Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriage Index
Grooms Index C - D
stats 02/14/1919 Cadwalader, Joe D. French, Ethel
stats 06/26/1916 Caffell, James W. Morley, Cora 2nd
stats 12/14/1915 Cagle, Charles M. Crowe, Bertha May
stats 08/18/1900 Cagle, Jesse R. Meyers, Elizabeth V.
stats 01/15/1907 Cagle, Marcus D. Hull, Emma E.
stats 12/24/1907 Cain, George Paraids, Lunina Anna
stats 09/09/1912 Cain, Grover A. Baima, Delphina
stats 09/16/1913 Cain, Hartwell J. Mitchell, Lora
stats 01/20/1908 Cain, William Archer, Evelyn M.
stats 06/19/1906 Caldwell, Marshall C. Julet, Bird
stats 09/13/1919 Caldwell, P.M. Cartright, Mable M.
stats 12/20/1921 Calhoun, Hugh Leslie Laird, Cora 2nd (Howard)
stats 09/22/1915 Calhoun, James H. Henry, Clara
stats 02/08/1914 Calhoun, Larry N. Lindsey, Emma E.
stats 04/19/1924 Calhoun, M.J. Pearson, Hazel R. (Vannotric)
stats 12/06/1917 Callan, Thomas A. Rasmussen, Myrtle
stats 11/14/1927 Callaway, James Russell Kulp, Rita Mae
Slater 07/23/1891 Callon, Frank Peone, Amelia
stats 04/17/1928 Calvert, J.R. Miller, Edith R.
stats 08/09/1915 Camerer, Clyde Wesley Jeffrey, Hazel May
MR #7 11/19/1947 Cameron, Clarence Allen McMartin, Muriel Jean
stats 10/22/1937 Cameron, Donald Herbert Hicks, Jean Buriell
MR #7 02/23/1940 Cameron, Grant L. Hodgson, Ruby L.
stats 08/13/1917 Camille, John Seymour, Adeline
stats 11/07/1913 Camille, Louis Pichette, Marguerite
stats 02/17/1904 Camp, Arthur Hardenbrook, Blanche
stats 01/12/1918 Camp, Cecil Mowery, Elizabeth 2nd (Price)
stats 10/18/1930 Camp, Cecil Pierce, Suzie M. (Anglin)
stats 09/14/1910 Camp, Clint Wernli, Martha
stats 05/12/1938 Camp, Edgar Toulou, Phoebe
stats 11/07/1938 Camp, Fay Keough, Peggy
stats 05/09/1903 Camp, Fay L. Brewington, Josephine M.
stats 09/15/1900 Camp, George Ray, Eunice
stats 09/30/1906 Camp, John Pettingill, Marian Beulah
stats 10/07/1937 Camp, John A. Ames, Irene M.
stats 10/23/1929 Camp, Kenneth Beardslee, Myrtle
MR #7 03/10/1944 Camp, Richard C. Wehrli, Carrie M.
MR #7 03/13/1943 Campbell, A.W. Shepherdson, Ruby
MR #7 07/06/1946 Campbell, Alexander R. Bussler, Shirley A.
stats 02/08/1929 Campbell, B. Toulou, Dorothy
stats 04/14/1910 Campbell, Bert A. Lockie, Grace E.
stats 09/04/1920 Campbell, Charles A. Mitchell, Vesta
MR #7 06/08/1940 Campbell, Donald K. Tjossen, Mary
stats 10/03/1925 Campbell, Elbert Lenderman, Hazel D.
MR #7 02/24/1942 Campbell, Fraser Cooper Bartlett, Eileen Mae
stats 08/15/1916 Campbell, H.L. Dickson, Hilda
stats 10/04/1899 Campbell, James 2nd Marsh, Nevada 2nd
Slater 10/27/1862 Campbell, John Borland, Lucy
Slater 04/25/1887 Campbell, John Nichl, Mary
stats 05/25/1936 Campbell, John Lewis, Rhoda J.
stats 11/17/1896 Campbell, John 2nd Waitt, Amy
stats 10/23/1935 Campbell, John A. Graves, Marie Frances
stats 03/22/1924 Campbell, John Eric Wilken, Rose
MR #7 06/24/1947 Campbell, Kelsey L. Martin, Rita E.
Slater 11/24/1891 Campbell, Presley B. Smith, Maggie
stats 07/07/1902 Campbell, Robert A. Lacey, Blanche E.
stats 01/16/1919 Campbell, Roy S. Branigan, Edith
stats 03/03/1924 Campbell, William E. Black, Esther M.
stats 03/04/1907 Campbell, William W. Miller, Dora E.
stats 07/03/1936 Campbell, William W. (Jr) English, Doris
stats 11/07/1913 Cannon, Earl Pogue, Edna Fay
stats 12/21/1911 Cannon, Fred B. Diedrich, Anna
stats 05/31/1921 Capelli, Johnny Michael Myers, Lucy V.
stats 07/14/1928 Capfer, Edward F. Dubois, Rose
stats 06/01/1920 Capps, Arthur O. Hudson, Elsie M. 2nd (Glencross)
stats 01/28/1905 Caraker, Alvin Jones, Maud 2nd
stats 01/07/1939 Carbon, Carl Fosse, Nelda J.
stats 05/13/1931 Carefoot, Truman Price, Mildred L.
stats 07/16/1924 Carefoot, Walter Price, Furla Christina
stats 06/16/1925 Carey, James W. Hobson, Pearl E.
Slater 10/06/1890 Carl, Henry Overman, Jennie
stats 06/09/1902 Carlin, Harold J. Boyd, Esther B.
stats 10/07/1936 Carlisle, Warren G. Cranston, Marjorie
Slater 02/28/1875 Carlow, Charles A.R. Peone, Angeline
stats 12/11/1928 Carlson, Clarence Marlow, Minnie
stats 03/30/1920 Carlson, Peter Erik Markson, Marguerite
MR #7 11/23/1941 Carman, Paul F. Carlson, Norma M.
stats 03/28/1901 Carmody, Charles A. Curry, L.L.
stats 11/21/1903 Carnegie, J.C. Sisson, Edna B.
stats 04/27/1928 Carol, John Smith, Ruth Opal
stats 06/15/1931 Caroll, L.M. Anderson, R.G.
MR #7 12/14/1946 Carpenter, Dan Clark, Irene
stats 11/25/1923 Carpenter, Earl Look, Emma
stats 04/21/1915 Carpenter, W.J. Henry, Ethel S
stats 11/21/1901 Carr, Frank P. Webb, Grace M.
MR #7 07/07/1945 Carr, Gordon E. West, Helen
stats 09/27/1899 Carr, Thomas Bartell, Mary 2nd (Bluse)
stats 07/05/1913 Carrico, Jess E. Aikman, Bernice
stats 10/17/1931 Carrigan, Lester A. LaCroix, Mary 2nd (StGeorge)
MR #7 05/01/1944 Carroll, Fred Sailor, Margaret
stats 03/08/1921 Carroll, James M. McCrea, Clara
stats 08/31/1921 Carroll, Lawrence Tate, Ella
stats 03/18/1897 Carroll, Simon F. Bond, Geneva O.
stats 03/18/1897 Carroll, Simon F. Bond, Geneva O.
stats 05/11/1916 Carrow, Charles W. Ledgerwood, Glen E.
stats 07/24/1900 Carruthers, Charles Acorn, Jennie E.
MR #7 05/27/1943 Carson, C.L. Schwerin, Gertrude
stats 03/15/1939 Carson, Clare C. Hanson, Marie C. 2nd (Christianson)
MR #7 10/23/1944 Carson, V.L. LeBret, Viola K.
stats 12/11/1936 Carson, Wayne M. 2nd Frisvold, Mabel 2nd (Egland)
MR #7 10/21/1947 Carson, William A. Rendle, Catherine
stats 05/27/1933 Carstensen, Julius Round, Kathleen M.
