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The Zion German Methodist Church near Rocklyn was organized June 13, 1884 in the Gottlieb Mielke home by the Rev Adam Buehler. The first church was built in 1889. The second church was built in 1905. The parsonage was built in 1909. The 1905 church yet stands atop the hill with the cemetery situated on the hill to the east. The Zion district is 7 miles northwest of Harrington, and about 5 miles south and 2 miles west of the old site of Rocklyn. It is in the NW 1/4 of Sec 29 Twp 24 Range 36, on property dedicated by the Mielke family.

Beck, Albert M: (b. 1890; d. 1892) “Albert Michael (Beck). Born: Sept 13, 1890. Passed away in the year 1892. Funeral 1892 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev F H Leucke officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Gone But Not Forgotten” (on the monument). “Albert Michael Beck. Infant. Born: Sept 18, 1890, Baptized: Nov 16, 1890. Father: John Beck. Mother: Anna Maurer.” (Zion German Church: Record of Baptisms) Not shown on the short listing in the church ledger of funerals, the listing of which begins 1899; pre-dates local papers. This child is not shown on the family file of Rev John Beck and Anna Barbara Maurer Beck, although the data for this family was incomplete. Their identified children were: Walter (no data), Flora (no data), Esther Lydia (graduate of Dav. HS), and Karl (no data). The marriage of John Beck and Anna Maurer is recorded in the Zion German Methodist ledger for Nov 3, 1889 and the Lincoln Co license was dated 10-14-1889. In addition to Albert Michael’s baptism, another child in this ledger was: John George (born Nov 30, 1891) with baptism shown as Dec 25, 1891.

Beck, Eugene: (1899-1902) “Eugene Friederich (Beck) born March 21, 1899. Passed away at the age of nine years. Funeral 1908 (error in transcription or translation) in Zion Methodist Church, Rev Ludwig Gaiser officiating.” (Church Diagrams) Eugene and Henry W Beck: ‘Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep.’ (on the monument) “Eugene Friedrich Beck. Infant. Born: March 21, 1899. Baptized: June 2, 1901. Father: William Beck. Mother: Anna.” (Zion German Church: Record of Baptisms) The article on William Beck in the History of the Big Bend, written in 1904, shows this child as previously deceased. “The little four-year old boy of Mr and Mrs William Beck, of Harrington, died of pneumonia on Monday, after an illness of but 48 hours.” (LCT: 11-14-1902) Not shown on the short listing in the church ledger of funerals, the listing of which begins 1899. No dates on tombstone, which in 2005 is badly eroded. Mrs Wm Beck was buried in Spokane in Oct 1926; Wm Beck died March 1, 1946 with burial in Riverside Park Cemetery beside his wife, Katie Anwarter Beck. Mrs Beck’s obituary mentions the loss of two children. The Zion Church ledger shows on May 28, 1893 the baptism of the children of Wilhelm and Anna Beck: Maria Barbara (b. 10-23-1885), Paul Adam (b. 8-13-1888), Heinrich W (b. 5-03-1890), Magdalena (b. 2-05-1892) and Lillie (b. 2-05-1892).

Beck, Henry W: (b. 1890; d. 1902) “Henry W (Beck). Born 1890. Passed away in the year 1902. Funeral 1902 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev J T Jahn officiating.” (Church Diagrams) Eugene and Henry W Beck: On Monument are the words: ‘Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep.’ (on the monument) “Heinrich W Beck. Born: May 3, 1890. Baptized: May 28, 1893. Father: Wilh. Beck. Mother: Anna.” (Zion German Church: Record of Baptisms) Not shown on the short listing in the church ledger of funerals, the listing of which begins 1899. The article on William Beck in the History of Big Bend, written in 1904, shows this child as previously deceased. Mrs Wm Beck was buried in Spokane in Oct 1926; Wm Beck died March 1, 1946 with burial in Riverside Park Cemetery beside his wife, Katie Anwarter Beck. Mrs Beck’s obituary mentions the loss of two children. “Henry, the twelve year old son of William Beck, whose home is 2 ½ miles north of town, died on Monday of Bright’s disease, from which he had been suffering for nearly a year. The funeral took place on Wednesday at the German church, ten miles north of this place. The citizens of Harrington will join with us in offering our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family in the loss of this their beloved son and brother.” (Citizen: Feb 14, 1902) 

Beck, Paul F: (b. 1870; d. 1894) “Paul F (Beck). Born 1870. Passed away in the year 1894. Funeral 1894 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev Adam Buehler officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Gone But Not Forgotten” on the monument. Reportedly a brother of Wm, John, and Christian Beck. No death data found locally. Not shown on the short listing in the church ledger of funerals, the listing of which begins 1899. Death pre-dates local papers.

