Stevens County Marriages 
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Brides Index O - R
O'Brien, Clara McFadden, S.G. 11/18/1910 stats
O'Brien, Essie Kelly, Richard F. 07/02/1897 stats
O'Brien, Essie Kelly, Richard F. 07/02/1897 stats
O'Brien, Georgina Mullen, Charles 06/22/1946 MR #7
O'Brien, Larinda Albee, James 11/08/1924 stats
O'Brien, Mary Gardner, Clyde 08/09/1922 stats
O'Conner, Kate Francis, Walter J. 08/21/1897 stats
O'Connor, Elizabeth J. (Cook) 2nd Cassidy, William Henry 2nd 12/26/1914 stats
O'Connor, Marie F. Hayes, Francis J. 11/23/1928 stats
O'Dell, Ella E. 2nd (Utter) Wheeler, Justin H. 3rd 06/03/1939 stats
O'Dell, Patricia Marie McCanna, Jerome Patrick 08/21/1946 MR #7
O'Donnel, Mary Devendorf, George 10/26/1862 Slater
O'Donnell, Arlene Oicles, Clyde W. 05/04/1941 MR #7
O'Donnell, Zirelda M. Kessler, A.D. 10/28/1916 stats
O'Keefe, Lois Beckley, Robert R. 11/02/1947 MR #7
O'Keefe, Mable Irene Cavens, Raliegh D. 10/09/1922 stats
O'Keefe, Margaret B. 2nd (Bounett) Sherlock, Thomas E. 03/31/1908 stats
O'Neill, Margaret Eva Kemp, George 12/25/1875 Reg
Oakley, Hazel Mae Rogers, Stanley W. 06/13/1918 stats
Oaks, Abbie Lee, E.A. 08/19/1915 stats
Ochlschlager, Lena Henderson, James T. 09/22/1926 stats
Ochs, Eva McPherson, Joe 08/29/1923 stats
Ody, Vivian L. Dotts, Brooks S. 02/05/1924 stats
Oens, Dewey Traaen, Jens 02/16/1918 stats
Offill, Margaret M. Pennington, Alfred 02/21/1910 stats
Ogg, Mary Margaret Bradley, Jack 07/02/1935 stats
Ogilvie, Agnes Petrie Fletcher, Seth Clyde 3rd 05/05/1938 stats
Ogilvie, Anna Leara Sommer, Conrad L. 06/02/1916 stats
Ogle, Ella 2nd (Eilar) Long, R.C. 10/16/1937 stats
Ogle, Estella Murphy, Harry T. 01/17/1920 stats
Ogle, Estelle 2nd McLean, E.H. 12/31/1934 stats
Ogle, Ethel M. Elwood, Fred V. 09/28/1910 stats
Ogle, Ethel M. 2nd Middleton, Warren Earl 04/16/1913 stats
Ogle, Irene Byers, Noral A. 01/20/1946 MR #7
Ohland, Mary Herrick, W.E. 09/29/1943 MR #7
Ohman, Lillian Domitrovich, Matt 01/14/1920 stats
Ohman, Minnie Rose, Ren 10/18/1910 stats
Ohman, Myrtle Pearson, Oscar 01/17/1940 MR #7
Olds, Lucy Bailey, Sherman 07/16/1904 stats
Olds, Mary Elizabeth Claar, George C. 07/03/1918 stats
Oleson, Gertrude Bailey, Alexander W. 12/29/1908 stats
Olinger, Catherine Parent, Albert 08/03/1940 MR #7
Oliver, Eathel Kjolseth, George 06/21/1942 MR #7
Oliver, Eileen Mary McInnes, H.W. 03/23/1929 stats
Oliver, Winnifred M. Draper, Arthur H. 02/11/1939 stats
Olmstead, Helen H. (Hening) 2nd Gilbert, William L. 06/18/1912 stats
Olney, Edith C. Broderick, William F. 08/01/1921 stats
Olsen, Anna Strum, Jesse Luther 05/14/1929 stats
Olsen, Hazel Chitwood, John A. 07/30/1923 stats
Olson Dorothy Nussbaum, Earl J. 08/22/1934 stats
Olson, Anna Pauline Bonn, Werner E. 12/22/1936 stats
Olson, Beulah McDowell, J.C. 08/27/1939 MR #7
Olson, Edith H. Magee, Ronald 05/18/1931 stats
Olson, Ellen Davidson, Poe 08/31/1929 stats
Olson, Frieda Meyer, Martin W. 12/07/1914 stats
Olson, Helena Sestrand, Peter 05/19/1897 stats
Olson, Helena Sestrand, Peter 05/19/1897 stats
Olson, Hildegard Peterson, Otto 07/28/1899 stats
Olson, Mary 2nd (Triberg) Redman, Benjamin W. 3rd 09/26/1908 stats
Olson, Mildred Peterson, Walter T. 11/23/1931 stats
Olson, Olive Ellenor (Carefoot) Drummond, B.J. 06/18/1923 stats
Olson, Ruth V. Underwood, Sylvester L. 03/05/1912 stats
Olson, Ruth W. Flanders, W.H. 11/24/1934 stats
Olson, Selma Seal, George A. 07/07/1922 stats
Olson, Sylvia Spears, Young 11/11/1944 MR #7
Oman, Flossie M. Fisher, Clarence B. 04/05/1927 stats
Omark, Anna C. Engstrom, John H. 05/03/1904 stats
Onions, Elizabeth Joyce McParlon, Leslie James 10/21/1946 MR #7
Onstine, Alice G. Brauner, Ferdinand 06/14/1919 stats
Onstine, Dorothy Douvia, Earl 09/26/1940 MR #7
Onstine, Grace Alvira Weaver, Edwin Percy 03/02/1909 stats
Onstine, Laura Mae Shorter, Ansel 10/13/1939 MR #7
Onstott, Bessie I. Arnold, Archie A. 11/10/1922 stats
Onstott, Gladys A. Day, James E. 07/20/1933 stats
Onstott, Myrna A. Connelly, Lee L. 09/18/1920 stats
Onstott, Stella Elva Paulson, George 05/17/1933 stats
Opdahl, Sarah Austin, John 04/21/1902 stats
Opsall, Inga Willgohs, Fred 04/16/1901 stats
Oropakan, Mary 2nd (Edward) Quillaham, Augustus 2nd 03/30/1921 stats
Orpaka, Madeline Aurhkin Romar, Louis 01/31/1921 stats
Orr, Belle 2nd (Humphrey) Townsend, A.B. 05/11/1909 stats
Orr, Blanche Acorn, Lee Roy 06/21/1910 stats
Orr, Grace Dixon, Guy 09/11/1912 stats
Orr, Vera 2nd (Dunn) Robbins, Sidney V. 2nd 06/12/1920 stats
Osborn, Myrtle J. Fager, Roy A. 02/22/1914 stats
Osterhout, Gladys L. 2nd Whitnell, Joseph 11/08/1916 stats
Ostrander, Katherine K. Tilton, Emery L 07/01/1947 MR #7
Ostrene, Isabel Lerena Hedin, Frank 08/06/1907 stats
Oswalt, Chatty L. (Benson) 2nd Matthews, George A. 12/18/1911 stats
Ottenbacher, Frances Sachs, Leigh 12/24/1924 stats
Otter, Annie M. Jones, Dean W. 06/05/1946 MR #7
Otterholm, H.C. Danim, A.H. 05/25/1909 stats
Overbay, Zelda Alpha Smithwick, George A. 06/02/1924 stats
Overman, Della F. Lewis, Albert A. 10/06/1890 Slater
Overman, Eliza M. Bryant, David 03/15/1909 stats
Overman, Eva Jennings, James 2nd 08/08/1921 stats
Overman, Goldie Mally, Lester 12/27/1942 MR #7
Overman, Jennie Carl, Henry 10/06/1890 Slater
Overman, Laura V. Bryant, William W. 10/16/1893 stats
Overturf, Stella Mary Simonson, William A. 09/10/1919 stats
Ovjac, Marija Kershinar, Andrew 07/26/1921 stats
Owen, Alice E. Hollister, William E. 07/02/1927 stats
Owen, Hallie Mary Schoonover, Alvin Homer 06/05/1915 stats
