Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages Groom Index
Brides Index C - D
Cadwallader, Edith May 2nd (Truschell) Peters, Perry 12/27/1904 stats
Cady, Jane Louise Fry, Charles Leroy 09/11/1923 stats
Caesar, Alice Dornin Lee, Robert Edward Jr 03/15/1928 stats
Caffee, B.L. Smith, Norman 06/08/1900 stats
Cagle, Alpha French, Lee 11/04/1896 stats
Cagle, Bertha 2nd (Crow) Scherette, Francis 01/08/1920 stats
Cagle, Emma E. 2nd (Hull) McKee, Charles E. 04/24/1910 stats
Cagle, Texanna Oakes, Henry A. 11/12/1894 stats
Cagley, Nelly Lida Titers, John W. 05/29/1937 stats
Cahail, Nelly M. Huguenin, Alfred 09/19/1908 stats
Cahill, Elsie Herring, W.G. 02/10/1941 MR #7
Cain, Mildred E. Spores, David J. 07/02/1932 stats
Cairns, Margaret Baxter, Guy 09/20/1913 stats
Caldwell, Dolly M. Baird, Otis A. 12/01/1902 stats
Caldwell, Mary Jane Frances Wonch, William Winfred 06/13/1941 MR #7
Caldwell, Minnie Alice Cora Prindle, William S. 02/14/1889 Slater
Caldwell, Myrtle J. Colvin, Raymond P. 12/27/1939 MR #7
Calhoun, Lorena Dinsley, Frank 05/15/1903 stats
Calhoun, Lucille Benner, Paul A. 05/22/1919 stats
Callahan, Phyllis B. Fox, Ralph Hubert 12/08/1945 MR #7
Callan, Amelia 2nd (Peon) Perkins, Peter 06/28/1895 stats
Callan, Inez A. Droz, Bernard H. 09/10/1944 MR #7
Camerer, Edith M. Fish, George E. 11/09/1914 stats
Cameron, Blanche Boyington, Thomas 05/10/1911 stats
Cameron, D.E. 2nd (McDonald) Stevens, C.S. 2nd 01/14/1909 stats
Cameron, Euclare Johnson, Emery 11/24/1915 stats
Cameron, Jennie Baker, R.W. 2nd 04/26/1915 stats
Cameron, Mae C. Adams, Otto U. 06/05/1909 stats
Cameron, Mary Ann Litchfield, Edward T. 06/26/1931 stats
Cameron, Maud H. Neill, Roy A. 12/30/1911 stats
Cameron, Mildred E. (Jacobs) Durr, Charles 01/15/1924 stats
Cameron, Nelle Shriner, Jefferson B. 12/15/1913 stats
Cameron, Roxie Barnett, Vernie 10/18/1910 stats
Cameron, Sylvia E. Fisk, James D. 11/02/1908 stats
Camille, Adaline (Seymour) Signor, Thomas P. 04/07/1923 stats
Camille, Eliza Pichette, Joseph 10/25/1924 stats
Camille, Lena Seymour, Peter J. 05/14/1918 stats
Camille, Mary Marchand, Louie 07/18/1910 stats
Camp, Blanche (Hardenbrook) Montgomery, J.C. 11/30/1925 stats
Camp, Lenora Innes, Warren 05/25/1901 stats
Camp, Sylvia Kenworthy, Jarrett J. 11/24/1943 MR #7
Campbell, (Mrs. B.W.) 2nd (Baxter) Morrow, H.M. 02/01/1909 stats
Campbell, Agnes R. McCammon, J.S. 12/13/1907 stats
Campbell, Alice Kingsley, Henry C. 2nd 03/11/1915 stats
Campbell, Barbara Bennett, Gray 05/14/1943 MR #7
Campbell, Bessie Mereen, Gilman 01/31/1912 stats
Campbell, Carrie Swan, Clarence J. 09/12/1912 stats
Campbell, Dotty Norton, Fred E. 09/25/1904 stats
Campbell, Florence B. English, Leon B. 06/09/1908 stats
Campbell, Genevieve Thatcher, Isaac 09/15/1924 stats
Campbell, Hattie Wallace, William 11/13/1893 stats
Campbell, Hattie Justice, George G. 09/13/1915 stats
Campbell, Isabella B. Graham, J.E. 2nd 12/30/1913 stats
Campbell, Isabelle M. Robertson, William M. 06/25/1938 stats
Campbell, Jennie (Gants) Williams, H.L. 08/24/1927 stats
Campbell, Jersey Duncan, George S. 11/20/1897 stats
Campbell, Jessie Louise Fitzsimmons, Marcus Whitman 06/09/1917 stats
Campbell, Lucy Griselman, Joseph Alfred 11/26/1906 stats
Campbell, Margaret Arlene Manning, James Gerald 11/26/1942 MR #7
Campbell, Marguerite K. Gerl, Clarence H. 08/01/1942 MR #7
Campbell, Mary Moody, C.A. 05/01/1915 stats
Campbell, Mary J. (Langworthy) Brazington, Ira 02/15/1927 stats
Campbell, Mary Katie 2nd (Mowlds) Langrell, I.A. 2nd 12/19/1898 stats
Campbell, Mary Laura Haney, Robert Howe 03/04/1916 stats
Campbell, Nellie Clark, Emmet 01/29/1891 Slater
Campbell, Rene Evelyn Richardson, Chester 03/09/1923 stats
Campbell, Violet C. Marshall, Matthew 04/18/1934 stats
Campe, Beda Wilson, William 05/08/1939 stats
Campion, Emily Beatrice McLean, Robert Meighen 07/18/1931 stats
Cantry, Mamie Ince, J.W. 06/23/1911 stats
Canwell, May Hughes, William 03/07/1906 stats
Capwell, Shirley Kohlstedt, James E. 10/19/1947 MR #7
Cara McCrea, Edward 04/25/1868 Slater
Carbaugh, Bertha M. Engstrom, Robert 09/19/1931 stats
Carefoot, Furla 2nd (Price) Aebly, Frank R. 06/20/1938 stats
Carefoot, Laura Esther Horn, Vernon Egbert 03/11/1932 stats
Carefoot, Olive E. Olson, Eric 03/03/1916 stats
Carlin, Sabrina Andrews, Frank W. 01/14/1911 stats
Carlisle, Dorothy Hanson, Ralph L. 07/30/1935 stats
Carlisle, Marie Scott, Harry 09/04/1936 stats
Carlson, Bernice Helen Rutherford, Howard B. 07/21/1939 MR #7
Carlson, Elizabeth Cox, Everett 06/15/1935 stats
Carlson, Emma Madison, William H. 03/28/1918 stats
Carlson, Esther Desideria Anderson, Andrew 05/31/1909 stats
Carlson, Hilda C. Cornwall, Marshall W. 01/16/1941 MR #7
Carlson, Norma M. Carman, Paul F. 11/23/1941 MR #7
Carlson, Signe Cecelia Palm, John Alfred 12/06/1907 stats
Carlson, Sigrud Eugenia Miller, Homer E. 2nd 01/19/1921 stats
Carmen, Carrie Fronsman, Glen A. 12/16/1935 stats
Carpenter, Dawn L. Stephenson, R.B. 05/29/1943 MR #7
Carpenter, Elnora L. Simmons, E.D. 06/03/1927 stats
Carpenter, Gerlie E. Kemp, Aaron 11/30/1897 stats
Carpenter, Mary A. Peterson, Patrick A. 09/06/1939 MR #7
Carpenter, Stella L. Spence, W.O. 08/01/1938 stats
Carr, Lillian Elizabeth Chapman, Frank C. 03/09/1916 stats
Carr, Lodema Baede, Walter M. 05/11/1935 stats
Carr, Pearl Curtis, Charles 07/01/1916 stats
Carroll, Averil Skeels, Dick G. 11/22/1935 stats
Carroll, Edith I. Botts, G. Yates 05/16/1904 stats
