Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriage Index
Grooms Index M - N
stats 11/12/1938 Macey, Robert W. Buckle, Phyllis L.
stats 06/29/1907 Machin, Walter S. Allen, Ruth
stats 03/28/1900 MacIntosh, Charles W. Runyon, Ida Louisa
stats 03/11/1911 Mack, Roy A. Dearinger, Flora
stats 07/09/1937 Mack, Tom 3rd Andrew, Alice 3rd (Moses)
stats 07/30/1922 Mackey, S.E. Pearson, H.
MR #7 08/08/1943 Mackie, George Parker, Edna
stats 06/25/1924 MacLean, Hugh Loiselle, Adelina F.
stats 09/01/1921 Macomber, Clarence D. Savage, Mildred
stats 09/20/1898 Macy, William S. Sexton, Stella
stats 06/10/1918 Maddox, Mont Esvelt, Henrietta M.
stats 08/10/1907 Maddox, Z.O. Swan, Mary
stats 04/09/1927 Madison, Cletus Klewen, Esther
stats 05/30/1921 Madison, James 2nd Mills, Pearl 2nd (Lutjens)
stats 03/28/1918 Madison, William H. Carlson, Emma
stats 12/07/1923 Madson, Charles C.J. Kendrick, Amanda (Shannon)
MR #7 06/11/1942 Magart, Ben E. Mally, Louise
stats 05/27/1904 Magary, Edward E. Latta, Mabel Grace
Slater 10/22/1890 Magee, John M. Castle, Bettie Frances
stats 02/19/1921 Magee, Joseph Martin, Blanche
stats 05/18/1931 Magee, Ronald Olson, Edith H.
Slater 02/15/1884 Magee, Samuel L. Miles, Etta L.
stats 10/03/1917 Magee, Thomas Naff, Lavinia
stats 11/14/1925 Mager, Mike G. Holter, Frieda
stats 08/31/1922 Magers, Frank L. Thornton, Alta L.
stats 10/11/1934 Magers, Lesley Tyree, Florence
stats 05/08/1924 Magers, Raymond Horr, Zelma
MR #7 05/25/1947 Mahoney, Milton R. Burnett, Rose
stats 04/18/1936 Maib, Basil Bishop, Frances
stats 04/23/1935 Mainette, Henry 2nd Faulkner, Rose G. 2nd (Tonhafer)
stats 06/07/1907 Maitlen, Ira E. Salts, Maud L.
stats 07/25/1925 Maitlen, Joseph C. Krell, Louella
stats 12/07/1918 Maki, Charles Isaacson, Mary 3rd (Nossa)
stats 01/09/1909 Maki, Gust 2nd Glad, Katie
stats 06/06/1933 Maki, Roy Raisio, Aune E.
MR #7 12/08/1941 Makynen, Eugene S. Paprich, Lucille
stats 07/01/1931 Malloroy, Leslie E. McGough, Eileen M.
stats 08/09/1920 Mally, Anton Wehrli, Rubina L.
MR #7 06/24/1947 Mally, Elmer A. Seigle, Barbara
MR #7 02/06/1947 Mally, Eugene L. Morin, Carmen M.
stats 02/10/1934 Mally, Henry A. Coonc, Norma
stats 02/06/1937 Mally, Joe Countryman, Mildred
stats 11/20/1911 Mally, John J. Koreis, Mary H.
stats 09/22/1902 Mally, Joseph Lochnicker, Maria
MR #7 12/27/1942 Mally, Lester Overman, Goldie
stats 05/07/1914 Mally, Michael Salokar, Mary
MR #7 04/30/1940 Mally, Wilbur Frye, Virginia
stats 12/12/1906 Mandell, Joseph Hartman, Mamie
stats 04/18/1936 Mandoli, G. Dauphinais, Gisele
MR #7 09/28/1946 Manening, Lloyd C. Helt, Coral Mae
stats 01/17/1917 Manfredo, Joe Green, Helen
stats 01/08/1902 Mann, Francis Hipple, Pansy C.
stats 07/20/1915 Manner, R.S. 3rd Bell, Mae 3rd
MR #7 11/26/1942 Manning, James Gerald Campbell, Margaret Arlene
Slater 08/02/1891 Manring, W.V. Butler, Eva M.
stats 10/15/1908 Mansfield, C.T. Underwood, Milly
stats 08/18/1928 Mansfield, Glen C. Knauss, Margaret
stats 12/21/1936 Mansfield, Otto Smith, Nina 3rd (Adams)
stats 08/01/1927 Manson, C.G. Puthoff, Hilda
MR #7 09/14/1939 Manuel, John Threemountain, Mattie
stats 01/28/1913 Manuel, William Ford, Annie
MR #7 11/20/1947 Manz, Albert George Wagoner, Patricia Davidson
stats 10/13/1914 Marble, Claud L. Koontz, Hazel G.
MR #7 02/12/1941 Marchand, Francis Ferguson, Violet
stats 07/18/1910 Marchand, Louie Camille, Mary
stats 02/28/1933 Marchand, Louie Howarth, Alice M.
stats 04/23/1919 Marchand, Willie Charley, Mary
stats 12/05/1910 Marchaw, Johnny Jayne, Cecelia Agnes
stats 09/26/1932 Marcon, Otto D'Andrea, Vittano 2nd
stats 10/12/1916 Maricich, John Pstefanich, Petra
stats 09/12/1925 Markham, Harley Sampson, Elizabeth
stats 03/02/1934 Markham, J.M. Francis, Marian
stats 10/01/1925 Marks, Frank Ross, Jessie
stats 10/02/1923 Marks, Glen Moore, Mae
stats 08/02/1937 Marquam, James A. Irvin, Beulah
stats 08/27/1921 Marr, George S. Beach, Marie
MR #7 02/05/1944 Marsh, Charles A. Hanson, Elsie M.
stats 12/29/1905 Marshall, Charles W. Lane, Anna
stats 10/14/1905 Marshall, John W. Edwards, Rilla May
stats 04/18/1934 Marshall, Matthew Campbell, Violet C.
MR #7 07/21/1940 Marshall, Norman Clinton, Katherine
stats 03/07/1919 Marshall, Vic Jane, Julia A.
stats 06/10/1924 Marshall, William W. McDaniel, Zelia C.
stats 12/24/1923 Marsolek, Clyde Myers, Allie Mae
stats 07/11/1933 Martella, Fred Williamson, Margaret
stats 12/31/1931 Martella, Leslie Palm, Alice
stats 05/26/1902 Martin, Albert Seal, Minnie
stats 03/01/1905 Martin, Albert 2nd Maxwell, Sarah
stats 11/09/1935 Martin, Cecil L. Skeels, Ruby B.
MR #7 12/26/1946 Martin, Ernest E. Michael, Genevieve
stats 09/26/1908 Martin, Fred Howard Simmons, Dosh Pearl
stats 04/18/1894 Martin, Grant Cornwall, Georgie
stats 05/19/1907 Martin, H.J. 3rd Jones (Mrs. M.) 2nd
stats 10/15/1907 Martin, Harry Cox, Edna
Slater 07/06/1887 Martin, Henry Waitt, Agnes
MR #7 01/03/1946 Martin, Herbert Shull, Faye
stats 06/21/1920 Martin, J.A. Erdman, Hazel May
stats 08/23/1931 Martin, J.E. Ano, Elsie
stats 01/14/1904 Martin, John F. Leeper, Bessie J.
stats 04/06/1921 Martin, John Heath Gregerson, Marie
Slater 07/19/1866 Martin, Joseph Paget, Catherine
stats 03/29/1909 Martin, Joseph A. Morton, Vera Y. 2nd
stats 05/24/1919 Martin, Lawrence Stelting, Wilhelmina Emeline
stats 11/26/1930 Martin, Lester Liffelbein, Freda
MR #7 11/05/1945 Martin, Mack C. Danilson, Marjorie V.