Owen, Janet I. Bohren, Leroy B. 06/25/1935 stats
Owen, Vera Elizabeth Clinton, Harry Lawrence 06/16/1916 stats
Owens, Ida 3rd (Chant) Worden, D.A. 2nd 09/07/1915 stats
Owsnett, Sadie M. (Bickerton) Donnan, Robert Caswell 02/17/1931 stats
Oyacken, Emma 3rd (Silas) Enoch, George 3rd 01/15/1920 stats
Pace, Olita 2nd (Hottell) Brown, Evan E. 10/30/1937 stats
Packard, Hazel M. Murphy, Lester L. 08/01/1916 stats
Padberg, Arminta Day, Charles Richard 10/08/1891 Slater
Padberg, Clara Coutts, William 12/30/1892 stats
Padge, Anita Louise McInnis, John Thomas 07/03/1944 MR #7
Padget, Florence (Patterson) 2nd Eipper, Harry 2nd 02/05/1914 stats
Page, Bessie McCoy, Carroll 12/22/1931 stats
Page, Jennie Hall, Thomas 05/22/1884 Slater
Paget, Catherine Martin, Joseph 07/19/1866 Slater
Painter, Agnes 2nd (Wright) Peterson, Oscar E. 02/17/1937 stats
Pakonen, Edna Katherine Buhler, Harry C. 2nd 03/29/1935 stats
Palm, Alice Martella, Leslie 12/31/1931 stats
Palm, Elsie Crandall, Clifford 12/16/1939 MR #7
Palm, Emma Hoglund, Charles 09/21/1917 stats
Palm, Hilda Swatman, John J. 02/14/1927 stats
Palmer, Eva Ruth Erickson, Edmund Theodore 10/30/1919 stats
Palmer, Frances Alice Walker, John Eugene 2nd 04/06/1933 stats
Palmer, Hazel (McUne) Henderson, James I. 08/12/1925 stats
Palmer, Margery Johnson, Jean F. 01/15/1921 stats
Paprich, Lucille Makynen, Eugene S. 12/08/1941 MR #7
Paradis, Aubin dit, Mary Louise Vanderberg, John 08/14/1893 stats
Paradis, Rosa Whisler, Victor 11/22/1913 stats
Paraids, Lunina Anna Cain, George 12/24/1907 stats
Parent, Eva Beardsley, M.M. 11/03/1921 stats
Park, Eliza 2nd (Wilkinson) Brown, Henry John 2nd 06/16/1933 stats
Park, Fern Mumau, Lynn H. 11/16/1921 stats
Park, Ina R. Wilson, Alfred William 04/02/1919 stats
Parker, Cecelia Swartz, Warren G. 03/31/1902 stats
Parker, Edna Mackie, George 08/08/1943 MR #7
Parker, Edna Elizabeth Stevanus, Verner Earl 01/27/1928 stats
Parker, Evelyn Sublie, Herman 10/23/1941 MR #7
Parker, Fern M. Link, Ronald P. 05/23/1938 stats
Parker, Gertrude Emily Tarble, Robert Scott 10/23/1917 stats
Parker, Hanah Erwin, James H. 2nd 12/05/1901 stats
Parker, Jane Richie, Henry M. 10/05/1890 Slater
Parker, Jane Richards, Henry M. 10/05/1891 stats
Parker, Louise Constant, Antone 05/25/1917 stats
Parker, Lulu J. Coppinger, Frank 04/15/1907 stats
Parker, Merna B. 2nd (Bates) Newton, John H. 2nd 04/11/1906 stats
Parkka, Hilda Niemi, Otto J. 12/01/1939 MR #7
Parmenter, Alice May Mitchell, Thomas A. 11/14/1904 stats
Parry, Mary Ann Young, Jackson Thompson 01/12/1903 stats
Parshall, Anna Eagen, John A. 04/30/1903 stats
Parshall, Lulu Belle Worley, George O. 04/11/1903 stats
Parson, Louise Rinke, Runo William 05/20/1922 stats
Paschilk, Martha Lena Meyers, Ulysses P. 10/14/1905 stats
Passkile, Laura E. 3rd (Teters) Carter, S.B. 2nd 08/27/1895 stats
Patrick, Harriet Frizzell, Leroy 11/12/1939 MR #7
Patrick, Patsy B. Humphrey, Herbert W. 05/30/1943 MR #7
Pattee, Clara Kenyon, Ray 04/22/1914 stats
Patterson, Augusta Adams, Robert 01/28/1898 stats
Patterson, Clara M. Kent, Charles M. 12/29/1888 Slater
Patterson, Sylvia (Butler) Burris, C.S. 02/25/1927 stats
Patton, Edna Lee Crain, Charles W. 07/03/1934 stats
Patton, May A. Myers, E.E. 12/20/1895 stats
Pattullo, Imogene E. 2nd (Jones) Miller, Jess 2nd 06/24/1936 stats
Paul, Ellen 3rd (Alex) Mullen, Joe 3rd 02/26/1938 stats
Paul, Sophia 2nd (Seen) Seymour, Eneas 2nd 01/05/1937 stats
Paulson, Ada Stewart, George 11/06/1928 stats
Paulson, Clara A. Brodrick, Earl Leo 05/29/1920 stats
Paulson, Katie Day, Charles Richard 11/27/1911 stats
Paulson, Lilly 2nd (White) Neff, Charles Frank 06/16/1908 stats
Paulson, Margaret 2nd O'Brien, Tim 12/22/1934 stats
Paulson, Mary Wilma Chalmers, John David 03/05/1947 MR #7
Paulson, Sara Hanson, Clem 01/23/1918 stats
Peacock, F. Dorothy Eastman, Roy 06/20/1927 stats
Pearce, Carrie Benningson, Louis L. 05/24/1904 stats
Pearsall, Doris Smith, Ivan M. 09/01/1927 stats
Pearsall, Lorraine Gilbert, Ralph 07/31/1926 stats
Pearsen, Julia Peterson, C.J. 06/19/1919 stats
Pearson, Ann Maxfield, J.M. 06/06/1931 stats
Pearson, Anna Miller, J.L. 08/21/1911 stats
Pearson, Christina Anderson, Julius N. 01/03/1914 stats
Pearson, Esther McDaniel, Ralph 04/06/1922 stats
Pearson, Ethel Abbott, George Howard 06/24/1919 stats
Pearson, H. Mackey, S.E. 07/30/1922 stats
Pearson, Hazel R. (Vannotric) Calhoun, M.J. 04/19/1924 stats
Pearson, Helen Bohansen, William 08/28/1934 stats
Pearson, Helen L. McDaniel, Vance 11/25/1929 stats
Pearson, Hilma C. Axelson, Hjalmar 12/14/1933 stats
Pearson, Isabella Peternell, Barney 02/07/1914 stats
Pearson, Lena Nelson, Swan 10/15/1898 stats
Pearson, Marian Maxella Taylor, J.H. 10/18/1930 stats
Pearson, Rosa May Fetterly, Nelson W.B. 12/29/1945 MR #7
Pederspiel, Frances E. 2nd (Schele) Burgoine, T.S. 2nd 01/12/1911 stats
Pelissier, Aneta Angel, Fredrick 04/07/1906 stats
Pelissier, Edith Bauer, Frank 09/30/1911 stats
Pelissier, Eliza E. Hall, William P. 04/17/1899 stats
Pelissier, Ellida Willy, Noah 05/19/1877 RegA
Pelissier, Ida E. (Brook) Fedder, Frank C. 09/30/1893 stats
Pelissier, Nellie G. Young, Albert S. 11/19/1879 Reg
Pelker, Mary Ann Walker, Truman G. 07/03/1879 Slater
Peltier, Josephine Waitt, George W. 12/07/1862 Slater
Pence, Florence Swank, Kenneth 05/26/1921 stats
Pendell, Ruby Newbury, Newton 03/17/1942 MR #7
Peneller, Mary Ann 2nd Finley, John W. 06/23/1936 stats
Penkake, Kate (Nagle) Newland, Darrell A. 09/01/1923 stats
