Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriages
Grooms Index A - B
stats 08/30/1935 Abbitt, Ralph Haggard, Sylvia
stats 10/25/1905 Abbott, Andrew P. Edgington, Mary E.
stats 03/31/1898 Abbott, Charles W. Bradish, Edna Grace
stats 06/24/1919 Abbott, George Howard Pearson, Ethel
stats 02/11/1904 Abbott, J.H. 2nd Farr, Olivia
MR #7 05/31/1945 Abbott, James Henry Stuart, Mary Gladys
stats 10/26/1938 Abelman, Joe L. Peterson, Catherine
stats 04/25/1924 Abercrombie, W.H. Shaw, Alta
MR #7 08/12/1941 Ableman, Tom VanTuyl, Wanda
Slater 12/30/1866 Abrahamsen, Peter Laborel, Mary
stats 05/22/1897 Abrahamson, Adolf 2nd Inkster, Jane
stats 11/29/1918 Abrahamson, Clarence Sherwood, Josephine
stats 01/16/1920 Abrahamson, John Seymour, Isabel 2nd (Andrew)
stats 12/29/1926 Abrahamson, Manges Peone, Cecelia
stats 09/19/1925 Abrahamson, Tom Sherwood, Alice
stats 05/22/1897 Abrahamson,Adolf 2nd Inkster, Jane
stats 10/18/1915 Abrams, W.H. 2nd Basham, Marie
stats 09/17/1902 Abshur, Benjamin Spillman, Zaddie
stats 09/20/1930 Acheson, Alexander John Ternan, Edith
stats 02/25/1910 Acheson, Garvis A. 2nd Tinsley, Ethel 2nd (Stevens)
stats 10/16/1893 Ackerman, Michael Thomas, Caroline
stats 05/01/1937 Acorn, Archie McGregor, Mary Helen
stats 06/21/1910 Acorn, Lee Roy Orr, Blanche
stats 05/26/1937 Adam, Martin Theodore 3rd Shepherd, Louise 3rd (Arselleth)
stats 10/12/1899 Adams, A.J. Emery, Anna 2nd (Wolf)
stats 10/20/1909 Adams, Adolph G. 2nd Fry, Katy R. 2nd (Berland)
stats 05/06/1903 Adams, Amos Thompson, (Lum M., Mrs)(Wells)
stats 09/07/1904 Adams, Christopher S. Perrott, Annie
stats 06/05/1909 Adams, Otto U. Cameron, Mae C.
stats 01/28/1898 Adams, Robert Patterson, Augusta
stats 12/22/1897 Adams, Victor P. Ross, Jeanette May
stats 08/31/1907 Adams, Will M. 2nd Wilson, Anna E. 2nd (Grenewath)
stats 01/25/1913 Adams, William Jr Brownlow, Helen
stats 04/19/1937 Adcock, Kenneth Macauley Shields, Dorothy M.
stats 11/09/1935 Adkins, Vern Byrd, Floy
stats 04/04/1921 Adolph, John Noyes, Dora
stats 07/05/1935 Adolph, John 2nd Augusta, Mary 2nd
stats 06/20/1938 Aebly, Frank R. Carefoot, Furla 2nd (Price)
stats 06/09/1913 Agar, Clayton B. Finnell, Stella E.
stats 06/06/1913 Agar, John B. Reynolds, Margaret Viola
stats 04/25/1913 Agee, E.W. Mendenhall, Pearl
stats 09/18/1911 Agney, L. Lloyd Clement, Mae
stats 02/08/1936 Aird, James M. Rimars, Marian L.
stats 08/13/1909 Akers, Charles Royal Baker, Maude E.
stats 02/01/1908 Akers, Icom Tolliver, Carrie
stats 06/07/1898 Akin, E.G. Stensgar, Mary
stats 09/06/1919 Akins, William Embry, Geneva A.
MR #7 03/26/1945 Alban, George C. Ard, Lee Vivian
stats 11/08/1924 Albee, James O'Brien, Larinda
stats 04/07/1909 Albo, Joseph Rowan, Ellen
stats 12/20/1937 Alby, Fred Motsinger, Dorothy
stats 06/11/1930 Alby, Halmer Williams, Elizabeth
stats 04/13/1935 Alden, Vincent E. Hunsacker, Blanche
MR #7 06/24/1946 Alderson, Calvin W. Herrick, Louise
stats 07/20/1936 Aldredge, Elvin R. Michael, Minnie L.
MR #7 08/18/1946 Aldredge, Harold Robert Chalmers, Arlene
stats 06/17/1933 Aldredge, Ole Lewis, Violet 2nd (Schuricht)
MR #7 05/02/1945 Aldrich, J.W. Forney, Pearl
stats 07/08/1930 Aldrich, Thomas Hosley, May
stats 11/14/1935 Alexander, Elwood Wilkie, Eva
stats 02/04/1939 Alexander, George Soccumtickum, Agnes 2nd
stats 04/17/1909 Alexander, James Herr, Emma 2nd (Pierson)
stats 09/14/1935 Alexander, Joe Veltrie, Esther
stats 06/01/1917 Alhvandt, August Johnson, Nellie 2nd
stats 06/23/1936 Alkers, E.E. Alborn, Stella M. 2nd (Osborn)
stats 06/11/1892 Allan, Thomas M. Hull, Maude E.
MR #7 10/31/1944 Allard, E.F. Koerner, Stella
stats 10/31/1917 Alldredge, John Howard Anderson, Florence Gladys
MR #7 06/30/1940 Alldredge, Robert L. Champayne, Dorothy
stats 06/26/1920 Alldredge, Ward Bryant, Etta
stats 12/04/1925 Alldridge, James T. Reed, Beatrice E.
stats 10/18/1935 Allebaugh, Robert J. 2nd Davidson, Ethel May 2nd (Robertson)
stats 07/05/1907 Alleford, John Baird, Ida 2nd (Wheeler)
stats 09/25/1911 Allen, G.E. Weston, Lillian
stats 11/27/1918 Allen, George C. Flanagan, Kathleen L.
stats 09/21/1901 Allen, Henry M. McKay, Irma M.
MR #7 08/28/1944 Allen, Herbert L. Miller, June
stats 07/05/1921 Allen, John 2nd Furley, Margaret Ellen 2nd (Chase)
stats 03/13/1915 Allen, Lorenzo Jr Thexton, Emily (Renier) 2nd
stats 11/12/1932 Allen, M.E. Wood, Hazel
MR #7 01/07/1945 Allen, Marshall E. Allen, Hazel
MR #7 03/02/1940 Allen, Melvin L. Marchand, Ethreda
stats 03/11/1903 Allen, S.N. Worley, Mary Iva
stats 07/23/1937 Allen, Thomas Elder Loveday, Eleanor Caroline
stats 09/01/1897 Allen, W.D. Tillou, Cora
stats 05/24/1921 Allhands, W.R. 2nd Masear, Rosie
stats 09/04/1913 Allin, William James 2nd Rosaker, A.E.
stats 12/10/1894 Allison, Albert Fred Bennett, Lois, Adeline
stats 06/09/1923 Allison, C.E. Martin, Anna
Slater 01/06/1892 Allison, Liba Thomas, Laura M.
stats 02/02/1929 Allman, John Rice, Ruth
MR #7 06/02/1946 Alm, B. Maurice Buelow, Mae A.
stats 08/25/1933 Alm, Henry L. Wortman, Alpha
stats 12/13/1933 Alm, Ole Durkee, Dorothy
stats 03/28/1931 Altergatt, H.J. Blevins, Emily
stats 11/15/1900 Alyea, C.J. Wilts, Lena A.
stats 07/08/1915 Alyea, William A. Spangler, Eva
MR #7 03/27/1946 Ambler, Fredrick Truscott, Clair B.
stats 05/29/1924 Amblie, Grant E. Hague, Josie C.
stats 05/04/1914 Amende, Ralph Kelly, Elsa
stats 11/05/1937 Americk, Paul Streit, Rosa
stats 01/16/1917 Ames, H.D. VanHorn, Lillian
stats 10/07/1916 Amos, Ray Schwardfield, Elsie
stats 03/13/1926 Amundsen, E. Kirsch, Mayta (Graf)
stats 06/17/1902 Anderson, A.W. Plowman, Frances E.
stats 06/10/1924 Anderson, Adolph Greeno, Maudie Emma
stats 05/31/1909 Anderson, Andrew Carlson, Esther Desideria
stats 11/21/1905 Anderson, Andrew Mash Sizemore, Elsie Gertrude
stats 07/03/1926 Anderson, Arthur Rickard, Ada
stats 05/21/1928 Anderson, Arthur Elwood, Rosie
stats 05/12/1938 Anderson, Arvid Cox, Ruth L.
