Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriage Index
Grooms Index S
stats 02/10/1933 Sabo, Steve Miller, Edith
stats 10/03/1911 Saccomomio, Raffaele Janni, Josephine
stats 01/17/1896 Sacher, Henry W. Staves, Lillian E.
stats 12/24/1924 Sachs, Leigh Ottenbacher, Frances
stats 09/12/1936 Saffle, Gordon Taylor, Bessie
stats 03/27/1912 Safranick, Edward Harris, Pearl
MR #7 09/22/1941 Sage, Oscar Russell Bradeen, Mable Marie
stats 07/05/1918 Sailor, Clyde Charles Stevens, Alda
stats 08/05/1920 Sailor, Everett Hodgson, Lela
MR #7 06/02/1947 Sailor, Jess F. McKeown, Emma Jane
MR #7 12/26/1944 Sailor, Roy C. Huguenin, Maxine
stats 04/07/1920 Salisbury, Ezra Leroy Harbison, Annabel
stats 06/27/1936 Salmon, Lesley G. Greenlow, Gladys
MR #7 06/13/1943 Salsbury, Douglas P. Gasaway, Jane Rose
MR #7 09/16/1944 Salsbury, Ed Jones, Alice
stats 06/15/1935 Salsman, Alfred Hall, Dora E.
stats 10/29/1915 Salvage, Arthur Walker, Florence
stats 10/22/1920 Salvage, Arthur 2nd Thompson, Maud
stats 02/14/1925 Salvage, Floyd J. Young, May
stats 10/28/1893 Salvage, George Wilson, Nettie
stats 04/12/1893 Salvage, James F. Chamberlain, Emma
stats 01/03/1907 Salvage, John Thompson, Cora
stats 12/24/1918 Salvage, Victor Burr, Edna
stats 09/01/1903 Salvage, William Marshall, Addie Olive
stats 11/15/1919 Salyer, W.B. Kauss, Lillian
stats 03/26/1920 Sam, Jim 2nd Lyons, Rebecca 3rd (Che-to-pachen)
stats 09/05/1922 Sammartino, Antonio Black, Josephine
stats 10/12/1907 Sammons, Reull 2nd Graves, Ethel E. 2nd
stats 11/05/1927 Sampson, Kenneth Ephriam Hill, Grace Estelle
stats 07/05/1928 Sampson, Weldon G. Brown, Gladys
stats 06/05/1915 Sams, Charles A. Vaughn, Julia
stats 08/05/1911 San Paul, Casemere 2nd George, Anne 2nd
stats 05/11/1917 Sand, Clarence Harry 2nd Cunningham, Della 2nd (Simmons)
stats 05/07/1918 Sandaine, Arthur Pichette, Alice Elsie
stats 12/20/1935 Sandberg, G.A. 2nd Dalke, Angie 2nd (Davis)
stats 04/02/1910 Sandbrg, Nels Adolf Boyd, Ora Belle
MR #7 01/03/1946 Sanders, Charley Lenocker, Bessie
stats 01/24/1923 Sanders, Claude H. Dotts, Ella J.
stats 08/01/1929 Sanders, John H. McKnight, Vera
stats 12/23/1929 Sanders, Leo K. McInturff, Merle
stats 03/09/1927 Sanders, Leo R. Morse, Fern Violet
stats 09/24/1928 Sanders, Vaughn Ames, Laura
stats 10/30/1919 Sanders, William H. Thompson, Maggie May 2nd (McCarty)
MR #7 01/16/1947 Sanderson, Frank C. Schauffer, Norma M.
stats 12/16/1935 Sanderson, N.D. Cosgrove, Brenda Jane
stats 08/05/1924 Sandoz, Feliz W. Boyd, Frances M. (Fleckl)
stats 02/05/1903 Sandvig, Samuel A. Sandvig, Cora Marie (Hills)
stats 11/12/1910 SanPaul, Edward Joseph, Colette
stats 05/13/1935 Sargent, Arthur Clement McQuarrie, Berryl Mae
stats 02/28/1916 Sargent, J.B. Justice, Ellen Louise 2nd (Stafford)
stats 03/13/1909 Sargent, Junie Byron Stafford, Ella Louise
MR #7 07/04/1942 Sargent, Richard Stratton, Peggy
MR #7 04/22/1942 Sauveur, Alfred P. Northrup, Frances A.
stats 06/27/1894 Savage, Almon Bethurum, Josie Phine
stats 04/26/1939 Savage, George McParlon, Helen
stats 06/21/1909 Savage, Leon Ewart Hutchinson, Nellie Elizabeth
stats 10/04/1917 Savage, Ray Toulou, T.E. 2nd (Wiley)
stats 02/15/1935 Savage, Richard T. Carson, Nan Elizabeth
MR #7 10/02/1941 Sax, Kenneth W. Richardson, Mildred
stats 07/28/1917 Sax, Paul Jesseph, Flora May
MR #7 03/29/1947 Sax, Philip Arthur Cohrs, Sarah Ellen
MR #7 06/30/1946 Sax, Ward Lewis Morgan, Frances Evelyn
MR #7 03/26/1941 Scammon, Harvey Fugate, Beatrice
MR #7 12/26/1939 Scanlan, James G. Newton, Evelyn
stats 06/03/1920 Scarborough, Hugh A. Kohlstedt, Pearl
MR #7 06/02/1946 Scarborough, Hugh A. (Jr) Bonnett, Barbara J.
