Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriage Index
Grooms Index O - R
Slater 05/27/1886 O'Brien, Frank Charette, Rosa
stats 04/03/1939 O'Brien, John Michael Walsh, Patricia Marie
MR #7 06/07/1941 O'Brien, Louis Giberson, Mable
stats 03/13/1905 O'Brien, Patrick W. McIntyre, Etta 2nd (Harris)
stats 12/22/1934 O'Brien, Tim Paulson, Margaret 2nd
Reg 10/10/1861 O'Bryan, James Finley, Susanna
stats 09/13/1910 O'Daniel, Joseph E. Brown, Margaret Ida
stats 07/29/1937 O'Donnell, Bernard Dana, Viola
stats 11/09/1910 O'Donnell, Will Boyes, Sarah
stats 10/16/1922 O'Hara, John 3rd Hyatt, Pietro 2nd (Ranzzi)
stats 07/23/1918 O'Hare, Oscar 2nd Harbison, Jessie 3rd (nee Walters, m#1 Dillon)
stats 12/12/1916 O'Keefe, Luke Binger, Ida
MR #7 02/20/1940 O'Keefe, Ray Thrasher, Beatrice
MR #7 04/19/1942 O'Rourke, Jack E. Goodell, Betty J.
stats 11/12/1894 Oakes, Henry A. Cagle, Texanna
stats 10/03/1893 Oakes, W.J. Whiteside, Addie
stats 05/29/1926 Oakshott, Thomas I. Stolts, Bernice
stats 05/06/1911 Oates, William Taylor, Ora
stats 08/15/1936 Obde, Edward J. Aiken, Joy E.
stats 01/14/1896 Obermiller, Henry J. Copple, Sarah P.
stats 01/11/1913 Obertreis, Philip Musseleck, Marguerite (Wingenter) 2nd
stats 12/23/1907 Odell, Lou Butter, Bessie May
stats 06/13/1929 Odle, Earl DeChand, Ida
stats 07/29/1929 Oeck, C.F. Corbett, Bessie H.
MR #7 04/18/1944 Oens, Howard Moriarity, Mary
stats 06/19/1935 Oens, M.S. Stiles, Virgie Minnie
stats 08/05/1937 Oestman, Fred 2nd Duvall, Janet
stats 12/30/1911 Offutt, William W. Howey, Nellie E.
stats 08/09/1897 Ogden, David W. Tolton, Elizabeth
stats 03/08/1916 Ogden, Earl Barnhauser, Anna
stats 04/08/1913 Ogden, Fred D. Thexton, Lucille (Marshall) 2nd
stats 04/10/1919 Ogden, Sterling M. Nelsen, Mary
stats 07/23/1906 Ogle, Carl Wilbur Clark, Susie Augusta
stats 01/28/1907 Ogle, William H. Eilar, Ella Elizabeth
stats 02/23/1935 Ogle, Wm Earl Carroll, Lila Eva
stats 10/21/1920 Ohman, George A. Allen, Myrt
stats 09/06/1922 Ohman, John A. Masterson, Dolly
MR #7 05/04/1941 Oicles, Clyde W. O'Donnell, Arlene
stats 07/03/1929 Olds, Alfred J. Thulean, Louella
stats 04/04/1907 Olds, Thomas McNeil, Frances
stats 04/15/1938 Olin, Theodore Kamar, Marian
MR #7 09/23/1945 Oliver, Jess R. Hafer, Mae (Mrs.)
Cath 06/03/1859 Oliver, Louis Skiesa, (Arcasa?) Mary
stats 07/13/1908 Oliverson, Henry Rostad, Minnie
stats 04/29/1911 Olmstead, Harry A. Butler, Stella
stats 05/09/1918 Olsen, Fred B. White, Lottie 2nd
stats 05/05/1923 Olsen, John Walter Elwood, Sadie Elizabeth
stats 06/16/1920 Olson, Ed Hansen, Helga Amanda Sophia 2nd
stats 03/03/1916 Olson, Eric Carefoot, Olive E.
stats 10/03/1935 Olson, George L. Richardson, Sibyl 2nd (Daniels)
stats 02/24/1936 Olson, Gilbert T. 2nd Miller, Leona
stats 05/24/1927 Olson, Hans Edwards, Eva (Foote)
MR #7 05/01/1947 Olson, John M. Ramble, Thelma I.
stats 08/06/1937 Olson, Morris McLay, Rhodamae
MR #7 09/14/1947 Olson, Oscar E. McNeilly, Irene
stats 04/18/1936 Olson, Ralph William Wahlstrom, Anna E.
stats 04/11/1919 Olson, Samuel I Myers, Anna Mae
stats 04/23/1938 Olson, Stanley Thompson, Mildred
stats 12/23/1907 Olson, William Yates, Lena
MR #7 03/30/1940 Olsson, Erik G. Nyberg, Elsie M.
MR #7 09/11/1943 Oman, Carl Christian, Letitia
MR #7 11/09/1945 Oman, Carl Veum, Winnifred
stats 08/30/1934 Oman, Lou L. Rolly, Grace Marie
stats 11/11/1918 Omejs, Volbank Torker, Marie
stats 03/04/1912 Onstine, Horace Fjarli, Clara
stats 06/07/1897 Onstine, Jacob B. 2nd Thatcher, America 2nd (Hisson)
stats 06/27/1897 Onstine, Jacob B. 2nd Thatcher, America 2nd (Hisson)
stats 06/12/1930 Onstott, Lloyd Y. VanAllen, Frances Etta
stats 08/27/1928 Onstott, Sterling F. Bernard, Lola L.
stats 03/08/1930 Onstott, William Orin Roitz, Mary V.
stats 05/18/1917 Orchard, Vance Faust, Pearl
stats 04/25/1936 Orlando, Fred Hill, Barbara
stats 02/13/1915 Orr, Arthur Dunn, Vera
stats 09/26/1917 Orr, Hugh E. 2nd Copp, Alpha
stats 08/10/1917 Orr, W.L. Folger, Ingibar
stats 07/17/1931 Osborn, Arthur E. Jerome, Delores
stats 01/15/1908 Osborn, Neal Newton, Elizabeth 2nd (Rhoton)
Slater 03/15/1891 Osborn, Thomas Boiler, Nora
stats 10/26/1936 Ostrikoff, Fred Tarinoff, Molly
MR #7 04/18/1942 Oswald, Henry Franklin Spears, Lenna
stats 01/06/1903 Otey, Everett S. Hutchinson, Amy 2nd (Stites)
stats 08/16/1921 Ott, R.B. Ireland, Allene
stats 11/10/1938 Overby, Arthur Day, Thelma
stats 11/24/1937 Overholt, James Engstrom, Katherine
MR #7 03/09/1943 Overman, Charles A. Tulles, Irma I.
stats 11/19/1900 Overman, E. Robert Wheeler, Delia May
MR #7 07/14/1939 Overman, Harry E. Fifer, Harriet V.
stats 12/22/1898 Overman, Henry E. Compton, Dixie
stats 07/09/1908 Overmeyer, Fred Smalley, Bessie May
stats 12/10/1898 Overmeyer, Ralph E. Runyon, Clarah M.
stats 02/26/1913 Owen, Arthur A. Burges, Myrtle E.
stats 11/26/1936 Owen, Francis James Herr, Margaret J.
stats 10/21/1907 Owens, Jesse S. Deakins, Maud
stats 10/14/1933 Owens, Robert D. Cooper, Mary
stats 11/25/1924 Owens, Walter A. Ehorn, Ann E.