MR #7 01/05/1947 Anderson, Ben Cooper, Wilma
stats 05/12/1914 Anderson, Carl Bates, Ethelyn
stats 09/07/1929 Anderson, Carl E. Ensminger, Dorothy
stats 07/03/1908 Anderson, Charles Davis, Clarice
stats 10/14/1903 Anderson, Charles F. Sexton, Gertrude M.
stats 04/05/1913 Anderson, Charles W. Butte, Magdalena
stats 11/24/1915 Anderson, Charles W. 2nd Harner, Mary J.
stats 11/04/1909 Anderson, Charley H. Hollinsworth, Lucy May 2nd (Olds)
stats 05/23/1911 Anderson, Earl B. Drain, Neola E. 2nd (Herr)
stats 11/11/1904 Anderson, Edgar Lyon, Nora
stats 09/23/1902 Anderson, Edward Elwood, Etta 2nd (Rohrbaugh)
stats 06/03/1919 Anderson, Edwin Brudevald, Alice
stats 09/30/1920 Anderson, Emil Larson, Marie K.
MR #7 10/14/1945 Anderson, Ernie Bible, Enes
stats 06/19/1929 Anderson, G.P. Graham, Helen M.
stats 08/09/1900 Anderson, J.L. McArthur, Victoria 2nd (Bassett)
stats 02/25/1937 Anderson, James Howard Hemsworth, Alice Muriel
stats 11/20/1926 Anderson, John Harner, Gladys
stats 01/03/1914 Anderson, Julius N. Pearson, Christina
stats 07/05/1893 Anderson, McFarland Hamilton, Emma
stats 12/21/1929 Anderson, Neils P. Martella, Mamie E.
stats 11/29/1910 Anderson, Peter Bodman, Lena Augustinson(Olson)
stats 05/22/1918 Anderson, Peter 2nd (fa-Johnson) Brick, Edna 2nd (Swanson)
stats 05/09/1931 Anderson, Sigurd Eastgard, Esther
stats 03/12/1913 Anderson, Tom Drennan, Ivah
stats 07/03/1922 Anderson, Victor Loven, Inga M.
MR #7 06/29/1944 Anderson, W.T. Means, Ruth
stats 12/10/1915 Anderson, William D. Brooks, Olive
stats 05/26/1932 Anderson, William T. Hofer, Mae
stats 10/03/1911 Andrew, Baptiste 2nd Andrew, Annie
stats 09/09/1916 Andrews, Alex Marchand, Cecelia 2nd (Jane)
stats 08/16/1921 Andrews, Antione 2nd Alexander, Annie 2nd
MR #7 04/20/1946 Andrews, Antoine Stearns, Katherine
stats 01/14/1911 Andrews, Frank W. Carlin, Sabrina
stats 08/19/1914 Andrews, Samuel Edward Dickson, Frankie
stats 04/07/1906 Angel, Fredrick Pelissier, Aneta
stats 10/10/1932 Angvick, Cornelius L. Salsman, Bessie
stats 08/30/1924 Anthony, August Scoles, Cleo
stats 10/02/1937 Anthony, Fred S. Borsuk, Mary
stats 08/09/1915 Antoine, Alex Francis, Annie
MR #7 07/14/1940 Applegate, Marvin S. Herdrich, Dorothy
MR #7 01/03/1947 Applegate, Thomas M. Hilbert, Joan
stats 03/12/1915 Appleton, Lewis K. Larson, Mary (Martin) 2nd
stats 02/05/1896 Arbogast, F.M. Myers, Della
stats 01/16/1906 Arcasa, Marillo Charbeauex, Mary
Slater 11/17/1890 Arington, Edward J. Hartel, Jennie H.
stats 03/03/1910 Aris, C.W. Hanisch, Martha E.
stats 09/27/1919 Armstrong, Albert W. Fay, Mabel
stats 06/22/1908 Armstrong, George K. Brouillet, Zoe T.
stats 05/09/1903 Armstrong, Lewis Dyer, Amanda 2nd (Koker)
stats 04/21/1906 Armstrong, Oliver Green, Emma
stats 01/05/1918 Arneson, Lewis E. Johnson, Minnie
stats 06/05/1900 Arnett, Frank S. Brockman, Elma J.
Slater 12/07/1888 Arnold, Adam W. Brook, Alice
stats 03/07/1938 Arnold, Archie Stensgar, Ruth
stats 11/10/1922 Arnold, Archie A. Onstott, Bessie I.
stats 11/10/1909 Arnold, Edward Jones, Maria
stats 01/05/1904 Arnold, Fred C. Bryant, Minnie C.
stats 09/21/1925 Arnold, H.V. Richardson, Margaret
stats 09/30/1909 Arnold, Louis Lemire, Eva
stats 06/05/1924 Arnold, Willis R. Herman, Jewell Rose
MR #7 09/03/1939 Artman, Merlin Laird, Rose
stats 02/13/1915 Artman, Walter B. Moran, Mary A.
stats 06/04/1930 Arzt, Earl Fred Veltrie, Elda Mary
stats 09/27/1915 Arzt, Harold McNeil, Lula
stats 09/02/1903 Ashbaugh, H.M. Croft, Clara V.
stats 07/01/1910 Ashbaugh, Willard J. 2nd Signor, Julia 2nd (Ganes)
stats 03/18/1895 Ashbaugh, William F. Koker, Susey
stats 09/03/1938 Ashe, James W. Jensen, Carrie Velma
stats 02/25/1899 Asimus, Rudolph Stansell, Mary L.
stats 11/27/1916 Askew, J.B. Hill, Lois 2nd (Merryn)
stats 11/04/1908 Aspend, Benjamin Graham, Emma D.
stats 08/04/1925 Atkins, Amos J. Sherwood, Nancy
stats 12/28/1915 Atkinson, Joe Keffer, Lucy
stats 05/17/1933 Atwood, Elliott Milliken, Edith
stats 06/26/1929 Atwood, J.E. LaBarre, Edna A.
stats 06/29/1925 Atwood, John Leliefield, Florence
stats 05/11/1929 Aubertin, C.N. Hubbard, Clarabelle E.
Slater 01/30/1889 Aubertin, Charles Marchand, Sophia (Sylvia)
stats 08/25/1925 Aubertin, Stephen Banning, Hazel
stats 08/26/1929 Aubertin, William Geer, Leola
stats 05/04/1904 Aubrey, Harvey H. Standifer, Sadie E. (Smith)
MR #7 06/06/1947 Aubrey, Joseph E. Graves, Hazel L.
MR #7 11/26/1947 Auckland, Harold C. Snyder, Nancy J.
Reg 09/27/1864 Auran, Laughlin Weis Grant, Adeline
stats 04/21/1902 Austin, John Opdahl, Sarah
stats 07/21/1913 Avery, Francis V. Denley, Hazel M.
stats 06/27/1913 Avery, William Brunstetter, Laura
stats 07/18/1931 Avey, Fred V. Belt, Dorothy LaForest
stats 12/14/1933 Axelson, Hjalmar Pearson, Hilma C.
stats 07/02/1903 Ayers, Elmer J. 2nd Fee, Minnie Arlene (fa-Scherette)
Slater 04/07/1891 Ayers, Lorenzo F. Baker, Katie L.
stats 09/02/1919 Ayers, William S. Naff, Pearl M.
stats 08/17/1911 Baaknen, Una Tokio, Lizzie (Lippi) 2nd
stats 06/26/1936 Babbington, Stanley James Grutchfield, Carolyn
stats 12/04/1916 Babbitt, Ralph H. Snider, Nelly L.
Slater 12/07/1887 Bachman, John Lazott, Sylva
stats 07/18/1906 Backer, Jesse A. Munson, (Mrs. J.E.) 2nd (Carlson)
stats 08/24/1918 Backhouse, William L. Emerson, Mary J.