stats 02/07/1896 Martin, Medad W. Hunter, Barbara
stats 01/18/1916 Martin, Oscar C. Peters, Gladys Marie
stats 02/15/1894 Martin, Samuel Hopper, Laura
stats 10/11/1929 Martin, Thomas J. Holtman, Bertha
stats 04/20/1926 Martin, Thomas James Sims, Algia
MR #7 06/01/1947 Martin, William Pluffe, Louise Marie
stats 06/26/1909 Martin, William Herbert Day, Ruby Olive
stats 02/21/1920 Martindale, Rodney L. Knauss, Katie G.
stats 03/31/1923 Martinson, Ole Burgoyne, Nora (Sexton)
stats 09/19/1916 Marty, John Koerner, Leonora
MR #7 04/11/1942 Mason, C.E. Schweighardt, Susie
stats 11/19/1902 Mason, Charles L. Cherrett, Lenora
stats 02/08/1938 Mason, David Clare Knowles, Hazel Laurel
MR #7 09/13/1945 Mason, Harold Seymour, Virginia
stats 03/02/1914 Mason, Henry Liddicott, Jennie (Stone-Ireland) 2nd`
stats 06/08/1910 Mason, J.E. Lynch, Anabel
stats 04/03/1923 Mason, J.W. Ferguson, Esther M.
stats 01/30/1918 Mason, William 2nd Pierce, Jennie 3rd (Schlock)
stats 02/01/1915 Mason, Wm Pierce, Jennie
stats 07/03/1931 Masterman, Frank McFarland, Myrta (Horrocks)
MR #7 06/20/1943 Matherly, Leroy Allen Martzall, Elsie
stats 12/02/1892 Mathers, Matthew A. Wilman, Clara
stats 10/11/1909 Matheson, John Colthard, Margaret
stats 12/31/1913 Mathis, B.F. Easton, Leona
stats 07/03/1924 Mathis, James I. Keough, Leone
stats 04/26/1921 Mathis, James Israel Leithead, Leona
stats 06/27/1923 Mathis, Thomas Henry Stensgar, Olivia (Scherette)
stats 06/03/1939 Mathis, William B. Higgins, Ailene L.
MR #6 06/25/1939 Mathis, William Bennett Higgins, Aileen Lucille
stats 04/30/1932 Matney, Donald W. Hinton, Lee Marie
stats 06/27/1904 Matson, John Bartell, Katie
stats 12/16/1905 Matson, Mats Gunderson, Torborg
Slater 07/25/1869 Matt, Peter G. Finley, Isabelle
MR #7 05/16/1941 Matthews, Alden E. Martin, Grace Marie
stats 07/13/1908 Matthews, Andrew Moore, Minnie 2nd (Hunter)
stats 05/23/1928 Matthews, E.W. Hood, Jessie Ruth
stats 01/16/1911 Matthews, Ernest A. Rice, Abbie C.
stats 01/09/1918 Matthews, Ernest Noble Hacker, Winona Pearl
stats 12/18/1911 Matthews, George A. Oswalt, Chatty L. (Benson) 2nd
MR #7 02/17/1947 Matthews, Jesse Whitfield, Melinda
stats 09/14/1934 Matthews, S.J. Mean, Marjorie Gladys
stats 12/13/1918 Matthews, Whitman Jacobs, Julia
stats 09/02/1907 Mauk, I.D. 4th Staves, Ellinor 2nd (Bondinot)
stats 03/21/1902 Maupin, Amos A. Powell, Cora
stats 07/22/1922 Maurer, Charles W. Brittain, Delcena
stats 12/17/1938 Mawdsley, H.J. 2nd Edwards, Elizabeth L.
MR #7 09/28/1940 Mawdsley, Harold Francis Loiselle, Dorothy Jean
stats 06/29/1909 Mawhinney, Herman Frischman, Sophia
stats 06/06/1931 Maxfield, J.M. Pearson, Ann
stats 08/17/1933 Maxfield, Joseph Graham, Nora Delores
stats 08/21/1937 Maximenko, John Sandner, Frances May
stats 01/13/1923 Maxon, Lynton Fayette Morrow, Melvina
stats 03/23/1905 Maxwell, Clarence E. Weger, Dora
stats 07/08/1905 Maxwell, Earl C. Williamson, Molly K.
Slater 04/23/1890 Maxwell, Frank S. Miller, Minnie A.
stats 02/09/1914 Maxwell, James A. Hadley, Alice F.
stats 03/17/1904 Maxwell, Robert J. Williamson, Tennessee
stats 10/09/1909 Maxwell, Wilbert Wesley Fulgham, Emma Harriet
stats 10/29/1894 Maxwell, William Chamberlain, Mercy
stats 12/18/1919 May, John A. Hoeft, Bessie Bell
stats 09/09/1911 May, Victor Gilles, Survilla
stats 04/11/1922 Mayer, Charles 2nd Dahman, Ursula H.
stats 07/01/1937 Mayfield, Albert Earl Messer, Josephine June
stats 05/13/1939 Maynard, Carmel R. Miller, Wilma May
stats 08/11/1923 McAllister, Paddy Gilmore, Esther
stats 03/07/1931 McArthur, M.C. Sommer, Mae
stats 09/14/1936 McBride, Carl R. 2nd Mantz, Mamie L.
stats 08/15/1913 McCamant, E.E. Upton, Ruth
stats 12/13/1907 McCammon, J.S. Campbell, Agnes R.
stats 01/23/1907 McCammon, Remick Bartel, Marguerite
stats 09/25/1930 McCann, Charles H. Schumer, Blondine
stats 04/23/1918 McCann, Michael Zichlsdorf, Ida T. 2nd
MR #7 08/21/1946 McCanna, Jerome Patrick O'Dell, Patricia Marie
stats 08/28/1937 McCanna, Joseph 2nd Crosby, Alice
stats 04/09/1937 McCanta, V.P. Lynch, Ramona
stats 06/08/1938 McCarrol, Everett L. Giberson, Lucille
stats 02/25/1899 McCarter, Frank Harris Hillyer, Laura Ida
MR #7 06/04/1940 McCarthy, Melvin Villers, Madge
stats 01/13/1900 McCarthy, Richard Kelly, Gertrude
stats 11/30/1923 McCaslin, Albert Ickes, Carrie
MR #7 11/18/1945 McClain, George William Mahoney, Marie Irene
MR #7 04/04/1942 McCleary, Clyde I. Lewis, Norma Lee
MR #7 11/15/1939 McCleary, James McGlynn, Alice
Slater 07/08/1891 McClintock, John McDonald, Mary Ellen
Reg 07/10/1876 McCloud, Alex LaFleur, Sophia
stats 08/21/1911 McCloud, Arthur R. Deeve, Cynthia Ann
stats 11/28/1908 McCloud, Erasmus 2nd Perkins, Inez J.
Reg 06/05/1879 McCloud, Francis King, Julia Ann
stats 10/29/1926 McCloud, George E. Mitchell, Fanny
Slater 12/31/1884 McClung, A.J. (Dan) Gillett, Pauline
stats 04/19/1912 McClung, Albert Ferguson, Mabel
MR #7 10/04/1941 McClung, Edward Oliver Leliefeld, Irene
stats 02/08/1919 McClung, Jess R. Aubertin, Irene
stats 04/09/1906 McClung, Sidney M. Sherman, Ethel
stats 05/28/1927 McCollum, Donald Winecoop, Alice
stats 01/25/1921 McConkay, C. Kelly, Lucy
stats 08/21/1917 McCormack, James Warden, Lydia
stats 02/15/1917 McCormack, P.F. Jewell, Emily
stats 05/31/1927 McCormack, P.F. Reeder, Margueritte
stats 12/28/1916 McCormick, Ray L. Geesaman, Viola Pearl
stats 10/21/1933 McCormick, Ted Goss, Kathleen
stats 01/17/1920 McCoy, Arthur Loyd Taylor, Blanche R.
