Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages Groom Index
Brides Index E - G
Eager, Emma 2nd (Hawn) Conner, L.V. 2nd 09/22/1920 stats
Earl, Maud M. Broderius, George 06/19/1900 stats
Earll, Geneva Bell 2nd (Lloyd) Palmer, Thomas Harry 2nd 12/09/1916 stats
Earnest, Ella Wheeler, John L. 07/29/1886 Slater
Earnest, Rosa Root, Clinton A. 04/26/1890 Slater
Easley, Arlene Hall, Lawrence Lee 11/24/1940 MR #7
East, Helen E. Shearer, Charles F. 11/28/1894 stats
East, Lillian M. Bonet, Edward 06/08/1901 stats
Eastgard, Esther Anderson, Sigurd 05/09/1931 stats
Easton, Alvina DeGault, N. 02/19/1913 stats
Easton, Leona Mathis, B.F. 12/31/1913 stats
Eaton, Betty Jane 2nd (Markovich) Eseki, Louis Harry 2nd 06/06/1932 stats
Ebbert, Lena Hammer, John Sylvester 10/09/1903 stats
Ebbert, Marr A. 3rd (Ellsworth) Hughes, Joseph 05/29/1902 stats
Ebbert, Mary Elizabeth Stover, J.W. 02/15/1891 Slater
Ebberts, Sadie Klepiner, Dennis 11/08/1898 stats
Eckley, Danella Renninger, Harvey A. 10/05/1908 stats
Eddie, Eleanor 2nd (Ekright) Hartman, David 2nd 06/01/1909 stats
Eddings, Doris Gurney, Lawrence R. 05/29/1931 stats
Eddings, Laurie Spofford, Elias G. 03/31/1903 stats
Eddings, W.E. Cooper, J.W. 12/28/1899 stats
Edens, Carrie T. Gregg, Chester 10/01/1927 stats
Edgett, Mary Parker, Charles H. 09/03/1943 MR #7
Edgington, Mary E. Abbott, Andrew P. 10/25/1905 stats
Edman, Mildred B. 2nd (Faille) Briggs, Elza D. 2nd 12/17/1937 stats
Edmenson, Tally Clarke, Granville 12/12/1938 stats
Edwards, Bernice Ellen Hayward, Fred Henry 2nd 12/21/1921 stats
Edwards, Bertha R. Noyes, Thomas L. 06/10/1943 MR #7
Edwards, Edith C. Wanless, Gerald H. 08/26/1938 stats
Edwards, Elizabeth L. Mawdsley, H.J. 2nd 12/17/1938 stats
Edwards, Ellen Louis, Harry A. 11/17/1943 MR #7
Edwards, Eva (Foote) Olson, Hans 05/24/1927 stats
Edwards, Jenny Laski, Allan 10/31/1928 stats
Edwards, Julia A. Phillips, Charles M. 03/15/1943 MR #7
Edwards, Louisa Grant, William T. 02/25/1907 stats
Edwards, Louise Helen Hewer, Lawrence B. 07/31/1920 stats
Edwards, Nancy Mullan, Joseph 03/11/1916 stats
Edwards, Priscilla 2nd (Sturges) Townsend, Frank 02/14/1922 stats
Edwards, Rilla May Marshall, John W. 10/14/1905 stats
Egger, Margaret Schneiter, Peter 04/26/1926 stats
Eggler, Louisa Guler, Christ 04/27/1907 stats
Eggler, Rosalie Flick, Robert 12/30/1897 stats
Egland, Mabel Frisvold, Charley 03/24/1921 stats
Ehmke, Florence Hague, Howard H. 02/02/1927 stats
Ehmke, Hazel M. Cutler, Leon 10/08/1938 stats
Ehorn, Ann E. Owens, Walter A. 11/25/1924 stats
Eichenseer, Frances Moran, Victor 08/05/1929 stats
Eicker, Lena Michel, Alex 07/28/1914 stats
Eilar, Ella Elizabeth Ogle, William H. 01/28/1907 stats
Ekland, Rena Reid, A.B. 06/12/1936 stats
Eklund, Vernie A. Chollet, Charles 06/27/1911 stats
Ekstrom, Karin Engstrom, Hvoer? 01/25/1904 stats
Elanise Paradis, Antoine 02/27/1867 Slater
Elbrader, Georgia P. Hughes, Jack H. 05/03/1947 MR #7
Eleanor Lee, Louis 07/15/1872 Slater
Elldred, Irene Isla Dueman, Russell R. 09/11/1942 MR #7
Ellen Perkins, F.W. 12/11/1873 Slater
Ellen McCrea, Edward 11/20/1878 RegA
Ellingson, Florence 2nd (Cole) Shaff, George A. 2nd 10/15/1936 stats
Elliott, Frances Detillion, Charles 05/21/1908 stats
Elliott, Rose Senior, Ben 08/29/1901 stats
Ellis, Blanche Milks, Sherman J. 08/23/1920 stats
Ellis, Gertrude Farnsworth, Ralph 12/01/1926 stats
Ellis, Mabel Kenney, Robert 03/07/1913 stats
Ellis, Mable 2nd (Carter) Starch, Fred 2nd 07/02/1920 stats
Ellis, Margaret McKeller, Richard A. 11/05/1907 stats
Ellison, Elnora Hills, George 2nd 02/27/1920 stats
Elphick, Mabel Jane Raynor, Joel Sherman 02/11/1926 stats
Elwell, Millie A. Bratton, John T. 05/16/1895 stats
Elwell, Vinnie Goakey, Everett 05/10/1900 stats
Elwood, Elsie R. Skiles, Glen D. 08/14/1920 stats
Elwood, Etta 2nd (Rohrbaugh) Anderson, Edward 09/23/1902 stats
Elwood, Laura M. Baxter, William F. 09/22/1916 stats
Elwood, Rosie Anderson, Arthur 05/21/1928 stats
Elwood, Sadie Elizabeth Olsen, John Walter 05/05/1923 stats
Elwood, Sadie Helen Brazel, Bradley H. 02/21/1936 stats
Ely, Cora Adele 2nd (Fetterly) Stewart, Harry 09/29/1920 stats
Ely, Sadie Dorman, Garland 10/18/1901 stats
Embree, Allura A. (Burcham) 2nd Bailey, J.D. 2nd 09/05/1914 stats
Embry, Geneva A. Akins, William 09/06/1919 stats
Emerson, Margery Morrison, William 04/27/1936 stats
Emerson, Mary J. Backhouse, William L. 08/24/1918 stats
Emery, Anna 2nd (Wolf) Adams, A.J. 10/12/1899 stats
Emery, Annabel Bjorklund, V.E. 09/05/1921 stats