MR #7 08/25/1946 Carter, Donald B. Cohrs, B. Louise
stats 06/02/1926 Carter, Earnest L. Hansen, Blanche
stats 11/04/1908 Carter, Fred Immel, Gertrude
stats 06/12/1915 Carter, Glen Clark, Elsie
stats 06/12/1896 Carter, Henry William Naff, Laura Jane
stats 12/16/1905 Carter, L.E. 2nd Morton, P.Y.
stats 06/27/1921 Carter, Paschal Arapa, Mary
stats 09/07/1935 Carter, Robert H. Pinkerton, Helen Louise
stats 08/27/1895 Carter, S.B. 2nd Passkile, Laura E. 3rd (Teters)
stats 07/06/1932 Carter, W.C. 2nd Terry, Berdie 3rd (Cappell)
stats 04/24/1919 Carter, W.M. Belknap, Clair
stats 05/27/1904 Casberg, Einor A. Doyer, Etta May
stats 08/31/1914 Cascavilla, Matthew Jane, Julia
stats 05/09/1906 Case, James H. McDonald, Lavinah
stats 02/02/1918 Casey, A.B. Bell, Anna E.
MR #7 11/02/1947 Caskanett, Joseph William McClurg, Janie
stats 04/08/1902 Casner, H. Ellsworth Goss,Ethel
stats 02/14/1896 Cason, Charles Craig, Nelly
Slater 07/09/1891 Cason, Frank Williams, Amy
stats 12/26/1914 Cassidy, William Henry 2nd O'Connor, Elizabeth J. (Cook) 2nd
stats 03/24/1915 Cassivi, Jerome Rose, Effie M. (Thorn) 4th
MR #7 01/27/1945 Castillo, Ernest L. Abrahamson, Marie K.
stats 12/26/1912 Castle, C.S. McGregor, Lena
MR #7 06/11/1943 Castle, Elmer Emil Lancaster, Jean Annette
stats 03/17/1909 Caswell, Thomas B. Anderson, Maude E.
stats 03/02/1910 Catlanach, Earl M. Brown, Mable M.
stats 03/13/1905 Cattle, E.R. Zollner, Martha M.
stats 02/28/1916 Caufield, Willis P. Taylor, Allie Brook
stats 10/09/1922 Cavens, Raliegh D. O'Keefe, Mable Irene
stats 07/09/1927 Cavens, Ralph B. Glover, Grace M
MR #7 04/19/1941 Cawthon, E.F. Lotze, Evelyn
stats 06/25/1927 Ceynar, Henry Bresnahan, Mary V.
stats 07/21/1934 Chaddock, Harold J. Yurkoski, Louise
stats 11/29/1899 Chaffee, Ethan Allen 2nd Russell, Mary Jane
stats 02/18/1905 Chalfan, Wiley Boyd, Naomi
MR #7 05/09/1945 Challinor, Charles C. Finch, Violet R.
MR #7 12/06/1947 Challinor, James A. Rowe, Edith
stats 02/20/1923 Chalmers, James Lyal Davis, Della
MR #7 03/05/1947 Chalmers, John David Paulson, Mary Wilma
stats 12/18/1893 Chamberlain, Charles A. Fogg, Mabel M.
stats 03/27/1897 Chamberlain, George S. Betts, Daisy M.
stats 03/27/1897 Chamberlain, George S. Betts, Daisy M.
stats 10/09/1908 Chamberlain, Harry E. Lyons, Jennie Peal (fa-Fellington)
MR #7 07/09/1944 Chamberlain, Jack L Talbot, Wilma J.
MR #7 06/14/1945 Chamberlain, James Conner, Bonita J.
stats 11/07/1900 Chamberlain, Oscar Wright, Roda
stats 03/06/1893 Chamberlain, Theodore W. Salvage, Caroline
stats 04/09/1917 Chamberlin, L.H. Root, Bessie E.
stats 12/23/1914 Chambers, H.W. Rosis, Helen C. (Starkey) 2nd
stats 03/29/1913 Champ, Harley M. DeGrief, Edna
stats 02/07/1911 Champ, R.H. Haworth, Callie
stats 12/30/1902 Champ, Stephen DeGrief, Minnie
MR #7 01/13/1944 Champa, John Guimond, Estella M.
Slater 07/19/1873 Champagne, Gilbert Duplisse, Margaret
Slater 05/14/1884 Chance, J.M. Pulon, Mary
stats 09/27/1907 Chapin, C.E. Nyholm, Theodolinda
stats 06/20/1898 Chapin, Frank L. Sutton, June L.
stats 09/29/1908 Chapman, Forest K. Wright, Jenny May
stats 03/09/1916 Chapman, Frank C. Carr, Lillian Elizabeth
stats 06/19/1914 Chapman, Harry M. Wiltz, Barbara Elizabeth
stats 09/01/1937 Chapman, Joseph R. Higginbotham, Violet
stats 05/19/1933 Chapman, W.S. Bowles, Eddoris
stats 08/23/1919 Chapman, William Orr Riggs, Eva Jane
stats 01/14/1901 Chappel, Edward Knudson, Julie 2nd (Waller)
stats 12/18/1913 Chappell, Carter C. Frazier, Osta E.
Slater 03/19/1887 Charbeneau, Morris LaFleur, Olive
stats 01/05/1911 Charboneau, J.A. Whitney, Rose
Slater 01/22/1888 Charette, Alexander Heller, Lucy
stats 11/04/1905 Charlton, F.H. Weaver, Ethel A.
stats 07/15/1931 Chase, Kenneth B. Shaw, Margaret (Draper)
stats 08/18/1927 Chasse, Lyle W. Wunsch, Margaret
stats 06/03/1918 Chavis, Charles M. 2nd Jacobson, Emma Leona
stats 07/17/1918 Chavis, Rupert R. Vogel, Eleanor Dorothy
Reg 10/21/1876 Cherette, Maddy Jandro, Adeline
stats 12/25/1907 Cherry, Arthur T. Dixon, Helen E.
stats 10/23/1915 Cherry, Arthur T. Turner, Sara G.
stats 11/28/1923 Cherryholmes, Earl Bjerke, Dorothy M.
stats 03/26/1917 Cherryholmes, Perry Beach, Lila
stats 06/01/1915 Chester, Earl Diehl, Mary
MR #7 07/16/1947 Chester, Edward E. Bennison, Dorothy
stats 08/29/1933 Cheyney, Hugh Johnson, Isabel
stats 06/23/1903 Childs, H.L. 2nd Wilks, Lucinda 2nd (Pierce)
MR #7 07/24/1945 Chindahl, Jack Holtman, Claudine
stats 07/13/1934 Chitwood, Addison Pollok, Rose
stats 07/30/1923 Chitwood, John A. Olsen, Hazel
stats 06/27/1911 Chollet, Charles Eklund, Vernie A.
stats 12/18/1913 Chollet, Charles 2nd Jacobson, Edna
stats 06/26/1899 Chord, George 2nd Windell, Alice 3rd (Lafferty)
stats 02/21/1901 Christeson, Elija C. Lyons, Bertha A.
stats 09/12/1931 Christeson, Emmett C. Lundberg, Lillian
stats 10/26/1932 Christeson, Lloyd O. Keller, Ethelyn
Reg 10/03/1875 Christian, Thomas Martin, Unice
stats 02/25/1928 Christianson, Arle C. Bechtel, Velma Lois
stats 08/04/1910 Christianson, Carl F. Brown, Mary
MR #7 02/07/1947 Christianson, Hans P. Jr. Richards, Evelyn S.
stats 10/31/1936 Christianson, James V. Cleator, Wilma L.
stats 05/24/1907 Christianson, John Andy Phillips, Fay Elizabeth
stats 05/31/1935 Christianson, Lester C. Beach, Marjorie
stats 04/15/1899 Christianson, O.G. Richard, Sylvia
stats 02/20/1936 Christman, H.R. Burns, Ellen Mary
stats 03/02/1922 Christman, William S. Myers, Ruby M.
stats 06/22/1932 Christofferson, Roy Hathan, Izetta
stats 03/10/1911 Chrysler, Webster L. Jarboe, Edith F.