stats 12/29/1922 McCoy, Arthur Loyd Porter, Gene Irma 2nd (Rouble)
stats 12/22/1931 McCoy, Carroll Page, Bessie
stats 11/21/1893 McCoy, Lawrence S. Rusch, Cressie
stats 12/28/1937 McCoy, Lesley James Collins, Thelma Mae
stats 12/17/1919 McCoy, Walter A. Defreece, Josie
stats 12/30/1929 McCracken, Floyd E. Holcomb, Dolly (Raber) 3rd mar
stats 07/16/1920 McCrea, Archie Flett, Nellie
stats 05/20/1924 McCrea, Archie Timmons, Alva (Ostenberg)
MR #7 06/02/1946 McCrea, Beauford C. Smith, D. Jean
Slater 04/25/1868 McCrea, Edward Cara
RegA 11/20/1878 McCrea, Edward Ellen
Slater 02/06/1881 McCrea, Edward Morrell, Eliza
stats 12/27/1932 McCrea, Edward Arbogast, Audrey
Slater 01/04/1871 McCrea, George McCloud, Maggie
Reg 01/04/1871 McCrea, George McCloud, Maggie
Slater 09/05/1891 McCrea, Robert M. Koontz, Ida
MR #7 10/06/1946 McCrea, Sam C. Buckley, Anna C.
stats 11/17/1909 McCroskey, John M. Foster, Lottie
stats 03/30/1909 McCutcheon, Pearle Albert McLeary, Mary
stats 05/28/1932 McDaniel, Lester Johnson, Ruth 3rd (Janson)
stats 04/06/1922 McDaniel, Ralph Pearson, Esther
stats 11/25/1929 McDaniel, Vance Pearson, Helen L.
stats 12/11/1911 McDavitt, H.F. Kinnan, Verna Zoe
stats 09/13/1905 McDirmid, Joel Gardner, Jennie S.
stats 12/27/1897 McDonald, Alfred Desautell, Maggie L. 2nd (Johnson)
stats 12/06/1938 McDonald, Angus Fritz, Annie
stats 12/23/1904 McDonald, Angus M. Cummings, Mabel Jessie
Slater 01/31/1887 McDonald, Archie Prouty, Mary Malinda
stats 08/11/1897 McDonald, Archie Baker, Matilda
stats 11/14/1927 McDonald, Archie Crockett, May
stats 04/09/1938 McDonald, C.J. Barrett, Nelly D.
stats 01/29/1930 McDonald, D.J. Stull, Evelyn E.
stats 06/11/1934 McDonald, D.J. 3rd Davis, Mary E. 2nd (McNearney)
stats 11/14/1938 McDonald, Darce Rader, Viola D.
stats 06/17/1907 McDonald, Darel Steele, Sarah E.
Reg 07/01/1877 McDonald, Donald Stenger, Maggie
stats 10/24/1911 McDonald, Franklin J. Holford, Rosa Nella
stats 03/02/1926 McDonald, Howard Bailey, Sophia E.
stats 04/01/1938 McDonald, J.B. 2nd Hewes, (Mrs. W.B.) 2nd (Portman)
stats 05/18/1931 McDonald, J.V. McDonald, Estella (Post)
stats 05/18/1936 McDonald, L.F. Cassels, Margaret
stats 11/18/1901 McDonald, Samuel P. Sutton, Mae V.
Slater 01/26/1891 McDonald, Thomas Donald Young, Mary
stats 11/13/1931 McDonnell, E. Daniel 2nd Long, Belle L. 2nd
stats 04/08/1925 McDougal, Ned Manuel, Annie
stats 05/14/1907 McDougald, Malcolm Churchill, Ollie Fay
MR #7 03/16/1940 McDougall, A.E. Ross, Frances
stats 11/14/1925 McDougall, William J. Scherette, Violet
MR #7 08/27/1939 McDowell, J.C. Olson, Beulah
MR #7 11/21/1945 McDowell, Jack Johnson, Pauline
stats 06/29/1935 McDowell, M. McGilki, Elaine
stats 06/29/1904 McEvoy, A.P. 2nd Anderson, Carrie
stats 11/18/1910 McFadden, S.G. O'Brien, Clara
stats 10/26/1911 McFarland, Leslie M. Silke, Fannie R. (Hofstetter) 2nd
stats 11/14/1913 McFarland, Roy D. Redlin, Lillian (Gale) 2nd
MR #7 02/05/1945 McGarry, Denny Neil Griesmeyer, Jean
MR #7 11/03/1946 McGilvra, Cecil Gene Baateloon, Charlotte Marie
MR #7 02/10/1942 McGilvra, Dan Matthew Bennett, Cleoria Alvina
stats 12/06/1935 McGinety, Edward Owen Fowler, Alitha Violet
stats 12/21/1936 McGonigal, Elias M. Southern, Mae Irene
stats 04/29/1937 McGowan, John Milne, Gertrude Christine
stats 01/18/1915 McGrath, Joseph E. Kelly, Grace E.
stats 08/31/1935 McGregor, Elwood Dirksen, Hilda
stats 11/15/1911 McGregor, George N. Josefsky, Anna
stats 11/28/1938 McGregor, H. Davidson, V.J.
MR #7 07/20/1946 McInerney, Kenneth M. Vogt, Mary C.
stats 03/23/1929 McInnes, H.W. Oliver, Eileen Mary
MR #7 07/03/1944 McInnis, John Thomas Padge, Anita Louise
MR #7 07/11/1946 McIntosh, R.H. Mustoe, Peggy Mae
stats 06/20/1936 McIntyre, Harold A. Sheidt, Pauline
stats 06/29/1918 McKay, Edward Louis Jacobson, Helen
stats 06/07/1915 McKay, William James Foshaug, Hilda Nelson
stats 03/07/1910 McKee, Alfred Langdon, Dorothy A.
MR #7 10/07/1944 McKee, Charles A. Turner, Marian F.
stats 04/24/1910 McKee, Charles E. Cagle, Emma E. 2nd (Hull)
MR #7 04/29/1940 McKee, Lloyd Daily, Helen
stats 06/05/1928 McKee, M.L. Phillips, Marie (Douglas)
stats 10/11/1921 McKee, W.P. 2nd Fain, M.J. 2nd (Curl)
stats 06/04/1906 McKee, William P. 2nd Fulton, Janny 2nd (Arthur)
stats 09/08/1934 McKeller, C.J. 2nd Moonan, Alithe 3rd (Bauer)
stats 11/05/1907 McKeller, Richard A. Ellis, Margaret
stats 07/13/1916 McKenzie, George Scott Leland, Mabel Amelia
stats 01/14/1939 McKern, D.L. Reeder, Ina
stats 11/24/1931 McKern, Morse D. Felts, Blanche E.
Slater 06/15/1864 McKey, Robert Finley, Lizzette
stats 04/05/1926 McKinley, W. Turnbull, Edith L. (Lough)
Slater 12/25/1889 McKinney, Alfred Arcasa, Amelia A.
stats 12/16/1907 McKinney, Edgar Larrabee, Lura
stats 07/06/1920 McKinney, Guy 2nd McIntosh, Nellie B. 2nd (Miller)
MR #7 11/22/1944 McKinney, J.O. Jenson, Gladys S.
stats 04/03/1902 McKinney, Lewis R. Bird, Eva
stats 06/08/1907 McKinney, Roy L. Cogan, Alicia
stats 08/14/1929 McKinney, Theodore Boggess, Mary M.
stats 02/08/1934 McKinney, William N. Boggess, Myrtle Emmaline
stats 12/09/1938 McKinnon, A.J. 2nd Hill, Martha F. 2nd (Buss)
stats 01/07/1899 McKinnon, Douglas Lefebore, Maria A.
stats 03/28/1925 McKitrick, Jesse Howard Huseland, Lucy
stats 09/06/1932 McLain, Raymond LaPray, Edith
stats 06/01/1922 McLaughlin, H.C. Bennett, Mary
stats 05/23/1903 McLaughlin, Thomas McCormick, Lottie
stats 01/08/1931 McLaury, E.C. Black, Zada Ann
MR #7 12/22/1939 McLean, Don Doyle, Daisy
stats 12/31/1934 McLean, E.H. Ogle, Estelle 2nd
stats 11/06/1912 McLean, George Irvin Hamilton, Mildred Loretta
MR #7 11/22/1940 McLean, Glenn Nelson, Ida Mae
stats 04/30/1924 McLean, John Allison Chance, Pearl May
Slater 01/22/1889 McLean, John S. Allison, Arminta
stats 08/21/1932 McLean, Philip H. VanDuzer, Rilla
stats 07/18/1931 McLean, Robert Meighen Campion, Emily Beatrice
stats 09/22/1926 McLeod, Angus Johnston, Jean (Clues)
stats 05/13/1935 McLeod, Norman P. Trigellus, Florence M. 2nd
stats 03/10/1903 McMillan, Archie J. 2nd Schrode, Julia S.
