Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages Groom Index
Brides Index A - B
Aalvue, Ella Johnson, Henry A. 11/06/1937 stats
Abbey, Mildred L. Vincent, Gerald 06/21/1923 stats
Abbott, Elizabeth Norton, Harry 11/12/1913 stats
Abell, Mary Ellen 2nd Moses, Gibson 2nd 01/18/1919 stats
Abelman, Marie Pariso, Stanley 10/08/1937 stats
Abernathy, Patience Rose, Albert L. 06/30/1934 stats
Abernathy, Ruth E. Heidegger, Charles R. 11/26/1923 stats
Abey, Edith Agnes Garving, O.W. 07/03/1935 stats
Ableman, Frances Hills, Raymond E. 07/13/1941 MR #7
Abrahamson, Marie K. Castillo, Ernest L. 01/27/1945 MR #7
Abramson, Mildred Morefield, Sam 08/05/1937 stats
Acheson, Lidie (Eckman) Dore, J.C. 12/22/1927 stats
Ackerman, Allie Grace, Patrick H. 04/01/1902 stats
Acorn, Evelyn Jackson, Earl L. 01/21/1945 MR #7
Acorn, Jennie E. Carruthers, Charles 07/24/1900 stats
Acorn, Marguerite I. Davis, Fredrick A. 09/09/1902 stats
Adair, Della Ham, H.A. 06/05/1911 stats
Adair, Inez L. Lawson, Eugene S. 12/24/1939 MR #7
Adamchuck, Lilyn Simpson, Fred 06/07/1943 MR #7
Adamchuk, Mary Randall, John William 04/18/1940 MR #7
Adamchuk, Olga Fennell, John 06/21/1940 MR #7
Addington, Delta J LeBret, Clarence G. 02/14/1946 MR #7
Addington, Ruth VanAllen, J.L. 05/28/1923 stats
Addison, Nelly House, Albert 07/16/1896 stats
Adolph, Modesta M. Fry, George L. 11/03/1940 MR #7
Aiken, Joy E. Obde, Edward J. 08/15/1936 stats
Aikman, Bernice Carrico, Jess E. 07/05/1913 stats
Aikman, Stella Maud Romley, Eyrac 09/27/1899 stats
Ainsworth, Blanche ( fa--Payton) Baker, George 07/08/1897 stats
Ainsworth, Blanche (fa-Payton) Boker, George 07/08/1897 stats
Akins, Margaret A. 2nd (Clark) Brown, Levi 09/28/1901 stats
Alback, Ansine Weeden, Arthur 10/07/1907 stats
Albin, Adda M. Lutes, Ray 03/12/1938 stats
Alborn, Stella M. 2nd (Osborn) Alkers, E.E. 06/23/1936 stats
Alby, Bertha Pry, Grant 12/01/1940 MR #7
Alby, Bessie Bowe, Howard 06/11/1937 stats
Alderson, Beulah Kline, Bishop P. 06/24/1946 MR #7
Alderson, Mabel Banning, George 10/23/1939 MR #7
Aldridge, Bessie Cranston, Clarence 08/09/1915 stats
Alec, Julia Gendron, Alec 01/13/1915 stats
Alerd, Charlotta E. Hollister, Cornelius T.W. 04/30/1909 stats
Aleshire, Emily M. Domitrovich, Gus 09/21/1921 stats
Alex, Dorothy Anne Warren, Wallace Eugene 06/06/1940 MR #7
Alex, Peggy J. Hart, Gordon L. 11/08/1947 MR #7
Alexander, Annie 2nd Andrews, Antione 2nd 08/16/1921 stats
Alexander, Florence Peterson, W.H. 02/27/1930 stats
Alexander, Molly E. Nicholson, Earl S. 03/31/1934 stats
Alexander, Sarah 2nd (Reed) Jenkins, Thomas 2nd 06/15/1910 stats
Alexi, Sophia Pier, Xavier 12/31/1877 Reg
Alexima, Mary Rose Michel, Charles 04/04/1932 stats
Alison, Ethel Mary Jane Hulbert, F. 02/05/1923 stats
Allard, Jennie McNeil, Alfred B. 06/04/1873 Slater
Allbaugh, Rose Armina Moses, Charles Freeman 10/18/1902 stats
Alldredge, Barbara Culver, Elldred M. 06/30/1940 MR #7
Alldredge, Dorothy Verna Close, Thomas P. 06/15/1937 stats
Alldredge, Janice Smith, Clarence I. 09/14/1937 stats
Alldridge, Goldie Reed, Clarence W. 12/04/1925 stats
Allen, Bertha Keough, J. Wesley 06/16/1902 stats
Allen, Ethel M. Thompson, Benjamin R. 2nd 09/03/1921 stats
Allen, Florence Gibson, Edward 08/23/1894 stats
Allen, Hazel Allen, Marshall E. 01/07/1945 MR #7
Allen, Mary Stites, Ernest L. 04/19/1922 stats
Allen, Myrt Ohman, George A. 10/21/1920 stats
Allen, Pearl D. 2nd (James) Kreager, George A. 2nd 05/18/1935 stats
Allen, Pearl Violet Blaine, Henry James 2nd 07/13/1908 stats
Allen, Ruth Machin, Walter S. 06/29/1907 stats
Allen, Serefa Martha Perras, Frank 05/06/1916 stats
Allensworth, Elva A. Bennett, George Henry 12/24/1910 stats
Allison, Anna 2nd (Renecky) Keeler, W.S. 2nd 04/12/1905 stats
Allison, Arminta McLean, John S. 01/22/1889 Slater
Allison, Lucy E. Sullivan, Edward Stewart 10/02/1889 Slater
Allison, Pirl Ross, James L. 12/19/1898 stats
Allison, Ruth Westby, E.K. 09/25/1936 stats
Alm, Margaret Spray, Ben 10/05/1933 stats
Almquist, Dorena 2nd (Rose) Hodgson, Joe W. 2nd 05/22/1939 stats
Almquist, Gracie A. Smith, D.S. 02/13/1937 stats
Almstrom, Ruth Lilly Gorwell, L.J. 10/05/1908 stats
Almstrom, Virginia P. Haight, Merville E. 05/10/1924 stats
Altamont, Goldie Evangeline Days, George P. 2nd 02/25/1919 stats
Alyea, Clara Ethel Guenther, Albert 12/28/1906 stats
Amblie, Rose Petrich, Harry E. 09/17/1922 stats
Amdahl, Clara Bentson, Walter A. 03/22/1938 stats
Ames, Irene M. Camp, John A. 10/07/1937 stats
Ames, Laura Sanders, Vaughn 09/24/1928 stats
Ames, Marie Cramer, Fred T. 12/23/1930 stats
Ames, Maybelle Bockemeuhl, Harold 11/09/1940 MR #7
Amidon, Ida M. Harrison, F.M. 08/21/1902 stats
Andersen, Nettie Seal, George W. 03/06/1893 stats
Anderson, Bernice A. 2nd (Coller) Lyle, Fredrick G. 2nd 09/22/1938 stats
Anderson, Carrie McEvoy, A.P. 2nd 06/29/1904 stats
Anderson, Clara Tomsha, Vincent 09/02/1937 stats
Anderson, Clara E. Hill, Alden W. 02/16/1920 stats
Anderson, Dorothy Gross, Clifford 12/22/1927 stats
Anderson, Edith Fox, Jess 04/03/1939 stats
Anderson, Eleanor Stranger, Carl A. 09/30/1924 stats
Anderson, Ellen L. Wise, Peter O. 06/03/1930 stats
Anderson, Elsie Rosland, Carl 09/21/1935 stats
Anderson, Emma G. Young, George B. 11/13/1894 stats
Anderson, Florence Charlotte Midkiff, Ray Anderson 08/10/1946 MR #7
Anderson, Florence Gladys Alldredge, John Howard 10/31/1917 stats