Carroll, Florence McNeil, D.R. 01/07/1942 MR #7
Carroll, Lila Eva Ogle, Wm Earl 02/23/1935 stats
Carroll, Lillian Burnside, A.E. 09/29/1917 stats
Carson, Cecelia Scherette, Charley 12/14/1929 stats
Carson, Eva Damon, Roe 03/27/1914 stats
Carson, Frances E. Bremner, Leonard C. 11/06/1937 stats
Carson, Gloria Peone, Lewis 05/15/1947 MR #7
Carson, Helen Elvina Lewis, Glen N. 05/08/1939 stats
Carson, Mae Quill, Jerome 09/07/1937 stats
Carson, May Pearl Johnson, Ben M. 06/27/1923 stats
Carson, Nan Elizabeth Savage, Richard T. 02/15/1935 stats
Carter, Alice Hendrickson, S.A. 10/25/1891 Slater
Carter, Bessie B. 2nd (Blake) Honer, A.S. 03/20/1939 stats
Carter, Dora Gaylord, Guy 12/21/1905 stats
Carter, Ella L. Loven, Arthur O. 11/16/1921 stats
Carter, Emma English, C. Paul 05/29/1930 stats
Carter, Estella L. Rodman, Matthew A. 10/07/1921 stats
Carter, Gertrude Duckett, Jim 06/23/1913 stats
Carter, Lucille Tollefson, George 08/03/1935 stats
Carter, Marguerite Bannon, J. Vern 12/31/1935 stats
Carter, Mary K. Howell, John P. 03/09/1903 stats
Carter, Maud Griffith, Thomas P. (Jr) 02/04/1909 stats
Carter, Nellie Julia Rauley, Edwin 12/22/1900 stats
Carter, Ora J. 3rd (Nevins) Wilbur, George W. 12/14/1910 stats
Carter, Orra Jean 5th (Nevins) Eklund, Iver William 2nd 06/04/1920 stats
Carter, Thelma Walters, George 09/16/1916 stats
Cartright, Mable M. Caldwell, P.M. 09/13/1919 stats
Case, Eliza A. Cunningham, G.W. 2nd 09/03/1899 stats
Casey, Constance D. Wallace, H.R. 09/29/1920 stats
Casey, Gladys Irene Sutherland, Don 01/30/1926 stats
Cason, Effie Shannon, Charley 09/06/1917 stats
Cass, Jenny 2nd (Fea) Scott, R.P. 06/01/1899 stats
Cassana, Rosario Nigro, Antonio G. (2nd) 07/11/1911 stats
Cassell, Daisy Loiselle, Alva R. 11/06/1922 stats
Cassell, Evelyn Look, Selah H. 12/31/1923 stats
Cassels, Margaret McDonald, L.F. 05/18/1936 stats
Castile, Hester Shelburne, Hadg W. 12/05/1895 stats
Castile, Sophia Rice, Irwin Oscar 06/15/1896 stats
Castle, Bettie Frances Magee, John M. 10/22/1890 Slater
Castle, Hattie May Sykes, A.B. 03/15/1899 stats
Castle, Marjorie Harriett Both, Bertelan Laizls 06/16/1937 stats
Casto, Marie 3rd (Utiger) Pfeiffer, Edward D. 10/17/1917 stats
Caswell, Iola Coy, Elmer C. 04/02/1931 stats
Caswell, Merle Rankin, Charles R. 04/04/1929 stats
Caudill, Alma (Holman) DeHart William Byron 02/24/1927 stats
Cawthon, Lucille 2nd Taylor, George 08/25/1932 stats
Caza, Ida M. Tilbury, James V. 11/11/1916 stats
Cercone, Rosa DePasqualle, Fred 11/14/1907 stats
Chalmers, Arlene Aldredge, Harold Robert 08/18/1946 MR #7
Chalmers, Daisy Jones, William A. 05/24/1920 stats
Chalmers, Mary Seabrandt, John C. 11/05/1914 stats
Chamberlain, Bessie R. Harvey, Lewis R. 02/16/1905 stats
Chamberlain, Emma Salvage, James F. 04/12/1893 stats
Chamberlain, Gladys Nussbaum, Joseph 07/18/1936 stats
Chamberlain, Helen Brady, Isaac 11/21/1908 stats
Chamberlain, Lucy A. Wright, W.H. 11/02/1882 Slater
Chamberlain, Mary M. Burris, James D. 04/21/1894 stats
Chamberlain, Mercy Maxwell, William 10/29/1894 stats
Chamberlin, Blanche Buchanan, Forest 01/01/1915 stats
Chambers, Elzora Kimball, Simon 06/28/1879 Slater
Chambers, Violet Frances Kamerman, David F. 04/04/1906 stats
Chamois, Marie Long, A.L. 04/21/1934 stats
Champayne, Dorothy Alldredge, Robert L. 06/30/1940 MR #7
Chance, Pearl May McLean, John Allison 04/30/1924 stats
Chapin, Edith M. Westin, C.H. 07/20/1904 stats
Chapin, Gail Turner, Emerson C. 06/26/1939 MR #7
Chapman, Phyllis J. Schuerman, Joseph W. 12/12/1941 MR #7
Charbeauex, Mary Arcasa, Marillo 01/16/1906 stats
Charett, Caroline Dupuis, Moses 10/29/1866 Slater
Charette, Lizzie Gendron, James 12/09/1888 Slater
Charette, Rosa O'Brien, Frank 05/27/1886 Slater
Charley, Cecelia Paul Smith, Frank 11/08/1941 MR #7
Charley, Mary Marchand, Willie 04/23/1919 stats
Charlton, Lucille M. Harris, Harold Donald 03/28/1925 stats
Chase, Grace Hall, Roscoe 06/10/1914 stats
Chase, Orpha M. Woodward, Charles W. 04/21/1920 stats
Chatham, Lucille Healy, D. Emmett 05/22/1934 stats
Chatten, Ivy Marie Simoneau, J. 10/30/1935 stats
Chausse, Louanna Clarke, George T. 02/11/1940 MR #7
Chelli, Ersilia Lucente, Mike 03/23/1914 stats
Cheney, Violet Weston, R.D. 2nd 05/17/1938 stats
Cherette, Aurillia Lindsay, Charles L. 09/17/1898 stats
Cherette, Lucy 2nd (Haller) Hardin, Clarence W. 2nd 10/06/1904 stats
Cherette, Ruhama Franz, William 2nd 06/18/1932 stats
Cherrett, Lenora Mason, Charles L. 11/19/1902 stats
Cherry, Helen 2nd (Dixon) Gramlich, J.M. 2nd 09/02/1916 stats
Cherry, Marjory Houchin, Paul B. 04/21/1928 stats
Cherryholmes, Tina Mae Jenne, Howard H. 12/05/1916 stats
Chester, Lillie Wilson (Kamey) Gower, Charles H. 12/08/1925 stats
Chetkoa, Casian (Suzanna) Rovet, Michael 07/03/1859 Cath
Chichester, Bessie Irene 2nd Singer, J.F. 2nd 03/24/1914 stats
Choate, Margaret Hathaway, Roy 12/15/1937 stats
Chopot, Mary V. Beusan, John 11/22/1924 stats
Chornenkou, Mabel Walker, William 10/24/1938 stats
Christian, Agnes Boyd, Harry 09/27/1916 stats
Christian, Evelyn 2nd mar Wolverton, R.E. 09/12/1930 stats
Christian, Letitia Oman, Carl 09/11/1943 MR #7
Christian, Mary J. Brown, George W. 07/11/1923 stats
Christian, Ruby 2nd (Pruitt) Knapp, Glen C. 09/02/1933 stats
Christianson, Agnes Cress, Ralph 10/25/1916 stats
Christianson, Flo Ella Jackson, Charles W. 06/16/1928 stats
Christianson, Mabel Seigfrieda Baker, Alfred Henry 06/02/1946 MR #7
Christianson, Ruth A. Clark, Fred W. 04/01/1937 stats