MR #7 06/21/1947 McMillan, Donald William Welch, Jean Marie
stats 07/03/1906 McMillan, George A. Thornton, Hattie Idell
stats 03/10/1913 McMillan, John Cole, Maud
stats 07/28/1914 McMillan, Lawrence Cole, Myrtle
stats 09/15/1912 McMillan, Nathaniel Marshall, Mamie
stats 04/26/1907 McMullen, Samuel Redding, May Mary
stats 08/29/1932 McMurray, Peter Johnson, Lorene Alice
stats 01/16/1919 McNamee, John J. Shepherdson, Edna Leone
stats 10/29/1935 McNearney, Charles Percy Boots, Alice
stats 01/19/1935 McNearney, Charles W. 2nd Boots, Vina Fern
stats 10/03/1936 McNearney, Douglas Ferguson, Cora
MR #7 10/28/1939 McNearney, Douglas Blatti, Bertha
stats 10/23/1906 McNearney, John James Lillybridge, Pearl May
MR #7 04/27/1946 McNearney, Lawrence Allen LeVenton, Suzanne Marie
stats 10/26/1908 McNearney, Percy Claar, Zella
stats 12/30/1919 McNearney, Roy Philip Pero, Norma Thelma
stats 01/14/1907 McNearney, Thomas B. Lilybridge, Bertha
stats 10/29/1936 McNearney, Wayne Nelson, Genevieve
Slater 06/04/1873 McNeil, Alfred B. Allard, Jennie
MR #7 01/07/1942 McNeil, D.R. Carroll, Florence
stats 01/18/1913 McNeil, Daniel Dennison, Mary (Gum) 2nd
stats 09/04/1920 McNeil, John J. Powell, Marie
stats 02/27/1934 McNeil, Lawrence N. Meyers, Vera Dorothy
stats 04/24/1920 McNeil, William Ulysses Shodle, Mary Loretta
stats 01/30/1904 McNeilly, William A. Plunkett, Hazel
stats 09/29/1916 McNicholas, Thomas 2nd DeSair, Emeline Grace
MR #7 01/10/1947 McNitt, Claude J. Benson, June
stats 10/08/1936 McNuth, Walter A. Heidigger, Ruth A.
MR #7 05/08/1943 McNutt, Rolla F. Enquist, Ethel
MR #7 10/21/1946 McParlon, Leslie James Onions, Elizabeth Joyce
MR #7 09/23/1943 McPhee, Alfred N. Holliday, Winnifred
stats 08/29/1923 McPherson, Joe Ochs, Eva
stats 07/02/1927 McPherson, S. Preston Daley, Zelda
stats 10/24/1938 McPherson, Wilbur Bruce Schultz, Verna Margaret
stats 09/25/1929 McRae, Duncan Fallows, Nellie L. (Lewellen)
MR #7 06/22/1942 McSpearin, Floyd Breakey, Henrietta
stats 10/22/1908 McSperrin, C.L. Mullen, Marguerite
stats 11/29/1911 McUne, Joseph H. 2nd Deardorff, Edna (Dunlap) 2nd
stats 03/31/1914 McVay, J.C. Rogers, L.A. (Parshall) 3rd
Slater 10/17/1890 McVeigh, Worthel Smothers, Grace
stats 04/25/1931 Meagher, John Francis Graham, Mona N.
stats 09/14/1934 Mean, Charles R. Day, Hazel F.
stats 12/29/1919 Means, William Dane, Vera Mable
stats 09/02/1916 Meddock, Marion Tracy, Viola
stats 10/11/1909 Meece, Charles 2nd Jones, Margaret 2nd (Jack)
stats 11/17/1910 Meggitt, Harry W. Greenmayer, Laura P.
MR #7 11/09/1939 Melcher, Lloyd C. (Sr) Suiter, Faye Hill
stats 10/22/1937 Melcher, Walter S. Dunham, Ruth M.
stats 08/01/1928 Mellick, Edward Harbison, Mary
stats 05/19/1913 Melvin, S.M. Dixon, W. Eugenia
stats 06/28/1926 Memmer, Homer Wagner, Irene
stats 04/09/1927 Menath, Robert Jr Hughes, Maggie Mae
stats 02/14/1939 Menegas, Louie Lotze, Helen M.
stats 06/15/1934 Menmuir, Clarence Sage, Dorothy Dale
MR #7 06/25/1942 Mercer, Clyde Wayne Goodman, Thelma Lorene
Slater 02/26/1884 Merchand, Louis Matilda
Slater 08/21/1884 Merchant, Benjamin Daily, Anna
stats 05/01/1912 Merchant, Charley Jayne, Mary
Slater 01/06/1886 Merchant, Joseph Suikolus,Victoria
stats 01/31/1912 Mereen, Gilman Campbell, Bessie
stats 01/22/1931 Merkling, John T. Rambo, Lena (Uderman)
MR #7 03/02/1946 Merrill, Angus Rutledge, Ruth
stats 04/11/1919 Merrill, L.B. 2nd Brewington, Hattie G. (fa-Post)
stats 11/22/1898 Merritt, Miles 2nd Sexton, Laura A. 2nd (Ridge)
stats 06/02/1935 Mescher, C.J. Blacker, Flossie M.
stats 08/15/1923 Messenger, Alonzo N. Howe, Elizabeth L.
stats 10/06/1899 Messenger, Jess C. Gleason, Mary
stats 09/11/1897 Metcalf, John L. Ledgerwood, Clara B.
stats 03/29/1937 Metcalf, William H. Miller, Maurine A.
MR #7 05/04/1943 Metlow, Ewel Peone, Louise
stats 12/06/1938 Meusy, George Marchand, Genevieve
stats 06/21/1897 Meusy, Joseph J. Dupuis, Matilda
stats 06/21/1897 Meusy, Joseph J.1 Dupuis, Matilda
stats 01/15/1935 Meusy, Lawrence Hart, Florence Z.
stats 12/30/1937 Meyer, Frank A. 2nd Kortes, Stella E.
stats 06/15/1925 Meyer, Martin G. VanAltine, Alice
stats 12/07/1914 Meyer, Martin W. Olson, Frieda
stats 03/10/1934 Meyer, R.C. 2nd Williamson, Bernice L.
stats 09/05/1930 Meyeroff, D.A. Brenner, Julia (Culbert)
stats 09/02/1901 Meyers, Calvin H. Rudick, Ellen 2nd (Gillrand)
stats 09/07/1918 Meyers, Charles A. Hofer, Ada
stats 01/29/1917 Meyers, Fred J. Schutt, Martha K.S. (fa-Nickel)
stats 05/27/1911 Meyers, George J. Eslick, Goldie Ellen
stats 05/03/1892 Meyers, Lewis J. Johnson, Anna
stats 02/28/1920 Meyers, Otto H. Hammer, Beulah
stats 10/14/1905 Meyers, Ulysses P. Paschilk, Martha Lena
stats 05/10/1911 Meyers, William E. Thompson, Videtta
stats 04/21/1932 Michael, A.R. Fosback, Bertha Marie
stats 12/21/1923 Michael, Harley Pratt, Ora
stats 09/15/1926 Michael, James Ross Boyd, Juanita Vivian
stats 11/30/1915 Michaely, Meredith Doney, Pearl A.
stats 07/28/1914 Michel, Alex Eicker, Lena
stats 04/04/1932 Michel, Charles Alexima, Mary Rose
stats 08/09/1930 Michel, Ernest Komar, Margaret
stats 03/07/1932 Michel, James Peone, Lorene
stats 08/22/1908 Mickelson, B.O. (fa-Olson) Corbell, Fannie M. 2nd (Williams)
stats 08/08/1936 Middlemass, Roy Armit, Isabella
stats 04/16/1913 Middleton, Warren Earl Ogle, Ethel M. 2nd
MR #7 08/04/1946 Midkiff, Earl M. Lotze, Pauline D.