stats 07/22/1933 Schaffer, Henry Felzner, Katherine
MR #7 04/28/1940 Schall, Windell Nussbaum, Edith
stats 02/23/1916 Schaver, John 2nd Sidaway, Bathiah 3rd (Jewes)
MR #7 10/19/1940 Scheel, John D. Richter, Edith Thurley
stats 04/28/1910 Schenk, Arthur Hanson, Anna Eleanor
stats 09/09/1922 Schenk, Edwin N. Leslie, Esther F.
stats 09/03/1938 Schenk, Grover W. Jenkins, Eleanor 2nd (Hay)
stats 07/29/1907 Schenk, John Sylvester, Lila
stats 08/05/1936 Schenk, Maynard 2nd Frugard, Laverne
MR #7 08/08/1946 Schenk, Maynard G. Scott, Elsie M.
stats 05/31/1927 Schenk, Reuben Ryall, May
stats 12/14/1929 Scherette, Charley Carson, Cecelia
stats 01/08/1920 Scherette, Francis Cagle, Bertha 2nd (Crow)
stats 09/27/1938 Scherette, Fred Brown, Marjorie
stats 06/18/1918 Scherette, Matt Johnson, Eleanor
stats 05/08/1929 Scherette, Ted Haselwood, Ethel
stats 09/21/1932 Schick, Joseph Luster, Ellen 2nd (McDonald)
stats 01/28/1928 Schimke, Tolbert D. Evans, Marian
stats 03/03/1898 Schinert, Herman Zollener, Pauline E.
Slater 10/30/1890 Schipps, Andrew Veltze, Emma
stats 09/02/1936 Schlater, George Watt, Pauline 2nd (Meusy)
stats 09/21/1936 Schlies, Martin Neymyer, Mary
stats 02/06/1899 Schmid, Frank B. Delva, Mary
stats 01/12/1909 Schmid, J.F. Russell, Mamie E.
stats 09/27/1929 Schmid, Joseph F. Mullneritsch, Maria
stats 11/19/1936 Schmidelkoffer, John Wissink, Elizabeth
stats 12/22/1897 Schmidt, Henry Yeager, Elizabeth
stats 07/12/1927 Schmidt, W.G. Kessinger, Flora R.
MR #7 03/01/1946 Schneider, George L. Zibell, Mildred
stats 06/13/1917 Schneider, John Edward Gibson, Margery
stats 05/29/1934 Schneider, Leo Standifer, Dora
stats 03/18/1936 Schneiter, Paul Brownfield, Julia
stats 04/26/1926 Schneiter, Peter Egger, Margaret
MR #7 09/23/1940 Schoemaker, Clinton Melville Evans, Dorothy Louise
stats 04/26/1897 Schoenberg, John J. 2nd Vogt, Mary
stats 04/26/1897 Schoenberg, John J. 2nd Vogt, Mary
stats 06/17/1926 Schoenberg, Robert L. Swarthout, Stella
stats 08/16/1935 Schoenberg, Theodore Kaiser, Dorothy
stats 10/26/1927 Schoenbert, Barney Delles, Margaret
stats 08/17/1934 Schoenwald, Benny Morrow, Helen
stats 04/11/1911 Schoenwald, Frank H. Bean, Bernice M.
stats 08/29/1923 Schoenwald, Fred Rickey, Bertha D.
stats 07/16/1929 Schoenwald, H.G. Thomas, Maud (Matthews)
stats 01/12/1924 Schoenwald, Henry Black, Lenore G.
stats 05/12/1927 Schoner, Harry H. Crumb, Hilda
stats 06/05/1915 Schoonover, Alvin Homer Owen, Hallie Mary
stats 01/14/1920 Schreiber, Ben Masterson, Vera
stats 12/20/1900 Schroeder, Herman W. Bitzer, Florence Opal 2nd (Wetherell)
MR #7 08/11/1943 Schroeder, Robert A. Foley, Lillian M.
MR #7 12/12/1941 Schuerman, Joseph W. Chapman, Phyllis J.
stats 06/27/1911 Schuerman, Theodore Luft, Mary L.H.
stats 08/10/1920 Schultz, Clarence Walter, Lottie
stats 12/01/1938 Schultz, Henry McCullough, Mildred Ida
stats 07/03/1934 Schultz, Peter Hanning, Helen
stats 07/16/1928 Schumaker, Victor F. Schultz, Mabel G.