Penzig, Emma Bertha Farquhar, Robert Clarence 05/05/1917 stats
Peone, Amelia Callon, Frank 07/23/1891 Slater
Peone, Angeline Carlow, Charles A.R. 02/28/1875 Slater
Peone, Cecelia Abrahamson, Manges 12/29/1926 stats
Peone, Florence Hightower, Robert Francis 12/05/1889 Slater
Peone, Florence Bean, James 11/28/1911 stats
Peone, Ida LeBret, John Curtis 06/30/1946 MR #7
Peone, Lorene Michel, James 03/07/1932 stats
Peone, Louise Metlow, Ewel 05/04/1943 MR #7
Peone, Mary Haines, Guy 11/28/1873 Slater
Peone, Mary Ray, Joseph 06/02/1878 Reg
Peone, Nancy King, William 12/17/1874 Slater
Pequcen, Bertha Barnes, H.C. 2nd 01/19/1918 stats
Perdue, Lizzie Ray, Charles H. 05/10/1912 stats
Perkins, Christine B. Wyncoop, John C. 10/02/1883 Slater
Perkins, Frances Hall, Marilyn E. 11/08/1924 stats
Perkins, Gertie M. Hubert, Melvin K. 04/13/1935 stats
Perkins, Inez J. McCloud, Erasmus 2nd 11/28/1908 stats
Perkins, Lois M. Moore, George 09/08/1937 stats
Perkins, Mabel Boyles, Leonard T. 08/04/1930 stats
Perkins, Molly Toulou, Albert 12/03/1902 stats
Perkins, Viola B. Diedrick, William J. 04/12/1941 MR #7
Pero, Norma Thelma McNearney, Roy Philip 12/30/1919 stats
Perras, Josephine Seale, Joseph E. 02/07/1896 stats
Perras, Lizzie Bratton, Louis H. 07/30/1898 stats
Perrott, Annie Adams, Christopher S. 09/07/1904 stats
Perry, Annie E. (Kimpton) Lotze, Arthur H. 02/18/1916 stats
Perry, Gladys Grace Newton, Wilbur Jewell 09/20/1916 stats
Perry, Hazel C. 2nd (Wheeler) Coontz, E.L. 2nd 01/16/1937 stats
Perry, Irene Elizabeth French, Arthur Dan 10/28/1920 stats
Perry, Ruth A. Lotze, Rudolph 09/01/1921 stats
Pershall, Olive (Butt) Knobke, William 03/07/1928 stats
Petefish, Ruth Miller, Ed 12/24/1929 stats
Peterek, Margaret E. Ritchie, Roy H. 09/22/1932 stats
Peternel, Mary Trampus, Frank 08/14/1907 stats
Peternell, Margaret A. Klavano, Philip 08/22/1908 stats
Peternell, Mary Nett, M. 10/04/1895 stats
Peters, Ann Kumosik, Mike 06/10/1937 stats
Peters, Dorothy Hall, Ralph W. 12/31/1945 MR #7
Peters, Elmira R. Rice, Earl L. 08/07/1944 MR #7
Peters, Gladys Marie Martin, Oscar C. 01/18/1916 stats
Peters, Grace Strange, Alva 03/07/1914 stats
Peters, Lucy C. Kolbeck, William 11/01/1934 stats
Peters, Mary L. 2nd (Beuberton) Truedell, Myron A. 11/10/1904 stats
Peters, Maud E. Hay, Ralph D. 2nd 04/12/1920 stats
Peters, Maxine Jaderquist, A.F. 09/28/1942 MR #7
Peterson, Ann K. Werner, Fred 02/26/1940 MR #7
Peterson, Anna LeMar, R.W. 07/28/1930 stats
Peterson, Anna Louise Cox, Chester 11/15/1919 stats
Peterson, Anna S. (Mrs.) Ingraham, S. 07/29/1925 stats
Peterson, Annie Spath, Myron 2nd 12/14/1907 stats
Peterson, Carrie M. Williams, James M. 01/02/1894 stats
Peterson, Catherine Abelman, Joe L. 10/26/1938 stats
Peterson, Dolores V. Kinder, Robert M. 08/14/1947 MR #7
Peterson, Elvira Lukkar, Delbert 09/04/1934 stats
Peterson, Emma M. Baeumle, Charles 3rd 03/02/1923 stats
Peterson, Essie Pearl Johnson, W.O. 04/05/1947 MR #7
Peterson, Eva Robinson, Homer 09/27/1915 stats
Peterson, Eva Marie Shriner, William Alfred 09/10/1917 stats
Peterson, Eva Viola 2nd (Hefling) Johnson, Oscar R. 09/26/1931 stats
Peterson, Goldie Dechand, Ed 2nd 08/16/1921 stats
Peterson, Gunhild Graves, William A. 02/07/1931 stats
Peterson, Lily Shriner, Harold 10/03/1940 MR #7
Peterson, Lois Maxine Mollenberg, Peter Irvin 06/22/1947 MR #7
Peterson, Margaret Darling, James 10/30/1906 stats
Peterson, Mattie Botts, Oscar 02/18/1901 stats
Peterson, Mildred A. Lenderman, Ernest W. 06/15/1929 stats
Peterson, Norma M. Strating, Gerard H. 06/03/1939 stats
Peterson, Virginia L. Dumont, R. Peaslee 08/05/1940 MR #7
Pettet, Pauline Colley, Walter L. 11/26/1945 MR #7
Pettijohn, Ruth Plunkett, Claude S. 05/01/1909 stats
Pettingill, Marian Beulah Camp, John 09/30/1906 stats
Pettingill, Mary 2nd (Pierson) DeHart, James A. 4th 03/23/1921 stats
Pettingill, Violet E. Hedlund, Andy J. 12/27/1914 stats
Pettit, Wilma Pearl (Carbaneau) Dextras, W.F. 03/01/1929 stats
Petty, Genie 2nd (Walton) Shelton, Jim 01/18/1938 stats
Peyton, Rosina Leland, Albert E. 2nd 06/10/1935 stats
Pfeiffer, Violet Duffy, Benjamin 09/16/1936 stats
Pfiffer, Matilda L. Hayner, Levi R. 12/16/1911 stats
Pflagred, Muriel Benninger, John R. 07/02/1943 MR #7
Pheiffer, Katherine B. Klein, Waldo L. 08/30/1917 stats
Pheiffer, Mable Mitchell, Ray Abbot 06/25/1918 stats
Phelps, Alice Mae Woods, John Francis 02/06/1934 stats
Phelps, Dorothy Hafer, Clarence 08/14/1930 stats
Phelps, Nell Stopher, E. Morris 05/06/1939 stats
Phelps, Nettie Lucas, Charles F. 05/18/1908 stats
Phillips, Abby Elizabeth Foster, Merle M. 06/11/1934 stats
Phillips, Ann 3rd (Noyes) Eva, Shelba Reed 04/10/1903 stats
Phillips, Bessie C. (Hedges) Dorman, Garland 12/27/1930 stats
Phillips, Della M. 2nd (Fawyer) Paulson, George B. 2nd 06/01/1938 stats
Phillips, Edith Geesaman, Oscar 04/02/1924 stats
Phillips, Erma Ruth Palmer, Donald W. 02/27/1947 MR #7
Phillips, Ermina Sheedy, Robin Carl 09/13/1907 stats
Phillips, Fay Elizabeth Christianson, John Andy 05/24/1907 stats
Phillips, Fern Almira Mills, Lynn Pierce 05/21/1909 stats
Phillips, Helen Brockway, Niles 01/27/1917 stats
Phillips, Ilma Martha Daniels, Charles V. 11/30/1929 stats
Phillips, June Kostka, Leonard 11/04/1935 stats
Phillips, Mamie Replogle, William J. 06/04/1913 stats
Phillips, Margaret Sherwood, Alex 09/24/1929 stats
Phillips, Marie (Douglas) McKee, M.L. 06/05/1928 stats
Phillips, Milly Edwards, Sam 11/15/1909 stats
Phillips, Myrtle Irene Isaman, George R. 05/27/1943 MR #7