Reg 10/19/1876 Backus, Benjamin Stitzel, Amanda Catherine
stats 02/12/1913 Backus, Clyde Korles, Bertha (Nibler) 2nd
stats 04/30/1938 Bacon, H.J. Moore, E.J.
stats 04/24/1917 Bacon, Harley Savage, Fay Alwilda
stats 04/13/1931 Badertscher, Hugo V. Flick, Rosalie (Egler)
stats 05/11/1935 Baede, Walter M. Carr, Lodema
stats 03/02/1923 Baeumle, Charles 3rd Peterson, Emma M.
stats 10/19/1929 Baeumle, Charles K. (5th mar) Colter, Anna (Wyllis?)
stats 12/29/1908 Bailey, Alexander W. Oleson, Gertrude
stats 06/08/1910 Bailey, H. Wade Brouillet, Osa
stats 11/16/1928 Bailey, H.A. McBarr, Hariett
stats 09/05/1914 Bailey, J.D. 2nd Embree, Allura A. (Burcham) 2nd
MR #7 07/14/1945 Bailey, Louis Monaghan, Laura
stats 12/12/1936 Bailey, Raymond R. Garner, Georgia M.
stats 06/30/1936 Bailey, Robert S. Falconer, Hilda M.
stats 03/10/1910 Bailey, Samuel Edgar Connelly, Bessie
stats 07/16/1904 Bailey, Sherman Olds, Lucy
stats 09/20/1920 Bain, David J. Smith, Dora
stats 12/16/1935 Bair, Howard Hofstetter, Dorothy
stats 06/06/1914 Baird, Glen V Philpott, Blanche
stats 12/01/1902 Baird, Otis A. Caldwell, Dolly M.
stats 09/15/1923 Baird, T. Victor Klingler, Martha J.
stats 06/03/1915 Baird, Theodore V. Muehl, Maud M.
MR #7 06/02/1946 Baker, Alfred Henry Christianson, Mabel Seigfrieda
stats 07/06/1923 Baker, Bryan J. Wright, Florence (Atkinson)
stats 03/11/1903 Baker, Clifford M. Copeland, Laura M.
stats 07/08/1897 Baker, George Ainsworth, Blanche ( fa--Payton)
stats 06/19/1929 Baker, Henry Farley Wells, Lulu May
stats 09/12/1932 Baker, Jack Harding Valiquette, Mary V.
stats 04/26/1930 Baker, James B. Mann, Elva A.
MR #7 04/29/1947 Baker, Joseph P. Lanham, Dolly
stats 02/11/1909 Baker, Martin Graham, Nancy 2nd (Lawin)
stats 04/26/1915 Baker, R.W. 2nd Cameron, Jennie
MR #7 11/18/1939 Baker, T.L. Hilbrant, Inez
stats 09/22/1912 Baker, Thomas C. LeCornu, Merle
stats 08/16/1911 Baker, Victor E. Diehl, Rose
stats 12/31/1931 Bakie, Gilbert White, Eva
stats 10/25/1935 Bakken, Pete Warwick, Margie
stats 08/08/1936 Bakken, Sam Morris, Joyce
stats 11/21/1923 Balderson, John Thomas Keathley, Anna Velma
stats 08/12/1938 Baldrey, J.H. Thomason, Martha 2nd
stats 08/30/1915 Baldwin, Charles Brown, Vernie Mary
stats 09/30/1926 Baldwin, Charles I. Robison, Nellie
stats 07/12/1921 Baldwin, Frank Brown, Adeline
stats 03/14/1910 Baldwin, Ronnie R. Hammer, Leona
stats 01/18/1939 Bales, W. Howard Friede, Loretta 2nd (LeMay)
stats 04/10/1918 Balis, Thomas A. Potter, Mary
MR #7 09/28/1941 Balkwill, Fred Kruger, Alberta
stats 09/10/1938 Ball, John W. Rice, Pearl E.
stats 01/07/1931 Ball, Meade Morgan, Olive
stats 06/04/1900 Ballentine, John Anson, Eliza
stats 11/19/1934 Balser, Irvin Bride, Drucilla A. 2nd (Edwards)
stats 02/27/1936 Bancock, James Stanley Hale, Mildred
stats 02/12/1907 Bandiera, Frank Luemera, Crolida
stats 08/02/1926 Banker, Weindfield Earnest Ramsey, Nina Lucile (Cabbage)
stats 12/26/1917 Banks, Amos C. Walker, Lydia Elizabeth
Slater 11/09/1886 Banks, Daniel E. Jones, Mary J.
MR #7 10/23/1939 Banning, George Alderson, Mabel
stats 12/31/1935 Bannon, J. Vern Carter, Marguerite
stats 03/24/1939 Bannon, Monty Lewis, Maxine
MR #7 09/12/1947 Bannon, Wayne M. Lundberg, Ethel O.
stats 01/08/1938 Banton, Frank W. Cretney, Helen M.
stats 04/30/1913 Baptiste, John Louie, Lucy
stats 03/02/1935 Barach, Paul Kelly, Birdie
MR #7 03/30/1942 Barbee, Lewis D. Lyman, Ione
stats 10/20/1920 Barber, Oscar D. Stringham, Susie
stats 06/26/1937 Barber, William Morrison, Catherine
stats 12/13/1938 Barden, Eddie Harrison Ross, Myrtle M. 2nd (Chapman)
stats 08/18/1919 Bare, Henry H. Deatherage, Lottie 2nd (Stringham)
stats 04/16/1920 Barker, W.S. Laurie, Ona V.
stats 04/27/1910 Barlow, L.C. Scott, Dessa
stats 07/13/1899 Barlow, William G. Holland, Agnes
stats 09/19/1906 Barnard, Oliver Grant Townsend, Jessie
stats 01/19/1918 Barnes, H.C. 2nd Pequcen, Bertha
stats 11/15/1922 Barnes, Mark Keller, Elsa
stats 11/25/1925 Barnes, Roy W. Froman, Bessie Oma
stats 02/11/1913 Barnes, Sidney C. Crawford, Susie Anna
stats 03/07/1931 Barnett E.A. 2nd mar Brooks, Elizabeth (Schultz)
stats 10/18/1910 Barnett, Vernie Cameron, Roxie
stats 10/15/1935 Barnhart, Dempsey Marion Libby, Marian May
stats 06/15/1923 Barnhart, Harold P. Stolts, Vera C.
stats 09/11/1919 Barr, John Harvey, Beatrice
MR #7 10/27/1947 Barr, Joseph Flohr, Blossom
MR #7 01/13/1947 Barr, William Quintasket, Erma Louise
stats 03/26/1910 Barr, William W. Routh, Adeline 2nd (Baptiste)
stats 11/10/1922 Barrett, Fredrick Llewellyn Daniels, Laura Gertrude
stats 02/15/1923 Barrett, G.M. 2nd Johnson, Katie 3rd (Belden)
stats 05/04/1939 Barrett, Roy James, Essa M. 2nd (Morton)
stats 10/29/1929 Barriault, E.F. Mellon, Josephine
stats 04/20/1910 Barrow, Frank B. Robbins, Nellie H.
stats 05/11/1910 Barrow, Robert B. Rail, Melvina
stats 05/15/1893 Barry, John A. Bashaw, Alice L.
stats 05/04/1907 Bartell, Frank Brownlow, Nelly 2nd (Norris)
stats 12/08/1921 Bartell, G.W. 2nd Loundagin, Georgia 2nd (Warren)
stats 08/27/1931 Bartlett, Ralph William Weber, Mary Eileen
stats 04/17/1899 Bartley, Peter Henry Morrison, M.H.
stats 09/19/1933 Bartol, George 2nd Thexton, Louise 2nd
stats 09/19/1922 Bartol, George C. Thexton, Louise
MR #7 06/20/1944 Bartol, John William Lael, Wanna Lee
stats 08/12/1933 Bartol, William F. Myers, Myrtle
MR #7 06/25/1943 Barton, Lawrence Lesley Matthews, Marjorie Mabel
MR #7 06/03/1940 Bascom, L.L. Reiber, Opal
RegA 01/19/1875 Basil, Louis Pione, Joset
stats 10/20/1919 Basye, Bird Brazington, Edna
MR #7 03/06/1940 Batelaan, Albert A. Taylor, Erlene
MR #7 01/30/1942 Batelaan, Gordon Constance Sisseck, Charlotte Maxine
stats 09/11/1907 Bates, James E. Bootney, Mary A. 2nd (Foster)
stats 01/12/1906 Bates, W.C.H. 2nd Stratton, Lucy N. 2nd
stats 06/24/1911 Batson, Lawrence Ross Richard, Mary Emma
stats 05/28/1938 Battien, Roy G. Miller, Pauline
stats 01/24/1921 Bauemle, Charles K. 2nd Harris, Katie B. 2nd (O'Dell)
stats 09/30/1911 Bauer, Frank Pelissier, Edith
stats 04/20/1913 Bauer, J.F. Conradt, Paula F.
