Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages Groom Index
Brides Index M - N
MacDonald, Ann L. Dunaway, W. George 09/24/1938 stats
Mack, Winnifred Georgian Flanik, George W. 07/02/1925 stats
MacLeod, Mary Thorstinson, Fredrick C. 07/18/1936 stats
MacNicol, Nellie Alberta Thompson, Joseph Francis 2nd 11/20/1934 stats
Madden, Harriet Elizabeth Stengar, George W. 10/14/1903 stats
Maddock, Ethel Crory, Robert M. 06/23/1923 stats
Maddock, Frances Percival, Lee H. 08/18/1906 stats
Maddox, Leona L. 2nd (Morbat) Pitman, George R. 3rd 06/17/1910 stats
Magart, Wilma E. Copeland, Harry P. 10/11/1938 stats
Magee, Josephine N. Duncan, Noel N. 01/26/1946 MR #7
Magers, Bessie Young, Leo 07/29/1919 stats
Maham, Rosette M. Guffey, David 04/08/1907 stats
Mahoney, Marie Irene McClain, George William 11/18/1945 MR #7
Mahoney, Rita May Burnett, David William 08/19/1944 MR #7
Majors, Clara Elnor Darnell, James O. 03/03/1904 stats
Maki, Elsie Lof, William 04/10/1937 stats
Maki, Helen Fredrickson, Carl 04/08/1944 MR #7
Maki, Thelma Triggs, William J. 05/23/1936 stats
Makus, Katherine Lord, Edward L. 02/17/1947 MR #7
Makynen, Helen Joanne Liebman, Raymond F. 10/16/1947 MR #7
Malito, Venita (Veltrie) Picicci, Joe P. 09/05/1931 stats
Mallett, Lenora Bradeen, Ralph C. 05/29/1933 stats
Mallgren, Nora Purnell, Virgil L. 07/09/1928 stats
Mally, Catherine Tomsha, Andy 04/29/1938 stats
Mally, Hannah Smith, Virgil H. 09/10/1930 stats
Mally, Helen A. Murbach, Marion E. 06/04/1946 MR #7
Mally, Louise Zibell, E.C. 01/02/1923 stats
Mally, Louise Magart, Ben E. 06/11/1942 MR #7
Mally, Mary E. Jennings, Adele M. 08/22/1928 stats
Malone, Ida Mae Herrick, Stephen M. 12/23/1897 stats
Malone, Inez L. (Amadon) Wilkins, Harry M. 08/18/1931 stats
Maloney, Doris Kinnan, Charlie F. 10/12/1944 MR #7
Manchester, Roxanna Gray, Jerome A. 02/08/1896 stats
Maney, Mary Johnston, James S. 06/10/1907 stats
Mann, Mary 2nd Zimmerman, William 08/23/1892 stats
Mann, Elva A. Baker, James B. 04/26/1930 stats
Mantz, Mamie L. McBride, Carl R. 2nd 09/14/1936 stats
Mantz, Mary B. 2nd (Stringham) Cook, A.B. 11/01/1906 stats
Mantz, Mary Katherine Goetter, Ralph Frank 06/24/1922 stats
Manuel, Annie McDougal, Ned 04/08/1925 stats
Manuel, Catherine 2nd (Piel) Fry, Arthur 10/23/1922 stats
Marchall, Theresa Thornton, W.A. 12/06/1911 stats
Marchand, Agnes Butler, Forrest J. 11/08/1929 stats
Marchand (Merchant), Amelia Hart, Albert 2nd 11/22/1895 stats
Marchand, Amelia Holford, George 08/14/1937 stats
Marchand, Cecelia 2nd (Jane) Andrews, Alex 09/09/1916 stats
Marchand, Eliza Borgeau, Marcel 01/30/1936 stats
Marchand, Ellen Stone, Albert 10/15/1918 stats
Marchand, Emily White, Thomas 05/31/1932 stats
Marchand, Ethreda Allen, Melvin L. 03/02/1940 MR #7
Marchand, Genevieve Meusy, George 12/06/1938 stats
Marchand, Louise Wilson, Curtis 04/18/1931 stats
Marchand, Louise 3rd (Mashell) Flyingbird, Louie 2nd 09/28/1922 stats
Marchand, Mary Ensminger, Charley Otis 2nd 07/12/1912 stats
Marchand, Mary E. Seymour, John 10/08/1936 stats
Marchand, Sophia (Sylvia) Aubertin, Charles 01/30/1889 Slater
Marchant, Mary Thitado, Peter 02/29/1876 Reg
Marchow, Rose Seastrom, Emil 06/19/1915 stats
Marerinka, Maria Gaber, Barto 08/31/1914 stats
Marion, Edie D. Wernz, H.J. 01/14/1931 stats
Markham, Birdella Parkhurst, Harry 07/08/1910 stats
Marks, Ida 2nd (Kinney) Soule, Charles 2nd 01/24/1917 stats
Marks, Marybelle Dean, Frank W. 12/22/1927 stats
Markson, Marguerite Carlson, Peter Erik 03/30/1920 stats
Marlette, Nelly Skeels, Harvey M. 06/05/1937 stats
Marlow, Minnie Carlson, Clarence 12/11/1928 stats
Marmette, Grace Mae 2nd Cole, Monte 08/27/1918 stats
Marnette, Grace May Doty, Alonzo Melville 2nd 12/16/1916 stats
Marney, Myrtle Coe, Robert S. 10/17/1900 stats
Marr, Hazel Olive Quinn, Ralph O. 01/13/1923 stats
Marr, Louise Morrill, Rex E. 05/06/1939 stats
Marri Sto-a-akin 04/08/1869 Slater
Marsh, Nevada 2nd Campbell, James 2nd 10/04/1899 stats
Marshall, Addie Olive Salvage, William 09/01/1903 stats
Marshall, Alice M. 2nd (Beddlecome) Young, Jeff 05/20/1901 stats
Marshall, Eva Lee Lyon, Orville E. 10/07/1920 stats
Marshall, Florence R.M. 3rd (Lathrop) Shriner, Jefferson B. 2nd 07/24/1933 stats
Marshall, Flossie Kenney, Curtis 11/11/1939 MR #7
Marshall, Gertrude Morrow, William 01/29/1904 stats
Marshall, Hazel 2nd (Case) Standifer, George 12/01/1936 stats
Marshall, Helen Diedrich, John C. 01/23/1946 MR #7
Marshall, Lucy E. Thexton, John H. 03/19/1904 stats
Marshall, Mamie McMillan, Nathaniel 09/15/1912 stats
Marshall, Wanda Hofstetter, Merle 03/09/1941 MR #7
Marsolek, Myrtle Tait, James 10/03/1910 stats
Martella, Mamie E. Anderson, Neils P. 12/21/1929 stats
Martens, Clara Monroe, David A. 10/23/1920 stats
Martin, Anna Allison, C.E. 06/09/1923 stats
Martin, Bernice Sundheim, Ingval 10/29/1936 stats
Martin, Bertha N. Timbrook, Charles L. 09/10/1906 stats
Martin, Blanche Magee, Joseph 02/19/1921 stats
Martin, Cora Luella Smith, John Wesley 08/27/1902 stats
Martin, Eileen Jeannerette, Cecil 01/10/1943 MR #7
Martin, Evangeline Bower, Bennie 07/10/1939 MR #7
Martin, Evelyn D. Coburn, George E. 09/02/1938 stats
Martin, Freda 2nd (Leffelbein) Heberling, Lawrence 12/24/1932 stats
Martin, Grace Marie Matthews, Alden E. 05/16/1941 MR #7
Martin, June Murdock, Malcolm 02/12/1936 stats
Martin, Lillian Hardesty, Frank 2nd 10/28/1911 stats
Martin, Lola Ester Ulman, John Jacob 08/19/1916 stats
Martin, Mary Labrie, Frances 12/31/1877 Reg