MR #7 06/06/1944 Ownley, Otha Heater, Elizabeth
stats 06/05/1939 Owsley, Paul R. Potter, Bessie
MR #7 03/09/1946 Ozust, Elton Charles Dutton, Jean Bernice
stats 11/02/1922 Paddock, Gerald M. Schneider, Anna
stats 10/12/1901 Pagals, Henry Smith, Winnie
stats 06/22/1912 Page, D.R. Disharoon, C.E.
stats 06/12/1917 Page, Richard Derringer, Sylvia
stats 07/24/1937 Page, William Ernest Temple, Gertrude Evelyn
stats 05/07/1938 Pakonen, Arthur Rieper, Dorothy
stats 04/07/1904 Pallak, Frank S. Noon, Bridget
stats 10/10/1917 Palm, Charles W. Nelson, Rose Mary
stats 04/07/1934 Palm, Edward Price, Luella
stats 12/11/1936 Palm, Einer Bramhall, Dorothy
stats 12/06/1907 Palm, John Alfred Carlson, Signe Cecelia
MR #7 04/07/1946 Palm, Robert E. Entwistle, Geraldine L.
stats 08/10/1921 Palmer, A.W. 2nd Dearduff, Hazel
MR #7 02/27/1947 Palmer, Donald W. Phillips, Erma Ruth
stats 07/20/1910 Palmer, Frank Piemisl, Frances
stats 12/03/1934 Palmer, Gilbert Stevens, Gladys
stats 03/02/1925 Palmer, Renald Entwistle, Myrtle
stats 12/09/1916 Palmer, Thomas Harry 2nd Earll, Geneva Bell 2nd (Lloyd)
stats 09/14/1901 Palmer, W.W. Clowe, Clara I.
stats 12/28/1928 Palmquist, T.S. Halpin, Mae B.
MR #7 09/20/1947 Panagabko, Stephen Rossi, Fini
stats 11/16/1909 Panes, Herbert George Powner, Julia
stats 05/26/1916 Pankake, J.A. Nagle, Kate
stats 07/10/1935 Panzram, John P. Tisher, Josie 2nd (Haddington)
stats 08/16/1918 Paparich, Frank Beusan, Anna
stats 06/03/1913 Paprich, John Milan, Milka (Plavis) 2nd
Slater 02/27/1867 Paradis, Antoine Elanise
stats 12/24/1909 Paradis, Antoine E. Crowder, Viola 2nd (Harris)
stats 12/30/1936 Paradis, Pasquale Colter, Ida 3rd (Howard)
MR #7 08/03/1940 Parent, Albert Olinger, Catherine
MR #7 10/15/1941 Parent, George J. Heidke, Annette
MR #7 04/05/1946 Parenti, Grenato Ray Lyng, Evelyn H.
stats 07/27/1898 Parish, Jess Riese, Dora
stats 10/08/1937 Pariso, Stanley Abelman, Marie
stats 08/27/1934 Park, Maxwell A. Knight, L.D.
stats 02/20/1899 Park, Walter A. Richey, Edith
stats 11/28/1899 Parker, Aaron White, Alice Ethel
stats 07/23/1912 Parker, Aaron 2nd Taylor, Belle (Frase) 2nd
MR #7 09/03/1943 Parker, Charles H. Edgett, Mary
stats 12/31/1917 Parker, Eri B. Cody, Jeanette
stats 09/14/1928 Parker, George Albert Clarke, Edna Lura
stats 06/24/1936 Parker, George E. Corvath, Margery
stats 12/04/1901 Parker, Isaac Delbert VanSlyke, Alice I.
stats 08/14/1907 Parker, R.H. Dealey, Eva
stats 07/08/1910 Parkhurst, Harry Markham, Birdella
stats 07/28/1903 Parkins, Judson T. Gaines, Minnie Dotty
stats 02/17/1904 Parks, Philip R. Fager, Viola M.
stats 07/05/1910 Parliament, Charles H. McFarland, Laura I. 2nd (Hunter)
MR #7 03/07/1946 Parry, Leonard W. Hall, Viola
stats 06/09/1934 Parry, R.O. Lockhart, Irene
stats 01/19/1893 Parsell, Ollie Beck, Susie
stats 03/19/1923 Parsons, Henry Dupuis, Nettie
MR #7 05/26/1946 Partlow, Jess W. Williams, Ruby
stats 12/23/1931 Paschilk, Les E. (adopt-fa-Roberts) Hyde, Pauline
stats 04/19/1916 Pasley, Charles T. Beach, Frances Willard
stats 12/12/1934 Patrick, James R. Johnson, Helen M.
stats 12/19/1905 Patriquin, Abram Crawford, (Mrs Lou) 3rd (Burr)
stats 01/12/1914 Pattee, Maurice Shannon, Nora
stats 06/12/1937 Patterson, Harry Ferguson, Winifred
stats 07/30/1932 Patterson, William Keith Diedrich, Florence Ellen
stats 11/03/1911 Patterson, Worthy Winslow, Hattie
stats 09/20/1915 Paul, (no name given) Barnaby, Agatha 2nd
stats 01/07/1910 Paul, Gregory Doolittle, Annie
stats 08/01/1919 Paul, Gregory Jennings, Allie
stats 04/23/1923 Paul, Joe John Gus, Mary
stats 02/15/1926 Paul, Peter Moses, May
stats 01/24/1924 Paul, Philip Andrew, Christine
stats 06/20/1935 Paul, Samuel M. Sarki, Lillian O.
MR #7 11/24/1946 Pauley, Donald Edgar Heidegger, Opal Jean
stats 12/19/1900 Paulin, Wilfred Thomma, Nellie
stats 06/07/1934 Paulsen, William Clarkston, Elva 2nd (Fannon)
stats 09/14/1929 Paulson, Alfred Martin Crockford, Adelaide
stats 06/05/1917 Paulson, Ed Trans, Ora E.
stats 05/17/1933 Paulson, George Onstott, Stella Elva
stats 06/01/1938 Paulson, George B. 2nd Phillips, Della M. 2nd (Fawyer)
stats 01/23/1915 Paulson, John Taylor, Rebecca
stats 07/02/1920 Paulson, Paul Higgenbotham, Bessie K.
stats 05/31/1916 Paulson, Paul L. Bell, Lola A.
Slater 12/05/1891 Paulton, W.R. Antone, Lucy
stats 09/01/1904 Paxton, Fleming Maxwell Bryant, Willa May
stats 12/16/1918 Paxton, Walter W. Cress, Mary Dolores
stats 09/24/1929 Payne, Arthur Holmes, Sylvia M.
stats 06/01/1912 Payne, Harry E. Keiling, Clara
stats 11/09/1931 Pazer, Paul L. Mathers, Ellen
MR #6 07/04/1939 Pazurik, John VanTassel, Mary
stats 12/30/1918 Pea, Willis Flatter, Ora A. 2nd (Seyler)
stats 09/22/1906 Peach, Charles P. McGrath, Alice L.J.
stats 06/16/1937 Peach, James H. Stahly, Muriel
stats 12/22/1908 Pears, Hardy Ralston, Flossie
stats 03/14/1905 Pearson, August McKown, Isabel 2nd (Brown)
stats 07/13/1932 Pearson, Bernard Gustaf 2nd Frances, Alice 2nd (Bisbey)
MR #7 08/01/1940 Pearson, Charles T. Kulzer, Jeanne
stats 06/12/1913 Pearson, David E. Barts, Sara S.
stats 07/05/1893 Pearson, Fred Morrison, Amanda
stats 06/26/1926 Pearson, George Colburn, Frances
stats 06/21/1892 Pearson, Nels Anderson, Tilda
MR #7 01/17/1940 Pearson, Oscar Ohman, Myrtle
stats 11/27/1936 Pearson, Philip A. Fincher, Verna
stats 07/27/1934 Pearson, Richard J. Musser, Juanita Louise
stats 01/18/1932 Pearson, Roy C. Bjorkland, Ebba M. 2nd (Johnson)
stats 06/30/1903 Pearson, Thomas S. Baxter, Hattie C.
stats 04/13/1929 Pearson, W.H. Wilson, Mable
stats 05/05/1911 Pease, Arthur Richardson, Mabel
stats 01/19/1929 Pease, James A. Swarthout, Ruby (Brown)
MR #7 12/28/1940 Pederson, R. Weldon Schott, Katherine
stats 06/18/1932 Peel, Sanuel E. Hartman, Nell
stats 09/27/1921 Peel, Walter Maugham, Julia 2nd (Fry)
stats 02/17/1920 Pelissier, F.A. Byrd, Clara
stats 11/27/1905 Pelissier, Miles A. Craig, Melvina E.
stats 05/06/1933 Pelissier, Roy A. Wagner, Mildred
stats 05/27/1903 Pelkey, Mort Stone, Lillian 2nd (Spears)
MR #7 08/11/1939 Pellisier, Frank Hills, Lavina M.