Eng, Irma Bens, Walter 09/07/1940 MR #7
Engel, Betty Garvey, James R. 01/15/1947 MR #7
Engel, Dolly Mae Mosby, Burr P. 06/01/1944 MR #7
Engelhardt, Agnes Schwartz, Joe 10/27/1945 MR #7
England, Ruth Helen Wilson, Harry Edward 06/02/1919 stats
Englehardt, Clara Edson, John 05/20/1941 MR #7
English, Doris Campbell, William W. (Jr) 07/03/1936 stats
English, Gayle Mary Davis, William Leonard 01/18/1938 stats
English, Lois Strom, Alfred J. 08/03/1937 stats
English, Margaret L. Erickson, Barnard 12/06/1937 stats
English, Mazie Lee Baumeister, Herman 06/23/1934 stats
English, Nina M. Ginder, John G. 12/24/1919 stats
English, Ruth N. Lewis, Roland W. 07/03/1937 stats
Engstrom, Katherine Overholt, James 11/24/1937 stats
Enquist, Ethel McNutt, Rolla F. 05/08/1943 MR #7
Ensdorg, Eugenia Stevens, John M. 12/03/1892 stats
Ensminger, Catherine June Kelly, Victor Camp 07/06/1909 stats
Ensminger, Dorothy Anderson, Carl E. 09/07/1929 stats
Ensminger, Dorothy Newton, Samuel W. 01/31/1931 stats
Ensminger, Mary E. Bussler, Earl J. 08/22/1935 stats
Ensminger, Willia S. Millard, Westley P. 08/19/1929 stats
Entwistle, Fonnie E. Coulter, Charles W. 12/26/1903 stats
Entwistle, Geraldine L. Palm, Robert E. 04/07/1946 MR #7
Entwistle, Myrtle Palmer, Renald 03/02/1925 stats
Epp, Barbara Hofmeister, Laurenz 07/16/1907 stats
Erdman, Hazel May Martin, J.A. 06/21/1920 stats
Erdman, Lillian (Cornelius) Haley, Joe 07/05/1930 stats
Erdman, Pearl May Hall, James Malone 02/13/1917 stats
Erickson, Anna Lamb, Scott A. 10/17/1921 stats
Erickson, Grace House, Travis 06/05/1936 stats
Erickson, Lillian Ellis, McKinley 06/01/1916 stats
Ermacora, Louise Imens, Russell J. 05/13/1938 stats
Ernde, Matilda L. Hubert, B.A. 03/17/1909 stats
Ernest, Ida M. Larios, E.F. 04/04/1896 stats
Ernest, Irma Eleanor Buchanan, Wayne Duncan 05/29/1936 stats
Ernsdorf, May Hall, Robert 04/18/1898 stats
Eshom, Thelma Fuller, Norman R. 08/19/1924 stats
Eslick, Goldie Ellen Meyers, George J. 05/27/1911 stats
Estes, Maud H. 2nd (Johnson) Seeley, Francis E. 05/01/1939 stats
Esvelt, Henrietta M. Maddox, Mont 06/10/1918 stats
Ettinger, Grace L. Bradeen, Frank J. 10/05/1907 stats
Etue, Emma 2nd Webb, James 02/08/1911 stats
Etue, May Amelia Galbraith, William Merritt 02/17/1905 stats
Etue, Minnie Rickard, Barney 10/09/1897 stats
Evans, Ann 2nd (Krause) Garras, George B. 05/03/1939 stats
Evans, Dorothy Ward, Charles Albert 07/14/1937 stats
Evans, Dorothy Louise Schoemaker, Clinton Melville 09/23/1940 MR #7
Evans, Frances Elizabeth Thomas, James F. Jr 05/11/1929 stats
Evans, Hazel Hattie Norris, Alvin Emmett 03/12/1945 MR #7
Evans, Laura G. Shukle, Edward B. 02/04/1945 MR #7
Evans, Marian Schimke, Tolbert D. 01/28/1928 stats
Evans, Nellie Norris, Frank G. 04/19/1923 stats
Evans, Victoria Percival, George Charles 06/23/1936 stats
Everells, Marcella v. 2nd (Mulson) Lanza, Charles R. 06/10/1935 stats
Evick, Ethel May Irvine, Grover L. 01/25/1905 stats
Ewing, Alta O. Head, Orin S. 04/30/1902 stats
Exley, Grace Minzel, Herbert T. 06/19/1928 stats
Exley, Velma Margaret Hanson, Clare Newton 07/05/1923 stats
Eyers, Mabel Ramsden, R.D. 06/05/1935 stats
Eyers, Nellie Christine Handley, G. M. 04/09/1931 stats
Fackenthal, Hilda G. Bridgefarmer, D.S. 01/01/1940 MR #7
Fager, Myrtle (fa-Osborn) Gough, Samuel 03/25/1918 stats
Fager, Viola M. Parks, Philip R. 02/17/1904 stats
Fahey, Emma Yeager, Ralph A. 12/05/1923 stats
Fain, M.J. 2nd (Curl) McKee, W.P. 2nd 10/11/1921 stats
Fainter, Ida H. 2nd (Jorgens) Driessen, Cornelius T. 02/06/1920 stats
Fairchild, Dorothy Hamilton, Clare L. 12/25/1945 MR #7
Fairchild, Jessie Fanny Ickes, Chester Jonas 11/10/1933 stats
Fait, Millie E. Beau, Roy R. 04/06/1903 stats
Falconer, Hilda M. Bailey, Robert S. 06/30/1936 stats
Fales, Maud Hull, Allan J. 03/16/1910 stats
Falk, Ida Steinke, Max T.W. 06/02/1906 stats
Fallows, Nellie L. (Lewellen) McRae, Duncan 09/25/1929 stats
Faris, June Smith, Percy C. (Jr) 02/01/1946 MR #7
Farnsworth, Nelly Smith, Robert Carrol 01/15/1923 stats
Farr, Myrtle R. Rose, William S. 2nd 11/20/1910 stats
Farr, Olivia Abbott, J.H. 2nd 02/11/1904 stats
Farrar, Margaurite Light, Walter 10/28/1907 stats
Farris, Venita Lo Ree Rhodes, Lancel E. 09/25/1942 MR #7
Fate, Ida C. Hockersmith, David J. 2nd 10/19/1922 stats
Fate, Kitty J. Bergquist, Carl 10/19/1922 stats
Faugstad, Christine 2nd (Thomas) Kenney, Myron E. 2nd 04/15/1921 stats
Faulk, Maryon M. Hancock, Charles 07/01/1927 stats
