Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages Groom Index
Brides Index T - Z
Talbot, Wilma J. Chamberlain, Jack L 07/09/1944 MR #7
Tann, Lillian May Swindell, Robert J. 05/12/1937 stats
Taponi, Mary Walmsley, William 07/14/1898 stats
Tarbert, E. Blanche Keller, Cecil E. 02/08/1930 stats
Tarble, Olive Elsie Hull, E.T. 06/01/1912 stats
Tarble, Olivia H. Johnson, Floyd E. 10/13/1910 stats
Tarinoff, Molly Ostrikoff, Fred 10/26/1936 stats
Tate, Elizabeth 3rd (Montague) Ward, W.R. 10/15/1908 stats
Tate, Ella Carroll, Lawrence 08/31/1921 stats
Tatman, Grace Truemmer, W.E. 09/16/1903 stats
Tavis, Minta M. Cook, R.W. 09/14/1912 stats
Tayloe, Beulah Wooley, Frederick E. 03/17/1941 MR #7
Taylor, Allie Brook Caufield, Willis P. 02/28/1916 stats
Taylor, Amie Miller, William L. 12/29/1905 stats
Taylor, Beatrice I. Heine, Roy H. 10/31/1936 stats
Taylor, Belle 2nd (Matchn) Bowman, Frank 03/23/1897 stats
Taylor, Belle (Frase) 2nd Parker, Aaron 2nd 07/23/1912 stats
Taylor, Belle 2nd (Matchn) Bowman, Frank 03/23/1897 stats
Taylor, Bessie Saffle, Gordon 09/12/1936 stats
Taylor, Blanche R. McCoy, Arthur Loyd 01/17/1920 stats
Taylor, Dixie Geer, Otis 09/02/1922 stats
Taylor, Emma Dunlap, Artie 07/02/1912 stats
Taylor, Erlene Batelaan, Albert A. 03/06/1940 MR #7
Taylor, Gladys Erickson, Olaf 05/28/1919 stats
Taylor, Grace 2nd (Williamson) Richmond, Ed 2nd 03/07/1923 stats
Taylor, Jennie E. Miller, George L. 04/07/1909 stats
Taylor, Leota King, Kenneth K. 10/15/1941 MR #7
Taylor, Lillian Harrison, James 12/12/1930 stats
Taylor, Lona Farnam, Cleon L. 10/04/1932 stats
Taylor, Mary Gunn, Arthur 03/20/1915 stats
Taylor, Mary 2nd (Janness) Price, J.W. 12/14/1901 stats
Taylor, Maud M. Hoopt, George S. 06/09/1900 stats
Taylor, Mildred Agnes Light, W.H. 06/07/1911 stats
Taylor, Olive M. Furst, Louis 05/15/1930 stats
Taylor, Ora Oates, William 05/06/1911 stats
Taylor, Rebecca Paulson, John 01/23/1915 stats
Taylor, Thelma Brolliar, Ray D. 07/02/1942 MR #7
Teabo, Lucy M. 2nd Howell, Joseph Arthur 2nd 07/07/1938 stats
Temple, Gertrude Evelyn Page, William Ernest 07/24/1937 stats
Tennant, Alice Towne, Robert 03/26/1914 stats
Tennant, Margaret Fogg, Ernest 03/28/1908 stats
Ternan, Edith Acheson, Alexander John 09/20/1930 stats
Terry, Berdie 3rd (Cappell) Carter, W.C. 2nd 07/06/1932 stats
Terry, Helen Dunton, John E. 02/11/1914 stats
Terry, Marguerite Eva Nudell, Fred Marcus 06/11/1912 stats
Tesch, Agnes I. Hallett, Freeman D. 06/03/1946 MR #7
Tess, Dorothy Haney, Bert M. 09/10/1936 stats
Tessman, Antovine Denison, Harvey 03/26/1898 stats
Tessman, Elsie A. Dixon, Alexander 03/18/1905 stats
Tetherow, Vera Siegloch, A.T. 08/31/1917 stats
Thatcher, America 2nd (Hisson) Onstine, Jacob B. 2nd 06/07/1897 stats
Thatcher, America 2nd (Hisson) Onstine, Jacob B. 2nd 06/27/1897 stats
Theis, Lettie Zurbrugg, George F. 05/16/1923 stats
Theis, Violet Harbison, Linton S. 04/15/1904 stats
Thexton, Emily (Renier) 2nd Allen, Lorenzo Jr 03/13/1915 stats
Thexton, Louise Bartol, George C. 09/19/1922 stats
Thexton, Louise 2nd Bartol, George 2nd 09/19/1933 stats
Thexton, Lucille (Marshall) 2nd Ogden, Fred D. 04/08/1913 stats
Thexton, Margaret Jane Coe, Harvey Earl 12/23/1905 stats
Thirodo, Mary Dupuis, Moses 10/10/1883 Slater
Thomas, Caroline Ackerman, Michael 10/16/1893 stats
Thomas, Della Gruber, Carl 05/29/1925 stats
Thomas, Dorris Moloso, Phil Jr. 01/24/1936 stats
Thomas, Laura M. Allison, Liba 01/06/1892 Slater
Thomas, Leonora Johnsen, Bernard 12/26/1915 stats
Thomas, Lillian Domitrovich, Bill 05/14/1923 stats
Thomas, Mary B. (Bebout) 2nd Porterfield, Harry G. 06/24/1913 stats
Thomas, Maud (Matthews) Schoenwald, H.G. 07/16/1929 stats
Thomas, Rosie Herron, George 07/09/1915 stats
Thomas, Sarah Dearing, George H. 08/01/1898 stats
Thomas, Winnifred Hainer, Jacob Clemons 11/29/1922 stats
Thomason, Martha 2nd Baldrey, J.H. 08/12/1938 stats
Thomason, Nettie I. Bunker, George N. 01/05/1907 stats
Thomma, Nellie Paulin, Wilfred 12/19/1900 stats
Thompson, (Lum M., Mrs)(Wells) Adams, Amos 05/06/1903 stats
Thompson, Ada Lund, James Albert 12/10/1903 stats
Thompson, Artha Thompson, Roger J. 03/17/1946 MR #7
Thompson, Clara B. Williamson, Albert B. 06/09/1940 MR #7
Thompson, Cora Salvage, John 01/03/1907 stats
Thompson, Dorma Roberts, Edward E. 08/24/1925 stats
Thompson, Edith Myers, Frank 04/10/1916 stats
Thompson, Elizabeth Bye, Emil G. 03/27/1922 stats
Thompson, Esther V. Gardner, R.E. 12/29/1930 stats
Thompson, Ethel Irby, Trueman 2nd 01/02/1934 stats
Thompson, Fannie May Knight, Maurice C. 10/11/1946 MR #7
Thompson, Florence Enright, Merle 06/25/1938 stats
Thompson, Hattie S. Kathan, Ross 10/08/1908 stats
Thompson, Jane Bruce, Robert 06/10/1886 Slater
Thompson, Juanita Fourt, Robert W. 12/17/1939 MR #7
Thompson, Juanita Forshee Thompson, James Russell 06/23/1941 MR #7
Thompson, L. Vella Brigham, Byron 12/31/1923 stats
Thompson, Maggie May 2nd (McCarty) Sanders, William H. 10/30/1919 stats