Phillips, Opal Hammer, Purnal 01/07/1924 stats
Phillips, Ruby Elmyna Graupner, George 10/01/1907 stats
Phillips, Ruth Henrietta Gill, Joseph 05/12/1936 stats
Philomen Penington, F. 04/26/1868 Slater
Philpott, Bertha Ella Wooley, Rollin 11/23/1907 stats
Philpott, Blanche Baird, Glen V 06/06/1914 stats
Phipps, Joyce Kirpes, Eugene J. 04/01/1946 MR #7
Phryea, Rosey Flett, James 04/01/1879 RegA
Piatt, Mary (McBride) Logan, William R. 05/02/1923 stats
Pichette, Alice Elsie Sandaine, Arthur 05/07/1918 stats
Pichette, Doris Barbara Quill, James J. 12/23/1940 MR #7
Pichette, Marguerite Camille, Louis 11/07/1913 stats
Pickard, Eva VanDyke, Charles F. 05/08/1918 stats
Picker, Elizabeth A. Sprogen, Glenn 05/28/1909 stats
Picton, Annie Leitch, Henry Gordon 01/17/1938 stats
Piemisl, Frances Palmer, Frank 07/20/1910 stats
Pier, Genet Hasin, George 05/02/1864 Reg
Pierce, Anna 2nd (Lauer) Vogt, Louis 10/25/1909 stats
Pierce, Anna Mabel Golden, William Peter 11/18/1909 stats
Pierce, Esther Flett, William B. 03/22/1918 stats
Pierce, Esther Finch, Alvin 09/28/1921 stats
Pierce, Jennie Mason, Wm 02/01/1915 stats
Pierce, Jennie 3rd (Schlock) Mason, William 2nd 01/30/1918 stats
Pierce, Lillie Bishop Coffey, William M. 11/05/1902 stats
Pierce, Nora Shaughnessy, John 05/21/1902 stats
Pierce, Ruth L. Conner, Willie L. 05/13/1922 stats
Pierce, Suzie M. (Anglin) Camp, Cecil 10/18/1930 stats
Pierce, Vera H. 2nd (Damp) Pitelko, Charley A. 11/24/1920 stats
Pierre, Adeline Miller, William 05/09/1896 stats
Pierre, Agatha Finley, William 07/26/1881 Slater
Pierre, Annie Louie, Peter 06/18/1939 MR #7
Pierre, Mary Roberts, Joseph 09/25/1866 Slater
Pierre, Mary Stensgar, John 02/07/1869 Slater
Piett, Ella Shovel, Ivan 05/02/1910 stats
Pike, Arville 2nd (Riese) Towne, Fred G. 2nd 10/01/1935 stats
Pillers, Ann A. Krell, Benjamin J. 08/03/1939 MR #7
Pinea, Marilyn E. Buck, Grant C. 04/09/1946 MR #7
Pingston, Eliza Hall, Charles 01/19/1889 Slater
Pingston, Martina Miller, William 12/26/1888 Slater
Pinkerton, Helen Louise Carter, Robert H. 09/07/1935 stats
Pinkston, Eliza Finley, James 04/22/1897 stats
Pinkston, Eliza Finley, James 04/22/1897 stats
Pione, Joset Basil, Louis 01/19/1875 RegA
Pittelko, Katherine Vera Hytien, Otto 10/21/1936 stats
Pittman, Emma Siegel, Ralph E. 2nd 01/08/1938 stats
Pittman, Leona (fa-Howard) Eldred, Frank C. 02/22/1904 stats
Plant, Catherine Moras, Ranon 06/04/1873 Slater
Pletcher, Elsie E. Weigelt, Emil J. 10/24/1927 stats
Plews, Verna Fine, Lester A. 05/09/1935 stats
Plow, Fameseta Fatzer, Gotlieb 02/10/1867 Slater
Plowman, Alice J. Moore, Charles A. 07/27/1904 stats
Plowman, Frances E. Anderson, A.W. 06/17/1902 stats
Pluffe, Louise Marie Martin, William 06/01/1947 MR #7
Plumer, Martha T. Gresham, W.J. 04/24/1902 stats
Plumly, Nadine Fuller, Perry D. 12/16/1939 MR #7
Plunkett, Hazel McNeilly, William A. 01/30/1904 stats
Poffenberger, Sadie Elizabeth Runyon, Thomas Albert 08/19/1896 stats
Pogue, Edna Fay Cannon, Earl 11/07/1913 stats
Pohle, Alma Weston, Jesse 07/12/1911 stats
Pohle, Elsie Downing, Robert 06/11/1912 stats
Pohle, Helen StClair, Frank 07/01/1920 stats
Pollak, Bessie Ellen Wyckoff, Howard 06/13/1932 stats
Pollak, Mary Ann Kaus, Joseph L. 06/13/1932 stats
Pollard, Lena Smiley, Chester 05/28/1931 stats
Pollock, Mary Marguerite Eva Daily, Arlen Burt 08/08/1946 MR #7
Pollok, Rose Chitwood, Addison 07/13/1934 stats
Pond, Myrtle Sparks, Harvey M. 02/04/1928 stats
Pool, Blanche Warburton, Shirley E. 05/25/1921 stats
Pool, Laura Margaret Gumm, Delbert R. 09/17/1927 stats
Pool, Marian M. Tait, Paul R. 08/10/1947 MR #7
Pool, Winnifred M. Combs, Robert C. 07/06/1937 stats
Porassa, Lucy Harney, Frank 11/16/1896 stats
Porter, Clara (Mason) Wilson, Charles 02/14/1924 stats
Porter, Gene Irma 2nd (Rouble) McCoy, Arthur Loyd 12/29/1922 stats
Porter, Helen N. Rinehardt, Charles J. 10/25/1920 stats
Porter, Lillian 2nd (Finney) Finch, N.C. 3rd 11/26/1917 stats
Portlow, Mattie Gibson, C. Thomas 11/10/1903 stats
Portman, Grace 2nd Farnsworth, James W. 07/11/1906 stats
Portman, Justina Hewes, William B. 08/01/1914 stats
Portman, Krisengia 2nd Gubeler, Henry 02/03/1898 stats
Post, Cami M. Havermale, Wilbur 10/23/1876 RegA
Post, Hattie Brewington, Sidney W. 01/31/1906 stats
Post, Henrietta Linke, Herman 01/01/1876 Reg
Potestio, Eva Scolese, Angelo 09/20/1930 stats
Potestio, Jennie C. Cooper, Edwin Herman 08/16/1930 stats
Potestio, Rose Golmatis, Jimmy 10/21/1940 MR #7
Pottee, Mary E. Holtman, Ralph 07/02/1921 stats
Potter, Alma Kaye, Henry M. 03/02/1941 MR #7
Potter, Anna May Nullett, Austin 03/25/1913 stats
Potter, Bessie Owsley, Paul R. 06/05/1939 stats
Potter, Edna Hunter, V.R. 08/15/1918 stats
Potter, Emma (Reeves) Hollenbeck, Ben 03/05/1928 stats
Potter, Grace Warren, Beryl 03/19/1929 stats
Potter, Iva Nussbaum, Elbert F. 09/29/1926 stats
Potter, Lillian Siemens, P.G. 01/26/1926 stats
Potter, Maria Hale, John 03/05/1908 stats
Potter, Mary Balis, Thomas A. 04/10/1918 stats
Potter, Ruby Leighton, Perry 10/13/1917 stats
Potts, Alta Loney, Elwin 08/24/1932 stats
Potts, Jessie Bennett, William 11/04/1908 stats
Potts, Lydia Luella Bennett, Charles W. 10/17/1904 stats
Powell, Cora Maupin, Amos A. 03/21/1902 stats
Powell, Eliza Stevenson, Clarence 09/15/1891 Slater
Powell, Elizabeth Coble, L. Paul 04/11/1930 stats
Powell, Hazelle Jackson, Leonard 2nd 01/17/1938 stats
Powell, Leona Higgins, Al 10/15/1908 stats
Powell, Marie McNeil, John J. 09/04/1920 stats