Martin, Mary Holst, John 08/29/1885 Slater
Martin, Mary Louise Moorhead, Oscar Ganish 02/27/1934 stats
Martin, Maude A. Bresnahan, Patrick Henry 06/11/1930 stats
Martin, Norma Newlen, Grover C. 05/19/1906 stats
Martin, Opal Hallam, Leslie 01/30/1932 stats
Martin, Rena Durland, Con M. 09/08/1897 stats
Martin, Rettig Robb, Addie 03/25/1908 stats
Martin, Rita E. Campbell, Kelsey L. 06/24/1947 MR #7
Martin, Sarilda M. 4th (Hayter) Myers, Otis C. 3rd 12/31/1915 stats
Martin, Sena Driessen, Frank 2nd 11/30/1938 stats
Martin, Unice Christian, Thomas 10/03/1875 Reg
Martin, Violet Hafer, Ralph E. 08/14/1926 stats
Martina Bird, Andrew 07/02/1862 Slater
Martina Haming, George 10/10/1877 RegA
Martinson, Connie Miller, E.R. 01/01/1933 stats
Martinson, Elsie V. Neil, Orald F.I. 07/02/1938 stats
Martinson, Frances J. Bye, Sigurd 09/04/1937 stats
Marty, Irene K. Clinton, Howard R. 03/30/1917 stats
Marty, Lee June Fulton, Joseph DeHanen 06/25/1938 stats
Martzall, Elsie Matherly, Leroy Allen 06/20/1943 MR #7
Mary Louise Baptiste Jerome, Nick 2nd 08/24/1910 stats
Maschke, Delvia Dorothy Wonderly, Robert Kenneth 07/08/1926 stats
Masear, Rosie Allhands, W.R. 2nd 05/24/1921 stats
Mason, Agnes Ellen Hartness, Charles 03/01/1899 stats
Mason, Effie 2nd (Kurkupp) Singer, John B. 07/24/1901 stats
Mason, Gladys A. (Mrs.) Harman, Andrew C. 08/08/1928 stats
Mason, Virginia E. White, James D 08/18/1942 MR #7
Massey, Lela Ara Curry, Arthur W. 04/25/1901 stats
Massie, Betty Pickering, B.C. 03/25/1932 stats
Masterson, Clara Gardner, Aubrey 10/02/1928 stats
Masterson, Dolly Ohman, John A. 09/06/1922 stats
Masterson, Eva Tibbets, E.M. 07/10/1924 stats
Masterson, Ida May Bonnett, David 11/18/1921 stats
Masterson, Milly Jarvis, Leslie E. 12/24/1914 stats
Masterson, Ruth Munson, Floyd 03/02/1926 stats
Masterson, Vera Schreiber, Ben 01/14/1920 stats
Masuch, Pauline Dudeck, Otto 07/19/1899 stats
Matesa, Anna Hyatt, Frank 10/14/1922 stats
Matheny, Cassie Ground, Letcher 03/13/1933 stats
Mathers, Ellen Pazer, Paul L. 11/09/1931 stats
Matheson, Arilla Goodwin, H.L. 08/19/1914 stats
Matheson, Pauline 2nd (Ziegle) Enyeart, W.D. 2nd 10/02/1931 stats
Mathews, Nancy Haines, Frederick 02/10/1882 Slater
Mathis, Gertie Staeheli, Cap 11/12/1913 stats
Mathis, Harriet C. Murdock, Duncan 06/26/1936 stats
Matilda Merchand, Louis 02/26/1884 Slater
Matkin, Genevieve Rowe, William E. 07/21/1936 stats
Matlock, Rosella Espe, Alvin 08/31/1946 MR #7
Matney, Dorothy F. Duffy, Carl E. 07/27/1932 stats
Matney, Edith Miriam Strong, William R. 12/23/1944 MR #7
Matozek, Anna Cecelia Thomas, Robert Reeves 12/23/1945 MR #7
Matson, Augustus Curry, S.E. 11/17/1904 stats
Matson, Mary A.M. 2nd (Paradis) Huburt, Eric 2nd 05/20/1939 stats
Matthews, Albina Crandall, T.W. 01/01/1901 stats
Matthews, Eathel Randall, Austin E. 01/22/1908 stats
Matthews, Eva A. Young, Claude F. 10/27/1930 stats
Matthews, Marie Alma Thomas, John Fleetwood 12/13/1933 stats
Matthews, Marjorie Mabel Barton, Lawrence Lesley 06/25/1943 MR #7
Matthews, Maud Thomas, Charles W. 07/16/1904 stats
Matthews, Merle E. Morley, Garry H. 07/08/1933 stats
Mattizzo, Louise DeRosa, Antonio 11/05/1935 stats
Maugh, Lilly J. 2nd (Bailey) Throop, D.B. 2nd 04/02/1934 stats
Maugham, Julia 2nd (Fry) Peel, Walter 09/27/1921 stats
Mauhl, Margaret L. Jones, John P. 08/05/1931 stats
Maul, Charlotte Wright, Ward W. 02/28/1942 MR #7
Maurer, Anna Elizabeth Petschen, Placidius B. 11/30/1934 stats
Mauro, Elvera Ludwig, Carl 06/28/1947 MR #7
Maury, Stella Hartley, J.B. 07/06/1904 stats
Mauzey, Martha Vinson, Samuel 02/20/1886 Slater
Mawdsley, Gladys D. Morris, Joseph 07/03/1937 stats
Maxfield, Dorothy Eleanor Gilbert, Jarvis Ben 2nd 03/19/1934 stats
Maxfield, Vera Aline Tipke, Lawrence G.R. 09/16/1937 stats
Maxon, Amanda M. Jennings, T.E. 01/03/1876 Reg
Maxson, Frances E. Hagen, W.T. 09/19/1931 stats
Maxson, Verna Adelle Wise, David A. 06/09/1924 stats
Maxwell, A.M. Neil, Lloyd J. 01/03/1921 stats
Maxwell, Alice Vert, Henry 10/12/1897 stats
Maxwell, Elzina Frizzell, William 12/31/1908 stats
Maxwell, Ruth E. Taylor, Ralph 02/27/1923 stats
Maxwell, Sarah Martin, Albert 2nd 03/01/1905 stats
May Betty Louise Wood, Paul Thompson 10/24/1946 MR #7
May, Della M. Cummings, Carl C. 12/24/1927 stats
May, Survila 2nd (Gilleo) Moore, Harry R. 10/09/1918 stats
Maybe, Stella Lucinda Burdett, James 07/04/1900 stats
Mayberry, Dixie M. Hicks, L.R. 2nd 06/11/1937 stats
Mayer, Ina Dingle, William Best 2nd 12/05/1905 stats
Mayfield, Murdena B. Noel, Launcelot G. 06/24/1914 stats
Mayhugh, Callie Williams, Dan W. 05/25/1938 stats
Maynard, Gladys 2nd (Drew) Vanatton, J. 2nd 12/09/1936 stats
McAffrey, Lola Kempton, Eldon O. 07/23/1923 stats
McAndrews, Hazel Mary Beingessner, F.J. 11/05/1918 stats
McArthur, Alta 2nd (Henry) Perry, G.A. 11/05/1900 stats
McArthur, Flora E. Goodwin, Elmer L. 12/12/1907 stats
McArthur, Hattie Kenyon, Evin 11/05/1900 stats
McArthur, Margaret Bowen, Harry Elias 04/06/1906 stats
McArthur, Victoria 2nd (Bassett) Anderson, J.L. 08/09/1900 stats
McBarr, Hariett Bailey, H.A. 11/16/1928 stats
McCabe, Grace Baughman, Dess 04/28/1913 stats
McCann, Myrtle Willkens, George H. 09/02/1902 stats
McCarthy, Doris Holland, Joseph 02/04/1932 stats
McCarthy, Edith Pauline 3rd (Coogan) Fiedler, William 02/15/1904 stats
McCarthy, Helen 2nd (Matheny) Gibson, William K. 11/09/1933 stats
McCartney, Isabella Churchill, E.H. 07/21/1904 stats
McCaul, Bertha M. Fievez, Paul 09/08/1933 stats
McCaul, Catherine Wooley, Edward Charles 06/23/1923 stats