Faulkner, Rose G. 2nd (Tonhafer) Mainette, Henry 2nd 04/23/1935 stats
Faurer, Bernice Gauldin, James P. 02/28/1921 stats
Faurot, Florence A. Walmer, Edwin Christian 06/20/1917 stats
Faurot, Mildred Kennedy, John M. 09/17/1927 stats
Faurot, Nevah Laverne Daily, Archibald A. 08/23/1913 stats
Faust, Laura (Bingham) 3rd mar Pump, Wm H. 11/30/1929 stats
Faust, Pearl Orchard, Vance 05/18/1917 stats
Fay, Alice VanTuyle, Charles 12/24/1921 stats
Fay, Catherine Ann Rickard, Barney 2nd 09/12/1934 stats
Fay, Frances Vindhurst, Dallas H. 10/08/1927 stats
Fay, Lila B. Price, Otto H. 01/14/1913 stats
Fay, Mabel Armstrong, Albert W. 09/27/1919 stats
Feary, Ollie Smith, James M. 10/14/1895 stats
Featherkile, Georgia Davis, Francis M. 11/01/1902 stats
Featherkile, Ruth Hezle Phillips, Harold S. 05/15/1914 stats
Fedder, Iva M. Thomson, George W. 04/11/1905 stats
Fedder, Viola Smith, Charles R. 12/24/1902 stats
Fee, Minnie Arlene (fa-Scherette) Ayers, Elmer J. 2nd 07/02/1903 stats
Fees, Gladys Hyer, Howard F. 10/26/1932 stats
Felsheim, Celia Laird, Joseph M. 06/05/1916 stats
Felts, Blanche E. McKern, Morse D. 11/24/1931 stats
Felzner, Katherine Schaffer, Henry 07/22/1933 stats
Fenier, Frances Logsdon, Elkgar E. 04/17/1937 stats
Ferguson, Cora McNearney, Douglas 10/03/1936 stats
Ferguson, Ellen E. Hoffman, Clarence 12/05/1921 stats
Ferguson, Emma (Hobenhouse) 2nd Johnston, H.D. (2nd) 07/12/1911 stats
Ferguson, Esther M. Mason, J.W. 04/03/1923 stats
Ferguson, Hazel Lenocker, C.G. 06/23/1925 stats
Ferguson, Lylla Thomas, R.A. 04/11/1936 stats
Ferguson, Mabel McClung, Albert 04/19/1912 stats
Ferguson, Mary Agnes Brown, Magnus William 10/09/1893 stats
Ferguson, Susan 2nd Edmonds, J.C.W. 05/06/1939 stats
Ferguson, Versie Myrtle Hooper, Paul M. 05/15/1935 stats
Ferguson, Violet Marchand, Francis 02/12/1941 MR #7
Ferguson, Winifred Patterson, Harry 06/12/1937 stats
Fernengel, Pauline Speck, Earl C. 01/25/1919 stats
Ferrier, Ethel Dearing, Robert L. 03/26/1942 MR #7
Ferrier, Margaret J. Price, Maurice E. 05/22/1928 stats
Ferrill, Eulalia Plato, John S. 06/20/1923 stats
Ferrill, Tessie 2nd (Hawley) Gordon, Neil 2nd 08/20/1937 stats
Ferris, Margaret Miller, George M. 06/03/1924 stats
Fetterly, Maud Colburn, Clark H. 07/18/1912 stats
Ficklin, Dorothy Baun, Ord 11/12/1924 stats
Field, Betty Dearinger, William C. 11/07/1940 MR #7
Field, Iva Crone, M.W. 01/15/1892 Slater
Fields, Hattie E. Rogers, Henry 01/12/1899 stats
Fields, Louisa J. 2nd (Carpenter) Hunter, James 2nd 01/04/1899 stats
Fields, Lucetta E. Suiter, DeWaine 09/22/1937 stats
Fields, Margretta Wilson, Clarence A. 12/12/1938 stats
Fievez, Sarah Trepus, John H. 03/28/1932 stats
Fifer, Harriet V. Overman, Harry E. 07/14/1939 MR #7
Finch, Bessie Burgess, Vernon L. 01/15/1940 MR #7
Finch, Ruth DeGroff Hoffman, Clyde P. 02/04/1945 MR #7
Finch, Violet R. Challinor, Charles C. 05/09/1945 MR #7
Fincher, Edna Pearl Johnson, Raymond E. 10/01/1927 stats
Fincher, Verna Pearson, Philip A. 11/27/1936 stats
Fine, Glenice A. Koschutzke, Percy 08/30/1937 stats
Finel, Floye E. Herrick, Ed C. 10/22/1906 stats
Finel, Julia Scott, Elmo 11/23/1938 stats
Finel, Zylphia S. Cory, Abram H. 2nd 11/10/1910 stats
Finlayson, Hazel Godfrey, L.E. 04/20/1912 stats
Finley, Bertha Brisbois, Ezra 04/22/1914 stats
Finley, Catherine Cotus, Joseph 05/06/1860 Cath
Finley, Clara E. Baughman, Bert 05/10/1910 stats
Finley, Etta Cox, J.E. 01/21/1924 stats
Finley, Irene Smith, John 08/29/1919 stats
Finley, Isabelle Matt, Peter G. 07/25/1869 Slater
Finley, Lizzette McKey, Robert 06/15/1864 Slater
Finley, Martina G. Kerson, Jack 07/10/1934 stats
Finley, Susanna O'Bryan, James 10/10/1861 Reg
Finnegan, Virginia Jones, J.W. 08/20/1896 stats
Finnell, Stella E. Agar, Clayton B. 06/09/1913 stats
Firski, Mable Jennings, B.F. 04/20/1925 stats
Fish, Florence Evelyn Dane, Harry B.J. 12/15/1921 stats
Fish, Laura Belle VanRigg, Raymond 08/25/1902 stats
Fisher, Andra L. Porter, Clarence C. 06/17/1946 MR #7
Fisk, Cora Maud Farnsworth, Clarence 06/04/1899 stats
Fitzsimmons, Helen 2nd (Harmon) Vest, F.W. 08/21/1936 stats
Fjarli, Clara Onstine, Horace 03/04/1912 stats
Fjarli, Louise Droz, Alfred 06/11/1919 stats
Fjarli, Mable Slentz, Fred J. 05/16/1924 stats
Fjarli, Olga Pence, Ivan W. 06/25/1921 stats
Flanagan, Kathleen L. Allen, George C. 11/27/1918 stats
Flanik, Catherine Johnson, William 10/04/1911 stats
Flanik, Emma A. Lotze, Charles G. 08/22/1910 stats
Flansberg, Laura 2nd (Bingham) Faust, Theo T. 2nd 09/02/1916 stats