MR #7 10/04/1941 Bauer, Karl Pump, Mary
stats 12/07/1912 Baughman, A.E. Tucker, Minnie M.
stats 05/10/1910 Baughman, Bert Finley, Clara E.
stats 04/28/1913 Baughman, Dess McCabe, Grace
stats 08/23/1911 Baughman, W.H. Young, Mildred 2nd
stats 01/30/1903 Baulch, Napoleon L. McGlothlin, Effie S.
stats 12/13/1924 Baulne, Daniel Butler, Bessie
stats 06/04/1932 Baulne, Robert Dana, Hazel M.
stats 06/23/1934 Baumeister, Herman English, Mazie Lee
stats 06/03/1920 Baumer, Henry J. Swope, Martha
stats 11/12/1924 Baun, Ord Ficklin, Dorothy
stats 09/20/1913 Baxter, Guy Cairns, Margaret
stats 07/17/1918 Baxter, J.B. Moser, Altha
MR #7 07/07/1945 Baxter, John A. Tremblay, Adele Marie
stats 12/24/1919 Baxter, John Francis Coon, Cecile Arvilla
MR #6 06/16/1939 Baxter, Ray Elwood Baird, Eva Elliott
stats 12/08/1928 Baxter, Victor Stokke Hall, Helen E.
stats 11/04/1932 Baxter, Walter Stokke (fa-Stokke) Keefe, Corina
stats 09/22/1916 Baxter, William F. Elwood, Laura M.
stats 12/25/1904 Bay, Ebert O. Winings, May
stats 06/17/1908 Bay, Fredrick S. Smith, Hazel E.
stats 12/24/1931 Bayley, Harvey Myers, Velma
stats 03/10/1931 Bayley, Marion H. Rutherford, Doris R.
stats 08/24/1902 Baylis, Ed E. Wells, Mary E.
Slater 02/03/1891 Baylor, Frank Brown, Emma
MR #7 09/10/1939 Bayne, Basil Hugh McKern, Shirley Alice
stats 08/15/1936 Bayne, Reginald V. Boyd, Naida C.
stats 02/23/1909 Beach, Latam Soli, Ingebor 2nd
stats 07/09/1907 Beadell, Fred R. Rutherford, Rosa Mabel
stats 09/06/1905 Beal, John Slatten, Bessie 2nd (Carroll)
stats 07/28/1919 Beamis, Frank H. Logsdon, Fay Viola
MR #7 06/08/1946 Bean, Earl McClung, Estella Inez
stats 05/10/1937 Bean, Gale N. Gentis, Thelma G.
stats 06/02/1933 Bean, Glen Stalp, Loretta May
stats 11/28/1911 Bean, James Peone, Florence
stats 06/14/1918 Bean, M.C. Bendix, Ada
stats 03/01/1914 Bean, William Ellsworth Helt, Stella Peona
stats 07/29/1899 Beard, John Grigsby, Julia
stats 05/31/1935 Beard, John P. 2nd Scheffler, Emma 2nd (Gramlich)
stats 09/27/1932 Bearden, H.C. Winslow, Mable 2nd (Peterson)
stats 02/25/1936 Beardslee, Ed McDonell, Winnifred
MR #7 01/20/1946 Beardsley, Charles H. West, Marian
stats 01/29/1897 Beardsley, Herbert G. Hadden, Sally
stats 01/29/1897 Beardsley, Herbert G. Hadden, Sally
stats 11/03/1921 Beardsley, M.M. Parent, Eva
stats 10/22/1932 Beasley, George Robert Brist, Jessie
stats 05/05/1897 Beatty, Harvey W. Staves, Lula
stats 04/06/1903 Beau, Roy R. Fait, Millie E.
stats 11/28/1936 Beaulieu, Harry A. Brooke, Effie S.
stats 04/03/1908 Beaumle, Charley K. 2nd Johnson, Cora E.
stats 05/24/1918 Beaver, Harry Qualey, Minnie E.
Slater 05/17/1888 Bechler, William Brooke, Lena
stats 05/19/1923 Beck, Cecil Jasper Breeding, Leona Verla
stats 07/22/1937 Beck, Ernest Alfred Duncan, Mary Ann
MR #7 05/24/1941 Beck, Jacob O. Hutchison, Florence
stats 04/03/1894 Beck, John Smith, Hattie E.
MR #7 03/21/1941 Beck, Leo Story, Hazel M.
stats 08/11/1899 Becker, George F. Woodruff, Kitty 2nd (Egan)
MR #7 11/02/1947 Beckley, Robert R. O'Keefe, Lois
stats 06/15/1928 Bedinger, Karl L. Brown, Bertha V.
stats 12/24/1925 Beekley, Samuel David Humphrey, Pearl H.
stats 10/13/1920 Beer, Jess A. Kinney, Maggie
stats 06/20/1910 Beggs, Garland C. Twitchell, Elva E.
MR #7 09/07/1945 Behrens, John E. Delp, Helen Marie
MR #7 12/12/1944 Beier, Henry A. Clodius, Leona E.
stats 11/05/1918 Beingessner, F.J. McAndrews, Hazel Mary
stats 04/12/1933 Belden, Sherman E. 2nd Morris, Alice 2nd (Magart)
stats 12/20/1917 Belknap, Arthur Haynes, R.L.
stats 02/20/1909 Belknap, Paul Wells, Ruby F.
stats 06/05/1912 Belknap, Willis McClenahan, Martha (Tucker) 2nd
stats 09/11/1911 Bell, Bernard G. Healy, Myrtle
MR #7 07/18/1946 Bell, Irvin L. Colbert, Betty E.
stats 04/12/1916 Bell, John C. 3rd Heublin, Anna 2nd
stats 06/29/1922 Bell, Lee Boleck, Mary
stats 04/04/1907 Bell, Oliver N. 2nd Brown, Marnie 2nd (Marshall)
stats 07/20/1929 Bell, Robert Crane, Frances L.
stats 07/25/1904 Bell, Walter D. McWilliams, Cora
Slater 07/25/1879 Bell, William Morrgeau, Rosalie
stats 04/13/1935 Bellanger, R.C. Beatty, Frances
stats 04/15/1932 Belmore, L.E. Shute, Alice
stats 12/01/1908 Bemis, Vern C. Bryant, Onie M.
MR #6 06/17/1939 Bender, Floyd R. Franks, Edna
stats 06/16/1915 Bender, Horatio Stephen Bell, Maud 2nd (Miller)
stats 08/09/1919 Bendix, Virgil Snyder, Florence
stats 12/17/1938 Benedetti, Rudolph Morrison, Agnes
stats 08/14/1928 Benefield, Charles Morris, Ethel C. (Humphrey)
stats 12/07/1935 Benham, George Gezelius, Anna M.
stats 02/25/1902 Benner, Ernest Wooley, Bertha
stats 05/22/1919 Benner, Paul A. Calhoun, Lucille
MR #7 04/07/1947 Bennett, Charles H. Baker, Margaret E.
stats 07/05/1923 Bennett, Charles M. Lee, Jessie H.
stats 10/17/1904 Bennett, Charles W. Potts, Lydia Luella
MR #7 07/28/1943 Bennett, Edward Battrell, Dorothy
stats 01/07/1939 Bennett, George 2nd Jennings, Florence L. 3rd
stats 09/06/1919 Bennett, George A. Tripp, Gladys M.
stats 12/24/1910 Bennett, George Henry Allensworth, Elva A.
MR #7 05/14/1943 Bennett, Gray Campbell, Barbara
stats 06/29/1938 Bennett, Ray H. Geer, Arillia
stats 10/28/1916 Bennett, Raymond T. Cooper, Grace
stats 11/04/1908 Bennett, William Potts, Jessie
stats 08/31/1936 Bennight, William F. Hunter, Roma
stats 07/03/1926 Benninger, Fred Forshee, Juanita Belle
MR #7 07/02/1943 Benninger, John R. Pflagred, Muriel
stats 05/24/1904 Benningson, Louis L. Pearce, Carrie
MR #7 09/07/1940 Bens, Walter Eng, Irma
stats 01/25/1923 Benson, Charley Johnson, Ida L.
stats 06/08/1935 Benson, D.C. Nelson, Genevieve (adopt-fa-Rhoads,RC. Ma-Nelson, Cora
MR #7 08/24/1940 Benson, E.T. Kurtzbein, Viola
stats 07/16/1937 Benson, Francis Leroy Miller, Anna Viola
stats 02/09/1921 Benson, Fred Krachey, Eleanor
stats 11/05/1931 Benson, William M. Connelly, Ruth V.
stats 03/22/1938 Bentson, Walter A. Amdahl, Clara
stats 01/14/1893 Berendsen, Harry J. Lambert, Mary
MR #7 11/09/1941 Berg, Arthur W. Brown, Margret E.
stats 08/12/1925 Berg, Chris Louder, Estella (Little)
stats 10/31/1899 Berg, Gilbert Bergh, Olive
stats 11/17/1896 Berg, John H. Syverson, Johanna
stats 08/31/1903 Berg, L.B. Hull, Hattie L.