Anderson, Gladys Cornagey, Charles 07/20/1910 stats
Anderson, Gladys L. Quackenbush, Albert Harold 03/01/1945 MR #7
Anderson, Helen Ehrgott, Frank 07/02/1934 stats
Anderson, Helen Byrne, Robert 11/16/1938 stats
Anderson, Helen Catherine 3rd (Erismann) Johnson, Jay Paul 04/19/1935 stats
Anderson, Hilma Eleda Penney, R.V. 10/04/1924 stats
Anderson, Hulda Johanna Wilson, John 07/13/1915 stats
Anderson, Iva Kessler, Harold 03/22/1916 stats
Anderson, Josephine Gilgor, Lloyd Leon 07/05/1904 stats
Anderson, Joy C. 2nd Huffaker, Amos L. 2nd 12/13/1937 stats
Anderson, Julia M. Delp, Glen 09/04/1919 stats
Anderson, Lillian Pearl Steenson, Thomas M 08/22/1925 stats
Anderson, Lilly Dashiell, Melvin 11/05/1944 MR #7
Anderson, Lydia Eleanor Morgenstern, Henry 06/13/1904 stats
Anderson, Marian Day, Lawrence J. 12/24/1941 MR #7
Anderson, Maude E. Caswell, Thomas B. 03/17/1909 stats
Anderson, R.G. Caroll, L.M. 06/15/1931 stats
Anderson, Sarah E. 2nd (Black) Prouty, H.W. 12/11/1915 stats
Anderson, Tilda Pearson, Nels 06/21/1892 stats
Anderson, Vernice Gehrke, Arnold F. 10/16/1941 MR #7
Anderson, Virginia 2nd Singleton, R.B. 2nd 10/17/1913 stats
Andis, Bessie Margaret Binford, William Oliver 11/17/1899 stats
Andrew, Alice 3rd (Moses) Mack, Tom 3rd 07/09/1937 stats
Andrew, Annie Andrew, Baptiste 2nd 10/03/1911 stats
Andrew, Christine Paul, Philip 01/24/1924 stats
Andrews, Elean Tom, William 10/16/1913 stats
Andrews, Ellene 2nd (Schasiakein) Moon, John 2nd 12/13/1919 stats
Andrews, Lizzie 2nd (Homer) Moses, Wilson 03/11/1918 stats
Andrews, Patricia A. Lewis, Donald E. 09/14/1947 MR #7
Andricks, Edith B. (orphan-fa-unknown) Gilman, Walter J. 2nd 05/19/1939 stats
Anglin, Ethel Buckland, John J. 08/18/1902 stats
Annay, Lena 2nd (Tappan) Farleigh, William J. 03/01/1899 stats
Ano, Elsie Martin, J.E. 08/23/1931 stats
Anseldo, Lena Dotts, Desmond J. 05/17/1920 stats
Anson, Eliza Ballentine, John 06/04/1900 stats
Anthony, Lorna Margaret Newton, S.H. 07/06/1931 stats
Anthony, Mildred Weaver, Girard 04/29/1916 stats
Antoine, Annie Bragg, Merle 06/03/1919 stats
Antone, Lucy Paulton, W.R. 12/05/1891 Slater
Applequist, Mabel Bond, J. Montgomery 12/23/1916 stats
Applequist, Sadie Cramer, William R. 04/17/1906 stats
Arapa, Mary Carter, Paschal 06/27/1921 stats
Arbogast, Audrey McCrea, Edward 12/27/1932 stats
Arcasa, Amelia A. McKinney, Alfred 12/25/1889 Slater
Archer, Evelyn M. Cain, William 01/20/1908 stats
Archibald, Rhea Merle Bishop, Robert Thomas 11/25/1934 stats
Ard, Lee Vivian Alban, George C. 03/26/1945 MR #7
Aris, Gussie Lydia Haystead, George H. 05/29/1899 stats
Armit, Isabella Middlemass, Roy 08/08/1936 stats
Armstrong, Elnore M. Burger, Frank 07/24/1937 stats
Armstrong, Roena Mildred Fay, James Edward 07/02/1921 stats
Arnadottir, Alsa K. 2nd (Paulson) Thoni, Jacob 2nd 12/31/1920 stats
Arnold, Bridgett B. Howarth, James H. 01/13/1946 MR #7
Arnold, Elizabeth Jayne, Herman` 04/06/1929 stats
Aro, Amanda Joslyn, William 08/15/1931 stats
Aroz, Mary Bird, Andrew 04/08/1879 RegA
Artman, Alfarata Renninger, Cleve G. 07/22/1913 stats
Artman, Alice Starr, Horace Lynn 04/29/1916 stats
Artman, Lena Ann 4th (Huff) Howell, Frank T. 04/23/1938 stats
Artman, Lois M. Hills, Gordon E. 06/29/1947 MR #7
Artman, Marie Raisio, Vaino E. 06/16/1939 MR #6
Aspend, Helen R. Young, Thomas C. 10/18/1921 stats
Atchison, Virginia Weller, Frank E. 09/06/1932 stats
Atkinson, Edith Leona Phillips, Ernest 12/25/1912 stats
Atkinson, Genevieve Jager, Oscar 06/30/1940 MR #7
Atkinson, Katherine LaPray, James Edward 02/23/1911 stats
Atwood, Elizabeth 2nd (Lillefield) Brown, Walter A. 01/04/1936 stats
Aubertin, Genevieve Rutzer, Otto 08/21/1935 stats
Aubertin, Irene McClung, Jess R. 02/08/1919 stats
Aubertin, Josephina Wenger, Emil A. 05/04/1910 stats
Aubertin, Leola D. Rogers, William E. 10/07/1939 MR #7
Aubertin, Rose Lenore Geer, Gavin Ralph 02/24/1944 MR #7
Augusta, Gloria M. Johnson, Clarence 03/08/1938 stats
Augusta, Mary 2nd Adolph, John 2nd 07/05/1935 stats
Auld, Lyllian 2nd (Douglas) Monk, Herman J. 2nd 11/23/1936 stats
Austad, Marguerite C. Wagner, Frank C. 10/23/1937 stats
Austin, Pauline Lembke, Richard 11/20/1943 MR #7
Avery, Sylvia Fast, John 03/27/1937 stats
Ayotte, Delia Trunnels, Gerald 04/28/1915 stats
Ayres, Ruth B. Clinton, George T. 06/30/1911 stats
Baateloon, Charlotte Marie McGilvra, Cecil Gene 11/03/1946 MR #7
Bacher, Catherine Morrow, Bud 10/24/1936 stats
Backus, Katherine S. Ide, Gilbert B. 01/03/1889 Slater
Bacon, Pearl Jones, F. Ray 10/09/1903 stats
Badertscher, Eleanor Hall, Fred N. 02/09/1929 stats
Baerwald, Martha M. (Johnke) Teague, Clarence W. 06/02/1927 stats
Bahlbusch, Grace C. Douglass, Wilbur T. 09/24/1938 stats
Baigley, Maud 2nd (Combs) Buchholz, Fred A. 10/19/1897 stats
Bailey, Amy Burgess, V. 03/11/1914 stats
Bailey, Betty Hill, J. Ernest 11/28/1939 MR #7
Bailey, Edith M. Forslund, William 06/11/1934 stats
Bailey, Elizabeth Weidna Theis, Henry Hertz 10/01/1913 stats
Bailey, Estella May Turner, Nathaniel A. 07/18/1910 stats
Bailey, Ida E. 2nd Sexton, J.B. 08/03/1910 stats
Bailey, Jean Fox, Alexander 01/04/1947 MR #7
Bailey, Lucille Harkey, Harry L. 07/03/1933 stats
Bailey, Olga E. 2nd (Crockett) Eastcott, John H. 11/09/1937 stats
Bailey, Signa Finley, Roy 10/06/1916 stats
Bailey, Sohia E. Hayworth, James L. 10/14/1915 stats