Slater 09/02/1883 Pellissier, Edward Morgeau, Louise
stats 06/25/1921 Pence, Ivan W. Fjarli, Olga
stats 06/18/1925 Pendleton, Robert J. Kruesel, Mary
Slater 04/26/1868 Penington, F. Philomen
stats 01/18/1924 Penney, Bonta G. Wardell, Lillian P.
stats 10/04/1924 Penney, R.V. Anderson, Hilma Eleda
stats 02/21/1910 Pennington, Alfred Offill, Margaret M.
Slater 06/04/1891 Peone, George A. Meyers, Della May
Slater 01/22/1881 Peone, Gideon Flett, Anna
MR #7 04/30/1942 Peone, Lee R. Day, Vesta R.
MR #7 05/15/1947 Peone, Lewis Carson, Gloria
stats 03/24/1920 Peone, Louis C. Hoffer, Jessie H. 2nd (Smith)
Slater 01/14/1882 Peone, Narcis McCrea, Emma
stats 06/11/1928 Peone, Ray Michell, Alma
Slater 11/30/1868 Peras, Louis Gendreau, Emarence
stats 06/23/1936 Percival, George Charles Evans, Victoria
stats 08/18/1906 Percival, Lee H. Maddock, Frances
stats 06/15/1915 Perigo, J.W. Nagle, Leota 2nd
MR #7 12/31/1941 Perkins, Audie Gailey, Irene F.
stats 03/01/1939 Perkins, D.B. 2nd Jackson, Lillian 2nd
stats 01/25/1909 Perkins, Earl W. Conrady, Effie R.M.
Slater 12/11/1873 Perkins, F.W. Ellen
stats 06/28/1895 Perkins, Peter Callan, Amelia 2nd (Peon)
MR #7 11/27/1946 Perkins, Robert H. Moyer, June L.
stats 05/06/1916 Perras, Frank Allen, Serefa Martha
stats 10/28/1936 Perri, Carmine J. Black, Cecelia M.
stats 12/05/1902 Perry, C.O. VanAmburg, Hattie 2nd (Henry)
stats 11/05/1900 Perry, G.A. McArthur, Alta 2nd (Henry)
stats 12/15/1938 Perry, George A. 2nd Risley, Effie 2nd (Thornburger)
stats 04/19/1912 Perry, Leonard R. Motts, Hazel A.
MR #7 07/03/1946 Perryman, Harold Clay Schoenberg, Patricia Ann
stats 10/23/1914 Peternell, Andrew Delva, Lucy
stats 02/07/1914 Peternell, Barney Pearson, Isabella
stats 04/18/1932 Peternell, Matt 2nd Ball, Sadie L. 2nd (Young)
stats 12/27/1911 Peternell, Matthew Shields, Bertha E. (Garrison) 2nd
stats 05/16/1899 Peters, Edmund Clark, Margaret
stats 06/09/1934 Peters, Elmer Seger, Ruth
stats 06/15/1918 Peters, John H. Clayton, Cassabel
stats 12/27/1904 Peters, Perry Cadwallader, Edith May 2nd (Truschell)
stats 10/25/1932 Peters, Roy DeVon, Marvel 2nd (Roper)
MR #7 07/24/1947 Peters, William L. Benjamin, Jessie H.
stats 12/10/1927 Peterson, Aaron Robert McCool, Lena
MR #7 04/06/1946 Peterson, Albert H. Clark, Gladys H.
stats 06/20/1918 Peterson, C.A. Wyatt, Lola
stats 06/19/1919 Peterson, C.J. Pearsen, Julia
stats 11/01/1933 Peterson, Carl E. Brown, Viola
stats 12/28/1931 Peterson, Evald Brunner, Elsie
stats 08/20/1926 Peterson, Frank H. Lathrop, Mary G. (Bergman)
stats 03/25/1938 Peterson, Henry Hoxie, Delena
stats 05/03/1920 Peterson, J.H. Nyholm, Alice
MR #7 08/21/1946 Peterson, Jack August Kulzer, Patricia Mae
stats 01/11/1910 Peterson, James Lawrence Hess, Rose Katherine
stats 11/11/1915 Peterson, John Morgan, Effie Florence
MR #7 12/25/1940 Peterson, John I. Gifford, Betty
stats 11/09/1907 Peterson, Oliver Studebaker, Ella
MR #7 06/01/1947 Peterson, Oscar E Harris, Helen
stats 02/17/1937 Peterson, Oscar E. Painter, Agnes 2nd (Wright)
stats 07/28/1899 Peterson, Otto Olson, Hildegard
MR #7 09/06/1939 Peterson, Patrick A. Carpenter, Mary A.
stats 02/27/1930 Peterson, W.H. Alexander, Florence
stats 11/23/1931 Peterson, Walter T. Olson, Mildred
stats 09/17/1922 Petrich, Harry E. Amblie, Rose
stats 11/30/1934 Petschen, Placidius B. Maurer, Anna Elizabeth
stats 10/17/1917 Pfeiffer, Edward D. Casto, Marie 3rd (Utiger)
stats 04/16/1906 Phares, Isaac E. Wolf, Lucinda 2nd (Anderson)
stats 12/21/1927 Phelps, R.B. Jones, Ruth A.
stats 03/25/1907 Phen, Charles 3rd Powell, Mary Elizabeth 3rd
Reg 12/17/1879 Philleo, T.A.E. Kinne, Maggie
MR #7 03/15/1943 Phillips, Charles M. Edwards, Julia A.
stats 07/02/1901 Phillips, Clive R. Hedges, Bessie
stats 12/25/1912 Phillips, Ernest Atkinson, Edith Leona
stats 05/10/1919 Phillips, Fred L. McCauley, Margery
stats 07/29/1933 Phillips, Freeman F. Williams, Nancy
stats 09/12/1937 Phillips, Glen Lindsay, Emma Mae
stats 12/13/1917 Phillips, Harold A. Rankin, Verna M.
stats 05/15/1914 Phillips, Harold S. Featherkile, Ruth Hezle
stats 01/05/1921 Phillips, Harry Geesaman, Grace
stats 05/27/1911 Phillips, Harry Ernest Botts, Ora Cordelia
stats 05/31/1935 Phillips, Jack 2nd Kephart, Jean 2nd (Hackleman)
stats 10/23/1917 Philpott, E.L. Hardenbrook, Fay
stats 11/05/1917 Philpott, Hugh E. Dane, Etta Lucy
stats 12/30/1927 Phipps, Benjamin Rothwell Milliren, Katherine Elizabeth
stats 09/03/1938 Phipps, Cecil Hanson, Lillian
MR #7 09/03/1939 Phipps, Cecil Hanson, Lillian
stats 08/18/1924 Phipps, Earl M. Minor, Minnie E.
