* = online

*Pierce County Online Directories A listing of Pierce County street directories--most are Tacoma, and require an subscription.

(from Tacoma, its History and its Builders)

*A History of the Puget Sound Country, by William F. Prosser (1903)(searchable) Lewis Publishing; a history of the counties surrounding the sound (

*History of Puget Sound Country, Volume II, by William F. Prosser (1903)

History of the Puget Sound country, its resources, its commerce and its people; with some reference to discoveries and explorations in North America from the time of Christopher Columbus down to that of George Vancouver in 1792 (Vol II is mostly biographies)

*Washington Historical Newspapers A listing of online older newspapers, scroll down to Pierce County, many are free access.

*An Illustrated History of the State of Washington, by Harvey K. Hines (1893)(searchable) Lewis Publishing; (

*McCarver and Tacoma, a pioneer history by Thomas Prosch (1906)(

*An Early History of Tacoma, an extract of McCarver and Tacoma, Thomas Prosch 4MB

*Washington State Historical Society Publications, Vol. II (1907-1914) A compendium of articles by the Washington State Historical Society for the period 1907-1914. (

*Reminiscences of Washington Territory, by Thomas Prosch (1904) (

*Tacoma, its History and its Builders; a Half Century of Activity, Vol. I, by Herbert Hunt (1916) (

*Tacoma, its History and its Builders; a Half Century of Activity, Vol. II, by Herbert Hunt (1916) (

*Origin of Washington Geographic Names by Edmond S. Meany (1923) (

*Penny Postcards of Pierce County Website of historical postcards courtesy of Joy Fisher