Thompson, Margaret (Kiss) 2nd Rimars, Fred A. 04/22/1912 stats
Thompson, Mary Lloyd, William John 04/07/1906 stats
Thompson, Maud Salvage, Arthur 2nd 10/22/1920 stats
Thompson, Mildred Olson, Stanley 04/23/1938 stats
Thompson, Roberta Hays, Orland W. 11/03/1945 MR #7
Thompson, Rose Braun, Wendelin 02/21/1941 MR #7
Thompson, Videtta Meyers, William E. 05/10/1911 stats
Thoni, Alice Helen Kemmerer, Earl Franklin 12/15/1919 stats
Thoni, Clara E. Kemmerer, Lloyd A. 01/08/1920 stats
Thoni, Helen Howey, Lee Norman 08/27/1946 MR #7
Thoni, Hilda A. Buelow, Edward W. 12/29/1914 stats
Thoni, Irene H. Ross, Wilbur Edwin 09/21/1947 MR #7
Thornton, Alta L. Magers, Frank L. 08/31/1922 stats
Thornton, Hattie Idell McMillan, George A. 07/03/1906 stats
Thorp, Bernadine Huguenin, Herman 01/02/1941 MR #7
Thorp, Effie Coppinger, Noel A. 10/17/1925 stats
Thrasher, Beatrice Prouty, Ollie 05/07/1938 stats
Thrasher, Beatrice O'Keefe, Ray 02/20/1940 MR #7
Threemountain, Mattie Manuel, John 09/14/1939 MR #7
Thulean, Louella Olds, Alfred J. 07/03/1929 stats
Tichlenberg, Elizabeth Neumann, Werner 11/17/1894 stats
Tierce, Geraldine Johnson, J.R. 03/17/1941 MR #7
Tift, Frona E. Zachow, William E. 08/23/1912 stats
Tigue, Lucille Rogers, Harry Earl 05/21/1918 stats
Tillou, Cora Allen, W.D. 09/01/1897 stats
Tilson, Janet Kinder, Vester 05/27/1944 MR #7
Tilson, Jewel E. Zeihen, Carl F. 08/24/1947 MR #7
Tilton, Evelyn Mitchell, Alva W. 06/18/1941 MR #7
Timanen, Lizzie Ruatsala, Alfred 2nd 07/19/1920 stats
Timmell, Mina L. Griffith, Joseph G. 12/24/1897 stats
Timmons, Alva (Ostenberg) McCrea, Archie 05/20/1924 stats
Timmons, L.E. LaPray, George 09/28/1901 stats
Tinkham, Beatrice V. Stanley, Will Allen 08/25/1927 stats
Tinsley, Ethel 2nd (Stevens) Acheson, Garvis A. 2nd 02/25/1910 stats
Tirk, Bessie May Thomas, Wirt 11/15/1910 stats
Tirk, Eliza Mitchell, T.E. 09/30/1908 stats
Tirk, Mary Kling, Alvis 05/08/1907 stats
Tirk, Matilda Welter, Peter 05/01/1909 stats
Tisher, Josie 2nd (Haddington) Panzram, John P. 07/10/1935 stats
Tjossen, Mary Campbell, Donald K. 06/08/1940 MR #7
Tobias, Hazel 2nd (Crull) Love, Earl 07/03/1933 stats
Todd, Julia Ann Qualey, Nels Syverson 10/20/1893 stats
Todd, Minerva Stewart, Eugene 06/06/1941 MR #7
Tokio, Lizzie (Lippi) 2nd Baaknen, Una 08/17/1911 stats
Tolliver, Angel R. Hankinson, Charles F. 05/16/1932 stats
Tolliver, Carrie Akers, Icom 02/01/1908 stats
Tolliver, Inez Hillbrand, James W. 2nd 05/12/1917 stats
Tolton, Elizabeth Ogden, David W. 08/09/1897 stats
Tombetta, Angelina Dosa, Frank 10/11/1917 stats
Tomlinson, Ruby L. Cole, Raymond L. 12/26/1931 stats
Tomlinson, Susie E. Birge, Alfred William 08/19/1919 stats
Tomsha, Frances R. Worman, Alden N. 07/03/1937 stats
Tomsha, Johanna Stroyan, Lucas 04/05/1902 stats
Tomsha, Lena Trampush, Louis 07/17/1907 stats
Tomsha, M.B. Stroyan, Lucas 11/09/1895 stats
Toner, Irene Brownlow, Alexander 08/14/1910 stats
Toner, Mary E. Brady, Floyd R. 01/19/1937 stats
Toothaker, Alice Mae 2nd (Colvin) Reardan, Albert M. 11/18/1933 stats
Toothaker, Maud Stevens, W.J. 10/12/1918 stats
Topake, Mary Ann Brant, Frederick 10/28/1862 Slater
Torgerson, Florence R. Frazer, Ronald 11/14/1939 MR #7
Torgerson, Lila G.N. Pulliam, William E. 04/07/1941 MR #7
Torker, Marguerite Tomsha, Frank 06/15/1910 stats
Torker, Marie Omejs, Volbank 11/11/1918 stats
Tortorelli, Josephine Preston, J.W. 11/05/1927 stats
Toulou, Alice Lelone, Fred 03/14/1925 stats
Toulou, Dorothy Campbell, B. 02/08/1929 stats
Toulou, Emma Rumsey, R.W. 12/27/1920 stats
Toulou, Eva 2nd (Rice) Toulou, Louis 08/15/1895 stats
Toulou, Florence Seyler, W.E. 02/23/1915 stats
Toulou, Hazel Logan, Joe 01/21/1926 stats
Toulou, Phoebe Camp, Edgar 05/12/1938 stats
Toulou, T.E. 2nd (Wiley) Savage, Ray 10/04/1917 stats
Townsend, Jessie Barnard, Oliver Grant 09/19/1906 stats
Traaen, Elois Bradbury, George E. (Jr) 08/22/1936 stats
Traan, Julia Johnson, Ole 05/31/1911 stats
Tracy, Viola Meddock, Marion 09/02/1916 stats
Trampus, Catherine Stroyan, Frank 08/18/1900 stats
Trampus, Eleanor Franks, Emory 10/15/1946 MR #7
Trampus, Frances Tomsha, Matthew 07/25/1906 stats
Trans, Ora E. Paulson, Ed 06/05/1917 stats
Trant, Martha Kimball, Gerald 08/23/1916 stats
Trapp, Norma Reiman, Harold 06/24/1939 MR #6
Travis, Goldie Marie Zickefoose, James Lewis 10/30/1911 stats
Travis, Olive Green, Emery 07/16/1936 stats
Trease, Ruth Jerred, George 04/10/1945 MR #7
Trembath, Marjorie Stevenson, F.J.J. 08/08/1929 stats
Tremblay, Adele Marie Baxter, John A. 07/07/1945 MR #7
Tremblay, Helen Wolf, Jacob 05/17/1937 stats
Tremblay, Mary Columbia Scott, Ernest Degraph 06/20/1903 stats
Trembley, Marie Remming, Sylvester 09/22/1936 stats
Trevanow, Cordelia Irvine, William 08/25/1934 stats
Triemer, Hulda Lowe, George C. 06/01/1910 stats
Triemer, Martha Regan, L.E. 10/12/1910 stats
Trigellus, Florence M. 2nd McLeod, Norman P. 05/13/1935 stats
Triggs, Lorna Blaihut, Charles J. 07/25/1938 stats