stats 04/01/1936 Phipps, Harley J. Montour, Pearl 2nd (Minor)
stats 08/07/1919 Pichette, Joseph McDonald, Maggie
stats 10/25/1924 Pichette, Joseph Camille, Eliza
stats 04/11/1918 Pichette, Maxim Wilson, Nelly
stats 12/24/1928 Pichette, Patrick Moses, Alice
stats 09/05/1931 Picicci, Joe P. Malito, Venita (Veltrie)
stats 03/25/1932 Pickering, B.C. Massie, Betty
stats 07/07/1910 Pickett, Joe Lehrmann, Rose
Reg 12/31/1877 Pier, Xavier Alexi, Sophia
stats 03/02/1933 Pierce, Arnold M. 2nd Graham, Catherine
stats 12/24/1936 Pierce, Louis Meyers, Betty
stats 07/27/1903 Pierce, Sylvia Beck, Hattie 2nd (Smith)
stats 03/03/1927 Pierce, Vilas C. Buchholtz, Pauline
MR #7 06/29/1946 Pierre, Aandrew Noyes, Margaret
stats 10/17/1903 Pierson, Charles H. Roberts, Bessie J.
stats 03/28/1931 Pike, J.W. Danielson, Helen Marie
stats 10/31/1919 Pike, W.L. 2nd Buckley, Elsie 2nd (Roberts)
stats 11/26/1906 Pilant, Charles William Kuehn, Edna May
stats 04/30/1938 Pillen, A.G. Davis, E.G.
MR #7 08/04/1943 Pillers, James Marvin Halmer, Anna
stats 06/13/1934 Pinchbeck, James Ernest Hurst, Elma
Slater 10/15/1884 Pingston, A.T. Probel, Martina
stats 12/27/1917 Pinkston, William J. Schultz, Queenie
stats 06/23/1909 Piper, Howard J. Hall, Luella
stats 11/24/1920 Pitelko, Charley A. Pierce, Vera H. 2nd (Damp)
stats 05/05/1920 Pitelko, Otto Rippell, Orpha 2nd (Garner)
stats 06/07/1917 Pitman, Dale Cole, Marian
stats 06/17/1910 Pitman, George R. 3rd Maddox, Leona L. 2nd (Morbat)
stats 11/06/1926 Pitman, Harley Corle, Nora V.
stats 06/24/1922 Pittman, Ray Gensel, Vera I.
MR #7 08/24/1947 Pitts, Howard W. Snook, Shirley J.
MR #7 09/22/1946 Pitts, Theodore G. McCrea, Maxine
stats 06/20/1923 Plato, John S. Ferrill, Eulalia
stats 07/17/1912 Platt, Henry J. Cruse, Ellenora (Clingman) 2nd
stats 09/19/1891 Platt, J.C. Wright, Clara D.
MR #7 11/04/1939 Platt, Jim Dobson, Dianne
stats 04/23/1910 Platt, John V. Vanhorn, Bertha
stats 07/23/1914 Platt, Paul S. VanHorn, Bernice O.
stats 11/04/1905 Platter, Joseph Klingerman, Ida May 2nd (Anthony)
stats 10/11/1913 Platts, Jess J. Gardner, Ruth Grace
stats 09/03/1919 Playfair, Athol Christy Wise, Lois R.
stats 01/12/1934 Plews, Glen Dobson, Virginia
stats 05/29/1912 Plummer, Frank L. Landis, Mary L.
stats 08/28/1900 Plumtree, Charles E. Lorenz, Eva A.
stats 05/01/1909 Plunkett, Claude S. Pettijohn, Ruth
stats 06/20/1925 Podbielancik, Peter J. Soward, Dorothy
MR #7 06/01/1945 Poetter, Richard H.J. Zehm, Lorraine J.
MR #6 06/30/1939 Pohle, Frederick Carl Rausch, Irene Ann
Slater 08/28/1888 Pohle, Julius Luft, Helena
stats 05/04/1929 Pohle, Julius Frank Lackman, Janie E.
stats 03/07/1892 Pohle, William Schold, Karoline
stats 06/27/1903 Polich, Antony Gregorich, Amelia L.
MR #7 04/12/1946 Pollak, George Senese, Louise
stats 05/07/1938 Pollock, Hume 2nd Nollie, Margaret 2nd (Damour)
stats 04/03/1936 Pool, John Henry Lyons, Gladys Marie
Slater 08/14/1891 Pool, Julius Sampson, Anna
stats 01/30/1901 Poole, Merton E. Montgomery, Lela L.
Slater 12/23/1881 Pooler, Lawrence W Runnels, Catherine
MR #7 08/22/1942 Pope, John Brooks, Mildred
stats 02/23/1916 Popoff, John Waselankoff, Tiny
MR #7 06/17/1946 Porter, Clarence C. Fisher, Andra L.
stats 02/06/1922 Porter, Lester V. Whitney, Blanche M.
stats 02/07/1902 Porter, Walter A. Merrill, May
stats 06/24/1913 Porterfield, Harry G. Thomas, Mary B. (Bebout) 2nd
stats 04/16/1925 Portwood, Alfred T. Strong, Lucy
stats 09/19/1905 Post, John T. Larkin, Josie Irene
stats 08/29/1907 Potestio,Tyien Jenzo Presto, Frances
stats 06/01/1904 Potter, C.E. 2nd Buttman, Eri R.
MR #7 06/08/1942 Potter, Charles Edward Saults, Thelma Margaret
stats 06/10/1922 Potter, Ellery Hobbs, Jessie Wave
stats 05/11/1923 Potter, Fred M. McTigue, Gertrude A.
stats 09/08/1904 Potter, Fred W. Brown, Ruby
stats 03/09/1926 Potter, Lewis Elmer Bennett, Georgia Helen
stats 02/09/1935 Potter, Raymond Benjamin, Dorothy
stats 05/20/1929 Potter, T.A. Grende, Gertrude
stats 11/04/1908 Potts, E.A. Kennedy, Ora P.
stats 01/17/1898 Potts, Thomas S. Wilson, Grace M.
stats 11/14/1911 Potts, William Guy Winnings, Mahala Ann
stats 08/26/1898 Povah, J.F. Robson, Maud
stats 05/15/1907 Powell, Arthur T. Haner, M. Kitty 2nd (Schenk)
stats 03/29/1917 Powell, Calvin R. 2nd Willis, Isabel
stats 09/11/1901 Powell, Clarence E. Doehring, Minerva
stats 09/06/1902 Powell, Edward Nelson, Rhoda A. 2nd (Gregory)
stats 06/18/1930 Powell, Jack Burnside, Helen
stats 11/01/1909 Powell, Thomas F. Sather, Marie
stats 12/12/1908 Powers, John Korling, Clara
stats 12/04/1893 Powers, Nicholas Naff, Lizzie N.
stats 09/20/1906 Pratt, Herman Lester LaMere, Eva M. 2nd (Franczebush)
MR #7 12/16/1946 Presto, Frank A. Roberts, Maxine
stats 08/17/1929 Preston, G. G. Quance, Martha
stats 05/24/1906 Preston, George Edward Sumey, Clara Belle
stats 11/05/1927 Preston, J.W. Tortorelli, Josephine
stats 06/11/1927 Preston, William Boles, Elsie
stats 06/18/1920 Price, A.L. Kirk, Inez
stats 07/02/1932 Price, Charley E. Sterns, Lorna Estelle
stats 09/06/1938 Price, Everett Clarke Morrison, Katherine Lorna
stats 12/14/1901 Price, J.W. Taylor, Mary 2nd (Janness)
stats 02/03/1923 Price, L,H. 2nd Hampton, Jessie E. 2nd (Keck)
stats 05/22/1928 Price, Maurice E. Ferrier, Margaret J.