Slater 01/22/1867 Bergerson, Amesine Gengras, Catherine
stats 10/04/1901 Bergh, Thomas E. Sether, Christine
stats 10/19/1922 Bergquist, Carl Fate, Kitty J.
stats 02/17/1909 Berland, George Day, Alice Emma
Slater 01/28/1872 Berland, John Waitt, Louise
Reg 12/28/1882 Berland, John Waitt, Louisa
Slater 02/27/1872 Berland, John Battise Morgeau, Rosalie
stats 12/10/1897 Bernard, Frank K. 2nd Denoyer, Lilly
stats 04/27/1901 Bernard, Ollie S. Wynne, Nettie L.
stats 11/22/1921 Bernett, Ed Frances, Ruth Radojicich
stats 04/04/1936 Bernhardt, Paul J. Hambrook, Marian
stats 11/19/1935 Bernklau, Leonard Dodson, Barbara
MR #7 11/14/1942 Bernklau, William Crocker, Sadie
MR #7 02/11/1947 Bernklau, William H. (Jr) Henderson, Dorothy Mae
MR #7 12/19/1946 Berquist, Charles J. McDaniel, Pearl E.
stats 01/05/1899 Bertelmus, Paul Lund, Mary 2nd (Anderson)
stats 12/20/1911 Bertschi, Albert P. Franklin, Evelyn May
stats 04/29/1937 Best, Bazil Wagner, June
stats 02/09/1933 Best, Denzel Koerner, Anna Eva
stats 09/08/1938 Best, Norman Colenso, Margaret Tremelling
stats 12/21/1894 Betteridge, John R. Naff, Kitty
stats 08/15/1923 Bettfreund, Charles G. Nett, Frances
stats 07/12/1927 Bettfreund, Charles W. Schneyder, Elizabeth May (Swartz)
stats 05/13/1933 Bettfreund, William A. Kimball, Gladys 2nd
stats 09/18/1916 Bettfriend, Fred J. Betteridge, Rose E.
stats 02/01/1916 Beuerlin, George Jernberg, Alda
stats 01/02/1905 Beuerlin, Joseph Surney, Lucy Jane (Quance)
stats 11/22/1924 Beusan, John Chopot, Mary V.
MR #7 12/06/1947 Beusan, Ralph S. McGarry, Jean
Slater 09/06/1891 Bevan, George H. Bashaw, Olive
stats 09/18/1895 Beverlin, Joseph 2nd Hanson, Maria 2nd (Olson)
stats 10/31/1914 Bezold, Otto F. Gibson, Ethel Ruth
stats 04/14/1939 Bible, Floyd Davis, Enes Katherine
stats 01/16/1915 Bickel, E.P. Quinn, Christina
stats 04/14/1927 Biddinger, Alvin E. Hammer, Delta M.
Slater 02/25/1881 Bidgood, A.E. Whitney, Janet
stats 07/23/1893 Bidgood, A.E. Isaacs, Mary Ann
stats 01/04/1905 Bidgood, Amiron 3rd Hull, Abigail M. 2nd (Jones)
stats 06/19/1934 Bigelow, L.C. 3rd Linn, Marie E. 3rd (Hancock)
stats 02/01/1921 Biggs, James A. Liethead, Bernice
stats 06/17/1938 Bilkey, Herbert Melvin Sommer, Barbara Sarah
stats 01/28/1935 Billingsley, R. Bourne, Ruth L. 2nd (Smith)
stats 12/26/1929 Bimogradoff, M.M. Larinoff, Minnie
stats 11/17/1899 Binford, William Oliver Andis, Bessie Margaret
stats 11/14/1932 Birch, Floyd Hanson, Hilvi Linaia Ingaborg
MR #7 07/22/1946 Birch, Floyd Morin, Mariette
stats 06/27/1936 Birch, Mark Franklin Nyman, Irene Wilma
stats 11/15/1919 Bircher, Elmer Ambrose Shodle, Caroline
stats 08/23/1909 Bircher, William Gillie, Frances Myrtle
Slater 07/02/1862 Bird, Andrew Martina
RegA 04/08/1879 Bird, Andrew Aroz, Mary
stats 08/22/1914 Bird, Ralph Jessee, Verna
stats 08/19/1919 Birge, Alfred William Tomlinson, Susie E.
stats 06/16/1920 Birge, Henry E. Irish, Mamie
MR #7 02/19/1942 Birge, Ned Smith, Evelyn L.
stats 05/14/1915 Birkbeck, Harold Donald Goodman, Ora Ella
stats 04/12/1897 Bishop, David C. 2nd Cratzen, Effie 2nd (Sampson)
stats 04/12/1897 Bishop, David C. 2nd Cratzen, Effie 2nd (Sampson)
stats 11/09/1922 Bishop, J.E. Skeels, Ora V.
stats 06/21/1904 Bishop, Joe T. Smith, Drucella
stats 11/25/1934 Bishop, Robert Thomas Archibald, Rhea Merle
stats 07/20/1914 Bishop, Roy I. Burkhart Lela Lois
stats 08/10/1916 Bissell, Claude Wilfred Bottoroff, Frances Folsom
stats 09/05/1921 Bjorklund, V.E. Emery, Annabel
stats 03/29/1929 Black, Otis Kirkland, Marie
stats 10/28/1936 Black, W.F. Minion, Clara
stats 05/02/1917 Blackenburg, Harry W. Wilks, Irene
stats 11/24/1937 Blackshere, James A. 2nd Hightower, Blanche 2nd (Seyler)
stats 09/12/1932 Blackstone, Eddie C. James, Vida
stats 05/27/1931 Blackstone, Raymond Earl Lesley, Alma
stats 07/25/1938 Blaihut, Charles J. Triggs, Lorna
RegA 02/22/1879 Blain, Byron Beard, Martha A.
stats 07/13/1908 Blaine, Henry James 2nd Allen, Pearl Violet
MR #7 05/03/1947 Blaine, James L. Graham, Ann
stats 12/23/1901 Blair, Bert F. Smith, Philipi
stats 01/17/1905 Blair, Bert F. 2nd Burt, Edna F.
stats 01/05/1929 Blair, Forest Moore, Calla D.
stats 07/02/1909 Blair, Thomas Tucker, Estella
stats 06/16/1909 Blake, Bensley E. 2nd Bryant, Ann 2nd (McLeod)
stats 11/09/1914 Blake, Layton Lorenzo Jellison, Anna (Stussi) 2nd
stats 11/06/1902 Blake, Lee R. Crawford, Elsie
stats 10/10/1911 Blamish, Edward R.T. Landerville, Ethel
stats 11/10/1925 Blank, B.R. McGinnis, Helen
stats 02/21/1925 Blankenship, Frank R. Howell, Helen Blanche
stats 03/30/1908 Blaylock, Floyd N. Smith, Clara B.
stats 03/01/1929 Blenz, B.J. Boutinen, Sadie
stats 10/15/1936 Blenz, Lloyd B. Harlan, Wilma
stats 11/19/1929 Blessing, Michael Henry White, Hazel L.
stats 11/25/1936 Blossom, Glen D. 2nd Mead, Ethel M. 2nd (Solomon)
stats 02/03/1913 Blundell, Joseph Percy Jenkins, Jessie Taylor (Hicks) 3rd
MR #7 11/09/1940 Bockemeuhl, Harold Ames, Maybelle
stats 07/19/1927 Bockmier, Paul T. Bresnahan, Agnes
stats 12/24/1907 Boddy, William Henry Coder, Elsie Myrtle
stats 10/11/1937 Bogg, William D. Bird, Marian L.
stats 03/23/1905 Boggess, George F. Darnell, Carrie M.
stats 05/20/1937 Boggess, J. Edward Koch, Evelyn E.
stats 08/11/1902 Boggs, Edmund Whalen, Dora A.