Slater 11/14/1891 Church, Eugene Downing, Emily
stats 07/21/1904 Churchill, E.H. McCartney, Isabella
stats 07/11/1925 Citkovitch, John Bardwell, Helen
stats 07/03/1918 Claar, George C. Olds, Mary Elizabeth
stats 11/06/1937 Claar, Hughie Scott, Hazel
stats 09/15/1908 Claar, Merle Rievley, Mable
stats 04/29/1938 Cladius, Harry Seely, Mae Bell
MR #7 11/16/1941 Clare, Pete Olaf Wells, Pearl Harriet
stats 05/06/1938 Clark, A.L.B. Knight, P.I.
stats 04/25/1910 Clark, Albert F. LaFleur, Victoria
stats 01/16/1925 Clark, Alvie Gottfriedson, Josephine
stats 12/29/1922 Clark, Arlie C. Dahl, Mable C.
stats 07/05/1911 Clark, Dan Albert White, Abigail Elvira
stats 07/28/1931 Clark, E.E. Harold, Joanna
Slater 01/29/1891 Clark, Emmet Campbell, Nellie
stats 12/28/1927 Clark, Eugene Gliuk, Anna
stats 09/12/1916 Clark, F.D. 2nd Wentworth, H.M. 3rd (Beatley)
stats 09/09/1933 Clark, Frank O. Brooks, Irene
stats 08/20/1908 Clark, Fred H. Blake, Florence 3rd (Griffith)
stats 04/01/1937 Clark, Fred W. Christianson, Ruth A.
stats 07/08/1921 Clark, Guy B. Watson, Vera May
Slater 06/07/1891 Clark, James E. Bohart, Minnie A.
stats 12/30/1922 Clark, James W. Hinshaw, Vera
stats 04/13/1936 Clark, Lyle L. Hirsch, Helen
stats 04/06/1912 Clark, Orville Golden, Anna
stats 06/25/1924 Clark, Roy Spencer Wilson, Alberta E.
stats 06/25/1931 Clark, Theodore Jayne, Elizabeth (Arnold)
MR #7 08/21/1947 Clark, Thomas E. (Jr) Hinrichs, Janet Mae
MR #7 02/11/1940 Clarke, George T. Chausse, Louanna
stats 07/30/1903 Clarke, George W. 2nd Hyatt, Hazel Grace
stats 12/12/1938 Clarke, Granville Edmenson, Tally
stats 07/17/1926 Clarke, Melvin L VanBibber, Louise M.
stats 05/06/1926 Clayton, C.B. Wright, Alice
stats 11/03/1923 Clegg, Charles Harold Nordman, Irene
stats 01/10/1899 Clein, Sigmund Blodgett, Elsie
stats 06/02/1920 Clemens, Walter Ferris Conner, Rose
MR #7 09/07/1940 Clemons, Lester L. Scott, Dorothy J.
stats 10/20/1914 Clemons, Lola Holford, Minnie E.
MR #7 07/30/1946 Clemons, Russell Streit, Marie
stats 07/16/1936 Cline, Alvin E. Brown, Nina F.
stats 05/15/1931 Cline, Paul A. Rinehart, Margaret V.
stats 02/20/1918 Clink, Sylvester VanHorn, Annie
stats 03/01/1910 Clink, William Randall, Fernia
stats 06/30/1911 Clinton, George T. Ayres, Ruth B.
stats 06/23/1922 Clinton, Harold F. Harris, Amanda
stats 06/16/1916 Clinton, Harry Lawrence Owen, Vera Elizabeth
stats 03/30/1917 Clinton, Howard R. Marty, Irene K.
Slater 11/17/1886 Clinton, J.B. Hall, Mary E.
stats 08/11/1914 Clinton, Lester H. Hamilton, Florence M.
stats 12/14/1920 Clinton, Ralph D. Cranston, Hattie C.
stats 06/17/1915 Clinton, Walter H. VanWormer, Arlene
stats 06/15/1937 Close, Thomas P. Alldredge, Dorothy Verna
stats 02/16/1918 Closson, D.D. Quillan, Ruby
Slater 02/22/1867 Clugston, John Hoffman, Maggie
stats 11/26/1902 Cobert, Charles B. VanSlyke, Edna
stats 04/11/1930 Coble, L. Paul Powell, Elizabeth
stats 09/02/1938 Coburn, George E. Martin, Evelyn D.
stats 01/12/1938 Coburn, John C. Baker, Grace C.
stats 06/11/1937 Cochran, Charles Lakin, Genevieve
stats 10/22/1904 Coe, Ernest Wallace, Sadra
stats 12/23/1905 Coe, Harvey Earl Thexton, Margaret Jane
stats 10/17/1900 Coe, Robert S. Marney, Myrtle
stats 11/05/1902 Coffey, William M. Pierce, Lillie Bishop
Slater 03/13/1888 Coffland, R.W. King, Martina
stats 07/19/1919 Cohrs, Lester Sturman, Nora
stats 06/14/1924 Coker, Adrian William Lawson, Ruth
stats 12/16/1905 Colbanks, George C. Prewett, Bess
stats 07/18/1912 Colburn, Clark H. Fetterly, Maud
stats 01/10/1905 Colburn, Frank Jewett Morgan, Emma Gertrude
stats 09/12/1934 Cole, Leo A. Vetleson, Anita M.
stats 08/27/1918 Cole, Monte Marmette, Grace Mae 2nd
stats 12/26/1931 Cole, Raymond L. Tomlinson, Ruby L.
stats 11/30/1937 Colegrove, Wayne D. Johnson, Alice Elizabeth
stats 05/27/1912 Coleman, Arthur Keller, Emeline J.
MR #7 02/17/1940 Coleman, George Menik, Helen
MR #7 07/06/1940 Coleman, Jim Coleman, Molly
stats 06/14/1932 Coleman, Joseph Phillip Clayton, Edna E. 2nd
stats 04/29/1933 Coleman, Martin Hammer, Edythe
stats 08/16/1919 Coleman, W.J. Mee, Genevieve Gladys
MR #7 11/26/1945 Colley, Walter L. Pettet, Pauline
stats 11/16/1898 Colley, William Barnett, Kate
stats 05/27/1911 Collier, Fred H. Gleason, Agnes Irene
stats 05/18/1935 Collins, Charles E. Seabrandt, Thelma M.
stats 03/08/1898 Collins, George H. Brummand, Amelia
stats 04/26/1921 Collins, J.H. Rosch, Catherine C.
MR #7 06/22/1940 Collins, James Vermont Willard, Virginia Mary
stats 07/11/1903 Collins, Loren McGrath, Wilma
MR #7 07/04/1943 Collins, Willis N. Willett, Betty Jean
stats 12/12/1925 Colman, Jim Colman, Mollie (Mann)
stats 03/28/1922 Colvin, Cecil D. Hoegerl, Verona
stats 06/15/1923 Colvin, G.J. Seavey, Frances A.
MR #7 12/27/1939 Colvin, Raymond P. Caldwell, Myrtle J.
stats 07/04/1914 Combs, John L. 3rd Valentine, Clara L. (Nelson) 3rd
stats 07/06/1937 Combs, Robert C. Pool, Winnifred M.
stats 03/29/1939 Compodore, Luigi 2nd Wieland, Bertha 2nd (Stofer)
stats 11/22/1916 Conn, Joseph Elmer Skelton, Hula Melinda
stats 09/12/1911 Conn, Tom Skelton, Lola
stats 08/29/1910 Conn, Troy Soloman, Ola
stats 04/10/1909 Connell, Clinton W. 2nd Willis, Clara F.
stats 02/24/1938 Connell, Robert D. Shute, Shirley L.
MR #7 10/21/1943 Connell, Robert D. King, Adrienne I.
stats 09/18/1920 Connelly, Lee L. Onstott, Myrna A.
stats 11/02/1915 Conner, Clyde Sullivan, Edith
stats 10/18/1916 Conner, Ebbie Day, Gladys
stats 11/13/1920 Conner, Harold Wilkin, Alvina
stats 09/22/1920 Conner, L.V. 2nd Eager, Emma 2nd (Hawn)
MR #7 12/27/1946 Conner, Lonnie A. Smith, Mary Doris
stats 03/17/1922 Conner, Lonnie L. Barrett, Nina V.
stats 07/31/1897 Conner, William O. Burbank, Martha 2nd (Hendrickson)
stats 05/13/1922 Conner, Willie L. Pierce, Ruth L.
stats 06/25/1913 Connor, Emery Kimball, Vina
stats 08/19/1913 Conrad, Ray B. Brown, Geraldine A.