stats 01/14/1913 Price, Otto H. Fay, Lila B.
stats 01/12/1899 Prichett, William Barber, Mary
Slater 02/14/1889 Prindle, William S. Caldwell, Minnie Alice Cora
MR #7 05/11/1940 Pritchard, F.C. Smith, Merle Viola
Slater 07/01/1865 Probell, John Hemnekshemte, Theresa
stats 01/27/1932 Procinsky, J.L. Young, Helen A.
stats 12/29/1937 Prockaspa, Leo Nelson, Carol
stats 12/04/1916 Proll, Frank Halgreen, Mabel
Slater 01/13/1891 Prouty, George F. Hand, Lillie C.
stats 12/11/1915 Prouty, H.W. Anderson, Sarah E. 2nd (Black)
stats 02/05/1921 Prouty, Harold G. Schoenwald, Augusta
stats 05/07/1938 Prouty, Ollie Thrasher, Beatrice
stats 09/15/1923 Prouty, William H. Tucker, Leona Bernice
stats 05/15/1908 Pruitt, A.C. Hudson, Fanny
stats 10/07/1931 Prunk, B.Frank 3rd Veach, Natalie 3rd (Nickerson)
stats 03/11/1937 Pry, Forest S. Williams, Ethel
MR #7 12/01/1940 Pry, Grant Alby, Bertha
stats 09/26/1905 Pshide, Ignace Redinger, Elizabeth
MR #7 04/07/1941 Pulliam, William E. Torgerson, Lila G.N.
stats 11/30/1929 Pump, Wm H. Faust, Laura (Bingham) 3rd mar
stats 07/09/1928 Purnell, Virgil L. Mallgren, Nora
stats 05/22/1913 Pursche, Charles Miller, Emma
stats 09/27/1934 Puthoff, Joe A. Delva, Oma Marie
stats 11/24/1936 Puthoff, Matt Klement, Margaret
stats 02/06/1933 Putoff, Louis J. Hentges, Margaret
MR #7 03/01/1945 Quackenbush, Albert Harold Anderson, Gladys L.
stats 10/20/1893 Qualey, Nels Syverson Todd, Julia Ann
stats 08/20/1920 Qualey, William Sauvola, Olga
Slater 02/02/1867 Quay, John B. King, Emma
Slater 09/10/1890 Queener, Richard Prouty, Anna May
stats 08/03/1897 Quigley, George Tucker, Callie
MR #7 12/23/1940 Quill, James J. Pichette, Doris Barbara
stats 09/07/1937 Quill, Jerome Carson, Mae
stats 03/17/1928 Quill, Mike A. Stengar, Anna N.
stats 03/30/1921 Quillaham, Augustus 2nd Oropakan, Mary 2nd (Edward)
stats 02/16/1918 Quillan, Earl Ernest Holford, Melina Ina
stats 05/05/1919 Quillen, Ernest Harrison Byrd, Jessie
stats 06/06/1924 Quillen, Wilbur Dale Bonnett, Marguerite
stats 11/08/1917 Quilocken, Frank Hawk, Annie
stats 09/09/1935 Quinn, James O'Donnell Haggart, Olive Libby
stats 01/13/1923 Quinn, Ralph O. Marr, Hazel Olive
stats 12/24/1904 Quintasket, Joseph 2nd Williams, Cecelia Downey
stats 01/05/1917 Quintasket, Louis E. Williams, Julia
stats 06/14/1899 Raber, John Bardiner, Sylvia
stats 09/08/1937 Rader, Clarence D. Hathaway, Lula
stats 10/05/1935 Rader, O.A. 2nd Heublien, Susan M. 2nd (Nelson)
stats 06/13/1912 Radojicich, Nicholas Francis, Ruth Isabella
MR #7 03/26/1940 Rae, Howard Seitters, Marguerite
MR #7 12/26/1944 Rafer, Thomas G. Crockett, May
stats 10/09/1909 Ragsdale, Fred 2nd Goodman, Amy I.
Slater 06/18/1888 Ragsdale, Fred F. Prouty, Sadie N.
stats 12/12/1899 Ragsdale, W.A. 2nd Nickerson, Susie
stats 07/20/1909 Ragsdale, W.P. 3rd Goodman, Sarah J. 3rd (Powell)
stats 01/11/1922 Rail, Alfred Frank Price, Lindrette Reed
MR #7 03/16/1946 Rail, Edward R. Lashbrook, Violet M.
stats 06/10/1910 Rail, Frank Prudeau, Melvina
stats 04/23/1913 Rainer, Magnus Roth, Anna
MR #7 10/14/1939 Rainer, Paul L. Tupling, Elizabeth
MR #7 10/30/1943 Rainey, Grover H. Trombetta, Stella
MR #6 06/16/1939 Raisio, Vaino E. Artman, Marie
stats 09/25/1905 Ralston, Albert L. 2nd Golland, Chloe 2nd (Douglas)
stats 10/29/1932 Rambo, Frank A. Hamilton, Lulu G.
stats 06/05/1935 Ramsden, R.D. Eyers, Mabel
stats 09/19/1906 Ramsey, James Louis Connelly, Nelly Mary
stats 07/09/1903 Ramsey, Richard T. Reynolds, Bessie
stats 05/11/1906 Rand, James J. Lions, Ellen
stats 01/22/1908 Randall, Austin E. Matthews, Eathel
MR #7 04/18/1940 Randall, John William Adamchuk, Mary
stats 07/19/1906 Randolph, George Washington Hawk, Elizabeth A. (McAllister)
stats 12/24/1924 Ranich, Harry C. Clayton, Edna
stats 04/04/1929 Rankin, Charles R. Caswell, Merle
stats 01/26/1918 Rarrick, Harry Claude Hitchcox, Ruth M.
stats 10/29/1930 Rasching, Herman H. Clark, E. Myrtle
MR #7 08/21/1947 Raska, Joseph F. Snoddy, Joan M.
stats 10/18/1915 Rasmussen, Alfred P. Nyholm, Edna
stats 06/19/1924 Rasmussen, Ed Dearing, Clara
stats 06/20/1928 Rasmussen, G. Harold Lee, Keokee
stats 04/22/1939 Rasmussen, Jack Baldwin, Ilene
MR #7 11/10/1941 Rasmussen, Juanita Boyson, D.H.
stats 07/28/1927 Rathman, John H. Davis, Esther
stats 12/24/1923 Ratliff, Paul R. Warren, Merle E.
stats 12/22/1900 Rauley, Edwin Carter, Nellie Julia
stats 03/11/1932 Rausch, Julius E. 2nd Dupree, Martha 2nd (LaFleur)
stats 08/31/1927 Ravens, W.G. Slinkard, Ada
stats 05/10/1912 Ray, Charles H. Perdue, Lizzie
Reg 06/02/1878 Ray, Joseph Peone, Mary
stats 04/04/1907 Raymond, Gus Desautel, Nancy
stats 02/11/1926 Raynor, Joel Sherman Elphick, Mabel Jane
stats 06/29/1899 Razyk, F.J. Connell, Addie
stats 05/02/1906 Read, Henry 2nd Roth, Mintee 3rd (Turner)
stats 11/18/1933 Reardan, Albert M. Toothaker, Alice Mae 2nd (Colvin)
stats 09/02/1924 Reasoner, Clarence R. Gwinnup, Amy G.