MR #7 01/03/1945 Boggs, Ernest Evan Newman, Anna Belle
MR #7 06/04/1943 Boggs, Myron Best, Jeanette
stats 12/22/1906 Boggs, O.W. Berry, Nora
stats 08/28/1934 Bohansen, William Pearson, Helen
stats 03/26/1895 Bohren, F. Fritz Bradley, Ruth
stats 06/25/1935 Bohren, Leroy B. Owen, Janet I.
stats 04/14/1920 Bohren, Merton H. Rice, Effie
stats 07/08/1897 Boker, George Ainsworth, Blanche (fa-Payton)
stats 08/28/1917 Bollinger, John Gideon Smith, Neva Lydia
MR #7 09/26/1943 Bolton, Ralph W. Rasmussen, Gladys
stats 09/26/1898 Bolton, Robert Smith, Aggie A.
stats 11/29/1935 Bonar, Gordon K. Coleman, Mildred
stats 12/23/1916 Bond, J. Montgomery Applequist, Mabel
stats 06/06/1931 Bond, Keith Forslund, Margaret
stats 04/04/1903 Bonderaut, Frank E. VanSlyke, Etta C.
stats 08/02/1915 Bonds, R.N. 2nd Wolfinger, M.M. 2nd (Long)
stats 07/01/1910 Bone, Kelly K. Clark, Annie B. 2nd (Sizemore)
stats 04/27/1917 Bone, Roy E. Hague, Violet May
stats 06/08/1901 Bonet, Edward East, Lillian M.
stats 07/07/1915 Bong, Warren W. Mills, Allie
stats 12/22/1936 Bonn, Werner E. Olson, Anna Pauline
stats 12/24/1906 Bonner, Harry E. Wisner, Bertha
stats 11/18/1921 Bonnett, David Masterson, Ida May
stats 12/24/1936 Booker, Oscar Reed, Mary
stats 12/26/1899 Boomer, Elonzo 2nd Best, Lizzie
stats 02/27/1928 Borders, Christopher M. Hougen, Catherine A.
MR #7 09/22/1939 Borders, Lewis Cruse, Vivian C.
stats 07/03/1925 Boren, E.C. Nelson, Mabel
stats 06/03/1914 Boren, Reuben L. Quillen, Pearl
stats 01/30/1936 Borgeau, Marcel Marchand, Eliza
stats 05/01/1934 Bosse, Clarence B. Puthoff, Margaret
stats 06/16/1937 Both, Bertelan Laizls Castle, Marjorie Harriett
stats 01/23/1896 Bottoff, Frank F. Rice, Jennie
stats 07/11/1896 Bottoff, Harry Curtis Rice, Estella E.
stats 12/23/1904 Bottorff, Clyde G. Lewis, Edith M.
stats 03/13/1903 Bottorff, Earl K. Compton, Carrie
stats 05/16/1904 Botts, G. Yates Carroll, Edith I.
stats 03/09/1916 Botts, J.P. Jennings, Lettie E.
stats 02/18/1901 Botts, Oscar Peterson, Mattie
stats 07/05/1932 Boucher, Richard Rowland Sauvola, Elsie Joanne
stats 12/28/1903 Boun, Frank A. Spedden, Margaret
stats 04/03/1929 Bourgeau, Alton LaFleur, Anna
MR #7 02/07/1947 Bourgeau, Hercules H. Seastrom, Velma
stats 11/28/1936 Boutellier, Harry Cornell, Lyda
stats 03/20/1924 Bovee, Ernest Fred Hinnan, Jessie Victoria
stats 11/05/1917 Bowan, James W. Mitchell, Eva T. 2nd (Woodard)
stats 06/11/1937 Bowe, Howard Alby, Bessie
stats 09/11/1907 Bowen, Bert D. Mounce, Ethel
stats 07/26/1917 Bowen, Burt D. Dickey, Mary I. L.
stats 04/06/1906 Bowen, Harry Elias McArthur, Margaret
MR #7 07/10/1939 Bower, Bennie Martin, Evangeline
stats 09/28/1917 Bower, Frank 2nd Lafor, Lenora 2nd (Bennett)
stats 06/06/1911 Bowers, Arthur Rose, Mary 2nd (Wolsey)
stats 03/25/1912 Bowers, Frank H. Johnson, Minnie E.
MR #7 06/25/1941 Bowers, Jack W. Bryan, Virginia Ensley
stats 07/31/1911 Bowles, Edward Dahl, Alma
stats 03/23/1897 Bowman, Frank Taylor, Belle 2nd (Matchn)
stats 03/23/1897 Bowman, Frank Taylor, Belle 2nd (Matchn)
stats 01/27/1911 Bowman, Lewis A. Weece, Myrtie M.
stats 03/18/1909 Boyd, Charles Henry Fleckl, Martha Anna
stats 06/14/1922 Boyd, Chester Hixson, Pearl
stats 04/06/1923 Boyd, Edward George, Laura Lulu
stats 09/27/1916 Boyd, Harry Christian, Agnes
MR #7 12/18/1941 Boyd, Howard H. Mott, Jennamae
MR #7 06/14/1940 Boyd, Joe Baulne, Josephine
stats 12/22/1934 Boyd, Norman Rickard, Catherine
stats 03/07/1914 Boyd, Russell Hawk, Etta Ora
stats 06/24/1919 Boyd, Thomas James 2nd Buriff, Melissa
stats 06/01/1916 Boyd, W.G. Fleckl, Frances
Slater 11/02/1887 Boyd, William Wade, Elizabeth
MR #7 02/07/1946 Boyd, William J. Seymour, Matilda
stats 05/10/1911 Boyington, Thomas Cameron, Blanche
stats 12/02/1901 Boyle, Aer McCrea, F.T.
stats 08/04/1930 Boyles, Leonard T. Perkins, Mabel
stats 12/24/1928 Brackman, Garwood Nolen, Katherine
stats 07/18/1903 Bradbury, A.R. 2nd Blair, May E.
stats 10/04/1911 Bradbury, Arthur B. 2nd Trunnels, Fannie
stats 05/06/1939 Bradbury, Earl Spurrier, Jean
stats 05/27/1912 Bradbury, George Needham, Cora
stats 08/22/1936 Bradbury, George E. (Jr) Traaen, Elois
stats 11/28/1914 Bradbury, Raymond L. Brigham, Rose Algier
stats 11/22/1909 Braddock, Edward D. Humphrey, Ora I.
stats 05/31/1907 Braddock, Ralph Blend Flynn, Nelly Annette
stats 05/02/1904 Bradeen, Edward A. Lantz, Sadie 2nd
stats 10/05/1907 Bradeen, Frank J. Ettinger, Grace L.
stats 10/20/1896 Bradeen, Jon Holford, Willie
stats 05/29/1933 Bradeen, Ralph C. Mallett, Lenora
stats 10/11/1929 Bradeen, Stanley Love, Gertrude C.
stats 10/01/1938 Bradford, Frank Williams, Maxine
stats 07/02/1935 Bradley, Jack Ogg, Mary Margaret
MR #7 05/20/1945 Bradley, Lawrence A. Stewart, Velma M.
stats 10/15/1919 Bradley, Thomas E. Stringham, Annie E.
stats 12/11/1907 Brady, Dellno W. Kenyon, Ida
stats 01/19/1937 Brady, Floyd R. Toner, Mary E.
stats 01/28/1935 Brady, George D. 2nd Grimm, Flora
stats 11/21/1908 Brady, Isaac Chamberlain, Helen
stats 08/15/1927 Brady, Peter Dowty, Hallie
stats 03/14/1917 Brady, Ralph Hays, Effie
stats 06/03/1919 Bragg, Merle Antoine, Annie
MR #7 07/15/1946 Brainerd, Henry Clark, Merle Irene
MR #7 03/13/1942 Bramhall, Lesley V. Broderius, Maxine
stats 07/01/1913 Bramley, Benjamin E. Robertson, Ellen P.
stats 08/24/1912 Bramley, J. Herbert Robertson, Rose A.
stats 08/03/1908 Bramley, J.H. 3rd Jackson, Nora B. 2nd (Long)
stats 11/25/1905 Bramley, William H. Lee, Rosa M.
stats 07/05/1917 Branson, George A. 2nd Cohn, Leona 2nd (Gemmick)
stats 09/29/1923 Brant, Fitzhugh L. Stears, Lola Mae
Slater 10/28/1862 Brant, Frederick Topake, Mary Ann
MR #7 06/29/1946 Bratton, Bill J. White, Pearl K.
stats 05/16/1895 Bratton, John T. Elwell, Millie A.
stats 07/30/1898 Bratton, Louis H. Perras, Lizzie
stats 12/04/1911 Braun, Thomas J. Morris, Margaret E. (Spiller) 2nd
MR #7 02/21/1941 Braun, Wendelin Thompson, Rose
MR #7 02/16/1946 Brauner, Elmo C. Honey, Florence I.
stats 06/14/1919 Brauner, Ferdinand Onstine, Alice G.