McCauley, Margery Phillips, Fred L. 05/10/1919 stats
McCleary, Ethel Irene Franz, Warren H. 01/19/1946 MR #7
McClenahan, Martha (Tucker) 2nd Belknap, Willis 06/05/1912 stats
McClintock, Betty Sexton, J.P. 03/27/1935 stats
McClintock, Mary Edith Leonard, Lander 11/16/1916 stats
McCloud, Celeste Wolff, Francis 02/09/1878 RegA
McCloud, Maggie McCrea, George 01/04/1871 Slater
McCloud, Maggie McCrea, George 01/04/1871 Reg
McClung, Estella Inez Bean, Earl 06/08/1946 MR #7
McClung, Susie Inghram, Bert 05/20/1895 stats
McClung, Viola Rusk, Fred J. 07/26/1939 MR #7
McClure, Annie May 2nd (Jordan) Burkley, Adrian A. 06/30/1915 stats
McClure, Laura Pearl VanDorn, Jacob Henry 12/23/1916 stats
McClurg, Doris Swanson, Arthur F. 06/24/1939 MR #6
McClurg, Janie Caskanett, Joseph William 11/02/1947 MR #7
McClurg, Mabel L. James, Vern R. 04/09/1938 stats
McCollough, Leta (Travis) 2nd Koeper, Landry Lafayette 03/29/1915 stats
McConnell, Vina (Bowman) 2nd Harner, Guy 01/07/1914 stats
McCool, Lena Peterson, Aaron Robert 12/10/1927 stats
McCord, Sina B (Jackson) Jeanneret, Timothy 05/07/1926 stats
McCormack, Lutie Landis, Hiram B. 04/09/1898 stats
McCormack, Maxine T. Robson, James A. 08/24/1947 MR #7
McCormick, Adele 2nd Fortune, Francis M. 2nd 07/01/1918 stats
McCormick, Alma 2nd Ickes, Laurence 10/28/1921 stats
McCormick, Alta Elsie Logan, Ray 06/18/1920 stats
McCormick, Lottie McLaughlin, Thomas 05/23/1903 stats
McCowan, Garnette Lanham, John P. 12/28/1925 stats
McCoy, Mary Young, Henry E. 06/15/1873 Slater
McCrary, Agnes C. Dixon, Thomas 2nd 12/24/1907 stats
McCrea, Clara Carroll, James M. 03/08/1921 stats
McCrea, Dora V. Dickey, Fred W. 12/23/1916 stats
McCrea, Emma Peone, Narcis 01/14/1882 Slater
McCrea, F.T. Boyle, Aer 12/02/1901 stats
McCrea, Ida Mae Hendrick, Elmer D. 09/30/1904 stats
McCrea, Jessie Grant, John S. 2nd 10/25/1906 stats
McCrea, Lena Thornburg, Martin J. 08/10/1906 stats
McCrea, Lizzie StPaul, Peter 07/23/1917 stats
McCrea, Margaret (McCloud) Myers, Albert A. 07/15/1913 stats
McCrea, Maxine Pitts, Theodore G. 09/22/1946 MR #7
McCrea, Rachel Gwinnup, Robert C. 01/03/1923 stats
McCroy, Laura Funk, Henry E. 04/13/1908 stats
McCullough, Mildred Ida Schultz, Henry 12/01/1938 stats
McCullough, Nellie Roy, Ludger 03/30/1910 stats
McDaniel, Pearl E. Berquist, Charles J. 12/19/1946 MR #7
McDaniel, Zelia C. Marshall, William W. 06/10/1924 stats
McDaniels, Dorothy Felts, Arthur B. 12/11/1922 stats
McDavitt, Dorothy Buckley, A.E. 06/20/1927 stats
McDavitt, Verna K. 2nd (Kinnan) Gibbs, R.W. 12/24/1917 stats
McDonald, Bernice May Hesketh, O. 03/27/1936 stats
McDonald, Estella (Post) McDonald, J.V. 05/18/1931 stats
McDonald, Florence Crane, William B. 05/07/1927 stats
McDonald, Florence Will, James 11/16/1935 stats
McDonald, Georgie (Smith) Morrison, Dan I. 09/02/1926 stats
McDonald, Lavinah Case, James H. 05/09/1906 stats
McDonald, Maggie Pichette, Joseph 08/07/1919 stats
McDonald, Marian Robertson, Kenneth L. 06/09/1934 stats
McDonald, Mary Ellen McClintock, John 07/08/1891 Slater
McDonell, Adeline C. Stannard, Jack T. 06/28/1943 MR #7
McDonell, Helen Cornwall, Edward J. 05/26/1947 MR #7
McDonell, Winnifred Beardslee, Ed 02/25/1936 stats
McDonnell, Mae 2nd (Seyler) Willis, L.Z. 10/19/1937 stats
McDougall, Mary F. Dyer, Clarence A. 02/04/1911 stats
McDowell, Bessie Murray, William E. 01/06/1899 stats
McDowell, Jennie Darnell, Calvin C. 01/06/1902 stats
McDowell, Ruth Dechand, E.J. 10/05/1916 stats
McElroy, Frances R. Burns, David A. 09/09/1943 MR #7
McElroy, Lavida J. Holmes, Steve J. 08/06/1936 stats
McElroy, Naomi Hanna, Ward 11/15/1937 stats
McFadgen, Beulah Greco, William 09/14/1931 stats
McFarland, Laura I. 2nd (Hunter) Parliament, Charles H. 07/05/1910 stats
McFarland, Myrta (Horrocks) Masterman, Frank 07/03/1931 stats
McFarlen, Flossie M. Hartill, Emanuel S. 02/26/1904 stats
McFarlin, Margaret A. Ketchum, William E. 06/06/1904 stats
McGarry, Jean Beusan, Ralph S. 12/06/1947 MR #7
McGaughey, M.V. Kirk, Tazwell H. 01/22/1900 stats
McGilki, Elaine McDowell, M. 06/29/1935 stats
McGill, Ethel M. Hanna, Roy B. 01/15/1910 stats
McGinnis, Helen Blank, B.R. 11/10/1925 stats
McGlothlin, Effie S. Baulch, Napoleon L. 01/30/1903 stats
McGlynn, Alice McCleary, James 11/15/1939 MR #7
McGonigal, Nina (Adams) Smith, James 09/21/1926 stats
McGough, Eileen M. Malloroy, Leslie E. 07/01/1931 stats
McGovern, Mae Langlois, John E. 05/06/1939 stats
McGrath, Alice L.J. Peach, Charles P. 09/22/1906 stats
McGrath, Ellen Jacobs, Gillon N. 12/04/1905 stats
McGrath, Wilma Collins, Loren 07/11/1903 stats
McGregor, Lena Castle, C.S. 12/26/1912 stats
McGregor, Mary Helen Acorn, Archie 05/01/1937 stats
McGregor, Vera Darlington, Ralph Sparks 07/03/1937 stats
McGuire, June Weston, Julius M. 08/27/1934 stats
McGuire, Viola (Ashbridge) Montgomery, George Oliver 05/11/1931 stats
McHardy, Agnes Foote Wall, Ralph Maurice 10/05/1933 stats
McInnes, Ella M. Leslie, Harry 02/08/1922 stats
McInnes, Laura May 2nd (Snow) Hubbard, Everett 2nd 09/22/1916 stats
McInnes, Louise Montour, Edward Nelson 11/24/1917 stats
McIntosh, Julia Lillian Greive, Stewart D. 11/12/1935 stats
McIntosh, Nellie B. 2nd (Miller) McKinney, Guy 2nd 07/06/1920 stats
McInturff, Merle Sanders, Leo K. 12/23/1929 stats
McIntyre, (Mrs W.B.)2nd (Morgan) Richmond, Ed E. 2nd 10/03/1933 stats
McIntyre, Etta 2nd (Harris) O'Brien, Patrick W. 03/13/1905 stats
McIntyre, Margaret Snook, Darrell G. 10/04/1947 MR #7