stats 01/15/1900 Rector, Wilton Sands, Della 2nd (Campbell)
stats 07/20/1935 Reddick, Kenneth Brawn, Beatrice
stats 09/26/1908 Redman, Benjamin W. 3rd Olson, Mary 2nd (Triberg)
stats 12/23/1912 Redmond, D.J. Browne, L. Belle
stats 06/21/1909 Reed, Albert D. Walrod, Retta
stats 02/27/1931 Reed, C.B. Wade, Mary E. (Lander) 3rd mar
stats 06/13/1931 Reed, Clarence M. Gardner, Ada Bertha
stats 12/04/1925 Reed, Clarence W. Alldridge, Goldie
stats 04/11/1924 Reed, Delbert Williamson, Laura
stats 01/09/1907 Reed, Fred Conrady, Alia
stats 07/08/1936 Reed, Fred T. 2nd Young, Julia 2nd (Anderson)
stats 09/09/1920 Reed, Harrison E. Staehely, Lanie
stats 01/11/1902 Reed, Roy R. Crist, Maud L. 2nd (Belden)
MR #7 09/01/1940 Reed, Vett H. Kostich, Caroline
stats 11/07/1910 Reed, Webster, H. Hibbett, Mary (fa-Smith)
stats 08/23/1938 Reed, William Rigby, Janet
stats 06/22/1928 Reeder, Daniel M. Koski, Ina
stats 10/19/1918 Reel, Charles L. Scranton, Winnie
stats 11/17/1923 Reese, Glen Cosner, Ethel B.
stats 04/19/1904 Regan, James Golden, Mary Ann
stats 10/12/1910 Regan, L.E. Triemer, Martha
Slater 06/01/1883 Regenery, Charles King, Sophia
stats 09/30/1901 Reibe, August 2nd Hauer, Anna 2nd
stats 02/28/1906 Reiber, M.G. Ballard, Agatha
stats 07/03/1903 Reicharbach, Gustine A. Rush, Anna M.
stats 11/17/1937 Reickers, Alva Snyder, Helen
stats 06/30/1934 Reickers, Earl Benjamin, Wilma Lyman
stats 01/10/1938 Reickers, Earl 2nd Warren, Catherine
MR #7 05/18/1946 Reickers, Ernest Richard Crosby, Marguerite Jane
stats 07/24/1915 Reickers, James Smith, Echo
stats 07/24/1915 Reickers, John Norman, Cecile 2nd
stats 06/12/1936 Reid, A.B. Ekland, Rena
stats 09/04/1931 Reid, Glen A. Shepherd, Jean
stats 07/23/1910 Reilly, James Sauser, Margaret
MR #6 06/24/1939 Reiman, Harold Trapp, Norma
MR #7 05/05/1946 Reinbold, Donald F. Hill, Nona G.
stats 11/17/1899 Reinoehl, Elmer E. Lee, Frances May
stats 05/26/1902 Reinoehl, Fred Leroy 2nd Knight, Ella Jean
stats 10/14/1892 Reinoehl, Fredrick Montgomery, Ada
stats 05/17/1895 Reinoehl, W.E. 2nd Brown, Jemima 3rd
stats 11/15/1913 Reister, G.A. Rimars, Clara Louise
Cath 07/03/1859 Reivet, Michael Chilkoa, Casian
stats 08/26/1895 Rellstab, Gotlieb Fredrick, Mable
stats 09/22/1936 Remming, Sylvester Trembley, Marie
stats 07/22/1913 Renninger, Cleve G. Artman, Alfarata
MR #7 07/18/1940 Renninger, Earl Allan Gross, Dora Mae
stats 10/05/1908 Renninger, Harvey A. Eckley, Danella
stats 12/18/1900 Renthenger, J.A. Johnson, Ella
stats 06/04/1913 Replogle, William J. Phillips, Mamie
stats 11/03/1931 Repp, T.N. Smith, Suzanne
MR #7 12/20/1941 Reser, Robert H. Barton, Loretta M.
stats 06/20/1931 Rettinger, Clarence Disney, Lois
stats 06/25/1935 Rettinger, Frank Regan, Agnes
MR #7 05/21/1947 Rettinger, Paul Wayne Starr, Jessie Lou
stats 03/20/1914 Rew, Francis E. 2nd Curtis, Anna M. (Reynolds) 2nd
stats 06/15/1897 Reynolds, E.J. 2nd French, Emily 2nd (Jones)
stats 06/15/1897 Reynolds, E.J. 2nd French, Emily 2nd (Jones)
stats 09/11/1912 Reynolds, Ed Larson, Alma
Slater 09/24/1891 Reynolds, George G. Jones, Mary Ida
stats 11/24/1896 Reynolds, Jess Bartlett Shelton, Ella Sarah
stats 12/30/1938 Rhoads, Clyde 2nd Wynecoop, Viola W.
stats 02/02/1914 Rhoads, Ira W. Flottman, Sophia
stats 08/14/1929 Rhoads, Loren M. Stelting, Freda
stats 09/02/1920 Rhoads, Percy Meyer, Gertrude
stats 09/16/1919 Rhodda, A.M. Graham, Lillian
stats 12/24/1923 Rhoden, Ward C. Dotts, Marie
stats 03/03/1910 Rhodes, Carl F. Knapp, Jocelyn Effie
stats 02/27/1913 Rhodes, G.E. Horton, Pearl C.
MR #7 09/25/1942 Rhodes, Lancel E. Farris, Venita Lo Ree
MR #7 11/16/1945 Rhodes, Russell N. Rasmussen, Doris Irene
stats 11/21/1910 Rice, Bert W. Deakins, Ola
stats 12/23/1902 Rice, D.D. Compton, Bessie
MR #7 08/07/1944 Rice, Earl L. Peters, Elmira R.
MR #7 05/23/1947 Rice, Earl L. Hayden, Helen I.
stats 02/07/1906 Rice, George Henry, Carrie Ella
stats 06/28/1921 Rice, Horace G. Hartwell, Jean
stats 06/15/1896 Rice, Irwin Oscar Castile, Sophia
Slater 11/23/1890 Rice, J.Fred Hofstetter, Lillie
stats 03/10/1905 Rice, Jess E. Nettleton, Eva B.
stats 10/09/1923 Rich, David W. Hammer Beatrice
stats 01/04/1936 Richards, Cecil Nussbaumer, Lydia
Slater 12/23/1886 Richards, Edward Longley, Silvia
stats 10/05/1891 Richards, Henry M. Parker, Jane
stats 07/29/1915 Richards, Hiram A. Hall, Cora D.
stats 08/19/1914 Richards, Honor Melinder, Hjilmer
MR #7 07/31/1941 Richards, Robert James Gumm, Evelyn Starr
stats 03/09/1923 Richardson, Chester Campbell, Rene Evelyn
stats 01/02/1907 Richardson, Clarence William Morrison, Cora Julia
stats 05/27/1939 Richardson, Daniel V. 2nd Heasley, Norma 2nd (Larson)
stats 08/22/1924 Richardson, Dent B. Naff, Lennie M.
stats 10/06/1934 Richardson, Edwin Blaine Michael, Ethel C.
stats 11/12/1903 Richardson, Francis M. Gleason, Dana E. 2nd (Dibble)
stats 08/11/1934 Richardson, Gordon J. Bystom, Hildegard Marie
stats 04/29/1899 Richardson, James E. Gill, Jenny F.
stats 05/20/1913 Richardson, L.C. Ramsey, Olive R.
stats 01/28/1905 Richardson, Laughlin F. Noble, Verna Maud
stats 07/07/1892 Richardson, Lee Clark, Molly C.