Slater 09/28/1882 Conrady, Charles Frances King, Mary Elizabeth
stats 05/25/1917 Constant, Antone Parker, Louise
stats 11/09/1908 Conturier, Lawrence Beach, Nina
stats 09/14/1910 Coogan, John E. Hart, Ethel
stats 11/01/1906 Cook, A.B. Mantz, Mary B. 2nd (Stringham)
MR #7 08/02/1944 Cook, David V. Mitchell, Dora J.
stats 11/23/1903 Cook, F.V. Howell, Marian G.
stats 07/11/1907 Cook, George Sears, Margaret
MR #7 10/01/1940 Cook, James R. Dilley, M. Ethel
stats 09/07/1912 Cook, John Hastings, Sylvia
stats 02/18/1939 Cook, John R. Randall, Reanette
MR #7 02/17/1940 Cook, John R. Randall, Reanette
stats 09/14/1912 Cook, R.W. Tavis, Minta M.
stats 11/11/1912 Coonc, Charley Basham, Ellis
stats 04/27/1908 Coonc, David M. Morrison, Mae
stats 12/28/1934 Coonc, Harris W. Lickfold, Hazel R.
MR #6 07/04/1939 Cooney, Jack L. Cox, Marguerite
stats 06/24/1901 Cooney, Robert Roy Ketcham, Mary E.
stats 07/03/1903 Coons, Albert Rindern, Rosa
stats 01/16/1937 Coontz, E.L. 2nd Perry, Hazel C. 2nd (Wheeler)
stats 03/23/1929 Cooper, Alfred Harrington, Geraldine
stats 06/24/1931 Cooper, Alfred A. Colburn, Margaret E. (Gould)
stats 12/16/1914 Cooper, Charles A. Herrick, Olive E.
stats 05/14/1925 Cooper, Clarence Alvin Cooper, Emma Grace (Ingram)
stats 02/15/1936 Cooper, Earl Vrooman, Virginia
stats 08/16/1930 Cooper, Edwin Herman Potestio, Jennie C.
MR #7 07/22/1939 Cooper, Ernest Frazier, Teanie L.
stats 06/25/1914 Cooper, George O. 2nd Kiefer, Bertha
stats 12/28/1899 Cooper, J.W. Eddings, W.E.
stats 02/16/1935 Cooper, Jess Alfred Granier, Albine
stats 04/08/1930 Cooper, Robert B. Frecholm, Mabel B. (Myers)
stats 03/21/1910 Cooper, George W. (indexed as Willian A.) Crandall, Helen Virginia
stats 10/11/1938 Copeland, Harry P. Magart, Wilma E.
stats 01/10/1939 Copenhaver, Guy Clifford Haden, Idella June
stats 09/07/1920 Copp, Antone H. 2nd McNeil, Nancy J.
stats 05/11/1929 Copp, Wilbur J. Droz, Luella
stats 01/21/1908 Coppinger, Charles Hanson, Christina
stats 04/15/1907 Coppinger, Frank Parker, Lulu J.
stats 10/17/1925 Coppinger, Noel A. Thorp, Effie
stats 04/08/1912 Coppinger, Thomas D. 3rd Larson, Julia (Carson) 2nd
stats 03/17/1903 Coppinger, Thomas E. Ganoung, Helen
stats 08/29/1917 Coppinger, Thomas E. 2nd Horton, Ruby Loda 2nd (Wellington)
stats 12/24/1915 Corbus, R.C. 2nd Hassett, Jenny E.
stats 09/22/1928 Cord, Foster G. Buelle, Blanche
stats 04/14/1904 Corlius, Robert C. Hume, Fanny L.
stats 07/20/1910 Cornagey, Charles Anderson, Gladys
stats 02/18/1904 Corneck, Ed 2nd Clark, Matilda 3rd (Harkness)
stats 07/23/1938 Cornelius, Hugh T. Reich, Freda L.
MR #7 01/31/1947 Cornelius, Thomas Sherwood, Ruth
MR #7 05/26/1947 Cornwall, Edward J. McDonell, Helen
stats 03/21/1900 Cornwall, G.A. Jacobs, Virginia
stats 01/23/1901 Cornwall, G.E. Norling, Lena 2nd (Bang)
stats 07/03/1934 Cornwall, George S. Wilson, Helen W. 2nd (Williams)
stats 04/03/1905 Cornwall, Louis Monroe Fletcher, Mona Cecile
MR #7 01/16/1941 Cornwall, Marshall W. Carlson, Hilda C.
stats 06/16/1934 Cornwall, Milton Salt, Evelyn A.
stats 10/18/1937 Corth, Alfred John McLellan, Lorraine Ida
stats 11/10/1910 Cory, Abram H. 2nd Finel, Zylphia S.
stats 07/14/1921 Cory, Stanley C. Kimple, Elizabeth W.
stats 06/24/1934 Costich, Walter R. Daniels, Julia M.
stats 06/11/1936 Coti, Leroi Francis Rowe, Dorothy Kathleen
stats 08/31/1912 Cottingham, A.W. Knapp, Rosa F.
stats 11/20/1912 Cottman, Benjamin E. Hobson, Ella Levita
MR #7 12/31/1942 Cotton, Joseph S. Steig, Gladys
stats 05/11/1925 Cotton, Ora White Byrd, Belle
Cath 05/06/1860 Cotus, Joseph Finley, Catherine
stats 12/28/1893 Couch, Michael Jones, Elizabeth
Slater 11/06/1871 Couchine, D. Barnaby, Mary
stats 07/28/1903 Cougdon, George W. 2nd Hamblet, Nancy M. 3rd (Potter)
stats 06/20/1913 Coulson, Eno S. LaVigne, Edith May
stats 11/24/1915 Coulter, Albert Shriner, Sophia
stats 12/26/1903 Coulter, Charles W. Entwistle, Fonnie E.
stats 03/19/1938 Coulter, George 2nd Smith, Winnifred 2nd
stats 06/20/1925 Coulter, George F. Rowley, Vesta
MR #7 12/26/1946 Coulter, Irvin R. Gould, Bernice M.
stats 11/26/1902 Coulter, John R. Wheat, Ida C. 2nd (Howard)
stats 03/18/1938 Coulter, Lesley A. Schneider, Freda M.
stats 06/02/1931 Countryman, Edward C. Norman, Anna
stats 11/26/1937 Countryman, L.J. Giberson, Ollie Jean
stats 08/02/1926 Counts, Charles A. Combs, Ora F.
stats 08/10/1938 Courtney, G.L. Delles, Elizabeth
stats 03/27/1915 Courtright, Guy Rose, Calla Mae
Slater 08/28/1886 Courtright, Milo Turner, Elizabeth
stats 12/30/1892 Coutts, William Padberg, Clara
MR #7 10/04/1947 Covey, William W. Lehman, Betty Ann
stats 11/22/1916 Covington, Fred Smock, Esther (Hector)
stats 10/05/1908 Cowley, Samuel P. Stewart, Carrie
stats 03/10/1903 Cowley, Sidney J. Vankirk, Maud E. 2nd (Hawes)
stats 11/09/1937 Cowling, Tom Monkhouse, Margaret 2nd
stats 07/03/1922 Cox, Carl Saffel, Elsie
stats 09/16/1892 Cox, Charles Christianson, Steffine
stats 05/07/1903 Cox, Charles A. Beadell, Ethel A.
stats 11/15/1919 Cox, Chester Peterson, Anna Louise
stats 11/23/1932 Cox, Clarence Huguenin, Alice
stats 05/24/1899 Cox, Edward Ricks, Maud
stats 12/18/1900 Cox, Elijah Downey, Birdie
stats 06/15/1935 Cox, Everett Carlson, Elizabeth
stats 07/03/1925 Cox, Gordon Bowers, Nellie
stats 06/16/1921 Cox, Harrison Rice, Ruby A.