Flansberg, Pearl Zirkel, Clell 10/12/1915 stats
Flatter, Ora A. 2nd (Seyler) Pea, Willis 12/30/1918 stats
Flechsig, Lila DeLeach, Sidney W. 05/10/1938 stats
Fleckl, Frances Boyd, W.G. 06/01/1916 stats
Fleckl, Martha Anna Boyd, Charles Henry 03/18/1909 stats
Fleenor, Blanche Iola Webb, Bernard Francis 05/25/1925 stats
Fleenor, Mamie I (fa-Noble) Munson, R.P. 02/14/1916 stats
Fleet, Ruby (Rose-adopt) Kedder Stolp, J.A. 06/28/1930 stats
Fletcher, Edith Hills, Willis 10/29/1938 stats
Fletcher, Jeanette Crook, Lee E. 04/06/1900 stats
Fletcher, Margery Habberstad, Conrad 04/08/1939 stats
Fletcher, Minnie 2nd (Anderson) Miller, Homer D. 3rd 07/31/1917 stats
Fletcher, Mona Cecile Cornwall, Louis Monroe 04/03/1905 stats
Flett, Amy M. Galbraith, Merritt H. 06/09/1934 stats
Flett, Anna Peone, Gideon 01/22/1881 Slater
Flett, Eva Leo, Ignace 2nd 12/07/1920 stats
Flett, Frances Margaret Hughes, Elmer 12/24/1917 stats
Flett, Gertrude Wynne, William 10/16/1939 MR #7
Flett, Julia Brigman, Jim 10/07/1920 stats
Flett, Nancy Ely, Jackson 08/07/1914 stats
Flett, Nellie Hill, John 09/18/1882 Slater
Flett, Nellie McCrea, Archie 07/16/1920 stats
Flick, Rosalie (Egler) Badertscher, Hugo V. 04/13/1931 stats
Flickiger, Amelia Fahner, Frank 12/14/1911 stats
Flickiger, Elizabeth Frazier, Worthy E. 09/26/1917 stats
Flint, Lillian Rae Howell, Abel S. 08/15/1904 stats
Flohr, Blossom Barr, Joseph 10/27/1947 MR #7
Flohr, Jane M. Nelson, Charles 07/16/1946 MR #7
Florence, Mary Kinney, William 06/09/1900 stats
Florrik, Matilda Lotz, Ernest 02/11/1915 stats
Flory, Anna Waitt, Charles 06/02/1904 stats
Flott, Sylvia Homer, David 09/19/1934 stats
Flottman, Sophia Rhoads, Ira W. 02/02/1914 stats
Flugel, Frances Carol Kaufman, Leonard A. 07/01/1939 MR #6
Flynn, Catherine Nye, Henry Lester 07/22/1909 stats
Flynn, Nelly Annette Braddock, Ralph Blend 05/31/1907 stats
Fogarty, Winnifred Morton, William 01/02/1909 stats
Fogg, Florence Darnell, Frank A. 03/15/1902 stats
Fogg, Katie Flugel, Charles 06/05/1902 stats
Fogg, Mabel M. Chamberlain, Charles A. 12/18/1893 stats
Fogg, Minnie Smith, Eugene L. 2nd 02/12/1907 stats
Foglequist, Jeanne Thomas, George A. 06/20/1947 MR #7
Foley, Lillian M. Schroeder, Robert A. 08/11/1943 MR #7
Folger, Ingibar Orr, W.L. 08/10/1917 stats
Folsom, Elsie A. Smith, Roy F. 12/28/1908 stats
Folsom, Leonie Vilvia Heide, Claus George 04/14/1914 stats
Foos, Margaret Johnson, Wm F. 08/31/1933 stats
Forbes, Enid Hopland, Alf 08/21/1937 stats
Forbes, Florence 2nd (Randall) Hubbard, Edward B. 02/26/1909 stats
Ford, Annie Manuel, William 01/28/1913 stats
Ford, Margaret Lemire, Albert 10/13/1917 stats
Ford, Thelma Maxine Gumm, Henry Herman 10/06/1930 stats
Fordham, Ida DuBois, Rene 12/24/1932 stats
Fordham, Margaret Dubois, William 06/06/1942 MR #7
Fordham, Marian Motteler, George F 06/01/1937 stats
Forgey, Lela Gunn, Earl H. 07/30/1917 stats
Forker, Maria Tomsha, Jacob 04/28/1907 stats
Forkey, May Lenzman, George D. 10/21/1937 stats
Forney, Doris Theis, Fred H. 12/22/1925 stats
Forney, Estella Litton, J.W. 01/17/1902 stats
Forney, Pearl Aldrich, J.W. 05/02/1945 MR #7
Forsell, F. Thompson, Malcolm 2nd 10/08/1934 stats
Forshee, Juanita Belle Benninger, Fred 07/03/1926 stats
Forshee, Olga Wiest, Vern 05/27/1929 stats
Forslund, Margaret Bond, Keith 06/06/1931 stats
Fortune, Flora Weatherby, Robert Lawrence 03/17/1941 MR #7
Fosback, Alma L. Budd, Ned H. 10/16/1937 stats
Fosback, Bertha Marie Michael, A.R. 04/21/1932 stats
Fosback, Helen Cranston, Ivan R. 05/11/1937 stats
Foshaug, Hilda Nelson McKay, William James 06/07/1915 stats
Fosse, Nelda J. Carbon, Carl 01/07/1939 stats
Foster, Bonnie Dea Fosback, Carl A. 09/04/1942 MR #7
Foster, Delila Ferguson, Edward 08/16/1930 stats
Foster, Lottie McCroskey, John M. 11/17/1909 stats
Fowell, Sara E. Stevens, Sidney W. 05/16/1913 stats
Fowl, Anna Riniker, Henry 05/10/1878 Reg
Fowler, Alitha Violet McGinety, Edward Owen 12/06/1935 stats
Fowler, Della 2nd (Rowdon) Severson, Isham 08/04/1897 stats
Fox, Blanche E. Storer, Cecil C. (Jr) 04/24/1946 MR #7
Fox, Esther Frae Edwards, S.A. 11/10/1928 stats
Fox, Florence M. Just, Paul H. 02/01/1933 stats
Fox, Flossie Frances Smythe, DeWitt C. 09/20/1922 stats
Fox, Rose Thexton, Stanley 06/02/1909 stats
Frame, Jean Eleanor Brown, Sidney H. 09/03/1938 stats
France, Ella Kadin, Hugo Fred 10/13/1938 stats
France, Navilla Lambert, Lawrence H. 08/01/1908 stats
Frances, Alice 2nd (Bisbey) Pearson, Bernard Gustaf 2nd 07/13/1932 stats