McIntyre, Winnifred Harry, Norman J. 05/02/1936 stats
McIver, Delia 2nd (Reany) Crooks, Samuel 10/06/1910 stats
McKay, Emmaline Gober, John 10/09/1881 Reg
McKay, Irma M. Allen, Henry M. 09/21/1901 stats
McKee, Anna Deinhardt, Arnold D. 03/19/1937 stats
McKellar, Maggie Edgren, John 03/15/1895 stats
McKenzie, G. Janette Whitehead, R.M. 05/22/1933 stats
McKenzie, Irene Spurgeon, James H. 05/21/1917 stats
McKenzie, Margaret Wonch, Andrew E. 2nd 12/20/1932 stats
McKenzie, Myrtle E. Newton, Orville 07/27/1931 stats
McKenzie, Pauline Milton, Albert L. 10/12/1921 stats
McKeown, Emma Jane Sailor, Jess F. 06/02/1947 MR #7
McKern, Shirley Alice Bayne, Basil Hugh 09/10/1939 MR #7
McKinney, Ida 2nd (Shaw) Koerner, William 2nd 03/12/1908 stats
McKinney, Ruth Gillen, Edward M. 06/26/1934 stats
McKinney, Viola Finch, Forest B. 07/06/1940 MR #7
McKinzie, Nancy Jangro, Joseph 02/14/1890 Slater
McKittrick,Anna Laura Kendall, Jesse James 06/08/1915 stats
McKnight, Vera Sanders, John H. 08/01/1929 stats
McKown, Isabel 2nd (Brown) Pearson, August 03/14/1905 stats
McLaren, Fanny S. Holm, Helmer Gustine 10/28/1938 stats
McLaughlin, Dorothy Burton, Thomas H. 11/27/1935 stats
McLaughlin, Lois E. Roy, Nathan D. 10/03/1935 stats
McLay, Rhodamae Olson, Morris 08/06/1937 stats
McLean, Frances E. Brown, Elvin L. 05/05/1913 stats
McLean, Katherine Mary Shanks, James A. 02/13/1922 stats
McLean, Nancy Easom, Frank 08/17/1936 stats
McLeary, Mary McCutcheon, Pearle Albert 03/30/1909 stats
McLellan, Lorraine Ida Corth, Alfred John 10/18/1937 stats
McLeod, Catharina Harris, James W. 2nd 05/03/1898 stats
McLeod, Mary Ruddick, J.S. 12/29/1938 stats
McMahan, Evelyn Smith, G.Y. 12/23/1937 stats
McManigle, DeLores Mae Fox, George Edward 11/10/1925 stats
McMartin, Muriel Jean Cameron, Clarence Allen 11/19/1947 MR #7
McMillan, Alice E. Wilson, Howard A. 11/26/1915 stats
McMillan, Dolly Kennedy, Hugh 06/07/1911 stats
McMillan, Marjory Keith, Robert 07/08/1898 stats
McMonagle, Minnie 2nd (Noah) Snodgrass, E.D. 2nd 12/16/1919 stats
McNamara, Doraine M. Kohler, Vern J. 07/24/1947 MR #7
McNearney, Agnes Towne, Harold L. 08/25/1923 stats
McNearney, Alice M. Williams, William F. 03/02/1911 stats
McNearney, M.E. Davis, R.H. 07/21/1899 stats
McNearney, Pearl M. (Lillibridge) Myers, Samuel William 05/15/1920 stats
McNeese, Audine Buhrig, William 12/07/1925 stats
McNeil, Elsie Riesen, Emil Jr 07/03/1931 stats
McNeil, Frances Olds, Thomas 04/04/1907 stats
McNeil, Jenny 2nd (Kennedy) Huff, William 3rd 09/12/1898 stats
McNeil, Lula Arzt, Harold 09/27/1915 stats
McNeil, Lula Marie Byrd, Alvin W. 01/07/1942 MR #7
McNeil, Minnie Glasco, Hugh P. 05/14/1917 stats
McNeil, Nancy J. Copp, Antone H. 2nd 09/07/1920 stats
McNeilly, Irene Olson, Oscar E. 09/14/1947 MR #7
McNeilly, Jenny Leonard, John 06/18/1897 stats
McNichols, Gertrude E. 2nd (Thompson) Lingelser, Rene J. 2nd 01/07/1938 stats
McParlan, Elaine Miller, James Leroy 03/13/1936 stats
McParlon, Helen Savage, George 04/26/1939 stats
McPhail, Helen F. Graham, Cornelius F. 08/04/1938 stats
McPhail, Wilma Leithead, Carl Robert 11/25/1941 MR #7
McPhail, Winnifred L. Hunt, David L. 03/14/1943 MR #7
McQuarrie, Berryl Mae Sargent, Arthur Clement 05/13/1935 stats
McQuiston, Esther Keller, Everett 08/08/1914 stats
McQuiston, Eva B. Hatton, Archie 02/15/1912 stats
McQuiston, Hazel Olive Hall, Gardner Haven 02/20/1930 stats
McQuiston, Mabel Richmond, Lester 11/22/1927 stats
McQuiston, Pearl Rose Stearn, Lloyd Wilford 04/26/1920 stats
McRae, Margaret Brown, Ben F. 12/09/1914 stats
McRaynald, Edith Fagan, Thomas J. 05/04/1940 MR #7
McSen, Betsey Dupuis, Norbert 01/02/1865 Reg
McTigue, Daisy Simming, Walter 04/26/1920 stats
McTigue, Gertrude A. Potter, Fred M. 05/11/1923 stats
McWhinnie, Mary Evans, William 09/18/1934 stats
McWhorter, Myrtle Julian, Merton 08/23/1924 stats
McWilliams, Adda L. Underwood, Rufus V. 03/19/1904 stats
McWilliams, Cora Bell, Walter D. 07/25/1904 stats
Meacham, Grace C. Robb, George 07/01/1936 stats
Mead, Ethel M. 2nd (Solomon) Blossom, Glen D. 2nd 11/25/1936 stats
Meader, Evelyn L Link, Ronald P. 11/28/1939 MR #7
Meadows, Marian May 2nd (Murray) Fuller, John Jess 05/24/1898 stats
Mean, Marjorie Gladys Matthews, S.J. 09/14/1934 stats
Means, Ruth Anderson, W.T. 06/29/1944 MR #7
Mear, Amy Webb, Alfred 12/01/1934 stats
Meddock, Eathma Heublin, William 07/16/1917 stats
Medley, Boletta Elwood, Ben 06/21/1920 stats
Medley, Theresa Knapp, Ivan 04/18/1916 stats
Mee, Genevieve Gladys Coleman, W.J. 08/16/1919 stats
Mee, M.E. LaPlant, N.Z. 11/17/1899 stats
Melatine, Jollie Ruelle, Edward J. 11/11/1935 stats
Melchoir, Louise Rickard, Henry 06/11/1928 stats
Melinder, Hjilmer Richards, Honor 08/19/1914 stats
Melior, Anna Lindsey, Earl 2nd 10/06/1932 stats
Mellon, Josephine Barriault, E.F. 10/29/1929 stats
Mellon, Virginia Jened, Albert 06/14/1934 stats
Melton, Nancy Lohead, B.A. 08/18/1931 stats
Melville, Mary Hallett, Charles 05/21/1866 Slater
Memmer, Edith R. Wagner, Reinhard P. 04/10/1926 stats
Mendenhall, Pearl Agee, E.W. 04/25/1913 stats
Menig, Blanche Glasgow, M.L. 05/15/1929 stats
Menik, Helen Coleman, George 02/17/1940 MR #7
MenMuir, Mattie Smyth, R.B. 10/04/1923 stats
Mercuri, Theresa Ferraro, Tony 2nd 12/24/1920 stats
Merk, Anna Volpe, Robert A. 05/18/1939 stats
Merkle, Genevieve L. Kelly, William P. 03/04/1913 stats
Merrifield, Addie A.R. 2nd (Smith) Cronin, Cornelius 2nd 08/15/1938 stats
Merrill, May Porter, Walter A. 02/07/1902 stats