Bailey, Sophia E. McDonald, Howard 03/02/1926 stats
Bailey, Susanna Rouse, Alvin 2nd 12/11/1918 stats
Baima, Delphina Cain, Grover A. 09/09/1912 stats
Bair, Elaine Squire, Donald A. 06/13/1930 stats
Baird, Eva Elliott Baxter, Ray Elwood 06/16/1939 MR #6
Baird, Ida 2nd (Wheeler) Alleford, John 07/05/1907 stats
Baker, Belva Harris, Arthur 04/20/1907 stats
Baker, Blanche Wilson, Harry 12/24/1904 stats
Baker, Edna C. (Wendel) Tatton, John Wilburn 06/21/1926 stats
Baker, Grace C. Coburn, John C. 01/12/1938 stats
Baker, Hazel Newell, Harold F. 11/13/1926 stats
Baker, Katie L. Ayers, Lorenzo F. 04/07/1891 Slater
Baker, Margaret E. Bennett, Charles H. 04/07/1947 MR #7
Baker, Mary Z. (Hungerford) Naff, John S. 07/09/1894 stats
Baker, Matilda McDonald, Archie 08/11/1897 stats
Baker, Maude E. Akers, Charles Royal 08/13/1909 stats
Baker, Ruth Senter, Thomas C. 02/18/1947 MR #7
Baker, Virginia Duncan, Kenneth C. 06/11/1938 stats
Bakie, Florence Mae Hartill, Julian 06/02/1936 stats
Balaun, Emily A. (Ruzicha) Hadley, Thomas M. 04/08/1931 stats
Balcom, Edna May Mitchell, Lewis 06/06/1936 stats
Baldwin, Evelyn Zema, Ralph 10/01/1943 MR #7
Baldwin, Florence Hayes, Earl 05/14/1938 stats
Baldwin, Helena Lavina Hannam, Wilfred G. 04/02/1909 stats
Baldwin, Ilene Rasmussen, Jack 04/22/1939 stats
Balis, Winnifred Beryl Cox, Richard Ray 07/03/1941 MR #7
Ball, Leona J. Cranston, Irving 05/29/1934 stats
Ball, Sadie L. 2nd (Young) Peternell, Matt 2nd 04/18/1932 stats
Ballard, Agatha Reiber, M.G. 02/28/1906 stats
Bandy, Susanna Cecile Dutro, Wilson Leroy 03/05/1911 stats
Banks, Ella Droz, Louis 09/05/1885 Slater
Banks, Lula Scott, George W. 11/12/1904 stats
Banning, Hazel Aubertin, Stephen 08/25/1925 stats
Banning, Marguerite Hart, William Martin 06/29/1910 stats
Bannon, Edythe Helt, Arlie 04/22/1926 stats
Bannon, Olive Luttrell, James L. 09/15/1923 stats
Banvick, Ethel Julian, Claude 08/08/1934 stats
Barber, Adelia Jarvis, F.M. Jr 08/23/1913 stats
Barber, Mary Prichett, William 01/12/1899 stats
Barber, Susan Wolfe, Frank 06/20/1908 stats
Barden, Viola Elizabeth Hatcher, Lee R. 07/03/1940 MR #7
Bardiner, Sylvia Raber, John 06/14/1899 stats
Bardwell, Helen Citkovitch, John 07/11/1925 stats
Bare, Lennie Gregerson, Gordon O. 06/30/1921 stats
Baribeau, Ivy Langston, R.E. 07/15/1920 stats
Barker, Beatrice J. Green, Basil 02/24/1923 stats
Barker, Mary Fox, Gordon D. 05/01/1937 stats
Barnaby, Agatha 2nd Paul, (no name given) 09/20/1915 stats
Barnaby, Elizabeth Newman, William 02/12/1872 Slater
Barnaby, Mary Couchine, D. 11/06/1871 Slater
Barnaby, Nancy Ferguson, William 12/21/1915 stats
Barnard, Mary Elizabeth Flechsig, Max F. 01/15/1915 stats
Barnes, Grace E Ward, Willis W. 10/31/1925 stats
Barnes, Lydia Marjorie Dunham, Roscoe Monroe 05/14/1909 stats
Barnes, Mary Emily Hofstetter, Eugene V. 04/28/1930 stats
Barnes, Pauline Griffith, Frank E. 01/02/1906 stats
Barnett, Kate Colley, William 11/16/1898 stats
Barney, Lucille Routson, Chester A. 05/08/1933 stats
Barney, Rose Dupuis, Oliver C. 06/15/1912 stats
Barnhart, Elsie Danielson, Lester 05/24/1924 stats
Barnhart, Gus M. Seeber, H.C. 02/23/1929 stats
Barnhart, Velma (Jennings) Hendron, D. 07/15/1931 stats
Barnhauser, Anna Ogden, Earl 03/08/1916 stats
Barnhill, Alice Valley, Victor 09/04/1906 stats
Barnhouse, Lena M. Williams, Howard S. 10/18/1919 stats
Baro, Della Mae Westrand, Victor H. (Jr) 12/28/1938 stats
Barr, Mary Donaldson, A. 09/30/1938 stats
Barrett, Nelly D. McDonald, C.J. 04/09/1938 stats
Barrett, Nina V. Conner, Lonnie L. 03/17/1922 stats
Barrow, Malina (Rail) Steen, Frank R. 09/01/1928 stats
Barry, Margaret Henningsen, Henry 03/01/1947 MR #7
Bartel, Marguerite McCammon, Remick 01/23/1907 stats
Bartell, Katie Matson, John 06/27/1904 stats
Bartell, Mary 2nd (Bluse) Carr, Thomas 09/27/1899 stats
Bartlett, Bina Josephine Hammer, George Harvey 02/25/1911 stats
Bartlett, Eileen Mae Campbell, Fraser Cooper 02/24/1942 MR #7
Bartlett, Hazel Rider, C.F. 2nd 08/27/1932 stats
Barton, Loretta M. Reser, Robert H. 12/20/1941 MR #7
Barts, Sara S. Pearson, David E. 06/12/1913 stats
Bas, Beverly M. Morris, Arthur L. 12/08/1947 MR #7
Bash, Betty Learn, Ted 01/16/1947 MR #7
Basham, Ellis Coonc, Charley 11/11/1912 stats
Basham, Lucille Suiter, Glen A. 03/09/1915 stats
Basham, Marie Abrams, W.H. 2nd 10/18/1915 stats
Bashaw, Alice L. Barry, John A. 05/15/1893 stats
Bashaw, Ercel Hubert, Lee E. 03/21/1936 stats
Bashaw, Evelyn Seifried, G.J. 09/06/1930 stats
Bashaw, Olive Bevan, George H. 09/06/1891 Slater
Basil, Louisa Dikobletts, Joseph 02/15/1875 Slater
Bass, Violet Cruse, M.C. 01/27/1923 stats
Bates, Ethel E. Frizzell, Enstam H. 06/03/1903 stats
Bates, Ethelyn Anderson, Carl 05/12/1914 stats
Bates, Helen V. Llewellyn, Frank B. 12/21/1908 stats
Bath, Louise Jones, John 09/06/1938 stats
Battles, Laura (Harmon) 3rd Dietsch, Fred 2nd 07/07/1914 stats
Battrell, Dorothy Bennett, Edward 07/28/1943 MR #7
Bauer, Edith Stahly, George 11/07/1910 stats
Bauer, Edith 2nd Stahly, Walter 10/07/1916 stats
Bauer, Lydia Cusick, W. Clayton 12/20/1892 stats
Bauer, Lysette Sullivan, Patrick 05/20/1896 stats
Baugham, Myrtle M. Kirk, W.T. 04/15/1902 stats
Baughman, Mary Bell Walker, Marion Alonzo 07/25/1906 stats
Baughman, Ruth Gumm, Albert Allan 08/12/1924 stats
Baulne, Josephine Boyd, Joe 06/14/1940 MR #7
Baulne, Leona Stensgar, Melvin E. 01/03/1947 MR #7