MR #7 12/18/1945 Schwager, Jack O. Hixson, Genevieve
stats 11/24/1913 Schwartz, Frank Hudspeth, Mary Beale
MR #7 10/27/1945 Schwartz, Joe Engelhardt, Agnes
MR #7 04/06/1941 Schwartz, John Adam Spiedel, Ida O.
stats 12/12/1928 Schweizer, Albert Schoenwald, Lenore G. (Black)
stats 04/17/1937 Scoggin, Melvin Morgan, Eva L.
stats 07/01/1937 Scoles, Delbert R. Wright, Marian E.
stats 10/11/1928 Scoles, Lloyd W. Jennings, Florence L.
stats 09/20/1930 Scolese, Angelo Potestio, Eva
MR #7 06/29/1944 Scott, Artie Clarke, Mabel (Mrs.)
stats 10/19/1920 Scott, B.L. 2nd Boyington, Blanche 2nd (Cameron)
stats 03/11/1937 Scott, Cecil R. Laurie, Agnes Frew
MR #7 10/02/1940 Scott, Clyde P. Shanks, Charlotte Mary
stats 11/23/1938 Scott, Elmo Finel, Julia
stats 06/20/1903 Scott, Ernest Degraph Tremblay, Mary Columbia
stats 11/12/1904 Scott, George W. Banks, Lula
stats 09/04/1936 Scott, Harry Carlisle, Marie
stats 11/07/1910 Scott, James Herrick, Bertha
stats 12/08/1934 Scott, John Fredrick Johnson, Eva
stats 02/11/1903 Scott, Joseph T. Noseda, Julia
stats 04/16/1914 Scott, Oliver Simmons, Iva
stats 06/01/1899 Scott, R.P. Cass, Jenny 2nd (Fea)
stats 07/23/1896 Scott, Wilbur F. Clark, Sadie R.
stats 01/21/1909 Scott, Winfield W. Keiler, Clara
stats 05/17/1921 Scotten, Richard M. DeWitt, Martha H.
stats 04/04/1906 Scribner, William H. 2nd Hosie, Anna 2nd (Ellis)
stats 02/20/1937 Scriven, Ralph B. Johnson, Mary
stats 09/21/1914 Scroggs, Darcy A. Jackson, Nelly G.
stats 03/15/1935 Scroggs, Roy B. 2nd Stringham, Gertrude 2nd (Curry)
MR #7 12/31/1940 Seabrandt, Henry Richardson, Ora Faye
stats 11/05/1914 Seabrandt, John C. Chalmers, Mary
stats 07/07/1922 Seal, George A. Olson, Selma
stats 03/06/1893 Seal, George W. Andersen, Nettie
stats 02/07/1896 Seale, Joseph E. Perras, Josephine
stats 07/25/1932 Seaman, Vernon Homer, Sylvia
stats 12/31/1923 Sears, Clarence E. Zurbrugg, Clara M.
stats 06/19/1915 Seastrom, Emil Marchow, Rose
stats 11/18/1892 See, W.J. Goakey, N.J.
stats 02/23/1929 Seeber, H.C. Barnhart, Gus M.
stats 09/03/1932 Seefeldt, F.C. Hartill, Louverne
stats 05/01/1939 Seeley, Francis E. Estes, Maud H. 2nd (Johnson)
stats 09/14/1894 Seggessemman, F. Seal, Lily
stats 06/10/1910 Segstrom, Levi Speck, Blanche
stats 08/31/1936 Seibolt, Peter 2nd Henry (Mrs. J.S.) 2nd (Bollinger)
stats 09/06/1930 Seifried, G.J. Bashaw, Evelyn
stats 04/04/1922 Seigle, Ralph W. Woodruff, Ethel
MR #7 07/03/1944 Seimer, Cleo R. Koerner, Virginia M.
MR #7 08/08/1946 Seitters, Charles H. Jessee, Alpha
MR #7 09/23/1945 Seitters, Earl D. Huguenin, Viola
stats 07/18/1929 Sell, Leonard L. Glasgo, Ella
MR #7 06/14/1947 Sell, Vernon C. Moloso, Anna R.
Slater 04/25/1883 Sellers, Phillip Clugston, Margaret
stats 11/06/1919 Sellers, William M. Bjerke, Mary Olga
stats 05/08/1913 Selmer, John F. Loven, Bertha
stats 11/06/1913 Selmer, Thorlief Meyer, Antonie
stats 12/23/1929 Semley, Albert Paul Waltner, Anna Marie
MR #7 09/13/1946 Seney, Hubert L. Wood, Harriet A.
stats 08/29/1901 Senior, Ben Elliott, Rose
MR #7 02/18/1947 Senter, Thomas C. Baker, Ruth
stats 09/04/1937 Service, Gerald G. Stinson, Doris E.
stats 05/19/1897 Sestrand, Peter Olson, Helena
stats 05/19/1897 Sestrand, Peter Olson, Helena
stats 01/29/1937 Sety, George J. Kaiser, Irene
stats 11/15/1899 Setzer, Harry F. 2nd Hall, Minnie A.