MR #7 06/04/1947 Midkiff, Jack Murphy, Nadine
MR #7 08/10/1946 Midkiff, Ray Anderson Anderson, Florence Charlotte
MR #7 06/22/1947 Mifflin, Donald Boyle, Wanda
MR #7 12/24/1941 Miles, C.A. Wegele, Helen
stats 02/19/1902 Miles, Frank W. Stencil, Chattie M.
stats 07/02/1932 Miles, J.W. Beckemeir, M.M. 2nd
MR #7 06/28/1947 Miles, Leo Dobson, Bette
stats 08/23/1920 Milks, Sherman J. Ellis, Blanche
stats 08/19/1929 Millard, Westley P. Ensminger, Willia S.
MR #7 11/23/1946 Millay, A.Lee Wheaton, Phyllis Louise
stats 02/01/1933 Millay, Ralph H. Stenson, Dorothy Louise
stats 06/24/1922 Millay, Wilford F. Demulling, Mildred M.
stats 03/07/1900 Miller, Alvin Hammer, Martha A.
stats 02/20/1913 Miller, Art Nicholas, Clara (Clark) 2nd
stats 05/20/1931 Miller, Arthur A. Skeels, Elsie
stats 06/05/1930 Miller, Arthur T. Metz, Hazel Vera
stats 09/01/1899 Miller, C.F. Swanson, Hannah
stats 01/17/1912 Miller, C.W. Tweedie, Rachel Oliva
stats 01/01/1933 Miller, E.R. Martinson, Connie
stats 12/24/1929 Miller, Ed Petefish, Ruth
stats 12/09/1903 Miller, Elisha S. Sargent, Lillian
stats 05/14/1932 Miller, F.J. Morrison, Myraid
stats 03/25/1922 Miller, Fred S. Lee, Edith M.
stats 04/07/1909 Miller, George L. Taylor, Jennie E.
stats 06/03/1924 Miller, George M. Ferris, Margaret
MR #7 06/27/1946 Miller, H.J. Buchanan, M.
stats 12/22/1905 Miller, Harvey 2nd Sparks, Mable
stats 07/03/1906 Miller, Henry A. 2nd Hogdon, Charlotte 2nd (Matthews)
stats 03/18/1925 Miller, Henry G. Johnson, Gertrude
stats 10/02/1933 Miller, Herbert G. Cunningham, Dorothy
stats 07/31/1917 Miller, Homer D. 3rd Fletcher, Minnie 2nd (Anderson)
stats 01/19/1921 Miller, Homer E. 2nd Carlson, Sigrud Eugenia
stats 08/21/1911 Miller, J.L. Pearson, Anna
stats 03/13/1936 Miller, James Leroy McParlan, Elaine
stats 06/24/1936 Miller, Jess 2nd Pattullo, Imogene E. 2nd (Jones)
stats 09/01/1905 Miller, Jess A. Renshaw, Ethel
stats 05/27/1899 Miller, John A. Udall, Jessie Sarah
MR #7 07/21/1940 Miller, John E. Smith, Geraldine S.
MR #7 12/26/1945 Miller, John H. Rohriah, Margarett F.
stats 01/23/1903 Miller, John W. Dixon, Lottie 2nd (Claxton)
stats 07/06/1936 Miller, Keith F. Kohl, Marguerite G.
stats 12/22/1898 Miller, Leon Raymond Bennett, Elsa Louisa
MR #7 04/25/1941 Miller, Louis H. Bustillos, Harriet
stats 12/11/1933 Miller, Melvin C. Siemens, Lillian 2nd (Potter)
stats 02/13/1939 Miller, Norman Summers, Jean
stats 10/21/1935 Miller, Oscar W. Coghill, Jessie
stats 11/14/1919 Miller, Paul F. Qualey, Anna Marie
stats 04/28/1939 Miller, Robert John LeCaire, Marjorie May
MR #7 09/23/1939 Miller, Roy A. Hardesty, Velma
Slater 10/04/1891 Miller, Rudolph Burbonte, Jennie
MR #7 04/21/1947 Miller, Virgil C. Kulzer, Joan
Slater 12/26/1888 Miller, William Pingston, Martina
stats 03/16/1892 Miller, William Wynne, Eva
stats 05/09/1896 Miller, William Pierre, Adeline
stats 10/17/1903 Miller, William 2nd Hauser, Mary E. 2nd (Larkin)
stats 12/29/1905 Miller, William L. Taylor, Amie
stats 09/15/1933 Millett, W.E. Doughty, Mary Viola
stats 07/08/1903 Milligan, William Carroll Mills, Bertha Eleanor
stats 06/21/1902 Milliken, Joseph Alfred 2nd Scherette, Agnes
stats 05/21/1909 Mills, Lynn Pierce Phillips, Fern Almira
stats 10/12/1921 Milton, Albert L. McKenzie, Pauline
stats 05/28/1920 Milus, Curtiss K. Crook, Sybil D.
Slater 08/24/1890 Miner, E.D. Moorhead, Edith M.
stats 07/23/1934 Minton, Jack B. Purcell, Nellie
stats 06/19/1928 Minzel, Herbert T. Exley, Grace
MR #7 10/08/1945 Misiaszek, Anthony Fry, Lorraine
stats 04/05/1922 Misita, Samuel Shirley, Alberta
stats 09/01/1922 Mitchell, Albert White, Ollie 2nd (/Stensgar)
MR #7 06/18/1941 Mitchell, Alva W. Tilton, Evelyn
stats 06/27/1911 Mitchell, Charles A. Washburn, Zebbie E.
stats 06/30/1910 Mitchell, Clarence George Conard, Myrtle Eva
stats 02/16/1903 Mitchell, Gordon M. DeMott, Nona
stats 06/17/1899 Mitchell, Henry Corder, Minnie Sophia
Reg 07/18/1879 Mitchell, John Williamson, Flora Agnes
stats 10/17/1936 Mitchell, John R. Bearnside, Ivy
stats 06/06/1936 Mitchell, Lewis Balcom, Edna May
stats 12/14/1921 Mitchell, Noel Hale Haag, Nellie Catherine
stats 11/25/1922 Mitchell, Paris Haag, Monnie
stats 06/25/1918 Mitchell, Ray Abbot Pheiffer, Mable
stats 04/23/1906 Mitchell, T.B. Boyd, Margarite
stats 09/30/1908 Mitchell, T.E. Tirk, Eliza
stats 11/14/1904 Mitchell, Thomas A. Parmenter, Alice May
stats 12/16/1935 Moffat, Arthur Salanen, Marge
stats 12/29/1922 Moffat, Arthur P. 2nd Mills, Ethel V.
MR #7 06/22/1947 Mollenberg, Peter Irvin Peterson, Lois Maxine
stats 05/31/1916 Moloso, Edgar Bell, Anna L.
stats 08/20/1936 Moloso, Frank 3rd Sargent, E.E. 2nd (Thew)
stats 11/29/1916 Moloso, Frank Jr. 2nd Hubert, Bertha 2nd (Hiatt)
stats 01/24/1936 Moloso, Phil Jr. Thomas, Dorris
stats 11/08/1911 Moloso, Philip J. Stanley, Adeline M.
stats 04/21/1936 Mondale, Gino Miller, Olive M.
stats 05/29/1928 Monette, Ellsworth L. Root, Ariel Alice
stats 11/23/1936 Monk, Herman J. 2nd Auld, Lyllian 2nd (Douglas)
stats 10/23/1920 Monroe, David A. Martens, Clara
stats 01/16/1937 Monroe, Harry (Jr) Stoner, Corinne
stats 04/07/1927 Monroe, Tom Rowe, Elizabeth
Slater 12/14/1871 Monsouer, Louis Jandreau, Louise
stats 08/04/1917 Montgomery, Bruce Walker Alta E.