Powell, Mary Elizabeth 3rd Phen, Charles 3rd 03/25/1907 stats
Powell, May E. Lameau, A.S. 2nd 10/25/1895 stats
Powers, Bonnie VanSlyke, Charles A. 07/07/1934 stats
Powner, Jennie V. Enfield, Charles C. 12/12/1900 stats
Powner, Julia Panes, Herbert George 11/16/1909 stats
Powner, Sarah A. Troutt, Fred O. 02/27/1905 stats
Pratt, Ora Michael, Harley 12/21/1923 stats
Prentice, Pearl Ludema Grenier, Ollie A. 06/29/1914 stats
Presby, Mildred A. Curry, Edward O. 01/17/1910 stats
Presby, Nellie Edna Curry, Albert Ernst 02/03/1908 stats
Press, Sarah E. Kedo, Joseph 12/19/1898 stats
Prestholt, Marie Holford, Haldon Leroy 08/31/1946 MR #7
Presto, Frances Potestio,Tyien Jenzo 08/29/1907 stats
Preston, Eva Smith, Elmer R. 06/29/1918 stats
Prewett, Bess Colbanks, George C. 12/16/1905 stats
Prewitt, Lillian M. Spence, John W. 05/04/1907 stats
Price, Audrey Zimmerman, Vincent 03/14/1938 stats
Price, Constance Moore, Edward Glen 09/07/1929 stats
Price, Eileen Burke, Mason C. 08/12/1943 MR #7
Price, Elizabeth Mowrey, Oscar 09/18/1913 stats
Price, Furla Christina Carefoot, Walter 07/16/1924 stats
Price, Lelia Doris Finch, Glen E. 08/22/1943 MR #7
Price, Lila B. (Fay) Landsworth, Knute K. 09/01/1925 stats
Price, Lindrette Reed Rail, Alfred Frank 01/11/1922 stats
Price, Luella Palm, Edward 04/07/1934 stats
Price, Mildred L. Carefoot, Truman 05/13/1931 stats
Price, Nannie White, Guy C. 09/30/1914 stats
Price, Prudena A. Morton, Charles C. 06/10/1907 stats
Price, Thelma Skiles, Cecil J. 06/06/1947 MR #7
Price, Vetera S. Noble, R.W. 02/29/1928 stats
Priggs, Clara Ketcham, J.E. 12/31/1895 stats
Prindle, Rena A. Dexter, Harold M. 04/21/1913 stats
Probel, Martina Pingston, A.T. 10/15/1884 Slater
Proctor, E.E. Hoffer, Charles H. 05/31/1902 stats
Prouty, Anna May Queener, Richard 09/10/1890 Slater
Prouty, Esther Somerlott, Lester C. 12/24/1915 stats
Prouty, Mary Malinda McDonald, Archie 01/31/1887 Slater
Prouty, Rachel A. Theis, George 02/11/1884 Slater
Prouty, Sadie N. Ragsdale, Fred F. 06/18/1888 Slater
Prudeau, Melvina Rail, Frank 06/10/1910 stats
Pruette, Bessie Gourlay, Thomas T.C. 12/24/1919 stats
Pstefanich, Petra Maricich, John 10/12/1916 stats
Puddy, 2nd (Mrs. M.E.) (Southard) Trounson, Wilfred 10/25/1918 stats
Pulliam, Florence Whetstone, Charles 09/27/1916 stats
Pulon, Mary Chance, J.M. 05/14/1884 Slater
Pump, Mary Bauer, Karl 10/04/1941 MR #7
Purcell, Nellie Minton, Jack B. 07/23/1934 stats
Puthoff, Frances Brown, Walter J. 08/18/1931 stats
Puthoff, Hilda Manson, C.G. 08/01/1927 stats
Puthoff, Margaret Bosse, Clarence B. 05/01/1934 stats
Putnam, L. Edna Hathaway, Ernest 06/22/1943 MR #7
Putnam. Ella M. 2nd (Straw) Brown, Thomas 06/29/1908 stats
Qualey, Anna Marie Miller, Paul F. 11/14/1919 stats
Qualey, Minnie E. Beaver, Harry 05/24/1918 stats
Quance, Martha Preston, G. G. 08/17/1929 stats
Queale, Roberta Nita Wadsworth, William D. 12/20/1938 stats
Queener, Myrtle M. Doyle, John 10/10/1899 stats
Queener, Nora LaPlant, Paul 09/10/1890 Slater
Quill, Margerette Hall, Charles 09/16/1930 stats
Quill, Matilda 2nd mar White, Leonard 06/21/1930 stats
Quillan, Ruby Closson, D.D. 02/16/1918 stats
Quillen, Pearl Boren, Reuben L. 06/03/1914 stats
Quinn, Christina Bickel, E.P. 01/16/1915 stats
Quinston, Agnes Burdick, Joseph Henry 08/21/1937 stats
Quintasket, Erma Louise Barr, William 01/13/1947 MR #7
Quintasket, Mary Lemery, Earl 05/07/1938 stats
Quintasket, Milly Seymour, Charley 2nd 02/23/1922 stats
Raber, Delcie Brooks, Ray 11/19/1919 stats
Rabichand, Anna Tuck, Ralph 08/10/1929 stats
Rader, Viola D. McDonald, Darce 11/14/1938 stats
Radovich, Mary Jeffrey, Percy 11/16/1910 stats
Raftis, Lucy Lynch, James 06/21/1906 stats
Ragsdill, Martha Eddings, G.S. 02/19/1906 stats
Ragsdill, Sadie Ellen Munker, Charles M. 01/18/1905 stats
Rail, Melvina Barrow, Robert B. 05/11/1910 stats
Rainbolt, Maxine Heine, Roy H. 08/17/1945 MR #7
Rainsbarger, Susie (Pettit) Snowden, J.W. 08/05/1931 stats
Raisio, Aune E. Maki, Roy 06/06/1933 stats
Ralston, Bessie Erickson, Andrew 12/22/1908 stats
Ralston, Flossie Pears, Hardy 12/22/1908 stats
Ramble, Thelma I. Olson, John M. 05/01/1947 MR #7
Rambo, Lena (Uderman) Merkling, John T. 01/22/1931 stats
Ramey, Ida J. Jared, Thomas D. 06/09/1903 stats
Ramey, Jennie Brittain, Claud 03/26/1913 stats
Ramey, Rebecca Dodson, Floyd 09/06/1911 stats
Ramon, Madeline Moorhead, Abraham 10/03/1932 stats
Ramser, Dora C. Gadow, Herbert F. 08/20/1909 stats
Ramsey, Nina Lucile (Cabbage) Banker, Weindfield Earnest 08/02/1926 stats
Ramsey, Olive R. Richardson, L.C. 05/20/1913 stats
Randall, Fernia Clink, William 03/01/1910 stats
Randall, Reanette Cook, John R. 02/18/1939 stats
Randall, Reanette Cook, John R. 02/17/1940 MR #7
Randell, Genevieve Hodgson, Howard 12/04/1929 stats
Randolph, Clara Walston, Hazen Earl 07/05/1932 stats
Ranhuner, Matilda Erickson, Erick 09/04/1904 stats
Rankin, Dora Hill, Raymond F. 03/01/1910 stats
Rankin, Verna M. Phillips, Harold A. 12/13/1917 stats
Raska, Alice Larson, Loren A. 11/15/1945 MR #7
Rasmussen, Doris E.A. Murdock, Leonard James 09/04/1937 stats
Rasmussen, Doris Irene Rhodes, Russell N. 11/16/1945 MR #7
Rasmussen, Gladys Bolton, Ralph W. 09/26/1943 MR #7
Rasmussen, Myrtle Callan, Thomas A. 12/06/1917 stats
Rasmussen, Wilma A. Jacobson, Leon P. 06/17/1945 MR #7
Rather, Minnie L. Southwick, Guy 01/09/1911 stats
Ratray, Margaret Thexton, J.W. 2nd 06/14/1911 stats
Rauch, Dorothy Browne, Karl M. 10/28/1930 stats