Frances, Ruth Radojicich Bernett, Ed 11/22/1921 stats
Francis, Annie Antoine, Alex 08/09/1915 stats
Francis, Carrie Rollins, Elmer E. 04/28/1909 stats
Francis, Marian Markham, J.M. 03/02/1934 stats
Francis, Ruth Isabella Radojicich, Nicholas 06/13/1912 stats
Francis, Sarah 2nd (Stilborn) Downing, John 2nd 09/14/1910 stats
Franklin, Evelyn May Bertschi, Albert P. 12/20/1911 stats
Franklin, Velma M. Kennedy, Eugene L. 10/26/1947 MR #7
Franklin, Winnifred K. Liles, Marl J. 05/11/1947 MR #7
Frankovich, Angeline Nett, Albert J. 08/11/1934 stats
Frankovich, Bernadine Dunnigan, John F. 09/08/1939 MR #7
Frankovitch, Annie J. Riley, John W. 08/27/1938 stats
Franks, Edna Bender, Floyd R. 06/17/1939 MR #6
Franswa, Catarine Louis, Peter 05/23/1904 stats
Franz, A.M. Gasselman, A.E. 03/23/1900 stats
Frase, Belle Taylor, Ed 12/22/1902 stats
Frase, Edith Stewart, Frazier M. 10/18/1921 stats
Frase, Edith A. Small, Earl W. 04/23/1924 stats
Frase, Jessie Smith, Elmer B. 11/11/1916 stats
Frazee, Beatrice Brunner, John F. 09/05/1924 stats
Frazer, Adell Hall, Winslow 07/06/1873 Slater
Frazer, Alva 2nd (Flint) Brewer, John E. 11/06/1916 stats
Frazer, Grace P. Stalp, Roland R. 11/20/1911 stats
Frazer, Roberta Louise Witherspoon, Vincent W. 11/05/1939 MR #7
Frazier, Dortha Lee Brooks, Wilbur Varree 07/13/1939 MR #7
Frazier, Osta E. Chappell, Carter C. 12/18/1913 stats
Frazier, Teanie L. Cooper, Ernest 07/22/1939 MR #7
Frecholm, Mabel B. (Myers) Cooper, Robert B. 04/08/1930 stats
Fredrick, Mable Rellstab, Gotlieb 08/26/1895 stats
Fredrickson, Florence Fackenthall, Robert J. 05/03/1939 stats
Fremming, Olive K. Doyle, James 03/17/1908 stats
French, Emily 2nd (Jones) Reynolds, E.J. 2nd 06/15/1897 stats
French, Emily 2nd (Jones) Reynolds, E.J. 2nd 06/15/1897 stats
French, Ethel Cadwalader, Joe D. 02/14/1919 stats
Frichette, Ann L. Lange, Maurice A. 10/09/1933 stats
Frick, Margaret Gibson, Ernest 08/27/1923 stats
Frickleton, Margaret 2nd Shorthouse, F. 10/22/1934 stats
Frida, Anna Maria Munkers, J.W. 04/30/1900 stats
Friede, Loretta 2nd (LeMay) Bales, W. Howard 01/18/1939 stats
Frisbee, Inez C. Hocking, Peter M. 07/26/1892 stats
Frischman, Sophia Mawhinney, Herman 06/29/1909 stats
Frisvold, Mabel 2nd (Egland) Carson, Wayne M. 2nd 12/11/1936 stats
Fritche, Alsa Martha 2nd Harris, Jack William 10/17/1936 stats
Fritche, Elsie Martha Lehrman, Arthur J. 05/22/1918 stats
Fritz, Annie McDonald, Angus 12/06/1938 stats
Fritz, Donita Zibell, August 05/08/1917 stats
Fritz, Ellen Lydia Goakey, Edwin 03/12/1913 stats
Fritz, F.B. Donaldson, L.S. 11/19/1917 stats
Frizzell, Betty Kaiser, Richard 06/06/1940 MR #7
Frizzell, Velma Florence Fogarty, Patrick Francis 06/06/1925 stats
Froman, Bessie Oma Barnes, Roy W. 11/25/1925 stats
Frost, Alma L. Dodson, Glen E. 01/17/1911 stats
Frostad, Elsie Kifer, Ralph L. 11/25/1933 stats
Frostad, Ruby J. Fosback, Roy O. 04/03/1939 stats
Frugard, Laverne Schenk, Maynard 2nd 08/05/1936 stats
Fry, Beatrice Desautel, Victor 05/09/1940 MR #7
Fry, Geraldine Irene Fry, George Lawrence 07/17/1947 MR #7
Fry, Katy R. 2nd (Berland) Adams, Adolph G. 2nd 10/20/1909 stats
Fry, Lorraine Misiaszek, Anthony 10/08/1945 MR #7
Fry, Nellie May Rima, William 03/15/1928 stats
Fry, Ruth Ella StPeter, Fred 09/28/1910 stats
Fry, Viola F. Jonas, Ernest 01/19/1893 stats
Frye, Jessie Kuder, William 02/01/1940 MR #7
Frye, Ruth 2nd (Harrison) Nelson, Oscar 07/08/1936 stats
Frye, Virginia Mally, Wilbur 04/30/1940 MR #7
Fugate, Beatrice Scammon, Harvey 03/26/1941 MR #7
Fugate, Letha Link, Curtis F. 12/10/1940 MR #7
Fulgham, Emma Harriet Maxwell, Wilbert Wesley 10/09/1909 stats
Fulkerson, Rosetta Eakins, Walter G. 04/13/1895 stats
Fuller, Alice Jeanett Weeks, Harry A. 12/22/1919 stats
Fuller, Carrie E. Larson, A.M. 11/04/1899 stats
Fuller, Effie E. Kelly, Eber J. 08/06/1901 stats
Fuller, Genevieve M. Ross, Jack C. 01/23/1939 stats
Fuller, Irene Leonard, Kenneth A. 02/14/1939 stats
Fuller, Irene Jacobs, Albert A. 07/14/1941 MR #7
Fuller, Marian 3rd (Murray) Lesh, Willis B. 07/10/1908 stats
Fuller, Nettie 2nd (Hanley) Ziegler, J.W. 2nd 07/06/1903 stats
Fullner, Elsie Alice Fautch, Leo V. 06/21/1915 stats
Fulton, Janny 2nd (Arthur) McKee, William P. 2nd 06/04/1906 stats
Furley, Margaret Ellen 2nd (Chase) Allen, John 2nd 07/05/1921 stats
Furly, Rhoda C. Crow, Shirley 04/30/1913 stats
Gaghardi, Rosaria Gaghardi, Luigi 12/27/1909 stats
Gailey, Irene F. Perkins, Audie 12/31/1941 MR #7
Gaines, Hattie Lynn, Jess C. 06/15/1914 stats