Triplett, Louise 2nd (Wahl) Dingman, Leonard L. 12/11/1916 stats
Triplett, May G. Thomson, C. Herbert 02/03/1947 MR #7
Tripp, Gladys M. Bennett, George A. 09/06/1919 stats
Tripple, Gladys Watke, Edward 07/03/1939 MR #6
Troger, Elta 2nd (Tiffany) Duvall, Carl 12/22/1934 stats
Trombetta, Esther Sherve, John 11/27/1936 stats
Trombetta, Margaret Weilep, Robert Leslie 11/29/1933 stats
Trombetta, Stella Rainey, Grover H. 10/30/1943 MR #7
Trout, Eva Pearl Stover, James P. 07/19/1902 stats
Troyer, Elma Augusta Bull, Wallace Garnett 10/27/1906 stats
Troyer, Eudora Emogene (Lamb) Getchell, Asa C. 01/17/1924 stats
Troyer, Frances M. Buckner, Jacob B. 04/14/1891 Slater
Trunnels, Fannie Bradbury, Arthur B. 2nd 10/04/1911 stats
Truscott, Clair B. Ambler, Fredrick 03/27/1946 MR #7
Tucker, Callie Quigley, George 08/03/1897 stats
Tucker, Effie E. Roberts, Henry J. 11/09/1907 stats
Tucker, Estella Blair, Thomas 07/02/1909 stats
Tucker, Esther Alice Eslick, Clarence T. 10/16/1922 stats
Tucker, Esther L. Fuller, Verle V. 12/13/1941 MR #7
Tucker, Eula Watson, Thomas K. 01/07/1930 stats
Tucker, Eva Bryant, Winton F. 10/08/1917 stats
Tucker, Leona Bernice Prouty, William H. 09/15/1923 stats
Tucker, Mabel E. (Ahrens) Heinemann, William 11/08/1923 stats
Tucker, Minnie M. Baughman, A.E. 12/07/1912 stats
Tucker, Ruth Foxley, Max 08/23/1930 stats
Tulles, Irma I. Overman, Charles A. 03/09/1943 MR #7
Tupling, Elizabeth Rainer, Paul L. 10/14/1939 MR #7
Turconi, Luizia (Albert) Nicoliono, C. 05/28/1931 stats
Turk, Violet Hathaway, Edgar 10/01/1913 stats
Turnbull, Alice Sperry, Ernest Albert 12/29/1919 stats
Turnbull, Edith L. (Lough) McKinley, W. 04/05/1926 stats
Turner, Elizabeth Courtright, Milo 08/28/1886 Slater
Turner, Frances L. Fry, James C. 09/25/1945 MR #7
Turner, Gladys E. 3rd (Thorp) Thomson, H.P. 09/17/1934 stats
Turner, Helen Jewell, W.L. 12/20/1910 stats
Turner, Josephine 2nd (Johnston) Johnston, Jacob 04/13/1908 stats
Turner, Marian F. McKee, Charles A. 10/07/1944 MR #7
Turner, Ruth Holden, Ashley E. 09/04/1915 stats
Turner, Sara G. Cherry, Arthur T. 10/23/1915 stats
Turner, Vera Lucille Gunning, Orno 11/07/1928 stats
Tuttle, Audrey Nett, Edward 10/31/1932 stats
Tuttle, Helen Udell, G.R. 2nd 09/08/1934 stats
Tuttle, Norma J. Stahly, George W. 08/25/1946 MR #7
Tweedie, Rachel Oliva Miller, C.W. 01/17/1912 stats
Tweedy, Mary Townsend, Francis L. 01/08/1908 stats
Twitchell, Elva E. Beggs, Garland C. 06/20/1910 stats
Tyllia, Wanda M. Jones, D. Russell 07/25/1936 stats
Tyree, Florence Magers, Lesley 10/11/1934 stats
Udall, Jessie Sarah Miller, John A. 05/27/1899 stats
Udeman, Ursula Erbeznik, Anton 10/08/1907 stats
Ulrich, Pynella Huffman, William A. 2nd 02/15/1937 stats
Underwood, Florence Sorenson, Jack 05/20/1939 stats
Underwood, Hazel Smith, Edward 10/08/1924 stats
Underwood, Julia Tedrow, Charles E. 04/16/1913 stats
Underwood, Maud Tedrow, E.J. 09/08/1913 stats
Underwood, Milly Mansfield, C.T. 10/15/1908 stats
Upton, Ruth McCamant, E.E. 08/15/1913 stats
Urhausen, Anna Gourlie, Vernon R. 10/11/1939 MR #7
Valentine, Clara L. (Nelson) 3rd Combs, John L. 3rd 07/04/1914 stats
Valiquette, Mary V. Baker, Jack Harding 09/12/1932 stats
Vallier, Ruth Lundberg, Carl A. 08/21/1935 stats
Van Tuyle, Ida 2nd (Swift) Jefferson, Charles H. 2nd 11/13/1909 stats
VanAllen, Frances Etta Onstott, Lloyd Y. 06/12/1930 stats
VanAltine, Alice Meyer, Martin G. 06/15/1925 stats
VanAmburg, Hattie 2nd (Henry) Perry, C.O. 12/05/1902 stats
Vanasse, Eseline Kirkwood, Kenneth 12/23/1937 stats
VanBibber, Louise M. Clarke, Melvin L 07/17/1926 stats
VanBlaricom, Agnes Tedrow, Milton 12/19/1942 MR #7
Vanctihe, Lilly E. 2nd (Vandyke) Vinton, John F. 2nd 12/10/1904 stats
VanderHeyden, Shirley Rogers, Nelson 12/17/1938 stats
VanDeusen, Kathleen Morris, Ralph 08/23/1945 MR #7
VanDuzer, Rilla McLean, Philip H. 08/21/1932 stats
VanHoff, Jean Enyeart, James A. 08/03/1935 stats
VanHorn, Annie Clink, Sylvester 02/20/1918 stats
VanHorn, Bernice O. Platt, Paul S. 07/23/1914 stats
Vanhorn, Bertha Platt, John V. 04/23/1910 stats
Vanhorn, Bessie I. Watson, S.E. 03/15/1911 stats
VanHorn, Lillian Ames, H.D. 01/16/1917 stats
Vankirk, Maud E. 2nd (Hawes) Cowley, Sidney J. 03/10/1903 stats
VanMoulken, Dora 3rd (Jimison) Smith, Sylvester 11/04/1919 stats
VanSlyke, Alice I. Parker, Isaac Delbert 12/04/1901 stats
VanSlyke, Edna Cobert, Charles B. 11/26/1902 stats
VanSlyke, Emma Ellis, Emil J. 11/02/1894 stats
VanSlyke, Etta C. Bonderaut, Frank E. 04/04/1903 stats
VanSlyke, Letha M. Sutton, Alva G. 09/28/1903 stats
VanSlyke, Lola M. Graves, William A. 09/15/1900 stats
VanSlyke, Nina Strobbe, August F. 06/17/1896 stats
VanTassel, Mary Pazurik, John 07/04/1939 MR #6
VanTuyl, Florence May Lasswell, Floyd R. 08/07/1911 stats
VanTuyl, Wanda Ableman, Tom 08/12/1941 MR #7
VanValkenburg, Jeneva 2nd Ludwig, Henry 07/27/1907 stats
VanVliet, Helen M. Neiswender, Jess A. 02/03/1917 stats
VanWormer, Arlene Clinton, Walter H. 06/17/1915 stats