MR #7 05/03/1941 Seubert, Mat G. Crosby, Kathleen
MR #7 08/05/1941 Severns, Earl Harvey Bennett, J. Arlene
stats 08/04/1897 Severson, Isham Fowler, Della 2nd (Rowdon)
stats 09/23/1921 Severtson, Clifford P. Lucore, Thuria
stats 09/29/1919 Severtson, Leo W. Naff, Myrtle M.
stats 04/06/1931 Sevey, Henry A. Gunn, Augusta M.
stats 04/11/1902 Seward, Fred M. Cook, Iva
stats 05/08/1937 Sewell, Jim Lorne Bradley, Alice Mary
stats 08/03/1910 Sexton, J.B. Bailey, Ida E. 2nd
stats 03/27/1935 Sexton, J.P. McClintock, Betty
stats 01/26/1938 Seyler, Alvin White, Alice
stats 11/22/1915 Seyler, Charley Stengar, Alice
stats 02/23/1915 Seyler, W.E. Toulou, Florence
Slater 02/17/1882 Seylor, Michael Roberts, Olive
stats 06/10/1914 Seymore, Charles Smith, Cecelia
stats 02/23/1922 Seymour, Charley 2nd Quintasket, Milly
stats 01/05/1937 Seymour, Eneas 2nd Paul, Sophia 2nd (Seen)
stats 09/02/1920 Seymour, Ignace Simpson, Emma
stats 10/08/1936 Seymour, John Marchand, Mary E.
stats 05/14/1918 Seymour, Peter J. Camille, Lena
stats 06/22/1900 Seymour, S.F. Imil, Catherine
stats 05/18/1907 Seymour, Theodore Rudick, Bertha
stats 06/27/1898 Shackleton, E.A. Gollagher, Anna
stats 06/22/1929 Shafer, Harold B. Bransford, Beulah
stats 10/15/1936 Shaff, George A. 2nd Ellingson, Florence 2nd (Cole)
stats 06/15/1894 Shaffer, Frank F. Shaffer, Pearl (Stockwell)
stats 11/22/1926 Shank, Maynard George Brawley, Kittie
stats 02/13/1922 Shanks, James A. McLean, Katherine Mary
stats 09/06/1917 Shannon, Charley Cason, Effie
stats 05/25/1933 Sharp, Glen E. Gourlie, Margery Lyle
stats 07/16/1934 Sharp, Harold Bruce House, Delia Lana
stats 07/05/1927 Sharpe, L.W. Brittain, Sylvia
stats 05/21/1902 Shaughnessy, John Pierce, Nora
stats 02/28/1910 Shaver, George H. 2nd Hofstetter, Clara J.
stats 09/14/1938 Shaw, David L. Miller, Elsie
stats 06/10/1911 Shaw, Elza Whitney, Ivy
stats 05/08/1936 Shaw, Gordon S. Hays, Laura Josephine
Slater 07/02/1863 Shaw, John Watkins, Mary
stats 05/03/1917 Shay, Frank Boring, Hazel
stats 02/08/1904 Shea, Daniel W. LaPlant, Anna L. 2nd (Storer)
stats 08/02/1892 Shea, Dennis Coogan, Winnie
stats 11/28/1894 Shearer, Charles F. East, Helen E.
stats 10/17/1902 Sheedy, Herman H. Reynolds, Ethel
stats 09/13/1907 Sheedy, Robin Carl Phillips, Ermina
stats 04/08/1914 Shelberg, Robert Boyer, Mary B.
stats 12/05/1895 Shelburne, Hadg W. Castile, Hester
MR #7 10/10/1944 Sheldon, Aaron Leroy Zettle, Marian M.
stats 04/16/1896 Shellenberger, B.C. Nelson, Edna S.
stats 01/18/1938 Shelton, Jim Petty, Genie 2nd (Walton)
stats 05/26/1914 Shepherd, Albert Buchanan, Pearl
stats 04/14/1900 Shepherd, John W. Rice, Mary
stats 03/16/1922 Sheriff, Frank 2nd Boettcher, Dorothea
stats 03/31/1908 Sherlock, Thomas E. O'Keefe, Margaret B. 2nd (Bounett)
stats 11/27/1936 Sherve, John Trombetta, Esther
stats 09/24/1929 Sherwood, Alex Phillips, Margaret
stats 11/03/1921 Sherwood, Charley Miller, Mary
stats 06/24/1908 Sherwood, R. Wooley, Alice
stats 12/01/1908 Sherwood, Ralph W. Hoisington, Mabel
stats 04/19/1901 Shields, David E. Vickery, Alice 2nd (Rosedale)
stats 09/18/1916 Shields, Lewis E. West, Dolly E.
stats 06/12/1916 Shields, N.B. Harlan, Harriett
stats 06/25/1907 Shields, Reubben Nelson Hildren, Alice Elizabeth
MR #7 06/30/1943 Shiogi, Woodrow Ishimo, Florence S.
stats 02/05/1909 Short, William Herbert Summers, Etta Katherine
MR #7 10/13/1939 Shorter, Ansel Onstine, Laura Mae
MR #7 08/26/1940 Shorter, Jack Storer, Ruth
stats 10/22/1934 Shorthouse, F. Frickleton, Margaret 2nd
stats 05/02/1910 Shovel, Ivan Piett, Ella
stats 12/01/1926 Shovell, Ivan Dickey, Mary I.L.