stats 01/21/1924 Cox, J.E. Finley, Etta
MR #7 07/03/1941 Cox, Richard Ray Balis, Winnifred Beryl
stats 04/02/1931 Coy, Elmer C. Caswell, Iola
stats 05/16/1917 Cozza, Louis Janni, Caroline
stats 04/17/1928 Craft, Harvey Douglas, Elfreda
MR #7 09/08/1945 Craig, John H. Willett, Neva A.
stats 07/01/1938 Craig, Walter H. Shannon, Edna M.
stats 07/03/1934 Crain, Charles W. Patton, Edna Lee
MR #7 09/28/1940 Crain, Frank G. Rodenbaugh, Myrna M.
stats 08/06/1929 Crain, Hubert Claino, Florine
stats 09/11/1924 Crain, Oscar Yeakey, Lillian B.
stats 12/23/1930 Cramer, Fred T. Ames, Marie
stats 04/17/1906 Cramer, William R. Applequist, Sadie
MR #7 12/16/1939 Crandall, Clifford Palm, Elsie
MR #7 10/04/1941 Crandall, O.A. Smith, Maybelle N.
stats 11/27/1904 Crandall, Oscar L. Rounds, Bessie
stats 01/01/1901 Crandall, T.W. Matthews, Albina
stats 05/26/1934 Crane, R.C. Morton, Clarice
stats 05/07/1927 Crane, William B. McDonald, Florence
stats 06/15/1907 Cranke, Harry Cloisdell Wilson, Berdie L.
stats 08/09/1915 Cranston, Clarence Aldridge, Bessie
stats 05/29/1934 Cranston, Irving Ball, Leona J.
stats 05/11/1937 Cranston, Ivan R. Fosback, Helen
stats 04/05/1916 Cranston, Ray H. Duckworth, Una K.
stats 11/08/1929 Craver, Lambert A. Hartill, Grace
stats 11/26/1913 Crawford, Allen M. Colbath, Ivah E.
stats 04/16/1936 Crawford, David Berg, Edith Elizabeth
stats 10/31/1930 Crawford, E.M. Savage, T.E. (Willey) 3rd mar
stats 11/28/1893 Crawford, Richard C. Jones, Lou (Burr)
stats 08/22/1923 Crawford, Robert A. Sexton, Orpha D.
stats 03/19/1917 Crawley, James Drake, Pearl Victoria Violet
stats 06/02/1933 Cray, John A. Miller, Hazel
stats 09/04/1902 Creal, Thomas A. Brown, Ruth
MR #7 03/06/1942 Crebassa, Donald J. Wambold, Olive L.
stats 08/21/1931 Creech, Stanley Clark, Florence Evelyn
stats 12/31/1929 Creighton, R.F. Dwyer, Mildred
stats 11/01/1923 Cress, Fred Walker, Myrtle
stats 10/25/1916 Cress, Ralph Christianson, Agnes
stats 07/01/1938 Cribby, Harry L. Nelson, Marjorie
MR #7 12/03/1940 Cribby, M.G. Bryant, Beulah
stats 01/28/1936 Crichton, Andrew Wyllie, Jane Smilie
stats 08/07/1914 Critzer, Ben Wickersham, Ruth
stats 06/14/1892 Critzer, William M. Sampson, Eva
stats 01/16/1915 Crocker, Theodore Keck, Sidney Berdetta
stats 05/11/1913 Crockett, Charles Dotts, Edna May
stats 03/27/1939 Crockett, Charles R. Davis, Phyllis B.
stats 04/11/1932 Crockett, Edwin Andrew Sims, Helen Marian
stats 04/08/1908 Crofoot, Bertie Reed, Ina Lora
MR #7 04/08/1944 Crofoot, James R. Bible, Frances M.
stats 07/13/1916 Crogan, Philip Regan, Eleanor Margaret
stats 04/09/1934 Cronawert, John J. Irby, Myrtle E.
Slater 01/15/1892 Crone, M.W. Field, Iva
stats 08/15/1938 Cronin, Cornelius 2nd Merrifield, Addie A.R. 2nd (Smith)
stats 04/06/1900 Crook, Lee E. Fletcher, Jeanette
stats 10/06/1910 Crooks, Samuel McIver, Delia 2nd (Reany)
stats 06/23/1923 Crory, Robert M. Maddock, Ethel
stats 09/26/1901 Crossen, Edward E. Hamilton, Eva
stats 12/24/1915 Crow, Eddie C. Riveley, Jessie
stats 04/30/1913 Crow, Shirley Furly, Rhoda C.
stats 02/07/1925 Crowe, Ed Curry, Etta (Cumpton)
stats 11/19/1895 Crowell, R.C. Boss, Mina
stats 09/13/1892 Crowther, Charles Waugh, Leona 2nd
stats 10/08/1906 Crozier, Herbert R. Haskins, Mable Clara
MR #7 10/17/1941 Cruse, Evert E. Hammond, Wanda E.
stats 01/27/1923 Cruse, M.C. Bass, Violet
stats 07/25/1935 Cuff, Wallace Harry 2nd Moore, Eva Olive Julia
stats 03/03/1919 Culkin, Guy Young, Alice
stats 06/05/1901 Cullen, Edward Hood, Laura 2nd
stats 09/24/1924 Culp, Charles Curtis Rohrbaugh, Ruby (Patterson)
stats 12/19/1906 Culp, G.H. Larson, Clara M. 2nd (Schultz)
MR #7 06/30/1940 Culver, Elldred M. Alldredge, Barbara
stats 09/23/1935 Cummings, Alexander James Ingles, Gertrude L.
stats 12/24/1927 Cummings, Carl C. May, Della M.
stats 03/11/1935 Cummings, Dell L. 2nd Healy, Mary J. 2nd (Robinson)
stats 05/25/1915 Cummings, Leslie O. Shodle, Theresa
stats 12/23/1903 Cummins, Clarence F. Harrington, Mantia L.
stats 02/01/1905 Cumpton, Jess Duckworth, Clara
stats 01/07/1938 Cunningham, C.C. Knapp, Delma
stats 09/03/1899 Cunningham, G.W. 2nd Case, Eliza A.
MR #7 10/29/1939 Cunningham, James T. Waldref, Ann
Slater 11/06/1887 Cunningham, John C. Dupera, Mary
stats 06/14/1927 Cunningham, Walter W. Walston, Clara L.
stats 02/03/1908 Curry, Albert Ernst Presby, Nellie Edna
stats 04/25/1901 Curry, Arthur W. Massey, Lela Ara
stats 03/26/1927 Curry, Clifford Gregory, Lena
stats 06/03/1937 Curry, Doyle Hendricks, Irma
stats 01/17/1910 Curry, Edward O. Presby, Mildred A.
stats 08/04/1933 Curry, Frank D. Story, Ethel Dora
stats 11/17/1904 Curry, S.E. Matson, Augustus
stats 12/19/1912 Curry, Samuel Edwin Compton, Etta Edith
stats 09/22/1911 Curry, William Hector Bradbury, Lucille R.
stats 07/01/1916 Curtis, Charles Carr, Pearl
stats 05/12/1916 Curtis, Elvin L. 2nd Brooks, Florence E.
stats 12/08/1922 Curtis, Glen W. 2nd Staley, (Dale Mrs.) 2nd (Jarvis)
MR #7 09/09/1944 Curtis, Laverne W. Himes, Abby M.
stats 08/13/1917 Curtis, Roy H. Brown, Nelly E.
stats 08/05/1904 Curtiss, Glen W. Wooley, Flossie May
stats 11/21/1901 Cushman, E.A. Ryan, J.E. 2nd (Pollock)
stats 12/20/1892 Cusick, W. Clayton Bauer, Lydia
stats 10/08/1938 Cutler, Leon Ehmke, Hazel M.