MR #7 12/31/1945 Montgomery, Bruce A. Vervacke, Mary Lou
stats 08/31/1908 Montgomery, Carl Henry Muer, Bertha Salina
Slater 07/06/1870 Montgomery, Charles H. Brown, Margaret
stats 05/11/1931 Montgomery, George Oliver McGuire, Viola (Ashbridge)
stats 11/30/1925 Montgomery, J.C. Camp, Blanche (Hardenbrook)
stats 05/06/1914 Montgomery, James B. Gibson, Nannie E.
stats 12/31/1907 Montgomery, Thomas L. Wingham, Roxie
stats 10/30/1919 Montie, John Bay, Mable
stats 05/16/1911 Montieth, Elija Keller, Josephine 2nd (Vanasse)
stats 11/24/1917 Montour, Edward Nelson McInnes, Louise
stats 05/01/1915 Moody, C.A. Campbell, Mary
stats 12/13/1919 Moon, John 2nd Andrews, Ellene 2nd (Schasiakein)
stats 10/24/1938 Moon, Thomas S. Wright, Winnifred K.
stats 07/12/1904 Moore, Alex 2nd Vrooman, Emily 2nd (Pettit)
stats 12/15/1922 Moore, Benjamin F. Courtright, Calla May 2nd (Rose)
stats 07/27/1904 Moore, Charles A. Plowman, Alice J.
stats 11/12/1917 Moore, Charles H. 2nd Crawford, Maria Newsom
stats 04/27/1922 Moore, Claude L. Richey, Edna 2nd (Erickson)
stats 12/28/1900 Moore, Edward Stensgar, Mary
stats 09/07/1929 Moore, Edward Glen Price, Constance
stats 09/08/1937 Moore, George Perkins, Lois M.
stats 10/09/1918 Moore, Harry R. May, Survila 2nd (Gilleo)
stats 11/05/1937 Moore, Henry Matthew Rhodes, Mary Josephine 2nd (Hormell)
stats 12/24/1919 Moore, Roscoe Slentz, Elsie
stats 03/04/1904 Moore, Samuel T. Wilkinson, Edith
RegA 01/10/1877 Moore, Thomas S. Runnels, Lizzie
stats 05/03/1907 Moore, Victor E. Young, Mildred
Slater 06/11/1881 Moore, William Kaza, Cecelia
stats 07/06/1911 Moore, William R. Johnson, Lillian
stats 10/03/1932 Moorhead, Abraham Ramon, Madeline
stats 06/13/1903 Moorhead, Oscar G. Baxter, Margaret Emma
stats 02/27/1934 Moorhead, Oscar Ganish Martin, Mary Louise
stats 08/05/1929 Moran, Victor Eichenseer, Frances
stats 12/15/1914 Moran, William Bullock, Freda I.
Slater 06/04/1873 Moras, Ranon Plant, Catherine
stats 08/05/1937 Morefield, Sam Abramson, Mildred
MR #7 11/01/1943 Morefield, Sam A. Kelly, Patsy Rose
stats 07/03/1917 Morehouse, Wallace Wooley, Lottie
stats 08/15/1901 Morell, John 2nd Desautel, Christine
MR #7 08/11/1939 Morgan, Dan Schultz, Valdean
stats 10/07/1897 Morgan, Jerre J. Michel, Mary
stats 10/04/1938 Morgan, Robert L. Larson, Naomi
stats 04/06/1909 Morgan, Samuel Weston, Fay
stats 01/20/1903 Morgan, W.E. DeVaney, M.S.
stats 04/02/1910 Morgan, William 2nd Hall, Bele
Reg 02/06/1875 Morgeau, Abram Jangron, Philomini
stats 06/13/1904 Morgenstern, Henry Anderson, Lydia Eleanor
stats 01/25/1923 Moriarity, Thomas Hartill, Ida
stats 07/08/1933 Morley, Garry H. Matthews, Merle E.
stats 01/25/1926 Morrell, George D. Reese, Eva C.
stats 11/27/1907 Morrell, Jess J. Reed, Elizabeth
RegA 04/20/1878 Morrell, John LaFleur, christine
stats 05/25/1909 Morrell, John 2nd Brown, E.B.
stats 03/31/1897 Morrell, Richard Cunningham, Talitha
stats 03/31/1897 Morrell, Richard Cunningham, Talitha
stats 05/12/1936 Morrice, William Reed, Rebecca J.
stats 05/06/1939 Morrill, Rex E. Marr, Louise
stats 04/27/1925 Morris, Abe Hammond, Alice
MR #7 12/08/1947 Morris, Arthur L. Bas, Beverly M.
stats 10/17/1922 Morris, Chester A. Hammond, Sylvia
stats 04/14/1927 Morris, D.L. Buck, Georgia
stats 03/06/1920 Morris, E.L. Justice, Ida A.
stats 09/12/1937 Morris, Floyd E. Helt, Nina Leone
stats 09/12/1927 Morris, Fred Nelson, Elsie
stats 12/23/1936 Morris, Humphrey R. Brady, Luella
stats 07/03/1937 Morris, Joseph Mawdsley, Gladys D.
stats 06/30/1920 Morris, Monty M. Root, Edith M.
MR #7 08/23/1945 Morris, Ralph VanDeusen, Kathleen
stats 05/03/1917 Morris, Riley M. Bell, Elizabeth
stats 06/28/1910 Morris, Thomas B. Gaines, Nora E.
stats 08/30/1909 Morris, Vernon H. 2nd Richard, Alda Bell
stats 09/28/1918 Morrisle, Fredrick James Jewell, Laura Frances
stats 03/03/1910 Morrison, Benjamin F. Nesbitt, Helen Orvilla
stats 09/02/1926 Morrison, Dan I. McDonald, Georgie (Smith)
stats 06/15/1935 Morrison, Edwin A. Hammer, Ida A.
MR #7 02/24/1946 Morrison, Jack Gruber, Elizabeth
stats 11/03/1915 Morrison, Malcolm Kraus, F.M. Mrs. 3rd (Owens)
stats 11/15/1910 Morrison, Matthew F. Stratton, Ina L.
stats 12/05/1905 Morrison, Roland C. Bishop, Louise M.
stats 04/27/1936 Morrison, William Emerson, Margery
stats 06/19/1899 Morrison, William H. LaValby, Amanda
stats 08/12/1925 Morrow, Art Westerbeck, Thelma E.
stats 10/24/1936 Morrow, Bud Bacher, Catherine
stats 02/01/1909 Morrow, H.M. Campbell, (Mrs. B.W.) 2nd (Baxter)
stats 05/04/1929 Morrow, Harry Mills, Nellie
stats 12/14/1900 Morrow, James A. Jones, E.O.
stats 11/02/1935 Morrow, Lawrence Leroy Somerlott, Gertrude Belle
stats 01/29/1904 Morrow, William Marshall, Gertrude
MR #7 11/20/1947 Morse, Oscar Dayton Coogan, Mary Ethel
stats 03/01/1922 Morton, Charles Waldo, Josephine Helgert (Hedges)
stats 06/10/1907 Morton, Charles C. Price, Prudena A.
stats 11/26/1919 Morton, Charles V. Gherhart, Marie
stats 08/21/1901 Morton, Thomas Duyrkoop, Vera
stats 10/30/1918 Morton, Volney Glen Sheldon, Marian
stats 01/02/1909 Morton, William Fogarty, Winnifred
MR #7 06/01/1944 Mosby, Burr P. Engel, Dolly Mae
stats 12/21/1933 Moser, Harold F. Daily, Viola
stats 12/24/1928 Moser, R.C. Crane, Helen E.