Christianson, Steffine Cox, Charles 09/16/1892 stats
Christianson, Velma Mae Johnson, Leslie 11/15/1919 stats
Christman, Sada Moss, Eugene 10/15/1928 stats
Church, Elaine Dixon, Marvin E. 09/15/1937 stats
Church, Mable 2nd (Bosley) Harlow, Archie 08/19/1936 stats
Churchill, Ollie Fay McDougald, Malcolm 05/14/1907 stats
Claar, Bessie Hamblet, Roy L. 12/14/1907 stats
Claar, Zella McNearney, Percy 10/26/1908 stats
Claino, Florine Crain, Hubert 08/06/1929 stats
Clark, Annie B. 2nd (Sizemore) Bone, Kelly K. 07/01/1910 stats
Clark, Della Maud Ringer, Charles K. 07/19/1937 stats
Clark, E. Myrtle Rasching, Herman H. 10/29/1930 stats
Clark, Edith Virginia Brooks, William C. 09/28/1944 MR #7
Clark, Elsie Carter, Glen 06/12/1915 stats
Clark, Florence Evelyn Creech, Stanley 08/21/1931 stats
Clark, Gladys H. Peterson, Albert H. 04/06/1946 MR #7
Clark, Irene Carpenter, Dan 12/14/1946 MR #7
Clark, Lucy May Woolweber, Robert 12/01/1897 stats
Clark, Margaret Eakins, W.J. 03/09/1895 stats
Clark, Margaret Peters, Edmund 05/16/1899 stats
Clark, Matilda 3rd (Harkness) Corneck, Ed 2nd 02/18/1904 stats
Clark, Maud M. Hansen, Hans 2nd 03/29/1912 stats
Clark, Meon Evelyn Burkland, Arthur C. 06/22/1921 stats
Clark, Merle Irene Brainerd, Henry 07/15/1946 MR #7
Clark, Molly C. Richardson, Lee 07/07/1892 stats
Clark, O. Blossom Whitmore, Douglas H. 08/20/1938 stats
Clark, Sadie R. Scott, Wilbur F. 07/23/1896 stats
Clark, Susie Augusta Ogle, Carl Wilbur 07/23/1906 stats
Clark, Thelma Mable Huffman, LaVerne 05/28/1918 stats
Clark, Verna Murrell, John 12/22/1902 stats
Clark, Winnie Eckley, Owen 04/21/1909 stats
Clarke, Bessie M. (Loid) Hopkins, William T. 01/18/1898 stats
Clarke, Edith Smith, L.E. 07/07/1934 stats
Clarke, Edna Lura Parker, George Albert 09/14/1928 stats
Clarke, Ethel L. (Culp) 2nd Duncan, William Milne 01/06/1914 stats
Clarke, Mabel (Mrs.) Scott, Artie 06/29/1944 MR #7
Clarke, Vera E. Wang, Engwald 09/13/1933 stats
Clarkston, Elva 2nd (Fannon) Paulsen, William 06/07/1934 stats
Clary, Mary E. 2nd (Moran) Mullay, James 2nd 10/07/1918 stats
Clayton, Cassabel Peters, John H. 06/15/1918 stats
Clayton, Edna Ranich, Harry C. 12/24/1924 stats
Clayton, Edna E. 2nd Coleman, Joseph Phillip 06/14/1932 stats
Clayton, Margaret A. Garner, Loyd, H. 04/12/1927 stats
Cleator, Wilma L. Christianson, James V. 10/31/1936 stats
Clement, Mae Agney, L. Lloyd 09/18/1911 stats
Clements, Jenny 2nd Foote, William 01/29/1897 stats
Clemmons, Maud Spafford, C.H. 10/30/1911 stats
Clemons, Anna B. Wooley, John B. 11/04/1903 stats
Cleveland, Cloteen V. Newbry, Edward Lester 05/29/1920 stats
Cline, Bernice Snapp, Charles O. 06/26/1912 stats
Cline, Ruth Hammond, Thomas 03/16/1935 stats
Clink, Alice May Slingerland, Richard William 08/10/1909 stats
Clinton, Beryl F. Fullerton, Charles B. 08/09/1919 stats
Clinton, Katherine Marshall, Norman 07/21/1940 MR #7
Clippinger, Doris Williams, Eugene 09/26/1936 stats
Clodius, Leona E. Beier, Henry A. 12/12/1944 MR #7
Clowe, Clara I. Palmer, W.W. 09/14/1901 stats
Clugston, Margaret Sellers, Phillip 04/25/1883 Slater
Clyde, B.W. Mrs. (Knight) Stayton, Edward 11/17/1913 stats
Clymer, Margaret 2nd (McCracken) Hulett, Ernest 07/23/1910 stats
Coburn, Patty English, Sam 09/13/1941 MR #7
Cochran, Ada T. Willis, Alvin K. 10/01/1904 stats
Coder, Elsie Myrtle Boddy, William Henry 12/24/1907 stats
Cody, Jeanette Parker, Eri B. 12/31/1917 stats
Coe, Florence Isabel Wright, Leroy Allen 01/02/1908 stats
Coff, Gertie M. 2nd (Long) Sisk, A.A. 2nd 05/02/1936 stats
Cogan, Alicia McKinney, Roy L. 06/08/1907 stats
Coghill, Jessie Miller, Oscar W. 10/21/1935 stats
Cohn, Leona 2nd (Gemmick) Branson, George A. 2nd 07/05/1917 stats
Cohrs, B. Louise Carter, Donald B. 08/25/1946 MR #7
Cohrs, Sarah Ellen Sax, Philip Arthur 03/29/1947 MR #7
Coker, Beatrice Lawson, Charles 10/11/1922 stats
Coker, Carrie George, David M. 10/31/1900 stats
Coker, Marie Rose VanDyke, Paul Alexander 05/15/1922 stats
Colbath, Ivah E. Crawford, Allen M. 11/26/1913 stats
Colbath, Stella Waldvogel, Anton 07/02/1908 stats
Colbert, Betty E. Bell, Irvin L. 07/18/1946 MR #7
Colburn, Frances Pearson, George 06/26/1926 stats
Colburn, Margaret E. (Gould) Cooper, Alfred A. 06/24/1931 stats
Cole, Amy Farley, George F. 12/24/1901 stats
Cole, Bertha May Munson, William Edgar 07/02/1910 stats
Cole, Marian Pitman, Dale 06/07/1917 stats
Cole, Maud McMillan, John 03/10/1913 stats
Cole, Myrtle McMillan, Lawrence 07/28/1914 stats
Coleman, Laura Sparling, Ernest 11/05/1907 stats
Coleman, Mildred Bonar, Gordon K. 11/29/1935 stats
Coleman, Molly Coleman, Jim 07/06/1940 MR #7
Colenso, Margaret Tremelling Best, Norman 09/08/1938 stats
Coles, Alta Lavern Ledford, Jack M. 04/26/1947 MR #7
Colley, Jean Hedrick, Leander E. 08/02/1946 MR #7
Collier, Virginia Dorchak, Alexander 07/03/1939 MR #6
Collins, Josephine Weir, Loys E. 09/03/1937 stats
Collins, Thelma Mae McCoy, Lesley James 12/28/1937 stats
Collinson, Olive Marie Rowell, Herbert Franklin 12/14/1936 stats
Colman, Mollie (Mann) Colman, Jim 12/12/1925 stats
Colter, Anna (Wyllis?) Baeumle, Charles K. (5th mar) 10/19/1929 stats
Colter, Ida 3rd (Howard) Paradis, Pasquale 12/30/1936 stats
Colthard, Margaret Matheson, John 10/11/1909 stats
Colver, Mary Rickard, Con 09/19/1875 Reg
Colvin, Alice Toothaker, Elwood D. 07/18/1931 stats
Colvin, Dorothy Jean Kistner, John G. 11/20/1933 stats
Colwell, Edith Brooks, Francis E. 04/07/1904 stats