MR #7 08/14/1939 D'Amour, Theophile Ilbus, Clara Elsie
stats 08/29/1932 Dahmen, John Henry Schmitt, Louise
stats 10/23/1895 Daigle, Sanford Scrafford, Susan
stats 08/27/1934 Dailey, Lemore Howard, Helen
stats 10/13/1928 Dailey, Lester G Naff, Laura
MR #7 06/02/1947 Dailey, Robert J. Nelson, Mary Ellen
stats 04/10/1926 Daily, A.W. Salvage, Nellie
stats 08/23/1913 Daily, Archibald A. Faurot, Nevah Laverne
MR #7 08/08/1946 Daily, Arlen Burt Pollock, Mary Marguerite Eva
MR #7 10/05/1940 Daily, Bert Arlen Hills, Helen Elliott
stats 11/03/1938 Daily, Harold George Janni, Irene Theresa
MR #7 07/02/1942 Dallas, Robert M. Butler, Evelyn M.
stats 10/17/1935 Dame, Aurelle N. Glover, Irene L.
stats 02/17/1921 Dameron, S. David Bogle, Margaret 2nd
stats 03/27/1914 Damon, Roe Carson, Eva
Slater 11/16/1889 Damp, Ralph W. Rivers, Louise M.
stats 12/15/1921 Dane, Harry B.J. Fish, Florence Evelyn
stats 02/24/1906 Danforth, Roe H. Conell, Bernice M.
stats 09/15/1928 Daniel, Allen Ross, Jenny
stats 11/30/1929 Daniels, Charles V. Phillips, Ilma Martha
stats 08/04/1904 Daniels, Oscar Hastings, Rachel
stats 03/11/1933 Danielson, Earl Waters, Doris
stats 05/24/1924 Danielson, Lester Barnhart, Elsie
MR #7 11/06/1945 Danilson, Russell L. Koerick, Dorothy
stats 05/25/1909 Danim, A.H. Otterholm, H.C.
stats 07/14/1909 Dannheiser, Lazarus Strauss, Bertha
Slater 08/25/1879 Darling, George E. Gillette, Christina
stats 10/30/1906 Darling, James Peterson, Margaret
stats 04/02/1937 Darlington, Dick Mounter, Florence
stats 07/03/1937 Darlington, Ralph Sparks McGregor, Vera
stats 01/06/1902 Darnell, Calvin C. McDowell, Jennie
stats 03/15/1902 Darnell, Frank A. Fogg, Florence
stats 03/03/1904 Darnell, James O. Majors, Clara Elnor
stats 03/05/1918 Darrow, Leo J. Coulter, Agnes R.
stats 12/23/1908 Dashiell, George G. Walker, Alith
MR #7 11/05/1944 Dashiell, Melvin Anderson, Lilly
stats 12/23/1908 Dashiell, Robert F. Myers, Myrtle E.
Reg 11/11/1875 Daugherty, George N. Kinslow, Lizzie
stats 05/16/1918 Davenport, Harley Gardner Sears, Cora Mae
MR #7 09/12/1940 David, Arthur L. (Jr) Kremer, Louise
stats 08/27/1931 Davidson, Earl R. Sanderson, Irene
stats 03/17/1911 Davidson, Edward H. Miller, Addy May
stats 11/01/1912 Davidson, Harry W. Sage, Beatrice V.
MR #7 01/16/1945 Davidson, Loren P. Cortinovis, Gloria M.
stats 08/31/1929 Davidson, Poe Olson, Ellen
stats 10/09/1933 Davidson, Ray Lang, Bessie
stats 06/25/1937 Davies, Vespasian 2nd Bennett, Ella J. 2nd (Marshall)
stats 03/04/1922 Davis, Earl R. Lenderman, Valie M.
stats 09/13/1929 Davis, Forrest Kimball, Gladys K.
stats 11/01/1902 Davis, Francis M. Featherkile, Georgia
stats 09/09/1902 Davis, Fredrick A. Acorn, Marguerite I.
stats 03/15/1924 Davis, G.A. Moore, Mable
stats 10/03/1904 Davis, George Reisen, Lena 2nd (Johnson) (Brown)
stats 02/07/1920 Davis, Harry Riley, Ethel Louella
stats 12/31/1935 Davis, Henry Durkee, Eula G.
stats 10/21/1933 Davis, Herbert C. 3rd Rogers, Nelly S. 3rd (Phillips)
stats 06/17/1938 Davis, J.W. Waters, Caroline
MR #7 07/09/1946 Davis, Lee M. Zickefoose, Lilly E.
stats 01/21/1908 Davis, Levi B. Jennings, Elizabeth J. 2nd (Denison)
stats 11/17/1925 Davis, Orville Knobel, Laura
stats 07/21/1899 Davis, R.H. McNearney, M.E.
stats 12/10/1932 Davis, Ray G. Hughes, Mary Mae
stats 06/03/1933 Davis, Robert Everett A. Coss, Ellen Margaret 2nd (Ponsford)
stats 01/18/1938 Davis, William Leonard English, Gayle Mary
stats 09/22/1906 Davison, Robert Hugill, Annie Mary
stats 02/03/1916 Dawson, George Goodwin, Winnifred
stats 07/02/1917 Day, Albert C.G. Sundvik, Ellen
Slater 10/08/1891 Day, Charles Richard Padberg, Arminta
stats 11/27/1911 Day, Charles Richard Paulson, Katie
stats 02/06/1906 Day, Elwood Grittner, Edith
stats 12/15/1917 Day, G.R. 2nd Coonrad, Bernice
stats 07/30/1924 Day, Herbert Scribner, Amy W.
stats 07/20/1933 Day, James E. Onstott, Gladys A.
stats 09/16/1929 Day, James William Lemon, Elma
stats 04/03/1919 Day, Joseph W. Raun, Ebba
MR #7 12/24/1941 Day, Lawrence J. Anderson, Marian
stats 04/15/1933 Day, Walter J. 2nd Motteler, Winona J.
MR #7 11/29/1941 Day, William Kemmerer, Evelyn
MR #7 03/05/1947 Dayley, Charles F. Daugherty, Patricia Jones
stats 02/25/1919 Days, George P. 2nd Altamont, Goldie Evangeline
stats 12/22/1927 Dean, Frank W. Marks, Marybelle
stats 12/31/1928 Dean, Harry White, Zelma (Walker)
stats 08/01/1898 Dearing, George H. Thomas, Sarah
MR #7 01/09/1941 Dearing, Jim Butter, Josephine
MR #7 03/26/1942 Dearing, Robert L. Ferrier, Ethel
stats 05/09/1938 Dearinger, George 2nd Koerner, Ida E. 3rd (Shaw)
stats 08/22/1914 Dearinger, Oliver Smith, Charlotte Bell
MR #7 11/07/1940 Dearinger, William C. Field, Betty
stats 08/24/1934 Deaton, James W. Ickes, Mary M.
MR #7 06/22/1947 Deaver, Thomas Lester Snyder, Cora Lee
stats 11/05/1937 Decembrini, Corado J. Haywood, Stella
stats 12/17/1931 Dechand, Albert 2nd Warren, Lorraine L.
MR #6 07/01/1939 Dechand, Arthur Louis Hunter, Ruby Jerene
stats 10/05/1916 Dechand, E.J. McDowell, Ruth
stats 08/16/1921 Dechand, Ed 2nd Peterson, Goldie
stats 05/31/1933 Dechand, Joe Hunter, Leona
stats 11/25/1914 Dechand, Joseph StJaques, Leona
stats 09/28/1937 Defoe, Melville Smith, Margaret E.
stats 02/19/1913 DeGault, N. Easton, Alvina
stats 02/24/1927 DeHart William Byron Caudill, Alma (Holman)
stats 03/23/1921 DeHart, James A. 4th Pettingill, Mary 2nd (Pierson)
stats 12/03/1913 DeHart, L.C. Zirkel, Maud C.
stats 12/24/1930 DeHart, Leonard Slentz, Mabel
stats 03/19/1937 Deinhardt, Arnold D. McKee, Anna
Slater 11/27/1890 Deitsch, Fred Veltze, Teresa
stats 07/08/1903 Dejouckhier, Julius Verbell, Emma
MR #7 11/28/1947 DeKuyssever, Cyril Jullian Williams, Gertrude Irene
stats 08/04/1919 DeLaney, J.C. Rea, Ethel B.
