Meeker Mansion, Puyallup
(courtesy of wapierce)

John S. Baker, early State Senator, Tacoma

Dr. Paul B. Carter, Tacoma

Ezra Meeker, Pierce County Pioneer

Catherine Mounts, Nisqually

"Indian Henry" Sutelik, buried at Mashel Prairie, near Eatonton

Fay Fuller von Brieson, first woman to climb Mt. Rainier

Alma Wagen Whitaker, first woman guide in Mt. Rainier National Park

Biographies from the USGenWeb Biographies Project (including):

• Adolph Anderson
• Axel Anderson
• C. J. Anderson
• Carl Edward Anderson
• G. J. Anderson
• Gustaf Anderson
• John D. Anderson
• Judson Applegate
• John Martin Artnson (Bio #1)
• John Martin Arntson (Bio #2)
• Mrs. Sarah L. Baker
• Charles O. Bates
• John E. Belcher
• Iver F. Belsvig
• John Berglund
• Hans Bergman
• John Bergstrom
• Gustaf Bjorkman
• Ernest C. Bloomquist
• John Peter Bolander
• Ernest Bornander
• A. C. Bostwick
• Frederick A. Brown
• J. R. Brown
• Henry P. Burdick
• Philip Vanderbilt Caesar
• Ernest M. Card
• George E. Cleveland
• M. L. Clifford
• Beverly W. Coiner
• Edward E. Cushman
• Henry Wells Dewey
• J. C. Dieringer
• Cushing Eells
• Andrew J. Frost
• John E. Gallagher
• Ellis Lewis Garretson
• M. J. Gordon
• Herbert S. Griggs
• Charles E. Hale
• Scott Z. Henderson
• Alvah B. Howe
• Edward Huggins
• Guy Edward Kelly
• John H. Kineth
• Frank M. Lamborn
• Gustaf Lindberg
• Robert Longmire
• Thomas Malony
• Ann McClelan
• Edward Miller
• E. J. Moore
• A. R. Nicol
• G. C. Nolte
• F. D. Oakley
• Emmett N. Parker
• Sidney Albert Perkins 
• Arthur Remington
• B. M. Spinning
• P. C. Sullivan
• Hiram Pardoe Tuttle
• Thomas J. Wayne
• Albert Whyte
• Geo. G. Williamson
• Lake D. Wolfard
• Frank B. Woodruff
• A. H. Woolery
• James Reed Yocum  

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Thomas "Red" Kelly, 20th century musician from Tacoma

Murray's People Fascinating people who explored, settled & developed Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest.

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