MR #7 11/03/1945 Richardson, Theodore Frank Blomgren, Helen Elizabeth
stats 08/07/1912 Richardson, W.D. Knight, Bessie E.
stats 01/30/1914 Richart, J.D. Kolle, Elsie F.
stats 09/01/1905 Richey, David L. 2nd Jewell, Jennie May 2nd (Clemons)
Slater 10/05/1890 Richie, Henry M. Parker, Jane
stats 06/06/1938 Richmond, Arthur W. Doyle, Ruth M.
stats 08/26/1929 Richmond, Clyde Salvage, Ethel
stats 03/07/1923 Richmond, Ed 2nd Taylor, Grace 2nd (Williamson)
stats 10/03/1933 Richmond, Ed E. 2nd McIntyre, (Mrs W.B.)2nd (Morgan)
stats 12/24/1892 Richmond, Harry M. Dennison, Susan
stats 11/22/1927 Richmond, Lester McQuiston, Mabel
stats 06/08/1936 Rickansrud, Carl L. Sorenson, Mary Ann
stats 10/09/1897 Rickard, Barney Etue, Minnie
stats 08/15/1927 Rickard, Barney Stone, Louise
stats 09/12/1934 Rickard, Barney 2nd Fay, Catherine Ann
stats 10/14/1935 Rickard, Barney 3rd Moses, Helen
Reg 09/19/1875 Rickard, Con Colver, Mary
stats 07/15/1901 Rickard, Conrad Goodhue, Jessie
stats 02/11/1901 Rickard, Francis Schanz, Mamie
stats 09/15/1923 Rickard, Henry Simpson, Mary Ella
stats 06/11/1928 Rickard, Henry Melchoir, Louise
stats 05/02/1906 Rickers, Edward Sargent, Pearl M.
stats 10/02/1935 Rickers, George Stanley Grimsrud, Margaret Leona
stats 05/21/1919 Rickers, John Johnson, Varla
stats 06/26/1912 Ricketts, W.H. Hill, Jessie J.
Slater 10/07/1881 Rickey, John Janett, Delphine
stats 01/17/1905 Rickey, Samuel Shull, Hattie
stats 07/05/1911 Ricks, Luther M. Simmons, Myrtle
MR #7 10/20/1946 Riddell, Fred E. Wheeler, Arline M.
stats 08/27/1932 Rider, C.F. 2nd Bartlett, Hazel
stats 02/18/1939 Ridge, M.W. Stilwell, Hariette F.
MR #7 07/14/1939 Rieckers, Charley H. Duncan, Nellie
stats 07/02/1913 Rieckers, Elmer Dearinger, May
stats 12/24/1931 Rieckers, Frank Mitchell, Beth
MR #7 11/17/1941 Rieckers, Howard C. Johnson, Elizabeth A.
MR #7 09/02/1946 Riese, Berle W. Blancher, Molly Marie
stats 12/17/1908 Riese, Frank E. Shepherd, Molly
stats 03/10/1926 Riese, Frank E. Geer, Lorinda (Salvage)
stats 07/03/1931 Riesen, Emil Jr McNeil, Elsie
stats 06/21/1910 Rigg, John Conard, Mildred Gertrude
Slater 03/05/1890 Riggins, James R. Munson, T.E.
stats 07/01/1911 Riggins, Thomas Jefferson Rhymer, Esther Ethel
stats 09/07/1934 Riggs, Whitham Willie Davidson, Sylvia Mary
stats 05/31/1933 Rigney, Clyde S. Wyborney, Gertrude
stats 08/27/1938 Riley, John W. Frankovitch, Annie J.
MR #7 09/17/1945 Riley, Lester W. Hallett, Fern E.
stats 03/15/1928 Rima, William Fry, Nellie May
stats 04/22/1912 Rimars, Fred A. Thompson, Margaret (Kiss) 2nd
stats 10/25/1920 Rinehardt, Charles J. Porter, Helen N.
stats 12/01/1894 Rinehart, Jonathan Modeste
stats 07/19/1937 Ringer, Charles K. Clark, Della Maud
Reg 05/10/1878 Riniker, Henry Fowl, Anna
stats 05/20/1922 Rinke, Runo William Parson, Louise
stats 07/02/1936 Rinker, Ronald S. White, Marrettia 2nd (Berry)
stats 11/26/1926 Rinquist, Hugh Hay, Mabel V.
MR #7 07/28/1945 Risley, Earl D. Grow, Barbara I.
stats 09/22/1932 Ritchie, Roy H. Peterek, Margaret E.
stats 06/22/1912 Rittenhouse, Harry Schluter, Hattie
stats 11/22/1909 Robarts, William N. Sanson, Maude E.
stats 03/25/1908 Robb, Addie Martin, Rettig
stats 07/01/1936 Robb, George Meacham, Grace C.
stats 11/27/1903 Robbins, Charles W. Vetes, Minnie L.
stats 05/08/1920 Robbins, Clinton O. Sailor, Kitty R.
stats 11/26/1932 Robbins, Dolph 2nd Monroe, Margaret
stats 05/11/1939 Robbins, Kenneth Davis, Irma
stats 01/31/1925 Robbins, Percy R. Warren, Florence (Lechton)
stats 06/12/1920 Robbins, Sidney V. 2nd Orr, Vera 2nd (Dunn)
stats 10/09/1906 Roberts, Arthur T. 2nd Buchanan, Myrtle L.
stats 08/18/1898 Roberts, Charles S. Morrow, Sabara A. 2nd (Sales)
stats 08/24/1925 Roberts, Edward E. Thompson, Dorma
stats 05/11/1931 Roberts, Griffith R. Spores, Winnifred A.
stats 11/09/1907 Roberts, Henry J. Tucker, Effie E.
Slater 09/25/1866 Roberts, Joseph Pierre, Mary
Slater 02/16/1885 Roberts, Randolph King, Louise
stats 09/27/1934 Roberts, William Carl Bell, Elizabeth 2nd (Slawson)
stats 03/18/1916 Robertson, C.D. 2nd Nieworth, Gertrude
stats 07/05/1911 Robertson, Fred Booher, Mary
stats 04/19/1933 Robertson, James Scott, Edna
stats 06/09/1934 Robertson, Kenneth L. McDonald, Marian
stats 04/27/1937 Robertson, Lester O. Ray, Bessie
stats 10/01/1926 Robertson, Ralph James Irish, M. Lenore
stats 06/25/1938 Robertson, William M. Campbell, Isabelle M.
stats 09/29/1923 Robeson, Ernest Ross, Bessie
stats 08/02/1927 Robinson, Arthur C. Goltz, Anna N. (Hottle)
stats 01/21/1935 Robinson, C.H. Robertson, Bessie
stats 09/27/1915 Robinson, Homer Peterson, Eva
stats 11/03/1920 Robinson, James Llewellyn, Marie
stats 08/10/1938 Robinson, Sam Curtis, Neta
MR #7 08/24/1947 Robson, James A. McCormack, Maxine T.
stats 07/09/1920 Robson, Joe 4th Silas, Mary 2nd (Chin-qu-que)
MR #7 08/30/1940 Rock, Thomas J. Kinzel, Pauline M.E.
stats 12/19/1906 Rockwell, Wellington H. Stevens, Ivy
stats 07/29/1905 Rode, Harry Kinsey, Esther E.
MR #7 08/11/1945 Rodman, Dean C. Rausch, Florence C.
stats 10/07/1921 Rodman, Matthew A. Carter, Estella L.
stats 08/24/1927 Rogers, Charles L. Jackson, Mary Jane
stats 05/21/1918 Rogers, Harry Earl Tigue, Lucille
stats 01/12/1899 Rogers, Henry Fields, Hattie E.