Merrill, Shirley Gregory, R.M. 07/19/1945 MR #7
Meshishneck, Mary Lemon, L.R. 01/16/1909 stats
Meshishnek, Maggie Wacholtz, William 01/11/1916 stats
Messer, Josephine June Mayfield, Albert Earl 07/01/1937 stats
Metcalf, Clara Naomi Stiles, William Ray 05/24/1907 stats
Metcalf, Gladys Strack, Lester J. 2nd 12/18/1933 stats
Metlow, Frances Broderick, Carroll A. 05/12/1942 MR #7
Metz, Hazel Vera Miller, Arthur T. 06/05/1930 stats
Meusy, Beatrice Fifer, Harvey 02/04/1944 MR #7
Meusy, Dorothy Fredendall, Clarence 05/27/1933 stats
Meusy, Mary Stengar, Fred L. 03/25/1921 stats
Meusy, Pauline J. Watt, Harry C. 08/14/1923 stats
Meyer, Antonie Selmer, Thorlief 11/06/1913 stats
Meyer, Gertrude Rhoads, Percy 09/02/1920 stats
Meyer, Maxine Brauner, Richard D. 05/20/1945 MR #7
Meyers, Ada Ethel (Hofer) Laird, Patrick Raymond 10/16/1923 stats
Meyers, Betty Pierce, Louis 12/24/1936 stats
Meyers, Della May Peone, George A. 06/04/1891 Slater
Meyers, Elizabeth V. Cagle, Jesse R. 08/18/1900 stats
Meyers, Ida 2nd (Desoto) Feulner, Edward 12/27/1919 stats
Meyers, Vera Dorothy McNeil, Lawrence N. 02/27/1934 stats
Meyers. Clarise 2nd (Huber) Moses, Cole 04/21/1919 stats
Miano, Natalina Taccogna, Nicola 02/20/1912 stats
Michael, Ethel C. Richardson, Edwin Blaine 10/06/1934 stats
Michael, Genevieve Martin, Ernest E. 12/26/1946 MR #7
Michael, Ina E. Fuller, Lewis E. 09/10/1932 stats
Michael, Minnie L. Aldredge, Elvin R. 07/20/1936 stats
Michael, Nancy Jandro, Felix 04/23/1876 Reg
Michael, Reeda F. Foster, Delmer R. 02/20/1925 stats
Michael, Ruth Ann Staehly, John Lawrence 06/24/1920 stats
Michaels, Cora E. 2nd (Reed) Fuller, Lewis E. 3rd 06/28/1934 stats
Michaely, Cleo Ella Tonelli, Joseph 07/06/1935 stats
Michel, Esther E. Ludwig, Raymond W. 03/20/1944 MR #7
Michel, Mary Morgan, Jerre J. 10/07/1897 stats
Michell, Alma Peone, Ray 06/11/1928 stats
Mickel, Zella 2nd (Martin) LaPlante, Aubrey E. 05/24/1934 stats
Mickelson, Hannah L. Bussard, William H. 05/28/1903 stats
Midkiff, Elsa May Godfrey, Elmer G. 09/17/1942 MR #7
Midkiff, Jewel E. Moser, William E. 12/03/1941 MR #7
Midkiff, Marie Humphrey, Gene 09/09/1941 MR #7
Mifflin, Barbara Ruth Russell, Kelsey J. 10/01/1940 MR #7
Milan, Milka (Plavis) 2nd Paprich, John 06/03/1913 stats
Milbred, Frances N. 2nd (Newton) Ladd, Lewis E. 07/22/1909 stats
Miles, Ethel A. Speck, Claude C. 09/25/1942 MR #7
Miles, Ethel E. 2nd (Smith) Gendrow, Frank 2nd 01/12/1899 stats
Miles, Etta L. Magee, Samuel L. 02/15/1884 Slater
Miles, I.M. Ekins, Walter 08/09/1902 stats
Miles, Mable Nettleton, H.J. 10/22/1904 stats
Miles, Mary Burya, Joe 10/30/1939 MR #7
Miles, Rose Mary Laloge, Joseph N. 2nd 04/14/1904 stats
Millay, Lena E. Leuer, M. August 06/12/1909 stats
Millay, Marjorie Rosin, Oscar 07/06/1946 MR #7
Miller, A. Catherine Bresnahan, Raymond Robert 06/11/1930 stats
Miller, Addy May Davidson, Edward H. 03/17/1911 stats
Miller, Anna Viola Benson, Francis Leroy 07/16/1937 stats
Miller, Dora E. Campbell, William W. 03/04/1907 stats
Miller, Edith Sabo, Steve 02/10/1933 stats
Miller, Edith R. Calvert, J.R. 04/17/1928 stats
Miller, Elsie Shaw, David L. 09/14/1938 stats
Miller, Elsie O. Burns, Ronald J. 06/29/1929 stats
Miller, Emma Pursche, Charles 05/22/1913 stats
Miller, Exie Bunker, B.J. 06/23/1917 stats
Miller, Fanny M. King, John W. 01/02/1907 stats
Miller, Frieda Emmons, Frank 11/17/1924 stats
Miller, Grace D. Jackson, Everett L. 07/13/1916 stats
Miller, Hazel Cray, John A. 06/02/1933 stats
Miller, Helen Blanche Strong, Eugene 09/19/1910 stats
Miller, June Allen, Herbert L. 08/28/1944 MR #7
Miller, Katherine B. Brown, Edward 09/02/1925 stats
Miller, Lela Walruff, Richard B. 01/04/1937 stats
Miller, Leona Olson, Gilbert T. 2nd 02/24/1936 stats
Miller, Louise M.E. Tonasket, Peter J. 11/23/1910 stats
Miller, Margaret Langdon, Artemis 11/21/1910 stats
Miller, Marie Kendall, Frank L. 08/31/1911 stats
Miller, Mary Sherwood, Charley 11/03/1921 stats
Miller, Mary Jane Burnett, Bill 03/31/1942 MR #7
Miller, Mattie M. Dorman, Henry M. 02/26/1899 stats
Miller, Maurine A. Metcalf, William H. 03/29/1937 stats
Miller, Minnie A. Maxwell, Frank S. 04/23/1890 Slater
Miller, Nellie (Howe) 3rd Elliott, A.E. 2nd 05/21/1915 stats
Miller, Olive M. Mondale, Gino 04/21/1936 stats
Miller, Pauline Battien, Roy G. 05/28/1938 stats
Miller, Ruth E. Ferguson, W.C. 09/05/1925 stats
Miller, Sarah P. 2nd (Payne) Freeman, L.D. 08/17/1938 stats
Miller, Wilma May Maynard, Carmel R. 05/13/1939 stats
Milligan, Eleanor Grady Diller, George 01/27/1916 stats
Milliken, Edith Atwood, Elliott 05/17/1933 stats
Milliren, Katherine Elizabeth Phipps, Benjamin Rothwell 12/30/1927 stats
Mills, Allie Bong, Warren W. 07/07/1915 stats
Mills, Bertha Eleanor Milligan, William Carroll 07/08/1903 stats
Mills, Ethel V. Moffat, Arthur P. 2nd 12/29/1922 stats
Mills, Lucy A. 3rd (Bruse) Underhill, R.S. 03/16/1892 stats
Mills, Nellie Morrow, Harry 05/04/1929 stats
Mills, Pearl 2nd (Lutjens) Madison, James 2nd 05/30/1921 stats
Milne, Gertrude Christine McGowan, John 04/29/1937 stats
Milne, Margaret Thomson, G.M. 06/24/1936 stats
Miner, Alice P. (Fitzgerald) 3rd Hoeg, Clarence 09/02/1931 stats
Mingo, Gladys V. Smith, Ernest F. 05/22/1913 stats
Minion, Clara Black, W.F. 10/28/1936 stats
Minor, Minnie E. Phipps, Earl M. 08/18/1924 stats
Minor, Nora 2nd (Owsley) Hull, Arthur L. 07/19/1917 stats
Mitasky, Harriett Wendler, John A. 02/16/1915 stats
Mitchell, Alice 2nd (Parmenter) Ham, D.F. 05/27/1918 stats