MR #7 07/23/1945 Showalter, Christian V. Gustin, Ella E.
stats 01/06/1934 Shriner, Eldon Watt, Pearl I. 2nd (Ensminger)
MR #7 10/03/1940 Shriner, Harold Peterson, Lily
stats 12/15/1913 Shriner, Jefferson B. Cameron, Nelle
stats 07/24/1933 Shriner, Jefferson B. 2nd Marshall, Florence R.M. 3rd (Lathrop)
MR #7 01/27/1946 Shriner, John E. Watt, Thelma
stats 05/24/1893 Shriner, John J. Zender, Katie (Hunter)
stats 09/10/1917 Shriner, William Alfred Peterson, Eva Marie
stats 06/19/1937 Shrubsale, Albert E. Downey, Elizabeth Ann
MR #7 02/04/1945 Shukle, Edward B. Evans, Laura G.
stats 02/14/1921 Shule, W.H. Spangler, Pearl
stats 12/24/1934 Shye, John Frank Zumwalt, Inez
stats 11/01/1927 Siegel, Ralph E. Lambertson, Mae
stats 01/08/1938 Siegel, Ralph E. 2nd Pittman, Emma
stats 08/31/1917 Siegloch, A.T. Tetherow, Vera
stats 01/07/1909 Siegmund, Frank Hoegerl, Rosie
stats 01/26/1926 Siemens, P.G. Potter, Lillian
MR #7 12/29/1945 Siemer, Russell W. Blomgren, Amy
stats 11/01/1916 Signer, Joe Kelsey, Edna M.
stats 10/19/1907 Signor, E.F. Moomaw, Katie
stats 04/07/1923 Signor, Thomas P. Camille, Adaline (Seymour)
stats 10/20/1931 Silke, Harold W. Waddell, Ethel
stats 11/04/1913 Sill, Irwin D. Grubb, Nellie
MR #7 08/23/1947 Silva, Lawrence A. Workman, Darla Dean
stats 05/02/1939 Silvernail, Charles Kammers, Irene
stats 03/23/1934 Simmen, Hugh Lynch Woodruff, LaVeada
stats 04/26/1920 Simming, Walter McTigue, Daisy
stats 06/03/1927 Simmons, E.D. Carpenter, Elnora L.
stats 05/25/1927 Simmons, George G. Reeder, Evangeline C.
stats 10/30/1935 Simoneau, J. Chatten, Ivy Marie
stats 09/10/1919 Simonson, William A. Overturf, Stella Mary
stats 06/05/1929 Simpson, Dan Brown, Ella
stats 10/19/1925 Simpson, Earl Murray, Verlie G.
MR #7 06/07/1943 Simpson, Fred Adamchuck, Lilyn
stats 10/15/1925 Sims, James E. Bowman, Aleta
stats 03/24/1914 Singer, J.F. 2nd Chichester, Bessie Irene 2nd
stats 07/24/1901 Singer, John B. Mason, Effie 2nd (Kurkupp)
stats 12/23/1908 Singleterry, Sidney H. Dashiell, Clara V.
stats 10/17/1913 Singleton, R.B. 2nd Anderson, Virginia 2nd
stats 11/17/1917 Sinkler, Fred Kelly, Elizabeth A.
stats 05/02/1936 Sisk, A.A. 2nd Coff, Gertie M. 2nd (Long)
stats 11/13/1899 Sisk, William Kelly Sharp, Susan E.
stats 05/21/1907 Sitze, Fosh Guthrie, Dorah
stats 01/04/1928 Sizemore, Fred Cox, Clara
stats 08/04/1923 Sizemore, Robert E. StGeorge, Cecelia (McClung)
stats 10/28/1908 Skeels, Chester Frank Stiner, Jenny Ellen
stats 11/22/1935 Skeels, Dick G. Carroll, Averil
Slater 03/05/1889 Skeels, George Stensgar, Anna
stats 06/05/1937 Skeels, Harvey M. Marlette, Nelly
stats 05/15/1925 Skeels, Hezekiah Johnson, Marie Helene
stats 09/11/1897 Skelton, C.E. 3rd Dixon, Janet
stats 10/24/1892 Skelton, Clarence E. Bishop, Florence
stats 08/13/1904 Skelton, I.C. Williams, Alice
stats 09/22/1908 Skelton, Leon C. Lambert, Molly
stats 01/14/1901 Skelton, Leonard C. Roescheisen, Minnie B.
stats 06/19/1917 Skidmore, Everett Lee, Nora
stats 08/31/1920 Skidmore, Lloyd M. DeGrief, Marie
MR #7 06/06/1947 Skiles, Cecil J. Price, Thelma
stats 03/09/1921 Skiles, Clarence J. Schreiber, Lizzie
stats 08/14/1920 Skiles, Glen D. Elwood, Elsie R.
MR #7 11/30/1939 Skoog, Leonard Kiesz, Martha
stats 11/20/1894 Skow, Nels Peter Winnings, Mary (Curry) 2nd
stats 06/09/1934 Slack, Langdon W. Ryan, Grace L. 2nd (Crane)
stats 03/22/1930 Slagle, Rollin H. Muench, Wanda
stats 11/14/1912 Slater, Alfred William Ward, Cora
MR #7 02/26/1940 Slater, Willis H. Crawford, Ada Mae
stats 10/27/1924 Slentz, Amour N. Deubel, Julia
stats 11/20/1926 Slentz, Claude Everett Yeager, Grace (Crow)
stats 05/16/1924 Slentz, Fred J. Fjarli, Mable
stats 08/10/1909 Slingerland, Richard William Clink, Alice May
stats 07/16/1915 Slingsby, William Vernon Jellison, Oretha Blanche
stats 05/31/1907 Slink, Zachary Sakolink, Marfta
stats 09/04/1933 Sloan, John J. Douglas, Ada
stats 06/14/1901 Slocum, Ralph Allen Craven, Elizabeth
stats 08/05/1907 Slusser, Archie J. Langdon, Beatrice Eliza
stats 04/23/1924 Small, Earl W. Frase, Edith A.