MR #7 04/29/1947 DeLashmutt, Ralph L. Rose, Patricia B.
stats 05/10/1938 DeLeach, Sidney W. Flechsig, Lila
MR #7 04/20/1942 Delles, Michael Welsh, Nona
stats 10/21/1938 Deloris, Albert H. Hunter, Hazel M.
stats 09/04/1919 Delp, Glen Anderson, Julia M.
MR #7 11/01/1946 Delp, Lewis Glen Snider, Margaret Fay
MR #7 08/10/1944 Delp, William Snider, Lucy
MR #7 01/15/1944 Delva, Francis Safford, Marian L.
stats 10/26/1915 Delva, Nicholas S. Wieber, Veronia
MR #7 10/01/1946 Demers, Clarence J. Long, Maud E
Reg 12/14/1864 Denis, Peter Nilposen, Margaret
stats 03/26/1898 Denison, Harvey Tessman, Antovine
MR #7 07/23/1945 Denison, Lee Kenney, Pearl
stats 10/19/1897 Denn, Harry R. Shepler, Delta A.
MR #7 09/14/1946 Dennill, E.C. Curyan, Dulcie May
stats 01/04/1916 Denning, Andrew C. Blakeman, Magdalena 2nd
stats 11/01/1905 Dennis, Bernard H. Lindquist, Augusta M.
stats 09/13/1905 Dennis, Truman M. Helgeson, Grace
stats 02/21/1894 Denny, James L. Munkers, Fannie M.
stats 04/29/1933 Dent, H.H. 2nd Broom, Maurine 2nd
stats 02/14/1911 Dent, Leroy Gorman, Ethel
stats 08/02/1912 DePasquale, Carlo 2nd Servilia, Olimbia
stats 11/14/1907 DePasqualle, Fred Cercone, Rosa
stats 10/26/1929 Depoe, George Hammond, Martha
MR #7 08/18/1945 Dermott, Harold E. LaGarde, Rose Marie
stats 11/05/1935 DeRosa, Antonio Mattizzo, Louise
stats 04/01/1927 Desautel, Victor Ives, Martina (Goiney)
MR #7 05/09/1940 Desautel, Victor Fry, Beatrice
stats 07/15/1925 Deschand, Joseph Countryman, Viola
stats 10/20/1920 DeSibato, Alphonso Black, Jennie Theresa
Slater 08/16/1885 Dessotel, Frank Gangro, Louise
stats 07/12/1917 DesVoignes, Claire E. Woodland, Mildred H.
stats 07/25/1938 DeTemple, Edward H. Johnson, Florence
MR #7 09/24/1939 DeTemple, Edward H. Johnson, Floramae
stats 05/21/1908 Detillion, Charles Elliott, Frances
stats 03/21/1898 Deuble, F. George Goerkes, Mary J.
Slater 10/26/1862 Devendorf, George O'Donnel, Mary
stats 01/02/1926 DeWitt, Earnest A. Cory, Hazel
stats 04/21/1913 Dexter, Harold M. Prindle, Rena A.
stats 03/01/1929 Dextras, W.F. Pettit, Wilma Pearl (Carbaneau)
Slater 09/18/1890 Dickenson, George R. Stockwell, Jessie V.
stats 09/03/1897 Dickerson, Frank J. Gillespie, Maud
Slater 03/14/1886 Dickey, Frank W. Wright, Leah M.
stats 12/23/1916 Dickey, Fred W. McCrea, Dora V.
stats 11/19/1895 Dickey, Millard F. Lounsbury, Lolita M.
stats 04/22/1916 Dickey, W.H. Bennett, Eunice E.
stats 07/03/1928 Dickinson, I.J. Howard, Velma
MR #7 01/23/1946 Diedrich, John C. Marshall, Helen
MR #7 04/12/1941 Diedrick, William J. Perkins, Viola B.
stats 09/12/1935 Diehl, Don Day, Susan
MR #7 09/16/1939 Diehl, Edwin Lasswell Coogan, Alice Mary
stats 05/10/1924 Diehl, Fred Keough, Vivian
stats 08/01/1911 Diehl, James I Lasswell, Minnie E.
stats 07/03/1924 Diehl, Jennings Smith, Alice
MR #7 08/02/1947 Diehl, William D. Garett, Charlotte J.
stats 07/07/1914 Dietsch, Fred 2nd Battles, Laura (Harmon) 3rd
MR #7 06/23/1941 Dietz, John Wesley Halsey, Naomi E.
MR #7 08/10/1947 Dietzman, E.W. Buscher, Shirley
stats 03/27/1913 Diggs, Harry Kringle, Julia Irene
Slater 02/15/1875 Dikobletts, Joseph Basil, Louisa
stats 01/27/1916 Diller, George Milligan, Eleanor Grady
MR #7 05/25/1941 Dillon, Dorance Lean, Nellie R.
stats 12/12/1902 Dillon, E.A. Kerr, Pearl 2nd (nee-Earchal; fa-Buck)
stats 06/20/1900 Dingle, A.S. Wright, Maud E.
stats 12/05/1905 Dingle, William Best 2nd Mayer, Ina
stats 12/11/1916 Dingman, Leonard L. Triplett, Louise 2nd (Wahl)
stats 09/25/1915 Dins, Herman E. Wiltz, Barbara
stats 05/15/1903 Dinsley, Frank Calhoun, Lorena
stats 08/03/1903 Distad, John S. 2nd Bosley, Annie 2nd (fa-Bosley)
stats 09/19/1927 Ditzler, Dan Higginbotham, Louisa
stats 03/08/1928 Divine, John R. Mitchell, Dorothy
stats 03/18/1905 Dixon, Alexander Tessman, Elsie A.
stats 09/11/1912 Dixon, Guy Orr, Grace
stats 09/15/1937 Dixon, Marvin E. Church, Elaine
stats 12/24/1907 Dixon, Thomas 2nd McCrary, Agnes C.
stats 10/28/1908 Doble, Henry L. 2nd Shawn, Ellen 2nd (Tieman)
stats 07/18/1921 Doblmeier, Joseph Vogt, Eva Bernadine
MR #7 12/08/1939 Dobson, Matthew Henry Best, Sarah Jane
stats 06/19/1933 Dodd, Charles G. Biddlecome, Lillian M.
MR #7 11/08/1946 Dodge, Milton Harold Hooper, Ann Erline
stats 09/06/1911 Dodson, Floyd Ramey, Rebecca
stats 01/17/1911 Dodson, Glen E. Frost, Alma L.
stats 02/21/1918 Dodson, Grover Lafayette Nussbaum, Bessie Elizabeth
MR #7 01/07/1944 Dodson, John F. Cramer, Genevieve S.
stats 11/22/1909 Domitrovich, Augustine Sutley, Eva
stats 05/14/1923 Domitrovich, Bill Thomas, Lillian
stats 09/21/1921 Domitrovich, Gus Aleshire, Emily M.
stats 01/14/1920 Domitrovich, Matt Ohman, Lillian
stats 01/13/1917 Domitrovitch, Peter Rotar, Anna
stats 04/28/1909 Donahue, Benjamin Stewart, Bessie 2nd (Messenger)
stats 09/30/1938 Donaldson, A. Barr, Mary
stats 11/19/1917 Donaldson, L.S. Fritz, F.B.
stats 06/11/1936 Donaldson, Peter H. 2nd Donovan, Catherine M. 2nd (Benson)
stats 10/15/1927 Donaldson, William F. Bozette, Pearl E.
stats 05/19/1917 Donica, Arthur E. Rowland, Blanche
stats 02/06/1923 Donica, Dudley T. Gwinn, Margaret N.