Mitchell, Beth Rieckers, Frank 12/24/1931 stats
Mitchell, Delphia L. VanAuken, Ellsworth W. 06/19/1912 stats
Mitchell, Dora J. Cook, David V. 08/02/1944 MR #7
Mitchell, Dorothy Divine, John R. 03/08/1928 stats
Mitchell, Eugenia 3rd (Arnold) Stultz, C.W. 2nd 07/07/1920 stats
Mitchell, Eva T. 2nd (Woodard) Bowan, James W. 11/05/1917 stats
Mitchell, Fanny McCloud, George E. 10/29/1926 stats
Mitchell, Hattie E. (Smith) 3 mar Vietzke, Gust 01/20/1930 stats
Mitchell, Lora Cain, Hartwell J. 09/16/1913 stats
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Hart, Herbert C.D. 06/21/1909 stats
Mitchell, Mary Lorena Warren, Fred J. 05/02/1908 stats
Mitchell, Nellie King, John M. 09/07/1920 stats
Mitchell, Vesta Campbell, Charles A. 09/04/1920 stats
Mize, Minnie Fuller, C.G. 3rd 06/06/1918 stats
Modeland, Virginia Fields, Casper 05/02/1932 stats
Modeste Rinehart, Jonathan 12/01/1894 stats
Modna, Agnes Vassar, S.E. 08/22/1936 stats
Moe, Jessie Williams, George F. 10/22/1895 stats
Mokovec, Marie Furek, Frank 2nd 05/08/1913 stats
Moles, Bessie May Snyder, Ralph Peter 06/05/1926 stats
Moller, Carrie E. Fulgham, O. Irvin 08/15/1910 stats
Moloso, Anna R. Sell, Vernon C. 06/14/1947 MR #7
Moloso, Kathleen Jeanerette, Philip 12/24/1915 stats
Monaghan, Laura Bailey, Louis 07/14/1945 MR #7
Monaghan, Margaret McAtee Hatch, James Robert 05/25/1940 MR #7
Monette, Elsie M. Hansen, Asher B. 01/10/1920 stats
Moneypenny, E.H. Wright, F.R. 03/14/1939 stats
Moneypenny, Joyce I. Watson, Claude A. 09/07/1939 MR #7
Monkhouse, Margaret 2nd Cowling, Tom 11/09/1937 stats
Monroe, Lucille Rowe, Edwin 06/01/1928 stats
Monroe, Margaret Robbins, Dolph 2nd 11/26/1932 stats
Montgomery, Ada Reinoehl, Fredrick 10/14/1892 stats
Montgomery, Allie Russell, Charles A. 03/13/1902 stats
Montgomery, Lela L. Poole, Merton E. 01/30/1901 stats
Montour, Florence Spencer, Myron D. 06/14/1913 stats
Montour, Helen C. Dunn, George M. 04/20/1918 stats
Montour, Laura Herrick, Earl D. 12/19/1924 stats
Montour, Lula Mae English, Delmar 06/13/1936 stats
Montour, Pearl 2nd (Minor) Phipps, Harley J. 04/01/1936 stats
Moomaw, Katie Signor, E.F. 10/19/1907 stats
Moon, Ella L. (Davis) Lambert, Hazen Lloyd 05/29/1930 stats
Moon, Jean L. Lear, Howard B. (Jr) 11/11/1945 MR #7
Moon, Mary Rush, John 09/04/1902 stats
Moonan, Alithe 3rd (Bauer) McKeller, C.J. 2nd 09/08/1934 stats
Mooney, Alice M. Hottell, W.D. 2nd 10/30/1937 stats
Moor, Marie L. 2nd (Cartier) Thomas, Daniel 03/20/1901 stats
Moore, Calla D. Blair, Forest 01/05/1929 stats
Moore, Daisy Ludeman, Clinton 07/30/1932 stats
Moore, DeEtte M. 2nd Wold, Weidner T. 2nd 10/07/1933 stats
Moore, E.J. Bacon, H.J. 04/30/1938 stats
Moore, Edna Marie Knowles, Leslie Cyril 10/14/1939 MR #7
Moore, Eileen Sullivan, Bartholomaus, J. 07/16/1914 stats
Moore, Eva Olive Julia Cuff, Wallace Harry 2nd 07/25/1935 stats
Moore, Gladys Forest, William 09/02/1939 MR #7
Moore, Hester A. 2nd (Taylor) Layson, Horace H. 10/22/1901 stats
Moore, Mable Davis, G.A. 03/15/1924 stats
Moore, Mae Marks, Glen 10/02/1923 stats
Moore, Mae Hendricks, Anton E. 09/07/1927 stats
Moore, Margaret Agnes Hall, William Earl 09/17/1921 stats
Moore, Martha A. Herrig, Fred 10/10/1927 stats
Moore, Minnie 2nd (Hunter) Matthews, Andrew 07/13/1908 stats
Moore, Pearl M. Fenn, Charles A. 05/14/1910 stats
Moore, Ruth Gordon, Leo 2nd 09/05/1917 stats
Moore, Sarah Yearigan Scott M. 12/27/1904 stats
Moore, Viola Anna Huntsman, Alvin 07/29/1905 stats
Moorehead, Eva Tucker, Clifford 05/29/1931 stats
Moorhead, Edith M. Miner, E.D. 08/24/1890 Slater
Moorhead, Viola A. Thomson, Charles H. 02/26/1889 Slater
Moorhead, Wilma Smith, Rolla Newton 03/24/1923 stats
Moran, Mary A. Artman, Walter B. 02/13/1915 stats
Morehouse, Martha Jellison, Elmer H. 06/06/1922 stats
Morgan, Effie Florence Peterson, John 11/11/1915 stats
Morgan, Emma Gertrude Colburn, Frank Jewett 01/10/1905 stats
Morgan, Eva L. Scoggin, Melvin 04/17/1937 stats
Morgan, Frances Evelyn Sax, Ward Lewis 06/30/1946 MR #7
Morgan, Ida A. Runnels, Frank W. 03/16/1892 stats
Morgan, Ida A. 2nd Eslick, J.F. 04/10/1895 stats
Morgan, Louise Agnes 2nd (Franks) Farnsworth, Charles 2nd 07/08/1921 stats
Morgan, Maude Hulme, Thomas Truman 03/08/1904 stats
Morgan, Olive Ball, Meade 01/07/1931 stats
Morgan, Vina Thomson, Clay 06/18/1928 stats
Morgeau, Louise Pellissier, Edward 09/02/1883 Slater
Morgeau, Rosalie Berland, John Battise 02/27/1872 Slater
Moriarity, Mary Oens, Howard 04/18/1944 MR #7
Morin, Carmen M. Mally, Eugene L. 02/06/1947 MR #7
Morin, Mariette Birch, Floyd 07/22/1946 MR #7
Morley, Cora 2nd Caffell, James W. 06/26/1916 stats
Morrell, Eliza McCrea, Edward 02/06/1881 Slater
Morrgeau, Rosalie Bell, William 07/25/1879 Slater
Morrigeau, Margaret Duplisse, John 11/10/1862 Slater
Morrigeau, Sylvia Janett, Francis 09/26/1859 Cath
Morris, Alice 2nd (Magart) Belden, Sherman E. 2nd 04/12/1933 stats
Morris, Anna Haugen, Charles 10/30/1920 stats
Morris, Cora Urhausen, Matt 12/17/1914 stats
Morris, Ethel C. (Humphrey) Benefield, Charles 08/14/1928 stats
Morris, Joyce Bakken, Sam 08/08/1936 stats
Morris, Margaret E. (Spiller) 2nd Braun, Thomas J. 12/04/1911 stats
Morris, Martha Johnson, Henry Robert 05/17/1912 stats
Morris, Mary Lucille Smith, Chester F. 06/28/1921 stats
Morris, Ruby Lee Brouillet, Alfred 07/30/1930 stats
Morrison, Agnes Benedetti, Rudolph 12/17/1938 stats
Morrison, Amanda Pearson, Fred 07/05/1893 stats
Morrison, Blanche Latta, W.H. 01/23/1899 stats
Morrison, Catherine Barber, William 06/26/1937 stats