Gaines, Minnie Dotty Parkins, Judson T. 07/28/1903 stats
Gaines, Nora E. Morris, Thomas B. 06/28/1910 stats
Gale, Agnes Bulger, Walter L. 10/03/1933 stats
Gallagher, Hallie Girnus, William E. 10/10/1936 stats
Gallagher, Marguerite P. Downey, James F. 11/30/1910 stats
Gallagher, Olga A.E. Hodgen, James R. 01/08/1941 MR #7
Gallagher, Shirley Graeber, A.J. 03/03/1941 MR #7
Galloway, Ana Bryant, Spangle 12/15/1894 stats
Galloway, Lillian Mae 2nd (Spaulding) Fee, William W. 12/11/1907 stats
Galloway, Zelda Rubbelke, Henry 02/24/1911 stats
Gangrau, Melania LaPrey, Joseph 03/25/1864 Reg
Gangro, Louise Dessotel, Frank 08/16/1885 Slater
Ganoung, Helen Coppinger, Thomas E. 03/17/1903 stats
Gant, Sheila Walkins, George S. 08/03/1942 MR #7
Garay, Theresa S. Lightbum, Wilfred M. 11/07/1936 stats
Gardner, Ada Bertha Reed, Clarence M. 06/13/1931 stats
Gardner, Effie Iverson, Ole 03/17/1917 stats
Gardner, Jennie S. McDirmid, Joel 09/13/1905 stats
Gardner, Magdalena Huguenin, Mark 11/24/1914 stats
Gardner, Ruth Grace Platts, Jess J. 10/11/1913 stats
Gardner, Ruthie Rein Glasgo, Mace Arthur 06/17/1910 stats
Garett, Charlotte J. Diehl, William D. 08/02/1947 MR #7
Garner, Dartha Kryiss, August 12/02/1914 stats
Garner, Georgia M. Bailey, Raymond R. 12/12/1936 stats
Garner, Lois Marie Terry, Dee Eugene 03/05/1945 MR #7
Garris, Edith E. 2nd (Dike) Walker, Wilborn A. 2nd 11/27/1922 stats
Garske, Merle Ann Leytze, Murray F. 08/31/1946 MR #7
Gasaway, Jane Rose Salsbury, Douglas P. 06/13/1943 MR #7
Gates, Clara Eckley, Russell E. 02/03/1934 stats
Gatton, Lucy Marie Lair, Ray Olo 11/10/1922 stats
Gau, Marie Steineman, Tom H. 01/04/1909 stats
Gearheart, Gertrude 2nd (Perkins) Lightle, Roland M. 09/05/1935 stats
Geer, Arillia Bennett, Ray H. 06/29/1938 stats
Geer, Bethene Wuestoff, Fred 05/14/1943 MR #7
Geer, Leola Aubertin, William 08/26/1929 stats
Geer, Lorinda (Salvage) Riese, Frank E. 03/10/1926 stats
Geer, Vernice Snyder, H.L. 07/12/1921 stats
Geesaman, Grace Phillips, Harry 01/05/1921 stats
Geesaman, Lenora 2nd (Homes) Rouse, E.M. 2nd 04/12/1910 stats
Geesaman, Viola Pearl McCormick, Ray L. 12/28/1916 stats
Gemmell, Winnifred Heater, E.V. (jr) (Elliott Vermont) 11/07/1947 MR #7
Gendreau, Emarence Peras, Louis 11/30/1868 Slater
Gendron, Marcelene Turcott, J.N. 06/27/1888 Slater
Gengras, Catherine Bergerson, Amesine 01/22/1867 Slater
Gensel, Vera I. Pittman, Ray 06/24/1922 stats
Gentis, Thelma G. Bean, Gale N. 05/10/1937 stats
George, Anne 2nd San Paul, Casemere 2nd 08/05/1911 stats
George, Eleanor Louie, Albert 11/20/1940 MR #7
George, Laura Lulu Boyd, Edward 04/06/1923 stats
George, Margaret Esther Koppe, George Arnold 05/26/1933 stats
Gerber, Margaret 2nd (Skelly) Falk, Peter A. 2nd 07/19/1932 stats
Gerhart, Nora 2nd (Simmons) Gourlay, Orin 08/18/1908 stats
German, Roxie H. Sullivan, Grady 07/22/1938 stats
Gess, Inez Hunt, Freeman 06/03/1914 stats
Geyer, Cordelia E. 2nd (Francis) Geyer, J.P. 2nd 10/19/1932 stats
Gezelius, Anna M. Benham, George 12/07/1935 stats
Gherhart, Marie Morton, Charles V. 11/26/1919 stats
Giberson, Lucille McCarrol, Everett L. 06/08/1938 stats
Giberson, Mable O'Brien, Louis 06/07/1941 MR #7
Giberson, Ollie Jean Countryman, L.J. 11/26/1937 stats
Gibson, Ethel Ruth Bezold, Otto F. 10/31/1914 stats
Gibson, Margery Schneider, John Edward 06/13/1917 stats
Gibson, Nannie E. Montgomery, James B. 05/06/1914 stats
Gifford, Betty Peterson, John I. 12/25/1940 MR #7
Gifford, Lucy E. Ward, Francis 02/26/1901 stats
Gifford, Verva Yeager, Lawrence 08/27/1936 stats
Gilbert, Dorothy Ronald, Lloyd 09/10/1937 stats
Gilbert, Elizabeth Turner, Francis 10/22/1900 stats
Gilbert, Isabelle V. (Lopez) 2nd Smith, Louis 12/06/1912 stats
Gilbert, Lois Buchanan, Charles 11/03/1938 stats
Gilbert, Roxie Willett, Rolla A. 07/15/1916 stats
Gilbride, Marguerite Klaar, Edward A. 05/27/1939 stats
Gilchrist, Olive Soot, Reuben 08/29/1924 stats
Gilhand, Carrie 2nd (Burns) Hatch, Herman 05/31/1910 stats
Gill, Jenny F. Richardson, James E. 04/29/1899 stats
Gilles, Survilla May, Victor 09/09/1911 stats
Gillespie, Maud Dickerson, Frank J. 09/03/1897 stats
Gillett, Pauline McClung, A.J. (Dan) 12/31/1884 Slater
Gillette, Christina Darling, George E. 08/25/1879 Slater
Gillie, Frances Myrtle Bircher, William 08/23/1909 stats
Gilligan, Anna 2nd (Kennedy) Wearian, Scott M. 2nd 01/05/1916 stats
Gilmore, Dora Herr, Harold W. 05/04/1936 stats
Gilmore, Emma Koontz, William H. 04/13/1904 stats