Combert, Mary F. Ewing, Luis 09/14/1896 stats
Combs, Ora F. Counts, Charles A. 08/02/1926 stats
Comer, Aileen Tedrow, Kenneth U. 08/27/1945 MR #7
Compton, Bessie Rice, D.D. 12/23/1902 stats
Compton, Carrie Bottorff, Earl K. 03/13/1903 stats
Compton, Dixie Overman, Henry E. 12/22/1898 stats
Compton, Etta Edith Curry, Samuel Edwin 12/19/1912 stats
Conard, Mildred Gertrude Rigg, John 06/21/1910 stats
Conard, Myrtle Eva Mitchell, Clarence George 06/30/1910 stats
Condon, Julia Burke, James E 06/09/1885 Slater
Conell, Bernice M. Danforth, Roe H. 02/24/1906 stats
Congleton, Margaret Keller, C.H. 2nd 09/08/1914 stats
Connell, Addie Razyk, F.J. 06/29/1899 stats
Connelly, Bessie Bailey, Samuel Edgar 03/10/1910 stats
Connelly, Mabel Eva Kendall, William H. 09/18/1912 stats
Connelly, Nelly Mary Ramsey, James Louis 09/19/1906 stats
Connelly, Ruth V. Benson, William M. 11/05/1931 stats
Conner, Arlene Glasgow, Robert L. 06/06/1939 stats
Conner, Bonita J. Chamberlain, James 06/14/1945 MR #7
Conner, Della G. Widener, Cy 10/21/1929 stats
Conner, Margaret Laabs, Stanley 01/30/1942 MR #7
Conner, Martha Goakey, Ernest G. 07/09/1904 stats
Conner, Rose Clemens, Walter Ferris 06/02/1920 stats
Conner, Velma Elizabeth Johnson, Thomas Hubert 09/07/1947 MR #7
Conrad, Alma Byrd, Howard T. 10/14/1935 stats
Conrad, Katherine Dorothy Tollet, Albert 06/22/1938 stats
Conradt, Paula F. Bauer, J.F. 04/20/1913 stats
Conrady, Alia Reed, Fred 01/09/1907 stats
Conrady, Effie R.M. Perkins, Earl W. 01/25/1909 stats
Conrady, Etta R. Hurbrt, Ccharles H. 11/28/1906 stats
Conrady, Lena Keough, O.H. 02/26/1906 stats
Conrady, Martha E. Goodman, Mark E. 01/26/1903 stats
Conrady, Mary L. Smith, George W. 09/06/1898 stats
Coogan, Alice Mary Diehl, Edwin Lasswell 09/16/1939 MR #7
Coogan, Mary Ethel Morse, Oscar Dayton 11/20/1947 MR #7
Coogan, May Kenny, Joseph 11/24/1903 stats
Coogan, Winnie Shea, Dennis 08/02/1892 stats
Coogan, Winnifred Agnes Immel, Barney 04/22/1921 stats
Cook, Edith Evelyn Nevin, John Homer 08/13/1934 stats
Cook, Evelyn Lingard, Thomas R. 07/24/1937 stats
Cook, Frankie Veum, Otto 09/16/1921 stats
Cook, Iva Seward, Fred M. 04/11/1902 stats
Cook, Josie Lyn Gallagher, James William 02/22/1906 stats
Cook, Myrtle C. Kimmel, W.L. 11/08/1941 MR #7
Cook, Pearl E. Hines, Leslie E. (Jr) 09/02/1936 stats
Cook, Sadie E. (Newell) Wells, Edward P. 05/15/1894 stats
Cook, Virginia Flugel, Charles F. 04/21/1946 MR #7
Cookson, Beatrice Ellen Romano, Gaetano 07/01/1936 stats
Cooley, Edna Josephine Lakey, Joseph Alvin 12/19/1922 stats
Coon, Cecile Arvilla Baxter, John Francis 12/24/1919 stats
Coon, Eva Stolts, Gaylord W. 07/02/1926 stats
Coon, Louise Heffley, F.A. 04/27/1932 stats
Coonc, Agnes Dora Sullivan, D. 02/16/1903 stats
Coonc, Amy A. Johnson, Dewitt C. 04/09/1904 stats
Coonc, Norma Mally, Henry A. 02/10/1934 stats
Coonc, Stella Lawson, Leslie 02/23/1909 stats
Coonrad, Bernice Day, G.R. 2nd 12/15/1917 stats
Cooper, Betty Engebretson, Paul 08/06/1938 stats
Cooper, Edythe Wiltse, Charles W. 12/29/1945 MR #7
Cooper, Emma Grace (Ingram) Cooper, Clarence Alvin 05/14/1925 stats
Cooper, Enid J. Timmel, Hugh 10/12/1918 stats
Cooper, Grace Bennett, Raymond T. 10/28/1916 stats
Cooper, Jessie 2nd (Dillingbaugh) Knowley, Albert A. 06/06/1898 stats
Cooper, Laura Holland, James A. 09/22/1945 MR #7
Cooper, Mary Owens, Robert D. 10/14/1933 stats
Cooper, Melissa M. Winnings, Garret 01/02/1893 stats
Cooper, Sara M. (Stevens) 2nd Kenney, John 06/25/1914 stats
Cooper, Wilma Anderson, Ben 01/05/1947 MR #7
Copeland, Evelyn Bray, Horace 10/22/1920 stats
Copeland, Laura M. Baker, Clifford M. 03/11/1903 stats
Copp, Alpha Orr, Hugh E. 2nd 09/26/1917 stats
Copp, Levita Storer, Cecil Claire 09/20/1919 stats
Copple, Sarah P. Obermiller, Henry J. 01/14/1896 stats
Corbell, Fannie M. 2nd (Williams) Mickelson, B.O. (fa-Olson) 08/22/1908 stats
Corbett, Bessie H. Oeck, C.F. 07/29/1929 stats
Corder, Minnie Sophia Mitchell, Henry 06/17/1899 stats
Corey, Hazel E. Lande, Fred E. 11/09/1946 MR #7
Corey, Marjorie Vert, G.L. 04/30/1925 stats
Corle, Nora V. Pitman, Harley 11/06/1926 stats
Corle, Norah V. Stutzman, Russell B. 12/22/1921 stats
Cornell, Lyda Boutellier, Harry 11/28/1936 stats
Cornell, Mary 3rd (Brace) Hoeffer, William F.S. 2nd 12/01/1937 stats
Cornwall, Georgie Martin, Grant 04/18/1894 stats
Cortinovis, Gloria M. Davidson, Loren P. 01/16/1945 MR #7
Corvath, Margery Parker, George E. 06/24/1936 stats
Cory, Hazel DeWitt, Earnest A. 01/02/1926 stats
Cosgrove, Brenda Jane Sanderson, N.D. 12/16/1935 stats
Cosner, Ethel B. Reese, Glen 11/17/1923 stats
Coss, Ellen Margaret 2nd (Ponsford) Davis, Robert Everett A. 06/03/1933 stats
Costa, Laura Genova, Joe 09/29/1940 MR #7
Costello, Johanna Catherine Woodbury, Noel Edward 06/05/1918 stats
Costich, Ethel M. Vietzke, Harold 05/13/1924 stats
Cotte, Nancy (fa-Moore) Feldmeier, Edward H. 10/11/1922 stats
Coulson, Aurilla Jarvis, John M. 07/20/1903 stats
Coulson, Carrie Tilton, Melvin 03/18/1913 stats
Coulson, Ethel Agnes Tilton, Emery Lewis 11/17/1916 stats
Coulter, Agnes R. Darrow, Leo J. 03/05/1918 stats
Countryman, Mildred Mally, Joe 02/06/1937 stats
Countryman, Nora Isabel Holford, H.T. 03/23/1911 stats
Countryman, Susie Winings, Marvin 10/25/1928 stats
Countryman, Viola Deschand, Joseph 07/15/1925 stats
Course, Mary Margery Hoenack, August Fredrick 06/05/1939 stats
Courtright, Calla May 2nd (Rose) Moore, Benjamin F. 12/15/1922 stats