Berg, Augusta M Bursch Kruger: (b. 11-24-1871; d. 8-12-1951) “Funeral services for Mrs Augusta M Berg, 79, who died Saturday in a Spokane hospital, were held Wednesday afternoon in the Methodist church with the Rev Paul M Bard officiating. Interment was at the Zion Cemetery at Rocklyn with the Bumgarner Funeral Home in charge. Pall bearers were Sam Knack, Dan F Reinbold, Elwend Kruger, Herb Kruger, Elmer Knack and Claude Rutter. Music at the service was by Gordon Larson, who sang, and Mrs Anna Jarvis, at the organ. Mrs Berg was born Sept 25, 1871, in Minnesota. She came west with her parents in 1883 and settled in the Zion community at Rocklyn. In 1912 she moved to Davenport and recently had been living with her daughters at Greenacres. Survivors are: two daughters, Mrs Bertha Dietrich, Davenport, and Mrs Emma Grob, Greenacres; two son, Walter Kruger, Davenport and Edd Kruger, Rocklyn; a sister, Rose Bartlett, Colbert, WA; a brother, Sam Bursch, Moscow, Idaho; five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.” (Davenport Times: 17 August 1951) “Henry Kruger, Augusta Bursch. marriage date: Nov 28, 1888.” (Zion German Church: Record of Marriages) Adolph Berg died June 30, 1940 with burial in Davenport’s Mountain View Cemetery.  The ledgers of Bumgarner Funeral Home are archived at MAC in Spokane, WA. and the index shows both Augusta and Adolph Berg.

Berg, Fredricka Augusta: (b. 1-23-1870; d. 12-29-1900) “Fredricka Augusta Berg. Born: Jan 23, 1870. Passed away in her home near Rocklyn, WA, Dec 29, 1900. Funeral: Jan 2, 1901 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev Joseph Hepp officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Thy Will Be Done, Matt. 6:10” (on monument) The story goes: Fredricka Augusta Kruger married Herman Berg, and they were the parents of 3 children: Jacob Clarence (1895), Pearl Mayme (1897) and Sadie Ella (1900). Fredricka was buried at Zion Hill. Sadie was baptized at the Zion German Methodist Church. The children were provided for in the wills of Charles Sr and Augusta Kruger in Minnesota. (Jacob, Pearl and Sadie filed court documents on 8 Jan 1924 in the District Court of Wabasha County, MN. Jacob Berg had resided with Francis and Lucy (Berg) Schmitz for the 1908 school year in the Zion district. Fredricka was the sister of Carl Fredrick (1875) and Jacob Ismael (1872) Kruger, 3 of the known children of Charles Kruger of Hammond, MN.

Boyk, Jerrod Emerson: (b. 2-15-1969; d. 7-02-1985) “Jerrod Emerson Boyk. Born: Feb 15, 1969. Passed away in Portland, OR, hospital of car accident injuries on July 2, 1985. Funeral: July 5, 1985 in Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Stevenson, WA, 10 a.m. Graveside service: 6 p.m. Zion Hill Cemetery. Rev Robert Bilansky officiating, both services.” (Church Diagrams) “The untimely death of 16-year old Jerrod Boyk at Stevenson last week brought a funeral cortege of mourners to the Rocklyn Zion Cemetery last Friday evening. Burial in the ancestral cemetery joined Boyk with his great grandfather, David J Kik: A fitting resting place for a young lad who took great pride in his family heritage.  Family members, friends and neighbors met for refreshments at the home of George and Edwina Mielke following the graveside services. Members of the immediate family stayed over at the home of Ethel and Tiny Peak, grandparents of the deceased. Evelyn McNeal left for Gig Harbor on Saturday, and Peter Meldahl flew to Honolulu on Monday. Paulette Meldahl plans to follow in a few days. Don Boyk and sons Jason and Zachary, plus Jerrod’s friend Lance Banaszek, return to Stevenson after a brief visit here. Don’s wife Sudee, and members of her family left for home earlier.  Jerrod Boyk was a memorable young man. A good student and sports enthusiast, he was an inspiration to his peers and teachers. He had a healthy curiosity about all phases of his life, and took his given responsibilities seriously.  Proud of having acquired his driver’s license recently, Jerrod was known to be a careful driver. The one-car accident that took his life is unexplainable. A few seconds of diverted attention veered the car into a rock bluff. A crossing deer in the wooded area is a possibility, as speed was not. An annual summer visitor at his grandparents home, Jerrod and his brother, Jason, made many acquaintances in the community.” (Dav. Times: 7-11-1985) 