MR #7 05/20/1945 Brauner, Richard D. Meyer, Maxine
MR #7 06/27/1947 Brauner, William Harold Kerr, Betty Joyce
stats 10/22/1920 Bray, Horace Copeland, Evelyn
stats 05/02/1925 Bray, Horace W. Leithead, Alta M.
stats 02/21/1936 Brazel, Bradley H. Elwood, Sadie Helen
stats 02/15/1927 Brazington, Ira Campbell, Mary J. (Langworthy)
stats 04/30/1897 Brecheisen, Peter Stevens, Vina 2nd (Wilson)
stats 04/30/1897 Brecheisen, Peter Stevens, Vina 2nd (Wilson)
stats 04/26/1904 Bredin, John E. Ricks, Emma E.
MR #7 09/06/1940 Breein, James J. Hemphill, Lottie
MR #7 12/25/1937 Breeze, Ray Jacques, Doye
stats 07/25/1938 Breeze, Roy Jaques, Days
stats 11/06/1937 Bremner, Leonard C. Carson, Frances E.
stats 07/15/1932 Brennen, F.M. Wilson, Marian D.
stats 06/11/1930 Bresnahan, Patrick Henry Martin, Maude A.
stats 06/11/1930 Bresnahan, Raymond Robert Miller, A. Catherine
stats 07/05/1938 Brett, Fred Young, Vivian M.
stats 11/06/1916 Brewer, John E. Frazer, Alva 2nd (Flint)
stats 01/31/1906 Brewington, Sidney W. Post, Hattie
MR #7 05/16/1945 Briant, Charles A. Light, Mildred L.
MR #7 01/01/1940 Bridgefarmer, D.S. Fackenthal, Hilda G.
stats 07/02/1892 Bridgerman, Daniel Hartill, Martha Ann
stats 01/04/1905 Brien, Joseph Skeels, Josie 2nd (Stengar)
stats 12/17/1937 Briggs, Elza D. 2nd Edman, Mildred B. 2nd (Faille)
stats 10/04/1910 Briggs, William A. Betts, Ethel
stats 10/30/1919 Brigham, Albert Elmer Butler, Esther Coraine
stats 12/31/1923 Brigham, Byron Thompson, L. Vella
stats 12/24/1910 Brigham, Hugh A. Bradley, Bertha E.
stats 10/07/1920 Brigman, Jim Flett, Julia
stats 12/11/1906 Brink, Fredrick L. Hoffer, Edna Gertrude
stats 07/31/1937 Brink, H.F. Rollins, Nora
stats 04/22/1914 Brisbois, Ezra Finley, Bertha
MR #7 06/29/1947 Brisbois, Joseph O. Denison, Wilma
stats 03/26/1913 Brittain, Claud Ramey, Jennie
stats 12/04/1930 Brittain, Harold Vivian Zachow, Martha Rose
stats 01/27/1917 Brockway, Niles Phillips, Helen
MR #7 05/12/1942 Broderick, Carroll A. Metlow, Frances
MR #7 05/15/1947 Broderick, Robert W. Keough, Florence
stats 08/01/1921 Broderick, William F. Olney, Edith C.
stats 06/09/1915 Broderius, Fredrick Hofer, Minnie B.
stats 06/19/1900 Broderius, George Earl, Maud M.
stats 11/13/1934 Broderius, Harvey H. Runyon, Marian I.
stats 10/16/1915 Brodice, R.R. Bowers, Roberta
stats 05/29/1920 Brodrick, Earl Leo Paulson, Clara A.
stats 11/02/1936 Brogan, W.M. 2nd Rice, Edna 2nd (Stuart)
stats 04/23/1912 Brolinsky, Philip 2nd Roitz, Hannah (Spinner) 2nd
stats 10/08/1923 Brolliar, Neil R. Hays, Mary Elizabeth
MR #7 07/02/1942 Brolliar, Ray D. Taylor, Thelma
stats 09/10/1920 Bronson, Charles 2nd Stratton, Lucille
stats 06/12/1937 Bronson, Earl D. Lentsch, Grace Mary
stats 10/29/1907 Brooks, Burton 2nd Baxter, Mabel
stats 07/02/1917 Brooks, Carl Chester Curtis, Emma
MR #7 06/14/1947 Brooks, Daniel P. Kilgour, Jolene
stats 05/13/1933 Brooks, E. Ray Wooddell, Garnet
stats 04/07/1904 Brooks, Francis E. Colwell, Edith
stats 11/23/1932 Brooks, Jobe Knapp, Evelyn
Slater 01/17/1889 Brooks, Paulding V. Reister, Bertha E.
stats 11/19/1919 Brooks, Ray Raber, Delcie
stats 06/27/1925 Brooks, Severin S. Weigelt, Mart
MR #7 07/13/1939 Brooks, Wilbur Varree Frazier, Dortha Lee
stats 03/24/1938 Brooks, William C. Hartson, Edith Lenore
MR #7 09/28/1944 Brooks, William C. Clark, Edith Virginia
stats 03/20/1928 Brothers, Willis Eldon Lockman, Myra Viola
stats 07/30/1930 Brouillet, Alfred Morris, Ruby Lee
stats 02/07/1905 Brouillet, Guy Immel, Mary Lydia
Slater 10/15/1887 Brown, Albert Stuck, Annie
stats 03/08/1930 Brown, Albert Gumm, Marie
stats 12/09/1914 Brown, Ben F. McRae, Margaret
stats 09/26/1929 Brown, Burke E. LeBret, Esther
stats 04/30/1896 Brown, C.F. Signor, Mary
stats 01/29/1913 Brown, Cyrus B. Hickman, Callie M.
stats 09/02/1925 Brown, Edward Miller, Katherine B.
stats 05/05/1913 Brown, Elvin L. McLean, Frances E.
stats 10/30/1937 Brown, Evan E. Pace, Olita 2nd (Hottell)
stats 08/30/1930 Brown, George Nolan Norman, Mary E.
stats 07/11/1923 Brown, George W. Christian, Mary J.
stats 01/14/1907 Brown, Harry Douglas, Grace
stats 06/16/1933 Brown, Henry John 2nd Park, Eliza 2nd (Wilkinson)
Slater 01/13/1887 Brown, John L. Wright, Ida L.
stats 06/27/1929 Brown, K. Jones, Warena
stats 09/28/1901 Brown, Levi Akins, Margaret A. 2nd (Clark)
stats 10/09/1893 Brown, Magnus William Ferguson, Mary Agnes
stats 09/03/1938 Brown, Sidney H. Frame, Jean Eleanor
stats 06/29/1908 Brown, Thomas Putnam. Ella M. 2nd (Straw)
stats 01/04/1936 Brown, Walter A. Atwood, Elizabeth 2nd (Lillefield)
stats 08/18/1931 Brown, Walter J. Puthoff, Frances
stats 10/28/1930 Browne, Karl M. Rauch, Dorothy
stats 08/14/1910 Brownlow, Alexander Toner, Irene
stats 06/06/1908 Brownlow, Ralph H. Mowatt, Iva M.
MR #7 04/18/1946 Bruce, James G. Blackenberg, Carol
Slater 06/10/1886 Bruce, Robert Thompson, Jane
stats 03/04/1903 Bruch, Louis E. Smith, Libbie
stats 02/02/1924 Brugger, Frank Waldner, Anna
stats 10/05/1908 Brunner, James B. Stewart, Jennie B.
stats 04/20/1900 Brunner, John Scheanert, Emma 2nd (Zedner)
stats 09/05/1924 Brunner, John F. Frazee, Beatrice
stats 08/10/1915 Brunstetter, G.W. 2nd Sorenson, Anna 2nd
stats 10/17/1917 Brunt, Herbert Stroyan, Mae
stats 08/28/1933 Bryan, Leo Bestrom, Florence
stats 03/15/1909 Bryant, David Overman, Eliza M.
stats 09/08/1904 Bryant, Emmet P. 2nd Burcham, Hattie M.
stats 12/14/1932 Bryant, Guy D. 2nd Houchin, Zelma
MR #7 09/09/1939 Bryant, James Thomas Nett, Genevieve
stats 10/18/1932 Bryant, L.D. Houchin, Hazel
MR #7 06/15/1943 Bryant, Norman V. Latting, Gladys M.
stats 08/19/1924 Bryant, Raymond W. Curry, Virginia (Noble) adop-Curry
stats 12/15/1894 Bryant, Spangle Galloway, Ana
stats 03/30/1914 Bryant, William Crandall, Annie
stats 10/16/1893 Bryant, William W. Overman, Laura V.
stats 10/08/1917 Bryant, Winton F. Tucker, Eva
stats 01/11/1932 Bryant, Winton F. 2nd Goodman, Florence
stats 11/03/1938 Buchanan, Charles Gilbert, Lois
stats 01/01/1915 Buchanan, Forest Chamberlin, Blanche
MR #7 02/09/1943 Buchanan, Harold H. Harris, Velma E.
stats 05/29/1936 Buchanan, Wayne Duncan Ernest, Irma Eleanor
stats 10/19/1897 Buchholz, Fred A. Baigley, Maud 2nd (Combs)
stats 03/30/1909 Buchholz, Fredrick W. 2nd Spaulding, Helena F. 2nd (Richter)
stats 06/10/1916 Buchman, Edgar M. Little, Grace S.
stats 07/17/1901 Buck, George F. Brooks, G.M.