Bauman, Esther Writer, Horace L. 04/09/1910 stats
Baxter, Edith Weinke, Albert 02/19/1906 stats
Baxter, Hattie C. Pearson, Thomas S. 06/30/1903 stats
Baxter, Mabel Brooks, Burton 2nd 10/29/1907 stats
Baxter, Margaret E. Thompson, Robert Gorman 02/18/1946 MR #7
Baxter, Margaret Emma Moorhead, Oscar G. 06/13/1903 stats
Baxter, Mary Teterud, Lesley I. 07/10/1934 stats
Baxter, Mary C. Hoover, Ralph 09/23/1911 stats
Bay, Edith E. Newby, Rolla S. 08/11/1934 stats
Bay, Mable Montie, John 10/30/1919 stats
Bay, Mae 2nd (Winings) Harris, William T. 12/10/1907 stats
Bazil, Philomena White, William 09/21/1929 stats
Beach, Frances Willard Pasley, Charles T. 04/19/1916 stats
Beach, Lila Cherryholmes, Perry 03/26/1917 stats
Beach, Marie Marr, George S. 08/27/1921 stats
Beach, Marjorie Christianson, Lester C. 05/31/1935 stats
Beach, Nina Conturier, Lawrence 11/09/1908 stats
Beadell, Ethel A. Cox, Charles A. 05/07/1903 stats
Beadell, Myrtle A. Royer, Elmer C. 05/07/1907 stats
Bean, Bernice M. Schoenwald, Frank H. 04/11/1911 stats
Bean, Florence 2nd (Peone) Fry, Robert 04/06/1920 stats
Bean, Helen Holmberg, Harold 09/24/1931 stats
Beard, Martha A. Blain, Byron 02/22/1879 RegA
Beardslee, Delvina Kenyon, Ralph F. 11/19/1946 MR #7
Beardslee, Ella Mae Judd, John S. 05/01/1944 MR #7
Beardslee, Lois Fox, Jerry G. 07/02/1945 MR #7
Beardslee, Myrtle Camp, Kenneth 10/23/1929 stats
Bearnside, Ivy Mitchell, John R. 10/17/1936 stats
Beatty, Frances Bellanger, R.C. 04/13/1935 stats
Beaumont, Ethelyn Head, Sidney R. 07/26/1920 stats
Bechtel, Velma Lois Christianson, Arle C. 02/25/1928 stats
Beck, Alvina Fix, Harold 11/10/1932 stats
Beck, Hattie 2nd (Smith) Pierce, Sylvia 07/27/1903 stats
Beck, Susie Parsell, Ollie 01/19/1893 stats
Beckemeir, M.M. 2nd Miles, J.W. 07/02/1932 stats
Becker, Helen Marie Lotze, Robert Earl 04/11/1914 stats
Beddinger, Essie 2nd (Richardson) LaPray, Joseph 11/20/1907 stats
Bedinger, Doris Hillman, Stafford 04/13/1940 MR #7
Begas, Bertha Haywood, William G. 12/22/1934 stats
Beggs, Grace S. Townsend, William P. 07/15/1902 stats
Behrens, Margaret Hills, Clifton M. 06/05/1939 stats
Beigen, Hilda Johnson, Gustav Algen 06/10/1907 stats
Belknap, Clair Carter, W.M. 04/24/1919 stats
Belknap, Maud Wright, George E. 01/18/1888 Slater
Bell, Anna E. Casey, A.B. 02/02/1918 stats
Bell, Anna L. Moloso, Edgar 05/31/1916 stats
Bell, Elizabeth Morris, Riley M. 05/03/1917 stats
Bell, Elizabeth 2nd (Slawson) Roberts, William Carl 09/27/1934 stats
Bell, Elsie Smith, Albert 08/10/1907 stats
Bell, Katherine Kohl, Richard Louis 06/03/1939 stats
Bell, Lola A. Paulson, Paul L. 05/31/1916 stats
Bell, Mae 3rd Manner, R.S. 3rd 07/20/1915 stats
Bell, Maud 2nd (Miller) Bender, Horatio Stephen 06/16/1915 stats
Bell, Valda Hill, Cecil 04/27/1928 stats
Bell, Violet Whiton, Lesley V. 10/06/1934 stats
Bell, Wanda M. Willett, Ralph A. 06/08/1918 stats
Belsumeure, Ivy 2nd (Cramer) Dumas, William E. 08/17/1899 stats
Belt, Dorothy LaForest Avey, Fred V. 07/18/1931 stats
Benay, Jeanette A. (Scott) 3rd mar Hannaford, Charles J. 12/19/1930 stats
Bender, Florence Zinchkovski, John 04/29/1941 MR #7
Bender, Lois Watson, William Oliver (Jr) 06/25/1938 stats
Bendix, Ada Bean, M.C. 06/14/1918 stats
Benedict, Ruth Estella Harms, William 10/21/1922 stats
Benjamin, Dorothy Potter, Raymond 02/09/1935 stats
Benjamin, Jessie H. Peters, William L. 07/24/1947 MR #7
Benjamin, Wilma Lyman Reickers, Earl 06/30/1934 stats
Benn, Virginia Rounds, John 11/11/1891 Slater
Benner, Sarah A. Stephens, H.D. 08/15/1900 stats
Bennett, Alice G. Lemon, Arthur 02/25/1903 stats
Bennett, Cleoria Alvina McGilvra, Dan Matthew 02/10/1942 MR #7
Bennett, Dora E. Wilson, Daniel 09/02/1879 RegA
Bennett, Ella J. 2nd (Marshall) Davies, Vespasian 2nd 06/25/1937 stats
Bennett, Elsa Louisa Miller, Leon Raymond 12/22/1898 stats
Bennett, Eunice E. Dickey, W.H. 04/22/1916 stats
Bennett, Georgia Helen Potter, Lewis Elmer 03/09/1926 stats
Bennett, Helen M. Sparling, Richard 05/11/1900 stats
Bennett, Inez Hart, Ralph 12/22/1933 stats
Bennett, Irene Traaen, John 08/15/1912 stats
Bennett, J. Arlene Severns, Earl Harvey 08/05/1941 MR #7
Bennett, Lois, Adeline Allison, Albert Fred 12/10/1894 stats
Bennett, Marie Koreis, Frank J. 07/18/1933 stats
Bennett, Mary McLaughlin, H.C. 06/01/1922 stats
Bennett, Sadie Justis, Charles E. 2nd 03/22/1904 stats
Benning, Delora (Keeler) Villandre, Joseph 12/28/1894 stats
Bennison, Dorothy Chester, Edward E. 07/16/1947 MR #7
Benson, June McNitt, Claude J. 01/10/1947 MR #7
Benzinger, Carrie (Schoner) 2nd Wilson, Otis E. 2nd 12/08/1914 stats
Berarducci, Amina Ginnetti, Leona 08/12/1913 stats
Berg, Edith Elizabeth Crawford, David 04/16/1936 stats
Berg, Ida Wanderschield, Henry 12/30/1908 stats
Bergh, Olive Berg, Gilbert 10/31/1899 stats
Berland, Louisa Snyder, Luther J. 01/19/1899 stats
Berland, Mary Stensgar, James 01/31/1889 Slater
Berman, Jennie E. Nelson, Emory 09/11/1914 stats
Bernander, Emma 2nd (Anderson) Ladd, C.C. 2nd 07/30/1900 stats
Bernard, Edna F. King, Manford B. 10/18/1909 stats
Bernard, Lola L. Onstott, Sterling F. 08/27/1928 stats
Berry, Nora Boggs, O.W. 12/22/1906 stats
Bertschi, Georgia E. Lyle, Ben 03/18/1941 MR #7
Bertschi, Marguerite Wagner, Leroy 02/14/1931 stats
Best, Geraldine K. Lee, Fred D. 2nd 07/02/1935 stats
Best, Jeanette Boggs, Myron 06/04/1943 MR #7
Best, Lizzie Boomer, Elonzo 2nd 12/26/1899 stats