Raugust, Martha Caroline Weitzel, John W. 01/14/1939 stats
Raun, Ebba Day, Joseph W. 04/03/1919 stats
Rausch, Florence C. Rodman, Dean C. 08/11/1945 MR #7
Rausch, Irene Ann Pohle, Frederick Carl 06/30/1939 MR #6
Ravenscraft, A.M. 2nd Dorman, C.C. 2nd 10/21/1913 stats
Rawlings, Lulu 2nd (Wilson) Fowler, A.L. 2nd 04/23/1907 stats
Rawlins, Julie Kerry, Charles R. 09/30/1907 stats
Ray, Bessie Robertson, Lester O. 04/27/1937 stats
Ray, Eunice Camp, George 09/15/1900 stats
Ray, Muriel Hall, Kelly 07/02/1932 stats
Rayburn, Minnie 2nd (West) Judy, James H. 2nd 02/03/1906 stats
Rayhill, Gayrette Haney, Allan 03/24/1940 MR #7
Rea, Ethel B. DeLaney, J.C. 08/04/1919 stats
Read, Angeline Lamb, Oliver 2nd 10/14/1901 stats
Read, Mary 2nd (Chappell) Knight, William 05/29/1902 stats
Reber, Virginia C. (VanPelt) Johnson, Ivan L. 07/20/1931 stats
Reburz, Emma Little Forney, J.B. 07/01/1902 stats
Rech, Mary H. Hibbitt, Robert W. 12/27/1924 stats
Redding, May Mary McMullen, Samuel 04/26/1907 stats
Redinger, Elizabeth Pshide, Ignace 09/26/1905 stats
Redlin, Lillian (Gale) 2nd McFarland, Roy D. 11/14/1913 stats
Redmours, Sadie Smith, Frank 10/23/1907 stats
Reed, Beatrice E. Alldridge, James T. 12/04/1925 stats
Reed, Elizabeth Morrell, Jess J. 11/27/1907 stats
Reed, Ina Lora Crofoot, Bertie 04/08/1908 stats
Reed, Irma I. Frame, Benjamin F. 04/15/1920 stats
Reed, Leona B. Williamson, George A. 12/22/1923 stats
Reed, Lita Lorraine Tinsley, Clifford Gordon 09/22/1946 MR #7
Reed, Maggie Fisk, John 12/28/1897 stats
Reed, Margaret Irene Johnson, Ralph Emerson 09/12/1940 MR #7
Reed, Mary Booker, Oscar 12/24/1936 stats
Reed, Olive Tweedie, William J. 2nd 09/25/1913 stats
Reed, Rebecca J. Morrice, William 05/12/1936 stats
Reed, Sarah 2nd (Carpenter) Wakefield, George W. 07/27/1901 stats
Reed, Susie Elwood, Isaac 11/23/1903 stats
Reed, T.O. (Ovitt) 3rd Krenz, F.H. 2nd 07/30/1913 stats
Reed, Velma S. Hodgson, Lloyd E. 12/22/1930 stats
Reeder, Alice Maud 2nd Doss, H.V. 05/18/1908 stats
Reeder, Evangeline C. Simmons, George G. 05/25/1927 stats
Reeder, Ina McKern, D.L. 01/14/1939 stats
Reeder, Margueritte McCormack, P.F. 05/31/1927 stats
Reese, Ethel May Vian, Ezra Eli 11/15/1919 stats
Reese, Eva C. Morrell, George D. 01/25/1926 stats
Reeve, Sarah Ethel Thomas, George W. 06/29/1901 stats
Regan, Agnes Rettinger, Frank 06/25/1935 stats
Regan, Eleanor Margaret Crogan, Philip 07/13/1916 stats
Reiber, Opal Bascom, L.L. 06/03/1940 MR #7
Reich, Freda L. Cornelius, Hugh T. 07/23/1938 stats
Reichenberg, Pauline Kester, H.P. 11/20/1936 stats
Reickers, Mary Englehardt, Ivan 11/05/1938 stats
Reickers, Minnie O. Ross, Edward W. 11/24/1946 MR #7
Reinoehl, Georgia M. Hauber, Charles A. 2nd 10/12/1917 stats
Reinoehl, Gladys Evelyn LaVigne, Enos Ray 10/07/1914 stats
Reisen, Lena 2nd (Johnson) (Brown) Davis, George 10/03/1904 stats
Reister, Bertha E. Brooks, Paulding V. 01/17/1889 Slater
Reister, Esther Ann Liede, C. Marion 06/29/1939 MR #7
Reister, Mary E. Haines, Edwin 12/25/1890 Slater
Reitz, Clara Finley, John Albert 07/01/1919 stats
Rella, Elizabeth Marie Rolloff, Gerhard Horst 10/26/1946 MR #7
Rella, Rena Marie Melvina Taylor, James Grant 01/03/1938 stats
Rembold, Pauline Johnson, Dallas 05/14/1935 stats
Remey, Burdetta Wagner, Mike 08/20/1940 MR #7
Rendle, Catherine Carson, William A. 10/21/1947 MR #7
Rengglis, Mary VanAllen, Wilbur 12/20/1942 MR #7
Renshaw, Ethel Miller, Jess A. 09/01/1905 stats
Rettinger, Ruby (Colman) Snider, Everett H. 06/10/1931 stats
Rettinger, Winnifred Gourlie, Norman T. 11/15/1941 MR #7
Reuhm, Louise Hamby, John I. 12/30/1911 stats
Revell, Opal Ross, Chester L. 01/02/1925 stats
Reynolds, Bessie Ramsey, Richard T. 07/09/1903 stats
Reynolds, Ethel Sheedy, Herman H. 10/17/1902 stats
Reynolds, Ione Dudley Nelson, John B. 11/04/1895 stats
Reynolds, Mabel Guest, Russell 04/11/1893 stats
Reynolds, Margaret Viola Agar, John B. 06/06/1913 stats
Rhoades, Elsie Marie Jamieson, Donald 09/01/1934 stats
Rhoads, Grace Smith, Conner J. 08/30/1913 stats
Rhoads, May Hartill, Walter 05/16/1922 stats
Rhoads, Mildred Jeanne Norman, Clifford C. 07/02/1921 stats
Rhodes, Bertha Williams, Donald 09/10/1939 MR #7
Rhodes, Grace 2nd Hall, Guy H. 09/30/1922 stats
Rhodes, Josie Fergus, Edward 08/26/1901 stats
Rhodes, Joycelyn (Knapp) 2nd Fairchild, J. Elmer 11/14/1913 stats
Rhodes, Laura (Adkinson) 3rd Finch, Norman C. 2nd 10/29/1913 stats
Rhodes, Mary E. Foerch, Otto C. 12/18/1943 MR #7
Rhodes, Mary Josephine 2nd (Hormell) Moore, Henry Matthew 11/05/1937 stats
Rhodes, Pearl Vervacke, G. 12/28/1945 MR #7
Rhodes, Vivian Thrasher, Fred 03/13/1937 stats
Rhymer, Esther Ethel Riggins, Thomas Jefferson 07/01/1911 stats
Ribbany, Reddah S. Finnoe, Leroy 08/12/1942 MR #7
Rice, Abbie C. Matthews, Ernest A. 01/16/1911 stats
Rice, Bertha A. Kirchberg, Ernest W. 10/01/1910 stats
Rice, Dorothy Evelyn Girard, P.J.R. 08/15/1934 stats
Rice, Edna 2nd (Stuart) Brogan, W.M. 2nd 11/02/1936 stats
Rice, Effie Bohren, Merton H. 04/14/1920 stats
Rice, Estella E. Bottoff, Harry Curtis 07/11/1896 stats
Rice, Fanny Wooley, George 07/07/1900 stats
Rice, Jennie Bottoff, Frank F. 01/23/1896 stats
Rice, Mary Shepherd, John W. 04/14/1900 stats
Rice, Pearl E. Ball, John W. 09/10/1938 stats
Rice, Ruby A. Cox, Harrison 06/16/1921 stats
Rice, Ruth Allman, John 02/02/1929 stats
Richard, Alda Bell Morris, Vernon H. 2nd 08/30/1909 stats
Richard, Mary Emma Batson, Lawrence Ross 06/24/1911 stats
Richard, Sylvia Christianson, O.G. 04/15/1899 stats