stats 07/17/1935 Smee, Robert W. 2nd Hamilton, Ellen E.
stats 05/28/1931 Smiley, Chester Pollard, Lena
stats 08/10/1907 Smith, Albert Bell, Elsie
stats 11/24/1933 Smith, Albert Smith, Margaret
stats 03/08/1933 Smith, Alfred Harry Walker, Lillian Marie
stats 06/17/1912 Smith, Arlo Edison Wallace, Anna Phoebe
stats 12/24/1902 Smith, Charles R. Fedder, Viola
stats 06/28/1921 Smith, Chester F. Morris, Mary Lucille
stats 09/14/1937 Smith, Clarence I. Alldredge, Janice
MR #7 10/18/1939 Smith, Clinton C. Wood, Jane R.
stats 08/30/1913 Smith, Conner J. Rhoads, Grace
stats 02/13/1937 Smith, D.S. Almquist, Gracie A.
stats 12/30/1919 Smith, David A. Dickey, Martha Bell
stats 10/08/1924 Smith, Edward Underwood, Hazel
Slater 11/16/1891 Smith, Edward A. Waugh, Mary Ellen
stats 11/11/1916 Smith, Elmer B. Frase, Jessie
stats 06/29/1918 Smith, Elmer R. Preston, Eva
stats 05/22/1913 Smith, Ernest F. Mingo, Gladys V.
stats 02/12/1907 Smith, Eugene L. 2nd Fogg, Minnie
stats 04/23/1910 Smith, Floyd E. Haynes, Anna
MR #7 06/19/1942 Smith, Floyd G. Kokta, Capitola
MR #7 06/03/1945 Smith, Francis M. Rupert, Cora Ethel
stats 10/23/1907 Smith, Frank Redmours, Sadie
stats 03/13/1908 Smith, Frank Wright, Abigail Sophia 2nd (DeVallance)
stats 09/23/1912 Smith, Frank Skrobian, Mary (Zoring) 2nd
MR #7 11/08/1941 Smith, Frank Charley, Cecelia Paul
stats 03/21/1901 Smith, Fred C. Lowery, Jeanette 2nd
stats 06/27/1906 Smith, G.L. Hesseltine, Minnie B.
stats 12/23/1937 Smith, G.Y. McMahan, Evelyn
stats 05/22/1933 Smith, George B. Shaeffer, Irma Annie
stats 03/07/1927 Smith, George Edwin Crofoot, Ruth Amelia
stats 09/06/1898 Smith, George W. Conrady, Mary L.
stats 06/29/1920 Smith, Harry Austin Weigelt, Alma Maude
stats 06/12/1903 Smith, Herbert E. Stevens, May Belle
stats 02/27/1935 Smith, Hunter Evans Leahy, Kathleen C.
stats 09/01/1927 Smith, Ivan M. Pearsall, Doris
stats 06/02/1937 Smith, J. Ferris Brodie, Isabel H.
stats 12/10/1926 Smith, Jacob Oliver Smith, Flossie Ann
stats 01/25/1899 Smith, James Crowell, Agnes
stats 09/21/1926 Smith, James McGonigal, Nina (Adams)
stats 10/14/1895 Smith, James M. Feary, Ollie
stats 02/14/1895 Smith, John Haller, Liza
stats 08/29/1919 Smith, John Finley, Irene
stats 08/27/1902 Smith, John Wesley Martin, Cora Luella
stats 12/23/1905 Smith, Joseph A. Wabreath, Ora Nell
stats 07/07/1934 Smith, L.E. Clarke, Edith
stats 12/06/1912 Smith, Louis Gilbert, Isabelle V. (Lopez) 2nd
stats 02/28/1919 Smith, Marion Royce Root, Eva Adrian
stats 06/08/1900 Smith, Norman Caffee, B.L.
MR #7 08/19/1943 Smith, O.P. Smith, Edith M.
stats 05/05/1917 Smith, Orville Lightner, Alpha Elizabeth
stats 05/17/1921 Smith, Otis C. Warren, Bessie
MR #7 02/01/1946 Smith, Percy C. (Jr) Faris, June
stats 07/12/1921 Smith, Peter Norbert, Annie
stats 06/23/1928 Smith, R.C. Johnson, Esther L.
stats 04/24/1922 Smith, Raymond Henry Shrader, Agnes
stats 01/15/1923 Smith, Robert Carrol Farnsworth, Nelly
stats 07/25/1904 Smith, Robert E. 2nd Hickey, Anna L. 2nd (Foster)
stats 07/06/1903 Smith, Roland T. Scott, Daisy 2nd (Parmenter)
stats 03/24/1923 Smith, Rolla Newton Moorhead, Wilma
stats 12/28/1908 Smith, Roy F. Folsom, Elsie A.