Coutts, Irene Eldred, Forest 09/11/1940 MR #7
Covington, Ida Jennings, Pat 2nd 06/03/1935 stats
Covington, Margaret LaCourse, Melvin R. 08/01/1939 MR #7
Cowgill, Ruby C. Hills, Paul W. 09/07/1946 MR #7
Cowles, Marie (Kraft) Kirk, E. 05/12/1928 stats
Cox, Clara Sizemore, Fred 01/04/1928 stats
Cox, Edna Martin, Harry 10/15/1907 stats
Cox, Marguerite Cooney, Jack L. 07/04/1939 MR #6
Cox, Myrtle V. Thomas, C.E.W. 06/27/1930 stats
Cox, Ruth L. Anderson, Arvid 05/12/1938 stats
Cox, Virginia M. James, Sanford S. 08/21/1945 MR #7
Cox, Virginia M. James, Sanford S. 08/22/1945 MR #7
Craft, Twila Snoddy, J.G. 08/16/1924 stats
Craig, Melvina E. Pelissier, Miles A. 11/27/1905 stats
Craig, Nelly Cason, Charles 02/14/1896 stats
Crain, Joyce M. Kohler, Robert E. 03/20/1947 MR #7
Cramer, Anna G. Johnson, Daniel E. 05/04/1935 stats
Cramer, Genevieve S. Dodson, John F. 01/07/1944 MR #7
Crandall, Albina (Matthews) Fortune, Frank 06/16/1924 stats
Crandall, Annie Bryant, William 03/30/1914 stats
Crandall, Helen Virginia Cooper, George W.(indexed as William A.) 03/21/1910 stats
Crandell, Laura Ellen Webber, William 2nd 10/22/1904 stats
Crane, Edna Lucille Louden, Stanley Peringer 05/27/1942 MR #7
Crane, Frances L. Bell, Robert 07/20/1929 stats
Crane, Helen E. Moser, R.C. 12/24/1928 stats
Cranston, Doris Lee Kowitz, Howard 04/18/1939 stats
Cranston, Hattie C. Clinton, Ralph D. 12/14/1920 stats
Cranston, Marjorie Carlisle, Warren G. 10/07/1936 stats
Cratzen, Effie 2nd (Sampson) Bishop, David C. 2nd 04/12/1897 stats
Cratzen, Effie 2nd (Sampson) Bishop, David C. 2nd 04/12/1897 stats
Craven, Elizabeth Slocum, Ralph Allen 06/14/1901 stats
Crawford, (Mrs Lou) 3rd (Burr) Patriquin, Abram 12/19/1905 stats
Crawford, Ada Mae Slater, Willis H. 02/26/1940 MR #7
Crawford, Agnes Miller Johnson, Emil Leroy 05/20/1938 stats
Crawford, Bertha Emily (James) Stevens, Edgar Cross 05/29/1925 stats
Crawford, Elsie Blake, Lee R. 11/06/1902 stats
Crawford, Maria Newsom Moore, Charles H. 2nd 11/12/1917 stats
Crawford, Susie Anna Barnes, Sidney C. 02/11/1913 stats
Crenshaw, Lula Jaques, Marshall 12/21/1895 stats
Cress, Lola Leslie, Ralph 05/20/1918 stats
Cress, Mary Dolores Paxton, Walter W. 12/16/1918 stats
Cretney, Helen M. Banton, Frank W. 01/08/1938 stats
Crickmore, Florence Flynn, John G. 12/16/1907 stats
Crisp, Beatrice Alberta Rosenau, John M. 07/16/1931 stats
Crist, Maud L. 2nd (Belden) Reed, Roy R. 01/11/1902 stats
Critchett, Grace E. Wells, Roy S. 03/31/1904 stats
Crocker, Sadie Bernklau, William 11/14/1942 MR #7
Crockett, Alice Ford, Frank 2nd 12/23/1935 stats
Crockett, Florence M. Wolfe, Michael 11/19/1936 stats
Crockett, May McDonald, Archie 11/14/1927 stats
Crockett, May Rafer, Thomas G. 12/26/1944 MR #7
Crockford, Adelaide Paulson, Alfred Martin 09/14/1929 stats
Crofoot, Alice Elizabeth Lindsay, Fred Murral 06/03/1938 stats
Crofoot, Margery Burse, Harold O. 04/26/1937 stats
Crofoot, Ruth Amelia Smith, George Edwin 03/07/1927 stats
Croft, Clara V. Ashbaugh, H.M. 09/02/1903 stats
Cronander, Mary Ward, Francis C. 01/19/1897 stats
Cronander, Mary Ward, Francis C. 01/19/1897 stats
Cronawert, Evangeline Houchin, Wilbur 12/04/1917 stats
Crook, Carrie C. Latta, Artha 07/02/1897 stats
Crook, Sybil D. Milus, Curtiss K. 05/28/1920 stats
Crosby, Alice McCanna, Joseph 2nd 08/28/1937 stats
Crosby, Angela Heinen, Fred H. 05/04/1940 MR #7
Crosby, Celia 2nd (Slyter) Thomas, Ed 2nd 12/20/1934 stats
Crosby, Kathleen Seubert, Mat G. 05/03/1941 MR #7
Crosby, Lena Nilles, Joseph 05/15/1933 stats
Crosby, Marguerite Jane Reickers, Ernest Richard 05/18/1946 MR #7
Crow, Rhoda 2nd (Furley) Woodard, A.C. 08/19/1920 stats
Crowder, Viola 2nd (Harris) Paradis, Antoine E. 12/24/1909 stats
Crowe, Bertha May Cagle, Charles M. 12/14/1915 stats
Crowe, Ella Knott, Earl 05/23/1924 stats
Crowe, Grace Pearl Yeager, Herbert 05/12/1913 stats
Crowe, Jessie O (Rively) Farmer, John Edward 02/21/1925 stats
Crowe, Myrtle Gertrude Newcomb, Robert Ley 03/28/1916 stats
Crowell, Agnes Smith, James 01/25/1899 stats
Crown, Nelly G. Weatherwax, Lewis 11/29/1902 stats
Crumb, Hilda Schoner, Harry H. 05/12/1927 stats
Cruse, Ellenora (Clingman) 2nd Platt, Henry J. 07/17/1912 stats
Cruse, Vivian C. Borders, Lewis 09/22/1939 MR #7
Culick, Bernadine 2nd (Cannon) Spears, Young 2nd 02/01/1935 stats
Culler, Mary M. 2nd (Wray) Wallace, Clem 09/17/1938 stats
Culp, Mary Ann Yake, Henry 11/19/1910 stats
Culp, Minnie Studebaker, Harold 01/23/1918 stats
Culp, Nellie M. Roper, Thomas G. 10/18/1913 stats
Culver, Ethel Mary Harner, Emmett B. 08/20/1945 MR #7
Cummings, Mabel Jessie McDonald, Angus M. 12/23/1904 stats
Cummings, Mae Jeannerette, Timothy 10/06/1916 stats
Cummings, Naomi E. Kiffer, Glade 12/26/1919 stats
Cumpton, Dorothy B. Young, Claude F. 03/02/1929 stats
Cumpton, Vera Mowatt, Ralph 11/03/1926 stats
Cunningham, Della 2nd (Simmons) Sand, Clarence Harry 2nd 05/11/1917 stats
Cunningham, Dorothy Miller, Herbert G. 10/02/1933 stats
Cunningham, Martha J. Rose, William S. 08/01/1898 stats
Cunningham, Talitha Morrell, Richard 03/31/1897 stats
Cunningham, Talitha Morrell, Richard 03/31/1897 stats
Curl, Dorothy J. Holter, Bob 01/02/1937 stats
Currie, Evalind, 2nd (Callahan) Emery, Theodore 2nd 11/23/1900 stats
Curry, Esther E. Hodgson, C.E. 11/04/1933 stats
Curry, Etta (Cumpton) Crowe, Ed 02/07/1925 stats
Curry, L.L. Carmody, Charles A. 03/28/1901 stats
Curry, Verlie E. Tedrow, Ray 07/01/1926 stats