Richards, Evelyn S. Christianson, Hans P. Jr. 02/07/1947 MR #7
Richards, Telly Watland, Eli 06/21/1917 stats
Richardson, Mabel Pease, Arthur 05/05/1911 stats
Richardson, Mabel M. Vanasse, Luther 03/07/1905 stats
Richardson, Margaret Arnold, H.V. 09/21/1925 stats
Richardson, Mildred Sax, Kenneth W. 10/02/1941 MR #7
Richardson, Myrtie H. Story, Herbert E. 08/21/1919 stats
Richardson, Ora Faye Seabrandt, Henry 12/31/1940 MR #7
Richardson, Othella Gertrude Gottbehurt, Ralph George 12/18/1924 stats
Richardson, Sibyl 2nd (Daniels) Olson, George L. 10/03/1935 stats
Richardson, Wilma E. Gilberg, Marvin Richard 12/24/1942 MR #7
Richart, Bernice E. Harlan, Dan F. 01/18/1939 stats
Richey, Edith Park, Walter A. 02/20/1899 stats
Richey, Edna 2nd (Erickson) Moore, Claude L. 04/27/1922 stats
Richie, Phoebe Jane 2nd (Parker) VanSlyke, Perry T. 07/23/1906 stats
Richmond, Dorothy Ruth Edgerton, Brainerd 11/18/1927 stats
Richmond, Hazel Dell Snider, Clarence R. 12/02/1920 stats
Richmond, Nelly Thompson, Joseph 12/21/1901 stats
Richter, Edith Thurley Scheel, John D. 10/19/1940 MR #7
Rickard, Ada Anderson, Arthur 07/03/1926 stats
Rickard, Catherine Boyd, Norman 12/22/1934 stats
Rickard, Minnie StClair, Edgar 12/11/1900 stats
Rickard, Sadie Foster, Fred W. (Jr) 2nd 11/24/1934 stats
Rickers, Marie E. Duncan, Cecil 09/18/1939 MR #7
Rickers, Mattie L. Norman, Roy 07/03/1912 stats
Rickey, Bertha D. Schoenwald, Fred 08/29/1923 stats
Rickey, Ida Foos, Hollie Clinton 09/27/1912 stats
Rickey, Minerva E. Burris, Rex Alvin 09/05/1922 stats
Rickey, Orpha H. Thompson, Lloyd A. 08/29/1923 stats
Ricks, Emma E. Bredin, John E. 04/26/1904 stats
Ricks, Ethel (Parkison) Lincoln, Dan 10/20/1930 stats
Ricks, Maud Cox, Edward 05/24/1899 stats
Ricks, Myrtle E. (Simmons) Young, R.L. 10/06/1928 stats
Ridout, Alma E. 2nd (Seymour) Womach, Roscoe C. 04/16/1918 stats
Riebe, Alice 2nd (Horon) Rukgaber, Henry C. 2nd 11/08/1902 stats
Riechers, Amanda E. Taschereau, C.A. 07/06/1937 stats
Rieper, Dorothy Pakonen, Arthur 05/07/1938 stats
Rieper, Ruth Harper, Ross 11/24/1937 stats
Riese, Dora Parish, Jess 07/27/1898 stats
Riese, Edna Lenore Gurnsey, Louis Henry 10/13/1906 stats
Rievley, Mable Claar, Merle 09/15/1908 stats
Rigby, Janet Reed, William 08/23/1938 stats
Riggs, Eva Jane Chapman, William Orr 08/23/1919 stats
Riley, Esther M. Gilmore, Arthur 06/02/1928 stats
Riley, Ethel Louella Davis, Harry 02/07/1920 stats
Rimars, Clara Louise Reister, G.A. 11/15/1913 stats
Rimars, Elsie Thomson, Stan E. 03/16/1931 stats
Rimars, Marian L. Aird, James M. 02/08/1936 stats
Rindern, Rosa Coons, Albert 07/03/1903 stats
Rinehart, Gettela Lord, James N. 10/02/1876 Reg
Rinehart, Margaret V. Cline, Paul A. 05/15/1931 stats
Rioth, Kathleen Kinman, Brady 01/09/1937 stats
Ripley, Zella (Ballard) Whaley, M.B. 06/02/1926 stats
Rippell, Orpha 2nd (Garner) Pitelko, Otto 05/05/1920 stats
Risley, Effie 2nd (Thornburger) Perry, George A. 2nd 12/15/1938 stats
Rissler, Betty J. Lind, Gordon L. 01/19/1943 MR #7
Ristin, Kate F. Nower, W.S. 07/02/1900 stats
Riveley, Jessie Crow, Eddie C. 12/24/1915 stats
Rivers, Louise M. Damp, Ralph W. 11/16/1889 Slater
Roache, Retta Catherine 2nd (Blackburn) Furnia, W.J. 09/16/1909 stats
Robb, Dorothy A. Engelman, Laverne 04/06/1935 stats
Robbins, Nellie H. Barrow, Frank B. 04/20/1910 stats
Roberts, Bertha Grays Hoppel, Elmer Lee 06/16/1909 stats
Roberts, Bessie J. Pierson, Charles H. 10/17/1903 stats
Roberts, Flora B. Keith, Arthur I. 10/03/1908 stats
Roberts, Georgia Hodgson, Clifford 12/17/1926 stats
Roberts, Lavinia VanTassel, William 02/04/1939 stats
Roberts, Maxine Presto, Frank A. 12/16/1946 MR #7
Roberts, Mildred Elizabeth Hesketh, Harold 08/29/1938 stats
Roberts, Olive Seylor, Michael 02/17/1882 Slater
Roberts, Violet M. Goodrich, John L. 06/23/1938 stats
Robertson, Bessie Robinson, C.H. 01/21/1935 stats
Robertson, Elizabeth 3rd (Smithers) Lung, J.A. 4th 02/09/1899 stats
Robertson, Ellen P. Bramley, Benjamin E. 07/01/1913 stats
Robertson, Harriet Agnes Evans, Richard B. 09/09/1933 stats
Robertson, Martha L. Thompson, Ben 12/14/1926 stats
Robertson, Rose A. Bramley, J. Herbert 08/24/1912 stats
Robeson, Ernestine Mott, Harold D. 06/29/1939 MR #6
Robinson, Beatrice Amsley Lundstrum, Olaf Alvin 06/14/1916 stats
Robinson, Bessie B. Wieglow, Walter C. 03/14/1912 stats
Robinson, Beulah D. Gilliland, Willie Earnest 03/17/1908 stats
Robinson, Irene Lendrum, Floyd F. 10/05/1938 stats
Robinson, Lillian J. Lee, N.C. 03/12/1924 stats
Robinson, Lydia M. Leurs, John W. 06/07/1909 stats
Robinson, Marian Wuestoff, Ray 03/09/1943 MR #7
Robinson, Mary Lucille Lawson, Ralph Asthyon 06/10/1916 stats
Robinson, Ruth Krogh, Harry 07/06/1931 stats
Robison, Nellie Baldwin, Charles I. 09/30/1926 stats
Robnett, Nelle M. Vedder, Charles A. 11/10/1932 stats
Robson, Maud Povah, J.F. 08/26/1898 stats
Robson, Myrtle M. Jones, William C. 03/21/1908 stats
Rodenbaugh, Elva Young, John H. 03/05/1906 stats
Rodenbaugh, Myrna M. Crain, Frank G. 09/28/1940 MR #7
Rodenbaugh, Vivian Englehardt, Louie 10/24/1940 MR #7
Roescheisen, Minnie B. Skelton, Leonard C. 01/14/1901 stats
Rogers, L.A. (Parshall) 3rd McVay, J.C. 03/31/1914 stats
Rogers, Louise Sperline, Dale L. 04/22/1941 MR #7
Rogers, Nelly S. 3rd (Phillips) Davis, Herbert C. 3rd 10/21/1933 stats
Rohrbaugh, Ruby (Patterson) Culp, Charles Curtis 09/24/1924 stats
Rohriah, Margarett F. Miller, John H. 12/26/1945 MR #7
Roitz, Antoinette P. Wiltermood, Clarence 11/16/1927 stats