MR #7 10/06/1946 Rogers, Kenneth L. Doane, Pauline
stats 12/17/1938 Rogers, Nelson VanderHeyden, Shirley
stats 04/27/1931 Rogers, P.F. Stohler, Catherine (Rennick)
stats 11/29/1937 Rogers, Ralph V. Negres, Mildred
stats 06/13/1918 Rogers, Stanley W. Oakley, Hazel Mae
MR #7 10/07/1939 Rogers, William E. Aubertin, Leola D.
stats 09/12/1936 Rohlf, L.A. 2nd Lunceford, Thelma
MR #7 06/17/1941 Roitz, Henry Williams, Rita
stats 10/28/1907 Roitz, Tony Kories, Agnes
stats 04/28/1909 Rollins, Elmer E. Francis, Carrie
MR #7 10/26/1946 Rolloff, Gerhard Horst Rella, Elizabeth Marie
stats 09/30/1922 Rolly, Fred E. Hender, Esther
stats 09/10/1923 Rolly, Walter Harold Sargent, Ruth B.
stats 07/01/1936 Romano, Gaetano Cookson, Beatrice Ellen
stats 01/31/1921 Romar, Louis Orpaka, Madeline Aurhkin
stats 09/27/1899 Romley, Eyrac Aikman, Stella Maud
stats 04/05/1937 Ronald, Gilman Burch, Bethine
stats 09/10/1937 Ronald, Lloyd Gilbert, Dorothy
stats 08/05/1933 Ronka, Edmund Sandelin, Anna
Slater 04/26/1890 Root, Clinton A. Earnest, Rosa
stats 10/18/1913 Roper, Thomas G. Culp, Nellie M.
stats 07/18/1916 Rosch, Lawrence Sherman, Grace B.
stats 06/30/1934 Rose, Albert L. Abernathy, Patience
stats 06/19/1937 Rose, Daniel Thurman Dean, Arleen T.
stats 08/10/1925 Rose, Edward Lamb, Lecca A.
stats 01/15/1923 Rose, George R. Byrd, Leona
MR #7 08/11/1946 Rose, Marvin W. Jones, Sarah Elizabeth
stats 10/18/1910 Rose, Ren Ohman, Minnie
stats 06/20/1923 Rose, William Carlton Byrd, Della
stats 08/01/1898 Rose, William S. Cunningham, Martha J.
stats 11/20/1910 Rose, William S. 2nd Farr, Myrtle R.
stats 05/23/1923 Rosen, Olaf Schoner, Cora (Reed)
MR #7 09/10/1942 Rosenau, George H. Haskins, Cora
stats 07/16/1931 Rosenau, John M. Crisp, Beatrice Alberta
stats 08/25/1934 Rosenau, William Scott, May
stats 10/22/1900 Rosenbaugh, O.K. Griffins, Julia
MR #7 07/12/1941 Rosenholm, Carl F.R. LaGrange, Ann
Stats# 05/29/1915 Rosenthal, S.E. (Dr) Dingle, Estelle
MR #7 06/01/1947 Rosenzweig, Fred H. Gray, Jean L.
MR #7 07/06/1946 Rosin, Oscar Millay, Marjorie
stats 11/29/1909 Rosis, Eugene 2nd Starkey, Helen Constance
stats 12/10/1919 Roskam, John Hills, Bertha
stats 09/21/1935 Rosland, Carl Anderson, Elsie
stats 01/02/1925 Ross, Chester L. Revell, Opal
MR #7 11/24/1946 Ross, Edward W. Reickers, Minnie O.
stats 12/08/1934 Ross, Harold E. Woods, Mildred
stats 01/23/1939 Ross, Jack C. Fuller, Genevieve M.
stats 12/19/1898 Ross, James L. Allison, Pirl
stats 08/16/1921 Ross, John W.H. 2nd Dowd, Rose Anna
MR #7 01/18/1941 Ross, Robert Howard Lange, Evelyn
MR #7 09/21/1947 Ross, Wilbur Edwin Thoni, Irene H.
stats 10/19/1917 Ross, Winfred Winings, Beulah
stats 01/20/1905 Rottenfusser, John T. Holderman, Elsie
stats 01/05/1918 Rotter, Frank Day, Audrey Frances
MR #7 12/25/1945 Rotter, Howard W. Rupert, Ethel Fay
MR #7 06/28/1947 Rotter, John A. Hatcher, Elizabeth V.
stats 07/23/1892 Rounds, E.P. Weed, Suzzie J.
Slater 11/11/1891 Rounds, John Benn, Virginia
stats 01/29/1919 Roundtree, Oliver Henry Ross, Edna Fay
stats 12/11/1918 Rouse, Alvin 2nd Bailey, Susanna
stats 04/12/1910 Rouse, E.M. 2nd Geesaman, Lenora 2nd (Homes)
stats 05/08/1933 Routson, Chester A. Barney, Lucille
stats 06/01/1928 Rowe, Edwin Monroe, Lucille
stats 06/05/1926 Rowe, Everett E. Gregory, Edna E.
MR #7 08/19/1939 Rowe, Lawrence Broderius, Grace
stats 12/16/1922 Rowe, Richard John 2nd Lamb, Emma May 3rd (Burris)
stats 07/21/1936 Rowe, William E. Matkin, Genevieve
stats 12/14/1936 Rowell, Herbert Franklin Collinson, Olive Marie
stats 01/30/1920 Rowley, William S. 2nd Ziniker, Annie 2nd (Case)
stats 03/30/1910 Roy, Ludger McCullough, Nellie
stats 10/03/1935 Roy, Nathan D. McLaughlin, Lois E.
stats 05/07/1907 Royer, Elmer C. Beadell, Myrtle A.
stats 07/19/1920 Ruatsala, Alfred 2nd Timanen, Lizzie
stats 02/24/1911 Rubbelke, Henry Galloway, Zelda
MR #7 03/17/1940 Ruble, Kelly Slade, Alice
stats 11/30/1923 Ruckhaber, S.C. Stafford, Dorothy
stats 10/08/1931 Ruckman, Leon C. Logan, Laverne
stats 12/29/1938 Ruddick, J.S. McLeod, Mary
stats 11/11/1935 Ruelle, Edward J. Melatine, Jollie
stats 12/18/1933 Ruffner, John 2nd Donovan, Laura Jones 2nd
stats 09/29/1903 Rugg, W.H. Spence, Rose Loretta
stats 11/08/1902 Rukgaber, Henry C. 2nd Riebe, Alice 2nd (Horon)
stats 12/27/1920 Rumsey, R.W. Toulou, Emma
stats 06/16/1935 Runnels, Arthur I. Harner, Georgia N.
stats 03/16/1892 Runnels, Frank W. Morgan, Ida A.
Slater 05/15/1882 Runnels, J.H. Haines, Nancy
stats 08/19/1896 Runyon, Thomas Albert Poffenberger, Sadie Elizabeth
stats 08/02/1937 Rupert, Warren Sparks, Grace
stats 07/24/1907 Rusch, Theodore Hamill, Alice Mary
stats 09/04/1902 Rush, John Moon, Mary
stats 04/30/1901 Rushton, Ollie J. Helms, Ida M.
MR #7 07/26/1939 Rusk, Fred J. McClung, Viola
stats 11/23/1908 Russell, Carl L. Ross, Laura L.
stats 03/13/1902 Russell, Charles A. Montgomery, Allie
MR #7 07/02/1940 Russell, Frank Diedrich, Mary
MR #7 08/03/1945 Russell, George Hoffman, Marie G.
stats 08/21/1905 Russell, Henry F. Doty, Myrtle J.
stats 04/22/1925 Russell, Johnny Lawrence Lugwig, Annie Margaret
MR #7 10/01/1940 Russell, Kelsey J. Mifflin, Barbara Ruth
stats 11/03/1936 Russell, Wayne B. 2nd Jones, Audrey Fay
MR #7 07/21/1939 Rutherford, Howard B. Carlson, Bernice Helen
stats 08/22/1895 Rutter, Frank 2nd VonBergen, Maria 2nd (Portman)
stats 08/21/1935 Rutzer, Otto Aubertin, Genevieve
stats 06/06/1929 Rygh, Ole Olsen Byrne, Mary Ellen
stats 07/01/1914 Rykers, Ari Johnson, Zelma