf. Civil War   116/8
        Died: WILLIAM L. TUCKER, former resident of Govan. MR. TUCKER
        served in K Co. of Waitsburg along with his old time pal
        JOHN H. JONES & a number of other Wilbur boys in 1898-1899.
        Survived by his widow MRS. MARY A.TUCKER, his mother, MRS. S. E.
        TUCKER & sister, MRS. KATHERYN MOIR of Oakland, Cal & nephew
        IRVING MOIR.

TURNER, HENRY WEBSTER  Apr 08,1853-1915 Oct 02 b/Stockton Springs
                                               Maine, d/Wilbur  84/12
        Died: HENRY W. TURNER: Pioneer of Broadax neighborhood.
        Came in the early eighties about 1882. Born in Maine.
        No relatives here.

TURNER, JOHN                (1832-1909 Jan 27)                 111/10
        JOHN TURNER DEAD: a rancher of Hellgate-Jan 27,1909.  He
        was born in Carroll Co, Mo. in 1832 & immigrated to Calif. in
        1849, & had been a citizen of the west ever since. He came to
        this state in the early days & accumulated considerable.
        property. Died of pneumonia.  Burial Wilbur Cemetery.
        (Turner came here with Condon & settled on headwaters of
        Wilson Creek known as Sinking Creek today.)

UTH, J(ENS)P.                 1864-1929                        3/12
     Died: JENS P. UTH, of Wilbur & St. Andrews, came to U.S. in 1888
     & to Wilbur in 1891. He filed on a homestead near Hellgate,
     which he sold about 1900 & bought three houses in Wilbur. Later
     he bought land near Coulee City which he owned at the time of
     his death.  For approximately 10 years he was manager of the
     Wilbur Furniture Co. for the late JULIUS LYSE & night clerk at
     the Madsen Hotel for two years.  Age 65.  Danish Lutheran Church.
     Mr. Uth was kicked by a mule on March 29th & taken to Spokane

UTLEY, ELIZA           Jul 14,1841-1908 Mar 05 Mother          40/8
       Died: MRS. ELIZA J. UTLEY, born in Alabama on July 14,1842.

VAN BUREN, CHRISTINA              -1905(Aug 28 d/o M/M Fred    30/3
           Obituary: Four miles north of Wilbur on Aug 28th,,of
           brain fever. CHRISTINA, daughter of MR. & MRS.
           FRED VAN BUREN, age 59.
VAN BUREN, FRED               1865-1944                        30/2
VAN BUREN, MARY (E.)          1877-1960                        30/2

VICTOR, HESTER BELL           1848-1905 Sep 17                 79/8
VICTOR, JOHN I.        Jan 14,1845-1934 Jan 22                 79/7
        Last Local G. A. R. Passes On: JOHN I. VICTOR, who died in
        Olympia. Age 89. American Legion firing squad at gravesite
        He came to this section in 1882 settling on land near the
        head of the Grand Coulee.  In Civil War he saw
        service in Co. E. 70th Ohio Volunteers being mustard
        out in S. Carolina in 1863. Three sons, a grandchild &
        three great great children survive.

VONBEHREN, ANNETTE G.         1876-1951                        117/2
VONBEHREN, AUGUST             1857-1936                        117/2
           Answering Death Summons: AUGUST VON BEHREN, age 79;

WAGNER, ANNA CHRISTINA            -1891 Oct 05 @39y 1m 5d      10/5
WAGNER, ANNA ELIZABETH            -1891 Oct 05 @10y 6m 29d     10/5
WAGNER, ROBERT COSMOS             -1891 Oct 05 @5y 5d          10/5
WAGNER, CHARLES JACOB             -1881        @4y 6m 10d      10/5
WAGNER, DAMIAN                1845-1920        97th Ill Inf.    10/5
                                               Civil War
        Obituary: DAMIAN WAGNER: CIVIL WAR VETERAN, died in Spokane
        on Oct 15,1920. Age 75. In 1873 he married ANNA BECH. Nine
        children were born.  MRS. KATHRYN O'BRIAN, of East White
        Buffs, Wash.; MRS. CAROLINE DRUMHELLER, of Seattle; GEORGE,
        deceased.  Eleven grandchildren.  Funeral held on 19th
        of Oct.  Wilbur Cem.

WALL, ALICE V.         Nov 21,1879-1956 May 15                 36/4
WALL, AUGUSTUS F.      Dec 20,1860-1912 Oct 19 h/o Alice V.    36/4
      AUGUSTUS F. WALL Killed: GUS was killed while driving out
      from town with his wheat team.  At S. P. JENSEN farm he fell
      out of the wagon and struck his head. Funeral at Baptist
      His sister is MRS. JOE WYBORNEY. He was born in Virginia
      in 1860, came to Wash. in 1892 & married ALICE COPENHAVER
      in 1898.  He leaves his wife & five children.