Gilmore, Esther McAllister, Paddy 08/11/1923 stats
Gilmore, Ivy Murray, R.R. 06/09/1919 stats
Gilmore, Margaret Burris, Harold L. 08/24/1945 MR #7
Gilson, Myrtle Hall, A.F. 05/05/1910 stats
Ginder, Zella Faurot, Loren C. 2nd 01/17/1920 stats
Gingras, Eveline Flett, Robert 06/08/1893 stats
Glad, Katie Maki, Gust 2nd 01/09/1909 stats
Glasford, Marie E. Gildersleeve, Maurice W. 11/01/1915 stats
Glasgo, Ella Sell, Leonard L. 07/18/1929 stats
Glasgo, Hulda Hutchinson, George 11/21/1892 stats
Glasgo, Rose Maud Thomas, Guy 07/04/1904 stats
Glasgo, Ruth Keefe, John 05/08/1912 stats
Gleason, Agnes Irene Collier, Fred H. 05/27/1911 stats
Gleason, Dana E. 2nd (Dibble) Richardson, Francis M. 11/12/1903 stats
Gleason, Mary Messenger, Jess C. 10/06/1899 stats
Glenny, Ella May Doty, Alonzo Melville 02/09/1915 stats
Gliuk, Anna Clark, Eugene 12/28/1927 stats
Glover, Cora Bell Hardy, Wilbur 06/22/1921 stats
Glover, Grace M Cavens, Ralph B. 07/09/1927 stats
Glover, Irene L. Dame, Aurelle N. 10/17/1935 stats
Gmeiner, Addie Gunnip, P.F. 05/13/1920 stats
Goakey, N.J. See, W.J. 11/18/1892 stats
Godfrey, Crystal Harris, George J. 05/31/1947 MR #7
Goerkes, Mary J. Deuble, F. George 03/21/1898 stats
Goetz, Lottie (Schrump) Gilmour, James 11/10/1930 stats
Golden, Anna Clark, Orville 04/06/1912 stats
Golden, Mary Ann Regan, James 04/19/1904 stats
Golden, May Williams, Francis J. 12/06/1906 stats
Gollagher, Anna Shackleton, E.A. 06/27/1898 stats
Gollan, Harriett West, William Blinn 04/17/1912 stats
Golland, Chloe 2nd (Douglas) Ralston, Albert L. 2nd 09/25/1905 stats
Goltz, Anna N. (Hottle) Robinson, Arthur C. 08/02/1927 stats
Goodell, Betty J. O'Rourke, Jack E. 04/19/1942 MR #7
Goodhue, Jessie Rickard, Conrad 07/15/1901 stats
Goodman, Amy I. Ragsdale, Fred 2nd 10/09/1909 stats
Goodman, Florence Bryant, Winton F. 2nd 01/11/1932 stats
Goodman, Lillie D. Kirkwood, Fred R. 02/06/1914 stats
Goodman, Myrtle L. Zickefoose, Charles H. 08/08/1908 stats
Goodman, Ora Ella Birkbeck, Harold Donald 05/14/1915 stats
Goodman, Sarah J. 3rd (Powell) Ragsdale, W.P. 3rd 07/20/1909 stats
Goodman, Thelma Lorene Mercer, Clyde Wayne 06/25/1942 MR #7
Goodman, Zina Smith, Vance 12/19/1911 stats
Goodwin, Gertrude Lindley, William V. 03/14/1910 stats
Goodwin, Goldie E. Gray, Albert W. 08/24/1908 stats
Goodwin, Winnifred Dawson, George 02/03/1916 stats
Gorder, Betty Halvorson, Thomas R. 07/29/1947 MR #7
Gordon, Thelma Burt, Sherley Carl 11/04/1935 stats
Gordon, Vivian A. Earnest, Roy Raymond 04/15/1906 stats
Goree, Dorothe A. Weatherman, Harold V. 07/04/1947 MR #7
Gorman, Ethel Dent, Leroy 02/14/1911 stats
Gorman, Marie Fedrico, Andrew 03/28/1925 stats
Goss, Eliza E. Eastwood, John L. 10/15/1907 stats
Goss, Kathleen McCormick, Ted 10/21/1933 stats
Goss, Mildred Thompson, James R. 04/08/1902 stats
Goss,Ethel Casner, H. Ellsworth 04/08/1902 stats
Gossett, Addie Wilks, Elmer Lee 06/16/1920 stats
Gossett, Frances Jeanette Klavano, David A. 05/31/1923 stats
Gottfriedson, Josephine Clark, Alvie 01/16/1925 stats
Gottfriedson, Malina Nugent, Walter 01/04/1922 stats
Gouir, Mary Lavarie, Adolph 12/13/1871 Slater
Gould, Bernice M. Coulter, Irvin R. 12/26/1946 MR #7
Gould, Dorothy Fotherby, Albert 07/11/1938 stats
Gourlay, Flossie Libra, Joe 06/02/1940 MR #7
Gourley, Dora Haase, Julius 12/14/1914 stats
Gourley, Iva Stewart, W.J. 09/26/1916 stats
Gourlie, Ethel J. Tye, Aulmont W. 04/02/1927 stats
Gourlie, Margery Lyle Sharp, Glen E. 05/25/1933 stats
Gourlie, Viola Jessie Hauchin, Clyde 01/18/1916 stats
Grady, Jessie M. Turner, Byron Ewing 05/29/1944 MR #7
Graeul, Florence J. Hollinshand, Frank Arthur 2nd 09/04/1937 stats
Graham, Agnes T. Wilcox, Earl G. 05/28/1936 stats
Graham, Ann Blaine, James L. 05/03/1947 MR #7
Graham, Catherine Pierce, Arnold M. 2nd 03/02/1933 stats
Graham, Emma D. Aspend, Benjamin 11/04/1908 stats
Graham, G.M. Winn, E.S.H. 02/15/1902 stats
Graham, Helen M. Anderson, G.P. 06/19/1929 stats
Graham, Lillian Rhodda, A.M. 09/16/1919 stats
Graham, Mila Ellen (fa-Jackson) Jones, Ralph W. 02/01/1908 stats
Graham, Mildred O. Farmer, A.S. 11/02/1937 stats
Graham, Mona N. Meagher, John Francis 04/25/1931 stats
Graham, Nancy 2nd (Lawin) Baker, Martin 02/11/1909 stats
Graham, Nora Delores Maxfield, Joseph 08/17/1933 stats
Graham, Ora Bertha Strong, Earl John 11/17/1916 stats
Graham, Rosanna Kelly, Michael 2nd 02/11/1905 stats
Gramlich, Emma M. Goodrich, Fred A. 06/16/1936 stats
Granier, Albine Cooper, Jess Alfred 02/16/1935 stats
Grant, Adeline Auran, Laughlin Weis 09/27/1864 Reg