Vaughn, Julia Sams, Charles A. 06/05/1915 stats
Veach, Natalie 3rd (Nickerson) Prunk, B.Frank 3rd 10/07/1931 stats
Veltrie, Elda Mary Arzt, Earl Fred 06/04/1930 stats
Veltrie, Esther Alexander, Joe 09/14/1935 stats
Veltze, Emma Schipps, Andrew 10/30/1890 Slater
Veltze, Teresa Deitsch, Fred 11/27/1890 Slater
Verbell, Emma Dejouckhier, Julius 07/08/1903 stats
Verhei, Genevieve Staynoff, James 04/24/1911 stats
Vert, Alice 2nd (Maxwell) Naff, Hugh 2nd 09/29/1908 stats
Vervacke, Mary Lou Montgomery, Bruce A. 12/31/1945 MR #7
Vetes, Minnie L. Robbins, Charles W. 11/27/1903 stats
Vetleson, Anita M. Cole, Leo A. 09/12/1934 stats
Vetter, Mary Llewellyn, Miles E. 05/17/1920 stats
Veum, Winnifred Oman, Carl 11/09/1945 MR #7
Vickery, Alice 2nd (Rosedale) Shields, David E. 04/19/1901 stats
Vieira, Pauline Rogers Flanders, Samuel David 02/05/1938 stats
Vierth, Bessie B. Vilwock, William C. 05/20/1911 stats
Vietzke, Corinne Nailor, F.E. 08/25/1923 stats
Vietzke, Dorothy Urhausen, John 11/21/1935 stats
Villers, Madge McCarthy, Melvin 06/04/1940 MR #7
Vincent, Betty Joyce Kerr, Stratford I. 05/07/1945 MR #7
Vinhurst, Clara Myrtle Jonas, Patrick 10/19/1904 stats
Violett, Edna 2nd Lathrop, Rantz N. 2nd 08/07/1937 stats
Vogel, Eleanor Dorothy Chavis, Rupert R. 07/17/1918 stats
Vogel, Margaret Nelms, Orville E. 09/01/1943 MR #7
Vogt, Agnes Wissink, Frank 05/05/1931 stats
Vogt, Eva Bernadine Doblmeier, Joseph 07/18/1921 stats
Vogt, Mary Schoenberg, John J. 2nd 04/26/1897 stats
Vogt, Mary Schoenberg, John J. 2nd 04/26/1897 stats
Vogt, Mary C. McInerney, Kenneth M. 07/20/1946 MR #7
VonBergen, Maria 2nd (Portman) Rutter, Frank 2nd 08/22/1895 stats
Vrooman, Emily 2nd (Pettit) Moore, Alex 2nd 07/12/1904 stats
Vrooman, Virginia Cooper, Earl 02/15/1936 stats
Wabreath, Ora Nell Smith, Joseph A. 12/23/1905 stats
Waddell, Ethel Silke, Harold W. 10/20/1931 stats
Waddell, Mary Ann Flick, Edwin 08/03/1907 stats
Wade, Elizabeth Boyd, William 11/02/1887 Slater
Wade, Mary E. (Lander) 3rd mar Reed, C.B. 02/27/1931 stats
Wagley, Ethel Lynn, Clark W. 05/14/1932 stats
Wagley, Margaret Guhlke, Henry F. 11/03/1930 stats
Wagner, Bertha Enquist, Lloyd 08/08/1939 MR #7
Wagner, Irene Memmer, Homer 06/28/1926 stats
Wagner, June Best, Bazil 04/29/1937 stats
Wagner, Mildred Pelissier, Roy A. 05/06/1933 stats
Wagner, Pearl Larson, Harold R. 06/04/1937 stats
Wagner, Sarah Elizabeth Kight, Melvin Dale 05/21/1945 MR #7
Wagoner, Patricia Davidson Manz, Albert George 11/20/1947 MR #7
Wahlstrom, Anna E. Olson, Ralph William 04/18/1936 stats
Wairing, Eleanor Newkirk, Miller 11/29/1895 stats
Waite, Edith Watts, John A. 12/01/1898 stats
Waite, Mabel Vietzke, Howard 01/29/1934 stats
Waitt, Agnes Martin, Henry 07/06/1887 Slater
Waitt, Amy Campbell, John 2nd 11/17/1896 stats
Waitt, Louisa Berland, John 12/28/1882 Reg
Waitt, Louise Berland, John 01/28/1872 Slater
Wakefield, Irma J. Eddy, Marsden F. 11/09/1925 stats
Walden, Hulda Fredrickson, Arthur 09/05/1918 stats
Waldner, Anna Brugger, Frank 02/02/1924 stats
Waldner, Elsie S. Stroyan, Jacob L. 02/18/1947 MR #7
Waldner, Esther Helt, Roland 04/29/1939 stats
Waldo, Josephine Helgert (Hedges) Morton, Charles 03/01/1922 stats
Waldref, Ann Cunningham, James T. 10/29/1939 MR #7
Waldvogel, Ethel Zimmerman, Don 08/21/1930 stats
Waldvogel, Marguerite Kliener, Frank D. 05/22/1939 stats
Waldvogel, Stella F. 2nd (Colbath) Stranger, Carl H. 03/22/1918 stats
Walker Alta E. Montgomery, Bruce 08/04/1917 stats
Walker, Alith Dashiell, George G. 12/23/1908 stats
Walker, Florence Salvage, Arthur 10/29/1915 stats
Walker, Florence Ethel Ivey, M.A. Leroy 11/24/1913 stats
Walker, Lillian Marie Smith, Alfred Harry 03/08/1933 stats
Walker, Lydia Elizabeth Banks, Amos C. 12/26/1917 stats
Walker, Mary Jane Faurot, Donald 09/09/1945 MR #7
Walker, Myrtle Cress, Fred 11/01/1923 stats
Walker, Naomi Ruth Williams, LeRoy 04/21/1923 stats
Wallace, Anna Phoebe Smith, Arlo Edison 06/17/1912 stats
Wallace, Frances E. Ibenthal, Leland Alexander 06/23/1946 MR #7
Wallace, Jean Newman, Hogan B. 07/22/1947 MR #7
Wallace, Jennie Hanson, Charles 02/13/1912 stats
Wallace, Katie Headly, Luther 03/14/1904 stats
Wallace, Myrtle M. 3rd (Simms) Ferrin, Orson P, 2nd 07/29/1918 stats
Wallace, Sadra Coe, Ernest 10/22/1904 stats
Waller, Eunice Walters, Elmer 12/27/1932 stats
Walrod, Retta Reed, Albert D. 06/21/1909 stats
Walsh, Grace E. Latta, Edgar 01/09/1899 stats
Walsh, Margaret Burris, Royce D. 09/11/1940 MR #7
Walsh, Mary Jane Nelson, John B. 2nd 06/30/1900 stats
Walsh, Patricia Marie O'Brien, John Michael 04/03/1939 stats
Walston, Clara L. Cunningham, Walter W. 06/14/1927 stats
Walston, Lottie G. Gordon, Frank 12/22/1920 stats
Walter, Lottie Schultz, Clarence 08/10/1920 stats
Walter, Margaret K. Tombari, William A. 09/02/1939 MR #7
Walters, Iva L. Downes, A.V. 08/31/1896 stats
Walters, Laura Goldie Town, Frank Ellsworth 05/23/1925 stats
Waltner, Anna Marie Semley, Albert Paul 12/23/1929 stats