Curry, Virginia (Noble) adop-Curry Bryant, Raymond W. 08/19/1924 stats
Curtis, Anna M. (Reynolds) 2nd Rew, Francis E. 2nd 03/20/1914 stats
Curtis, Emma Brooks, Carl Chester 07/02/1917 stats
Curtis, Etta Frazier, Homer 05/16/1911 stats
Curtis, Jessie I. Bush, Roy F. 09/04/1909 stats
Curtis, Neta Robinson, Sam 08/10/1938 stats
Curtiss, Edith Alice Irish, William F. 06/27/1908 stats
Curyan, Dulcie May Dennill, E.C. 09/14/1946 MR #7
Cushen, P.E. (Griggs) 3rd Spatz, Henry 07/30/1931 stats
Cushman, Jennie (Pollock) 3rd Inman, Herbert 03/05/1913 stats
Cuyler, Phyllis Ethel Trembath, Irving J. 10/05/1934 stats
D'Andrea, Vittano 2nd Marcon, Otto 09/26/1932 stats
Daggett, Bessie E. Lyons, P.B. 09/19/1921 stats
Dahl, Alma Bowles, Edward 07/31/1911 stats
Dahl, Mable C. Clark, Arlie C. 12/29/1922 stats
Dahman, Ursula H. Mayer, Charles 2nd 04/11/1922 stats
Daily, Anna Merchant, Benjamin 08/21/1884 Slater
Daily, Helen McKee, Lloyd 04/29/1940 MR #7
Daily, Laura 2nd (Naff) Lundquist, Charles E. 03/20/1934 stats
Daily, Viola Moser, Harold F. 12/21/1933 stats
Daley, Zelda McPherson, S. Preston 07/02/1927 stats
Dalke, Angie 2nd (Davis) Sandberg, G.A. 2nd 12/20/1935 stats
Dallas, Virginia A. Link, John E. 10/19/1939 MR #7
Dana, Hazel M. Baulne, Robert 06/04/1932 stats
Dana, Viola O'Donnell, Bernard 07/29/1937 stats
Dane, Beth Strommen, Francis 06/28/1934 stats
Dane, Etta Lucy Philpott, Hugh E. 11/05/1917 stats
Dane, Vera Mable Means, William 12/29/1919 stats
Daniel, Aileen O. Dubois, Charles 07/12/1933 stats
Daniels, Julia M. Costich, Walter R. 06/24/1934 stats
Daniels, Laura Gertrude Barrett, Fredrick Llewellyn 11/10/1922 stats
Danielson, Helen Marie Pike, J.W. 03/28/1931 stats
Danilson, Marjorie V. Martin, Mack C. 11/05/1945 MR #7
Dannheiser, Jane Wynoff, James Theodore 09/21/1941 MR #7
Dannheiser, Rose Edna Newmark, Joseph Philip 07/07/1932 stats
Dansforth, Jenny 2nd (Scott) Hadley, Charles Eugene 2nd 12/16/1908 stats
Dansforth, Mattie 2nd (Smith) Evanoff, Steve 2nd 10/31/1936 stats
Darnell, Carrie M. Boggess, George F. 03/23/1905 stats
Dashiell, Clara V. Singleterry, Sidney H. 12/23/1908 stats
Dashiell, Elsie Hergesheimer, J.A. 08/08/1906 stats
Daugherty, Mrs. M.P.(Diamond) 2nd Donk, C.W. 04/11/1912 stats
Daugherty, Patricia Jones Dayley, Charles F. 03/05/1947 MR #7
Dauphinais, Gisele Mandoli, G. 04/18/1936 stats
Davenport, Iola Walker, Floyd M. 06/14/1920 stats
Davidson, Bessie B. Forbes, George 04/17/1915 stats
Davidson, Ethel May 2nd (Robertson) Allebaugh, Robert J. 2nd 10/18/1935 stats
Davidson, Eva M. Hiltabidel, Charles Raymond 05/31/1924 stats
Davidson, Marjorie Wolfe, Frank 10/16/1922 stats
Davidson, Sylvia Mary Riggs, Whitham Willie 09/07/1934 stats
Davidson, V.J. McGregor, H. 11/28/1938 stats
Davis (Mrs. Arthur) 2nd (Lane) Flint, Fred 01/31/1938 stats
Davis, Annie E. Long, Charles H. 12/13/1893 stats
Davis, Clarice Anderson, Charles 07/03/1908 stats
Davis, Della Chalmers, James Lyal 02/20/1923 stats
Davis, Donna Rae Tanneberg, James H. 10/07/1945 MR #7
Davis, E.G. Pillen, A.G. 04/30/1938 stats
Davis, Edna 2nd (Wilson) Jennings, Frank 11/16/1897 stats
Davis, Ellen E. Trout, Luther L. (Jr) 12/20/1947 MR #7
Davis, Elsie V. Hendrickson, Fern Otto 06/23/1924 stats
Davis, Emma C. (Aston) Easton, F.S. 02/28/1898 stats
Davis, Enes Katherine Bible, Floyd 04/14/1939 stats
Davis, Esther Rathman, John H. 07/28/1927 stats
Davis, Frona M. Williams, George W. 07/05/1895 stats
Davis, Hattie B. 3rd (Jacobs) Thomas, Fred A. 2nd 03/06/1922 stats
Davis, Hazel Grant, Robert F. 11/29/1910 stats
Davis, Irma Robbins, Kenneth 05/11/1939 stats
Davis, Joyce Rowena Worthington, Donald Hurdy 05/30/1941 MR #7
Davis, Lucille White, Harold C. 11/19/1929 stats
Davis, Lulu M. Yarnell, Maston L. 12/23/1907 stats
Davis, Maggie M. Gunn, James A. 01/03/1921 stats
Davis, Marie 2nd (Inanane) Weeks, Abbott R. 07/01/1935 stats
Davis, Mary E. Bush, H.W. 2nd 06/17/1912 stats
Davis, Mary E. 2nd (McNearney) McDonald, D.J. 3rd 06/11/1934 stats
Davis, Phyllis B. Crockett, Charles R. 03/27/1939 stats
Davis, Sylvia Johnson, Gust A. 12/13/1913 stats
Davis, Tatt Marie Stone, William A. 01/03/1946 MR #7
Davis, Tilly Kendall, Ralph W. 11/14/1914 stats
Davison, Mesetta Mae Wilson, Harry E. 05/01/1940 MR #7
Day, Alice Emma Berland, George 02/17/1909 stats
Day, Audrey Frances Rotter, Frank 01/05/1918 stats
Day, Dorothy Jarvis, Clarence 11/03/1928 stats
Day, Edith Lipton, Hugh 10/29/1910 stats
Day, Elsie E. Tollefson, Clarence 10/17/1929 stats
Day, Gladys Conner, Ebbie 10/18/1916 stats
Day, Hazel F. Mean, Charles R. 09/14/1934 stats
Day, Helen Harris, Leon H. 09/06/1935 stats
Day, Louise Douvia, Leonard 07/11/1940 MR #7
Day, Myrtle Harvey, Charles H. 02/28/1912 stats
Day, Nettie Stutsman, John J. 08/13/1914 stats
Day, Pearl Estella Fisk, Howard Leland 09/04/1907 stats
Day, Ruby Olive Martin, William Herbert 06/26/1909 stats
Day, Susan Diehl, Don 09/12/1935 stats
Day, Thelma Overby, Arthur 11/10/1938 stats
Day, Verda Kilgore, Fred 12/01/1927 stats
Day, Vesta R. Peone, Lee R. 04/30/1942 MR #7
Deakins, Della Grimes, Clarence P. 06/22/1909 stats
Deakins, Maud Owens, Jesse S. 10/21/1907 stats
Deakins, Ola Rice, Bert W. 11/21/1910 stats
Dealey, Eva Parker, R.H. 08/14/1907 stats
Dean, Arleen T. Rose, Daniel Thurman 06/19/1937 stats
Dean, Grace Sperry, Stanford J. 02/29/1920 stats
Dean, Jessie Stensgar, Henry 11/17/1916 stats
Deardoff, Sadie Hoxie, Delbert A. 11/06/1916 stats
Deardorff, Edna (Dunlap) 2nd McUne, Joseph H. 2nd 11/29/1911 stats
