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  • Mary Elizabeth Conway (1905-1989) born in Spokane, the forth child of John and Mary (Shea) Conway. The Ione school was her first teaching job after graduating from college in Spokane. She taught there from about 1927 until 1929. This photo was taken March 1928. Her niece, Pat Conway, contributed many of the photos linked to this page, taken from one of Mary's photo albums. The actual album will become part of the photo collection housed at the Metaline's Community Library in Metaline Falls, WA. Many of the photos were scanned by the Northeast Washington Genealogial Society and will become part of their digital photo collection too.
  • Ione school basketball team ca 1910 Harold Locke, John Stark, Les Cleary, Earl Cole and Bill Burns (submitted by John Locke)
  • Ione Orchestra 1913 Harry L. Crawford is in the center of the picture holding a clarinet. Can you identify anyone else? (contributed by Murray Crawford, Harry's grandson)
  • Ione Football Team 1928 Hugh Crawford is standing in the back row, 4th from the right (the tallest). His brother Harry Crawford is the 6th from the left (standing). They were both linemen (tackles) on the team. (contributed by Murray Crawford, son of Hugh, Bremerton, WA)
  • Skiers in Ione 1928-1929 - Mr. Hanson, M. Danielson, Mrs. Hanson, Mary Conway, H. Danielson, Mary Magee, Nonie Bragg, V. Golden, F. Spalding, David Anderson, Irvin Olson (contributed by Pat Conway)


  • Ione School ca 1910 - some of these children have been identified: top row partial list Margaret Decker, Pearl Pietel?, Arvilla Stecker, teacher, Lillian Burns; second row includes ? Weaver, McHugo girl, B. Fagalong, Esther Applegate; third row Milton Montgomery, George F. ?, Hoger Gallagher, Hugh Crawford, Doris West, Henry Buisman (photo submitted by John Locke, identifications by Duane Becker)
  • Ione School 1911 - help identify these children & teachers if you can (submitted by John Locke)
  • Ione School ca 1926 - gym can be seen at left (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione grades 3 & 4 1926-1927 - teacher Mary E. Conway (her first class). Students by #: 1-F. Saults, 2-A. Ferguson, 3-G. Bracken, 4-B. Nelson, 5-R. Daugherty, 6-D. Barnhardt, 7-S. Mansfield, 8-R. Danielson, 9-E. Dean, 10-R.Spurgeon, 11-W. Wright, 12-R. Webster, 13-T. Pettis, 14-H. Darrow, 15-A. Johnson, 16-E. Young, 17-E. Ferguson, 18- no ID, 19-P. Skjeic, 20-J. Young, 21-M. Danielson, 22-L. Brown, 23-E. Jayne, 24-A. Leffellin, 25-G. Lasswell, 26-M. Graham, 27-A. Skjeic, 28-J. Halverson, 29-S. Osmond, 30-C. Maure, 31-F. Applega, 32-A. Lundberg, 33-J. Ferguson, 34-W. Bracken; 7 pupils not in picture (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione faculty 1927-1928 - back row Mary Magee, Ellen Mayer, E. Jones, E. Plews, Mr. Woodend; front row Mary Conway, Helen Aebly, Don Wellman, M. Clumper, L. Moore (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione grades 3 & 4 1927-1928 - can anyone put last names with these kids? (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione faculty 1928-1929 - ??? Knapp, Mary Magee, Nony Bragg, Don Wellman, Edith ???, Mildred ???, Ella Mayer, Bertha ???, Lois ???, Mary Conway, Ellen ??? - can anyone help identify those with question marks? (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione grades 3 & 4 1928-1929 - Top row L Albert is Albert Moe who taught at Ione after WW II; bottom row second from L David is David Anderson (identified by Eric Anderson 6/2005); can anyone put last names with the other kids? (photo contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione seniors 1929 - top right Robert Anderson, eldest brother of David Anderson who is identified in the photograph of Ione skiers 1928-1929 (in "People" section above), per Eric Anderson 5/2005; Murray Crawford has identified his dad, Hugh Crawford, as the 1st person on the left in the top row (the tallest person in the photo) and the fellow just to the right of Hugh is Swen Hansen. Can anyone identify any of the other seniors? (from photo album belonging to Mary Conway, contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione grades 7 & 8, April 1945 Top Row: Frank Okada, Don Merrick, Fred Newman,Ted Newman, James Smith, Harvey Swanger--3rd Row: Donna Hambrook, Betty Becknell, Elinor Edmiston,Evelyn Elliott, Bessie Colvin, [Janet Arnold ?], Colleen Mykines, Dorothy Reed, Ruth Dennison--2nd Row: Janette Carlson, Barbara Smith, Evelyn Pecnick, Corrine Spalding, Peggy Garske, Helen Anderson, Lorraine Nissen, Harriet Smith, Alice Ryder, Elizabeth Haney--1st Row: Harry Berg, Walter Edmiston, Ronald Culver, Alvin Berg -- Note: [Fred and Ted Newman - twins], [Harry and Alvin Berg - brothers], [Walter and Elinor Edmiston - brother & sister], [ James and Barbara Smith - brother & sister] (submitted by John Locke, identifications by Barbara Smith Fly)


  • Ione's rapid growth in about 8 months, probably coinciding with the opening of the Panhandle Lumber Co. (submitted by John Locke)
  • Ione Postcard ca 1910 Nice photo collage showing Box Canyon, Panhandle Mill, Steamer "Ione" and Congregational Church (submitted by Tonie Stevens)
  • Ione - McKay Landing ca 1910 The steamer on the left front is the "Ione," on the right is the "Spokane." Anyone take a guess at the identity of the steamer that can be seen behind and to the left of the "Ione?" (submitted by John Locke)
  • Ione's Main Street Spring 1928 (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione's famous fire bell 1928 - In the 1950ís the bell announced the 10 pm curfew for minors per Eric Anderson 6/2005 (photo contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione from the air in 1958 (submitted by John Locke)
  • The Larsen House in Metaline Falls It was designed by Kirtland Cutter, built in 1912; recently restored and placed on the National Register of Historic Places (submitted by John Locke)
  • Tiger from the air looking west 1958 (submitted by John Locke)
  • Tiger from the air looking east 1958 (submitted by John Locke)
  • Tiger Post Office before 1917 (submitted by Barbara Smith)
  • Tiger Store Hazel Aspend on the front seat of the buggy used to deliver mail around the Little Pend Oreille Lake area ca 1912; this store can be seen in the previous two photos - in the one looking west, it is on the far left of the crossroads; in the one looking east, it is on the near right of the crossroads. It is now the Tiger Museum. (submitted by Shirley Dodson)

    Miscellaneous Photos 

  • 18 foot bridge over the Pend Oreille River at Z Canyon ca 1920 (submitted by John Locke)
  • 18 foot bridge - another shot of Z canyon bridge (shared by Kary Gaskill)
  • Ione Ferry ca 1928 (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Ione Dam April 28, 1927Photo #1 - Photo #2 - Photo #3 (contributed by Pat Conway)
  • Steamer Metaline Is this in Box Canyon? (contributed by John Locke, email Susan Dechant if you know)
  • Steamer SpokaneThis picture was given to Murray by his grandfather, Harry Crawford, who was the Chief Engineer of the Steamship Spokane. It was his first job, upon arriving in Ione, WA, in June of 1910. He was employed by the Panhandle Lumber Company. (contributed by Murray Crawford)
  • More photos and history of area from Blueslide to the Canadian border posted to Gene K. Adams's website.

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