Walton, Mary 2nd (Cochran) Lind, Albert 09/07/1921 stats
Waltonberg, Mary S. Wonch, Herbert C. 09/04/1914 stats
Walworth, Rose Lamb, William Lewis 12/24/1907 stats
Wambold, Olive L. Crebassa, Donald J. 03/06/1942 MR #7
Wanoost, Joseph LaFleur, Michael 05/29/1860 Cath
Ward, Ada A. Gourley, Wesley 12/24/1892 stats
Ward, Cora Slater, Alfred William 11/14/1912 stats
Ward, Lillian Louise Etter, Mark Mearl 12/02/1912 stats
Ward, Mae Wagner, Carl W. 03/01/1946 MR #7
Ward, Mary D. Holford, Horace S. 10/26/1899 stats
Ward, Maud B. Ettinger, Blaine B. 03/28/1907 stats
Ward, Ona Nancy Ettinger, W.C. 11/19/1902 stats
Ward, Rita Ellis, Fred H. 09/11/1935 stats
Wardell, Dorothy E. Hallinberger, Howard 06/24/1935 stats
Wardell, Lillian P. Penney, Bonta G. 01/18/1924 stats
Warden, Grace Douglas, Fred T. (Jr) 07/28/1937 stats
Warden, Lydia McCormack, James 08/21/1917 stats
Wardner, Daisy Dawson Burgman, John 08/17/1917 stats
Warmoth, Ursula Herr, Howard 11/25/1935 stats
Warner, Hattie P. 2nd (Lawson) Fortner, Robert E. 2nd 07/03/1917 stats
Warren, Bessie Smith, Otis C. 05/17/1921 stats
Warren, Catherine Reickers, Earl 2nd 01/10/1938 stats
Warren, Florence (Lechton) Robbins, Percy R. 01/31/1925 stats
Warren, Grace E. Keys, Andrew J. 06/20/1900 stats
Warren, Lorraine L. Dechand, Albert 2nd 12/17/1931 stats
Warren, Merle E. Ratliff, Paul R. 12/24/1923 stats
Warwick, Margie Bakken, Pete 10/25/1935 stats
Waselankoff, Tiny Popoff, John 02/23/1916 stats
Washburn, Zebbie E. Mitchell, Charles A. 06/27/1911 stats
Waterman, Laura Estelle Glascock, Elmer W. 12/11/1903 stats
Waters, Caroline Davis, J.W. 06/17/1938 stats
Waters, Doris Danielson, Earl 03/11/1933 stats
Waters, Lorraine Tadey, Dusan 09/01/1947 MR #7
Watkins, Mary Shaw, John 07/02/1863 Slater
Watkins, Nellie Agnes Yoakum, Clarence A. 10/01/1924 stats
Watson, Beatrice Muncey, Harlan A. 09/17/1920 stats
Watson, Elizabeth Watzke, Albin 07/30/1918 stats
Watson, Joeann (Mrs.) Lowe, Clyde R. 09/11/1945 MR #7
Watson, Lizzie Tessman, Marks 11/12/1904 stats
Watson, Mary Downs, D.M. 09/26/1903 stats
Watson, Pearl Hemly, Clarence 11/25/1932 stats
Watson, Ruth Louise Henrichs, John 01/24/1927 stats
Watson, Vera May Clark, Guy B. 07/08/1921 stats
Watson, Zelma Bell Haines, George D. 2nd 12/29/1913 stats
Watt, Donna M. Villers, Dale A. 02/27/1947 MR #7
Watt, Pauline 2nd (Meusy) Schlater, George 09/02/1936 stats
Watt, Pearl I. 2nd (Ensminger) Shriner, Eldon 01/06/1934 stats
Watt, Thelma Shriner, John E. 01/27/1946 MR #7
Watts, Gladys Thomas, L.E. 04/14/1924 stats
Waugh, Leona 2nd Crowther, Charles 09/13/1892 stats
Waugh, Mary Ellen Smith, Edward A. 11/16/1891 Slater
Waugh, Sarah E. Gardener, E.C. 10/24/1889 Slater
Waymire, G.M. Hammon, B.N. 11/15/1902 stats
Weatherhead, Ina (Dow) Johnson, Benjamin L. 03/11/1922 stats
Weatherwax, Julia Wayland, Edward 12/16/1884 Slater
Weaver, Alice Hughes, William 12/30/1885 Slater
Weaver, Ethel A. Charlton, F.H. 11/04/1905 stats
Weaver, Gerty Lester, Charles 07/27/1897 stats
Weaver, Nellie May Holford, Ernest 08/22/1903 stats
Webb, Effie Willard, Arthur 11/10/1915 stats
Webb, Grace M. Carr, Frank P. 11/21/1901 stats
Webber, Hazel E. Kelly, Erroll N. 02/04/1929 stats
Weber, Mary Eileen Bartlett, Ralph William 08/27/1931 stats
Weece, Myrtie M. Bowman, Lewis A. 01/27/1911 stats
Weed, Ellen Griesmeyer, William 07/14/1924 stats
Weed, Ruth M. (Rollinson) Gale, R.A. 06/15/1927 stats
Weed, Suzzie J. Rounds, E.P. 07/23/1892 stats
Weedin, Hansine 2nd (Allwork) Durkin, P.J. 09/18/1919 stats
Wegele, Helen Miles, C.A. 12/24/1941 MR #7
Weger, Dora Maxwell, Clarence E. 03/23/1905 stats
Wehrli, Carrie M. Camp, Richard C. 03/10/1944 MR #7
Wehrli, Rubina L. Mally, Anton 08/09/1920 stats
Weigelt, Alma Maude Smith, Harry Austin 06/29/1920 stats
Weigelt, Mart Brooks, Severin S. 06/27/1925 stats
Welch, Jean Marie McMillan, Donald William 06/21/1947 MR #7
Welch, Jessie Lotze, Harry 05/11/1927 stats
Welch, Marie (Reavis) Voss, Arthur 10/22/1930 stats
Welch, Opal Kelly, Charles G. 04/09/1930 stats
Wellin, Alice L. Lapham, Theodore A. 09/25/1935 stats
Wellington, Ruby Lida Horton, Robert Henderson 10/11/1909 stats
Wellman, Maud N. (Percy) 2nd Lydon, Patrick R. 04/18/1913 stats
Wells, Lulu May Baker, Henry Farley 06/19/1929 stats
Wells, Mary E. Baylis, Ed E. 08/24/1902 stats
Wells, Pearl Harriet Clare, Pete Olaf 11/16/1941 MR #7
Wells, Ruby F. Belknap, Paul 02/20/1909 stats
Wells, Salina Myrtle Tedrow, Charles Ernest 01/17/1929 stats
Welsh, Nona Delles, Michael 04/20/1942 MR #7
Welty, Mary Catherine Wingenter, James P. 05/23/1944 MR #7
Wentworth, H.M. 3rd (Beatley) Clark, F.D. 2nd 09/12/1916 stats
Wentworth, Inez Greenwood, Henry 05/08/1907 stats
Wernli, Martha Camp, Clint 09/14/1910 stats
West, Dolly E. Shields, Lewis E. 09/18/1916 stats
West, Helen Carr, Gordon E. 07/07/1945 MR #7
West, Margaret E. Hills, Clarence M 07/09/1927 stats
West, Marian Beardsley, Charles H. 01/20/1946 MR #7
Westad, Doris Feulner, Edward 2nd 12/19/1938 stats