Best, Sarah Jane Dobson, Matthew Henry 12/08/1939 MR #7
Bestrom, Florence Bryan, Leo 08/28/1933 stats
Bestrom, Mildred Flint, Clarence R. 09/14/1929 stats
Bethurum, Josie Phine Savage, Almon 06/27/1894 stats
Betteridge, Rose E. Bettfriend, Fred J. 09/18/1916 stats
Bettfreund, Frances Spence, William T. 08/05/1944 MR #7
Betts, Daisy M. Chamberlain, George S. 03/27/1897 stats
Betts, Daisy M. Chamberlain, George S. 03/27/1897 stats
Betts, Ethel Briggs, William A. 10/04/1910 stats
Betwell, Ida Earnest, Frank 12/02/1891 Slater
Betz, Mary Elizabeth Wallace, C.J. 06/19/1922 stats
Beughan, Alpha Naff, Clarence D. 09/22/1923 stats
Beusan, Anna Paparich, Frank 08/16/1918 stats
Bevan, Grace Irene Wieglow, Oscar David 09/04/1915 stats
Bex, Ethel E. (Kilbourne) 4th mar Hoffman, Fay 11/20/1929 stats
Bible, Enes Anderson, Ernie 10/14/1945 MR #7
Bible, Frances M. Crofoot, James R. 04/08/1944 MR #7
Biddle, Gladys Marie Burnham, Troy T. 08/29/1939 MR #7
Biddlecombe, Alberta Twells, William J. 09/29/1932 stats
Biddlecome, Lillian M. Dodd, Charles G. 06/19/1933 stats
Bienback, Katherine Gumm, Oscar 06/05/1923 stats
Bigalke, Hulda Mathilda Weigelt, August 12/24/1902 stats
Bigger, Donna Marie Grow, Richard P. 11/24/1946 MR #7
Binger, Ida O'Keefe, Luke 12/12/1916 stats
Binger, Lydia Winkerman, Carl 08/30/1941 MR #7
Bingham, Louise Lesh, Roy A. 12/21/1906 stats
Birchill, Florice Hedrick, Fred N. 12/24/1937 stats
Bird, Emma West, Harry 06/10/1908 stats
Bird, Eva McKinney, Lewis R. 04/03/1902 stats
Bird, Marian L. Bogg, William D. 10/11/1937 stats
Bird, Sophia (Jacobs) 2nd Young, J.H. 09/23/1911 stats
Birman, Rose Anna Ford, Frank J. 07/15/1914 stats
Bisbey, Laura Dunham, Martin 01/03/1929 stats
Bishop, Florence Skelton, Clarence E. 10/24/1892 stats
Bishop, Frances Maib, Basil 04/18/1936 stats
Bishop, Louise M. Morrison, Roland C. 12/05/1905 stats
Bissell, Blanche Swinney, John W. 12/23/1912 stats
Bissell, Catherine Jacobs, George W. 02/22/1869 Slater
Bitzer, Florence Opal 2nd (Wetherell) Schroeder, Herman W. 12/20/1900 stats
Bjerke, Dorothy M. Cherryholmes, Earl 11/28/1923 stats
Bjerke, Helen Hodgson, Victor 12/22/1920 stats
Bjerke, Mary Olga Sellers, William M. 11/06/1919 stats
Bjorkland, Ebba M. 2nd (Johnson) Pearson, Roy C. 01/18/1932 stats
Black, Cecelia M. Perri, Carmine J. 10/28/1936 stats
Black, Esther M. Campbell, William E. 03/03/1924 stats
Black, Eva M. 3rd (Bingham) Tonhoffer, George E. 2nd 04/06/1932 stats
Black, Grace LeRose, Armunziato 10/27/1932 stats
Black, Jennie Theresa DeSibato, Alphonso 10/20/1920 stats
Black, Josephine Sammartino, Antonio 09/05/1922 stats
Black, Lenore G. Schoenwald, Henry 01/12/1924 stats
Black, Mary M. Laurinte, Frank 08/30/1921 stats
Black, Zada Ann McLaury, E.C. 01/08/1931 stats
Blackenberg, Carol Bruce, James G. 04/18/1946 MR #7
Blacker, Flossie M. Mescher, C.J. 06/02/1935 stats
Blair, Anna M. Tucker, Charley M. 08/31/1907 stats
Blair, Calla Mae Whitcher, Marry A. 02/24/1940 MR #7
Blair, Ella LeMay, Nelson 04/18/1895 stats
Blair, May E. Bradbury, A.R. 2nd 07/18/1903 stats
Blake, Florence 3rd (Griffith) Clark, Fred H. 08/20/1908 stats
Blakeman, Magdalena 2nd Denning, Andrew C. 01/04/1916 stats
Blakesley, Azalea Wicksell, Erik 04/30/1920 stats
Blancher, Molly Marie Riese, Berle W. 09/02/1946 MR #7
Blank, Ella Lena Wonch, John Wesley 11/23/1935 stats
Blank, Helen M. Fleming, Walter H. 2nd 04/20/1934 stats
Blankenship, Donna Stewart, Laddie F. 09/22/1946 MR #7
Blatti, Bertha McNearney, Douglas 10/28/1939 MR #7
Blaugh, Mary Jane Humphrey, John R. 11/03/1946 MR #7
Blenz, Eva L. 2nd VanDissel, P.M. Cartier 2nd 02/24/1908 stats
Blevins, Emily Altergatt, H.J. 03/28/1931 stats
Blodgett, Elsie Clein, Sigmund 01/10/1899 stats
Blomgren, Amy Siemer, Russell W. 12/29/1945 MR #7
Blomgren, Helen Elizabeth Richardson, Theodore Frank 11/03/1945 MR #7
Blystone, Lottie Marie Tabin, William Thomas 09/24/1919 stats
Blystone, Mabel Lucille Woods, Richard J. 07/01/1925 stats
Blystone, Rebecca Thur, Thomas D. 08/14/1917 stats
Boawn, Helen Tipton, Ralph H. 03/01/1929 stats
Bodman, Lena Augustinson(Olson) Anderson, Peter 11/29/1910 stats
Bodno, Hazel E. Lambert, Leroy 2nd 04/28/1920 stats
Boesch, Louisa Kingsley, J.R. 07/04/1877 Reg
Boettcher, Dorothea Sheriff, Frank 2nd 03/16/1922 stats
Bogert, Marie Lewis, J.H. 04/12/1905 stats
Bogg, Doris Elizabeth Murray, Arthur J. 04/23/1937 stats
Boggess, Eva I. Dowty, Robert E. 01/21/1929 stats
Boggess, Mary M. McKinney, Theodore 08/14/1929 stats
Boggess, Myrtle Emmaline McKinney, William N. 02/08/1934 stats
Bogle, Margaret 2nd Dameron, S. David 02/17/1921 stats
Bohart, Lucy C. Ward, Anderson S. 03/16/1892 stats
Bohart, Minnie A. Clark, James E. 06/07/1891 Slater
Bohren, Effie (Rice) Stewart, Arthur B. 11/18/1924 stats
Boiler, Emma (Brown) Gingras, Marcel 11/01/1894 stats
Boiler, Nora Osborn, Thomas 03/15/1891 Slater
Boleck, Mary Bell, Lee 06/29/1922 stats
Boles, Elsie Preston, William 06/11/1927 stats
Boles, Willie Mower, Oscar 10/13/1925 stats
Bollons, Pauline E. Hocking, James F. 05/22/1930 stats
Bond, Geneva O. Carroll, Simon F. 03/18/1897 stats
Bond, Geneva O. Carroll, Simon F. 03/18/1897 stats
Bond, Lucy 2nd Farrer, George W. 04/30/1895 stats
Bond, N.M. (fa--Potts) Keeler, S.R. 07/14/1897 stats
Bond, N.M. (fa-Potts) Keeler, S.R. 07/14/1897 stats
Bone, Monta Holford, Roy 04/08/1914 stats