Morrison, Cora Julia Richardson, Clarence William 01/02/1907 stats
Morrison, Doris L. Engstrom, John O. 09/25/1935 stats
Morrison, Eileen Thompson, Mercer 03/17/1931 stats
Morrison, Katherine Lorna Price, Everett Clarke 09/06/1938 stats
Morrison, M.H. Bartley, Peter Henry 04/17/1899 stats
Morrison, Mae Coonc, David M. 04/27/1908 stats
Morrison, Myraid Miller, F.J. 05/14/1932 stats
Morrow, Helen Schoenwald, Benny 08/17/1934 stats
Morrow, Melvina Maxon, Lynton Fayette 01/13/1923 stats
Morrow, Ruth E Faurot, Lester A. 05/12/1926 stats
Morrow, Sabara A. 2nd (Sales) Roberts, Charles S. 08/18/1898 stats
Morse, Elizabeth (Honeywell) 2nd Wood, David E. 09/29/1911 stats
Morse, Fern Violet Sanders, Leo R. 03/09/1927 stats
Morton, B. Alice 2nd (Gutteridge) Wallace, Leroy 2nd 04/17/1934 stats
Morton, Clarice Crane, R.C. 05/26/1934 stats
Morton, Elaine T. John, Herbert D. (Jr) 08/29/1941 MR #7
Morton, Evelyn Kennedy, Woodrow 09/30/1941 MR #7
Morton, P.Y. Carter, L.E. 2nd 12/16/1905 stats
Morton, Vera Y. 2nd Martin, Joseph A. 03/29/1909 stats
Moser, Altha Baxter, J.B. 07/17/1918 stats
Moser, Euphancia (Burnett) Francis, Edmund 04/16/1892 stats
Moser, Zella May Tweedie, Claud A. 11/24/1911 stats
Moses, Alice Pichette, Patrick 12/24/1928 stats
Moses, Helen Rickard, Barney 3rd 10/14/1935 stats
Moses, May Paul, Peter 02/15/1926 stats
Moss, Rosie E. Young, Richard E. 05/24/1895 stats
Mosthaf, Ruth I. Burge, Warren G. 08/10/1940 MR #7
Motherwell, Mary Farrell Jory, Jack Arthur 11/16/1935 stats
Motsinger, Dorothy Alby, Fred 12/20/1937 stats
Mott, Jennamae Boyd, Howard H. 12/18/1941 MR #7
Motteler, Winona J. Day, Walter J. 2nd 04/15/1933 stats
Motts, Hazel A. Perry, Leonard R. 04/19/1912 stats
Mounce, Ethel Bowen, Bert D. 09/11/1907 stats
Mounter, Edna Southwick, Carl Clarence 11/23/1937 stats
Mounter, Florence Darlington, Dick 04/02/1937 stats
Mouray, Minnie C. 2nd (Cornwall) Thomas, Robert M. 2nd 12/07/1908 stats
Mowatt, Iva M. Brownlow, Ralph H. 06/06/1908 stats
Mowery, Elizabeth 2nd (Price) Camp, Cecil 01/12/1918 stats
Moyer, June L. Perkins, Robert H. 11/27/1946 MR #7
Moyers, Mary L. South, Roy 07/16/1944 MR #7
Muehl, Margaret Hoskins, Lon 07/23/1912 stats
Muehl, Maud M. Baird, Theodore V. 06/03/1915 stats
Muench, Wanda Slagle, Rollin H. 03/22/1930 stats
Muer, Bertha Salina Montgomery, Carl Henry 08/31/1908 stats
Muir, Elizabeth Durfey, C.E. 04/29/1921 stats
Mulkey, Anna 3rd (Woodcock) Burgess, S.H. 2nd (fa-Heber) 04/08/1918 stats
Mullen, Agnes Louie, Martin 01/31/1928 stats
Mullen, Marguerite McSperrin, C.L. 10/22/1908 stats
Mullenberg, Jean Southerland, Leslie L. 05/30/1940 MR #7
Mullneritsch, Maria Schmid, Joseph F. 09/27/1929 stats
Mulvaney, Thelma Dorchuck, Peter 11/10/1927 stats
Munkers, Fannie M. Denny, James L. 02/21/1894 stats
Munn, Mary E. 2nd (Wilson) Furnia, Thomas H. 2nd 11/28/1910 stats
Munson, (Mrs. J.E.) 2nd (Carlson) Backer, Jesse A. 07/18/1906 stats
Munson, T.E. Riggins, James R. 03/05/1890 Slater
Murawski, Alvina Elizabeth Hofer, Jacob Henry 09/18/1920 stats
Murdock, Gladys Viona Gunther, Norman K. 03/10/1947 MR #7
Murphy, Elizabeth Stuart, William E. 07/05/1904 stats
Murphy, Florence Wanda Turner, Francis M. 09/16/1909 stats
Murphy, Nadine Midkiff, Jack 06/04/1947 MR #7
Murphy, Nellie Johnson, John A. 05/13/1910 stats
Murphy, Susie Emma Lilienthal, Max 11/17/1884 Slater
Murray, Mabel Lumsden, Maurice 10/14/1915 stats
Murray, Verlie G. Simpson, Earl 10/19/1925 stats
Musseleck, Marguerite (Wingenter) 2nd Obertreis, Philip 01/11/1913 stats
Musser, Eunice L. (Hesner) Hight, L.A. 11/01/1926 stats
Musser, Juanita Louise Pearson, Richard J. 07/27/1934 stats
Mustoe, Peggy Mae McIntosh, R.H. 07/11/1946 MR #7
Myers, Allie Mae Marsolek, Clyde 12/24/1923 stats
Myers, Anna Mae Olson, Samuel I 04/11/1919 stats
Myers, C. Isabel Ervig, Einar J. 12/01/1946 MR #7
Myers, Della Arbogast, F.M. 02/05/1896 stats
Myers, Edna Irma Nelson, William H. 10/24/1931 stats
Myers, Ethel Mae Kent, Herschel 05/11/1939 stats
Myers, Grace B. Waddell, W.H. 12/17/1943 MR #7
Myers, Lucille Hanson, Iner 10/07/1933 stats
Myers, Lucy V. Capelli, Johnny Michael 05/31/1921 stats
Myers, Mabel Walker, Cecil 01/31/1917 stats
Myers, Marguerite Theresa James, Doyle Wilmer 09/04/1937 stats
Myers, Marie 2nd (Hofstedt) Stirn, Fred 2nd 02/21/1922 stats
Myers, Myrtle Bartol, William F. 08/12/1933 stats
Myers, Myrtle E. Dashiell, Robert F. 12/23/1908 stats
Myers, Nellie M. Williams, M.S. 11/29/1915 stats
Myers, Ruby M. Christman, William S. 03/02/1922 stats
Myers, Velma Bayley, Harvey 12/24/1931 stats
Naff, Carrie V. Jarvis, George H. 01/02/1891 Slater
Naff, Iva Burr, Roscoe 05/22/1926 stats
Naff, Kitty Betteridge, John R. 12/21/1894 stats
Naff, Laura Dailey, Lester G 10/13/1928 stats
Naff, Laura Jane Carter, Henry William 06/12/1896 stats
Naff, Lavinia Magee, Thomas 10/03/1917 stats
Naff, Lennie M. Richardson, Dent B. 08/22/1924 stats
Naff, Lizzie N. Powers, Nicholas 12/04/1893 stats
Naff, Louise Williams, Edward B. 08/26/1890 Slater
Naff, Mattie Jarvis, Hershal V. 12/01/1894 stats
Naff, Myrtle M. Severtson, Leo W. 09/29/1919 stats
Naff, Pearl M. Ayers, William S. 09/02/1919 stats
Naff,Ora Belle Eddings, Belia Alonzo 01/11/1909 stats
Nagle, Kate Pankake, J.A. 05/26/1916 stats
Nagle, Leota 2nd Perigo, J.W. 06/15/1915 stats
Nail, Thelma M. Staeheli, Jack E. 11/30/1940 MR #7
Nance, Mabel F. Hall, Arthur E. 05/16/1910 stats
Nancy White, David 06/04/1873 Slater
Nannie Hilburn, Lambert 07/02/1871 Slater