stats 11/04/1919 Smith, Sylvester VanMoulken, Dora 3rd (Jimison)
stats 07/09/1927 Smith, Tom Brittain, Dora
stats 12/19/1911 Smith, Vance Goodman, Zina
stats 07/22/1933 Smith, Vern W.F. Broderius, Wanda
stats 09/10/1930 Smith, Virgil H. Mally, Hannah
stats 12/29/1905 Smith, Walter D. Brownlow, Gertrude S.
stats 09/30/1908 Smith, Walter G. Kenyon, Etta May
stats 11/02/1921 Smith, William C. Keller, Frances
stats 05/28/1892 Smith, William T. Bowman, Bertha May
stats 06/13/1916 Smith, Willie Hooks, Hazel
stats 06/02/1924 Smithwick, George A. Overbay, Zelda Alpha
stats 10/04/1923 Smyth, R.B. MenMuir, Mattie
stats 09/20/1922 Smythe, DeWitt C. Fox, Flossie Frances
stats 06/26/1912 Snapp, Charles O. Cline, Bernice
MR #7 09/01/1940 Snider, Clarence N. Snider, Mary A.
stats 12/02/1920 Snider, Clarence R. Richmond, Hazel Dell
stats 06/10/1931 Snider, Everett H. Rettinger, Ruby (Colman)
stats 08/16/1924 Snoddy, J.G. Craft, Twila
stats 12/16/1919 Snodgrass, E.D. 2nd McMonagle, Minnie 2nd (Noah)
MR #7 10/04/1947 Snook, Darrell G. McIntyre, Margaret
stats 08/05/1931 Snowden, J.W. Rainsbarger, Susie (Pettit)
stats 07/12/1921 Snyder, H.L. Geer, Vernice
stats 01/19/1899 Snyder, Luther J. Berland, Louisa
stats 06/05/1926 Snyder, Ralph Peter Moles, Bessie May
stats 10/17/1922 Sodeman, Harry A. Dowling, Mary A.
stats 01/12/1923 Solomon, Andrew Lott, Mary Louise
stats 05/10/1921 Solomon, Victor Sherwood, Agnes
stats 09/08/1923 Solomon, Victor Wynne, Ellen
stats 12/12/1914 Somerlott, G.L. Dingman, Mabel
stats 12/24/1915 Somerlott, Lester C. Prouty, Esther
stats 06/02/1916 Sommer, Conrad L. Ogilvie, Anna Leara
stats 07/14/1936 Sommerfield, William Buscumb, Dorothy
stats 08/29/1924 Soot, Reuben Gilchrist, Olive
stats 05/20/1939 Sorenson, Jack Underwood, Florence
stats 01/24/1917 Soule, Charles 2nd Marks, Ida 2nd (Kinney)
MR #7 07/16/1944 South, Roy Moyers, Mary L.
MR #7 05/30/1940 Southerland, Leslie L. Mullenberg, Jean
stats 11/23/1937 Southwick, Carl Clarence Mounter, Edna
stats 01/09/1911 Southwick, Guy Rather, Minnie L.
MR #7 06/15/1943 Sowards, Elmind Moncae Seastrom, Arline Marie
stats 10/30/1911 Spafford, C.H. Clemmons, Maud
stats 05/05/1920 Spangler, Wesley Stetson, Irene 2nd (Duffy)
stats 02/04/1928 Sparks, Harvey M. Pond, Myrtle
stats 01/20/1927 Sparks, Jesse F. Zurbrugg, Helen
stats 10/14/1933 Sparks, Joe Lewis, Freda
stats 11/05/1907 Sparling, Ernest Coleman, Laura
stats 05/11/1900 Sparling, Richard Bennett, Helen M.
stats 12/14/1907 Spath, Myron 2nd Peterson, Annie
stats 07/30/1931 Spatz, Henry Cushen, P.E. (Griggs) 3rd
MR #7 01/08/1942 Spaulding, Howard M. King, Hazel V.
MR #7 10/18/1941 Spaulding, Jack R. Wind, Vera A.
stats 10/09/1899 Spaulding, John William Wickers, Effa E. 2nd (Mason)
stats 08/03/1921 Spaulding, Leon H. Keyser, Angeline K.
stats 12/16/1927 Speaker, W.B. Schirmer, Helen
MR #7 12/04/1947 Spears, Earl Bowman, Rosebelle
MR #7 11/11/1944 Spears, Young Olson, Sylvia
stats 02/01/1935 Spears, Young 2nd Culick, Bernadine 2nd (Cannon)
MR #7 09/25/1942 Speck, Claude C. Miles, Ethel A.
stats 01/25/1919 Speck, Earl C. Fernengel, Pauline
stats 12/26/1917 Spedden, Richard Rush Streeter, Hazel
stats 12/31/1907 Spedden, Will C. Hardenbrook, Orpha
stats 12/13/1938 Speegle, Wendell Hall, Gladys
stats 10/24/1918 Speller, Hubert Girard Hallenius, Emma M.
stats 10/22/1900 Spellman, W.P. Northey, A.M.
stats 09/02/1920 Spence, G.W. 3rd Lyons, Irene
stats 12/20/1935 Spence, James C. Jones, Jane E.
stats 05/04/1907 Spence, John W. Prewitt, Lillian M.
stats 10/09/1936 Spence, Murray Halijot, Adeliza 2nd (Hampson)
stats 08/01/1938 Spence, W.O. Carpenter, Stella L.