stats 05/10/1909 Donica, Thomas A. Hughes, Rebecca Jane
stats 04/11/1912 Donk, C.W. Daugherty, Mrs. M.P.(Diamond) 2nd
stats 02/17/1931 Donnan, Robert Caswell Owsnett, Sadie M. (Bickerton)
stats 12/28/1931 Donovan, John P. 2nd Dorman, Sadie E. 2nd (Ely)
MR #6 07/03/1939 Dorchak, Alexander Collier, Virginia
stats 02/27/1933 Dorchuck, John Lakin, Mabel
stats 11/10/1927 Dorchuck, Peter Mulvaney, Thelma
stats 12/22/1927 Dore, J.C. Acheson, Lidie (Eckman)
stats 10/21/1913 Dorman, C.C. 2nd Ravenscraft, A.M. 2nd
stats 10/18/1901 Dorman, Garland Ely, Sadie
stats 12/27/1930 Dorman, Garland Phillips, Bessie C. (Hedges)
stats 02/26/1899 Dorman, Henry M. Miller, Mattie M.
stats 11/16/1894 Dorman, Roy Riverson Koker, Mary Jane
stats 08/20/1921 Dorney, Narcisse Napoleon, Susan (Kaaka)
stats 10/03/1936 Dorsing, William Kennedy, Elsie
stats 10/11/1917 Dosa, Frank Tombetta, Angelina
stats 05/18/1908 Doss, H.V. Reeder, Alice Maud 2nd
stats 02/05/1924 Dotts, Brooks S. Ody, Vivian L.
stats 05/17/1920 Dotts, Desmond J. Anseldo, Lena
MR #7 09/03/1943 Dotts, Gaylord D. Burnside, Joyce
stats 02/09/1915 Doty, Alonzo Melville Glenny, Ella May
stats 12/16/1916 Doty, Alonzo Melville 2nd Marnette, Grace May
stats 05/20/1925 Doty, Chancey L. Lindstrom, Nora Evelyn
stats 01/22/1924 Doty, L.H. Lamb, Anna (Erickson)
stats 06/27/1912 Dougharty, William E. Rose, Effie May (Thorne) 2nd
stats 08/25/1906 Douglas, Arch C. Harris, Molly H.
stats 10/01/1917 Douglas, Arch Crawford Workman, Ina Martha
stats 02/19/1906 Douglas, Clair Sharp, Grace
stats 07/28/1937 Douglas, Fred T. (Jr) Warden, Grace
stats 09/03/1925 Douglas, Harold Sharp, Ruth
stats 04/27/1908 Douglas, W.M. Swacker, Jessie M. 2nd (Dunlap)
stats 09/24/1938 Douglass, Wilbur T. Bahlbusch, Grace C.
MR #7 09/26/1940 Douvia, Earl Onstine, Dorothy
MR #7 07/11/1940 Douvia, Leonard Day, Louise
MR #7 09/26/1940 Douvia, Wilbur Dodge, Jean
stats 01/13/1939 Dowling, Laverne T. Leipham, Marian
stats 08/31/1896 Downes, A.V. Walters, Iva L.
stats 11/30/1910 Downey, James F. Gallagher, Marguerite P.
stats 09/14/1910 Downing, John 2nd Francis, Sarah 2nd (Stilborn)
stats 06/11/1912 Downing, Robert Pohle, Elsie
stats 09/26/1903 Downs, D.M. Watson, Mary
stats 01/21/1929 Dowty, Robert E. Boggess, Eva I.
stats 03/17/1908 Doyle, James Fremming, Olive K.
stats 10/10/1899 Doyle, John Queener, Myrtle M.
stats 02/11/1939 Draper, Arthur H. Oliver, Winnifred M.
stats 03/26/1915 Draper, D.C. 2nd Guy, Martha A. (Dewart) 2nd
stats 02/06/1920 Driessen, Cornelius T. Fainter, Ida H. 2nd (Jorgens)
stats 11/30/1938 Driessen, Frank 2nd Martin, Sena
stats 11/24/1908 Driggs, Raymond A. Sykes, Ethel
stats 09/08/1928 Drinkard, Rollin Larvea, Sylvia
stats 06/11/1919 Droz, Alfred Fjarli, Louise
MR #7 09/10/1944 Droz, Bernard H. Callan, Inez A.
stats 11/28/1912 Droz, Daniel Vern Harvey, Maytie Bonnyhn
Slater 09/05/1885 Droz, Louis Banks, Ella
stats 05/11/1917 Droz, Roy Hay, Alma
stats 06/18/1923 Drummond, B.J. Olson, Olive Ellenor (Carefoot)
stats 07/12/1933 Dubois, Charles Daniel, Aileen O.
stats 02/16/1929 Dubois, Paul Huguenin, Helen V.
stats 12/24/1932 DuBois, Rene Fordham, Ida
MR #7 06/06/1942 Dubois, William Fordham, Margaret
stats 06/23/1913 Duckett, Jim Carter, Gertrude
MR #7 06/11/1940 Duclos, Matt W. Nuxoll, Josephine E.
stats 01/13/1909 Duddy, Harold Robert Letcher, Jenny May
stats 07/19/1899 Dudeck, Otto Masuch, Pauline
MR #7 09/11/1942 Dueman, Russell R. Elldred, Irene Isla
stats 05/04/1904 Duff, Bert Houck, Anne
stats 04/11/1922 Duffield, Jesse L. Harlan, Eunice F.
stats 09/16/1936 Duffy, Benjamin Pfeiffer, Violet
stats 07/27/1932 Duffy, Carl E. Matney, Dorothy F.
stats 08/17/1899 Dumas, William E. Belsumeure, Ivy 2nd (Cramer)
MR #7 08/05/1940 Dumont, R. Peaslee Peterson, Virginia L.
stats 09/24/1938 Dunaway, W. George MacDonald, Ann L.
MR #7 09/18/1939 Duncan, Cecil Rickers, Marie E.
stats 11/20/1897 Duncan, George S. Campbell, Jersey
stats 07/01/1931 Duncan, Grant Williams, Dorothy
stats 06/11/1938 Duncan, Kenneth C. Baker, Virginia
MR #7 01/26/1946 Duncan, Noel N. Magee, Josephine N.
stats 04/04/1899 Duncan, William C. Hipple, Mary
stats 01/06/1914 Duncan, William Milne Clarke, Ethel L. (Culp) 2nd
stats 01/03/1929 Dunham, Martin Bisbey, Laura
stats 05/14/1909 Dunham, Roscoe Monroe Barnes, Lydia Marjorie
stats 02/29/1916 Dunivon, James 3rd Swan, Ella 2nd (Coon)
stats 07/02/1912 Dunlap, Artie Taylor, Emma
stats 12/23/1912 Dunn, Charles William Smith, Golda Ellen
stats 04/20/1918 Dunn, George M. Montour, Helen C.
stats 06/23/1936 Dunn, Herbert Meyler Royce, Enid Mary
MR #7 09/08/1939 Dunnigan, John F. Frankovich, Bernadine
stats 02/11/1914 Dunton, John E. Terry, Helen
Slater 11/10/1862 Duplisse, John Morrigeau, Margaret
stats 10/30/1908 Dupuis, Eillie LaFleur, Marceline
Slater 10/29/1866 Dupuis, Moses Charett, Caroline
Slater 10/10/1883 Dupuis, Moses Thirodo, Mary
Reg 01/02/1865 Dupuis, Norbert McSen, Betsey
stats 06/15/1912 Dupuis, Oliver C. Barney, Rose
stats 04/29/1921 Durfey, C.E. Muir, Elizabeth
stats 09/18/1919 Durkin, P.J. Weedin, Hansine 2nd (Allwork)
stats 09/08/1897 Durland, Con M. Martin, Rena
stats 01/15/1924 Durr, Charles Cameron, Mildred E. (Jacobs)
stats 03/05/1911 Dutro, Wilson Leroy Bandy, Susanna Cecile
stats 12/22/1934 Duvall, Carl Troger, Elta 2nd (Tiffany)
stats 02/04/1911 Dyer, Clarence A. McDougall, Mary F.
Slater 08/02/1891 Dyer, Samuel Nichols, Amanda
stats 06/26/1937 Dyson, Fred Smith, Gwendolyn