Bone, Myrta Holford, Eugene R. 04/08/1914 stats
Bonnett, Barbara J. Scarborough, Hugh A. (Jr) 06/02/1946 MR #7
Bonnett, Clara Gotham, Harry C. 09/21/1927 stats
Bonnett, Marguerite Quillen, Wilbur Dale 06/06/1924 stats
Booher, Mary Robertson, Fred 07/05/1911 stats
Booth, Beatrice Hawthorne Lamkin, Lawrence S. 06/23/1916 stats
Bootney, Mary A. 2nd (Foster) Bates, James E. 09/11/1907 stats
Boots, Alice McNearney, Charles Percy 10/29/1935 stats
Boots, M. Ethel Trimble, Earl S. 10/05/1935 stats
Boots, Vina Fern McNearney, Charles W. 2nd 01/19/1935 stats
Borch, Ruth Gunther, Floyd 02/18/1937 stats
Borck, Betty M. Tilton, Richard C. 11/17/1946 MR #7
Borck, Marjorie Lindley, Bob 06/22/1946 MR #7
Borck, Rachel Frizzell, Lesley O. 01/25/1938 stats
Borden, Elizabeth Ross Horton, H.B. 08/04/1930 stats
Boring, Hazel Shay, Frank 05/03/1917 stats
Borland, Lucy Campbell, John 10/27/1862 Slater
Borsuk, Mary Anthony, Fred S. 10/02/1937 stats
Bosley, Annie 2nd (fa-Bosley) Distad, John S. 2nd 08/03/1903 stats
Boss, Mable Grieve, Matthew B. 06/11/1898 stats
Boss, Mina Crowell, R.C. 11/19/1895 stats
Boss, P. Irene Huikle, J. Grant 08/30/1901 stats
Bottoroff, Frances Folsom Bissell, Claude Wilfred 08/10/1916 stats
Botts, Josephine Johnson, Benjamin J. 12/08/1919 stats
Botts, Nelly Eveline Fryett, James William 12/22/1898 stats
Botts, Ona L. Zurgrubb, R. Edward 12/18/1911 stats
Botts, Ora Cordelia Phillips, Harry Ernest 05/27/1911 stats
Bouchardt, Mavis 2nd Gillingham, J.W. 2nd 09/21/1904 stats
Boudiner, Mary 3rd (Foster) Lawrence, George W. 2nd 04/21/1898 stats
Bourne, Ruth L. 2nd (Smith) Billingsley, R. 01/28/1935 stats
Boutin, Polemna 2nd (Combs) Gourlay, A.G. 06/27/1910 stats
Boutinen, Sadie Blenz, B.J. 03/01/1929 stats
Bowdelais, Myrtle E. 2nd (Kendrick) Burkhart, Eddie 04/24/1939 stats
Bowden, Janet Jorgens, William Fredrick 01/05/1924 stats
Bowen, Maude Folsom, Floyd M. 12/23/1911 stats
Bowen, Rita Ensminger, Clay B. 12/18/1926 stats
Bowers, Hazel Neely, C.O. 02/14/1912 stats
Bowers, N.E. 3rd (Ashcroft) Gagne, Joseph 10/04/1916 stats
Bowers, Nellie Cox, Gordon 07/03/1925 stats
Bowers, Roberta Brodice, R.R. 10/16/1915 stats
Bowers, Ursula Pauline Wuestoff, William 07/22/1937 stats
Bowles, Eddoris Chapman, W.S. 05/19/1933 stats
Bowman, Aleta Sims, James E. 10/15/1925 stats
Bowman, Bertha May Smith, William T. 05/28/1892 stats
Bowman, Rosebelle Spears, Earl 12/04/1947 MR #7
Boyd, Alice Turner, Eugene 06/12/1930 stats
Boyd, Esther B. Carlin, Harold J. 06/09/1902 stats
Boyd, Frances M. (Fleckl) Sandoz, Feliz W. 08/05/1924 stats
Boyd, Juanita Vivian Michael, James Ross 09/15/1926 stats
Boyd, Margarite Mitchell, T.B. 04/23/1906 stats
Boyd, Mary Noyes, Alomond 09/22/1882 Slater
Boyd, Naida C. Bayne, Reginald V. 08/15/1936 stats
Boyd, Naomi Chalfan, Wiley 02/18/1905 stats
Boyd, Ora Belle Sandbrg, Nels Adolf 04/02/1910 stats
Boyd, Ozella Landfried, Charles P. 08/15/1912 stats
Boyer, Mary B. Shelberg, Robert 04/08/1914 stats
Boyes, Bernice Alves Grandison, Thomas G. 07/24/1935 stats
Boyes, Emma Young, Charles 09/24/1907 stats
Boyes, Sarah O'Donnell, Will 11/09/1910 stats
Boyington, Blanche 2nd (Cameron) Scott, B.L. 2nd 10/19/1920 stats
Boyle, Burdet M. 2nd (Martin) Hask, Sebert S. 06/21/1910 stats
Boyle, Wanda Mifflin, Donald 06/22/1947 MR #7
Boyles, Lena B. Ellis, Bert 03/29/1894 stats
Boyson, D.H. Rasmussen, Juanita 11/10/1941 MR #7
Bozette, Pearl E. Donaldson, William F. 10/15/1927 stats
Bradbury, Alice M. Lerch, Samuel E. 05/25/1934 stats
Bradbury, Jean Hodgson, Jasper 09/08/1936 stats
Bradbury, Lucille R. Curry, William Hector 09/22/1911 stats
Braddock, Florence E. 2nd (Bland) Early, Thomas B. 11/10/1908 stats
Bradeen, Emma L. Newell, Ashor 04/12/1902 stats
Bradeen, Lois Mounce, M.L. 12/18/1931 stats
Bradeen, Mable Marie Sage, Oscar Russell 09/22/1941 MR #7
Bradish, Edna Grace Abbott, Charles W. 03/31/1898 stats
Bradley, Alice M. Horton, Joseph N. 06/08/1894 stats
Bradley, Alice Mary Sewell, Jim Lorne 05/08/1937 stats
Bradley, Anna E. 2nd (Stringham) Spofford, E.G. 2nd 08/08/1934 stats
Bradley, Bernice M. Taylor, Edward A. 2nd 04/16/1912 stats
Bradley, Bertha E. Brigham, Hugh A. 12/24/1910 stats
Bradley, Jewel Trombley, Joseph 02/19/1937 stats
Bradley, Ruth Bohren, F. Fritz 03/26/1895 stats
Bradshaw, Dolly Jerred, George 11/09/1936 stats
Brady, Ida B. Liddle, Fred C. 07/14/1942 MR #7
Brady, Luella Morris, Humphrey R. 12/23/1936 stats
Braig, Myrtle E. Jenkins, Henry R. 2nd 11/11/1904 stats
Bramhall, Dorothy Palm, Einer 12/11/1936 stats
Branigan, Edith Campbell, Roy S. 01/16/1919 stats
Bransford, Beulah Shafer, Harold B. 06/22/1929 stats
Brauner, Caroline Stanton, Bryant E. 09/27/1918 stats
Brauner, Elizabeth VanDoren, John 10/05/1920 stats
Brawley, Kittie Shank, Maynard George 11/22/1926 stats
Brawn, Beatrice Reddick, Kenneth 07/20/1935 stats
Bray, Edna Kirk, Arthur 11/12/1921 stats
Brazington, Edna Basye, Bird 10/20/1919 stats
Brazington, Ethel Frances Fuller, Roy Gilette 12/27/1912 stats
Breakey, Henrietta McSpearin, Floyd 06/22/1942 MR #7
Brean, Emma C. Ely, Charles D. 06/28/1904 stats
Breeden, Mary 2nd Gray, Malcolm 05/17/1933 stats
Breeding, Leona Verla Beck, Cecil Jasper 05/19/1923 stats
Brenner, Julia (Culbert) Meyeroff, D.A. 09/05/1930 stats
Bresnahan, Agnes Kolling, Leo G. 07/18/1927 stats
Bresnahan, Agnes Bockmier, Paul T. 07/19/1927 stats