Napoleon, Susan (Kaaka) Dorney, Narcisse 08/20/1921 stats
Narcisse, Elizabeth 3rd (Takin) Teasman, John 09/15/1910 stats
Nash, Mildred Fox, Martin J. 09/15/1937 stats
Nauchline, Catherine W. Horrey, Charles H. 10/10/1936 stats
Needham, Cora Bradbury, George 05/27/1912 stats
Neely, Gertrude Exley, George Washington 04/06/1906 stats
Neff, Anna Electa (Bradley) VanCleeve, Emery Lester 10/26/1911 stats
Negres, Mildred Rogers, Ralph V. 11/29/1937 stats
Neisbitt, Jennie Louella Stockwell, John Alfred 06/07/1915 stats
Nelsen, Mary Ogden, Sterling M. 04/10/1919 stats
Nelson, Carol Prockaspa, Leo 12/29/1937 stats
Nelson, Carrie Jacobson, P.E. 08/03/1895 stats
Nelson, Edna S. Shellenberger, B.C. 04/16/1896 stats
Nelson, Elsie Morris, Fred 09/12/1927 stats
Nelson, Ethel Johnson, Albert Emanuel 2nd 10/11/1917 stats
Nelson, Genevieve McNearney, Wayne 10/29/1936 stats
Nelson, Genevieve (adopt-fa-Rhoads,RC. Ma-Nelson, Cora Benson, D.C. 06/08/1935 stats
Nelson, Gertrude Larson, Enoch V. 07/21/1897 stats
Nelson, Grace Fullmer, Roy E. 2nd 01/12/1932 stats
Nelson, Ida Mae McLean, Glenn 11/22/1940 MR #7
Nelson, Lydia Bertha Emily Jones, Thomas George 04/07/1920 stats
Nelson, Mabel Boren, E.C. 07/03/1925 stats
Nelson, Marjorie Cribby, Harry L. 07/01/1938 stats
Nelson, Mary Ellen Dailey, Robert J. 06/02/1947 MR #7
Nelson, Rhoda A. 2nd (Gregory) Powell, Edward 09/06/1902 stats
Nelson, Rose Mary Palm, Charles W. 10/10/1917 stats
Nelson, Vivian Wenstrom, Henry Delwyn 11/24/1939 MR #7
Nesbitt, Alma H. White, Walter R. 04/20/1935 stats
Nesbitt, Helen Orvilla Morrison, Benjamin F. 03/03/1910 stats
Nestos, Mae Giedt, Ernest H. 02/05/1937 stats
Nett, Frances Bettfreund, Charles G. 08/15/1923 stats
Nett, Genevieve Bryant, James Thomas 09/09/1939 MR #7
Nettleton, Eva B. Rice, Jess E. 03/10/1905 stats
Nettleton, Lucy E. Keck, Percy R. 11/29/1927 stats
Newbill, Ora Lackey, Harry 02/01/1897 stats
Newcomb, Beulah Faye Knapp, Walter Vernon 04/30/1910 stats
Newland, Beatrice Sullivan, D.C. 01/07/1922 stats
Newland, Norma Johnson, Ray 04/04/1934 stats
Newman, Anna Belle Boggs, Ernest Evan 01/03/1945 MR #7
Newman, Vanchee Kempton, Bill 06/30/1924 stats
Newton, Elizabeth 2nd (Rhoton) Osborn, Neal 01/15/1908 stats
Newton, Evelyn Scanlan, James G. 12/26/1939 MR #7
Neymyer, Mary Schlies, Martin 09/21/1936 stats
Niccolls, Marjorie E. Wendell, George E. 01/21/1921 stats
Nichl, Mary Campbell, John 04/25/1887 Slater
Nicholas, Clara (Clark) 2nd Miller, Art 02/20/1913 stats
Nicholls, Hetty Lory Trewheller, Matthew 07/20/1907 stats
Nichols, Ada I. Fry, Elbert L. 03/25/1896 stats
Nichols, Amanda Dyer, Samuel 08/02/1891 Slater
Nichols, Vera 4th (Morton) Englehardt, Mitchell 2nd 12/26/1917 stats
Nickerson, Susie Ragsdale, W.A. 2nd 12/12/1899 stats
Nielsen, Elsie Hanson, Edwin L. 06/09/1932 stats
Nielson, Vernie Knickerbocker, H.A. 08/24/1947 MR #7
Nier, Evelyn S. Jacobs, Roy V. 09/22/1939 MR #7
Nieworth, Gertrude Robertson, C.D. 2nd 03/18/1916 stats
Nilposen, Margaret Denis, Peter 12/14/1864 Reg
Nilson, Gladys E. Faley, Donald R. 08/04/1932 stats
Noah, Jocelyn Naff, Roy 03/03/1934 stats
Noah, Lois Weatherman, Roy E. 05/05/1946 MR #7
Noble, Arminta Gillie, James R. 12/08/1913 stats
Noble, Verna Maud Richardson, Laughlin F. 01/28/1905 stats
Nolan, Alice M. Lewis, Jefferson 10/15/1902 stats
Nolan, Chloe C. (Skelton) Hedberg, Harry 03/29/1926 stats
Nolan, Ethel Hoverson, Donald 06/17/1924 stats
Nolan, Irene Grace Tiffany, Clifford 08/10/1929 stats
Nolen, Katherine Brackman, Garwood 12/24/1928 stats
Nollie, Margaret 2nd (Damour) Pollock, Hume 2nd 05/07/1938 stats
Noon, Bridget Pallak, Frank S. 04/07/1904 stats
Norbert, Annie Smith, Peter 07/12/1921 stats
Norbert, Josephine Narcisse, Bernard 06/11/1918 stats
Norbert, Susie Louie, Eneas 05/17/1919 stats
Nord, Divina M. Thomason, William 09/09/1946 MR #7
Nordman, Irene Clegg, Charles Harold 11/03/1923 stats
Norling, Bessie C. Woolen, N.C. 03/12/1924 stats
Norling, Lena 2nd (Bang) Cornwall, G.E. 01/23/1901 stats
Norman, Almeda Keith, Merritt 10/22/1894 stats
Norman, Anna Countryman, Edward C. 06/02/1931 stats
Norman, Cecile 2nd Reickers, John 07/24/1915 stats
Norman, Mary E. Brown, George Nolan 08/30/1930 stats
Norris, Willine LeBret, Royal Guy 06/27/1946 MR #7
Northey, A.M. Spellman, W.P. 10/22/1900 stats
Northrup, Frances A. Sauveur, Alfred P. 04/22/1942 MR #7
Norton, Margaret A. (fa-Melvin) Wellhauser, Henry m. 01/08/1917 stats
Norton, Mary Alice Home, Gordon C. 08/31/1939 MR #7
Noseda, Julia Scott, Joseph T. 02/11/1903 stats
Noyes, Dora Adolph, John 04/04/1921 stats
Noyes, Margaret Pierre, Aandrew 06/29/1946 MR #7
Noyes, Nelly E. Watt, Clarence E. 05/13/1946 MR #7
Nugent, Violet Stensgar, Johnny B. 10/16/1943 MR #7
Nussbaum, Bessie Elizabeth Dodson, Grover Lafayette 02/21/1918 stats
Nussbaum, Edith Schall, Windell 04/28/1940 MR #7
Nussbaum, Elsie Stalp, Claude C. 08/05/1908 stats
Nussbaum, Esther S. Folsom, M.F. 09/05/1925 stats
Nussbaum, Julia C. Story, Matthew D. 10/30/1913 stats
Nussbaum, Rachel Konze, August F. 07/12/1909 stats
Nussbaumer, Lydia Richards, Cecil 01/04/1936 stats
Nuxoll, Josephine E. Duclos, Matt W. 06/11/1940 MR #7
Nyberg, Elsie M. Olsson, Erik G. 03/30/1940 MR #7
Nyholm, Alice Peterson, J.H. 05/03/1920 stats
Nyholm, Edna Rasmussen, Alfred P. 10/18/1915 stats
Nyholm, Theodolinda Chapin, C.E. 09/27/1907 stats
Nylander, Esther E. Grumbach, Frank 06/02/1930 stats
Nyman, Irene Wilma Birch, Mark Franklin 06/27/1936 stats