MR #7 12/03/1941 Moser, William E. Midkiff, Jewel E.
MR #7 03/12/1945 Moses, Albert Broncheau, Daisy
stats 10/18/1902 Moses, Charles Freeman Allbaugh, Rose Armina
stats 04/21/1919 Moses, Cole Meyers. Clarise 2nd (Huber)
stats 01/18/1919 Moses, Gibson 2nd Abell, Mary Ellen 2nd
stats 08/06/1923 Moses, John Inkster, Molly (James)
stats 03/11/1918 Moses, Wilson Andrews, Lizzie 2nd (Homer)
stats 10/15/1928 Moss, Eugene Christman, Sada
stats 10/11/1927 Moss, Norman W. Liljegren, Amanda
stats 08/10/1937 Mott, A.J. 2nd Halvorson, O.B. 2nd (Arnold)
MR #6 06/29/1939 Mott, Harold D. Robeson, Ernestine
MR #7 11/07/1944 Mott, Kenneth L. DeVore, Daisy D.
stats 06/01/1937 Motteler, George F Fordham, Marian
stats 07/01/1910 Moulin, Franc Lanier, Adele A.
stats 12/18/1931 Mounce, M.L. Bradeen, Lois
stats 02/09/1916 Mounter, Henry Bussert, Viola
Slater 05/17/1886 Mowatt, George Dupuis, Ellen
stats 11/03/1926 Mowatt, Ralph Cumpton, Vera
stats 07/07/1922 Mowbray, John H. Jones, Margaret Jessie
stats 10/13/1925 Mower, Oscar Boles, Willie
stats 09/18/1913 Mowrey, Oscar Price, Elizabeth
stats 03/11/1916 Mullan, Joseph Edwards, Nancy
stats 10/07/1918 Mullay, James 2nd Clary, Mary E. 2nd (Moran)
MR #7 06/22/1946 Mullen, Charles O'Brien, Georgina
stats 05/04/1901 Mullen, Elmer Joseph Smith, Ellen L.
stats 02/26/1938 Mullen, Joe 3rd Paul, Ellen 3rd (Alex)
MR #7 04/06/1942 Mullen, John Schaaf, Agnes Theresa
stats 10/17/1930 Mullen, Tommy Simpson, Louise
MR #7 09/27/1946 Mullins, Ronald Hills, Helen E.
stats 11/16/1921 Mumau, Lynn H. Park, Fern
stats 09/17/1920 Muncey, Harlan A. Watson, Beatrice
stats 01/18/1905 Munker, Charles M. Ragsdill, Sadie Ellen
stats 04/30/1900 Munkers, J.W. Frida, Anna Maria
stats 03/02/1926 Munson, Floyd Masterson, Ruth
stats 02/14/1916 Munson, R.P. Fleenor, Mamie I (fa-Noble)
stats 07/02/1910 Munson, William Edgar Cole, Bertha May
MR #7 06/04/1946 Murbach, Marion E. Mally, Helen A.
stats 12/11/1906 Murdock, David Greggs, Lizzie M. 3rd (Poole)
stats 06/26/1936 Murdock, Duncan Mathis, Harriet C.
stats 09/04/1937 Murdock, Leonard James Rasmussen, Doris E.A.
stats 02/12/1936 Murdock, Malcolm Martin, June
stats 01/29/1929 Murdock, William M. Wilson, Grace
stats 08/14/1917 Murk, Joseph Lupan, Amanda
stats 03/16/1939 Murphy, Bernard James Kruger, Olga Hattie Amelia
stats 08/11/1919 Murphy, Frank R. Busby, Sarah A.
stats 01/17/1920 Murphy, Harry T. Ogle, Estella
stats 08/01/1916 Murphy, Lester L. Packard, Hazel M.
stats 05/01/1920 Murphy, Peter Stephen Yeager, Grace 2nd (Crowe)
stats 02/10/1927 Murphy, T.J. Wilson, Elizabeth
stats 09/23/1933 Murphy, Wm 2nd Swain, Genevieve 2nd
stats 04/23/1937 Murray, Arthur J. Bogg, Doris Elizabeth
stats 05/22/1928 Murray, Joe R. Briggs, Loretta M.
stats 10/06/1902 Murray, Jonathan A. Jonas, Kitty
stats 06/09/1919 Murray, R.R. Gilmore, Ivy
stats 01/06/1899 Murray, William E. McDowell, Bessie
stats 12/22/1902 Murrell, John Clark, Verna
stats 05/11/1904 Murry, H.L. Koen, Nona J.
stats 05/22/1934 Musser, Henry C. (Jr) Johnson, Dorothy Rose
stats 11/12/1917 Musser, Oscar A. Hessner, Loretta Eunice
stats 03/04/1915 Muzzy, Earle N. Shoberg, Lillian
stats 07/15/1913 Myers, Albert A. McCrea, Margaret (McCloud)
stats 12/20/1895 Myers, E.E. Patton, May A.
stats 04/10/1916 Myers, Frank Thompson, Edith
MR #7 09/18/1940 Myers, Glen R Roskam, Alice
stats 03/30/1922 Myers, L.V. Ross, Lena M.
stats 12/31/1915 Myers, Otis C. 3rd Martin, Sarilda M. 4th (Hayter)
MR #7 07/15/1939 Myers, Percy L. Snyder, Juanita J.
stats 05/15/1920 Myers, Samuel William McNearney, Pearl M. (Lillibridge)
stats 12/23/1912 Myers, Vel Mark Swinney, Callie Lou
stats 02/28/1925 Myers, W.D. Loiselle, Melissa (Mrs)
stats 04/11/1926 Myers, Walter R. Hougland, Velma
stats 03/19/1930 Mykines, Earl Koontz, Mary
stats 08/28/1919 Naccarato, Gus A. Guadagnolo, Minnie
stats 09/22/1923 Naff, Clarence D. Beughan, Alpha
stats 10/08/1897 Naff, Frank J. Wooley, Mary Etta
MR #7 09/22/1946 Naff, Harold A. Dobson, Beverly
stats 09/29/1908 Naff, Hugh 2nd Vert, Alice 2nd (Maxwell)
stats 07/09/1894 Naff, John S. Baker, Mary Z. (Hungerford)
stats 06/02/1939 Naff, L.B. Little, Theresa
stats 03/03/1934 Naff, Roy Noah, Jocelyn
stats 08/25/1923 Nailor, F.E. Vietzke, Corinne
MR #7 06/09/1945 Nailor, James E. Windsor, Lottie E.
stats 06/11/1918 Narcisse, Bernard Norbert, Josephine
MR #7 05/30/1941 Naughton, Joe Somerlott, Roberta
stats 09/07/1926 Neal, Fred Hodgson, Vera
stats 06/17/1915 Nedry, J.R. Shaver, Gladys
stats 02/14/1912 Neely, C.O. Bowers, Hazel
stats 10/31/1910 Neely, Earl Lynds, Lena
stats 06/16/1908 Neff, Charles Frank Paulson, Lilly 2nd (White)
stats 09/28/1921 Neglown, W.J. Johnson, Anna
stats 12/22/1937 Negres, Leonard Talbot Wightman, Verna E.
stats 01/03/1921 Neil, Lloyd J. Maxwell, A.M.
stats 07/02/1938 Neil, Orald F.I. Martinson, Elsie V.
stats 09/04/1894 Neill, Joseph H. Brown, Mamie
stats 12/30/1911 Neill, Roy A. Cameron, Maud H.
stats 05/20/1936 Neilson, Vern Russell, Loretta M.
stats 02/03/1917 Neiswender, Jess A. VanVliet, Helen M.
MR #7 09/01/1943 Nelms, Orville E. Vogel, Margaret
stats 08/25/1930 Nelson, A.R. Kamstra, Ada
MR #7 12/17/1939 Nelson, Albin Brinkman, Claudia
stats 11/20/1937 Nelson, Allen R. Wright, Isabell
stats 09/08/1919 Nelson, Carl Lawson, M.W.