Westby, Hilda Forgey, James W. 09/11/1913 stats
Westby, Olga Helen Forgey, Fred E. 09/11/1913 stats
Westerbeck, Thelma E. Morrow, Art 08/12/1925 stats
Westerberg, Ann Lewis, Lloyd 07/22/1937 stats
Weston, Catherine Walters, William H. 11/19/1886 Slater
Weston, Della Holmes, Theodore 06/03/1886 Slater
Weston, Fay Morgan, Samuel 04/06/1909 stats
Weston, Lillian Allen, G.E. 09/25/1911 stats
Weston, Maybell Norman, Roy 08/28/1937 stats
Weston, Stella Burr, Ed E. 06/01/1886 Slater
Westurn, Geraldine Waitt, Robert 11/21/1940 MR #7
Wetzsteon, Frances Elizabeth Howard, Merton 10/11/1930 stats
Weynd, Jessie May 2nd (Otis) Bussert, Evan Edwin 04/05/1907 stats
Whalen, Dora A. Boggs, Edmund 08/11/1902 stats
Wheat, Ida C. 2nd (Howard) Coulter, John R. 11/26/1902 stats
Wheaton, Phyllis Louise Millay, A.Lee 11/23/1946 MR #7
Wheeler, Arline M. Riddell, Fred E. 10/20/1946 MR #7
Wheeler, Daisy 2nd (Babbitt) Tarbet, Jess Eugene 11/18/1910 stats
Wheeler, Delia May Overman, E. Robert 11/19/1900 stats
Wheeler, Rosa Walston, Glenford C. 08/29/1916 stats
Whetstone, Edna Pearl Luttrell, William Walter 01/27/1916 stats
White, Abigail Elvira Clark, Dan Albert 07/05/1911 stats
White, Alice Seyler, Alvin 01/26/1938 stats
White, Alice Ethel Parker, Aaron 11/28/1899 stats
White, Elsie Joseph, Johnny 07/26/1915 stats
White, Ethel G. Hayton, Alfred 10/21/1937 stats
White, Eva Bakie, Gilbert 12/31/1931 stats
White, Hazel L. Blessing, Michael Henry 11/19/1929 stats
White, Jessie Ruth Knauss, Clyde 06/05/1916 stats
White, Lottie 2nd Olsen, Fred B. 05/09/1918 stats
White, Marrettia 2nd (Berry) Rinker, Ronald S. 07/02/1936 stats
White, Mary (Mrs.) LaFrambois, Eugene 04/20/1875 Slater
White, Maud M. Greenwood, William B. 07/06/1904 stats
White, Ollie 2nd (/Stensgar) Mitchell, Albert 09/01/1922 stats
White, Pearl K. Bratton, Bill J. 06/29/1946 MR #7
White, Zelma (Walker) Dean, Harry 12/31/1928 stats
Whitecotton, Ferla Violet Harvey, Dimsdell P. 11/15/1922 stats
Whitehead, Bertha 2nd (Swedberg) Wilson, Robert 2nd 04/06/1937 stats
Whiteside, Addie Oakes, W.J. 10/03/1893 stats
Whitesitt, Maggie (Eddings) Waldbeser, John 09/04/1929 stats
Whitfield, Melinda Matthews, Jesse 02/17/1947 MR #7
Whitney, Blanche M. Porter, Lester V. 02/06/1922 stats
Whitney, Emeline 2nd (Haller) Lehman, Andrew 2nd 12/23/1910 stats
Whitney, Genevieve Stensgar, Joe 07/05/1935 stats
Whitney, Ivy Shaw, Elza 06/10/1911 stats
Whitney, Janet Bidgood, A.E. 02/25/1881 Slater
Whitney, Rose Charboneau, J.A. 01/05/1911 stats
Wickers, Effa E. 2nd (Mason) Spaulding, John William 10/09/1899 stats
Wickersham, Ruth Critzer, Ben 08/07/1914 stats
Wieber, Veronia Delva, Nicholas S. 10/26/1915 stats
Wieland, Bertha 2nd (Stofer) Compodore, Luigi 2nd 03/29/1939 stats
Wightman, Verna E. Negres, Leonard Talbot 12/22/1937 stats
Wilcox, Lillian V. Keon, Alphonse A. 10/14/1939 MR #7
Wilcox, Maud LaBarge, James 2nd 08/29/1934 stats
Wilde, Rose N. Kraemer, R.J. 07/23/1914 stats
Wiley, Virginia Lee Gompf, Harold H. 07/22/1929 stats
Wilken, Rose Campbell, John Eric 03/22/1924 stats
Wilkes, Edith A. Hayden, Thomas D. 08/02/1892 stats
Wilkes, Estella Hammer, Sam M. 02/25/1896 stats
Wilkie, Eva Alexander, Elwood 11/14/1935 stats
Wilkin, Alvina Conner, Harold 11/13/1920 stats
Wilkin, Margaret Taves, Jan 04/02/1938 stats
Wilkin, Olive Catherine 3rd (Deane) Evanoff, Steve 02/25/1933 stats
Wilkins, Sara J. 3rd (Wheaton) Edwards, I.F. 2nd 11/07/1916 stats
Wilkinson, Edith Moore, Samuel T. 03/04/1904 stats
Wilkinson, Edith Hayton, O.E. 04/11/1931 stats
Wilkinson, Irene Belle (Barnes) Holdridge, Charles F. 06/05/1931 stats
Wilks, Irene Blackenburg, Harry W. 05/02/1917 stats
Wilks, Lucinda 2nd (Pierce) Childs, H.L. 2nd 06/23/1903 stats
Willard, Verna Mae Stelting, Waldo Herbert 12/14/1914 stats
Willard, Virginia Mary Collins, James Vermont 06/22/1940 MR #7
Willett, Betty Jean Collins, Willis N. 07/04/1943 MR #7
Willett, Neva A. Craig, John H. 09/08/1945 MR #7
Willey, Ella Kessinger, Marion F. 02/03/1922 stats
Willey, Ellida M. Wilson, Archie E. 12/20/1897 stats
Williams, Alice Skelton, I.C. 08/13/1904 stats
Williams, Amy Cason, Frank 07/09/1891 Slater
Williams, Bertha A. Emery, William H. 05/31/1902 stats
Williams, Cecelia Downey Quintasket, Joseph 2nd 12/24/1904 stats
Williams, Daisy Moon 2nd Hawk, James B. 11/11/1919 stats
Williams, Dorothy Duncan, Grant 07/01/1931 stats
Williams, Elizabeth Alby, Halmer 06/11/1930 stats
Williams, Ethel Pry, Forest S. 03/11/1937 stats
Williams, Gertrude Irene DeKuyssever, Cyril Jullian 11/28/1947 MR #7
Williams, Julia Quintasket, Louis E. 01/05/1917 stats
Williams, Ladean A. Wuestoff, George E. 03/05/1937 stats
Williams, Lily Jarvis, Alvin 09/01/1928 stats
Williams, Margaret Gunderson, Harold 10/21/1938 stats
Williams, Mary Ann Jackson, Virgil 05/09/1931 stats
Williams, Maxine Bradford, Frank 10/01/1938 stats
Williams, Myrtle Townsend, Willis 07/25/1908 stats
Williams, Nancy Phillips, Freeman F. 07/29/1933 stats