MR #7 04/09/1946 Buck, Grant C. Pinea, Marilyn E.
stats 08/18/1902 Buckland, John J. Anglin, Ethel
stats 06/20/1927 Buckley, A.E. McDavitt, Dorothy
stats 04/22/1936 Buckna, John A. Royce, Lillian
Slater 04/14/1891 Buckner, Jacob B. Troyer, Frances M.
stats 02/27/1918 Buckner, W.A. Keathler, Minnie 2nd
stats 10/16/1937 Budd, Ned H. Fosback, Alma L.
stats 01/02/1930 Buell, Lester Jeffries, Josephine
stats 12/29/1914 Buelow, Edward W. Thoni, Hilda A.
stats 03/29/1935 Buhler, Harry C. 2nd Pakonen, Edna Katherine
stats 06/19/1925 Buhrig, Henry Houchin, Helen
stats 12/07/1925 Buhrig, William McNeese, Audine
stats 10/03/1933 Bulger, Walter L. Gale, Agnes
stats 10/27/1906 Bull, Wallace Garnett Troyer, Elma Augusta
stats 06/23/1917 Bunker, B.J. Miller, Exie
stats 10/19/1905 Bunker, Claud Clarence 2nd Brown, Ida L. 2nd (Wright)
stats 01/05/1907 Bunker, George N. Thomason, Nettie I.
stats 06/15/1935 Bunker, Lawrence Wilson, Betty
stats 11/26/1892 Burbank, George F. Hendrickson, Martha
stats 08/05/1907 Burch, Edrich 2nd Hutchinson, Leona 2nd (Wells)
stats 12/18/1918 Burch, William H. Gray, Alberta L.
MR #7 12/09/1939 Burcham, Frank Lewis, Bernice
MR #7 10/10/1947 Burcham, W.E. Howard, Laura W.
stats 07/23/1937 Burcham, William E. Schenk, Myrtle
MR #7 12/14/1939 Burcham, William E. Seigle, Margaret I.
stats 07/04/1900 Burdett, James Maybe, Stella Lucinda
stats 08/21/1937 Burdick, Joseph Henry Quinston, Agnes
MR #7 08/10/1940 Burge, Warren G. Mosthaf, Ruth I.
stats 07/24/1937 Burger, Frank Armstrong, Elnore M.
stats 09/01/1937 Burger, John H. Smith, Daisy I.
stats 05/20/1903 Burgess, C.A. Winings, Mattie
stats 06/12/1930 Burgess, Hugh Hanson, Anna
MR #7 10/07/1941 Burgess, Norman C. Kemmerer, Dorothy
stats 10/21/1908 Burgess, Omer Grubb, Eva L.
stats 04/08/1918 Burgess, S.H. 2nd (fa-Heber) Mulkey, Anna 3rd (Woodcock)
stats 02/25/1907 Burgess, Stephen H. Latta, Carrie 2nd (Crook)
stats 03/11/1914 Burgess, V. Bailey, Amy
MR #7 01/15/1940 Burgess, Vernon L. Finch, Bessie
stats 08/17/1917 Burgman, John Wardner, Daisy Dawson
stats 01/12/1911 Burgoine, T.S. 2nd Pederspiel, Frances E. 2nd (Schele)
Slater 06/09/1885 Burke, James E Condon, Julia
MR #7 08/12/1943 Burke, Mason C. Price, Eileen
MR #7 09/16/1945 Burke, William E. Spencer, Eloise
stats 04/24/1939 Burkhart, Eddie Bowdelais, Myrtle E. 2nd (Kendrick)
stats 06/22/1921 Burkland, Arthur C. Clark, Meon Evelyn
stats 06/30/1915 Burkley, Adrian A. McClure, Annie May 2nd (Jordan)
MR #7 03/31/1942 Burnett, Bill Miller, Mary Jane
MR #7 08/19/1944 Burnett, David William Mahoney, Rita May
MR #7 10/25/1946 Burnett, Morris H. Ingalls, Margaret Jean
stats 03/17/1902 Burnham, Abbie K. Byrd, Molly
MR #7 08/29/1939 Burnham, Troy T. Biddle, Gladys Marie
stats 07/02/1904 Burns, Daniel Leach, Annie 2nd
MR #7 09/09/1943 Burns, David A. McElroy, Frances R.
stats 06/29/1929 Burns, Ronald J. Miller, Elsie O.
stats 09/29/1917 Burnside, A.E. Carroll, Lillian
stats 09/28/1907 Burnside, George Hoffer, Maud
MR #7 04/07/1945 Burnside, Myron L. Graves, Jeanne V.
stats 11/14/1933 Burnt, John Gibbons Dyck, Emma Wilhelmina 2nd (Lietz)
Slater 06/01/1886 Burr, Ed E. Weston, Stella
stats 09/08/1926 Burr, Porter Leyden, Myrtle
stats 05/22/1926 Burr, Roscoe Naff, Iva
stats 02/25/1927 Burris, C.S. Patterson, Sylvia (Butler)
stats 09/30/1918 Burris, Earl J. Loiselle, Albina Marie
MR #7 08/24/1945 Burris, Harold L. Gilmore, Margaret
stats 04/21/1894 Burris, James D. Chamberlain, Mary M.
stats 06/12/1920 Burris, Leslie A. Smythe, Mildred E.
stats 09/05/1922 Burris, Rex Alvin Rickey, Minerva E.
MR #7 09/11/1940 Burris, Royce D. Walsh, Margaret
stats 06/25/1930 Burse, Harold O. Disney, Leona
stats 04/26/1937 Burse, Harold O. Crofoot, Margery
stats 11/11/1902 Burse, James Maurice Knapp, Blanche M.
stats 08/31/1929 Burse, Wilkie Huguenin, Elsie
stats 12/24/1931 Burt, Albert E. 2nd Jarvis, Viola J. 2nd (Masterson)
stats 11/04/1935 Burt, Sherley Carl Gordon, Thelma
stats 11/27/1935 Burton, Thomas H. McLaughlin, Dorothy
MR #7 10/30/1939 Burya, Joe Miles, Mary
stats 06/01/1936 Burya, Louie Harrod, Grace
stats 06/05/1916 Busby, Charley E. Rowe, Mary Ann
stats 02/19/1916 Busby, Sidney Sell, Alice E.
stats 02/10/1914 Busey, Oscar Jones, Idella
stats 12/12/1936 Bush, Arthur Williams, Theresa
stats 11/01/1926 Bush, Ed L. Hollingbery, Helene
stats 06/17/1912 Bush, H.W. 2nd Davis, Mary E.
stats 09/04/1909 Bush, Roy F. Curtis, Jessie I.
Slater 08/25/1891 Bushnell, Harry D. Hinman, Blanche R.
stats 12/22/1934 Bussard, Ray Hutchinson, Emily
stats 05/28/1903 Bussard, William H. Mickelson, Hannah L.
stats 04/05/1907 Bussert, Evan Edwin Weynd, Jessie May 2nd (Otis)
stats 08/22/1935 Bussler, Earl J. Ensminger, Mary E.
stats 11/08/1929 Butler, Forrest J. Marchand, Agnes
stats 06/22/1931 Butler, George E. Hightower, Virginia
stats 03/27/1922 Bye, Emil G. Thompson, Elizabeth
stats 09/04/1937 Bye, Sigurd Martinson, Frances J.
MR #7 01/20/1946 Byers, Noral A. Ogle, Irene
MR #7 01/07/1942 Byrd, Alvin W. McNeil, Lula Marie
stats 05/22/1897 Byrd, C. C. Jacobs, Gracie
stats 05/22/1897 Byrd, C.C. Jacobs, Gracie
stats 09/16/1936 Byrd, Fred Smith, Erma
stats 10/14/1935 Byrd, Howard T. Conrad, Alma
stats 06/30/1904 Byrd, Joseph Keough, Josephine
MR #7 09/07/1946 Byrd, Ralph Keck, Ruth
stats 11/16/1938 Byrne, Robert Anderson, Helen