Bursch, August: (b. aged 68 yrs; d. 4-07-1900) “August Bursch. Passed away April 7, 1900; aged 68 years. Funeral: April 10, 1900 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev Joseph Hepp officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Asleep in Jesus, blessed thought” (On monument) “August Barsch, an old resident of this state and county, living some twelve miles southwest of town, died Saturday, April 7, from a complication of heart and kidney disease. The deceased was 68 years of age, highly respected by all who knew him, and an honorable member of the German ME church. The funeral took place Monday, Rev Jos. Hepp officiating, and was largely attended.” (Davenport Times: 13 April 1900) August was born, according to family files, on Sept 16, 1831. August Bursch and his daughter Pauline (age 5) emigrated to the US in 1865 following the death of his first wife and another child. He married Henrietta Mead in Minnesota. In 1883 August Bursch in company with Ludwig Hoffman and Gottlieb Mielke came without their families and established themselves sufficiently to summon their families to join them in this new territory. These  men were the founders of the Zion German Methodist church. August and Henrietta had 8 children: Augusta (1871), Herman (1873), Louisa (1875), Julia (1876), Samuel (1978), Lydia (1883), Rosalia (1887) and Helen (infant death, no available date, burial unknown). August purchased land in Sec 32 Twp 24 R 36 on Nov 20, 1886. August became a citizen of the US on June 18, 1890, citing Prussia as his nation of origin. August was aware of his pending death, called his family together and dictated his will to be recorded by Ed Martin. He asked to be moved from his bed to a chair to add his signature to the document, and there departed this life on April 7, 1900, per probate records.

Bursch, Henrietta: (b. aged 67 yrs; d. 10-21-1911; 2nd wife of August) “Henrietta Bursch. Passed away Oct 21, 1911, Age 67 years. Funeral: Oct 24, 1911 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev G S Roeder officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “There is no partings in Heaven” (On monument) “Henrietta Bursch was born in 1844 in Germany and died Oct 21, 1911. She came with her parents from Wisconsin in 1870 to Rochester, Minnesota. She married August Bursch. In 1883 they came to Zion, Washington. Mother Bursch was one of the first members of our congregation which in 1884 was organized. Already in Minnesota she found the Lord in the forgiveness of sin and later searched and found a full healing in Christ. In the last weeks she busied herself in the Lord’s work. She yearned for release. Her hearing was bad and in silence she busied herself with the Word of the Lord. Her husband and two daughters died ahead of her. She leaves behind a brother in California and a sister in Wisconsin, two sons, four daughters and twenty-two grandchildren.” (The preceding obituary was found handwritten among family photos; it is surmised to be a translation of a German obituary.) Henrietta Mead Bursch had two known brothers, Henry Mead and Herman Mead, and two known sisters, Minnie Mead Ludwig and Adeline (Lena) Mead Knack. Lena Knack resided in Plymouth, Wisconsin near her daughter and son-in-law, Emma and Paul Vilwock. Emma and her two sons had been to Zion and appeared on the Rocklyn 1910 census with the Herman Knack family. “Mother Henrietta Bursch was born in 1844 in Germany. She with her husband, who died in 1900, came to WA, from Rochester, MN and took up a homestead near the Zion church. She was among the first members who united with the German ME church in 1885. She was sick only a short time, when on Saturday the death angel called her home. The funeral was held at Zion church, conducted by G S Roeder, and the burial was in Zion Cemetery. The attendance was large and the flowers were very beautiful. Mother Bursch was a true Christian and a good mother having a quiet nature. Her loss is mourned by the following children: Mrs H Krueger, Herman A Bursch, Mrs H A Knack, and Mrs C L Rux of Zion; Samuel A Bursch of Edwall; and Mrs Rose Bartlett.” (Citizen: 27 Oct 1911) “The funeral of Mrs Henrietta Bursch, who died at Zion Saturday morning, was held at Zion German ME church Monday and was conducted by Rev G S Roeder, assisted by Rev Maag and Rev Beck. Lena Knack came home from Cheney, and Mr and Mrs Samuel Bursch came down from Edwall to attend the funeral.” (Citizen: 10-27-1911)