Bresnahan, Ellen Cecelia Herzner, Joseph Carl 06/10/1935 stats
Bresnahan, Mary V. Ceynar, Henry 06/25/1927 stats
Brewington, Hattie G. (fa-Post) Merrill, L.B. 2nd 04/11/1919 stats
Brewington, Josephine M. Camp, Fay L. 05/09/1903 stats
Briant, Elizabeth Thompson, Hugh G. 01/05/1947 MR #7
Brick, Edna 2nd (Swanson) Anderson, Peter 2nd (fa-Johnson) 05/22/1918 stats
Bride, Drucilla A. 2nd (Edwards) Balser, Irvin 11/19/1934 stats
Brien, Mary Johnson, Elmer 09/20/1938 stats
Briggs, Hazel Goldie Foster, Charles Milton 06/16/1914 stats
Briggs, Loretta M. Murray, Joe R. 05/22/1928 stats
Brigham, Rose Algier Bradbury, Raymond L. 11/28/1914 stats
Bringgold, Inez Lilienthal, Henry S. 10/15/1892 stats
Brink, Phyllis Haag, Lawrence M. 09/25/1933 stats
Brinkman, Claudia Nelson, Albin 12/17/1939 MR #7
Brist, Jessie Beasley, George Robert 10/22/1932 stats
Brittain, Delcena Maurer, Charles W. 07/22/1922 stats
Brittain, Dora Smith, Tom 07/09/1927 stats
Brittain, Inez Merle Hurd, Marine Granville 2nd 06/20/1917 stats
Brittain, Mae Gifford, Fred R. 03/25/1922 stats
Brittain, Sylvia Sharpe, L.W. 07/05/1927 stats
Brittell, Lovica A. Jones, Elvin L. 03/16/1912 stats
Brockman, Elma J. Arnett, Frank S. 06/05/1900 stats
Broderius, Grace Rowe, Lawrence 08/19/1939 MR #7
Broderius, Maxine Bramhall, Lesley V. 03/13/1942 MR #7
Broderius, Wanda Smith, Vern W.F. 07/22/1933 stats
Brodie, Isabel H. Smith, J. Ferris 06/02/1937 stats
Bromley, Jessie 2nd Jefferson, Thomas 2nd 11/07/1903 stats
Broncheau, Daisy Moses, Albert 03/12/1945 MR #7
Brook, Alice Arnold, Adam W. 12/07/1888 Slater
Brooke, Effie S. Beaulieu, Harry A. 11/28/1936 stats
Brooke, Lena Bechler, William 05/17/1888 Slater
Brooks, Annabelle Muriel 2nd (Bowen) Lean, Theodore B. 10/13/1933 stats
Brooks, Elizabeth (Schultz) Barnett E.A. 2nd mar 03/07/1931 stats
Brooks, Florence E. Curtis, Elvin L. 2nd 05/12/1916 stats
Brooks, G.M. Buck, George F. 07/17/1901 stats
Brooks, Irene Clark, Frank O. 09/09/1933 stats
Brooks, Mildred Pope, John 08/22/1942 MR #7
Brooks, Olive Anderson, William D. 12/10/1915 stats
Broom, Maurine 2nd Dent, H.H. 2nd 04/29/1933 stats
Broten, Josie E. Verrell, Ray E. 12/18/1926 stats
Brouder, Neoma Granstand, Carl A. 11/02/1910 stats
Brouillet, Osa Bailey, H. Wade 06/08/1910 stats
Brouillet, Zoe T. Armstrong, George K. 06/22/1908 stats
Brown, Adeline Baldwin, Frank 07/12/1921 stats
Brown, Alvenious A. Fine, Selwin F. 12/02/1925 stats
Brown, Anna Stella 2nd (Budzyn) Henning, Frank C. 09/16/1899 stats
Brown, Belva E. Gill, Carl W. 01/19/1912 stats
Brown, Bertha V. Bedinger, Karl L. 06/15/1928 stats
Brown, E.B. Morrell, John 2nd 05/25/1909 stats
Brown, Ella Simpson, Dan 06/05/1929 stats
Brown, Emma Baylor, Frank 02/03/1891 Slater
Brown, Frances E. (Bean) 2nd Ferris, Frank 2nd 07/29/1912 stats
Brown, Geraldine A. Conrad, Ray B. 08/19/1913 stats
Brown, Gladys Sampson, Weldon G. 07/05/1928 stats
Brown, Ida L. 2nd (Wright) Bunker, Claud Clarence 2nd 10/19/1905 stats
Brown, Jean N. Fowler, Richard A. 07/02/1935 stats
Brown, Jemima Sutton, James 06/30/1881 Slater
Brown, Jemima 3rd Reinoehl, W.E. 2nd 05/17/1895 stats
Brown, Lillian M. Lafor, Edward V. 09/28/1917 stats
Brown, Mabel Marie Hildreth, Paul Eugene 09/14/1940 MR #7
Brown, Mable M. Catlanach, Earl M. 03/02/1910 stats
Brown, Mae Tucker, H.E. 09/12/1929 stats
Brown, Maggie Young, Henry E. 01/25/1866 Slater
Brown, Mamie Neill, Joseph H. 09/04/1894 stats
Brown, Mamie (Rickey) Woodcock, Lloyd 12/01/1927 stats
Brown, Margaret Montgomery, Charles H. 07/06/1870 Slater
Brown, Margaret Ida O'Daniel, Joseph E. 09/13/1910 stats
Brown, Margret E. Berg, Arthur W. 11/09/1941 MR #7
Brown, Marjorie Scherette, Fred 09/27/1938 stats
Brown, Marnie 2nd (Marshall) Bell, Oliver N. 2nd 04/04/1907 stats
Brown, Mary Christianson, Carl F. 08/04/1910 stats
Brown, Mary E. Ledgerwood, R.S. 02/16/1891 Slater
Brown, Mary S. Thomason, E.G. 01/11/1877 Reg
Brown, Nancy Flett, Charley 09/19/1923 stats
Brown, Nancy R. Ledgerwood, LaFayette 10/01/1888 Slater
Brown, Nelly E. Curtis, Roy H. 08/13/1917 stats
Brown, Nina F. Cline, Alvin E. 07/16/1936 stats
Brown, Ruby Potter, Fred W. 09/08/1904 stats
Brown, Ruby E. Swarthout, Clifford H. 07/29/1912 stats
Brown, Ruth Creal, Thomas A. 09/04/1902 stats
Brown, Temima Hopkins, M.C. 08/06/1887 Slater
Brown, Vernie Mary Baldwin, Charles 08/30/1915 stats
Brown, Viola Peterson, Carl E. 11/01/1933 stats
Brown, Virgie Zimkoski, Joseph 01/16/1915 stats
Browne, L. Belle Redmond, D.J. 12/23/1912 stats
Brownfield, Birdie Wooley, Lloyd Clark 10/24/1934 stats
Brownfield, Julia Schneiter, Paul 03/18/1936 stats
Brownlow, Gertrude S. Smith, Walter D. 12/29/1905 stats
Brownlow, Helen Adams, William Jr 01/25/1913 stats
Brownlow, Nelly 2nd (Norris) Bartell, Frank 05/04/1907 stats
Brudevald, Alice Anderson, Edwin 06/03/1919 stats
Brugg, Fuchsia P. VanScoy, Guy 06/04/1946 MR #7
Brummand, Amelia Collins, George H. 03/08/1898 stats
Brunner, Elsie Peterson, Evald 12/28/1931 stats
Brunner, Esther Kohlieber, Wilfred 09/15/1940 MR #7
Brunstetter, Laura Avery, William 06/27/1913 stats
Brunstetter, Ruth Lawson, John 12/11/1911 stats
Brunstetter, Zoe J. Ensor, Eli E. 02/10/1908 stats
Bryan, Virginia Ensley Bowers, Jack W. 06/25/1941 MR #7
Bryant, Ann 2nd (McLeod) Blake, Bensley E. 2nd 06/16/1909 stats
Bryant, Beulah Cribby, M.G. 12/03/1940 MR #7