Grant, Dolly Hand, John J. 06/15/1897 stats
Grant, Dolly Hand, John J. 06/15/1897 stats
Grant, Marian Thometz, John L. 12/29/1917 stats
Graves, Ethel E. 2nd Sammons, Reull 2nd 10/12/1907 stats
Graves, Hazel L. Aubrey, Joseph E. 06/06/1947 MR #7
Graves, Jeanne V. Burnside, Myron L. 04/07/1945 MR #7
Graves, Marie Frances Campbell, John A. 10/23/1935 stats
Graves, Maud Graves, I.H. 02/05/1920 stats
Graves, Stella H. Elwell, J. Foyle 05/28/1910 stats
Gray, Alberta L. Burch, William H. 12/18/1918 stats
Gray, Alice May Teegarden, Ernest Derylle 07/24/1947 MR #7
Gray, Annie S. King, Owen E. 03/08/1895 stats
Gray, Frances M. Nussbaum, Ernest R. 09/09/1943 MR #7
Gray, Jean L. Rosenzweig, Fred H. 06/01/1947 MR #7
Green, Edith Spratt, James R. 10/17/1900 stats
Green, Emma Armstrong, Oliver 04/21/1906 stats
Green, Emma R. 2nd (Fearing) Thomason, Ralph 10/15/1907 stats
Green, Helen Manfredo, Joe 01/17/1917 stats
Green, Juanita Storch, Ted F. 10/19/1927 stats
Green, Lillian Frances Ledgerwood, Thomas Neil 10/31/1913 stats
Green, Mary Nett, Hubert 06/22/1934 stats
Green, Rose Tufty, O. 03/23/1891 Slater
Green, Ursula Hawk, L.E. 10/10/1942 MR #7
Greenes, Margaret E. Graham, Robert J. 04/05/1946 MR #7
Greenlow, Gladys Salmon, Lesley G. 06/27/1936 stats
Greenman, Mabel Linke, William L. 06/09/1934 stats
Greenmayer, Laura P. Meggitt, Harry W. 11/17/1910 stats
Greeno, Maudie Emma Anderson, Adolph 06/10/1924 stats
Greenwood, Bonnie Guhlke, Herbert 02/03/1941 MR #7
Greenwood, Elma Mary Life, John 05/12/1930 stats
Greer, Dorothy Johnson, Jack 09/07/1942 MR #7
Greer, Dorothy L. (Taylor) Krumsick, L.H. 04/12/1928 stats
Gregerson, Alice Holford, Charles 04/19/1924 stats
Gregerson, Marie Martin, John Heath 04/06/1921 stats
Greggs, Lizzie M. 3rd (Poole) Murdock, David 12/11/1906 stats
Gregorich, Amelia L. Polich, Antony 06/27/1903 stats
Gregory, Edna E. Rowe, Everett E. 06/05/1926 stats
Gregory, Lena Curry, Clifford 03/26/1927 stats
Gregory, Margaret E. Wright, Lewis T. 10/01/1927 stats
Grekul, Waselka Elink, Zachario 2nd 10/11/1921 stats
Grenald, Harriet (Mrs.) Fatzer, Gottlieb 03/10/1872 Slater
Grende, Gertrude Potter, T.A. 05/20/1929 stats
Griesmeyer, Jean McGarry, Denny Neil 02/05/1945 MR #7
Griffins, Julia Rosenbaugh, O.K. 10/22/1900 stats
Griffith, Nellie Sullivan, Guy Earl 12/06/1923 stats
Griffith, Vivian Evangeline Freeland, Liddon 09/05/1934 stats
Grigsby, Julia Beard, John 07/29/1899 stats
Grimm, Flora Brady, George D. 2nd 01/28/1935 stats
Grimsrud, Margaret Leona Rickers, George Stanley 10/02/1935 stats
Grittner, Edith Day, Elwood 02/06/1906 stats
Grizard, Denise Fendelet, L.A. 06/21/1938 stats
Grobel, Marie (Mrs.) Jeffries, Ira 04/12/1947 MR #7
Groff, Doris Forney, Floyd J. 08/21/1937 stats
Grosche, Henriette Williams, Donald 09/05/1923 stats
Gross, Dora Mae Renninger, Earl Allan 07/18/1940 MR #7
Grove, Mary Hughes, James 12/18/1911 stats
Grow, Barbara I. Risley, Earl D. 07/28/1945 MR #7
Grubb, Eva L. Burgess, Omer 10/21/1908 stats
Grubb, Nellie Sill, Irwin D. 11/04/1913 stats
Gruber, Elizabeth Morrison, Jack 02/24/1946 MR #7
Gruber, Mary Tirk, Lawrence G. 10/11/1926 stats
Grumett, Mary L. 2nd (Hague) Hulmer, Joseph E. 09/10/1907 stats
Grutchfield, Carolyn Babbington, Stanley James 06/26/1936 stats
Grutchfield, Lois Eddy, John 06/30/1940 MR #7
Guadagnolo, Minnie Naccarato, Gus A. 08/28/1919 stats
Gudher, Barbara Feulner, John 01/12/1893 stats
Guimond, Estella M. Champa, John 01/13/1944 MR #7
Gumm, Edith R. Fisher, George W. 12/21/1934 stats
Gumm, Esther Louise Ford, James W. 03/29/1934 stats
Gumm, Ethel M. Towne, Arthur A. 10/04/1913 stats
Gumm, Evelyn Starr Richards, Robert James 07/31/1941 MR #7
Gumm, Goldie B. Kinnan, Walter H. 07/03/1918 stats
Gumm, Lucille Eldred, Elmer 12/08/1939 MR #7
Gumm, Mable Margaret Vangilde, Everett A. 12/10/1913 stats
Gumm, Marie Brown, Albert 03/08/1930 stats
Gumm, Mildred Louella Fischer, Arthur B. 06/03/1930 stats
Gunderson, Torborg Matson, Mats 12/16/1905 stats
Gunn, Augusta M. Sevey, Henry A. 04/06/1931 stats
Gunn, Laura Gertrude Ford, John Andrew 09/01/1926 stats
Gus, Mary Paul, Joe John 04/23/1923 stats
Gustafson, Ita 2nd (Lind) Taloner, Jacob 02/05/1908 stats
Gustin, Ella E. Showalter, Christian V. 07/23/1945 MR #7
Guthrie, Dorah Sitze, Fosh 05/21/1907 stats
Guy, Martha A. (Dewart) 2nd Draper, D.C. 2nd 03/26/1915 stats
Gwinn, Margaret N. Donica, Dudley T. 02/06/1923 stats
Gwinnup, Amy G. Reasoner, Clarence R. 09/02/1924 stats