Bursch, Herman A: (b. 1873; d. 1933) “Herman A Bursch. Born: Feb 1873. Passed away in Spokane, WA, Feb 2, 1933. Funeral: Feb 4, 1933 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev J E Rasmussen officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Herman A Bursch was born in Albert Lee, Minnesota, in Feb 1873. Moved to Washington with his parents while in his childhood, his parents taking up a homestead near Harrington where he grew up and spent most of his life farming in this same community for many years. He was united in marriage with Mina Clara Buehler on Feb 12, 1896. To them were born six children, one of which preceded them in death. The last months of Mr Bursch’s life were spent in Spokane, WA. The funeral service was conducted by Rev J Rasmussen at Zion Methodist church, Feb 4, 1933. Interment was in Zion Cemetery.” (a quoted translation of an obituary from German). “Herman Bursch, age 59, pioneer farmer of the Rocklyn region, died at his home in Spokane, Friday, following a long illness. He lived in Spokane the past seven months, but had previously resided at Rocklyn for 48 years. He farmed there for many years, and later was in the grain business. Funeral services were held Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Zion German ME Church at Rocklyn. Interment was in the Rocklyn Cemetery. Mr Bursch came to the Rocklyn region with his parents, Mr and Mrs August Bursch, in 1883, while a boy. He is survived by his widow, Mrs Mina Bursch, three sons, Archie, Cecil and Chester Bursch of Spokane, two daughters, Mrs Ruby Womach and Mrs Lila Kiehn, four sisters, Mrs Guy Bartlett, Chattaroy, Mrs H A Knack, Rocklyn, Mrs Charles Rux and Mrs Augusta Berg, both of Davenport, one brother, Sam, of Moscow, Idaho.” (Davenport Times: 11 Feb 1933) “The sunset of life has overtaken another pioneer of this region. Herman A Bursch, 59, was called from his mortal to his immortal home Feb 2, 1933, at the hour of 11:20 a.m. at his home in Spokane. He was an early pioneer of the Harrington and Rocklyn districts where for many years he resided on a farm which became celebrated for the grove, known far and wide as Bursch’s grove and much used for camp-meetings, picnics, and the like. He came to Harrington with his parents in 1884 and lived with them on their homestead northwest of Harrington. In the spring of 1896 he married Mina C Buehler, who also came west with her parents. They rented the Robinson place, known as the William Maurer place for a year and then purchased the Frank Hellenger farm, 6 miles northwest of Harrington where they resided for the next 30 years. Surviving him are his widow, Mina; 3 sons, Archie, Cecil and Chester, all of Spokane; 2 daughters, Mrs Ruby Womach and Mrs Lila Kiehn; 4 sisters...; 1 brother... One son, Irving, preceded his father in death in 1914. There are also 10 grandchildren. The funeral services were held at Zion German ME Church at Rocklyn, WA, Feb 4, 1933 at 1 o’clock p.m., where a large gathering of friends and relatives paid their last to the departed who is remembered as a loving, faithful husband and father and a respected and honored citizen. Interment was in the Rocklyn Cemetery. Seven months ago he moved to Spokane, taking up his residence at W 2030 College.” (Citizen: 10 Feb 1933) Herman Bursch purchased ¼ section of land known as the ‘Old Whittaker Ranch’ for $3600 on Jan 1, 1908 from August Schultz near Rocklyn for cattle ranch. Herman was a member of the Zion German Methodist church until 1918 at which time he removed his membership. Herman Bursch migrated from MN with his mother and family with the other future Zion families in 1883. He married Mina Buehler on 12 Feb 1896 in Harrington, WA by Pastor Adam Buehler with O W Hoffman and Julia Bursch as witnesses. “Herman Albert Bursch died intestate on 2 Feb 1933. Heirs at law: Mina Bursch, his wife; Chester H Bursch, son; Ruby Womach, daughter; Archie F Bursch, son; Lila H Kiehn, daughter; and Cecil P Bursch, son.” (notes from Probate file in Lincoln County Superior Court #3365) “Herman A Bursch, 23, Harrington; Mina C Buehler, 20, Ritzville. Feb 12, 1896.” (Zion German Church: Record of Marriages)