MR #7 07/16/1946 Nelson, Charles Flohr, Jane M.
stats 01/20/1906 Nelson, Charles F.S. Shull, Nellie
stats 09/11/1914 Nelson, Emory Berman, Jennie E.
stats 05/13/1921 Nelson, Henry Winfield Llewellyn, Veva Grace
stats 06/01/1928 Nelson, Howard N. Smith, Sylvia Lee
stats 07/07/1907 Nelson, J.E. Knechtley, R.B.
stats 07/29/1903 Nelson, John August Hersley, Katherine
stats 11/04/1895 Nelson, John B. Reynolds, Ione Dudley
stats 06/30/1900 Nelson, John B. 2nd Walsh, Mary Jane
stats 10/07/1919 Nelson, Merle E. Strommen, Ilean
stats 05/23/1939 Nelson, Merle L. Kennedy, Carol C.
stats 07/08/1936 Nelson, Oscar Frye, Ruth 2nd (Harrison)
stats 10/15/1898 Nelson, Swan Pearson, Lena
stats 11/25/1914 Nelson, Walter Willis, Mabel Marie
stats 10/24/1931 Nelson, William H. Myers, Edna Irma
stats 12/05/1938 Nemrava, Charles Wilson, Phyllis E.
stats 08/11/1934 Nett, Albert J. Frankovich, Angeline
stats 10/31/1932 Nett, Edward Tuttle, Audrey
stats 06/22/1934 Nett, Hubert Green, Mary
stats 10/04/1895 Nett, M. Peternell, Mary
stats 10/22/1904 Nettleton, H.J. Miles, Mable
stats 10/10/1910 Neuman, Herbert Marion Sherwood, Arzina 2nd (Lang)
stats 11/17/1894 Neumann, Werner Tichlenberg, Elizabeth
stats 12/22/1902 Neven, Oliver H. Ludwig, Ida
stats 08/13/1934 Nevin, John Homer Cook, Edith Evelyn
stats 05/29/1920 Newbry, Edward Lester Cleveland, Cloteen V.
MR #7 03/17/1942 Newbury, Newton Pendell, Ruby
stats 08/11/1934 Newby, Rolla S. Bay, Edith E.
MR #7 06/06/1947 Newcomb, Bill Franklin Skiles, LaDonna
stats 03/28/1916 Newcomb, Robert Ley Crowe, Myrtle Gertrude
MR #7 05/10/1943 Newcomb, Robert Leys (Jr) Strickenberg, Lucille Astolfi
stats 04/12/1902 Newell, Ashor Bradeen, Emma L.
MR #7 04/14/1946 Newell, Clell A. Sheard, Florence I.
stats 11/13/1926 Newell, Harold F. Baker, Hazel
stats 11/29/1895 Newkirk, Miller Wairing, Eleanor
stats 09/01/1923 Newland, Darrell A. Penkake, Kate (Nagle)
stats 05/19/1906 Newlen, Grover C. Martin, Norma
stats 04/04/1916 Newlun, Oakley A. Scotten, Bessie M.
MR #7 07/22/1947 Newman, Hogan B. Wallace, Jean
stats 10/19/1935 Newman, John M. Hackney, Estelle C.
MR #7 01/02/1945 Newman, Lloyd Morgan Holman, Charlotte
stats 12/26/1908 Newman, Morgan Jones, Perneda Jane
Slater 02/12/1872 Newman, William Barnaby, Elizabeth
stats 07/07/1932 Newmark, Joseph Philip Dannheiser, Rose Edna
stats 04/25/1924 Newton, George Smith, Cleo
stats 04/11/1906 Newton, John H. 2nd Parker, Merna B. 2nd (Bates)
stats 09/24/1928 Newton, Marion Keyes, Margaret M.
stats 07/27/1931 Newton, Orville McKenzie, Myrtle E.
stats 07/06/1931 Newton, S.H. Anthony, Lorna Margaret
stats 01/31/1931 Newton, Samuel W. Ensminger, Dorothy
stats 09/20/1916 Newton, Wilbur Jewell Perry, Gladys Grace
stats 06/17/1919 Nichens, David Carl Sizemore, Mary Inez
stats 05/22/1926 Nichols, Joe Hilton, Olive A. (Munson)
stats 09/16/1915 Nichols, Peter StPaul, Cecelia
stats 07/01/1918 Nichols, Roland O. Shaver, Blanche A.
stats 11/26/1930 Nicholson, Claude Skoog, Ruth C.
stats 03/31/1934 Nicholson, Earl S. Alexander, Molly E.
stats 05/28/1931 Nicoliono, C. Turconi, Luizia (Albert)
stats 03/31/1936 Nicols, David E. Hammer, Wilma
stats 07/12/1935 Nielson, Albert L. 2nd Lillengren, Thelma
MR #7 12/01/1939 Niemi, Otto J. Parkka, Hilda
MR #7 11/15/1947 Nier, Lesley Stone, Pauline
stats 07/11/1911 Nigro, Antonio G. (2nd) Cassana, Rosario
stats 05/15/1933 Nilles, Joseph Crosby, Lena
stats 09/28/1908 Nilles, Peter Wiltz, Barbara
MR #7 10/23/1940 Nilles, William (Jr) Schmidelkoffer, Helen
stats 01/24/1938 Nimsick, A.J. Schwab, ann K.
stats 09/13/1937 Nisbet, Alexander W. Buchanan, Eleanor W.
MR #7 11/20/1943 Nissen, Rex T. Desautel, Helen
stats 03/08/1901 Noah, George W. Jacobs, Fanny
MR #7 12/23/1941 Noah, Kendall Jordan, Frances
stats 12/26/1905 Noah, William F. Sheldon, Nancy Ann
stats 02/29/1928 Noble, R.W. Price, Vetera S.
stats 05/11/1926 Noe, Charles E. Dexter, Dorothy
stats 06/24/1914 Noel, Launcelot G. Mayfield, Murdena B.
stats 08/09/1926 Nord, Hugo Russell, Dorothy
stats 03/05/1924 Nord, Victor Rounds, Emma
stats 07/02/1921 Norman, Clifford C. Rhoads, Mildred Jeanne
stats 07/03/1912 Norman, Roy Rickers, Mattie L.
stats 08/28/1937 Norman, Roy Weston, Maybell
MR #7 03/12/1945 Norris, Alvin Emmett Evans, Hazel Hattie
stats 04/19/1923 Norris, Frank G. Evans, Nellie
stats 12/11/1909 Northey, J.C. Snider, Emma E.
stats 09/25/1904 Norton, Fred E. Campbell, Dotty
stats 07/02/1926 Norton, H.E. Hartill, Clara E.
stats 11/12/1913 Norton, Harry Abbott, Elizabeth
stats 07/02/1900 Nower, W.S. Ristin, Kate F.
Slater 09/22/1882 Noyes, Alomond Boyd, Mary
stats 03/12/1905 Noyes, Peter Dupuis, Andella
MR #7 06/10/1943 Noyes, Thomas L. Edwards, Bertha R.
stats 06/11/1912 Nudell, Fred Marcus Terry, Marguerite Eva
stats 01/04/1922 Nugent, Walter Gottfriedson, Malina
stats 03/25/1913 Nullett, Austin Potter, Anna May
stats 12/08/1912 Nullett, Leslie Rounds, Leah
stats 08/22/1934 Nussbaum, Earl J. Olson Dorothy
stats 09/29/1926 Nussbaum, Elbert F. Potter, Iva
MR #7 09/09/1943 Nussbaum, Ernest R. Gray, Frances M.
stats 01/25/1913 Nussbaum, J.A. 2nd Hamilton, Lettie (Lee) 2nd
stats 07/18/1936 Nussbaum, Joseph Chamberlain, Gladys
stats 05/26/1935 Nyberg, Clarence R. Witters, Ardie M.
stats 07/22/1909 Nye, Henry Lester Flynn, Catherine