Roitz, Hannah (Spinner) 2nd Brolinsky, Philip 2nd 04/23/1912 stats
Roitz, Mary V. Onstott, William Orin 03/08/1930 stats
Rollins, Nora Brink, H.F. 07/31/1937 stats
Rolly, Grace Marie Oman, Lou L. 08/30/1934 stats
Root, Ariel Alice Monette, Ellsworth L. 05/29/1928 stats
Root, Bessie E. Chamberlin, L.H. 04/09/1917 stats
Root, Edith M. Morris, Monty M. 06/30/1920 stats
Root, Eva Adrian Smith, Marion Royce 02/28/1919 stats
Root, Mabel Higginbotham, Robert 08/09/1910 stats
Rosaker, A.E. Allin, William James 2nd 09/04/1913 stats
Rosch, Agnes Margaret Stutzman, Ethan 04/01/1902 stats
Rosch, Catherine C. Collins, J.H. 04/26/1921 stats
Rosch, Mary Weston, William 04/23/1914 stats
Rose, Calla Mae Courtright, Guy 03/27/1915 stats
Rose, Effie M. (Thorn) 4th Cassivi, Jerome 03/24/1915 stats
Rose, Effie May (Thorne) 2nd Dougharty, William E. 06/27/1912 stats
Rose, Fanny Harlow, Loyd L. 10/26/1942 MR #7
Rose, Marjorie May Henneberry, John G. 06/27/1923 stats
Rose, Mary 2nd (Wolsey) Bowers, Arthur 06/06/1911 stats
Rose, Patricia B. DeLashmutt, Ralph L. 04/29/1947 MR #7
Rosenberg, Bernice R. Hayes, James C. 08/03/1940 MR #7
Rosenberg, Eileen Mae Tuttle, John N. 09/19/1943 MR #7
Rosencrans, Mary Lane, H.B. 05/17/1900 stats
Rosey, Tammy A. Swartz, Warren G. 07/21/1943 MR #7
Rosis, Helen C. (Starkey) 2nd Chambers, H.W. 12/23/1914 stats
Roskam, Alice Myers, Glen R 09/18/1940 MR #7
Roske, Frances M. Graham, Ralph 06/18/1924 stats
Roske, Ruby June Hall, Walter Evan 06/11/1923 stats
Ross, Bessie Robeson, Ernest 09/29/1923 stats
Ross, Edna Fay Roundtree, Oliver Henry 01/29/1919 stats
Ross, Frances McDougall, A.E. 03/16/1940 MR #7
Ross, Jeanette May Adams, Victor P. 12/22/1897 stats
Ross, Jenny Daniel, Allen 09/15/1928 stats
Ross, Jessie Marks, Frank 10/01/1925 stats
Ross, Josie Elliott, Harold 04/16/1938 stats
Ross, Laura L. Russell, Carl L. 11/23/1908 stats
Ross, Laura V. Knauss, Fred G. 12/01/1920 stats
Ross, Lena M. Myers, L.V. 03/30/1922 stats
Ross, Mary (fa-Bender) Hightower, J.F. 08/05/1899 stats
Ross, Myrtle M. 2nd (Chapman) Barden, Eddie Harrison 12/13/1938 stats
Ross, Viola A. Stanton, Bryant E. 08/08/1914 stats
Rossi, Fini Panagabko, Stephen 09/20/1947 MR #7
Rossi, Maryann Fisher, Thomas G. 04/30/1935 stats
Rostad, Minnie Oliverson, Henry 07/13/1908 stats
Rotar, Anna Domitrovitch, Peter 01/13/1917 stats
Roth, Anna Rainer, Magnus 04/23/1913 stats
Roth, Mintee 3rd (Turner) Read, Henry 2nd 05/02/1906 stats
Rottenfusser, Catherine Henshaw, Jacob 10/22/1902 stats
Rotter, Bertha Graham, James 2nd 12/18/1914 stats
Rotter, Joanna M. Kulp, Myron I. 10/09/1947 MR #7
Rotter, Mary 2nd (Portman) Keller, Henry 02/21/1903 stats
Rottor, Louisa Stare, Joseph 12/03/1904 stats
Round, Kathleen M. Carstensen, Julius 05/27/1933 stats
Rounds, Bessie Crandall, Oscar L. 11/27/1904 stats
Rounds, Emma Nord, Victor 03/05/1924 stats
Rounds, Leah Nullett, Leslie 12/08/1912 stats
Rounds, Rose Hagman, Virgil 04/05/1906 stats
Rounds, Vera Estella Ludwig, Fred Patrick 11/10/1914 stats
Rounds, Vernice I. Hoel, Nels 10/27/1920 stats
Routh, Adeline 2nd (Baptiste) Barr, William W. 03/26/1910 stats
Routledge, Ellen May Jarvis, J.B. 06/09/1927 stats
Routledge, Olive Esther Kelly, John 08/31/1922 stats
Rowan, Ellen Albo, Joseph 04/07/1909 stats
Rowe, Dorothy Kathleen Coti, Leroi Francis 06/11/1936 stats
Rowe, Edith Challinor, James A. 12/06/1947 MR #7
Rowe, Elizabeth Monroe, Tom 04/07/1927 stats
Rowe, Lilly Whitehorn, Albert James 04/21/1934 stats
Rowe, Mary Ann Busby, Charley E. 06/05/1916 stats
Rowland, Blanche Donica, Arthur E. 05/19/1917 stats
Rowley, Clementina Tinsley, Mike 05/11/1907 stats
Rowley, Vesta Coulter, George F. 06/20/1925 stats
Royce, Enid Mary Dunn, Herbert Meyler 06/23/1936 stats
Royce, Lillian Buckna, John A. 04/22/1936 stats
Ruder, Virginia Dorothy Janni, Frank 12/26/1934 stats
Rudick, Bertha Seymour, Theodore 05/18/1907 stats
Rudick, Ellen 2nd (Gillrand) Meyers, Calvin H. 09/02/1901 stats
Ruehm, Lola E. Worden, Clinton 04/23/1918 stats
Rumsey, DeLois (Doris?) Toulou, Guss (Augustus E?) 12/27/1921 stats
Rumsey, Millie E. Weaver, Theodore F. 07/03/1901 stats
Runnels, Catherine Pooler, Lawrence W 12/23/1881 Slater
Runnels, Lizzie Moore, Thomas S. 01/10/1877 RegA
Runyon, Clarah M. Overmeyer, Ralph E. 12/10/1898 stats
Runyon, Ida Louisa MacIntosh, Charles W. 03/28/1900 stats
Runyon, Marian I. Broderius, Harvey H. 11/13/1934 stats
Rupert, Cora Ethel Smith, Francis M. 06/03/1945 MR #7
Rupert, Ethel Fay Rotter, Howard W. 12/25/1945 MR #7
Rupert, Pearl Fretwell, Albert D. 12/26/1921 stats
Rusch, Cressie McCoy, Lawrence S. 11/21/1893 stats
Rush, Anna M. Reicharbach, Gustine A. 07/03/1903 stats
Rush, Ruth Wilson, Floyd 2nd 11/02/1933 stats
Russell, Dorothy Nord, Hugo 08/09/1926 stats
Russell, Lita Floyd, Leland 11/23/1927 stats
Russell, Loretta M. Neilson, Vern 05/20/1936 stats
Russell, Mamie E. Schmid, J.F. 01/12/1909 stats
Russell, Mary Jane Chaffee, Ethan Allen 2nd 11/29/1899 stats
Russell, Nettie Traaen, Ole 06/20/1925 stats
Rust, Anna Eipper, H. 11/09/1907 stats
Rutherford, Doris R. Bayley, Marion H. 03/10/1931 stats
Rutherford, Lila Vern Willett, Earl 02/08/1929 stats
Rutherford, Rosa Mabel Beadell, Fred R. 07/09/1907 stats
Rutledge, Ruth Merrill, Angus 03/02/1946 MR #7
Ryall, May Schenk, Reuben 05/31/1927 stats
Ryan, Emily Holt, C.R. 04/14/1928 stats
Ryan, Grace L. 2nd (Crane) Slack, Langdon W. 06/09/1934 stats
Ryan, J.E. 2nd (Pollock) Cushman, E.A. 11/21/1901 stats
Ryan, Maggie Wynne, Fred James 02/06/1906 stats