Bursch, Irving C: (b. 11-01-1902; d. 11-25-1914) “Irving C G Bursch. Born Nov 1, 1902. Passed away in field near home, Rocklyn, WA, Nov 25, 1914. Funeral: Nov 28, 1914 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev W F Maas officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “While Thanksgiving day brought cheer and gladness, along with thankfulness to myriad of homes in this state, it also brought sorrow to some. Such is the home of Mr and Mrs Herman Bursch of Zion, northwest of Harrington, for while multitudes of people were offering thanks, and even while their plans were to offer thanks with Ritzville friends, with whom they were planning to spend the day, and to which town they had gone in an auto on Wednesday, yesterday they were in Harrington making arrangements for the burial of their son, twelve years old, who was accidentally killed by being run over Wednesday afternoon with a disc harrow. Mr Bursch had planned for an older son to do the disking, but he felt inclined to devote the day to the care of a dozen colts which he was breaking, and Irving, his 12 year old son, a willing little lad, volunteered to drive the team and do the disking. This he was allowed to do, as he was quite proficient in handling horses. When night came and he did not come in to supper, his brothers and sisters instituted a search for him, and he was finally found lying in the rear of the disc harrow, the team standing, and hitched to it. Examination showed he had been thrown in some way from the seat and the disc harrow had passed over his body. Life was almost extinct when he was found, and he never regained consciousness. He was bruised considerably across the back. Mr and Mrs Bursch were summoned at Ritzville by phone and hastened home immediately. The remains were brought to Harrington where mortician J E Turner prepared them for burial. The services were held at the German ME church at Zion today at 12:30 p.m. and interment was made in the Zion Cemetery. The heartbroken parents and brothers and sisters have the sympathy of the entire community in this sad hour.” (Citizen: 11-28-1914) “Irving, the 12 year old son of Mr and Mrs Herman Bursch, residing northwest of Harrington, met death Wednesday evening of last week while driving a disc harrow in his father’s field. No one saw the accident, but it is supposed he fell in front of the harrow which passed over his body, his face bearing no marks. The boy was not dead when found but expired soon after being taken to the  house. Funeral services were held at Zion Friday, Rev A F Hilmer of this city officiating, interment being made in the Zion Cemetery.” (Davenport Times: 2 Dec 1914) “Irving Clement Bursch. Infant. Born: Nov 1, 1902. Baptized: March 1, 1903. Father: Hermann Bursch. Mother: Minna.” (Zion German Church: Record of Baptisms) “Irving Clement Bursch. Died: Nov 25, 1914. Birth: Nov 1, 1902. Father: Herman Bursch. Mother: Mina C Buehler. Burial: Zion Cemetery.” (Lincoln County Health Death Certificate)

Bursch, Lydia H: (b. 5-22-1883; d. 9-25-1908) “Lydia H Bursch. Born: May 22, 1883. Passed away at her home near Rocklyn, WA, Sept 25, 1908. Funeral: Sept 28, 1908 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev G S Roeder officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “In my Father’s House are many Mansions” and “May she rest in peace” (on monument) “Lydia Bursch, born 22 May 1883 in Wabasha County, Minnesota, died 25 September 1908 at the age of 25 years, 4 months and 3 days. With her parents in the Fall of 1883, she came to Harrington, WA. She is mourned by the mother, two brothers, four sisters and many friends.” (loose translation of German obituary by L Gaiser.) Those brothers and sisters are: Sam and Herman Bursch, Julia, Louise, Rosalia and Augusta. Her parents were August and Henrietta (Mead) Bursch. “Miss Lydia Bursch died at the  home of her brother-in-law south of Rocklyn Saturday and was buried from the Zion German ME Church Sunday, Rev L Gaiser officiating. The deceased was 25 years of age and has been an invalid for some time. About a week before her death she had returned from a trip east where she had been taken to consult a specialist, but could not get relief.” (Davenport Times: 29 Sept 1908)