WALTMAN, JACOB S.             1833-1908                        115/2
         Dies Suddenly of Pneumonia: J. S. WALTMAN - Veterinarian
WALTMAN, E. MARY               1846-1939                        115/2
         Funeral of Pioneer: MRS. MARY ELIZABETH WARBUST WALTMAN, age
         93. Her husband was Pioneer veterinarian of Wilbur.  She
         married in 1861 & came to Wilbur in 1898.  Her mother was

WAREHIME, BETTY JO            1921-1924                        9/12
WAREHIME, LOLA         Sep 15,1887-1909 Jul 16                 74/6
          MRS. WAREHIME dead: Died of Tuberculosis. Age 22, daughter
          of MR.& MRS. A. L. CHURCH. She was born in Oregon on Sept
          15,1887, & married on Sept 18,1905 to A. WAREHIME.  Two
          children & husband survive. Funeral held at the G. A. R.
          Hall.  Presbyterian Minister DAVID BROWN, off.

WAREHIME, (M. C. infant of)       (-1924 Jun     @4y d/o Mose)   74/5
          Died: Four year old daughter of MOSE WAREHIME of Keller.
          Diphtheria, buried at Wilbur.

WATTS, JOSEPH W.              1862-1933                        161/12
       JOSIAH WATTS dies, age 71, Pioneer drayman of Wilbur.  Native
       of Arkansas.  Born March 18,1862, one of 9 children of which
       two survive.  Married at Mountain Home, Arkansas in 1889 & set
       out for the west, reaching Wilbur the same year.  He conducted
       a drayage & livery business also doing considerable freighting
       during the latter years of his business career & also operated
       a farm. Surviving are two children JOHN TAYLOR(TED)WATTS of
       Waitsburg, & EMMA WATTS of Seattle.
WATTS, SALLY ANN              1870-1948                        161/12

WEBSTER, WILLIS        Feb 23,1858-1909 Jan 28 Beloved h/o Ella160/4
         Death of WILLIS WEBSTER; 14 miles southwest of Wilbur. Born
         in Michigan in 1858 he came to Lincoln Co. in 1901. Farmer.
         He was a Baptist & survived by his wife & two daughters &
         one son.

WEISMAN, C. K.                 1855-1943                        40/9
         C. K. WEISMANN, age 77 passes birthday. He came from Denmark
         in 1884. Homesteaded near Govan in 1886. Born in Germany,
         he served in the Danish army & was a custom officer between
         Denmark & Germany for three years & on the police force of
         Copenhagen before coming to America.  The first two years
         in America he was a coal miner in Penn.
WEISMAN, Mrs. C. K.             No information                   78/12

WETZEL, ANNA PENIX            1861-1916        Mother & Sister 42/9
        Died: MRS. LEWIS WETZELL: Wife of WILLIAM PENIX who died in
        Colorado some l2 to 14 years ago. She married LOUIS WETZELL.
        She was a sister of  MRS. J.P. TUFTS.
        MISS ANNA WETZEL, daughter of JAMES M. & AGNES C. UNSELL was
        born in 1861 in Missouri. She married WILLIAM H. PENIX in 1871,
        Two children of that union survive; ROY E. & JEWEL M. PENIX.
        In 1887 they came to Wash. to farm 12 miles north.  She
        married LEWIS WETZEL in 1903 and raised three children of
        MR. WETZEL'S.
WETZEL, LEWIS                 1867-1944                        42/7

WHITE, JULIA A.               1859-1928                        167/3
       JULIA ANN WHITE - wife of RICHARD WHITE was born in Rutland,
       Ill. on Sept 19,1859.  She married RICHARD WHITE on Nov 29,
      1880. Ten children were born. Three were triplets- MRS. SAMUEL
       BLAIR, LEO WHITE of Spokane, & MRS. JACK McNEAL of Wilbur.
       Two children died at infancy, the others surviving with the
       aged husband are; HARVEY WHITE, Wyoming; ERNEST WHITE, Iowa,
       MRS. MABEL MITCHELL, Grangeville, Id.; MRS. PEARL ANVIK,
       Onalaska, MRS. CLOE COTTRELL, North Dakota. Thirty two
       grandchildren & four great-grandchildren, three brothers
       & four sisters.  MR. & MRS. WHITE have lived in Wilbur since
       1905.  They had lived in Illinois, Kansas, & Iowa prior to
       here.  Burial from Christian Church.
WHITE, RICHARD                1852-1933                        167/3

WILLFORD, GERTRUDE             1877-1939       s/w William     122/2
          Funeral: Rites for MRS. WILLFORD Held: Sacred Heart Ch.
          REV. H. A. JODA Off. Pallbearers: KERUS STOOKEY, FRANK ROBERTS,
          Out of town persons attending were: MR. & MRS. LOUIS DENSOW,
          & MR. & MRS.EDWARD ROGERS, of Spokane; MRS. WILL KATHERINE
          PORTCH, MR. & MRS. GENE KUNZ & MRS. EVANS, of Almira.
WILLFORD, WILLIAM              1864-1943                       122/2
WILLFORD, Infant                  (-1906       s/o M/M Billy)  122/1
          Died: Little boy of MR. & MRS. BILLY WILFORD. Deficient in
          physical strength.