Williams, Rita Roitz, Henry 06/17/1941 MR #7
Williams, Ruby Partlow, Jess W. 05/26/1946 MR #7
Williams, Theresa Bush, Arthur 12/12/1936 stats
Williams, Violet E. Hills, Earle C. 10/06/1923 stats
Williams, Virginia Jones, David C. 08/21/1941 MR #7
Williamson, Bernice L. Meyer, R.C. 2nd 03/10/1934 stats
Williamson, Flora Agnes Mitchell, John 07/18/1879 Reg
Williamson, Grace Taylor, Thomas H. 2nd 10/03/1908 stats
Williamson, L.M. (Martin) Stalder, J.W. 03/08/1928 stats
Williamson, Laura Reed, Delbert 04/11/1924 stats
Williamson, Margaret Martella, Fred 07/11/1933 stats
Williamson, Molly K. Maxwell, Earl C. 07/08/1905 stats
Williamson, Tennessee Maxwell, Robert J. 03/17/1904 stats
Willie, Katie Toulou, Julius 2nd 01/13/1902 stats
Willis, Barbara Jeannerette, Phil A. 12/30/1933 stats
Willis, Clara F. Connell, Clinton W. 2nd 04/10/1909 stats
Willis, Isabel Powell, Calvin R. 2nd 03/29/1917 stats
Willis, Mabel Marie Nelson, Walter 11/25/1914 stats
Willis, Marguerite (Burke) Johnson, Lewis C. 01/09/1926 stats
Wilman, Clara Mathers, Matthew A. 12/02/1892 stats
Wilson, Alberta E. Clark, Roy Spencer 06/25/1924 stats
Wilson, Anna E. 2nd (Grenewath) Adams, Will M. 2nd 08/31/1907 stats
Wilson, Audrey Hammond, Fred 06/27/1936 stats
Wilson, Berdie L. Cranke, Harry Cloisdell 06/15/1907 stats
Wilson, Betty Bunker, Lawrence 06/15/1935 stats
Wilson, Doreen White, Stephen 08/24/1946 MR #7
Wilson, Elizabeth Murphy, T.J. 02/10/1927 stats
Wilson, Grace Murdock, William M. 01/29/1929 stats
Wilson, Grace M. Potts, Thomas S. 01/17/1898 stats
Wilson, Helen W. 2nd (Williams) Cornwall, George S. 07/03/1934 stats
Wilson, Jeannette C. Hart, Edwin C. 06/04/1931 stats
Wilson, Jennie Hall, George Owen 06/30/1924 stats
Wilson, Jessie Bertha Keyandwy, Alexis C. 06/06/1931 stats
Wilson, Lila Kleidosty, Alvin 12/19/1928 stats
Wilson, Mable Pearson, W.H. 04/13/1929 stats
Wilson, Marian D. Brennen, F.M. 07/15/1932 stats
Wilson, Nelly Pichette, Maxim 04/11/1918 stats
Wilson, Nettie Salvage, George 10/28/1893 stats
Wilson, Nora Tollefson, Thomas 02/16/1901 stats
Wilson, Pearl Jessee, George R. 09/28/1908 stats
Wilson, Pearl Flottman, Bill 05/05/1947 MR #7
Wilson, Phyllis E. Nemrava, Charles 12/05/1938 stats
Wilson, Ruby M. Humphrey, Delbert W. 09/12/1947 MR #7
Wilson, Susan Langlands, Ray William 05/09/1936 stats
Wiltermood, Lydia Huguenin, William 2nd 12/18/1920 stats
Wilts, Lena A. Alyea, C.J. 11/15/1900 stats
Wiltse, Evelyn Guenther, Stanley E. 04/25/1941 MR #7
Wiltz, Barbara Nilles, Peter 09/28/1908 stats
Wiltz, Barbara Dins, Herman E. 09/25/1915 stats
Wiltz, Barbara Elizabeth Chapman, Harry M. 06/19/1914 stats
Wind, Vera A. Spaulding, Jack R. 10/18/1941 MR #7
Windell, Alice 3rd (Lafferty) Chord, George 2nd 06/26/1899 stats
Windsor, Lottie E. Nailor, James E. 06/09/1945 MR #7
Winecoop, Alice McCollum, Donald 05/28/1927 stats
Winecoop, Christine LeBret, Roy 11/28/1917 stats
Winfrey, Martha A. Hamilton, Harry W. 09/23/1945 MR #7
Wingenter, Agnes Kouth, Walter 06/10/1947 MR #7
Wingenter, Margaret Welty, Les 10/05/1940 MR #7
Wingham, Roxie Montgomery, Thomas L. 12/31/1907 stats
Winings, Beulah Ross, Winfred 10/19/1917 stats
Winings, Mattie Burgess, C.A. 05/20/1903 stats
Winings, May Bay, Ebert O. 12/25/1904 stats
Winkleman, Alma L. Johnson, Floyd O. 06/09/1944 MR #7
Winn, Marguerite A.R. Kinnan, L.T. 05/17/1920 stats
Winnings, Effie E. French, J.A. 11/07/1889 Slater
Winnings, Esther Golding, Herbert 04/20/1918 stats
Winnings, Mahala Ann Potts, William Guy 11/14/1911 stats
Winnings, Mary (Curry) 2nd Skow, Nels Peter 11/20/1894 stats
Winslow, Hattie Patterson, Worthy 11/03/1911 stats
Winslow, Mable 2nd (Peterson) Bearden, H.C. 09/27/1932 stats
Wisdom, Alma Lockie, Floyd 07/31/1923 stats
Wise, Grace A. Kunze, Wilbur C. 02/18/1933 stats
Wise, Lois R. Playfair, Athol Christy 09/03/1919 stats
Wisner, Bertha Bonner, Harry E. 12/24/1906 stats
Wisner, Bessie Waters, Harry 12/14/1903 stats
Wissink, Elizabeth Schmidelkoffer, John 11/19/1936 stats
Wissink, Gertrude Zodrow, H.G. 09/29/1930 stats
Witt, Minnie 2nd (Richmond) Symes, James Ballard 2nd 11/19/1919 stats
Witt, Sarah Emma 3rd (Jones) Thomas, Edward 3rd 02/24/1938 stats
Witters, Ardie M. Nyberg, Clarence R. 05/26/1935 stats
Wolf, Lucinda 2nd (Anderson) Phares, Isaac E. 04/16/1906 stats
Wolf, Mary 2nd (Goodall) Hughes, Walter Joe 2nd 06/02/1902 stats
Wolfe, Adeline L. Thexton, Sidney 06/15/1909 stats
Wolfinger, Florence A. Faurot, Loren C. 10/22/1912 stats
Wolfinger, M.M. 2nd (Long) Bonds, R.N. 2nd 08/02/1915 stats
Wollweber, Laura Emerson, Richard N. 04/15/1927 stats
Wood, Dorothy Jenneskens, Frank 12/08/1928 stats
Wood, Harriet A. Seney, Hubert L. 09/13/1946 MR #7
Wood, Hazel Allen, M.E. 11/12/1932 stats
Wood, Jane R. Smith, Clinton C. 10/18/1939 MR #7
Wood, Mary G. Thorp, Elbridge W. 09/16/1878 RegA
Wood, Mary Ruth Tolonen, Matt W. 10/25/1944 MR #7
Wood, Ruth Westensee, James A. 06/18/1936 stats
Woodard, Harriet E. Wolf, Edward 10/10/1917 stats