Dearduff, Hazel Palmer, A.W. 2nd 08/10/1921 stats
Dearing, Clara Rasmussen, Ed 06/19/1924 stats
Dearinger, Ethel Wooley, Clark 09/07/1909 stats
Dearinger, Flora Mack, Roy A. 03/11/1911 stats
Dearinger, May Rieckers, Elmer 07/02/1913 stats
Deatherage, Lottie 2nd (Stringham) Bare, Henry H. 08/18/1919 stats
Deavitt, Lizzie B. 3rd (Bennett) Green, Fred W. 06/06/1936 stats
Dechand, Adeline Hunter, W.E. 02/07/1933 stats
Dechand, Cordelia Haynes, Erle H. 12/05/1917 stats
DeChand, Ida Odle, Earl 06/13/1929 stats
Deeve, Cynthia Ann McCloud, Arthur R. 08/21/1911 stats
Defreece, Josie McCoy, Walter A. 12/17/1919 stats
DeGrief, Alice Loiselle, Adrian 08/07/1922 stats
DeGrief, Edna Champ, Harley M. 03/29/1913 stats
DeGrief, Elsie Hotchkiss, Clifford W. 03/28/1906 stats
DeGrief, Marie Skidmore, Lloyd M. 08/31/1920 stats
DeGrief, Minnie Champ, Stephen 12/30/1902 stats
Dehart, Effie May Underwood, W.R. 08/24/1920 stats
DeLatour, Ruth Elizabeth Hafner, Dave Max 06/17/1947 MR #7
Delles, Elizabeth Ickes, Henry L. 07/29/1930 stats
Delles, Elizabeth Courtney, G.L. 08/10/1938 stats
Delles, Margaret Schoenbert, Barney 10/26/1927 stats
DeLorie, Mable L. Vaughn, W.E. 07/11/1936 stats
Delp, Helen Marie Behrens, John E. 09/07/1945 MR #7
Delp, Ola Turnbull, Orville 02/23/1939 stats
Delva, Lucy Peternell, Andrew 10/23/1914 stats
Delva, Mary Schmid, Frank B. 02/06/1899 stats
Delva, Oma Marie Puthoff, Joe A. 09/27/1934 stats
Dembecki, Mary Haywood, Albert Ernest 10/10/1938 stats
DeMott, Nona Mitchell, Gordon M. 02/16/1903 stats
Demulling, Mildred M. Millay, Wilford F. 06/24/1922 stats
Denison, Wilma Brisbois, Joseph O. 06/29/1947 MR #7
Denley, Hazel M. Avery, Francis V. 07/21/1913 stats
Denman, Margaret Lickfold, Stanley 05/02/1935 stats
Dennis, Annie 2nd (Walsh) Emmons, Charles L. 10/14/1908 stats
Dennison, Mary (Gum) 2nd McNeil, Daniel 01/18/1913 stats
Dennison, Susan Richmond, Harry M. 12/24/1892 stats
Denny, Jessie Carrie Goldner, Edward Saxton 12/13/1920 stats
Denoyer, Lilly Bernard, Frank K. 2nd 12/10/1897 stats
Dent, Maude E. (Gately) Woodruff, L. Franz 12/24/1929 stats
Denton, Grace M. Gillmore, John S. 11/18/1901 stats
Derringer, Sylvia Page, Richard 06/12/1917 stats
DeSair, Emeline Grace McNicholas, Thomas 2nd 09/29/1916 stats
Desautel, Christine Morell, John 2nd 08/15/1901 stats
Desautel, Helen Nissen, Rex T. 11/20/1943 MR #7
Desautel, Malinda Kumbra, Arthur E. 04/28/1914 stats
Desautel, Mary M. (Paul) Stensgar, Albert 06/23/1925 stats
Desautel, Nancy Raymond, Gus 04/04/1907 stats
Desautell, Maggie L. 2nd (Johnson) McDonald, Alfred 12/27/1897 stats
Desautell, Olive Gingro, John 12/22/1897 stats
Desotel, Addie Keogan, Richard 02/09/1895 stats
Desotel, Matilda Gengro, Victor 06/28/1880 Reg
Dessotel, Olive LaFleur, John Baptiste 10/10/1888 Slater
Dessotel, Rosa LaFleur, Joseph 08/13/1883 Slater
Deubel, Julia Slentz, Amour N. 10/27/1924 stats
DeVallance, Abigail S. Wright, Parker Butterfield 09/09/1903 stats
DeVaney, M.S. Morgan, W.E. 01/20/1903 stats
Devinny, Verna Hartzel Justus, Herbert Lyle 12/07/1907 stats
Devlin, Katie Graham, Willard 10/28/1897 stats
DeVon, Marvel 2nd (Roper) Peters, Roy 10/25/1932 stats
DeVore, Daisy D. Mott, Kenneth L. 11/07/1944 MR #7
Dewey, Frances E. Karrer, Ralph W. 10/05/1923 stats
DeWilde, W. Hayden, H.M. 02/18/1932 stats
DeWitt, Martha H. Scotten, Richard M. 05/17/1921 stats
Dexter, Dorothy Noe, Charles E. 05/11/1926 stats
Dexter, Hattie 2nd (Hughes) Holbrook, William E. 2nd 04/30/1904 stats
Dexter, Ida Laura Flint, Chester 11/27/1905 stats
Diaz, Margaret Town, Charley D. 05/13/1935 stats
Dickerson, June Hendrix, James E. 08/19/1938 stats
Dickey, Iva Clara Johnson, W. Lon 12/23/1908 stats
Dickey, Martha Bell Smith, David A. 12/30/1919 stats
Dickey, Mary I. L. Bowen, Burt D. 07/26/1917 stats
Dickey, Mary I.L. Shovell, Ivan 12/01/1926 stats
Dickey, Mildred G. Foos, Henry 10/23/1939 MR #7
Dickinson, Iris C. Gerard, Maurice R.J. 05/21/1937 stats
Dickson, Frankie Andrews, Samuel Edward 08/19/1914 stats
Dickson, Hilda Campbell, H.L. 08/15/1916 stats
Dickson, Susie Lindstrom, Arthur A. 08/23/1910 stats
Diedrich, Anna Cannon, Fred B. 12/21/1911 stats
Diedrich, Florence Ellen Patterson, William Keith 07/30/1932 stats
Diedrich, Mary Russell, Frank 07/02/1940 MR #7
Diehl, Martha B. Gilbert, Elmer G. 12/29/1917 stats
Diehl, Mary Chester, Earl 06/01/1915 stats
Diehl, Rose Baker, Victor E. 08/16/1911 stats
Dikgren, Alma Loven, Henry 04/01/1918 stats
Dilley, M. Ethel Cook, James R. 10/01/1940 MR #7
Dillinger, Virginia Lilliefield, Harold 10/15/1935 stats
Dingle, Estelle Rosenthal, S.E. (Dr) 05/29/1915 stats
Dingle, Flora Jesseph, L.C. 09/03/1901 stats
Dingman, Mabel Somerlott, G.L. 12/12/1914 stats
Dirksen, Hilda McGregor, Elwood 08/31/1935 stats
Disharoon, C.E. Page, D.R. 06/22/1912 stats
Disney, Leona Burse, Harold O. 06/25/1930 stats
Disney, Lois Rettinger, Clarence 06/20/1931 stats
Ditzler, Carrie Stanger, William T. 05/27/1908 stats
Dixon, Dorothy Nona Little, David 06/14/1906 stats
Dixon, Helen E. Cherry, Arthur T. 12/25/1907 stats
Dixon, Janet Skelton, C.E. 3rd 09/11/1897 stats
Dixon, Jessie Mae Thornbrue, Joseph Newton 09/09/1903 stats
Dixon, Lottie 2nd (Claxton) Miller, John W. 01/23/1903 stats
Dixon, W. Eugenia Melvin, S.M. 05/19/1913 stats
Doane, Grace Grange, Harvey T. 02/04/1911 stats
Doane, Pauline Rogers, Kenneth L. 10/06/1946 MR #7
Dobson, Bette Miles, Leo 06/28/1947 MR #7