WILSON, JOHN DOBIE      Nov 14,1847-1917 Jul 04 s/w Louisa B.  73/6
        Over the River: J.D. WILSON was born in 1846. He came from
        Scotland. Age 70 years. He grew up in Iowa. In 1906 MR. &
        MRS. WILSON came to Wilbur, a son & daughter already here.
        MRS. WILSON died in 1914. Three children survive; W. A. WILSON,
        MRS. T. B. SULLIVAN, & MRS. H. E. JONES of Wilbur.  M. E. Church.
WILSON, LOUISA BELLE    Oct 14,1855-1914 Sep 10 Mother         73/6

WISDOM, JESTIN B.                  -1906 Oct 27 @66 yrs        45/10
        DIED: J. B. WISDOM a pioneer farmer six mi. NW of Wilbur
        died in Spokane of paralysis. The Register learned little of
        his history, but he was a widower, leaving children & was 63
        of age.

WOODS, THOMAS J.        Apr 04,1851-1930 Jun 06 Rest in Peace  167/9
       Died: THOMAS JEFFERSON WOODS, age 79.  A resident since
       1904.  Born in Ill. on April 4,1851.  Died on June 6,1930.
       Relatives are two sons in Indiana & a brother D. L. WOODS of

WYBORNEY, CHARLES              1868-1933                       89/6
          Died: CHARLES WYBORNEY. 65, water superintendent & city
          marshall the past 10 years. Came to Wilbur in 1903 from
          Wisconsin where he was born. Wife survives. One daughter
          MRS. VAN GRIFFEN. Four brothers JOE WYBORNEY, of Wilbur;
          HENRY, of Del Rio; MILTON, of Petersburg, Va.; & ALBERT,
          of Mabton. & four sisters; MRS. ANN SEDVIG, of Verdigre,
          Neb.; MRS.  HELEN DAVIS of Modesto,
WYBORNEY, SADIE B.             1879-1962                       89/6

WYBORNEY, HENRY        (Sep 17,1841-1928 Nov 03)Co H 16th Wisc
                                                Inf. Civil War  89/5
          Obituary: HENRY WYBORNEY: Pallbearers were his sons,
          CHARLES, JOSEPH, ALBERT, & HENRY & his grandsons LESTER
          & RAY WYBORNEY. He was born in Bohemia on Sept 17,1841 &
          died at Orting, Wa. on Nov 3,1928. In 1866 he married MISS
          JOSEPHINE POKORNEY.  Six sons & four daughters were born.
          Five sons & four daughters survive him. MILTON of Peters-
          burg,Va; ANNA SEDIVY, of Verdigrie, Neb; CHARLES & JOSEPH
          of Wilbur; HENRY, of Delrio; ALBERT, of Mabton; CLARA
          BRIGSTOCK & JOSEPHINE DOZ also of Mabton; HELEN DAVIS,
          of Bovil, Idaho, & a brother BRADICK WYBORNEY, of
          Lakefield, Minn.  Also a widow by his second marriage
          at Orting, Wa. He came to America at the age of four years
          & grew up in Watertown, Wisconsin, & Mitchell, Iowa.  He
          was one of four brothers to enlist as a volunteer in the
          Civil War. He was a member of Co. H. 16th Wis. Regulars &
          saw service under GENERAL SHERMAN on his march to the sea
          & the Carolinas.  He took part in several major battles
          & was mustered out after two & a half years of service
          at Wash. D.C.. He was a member of the Grand Army of the
          Republic. After the war he settled on his homestead at Eu
          Claire, Wis. Later he resided at Lyle, Minn.; Petersburg,
          Va.; Verdegrie,Neb.; Wilbur, & Orting, Wa.
WYBORNEY, JOSEPHINE     Jan 30,1843-1917 May 20 "Not my will but
                                                 thine be done"89/5

YOUNT, Dr. B(ALDWIN)H.  Mar 04,1857-1918 Jan 20 (Baldy)        74/7
       Died: A Life of Service: DR. BALDWIN (BALDY) H. YOUNT.
      (He was area's pioneer doctor of medicine)
YOUNT, MARY EMMA               1858-1945                       74/7



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