Bursch, Mina Clara: (b. 1876; d. 1957) Mina Clara Bursch. Born: Feb 12, 1876. Passed away in Spokane, WA, April 15, 1957. Funeral: April 17, 1957 in Hazen & Jaeger and in Zion Methodist Church, Rev J E Rasmussen and Rev Wallace Bragg officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Mina Clara Bursch.—Her home, N 1821 Monroe St. Mother of Mrs Ruby Womach, Mrs Lilah Kiehn, Chester Bursch, Archie Bursch, Cecil Bursch, all of Spokane; 20 grandchildren; 37 great grandchildren. Sister of Mrs Margaret Cornelius, Mequoketa, Iowa; Mrs Hulda Kern, Vancouver, WA; Oscar Buehler, Mount Vernon, WA.  She was a member of the First Assembly of God church. Funeral services Wed., April 17th at 11 a.m. from the First Assembly of God church, W 828 Indiana, Rev Wallace S Bragg and Rev J E Rasmussen officiating. Funeral services at 2:30 p.m. from the Zion Methodist church, Rocklyn, WA. Burial services, Zion Cemetery, Rocklyn, WA. The Hazen & Jaeger Funeral Home in charge.” (Spokane Chronicle: April 15, 1957) “Mrs Mina Bursch of Spokane passed away Monday morning. Her funeral services were held at Hazen & Jaeger Funeral parlors Wednesday morning and graveside services at 2 p.m. that afternoon, at the Zion Cemetery in Rocklyn.  Mrs Bursch was the wife of the late Herman Bursch. They were among the early settlers in the Rocklyn area. Mr Bursch farmed south of Rocklyn and was also manager of the warehouse. He and his wife moved to Spokane later, where he passed away.” (Citizen: 19 April 1957) “Herman A Bursch, 23, Harrington; Mina C Buehler, 20, Ritzville. Feb 12, 1896.” (Zion German Church: Record of Marriages)

Bursch, Wanda: (b. 1925; d. 1932) “Wanda Joy Bursch. Born: Aug 1, 1925. Passed away April 19, 1932, Bridgeport, WA. Funeral: April 21, 1932 in Zion Methodist Church, Rev J E Rasmussen officiating.” (Church Diagrams) “Wanda Joy, 7 years old, daughter of Mr and Mrs C H Bursch of Rocklyn died at Bridgeport, WA, where the father was holding revival meetings, on Tuesday, April 19, at 2:30 p.m., of tuberculosis and leakage of the heart. The little girl was ill for six weeks. Funeral services were conducted at the Zion Church 7 miles northwest of Harrington at 1 o’clock, Thursday, April 21st and burial was in the Zion Cemetery. Rev Rasscuson (sic) of Spokane and Rev Mann of Rocklyn conducted the services at the Zion church.” (Citizen: 22 Apr 1932) Wanda was the daughter of Chester and Eleanor Hoffman Bursch.

Butcher, Thelma Henrietta Johanna: (b. 9-06-1911; d. 4-17-1996) “Thelma J Hoffman Butcher. Born Sept 6, 1911; Passed away at Kennewick, WA, April 17, 1996. Graveside: Burial 11 p.m. (sic), Memorial Service Davenport Assembly of God Church 1 p.m., Pastor Patrick Hogan, Pastor James Buele.” (Church Diagrams) “Thelma Henrietta Johanna Hoffmann. Infant. Born: Sept 6, 1911. Baptized: March 15, 1912. Father: Henry Hoffmann. Mother: Mina Backenhus.” (Zion German Methodist Church: Record of Baptisms) “Thelma J Butcher, 84, of Kennewick went home to be with the Lord on April 17, (1996). She died peacefully at her home in the presence of family. Thelma was a homemaker, a loving mother and a gifted pianist, who shared her music freely with those she loved. She blessed many people with her inspirational piano playing and her giving spirit. Thelma is survived by her six children, Pauline Hall and her husband Wilbur of Colville; Delbert Butcher and his wife Lorraine of Coos Bay, OR; Gary Butcher of Spokane; Audrey Terry and her husband Dale of Vancouver; Lonnie Butcher and his wife Gail of Kennewick; and Mark Butcher and his wife Jodie of Kennewick; one sister, Viola Stone of Pendleton, OR; one brother, Wilmer Hoffman of Davenport; 11 grandsons; four granddaughters; 6 great grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. Thelma was buried at the Zion United Methodist Cemetery at Rocklyn. A memorial service was held on April 23 at the Assembly of God Church in Davenport.” (Dav. Times: 4-25-1996)


Zion German Methodist Cemetery Obituaries, Rocklyn, Washington 

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