Wooddell, Garnet Brooks, E. Ray 05/13/1933 stats
Woodland, Mildred H. DesVoignes, Claire E. 07/12/1917 stats
Woodring, Florence E. Hesselberg, Albert 01/09/1918 stats
Woodruff, Ethel Seigle, Ralph W. 04/04/1922 stats
Woodruff, Kitty 2nd (Egan) Becker, George F. 08/11/1899 stats
Woodruff, LaVeada Simmen, Hugh Lynch 03/23/1934 stats
Woods, Mildred Ross, Harold E. 12/08/1934 stats
Woodworth, Anna Gendron, James 10/02/1890 Slater
Wooley, Adelma Taylor, Reuben 05/07/1938 stats
Wooley, Alice Sherwood, R. 06/24/1908 stats
Wooley, Bertha Benner, Ernest 02/25/1902 stats
Wooley, Flossie May Curtiss, Glen W. 08/05/1904 stats
Wooley, Freda May Harms, Ed 05/07/1932 stats
Wooley, Lottie Morehouse, Wallace 07/03/1917 stats
Wooley, Louise Jane Hartill, Joseph M. 12/07/1899 stats
Wooley, Mary Etta Naff, Frank J. 10/08/1897 stats
Woolshlager, Amelia Wegeleber, Charles 10/22/1902 stats
Workman, Darla Dean Silva, Lawrence A. 08/23/1947 MR #7
Workman, Ina Martha Douglas, Arch Crawford 10/01/1917 stats
Workman, Lila LaPlant, Albert Justine 10/29/1917 stats
Worley, Mary Iva Allen, S.N. 03/11/1903 stats
Wortman, Alpha Alm, Henry L. 08/25/1933 stats
Wright, Abbie J. Hurd, Guy Asa 02/19/1900 stats
Wright, Abigail Sophia 2nd (DeVallance) Smith, Frank 03/13/1908 stats
Wright, Alice Clayton, C.B. 05/06/1926 stats
Wright, Alpha Johnson, W.A. 06/23/1936 stats
Wright, Clara D. Platt, J.C. 09/19/1891 stats
Wright, Cora P. Lotze, George 11/28/1932 stats
Wright, Ethel Holford, L.D. 06/01/1920 stats
Wright, Florence (Atkinson) Baker, Bryan J. 07/06/1923 stats
Wright, Ida L. Brown, John L. 01/13/1887 Slater
Wright, Isabell Nelson, Allen R. 11/20/1937 stats
Wright, Jenny May Chapman, Forest K. 09/29/1908 stats
Wright, Kathleen A. Hagen, S.W. 11/12/1947 MR #7
Wright, Leah M. Dickey, Frank W. 03/14/1886 Slater
Wright, Lydia E. Terry, Robert L. 09/17/1902 stats
Wright, Marian E. Scoles, Delbert R. 07/01/1937 stats
Wright, Maud E. Dingle, A.S. 06/20/1900 stats
Wright, Roda Chamberlain, Oscar 11/07/1900 stats
Wright, Winnifred K. Moon, Thomas S. 10/24/1938 stats
Wunsch, Margaret Chasse, Lyle W. 08/18/1927 stats
Wyatt, Lola Peterson, C.A. 06/20/1918 stats
Wyborney, Gertrude Rigney, Clyde S. 05/31/1933 stats
Wyllie, Jane Smilie Crichton, Andrew 01/28/1936 stats
Wynecoop, Viola W. Rhoads, Clyde 2nd 12/30/1938 stats
Wynn, Ersa Garner, W.H. 12/20/1917 stats
Wynne, Ella A. Trunnels, Albert P. 11/01/1891 Slater
Wynne, Ellen Solomon, Victor 09/08/1923 stats
Wynne, Eva Miller, William 03/16/1892 stats
Wynne, Nettie L. Bernard, Ollie S. 04/27/1901 stats
Yake, Thelma Francis, Rex M. 02/02/1931 stats
Yates, Doris D. Hall, Marvin L., 11/27/1946 MR #7
Yates, Lena Olson, William 12/23/1907 stats
Yeager, Elizabeth Schmidt, Henry 12/22/1897 stats
Yeager, Grace (Crow) Slentz, Claude Everett 11/20/1926 stats
Yeager, Grace 2nd (Crowe) Murphy, Peter Stephen 05/01/1920 stats
Yeakey, Lillian B. Crain, Oscar 09/11/1924 stats
Young, Alice Culkin, Guy 03/03/1919 stats
Young, Dorothy Stehr, Leon 06/02/1932 stats
Young, Elsie Woods, Richard 11/28/1932 stats
Young, Ethel Henrichs, Harvey 06/06/1940 MR #7
Young, Etta Swank, Alvidore 02/16/1915 stats
Young, Helen A. Procinsky, J.L. 01/27/1932 stats
Young, Julia 2nd (Anderson) Reed, Fred T. 2nd 07/08/1936 stats
Young, Lucinda Keough, W.H. 02/28/1898 stats
Young, Madeline Joy, I. Thermer 01/04/1938 stats
Young, Mary McDonald, Thomas Donald 01/26/1891 Slater
Young, May Salvage, Floyd J. 02/14/1925 stats
Young, Mildred Moore, Victor E. 05/03/1907 stats
Young, Mildred 2nd Baughman, W.H. 08/23/1911 stats
Young, Rachel L. Jacobs, Ed 10/18/1894 stats
Young, Susie 2nd (Moore) Ward, R.J. 11/16/1899 stats
Young, Vivian M. Brett, Fred 07/05/1938 stats
Yurkoski, Louise Chaddock, Harold J. 07/21/1934 stats
Zachow, Martha Rose Brittain, Harold Vivian 12/04/1930 stats
Zachow, Rhoda Forgey, George 11/29/1912 stats
Zachow, Sylvia E. Gibbs, Arthur L. 01/08/1916 stats
Zehm, Lorraine J. Poetter, Richard H.J. 06/01/1945 MR #7
Zender, Katie (Hunter) Shriner, John J. 05/24/1893 stats
Zettle, Marian M. Sheldon, Aaron Leroy 10/10/1944 MR #7
Zibell, Esther M. Zimmer, Perry B. 03/02/1941 MR #7
Zibell, Mildred Schneider, George L. 03/01/1946 MR #7
Zichlsdorf, Ida T. 2nd McCann, Michael 04/23/1918 stats
Zickefoose, Lilly E. Davis, Lee M. 07/09/1946 MR #7
Ziebel, Carrie Kurtzhol, Herman 12/23/1918 stats
Zigler, Ursula Westbrook, Art 08/30/1923 stats
Zimmerman, Ethel Zimmerman, Don 11/18/1939 MR #7
Ziniker, Annie 2nd (Case) Rowley, William S. 2nd 01/30/1920 stats
Zirkel, Maud C. DeHart, L.C. 12/03/1913 stats
Zirkle, Gertrude Theis, Roy 05/01/1909 stats
Zirkle, Isetta Kramlich, John 07/27/1914 stats
Zollener, Pauline E. Schinert, Herman 03/03/1898 stats
Zollner, Martha M. Cattle, E.R. 03/13/1905 stats
Zumwalt, Inez Shye, John Frank 12/24/1934 stats
Zurbrugg, Clara M. Sears, Clarence E. 12/31/1923 stats
Zurbrugg, Helen Sparks, Jesse F. 01/20/1927 stats
Zurcher, Emma Judy, L.A. 2nd 07/24/1918 stats