Dobson, Beverly Naff, Harold A. 09/22/1946 MR #7
Dobson, Cletes Francis, Laurence L. 10/04/1930 stats
Dobson, Dianne Platt, Jim 11/04/1939 MR #7
Dobson, Rebecca (Remey) Williams, A.G. 06/11/1925 stats
Dobson, Venita Kitt, Arthur 2nd 12/28/1922 stats
Dobson, Virginia Plews, Glen 01/12/1934 stats
Dodge, Jean Douvia, Wilbur 09/26/1940 MR #7
Dodson, Barbara Bernklau, Leonard 11/19/1935 stats
Dodson, Mary L. Hansen, J.A. 11/14/1913 stats
Doehring, Minerva Powell, Clarence E. 09/11/1901 stats
Doig, Gertrude B. Herman, James 05/13/1926 stats
Dolliver, Grace M. Gau, Frank S. 12/22/1919 stats
Dolson, Birttle Ella Ferguson, Louis J. 12/30/1946 MR #7
Domm, Esther E. Kelly, Wendell C. 11/15/1938 stats
Donahue, Pearl 3rd Stear, J.W. 2nd 02/10/1933 stats
Doney, Pearl A. Michaely, Meredith 11/30/1915 stats
Donovan, Catherine M. 2nd (Benson) Donaldson, Peter H. 2nd 06/11/1936 stats
Donovan, Laura Jones 2nd Ruffner, John 2nd 12/18/1933 stats
Doolittle, Annie Paul, Gregory 01/07/1910 stats
Doran, Ruth Emma Thomason, George R. 05/29/1916 stats
Dorman, Myrta Lynch, Alfred 12/24/1897 stats
Dorman, Sadie E. 2nd (Ely) Donovan, John P. 2nd 12/28/1931 stats
Dorr, Bertha M. 2nd (Weible) Kuchle, George 2nd 01/09/1900 stats
Dotts, Edna May Crockett, Charles 05/11/1913 stats
Dotts, Ella J. Sanders, Claude H. 01/24/1923 stats
Dotts, Marie Rhoden, Ward C. 12/24/1923 stats
Doty, Laura Harclerod, J.C. 2nd 05/25/1912 stats
Doty, Myrtle J. Russell, Henry F. 08/21/1905 stats
Doty, Violet Mabel Hardy, Nicholas T. 05/21/1903 stats
Doughty, Mary Viola Millett, W.E. 09/15/1933 stats
Douglas, Ada Sloan, John J. 09/04/1933 stats
Douglas, Elfreda Craft, Harvey 04/17/1928 stats
Douglas, Grace Brown, Harry 01/14/1907 stats
Douglas, Nellie P. Finch, Chester A. 06/07/1909 stats
Dounette, Mildred Matilda Pearce Griffith, P. 04/14/1943 MR #7
Dowd, Rose Anna Ross, John W.H. 2nd 08/16/1921 stats
Dowling, Mary A. Sodeman, Harry A. 10/17/1922 stats
Downey, Birdie Cox, Elijah 12/18/1900 stats
Downey, Elizabeth Ann Shrubsale, Albert E. 06/19/1937 stats
Downing, Emily Church, Eugene 11/14/1891 Slater
Dowty, Hallie Brady, Peter 08/15/1927 stats
Dowty, Olive W. Hibert, George A. 06/07/1921 stats
Doyer, Etta May Casberg, Einor A. 05/27/1904 stats
Doyle, Daisy McLean, Don 12/22/1939 MR #7
Doyle, Inez Sarah Jacobs, Edward Kendall 01/11/1909 stats
Doyle, Lillian Huguenin, Guy 09/04/1902 stats
Doyle, Rose V. Ferrandino, Antoine Joseph 11/26/1901 stats
Doyle, Ruth M. Richmond, Arthur W. 06/06/1938 stats
Drain, Neola E. 2nd (Herr) Anderson, Earl B. 05/23/1911 stats
Drake, Cecile Greer, Edward S. 08/14/1914 stats
Drake, Edith James, E.F. 12/22/1914 stats
Drake, Pearl Victoria Violet Crawley, James 03/19/1917 stats
Drakers, Gertrude Viola Engler, Arthur Fredrick 06/14/1917 stats
Drebus, Ella 2nd (Wilkes) Lane, Wilfred Charles 02/07/1907 stats
Drennan, Ivah Anderson, Tom 03/12/1913 stats
Drew, Marjory Forrest, William 11/12/1931 stats
Driver, Caroline Lancaster, Robert 12/24/1907 stats
Droz, Grace Fain, Madison G. 2nd 08/23/1922 stats
Droz, Luella Copp, Wilbur J. 05/11/1929 stats
Dryer, Mildred Grace Graham, Wallace E. 02/07/1927 stats
Dubois, Rose Capfer, Edward F. 07/14/1928 stats
Duckett, Mildred Venable, Chester R. 08/16/1919 stats
Duckett, Sophia Flottman, John 01/31/1908 stats
Duckworth, Clara Cumpton, Jess 02/01/1905 stats
Duckworth, Ethel Goakey, Erroll 08/01/1903 stats
Duckworth, Lizzie 2nd (Lewis) Ledgerwood, W.T. 2nd 09/24/1921 stats
Duckworth, Rena Hughes, Manley 12/06/1913 stats
Duckworth, Una K. Cranston, Ray H. 04/05/1916 stats
Duclos, Genevieve J. Yendes, William Earl 04/05/1947 MR #7
Duclos, Magdaline M. Hentges, Nicholas William 12/27/1939 MR #7
Duffield, Lena A. Koitzach, Charles 10/22/1941 MR #7
Duncan, Mary Ann Beck, Ernest Alfred 07/22/1937 stats
Duncan, Nellie Rieckers, Charley H. 07/14/1939 MR #7
Duncanson, Grace Hanna, John C. 02/17/1909 stats
Dunham, Mable Weed, Raymond 11/06/1907 stats
Dunham, Ruth M. Melcher, Walter S. 10/22/1937 stats
Dunn, Vera Orr, Arthur 02/13/1915 stats
Dunton, Lois Gross, Edgar A. 04/22/1914 stats
Dupera, Mary Cunningham, John C. 11/06/1887 Slater
Duplisse, Margaret Champagne, Gilbert 07/19/1873 Slater
Dupree, Martha 2nd (LaFleur) Rausch, Julius E. 2nd 03/11/1932 stats
Dupuis, Alice 3rd (Wright) Tomlinson, J.D. 02/17/1938 stats
Dupuis, Andella Noyes, Peter 03/12/1905 stats
Dupuis, Appoline Hudson, Louis Anatole 06/15/1907 stats
Dupuis, Bertha Fallon, Daniel 09/25/1910 stats
Dupuis, Bertha Gunn, Peter 03/21/1929 stats
Dupuis, Ellen Mowatt, George 05/17/1886 Slater
Dupuis, Maggie Koler, Antoine 06/25/1898 stats
Dupuis, Marceline 2 (LaFleur) Jordan, John Thomas 2nd 07/20/1916 stats
Dupuis, Matilda Gendro, Alexander 12/10/1886 Slater
Dupuis, Matilda Meusy, Joseph J.1 06/21/1897 stats
Dupuis, Matilda Meusy, Joseph J. 06/21/1897 stats
Dupuis, Nettie Parsons, Henry 03/19/1923 stats
Durkee, Dorothy Alm, Ole 12/13/1933 stats
Durkee, Eula G. Davis, Henry 12/31/1935 stats
Durr, Clara Mary Englehardt, Fred 09/22/1898 stats
Dutton, Jean Bernice Ozust, Elton Charles 03/09/1946 MR #7
Duvall, Janet Oestman, Fred 2nd 08/05/1937 stats
DuVall, Myrtle Bryan Stanley, Ira 06/26/1914 stats
Duyrkoop, Vera Morton, Thomas 08/21/1901 stats
Dwyer, Mildred Creighton, R.F. 12/31/1929 stats
Dyck, Emma Wilhelmina 2nd (Lietz) Burnt, John Gibbons 11/14/1933 stats
Dyck, Hilda Knowland, Harris 11/07/1939 MR #7
Dyer, Amanda 2nd (Koker) Armstrong, Lewis 05/09/1903 stats