Bryant, Edna Ethel Kent, William Franklin 07/03/1909 stats
Bryant, Etta Alldredge, Ward 06/26/1920 stats
Bryant, Genevieve Jensen, Adgar 11/13/1946 MR #7
Bryant, Marchie Kleidosty, John 11/23/1891 Slater
Bryant, Minnie C. Arnold, Fred C. 01/05/1904 stats
Bryant, Onie M. Bemis, Vern C. 12/01/1908 stats
Bryant, Susie M. Hook, W.R. 08/19/1896 stats
Bryant, Willa May Paxton, Fleming Maxwell 09/01/1904 stats
Bryant, Wilma Gibberson, George 08/12/1913 stats
Buchanan, Eleanor W. Nisbet, Alexander W. 09/13/1937 stats
Buchanan, Emily A. 2nd (Angel) Timmel, Fred 05/28/1910 stats
Buchanan, M. Miller, H.J. 06/27/1946 MR #7
Buchanan, Myrtle L. Roberts, Arthur T. 2nd 10/09/1906 stats
Buchanan, Pearl Shepherd, Albert 05/26/1914 stats
Buchholtz, Elnora Garvey, Joe 09/21/1934 stats
Buchholtz, Pauline Pierce, Vilas C. 03/03/1927 stats
Buchner, Frances M. 2nd (Troyer) Swan, Isaac W. 2nd 06/14/1897 stats
Buck, Georgia Morris, D.L. 04/14/1927 stats
Buckenroth, Viola Gaeng, C.A. 07/10/1916 stats
Buckland, Rosa Swan, Otto 01/22/1903 stats
Buckle, Phyllis L. Macey, Robert W. 11/12/1938 stats
Buckley, Anna C. McCrea, Sam C. 10/06/1946 MR #7
Buckley, Elsie 2nd (Roberts) Pike, W.L. 2nd 10/31/1919 stats
Buckley, Eunice Zundel, Theodore 02/14/1941 MR #7
Buelle, Blanche Cord, Foster G. 09/22/1928 stats
Buelow, Mae A. Alm, B. Maurice 06/02/1946 MR #7
Buen, Ruby Entwistle, Edwin 11/04/1933 stats
Bulland, Pauline Frances White, Kenneth James 08/11/1946 MR #7
Bullivant, Alice Whittred, A.B. 09/08/1937 stats
Bullock, Freda I. Moran, William 12/15/1914 stats
Bunker, Mae Keiling, Albert 12/31/1897 stats
Burbank, Martha 2nd (Hendrickson) Conner, William O. 07/31/1897 stats
Burbonte, Jennie Miller, Rudolph 10/04/1891 Slater
Burch, Bethine Ronald, Gilman 04/05/1937 stats
Burcham, Hattie M. Bryant, Emmet P. 2nd 09/08/1904 stats
Burcham, Margaret Svenvold, Donald A. 09/02/1939 MR #7
Burger, Virginia Wolf, Edward A. 05/27/1938 stats
Burges, Myrtle E. Owen, Arthur A. 02/26/1913 stats
Burgess, Anna Heber, Peter W. 12/21/1894 stats
Burgess, Lois Wiltse, Fredrick G. 02/13/1946 MR #7
Burgis, Mary Florence Waters, Charles A. 02/10/1898 stats
Burgman, Edith Wilhelmina Yoder, Joshua E. 08/15/1917 stats
Burgoyne, Nora (Sexton) Martinson, Ole 03/31/1923 stats
Buriff, Melissa Boyd, Thomas James 2nd 06/24/1919 stats
Burke, Mary M. Willis, Charles L. 03/14/1917 stats
Burkhart Lela Lois Bishop, Roy I. 07/20/1914 stats
Burlingame, Harriet Gardner, Henry W. 04/13/1901 stats
Burlow, Olga W. Flick, Victor 02/04/1903 stats
Burnett, Bessie Zimmerman, Arthur 08/27/1927 stats
Burnett, Rose Mahoney, Milton R. 05/25/1947 MR #7
Burnett, Velma M. Hotchkiss, Albert 03/08/1930 stats
Burnham, Nancy Emily Wilkes, Gilbert Earl 12/18/1893 stats
Burns, Ellen Mary Christman, H.R. 02/20/1936 stats
Burns, Lillian Griffith, R.J. 04/25/1943 MR #7
Burnside, Helen Powell, Jack 06/18/1930 stats
Burnside, Joyce Dotts, Gaylord D. 09/03/1943 MR #7
Burnside, June M. Williams, Clifford F. 11/05/1939 MR #7
Burr, Edna Salvage, Victor 12/24/1918 stats
Burr, Eunice May Ward, Floyd E. 04/28/1923 stats
Burr, Mildred E. Kroening, Harry 05/01/1931 stats
Burrows, Elizabeth Folvik, Harold 03/13/1928 stats
Burse, Doreen R. Harbolt, Harold Wilson 07/08/1941 MR #7
Burse, Matie E. Knapp, Albert C. 12/24/1907 stats
Burt, Edna F. Blair, Bert F. 2nd 01/17/1905 stats
Busby, Sarah A. Murphy, Frank R. 08/11/1919 stats
Buscher, Shirley Dietzman, E.W. 08/10/1947 MR #7
Buscumb, Dorothy Sommerfield, William 07/14/1936 stats
Bussert, Flossie Edna Filansky, Edgar Dwight 01/14/1920 stats
Bussert, Viola Mounter, Henry 02/09/1916 stats
Bussler, Ethel Gwinnup, Norman V. 04/02/1926 stats
Bussler, Mabel Geer, Lewis M. 04/27/1918 stats
Bussler, Shirley A. Campbell, Alexander R. 07/06/1946 MR #7
Bustillos, Harriet Miller, Louis H. 04/25/1941 MR #7
Butler, Ada M. Hixson, Isaac 07/01/1904 stats
Butler, Alice Toulou, Clarence 02/06/1919 stats
Butler, Bessie Baulne, Daniel 12/13/1924 stats
Butler, Esther Coraine Brigham, Albert Elmer 10/30/1919 stats
Butler, Eva M. Manring, W.V. 08/02/1891 Slater
Butler, Evelyn M. Dallas, Robert M. 07/02/1942 MR #7
Butler, Freda Gilson, G.E. 06/10/1932 stats
Butler, Stella Olmstead, Harry A. 04/29/1911 stats
Butte, Magdalena Anderson, Charles W. 04/05/1913 stats
Butter, Bessie May Odell, Lou 12/23/1907 stats
Butter, Josephine Dearing, Jim 01/09/1941 MR #7
Butterfield, Luella M. Knapp, Robert M. 06/29/1940 MR #7
Buttman, Eri R. Potter, C.E. 2nd 06/01/1904 stats
Buxton, Clair 2nd (Ford) James, Joseph 2nd 09/21/1932 stats
Byers, Edna R. Free, William 09/28/1912 stats
Byrd, Belle Cotton, Ora White 05/11/1925 stats
Byrd, Clara Pelissier, F.A. 02/17/1920 stats
Byrd, Daisy Glover, George L. 05/07/1934 stats
Byrd, Della Rose, William Carlton 06/20/1923 stats
Byrd, Dosha Williams, Andrew J. 01/26/1894 stats
Byrd, Edna Kjolseth, Howard 12/19/1939 MR #7
Byrd, Elzora Storer, Arthur 03/21/1927 stats
Byrd, Floy Adkins, Vern 11/09/1935 stats
Byrd, Goldie Jessee, Gilbert 12/05/1944 MR #7
Byrd, Jessie Quillen, Ernest Harrison 05/05/1919 stats
Byrd, Leona Rose, George R. 01/15/1923 stats
Byrd, Millie C. Goakey, Robert F. 11/07/1896 stats
Byrd, Molly Burnham, Abbie K. 03/17/1902 stats
Byrne, Mary Ellen Rygh, Ole Olsen 06/06/1929 stats
Byrtle Booker Stratton, Sim 07/01/1926 stats
Bystom, Hildegard Marie Richardson, Gordon J. 08/11/1934 stats