MR #7 08/05/1944 Spence, William T. Bettfreund, Frances
stats 10/16/1907 Spencer, C.G. 2nd Smith, Anna
stats 06/14/1913 Spencer, Myron D. Montour, Florence
MR #7 04/22/1941 Sperline, Dale L. Rogers, Louise
stats 12/29/1919 Sperry, Ernest Albert Turnbull, Alice
stats 02/29/1920 Sperry, Stanford J. Dean, Grace
stats 06/29/1935 Spick, Harry E. 3rd Howard, E. Lillian 2nd
stats 10/27/1934 Spiegle, Charles W. (Jr) Kennison, Theresa
stats 07/01/1904 Spofford, Charles H. Holford, Alice
stats 08/08/1934 Spofford, E.G. 2nd Bradley, Anna E. 2nd (Stringham)
stats 03/31/1903 Spofford, Elias G. Eddings, Laurie
stats 07/02/1932 Spores, David J. Cain, Mildred E.
stats 10/17/1900 Spratt, James R. Green, Edith
stats 10/05/1933 Spray, Ben Alm, Margaret
stats 05/11/1936 Sprengel, William T.G. 2nd Hansway, Pearl Gay 2nd
stats 01/13/1934 Sprengle, Louis Kyllo, Bonnie Margaret
stats 05/28/1909 Sprogen, Glenn Picker, Elizabeth A.
stats 12/23/1907 Sprowls, C.J. Stanard, Mamie J.
stats 05/21/1917 Spurgeon, James H. McKenzie, Irene
stats 06/13/1930 Squire, Donald A. Bair, Elaine
Slater 04/25/1886 St.Pierre, Godfrey LaFleur, Matilda
stats 11/12/1913 Staeheli, Cap Mathis, Gertie
MR #7 11/30/1940 Staeheli, Jack E. Nail, Thelma M.
MR #7 04/21/1946 Staeheli, Lester R. Holst, Gladys D.
stats 06/24/1920 Staehly, John Lawrence Michael, Ruth Ann
Slater 02/24/1890 Stafford, James Lane, Virginia J.
stats 11/07/1910 Stahly, George Bauer, Edith
MR #7 08/25/1946 Stahly, George W. Tuttle, Norma J.
stats 10/07/1916 Stahly, Walter Bauer, Edith 2nd
stats 03/08/1928 Stalder, J.W. Williamson, L.M. (Martin)
stats 08/05/1908 Stalp, Claude C. Nussbaum, Elsie
stats 11/20/1911 Stalp, Roland R. Frazer, Grace P.
stats 08/20/1938 Stanburg, Martin Frank Johnson, Valdine Helga
stats 07/03/1917 Stancil, W.O. Hanley, Myrtle L.
stats 12/01/1936 Standifer, George Marshall, Hazel 2nd (Case)
stats 12/24/1914 Stanger, Edward Scherette, Elvina
stats 05/27/1908 Stanger, William T. Ditzler, Carrie
stats 06/26/1914 Stanley, Ira DuVall, Myrtle Bryan
stats 12/23/1904 Stanley, Thomas J. Huff, Mary E.
stats 08/25/1927 Stanley, Will Allen Tinkham, Beatrice V.
stats 09/10/1913 Stannard, Harry Swain, Edith
MR #7 06/28/1943 Stannard, Jack T. McDonell, Adeline C.
stats 01/29/1908 Stansell, Clyde Harrison 2nd Shelton, Frances D.
stats 08/08/1914 Stanton, Bryant E. Ross, Viola A.
stats 09/27/1918 Stanton, Bryant E. Brauner, Caroline
stats 11/02/1935 Stapleton, Virgie Howard Judd, Lillian M.
stats 07/02/1920 Starch, Fred 2nd Ellis, Mable 2nd (Carter)
stats 10/09/1908 Stare, Jacob Kuralt, Annie
stats 12/03/1904 Stare, Joseph Rottor, Louisa
stats 02/14/1924 Stark, Albert Sandvig, Cora
MR #7 12/25/1941 Stark, Brenton Huber, Frances
stats 07/28/1916 Stark, Frank Edward 2nd Johnston, Emma 3rd (Hohenhause)
stats 04/29/1916 Starr, Horace Lynn Artman, Alice
stats 06/24/1937 Starr, Lawrence R. Squire, Eleanor E.
stats 09/27/1902 Starr, Paul D. Keough, Myrtle
stats 04/24/1911 Staynoff, James Verhei, Genevieve
stats 11/17/1913 Stayton, Edward Clyde, B.W. Mrs. (Knight)
stats 12/11/1900 StClair, Edgar Rickard, Minnie
stats 07/01/1920 StClair, Frank Pohle, Helen
stats 06/10/1924 StClair, Walter Louis Hine, Julia Elizabeth
stats 02/10/1933 Stear, J.W. 2nd Donahue, Pearl 3rd
stats 04/26/1920 Stearn, Lloyd Wilford McQuiston, Pearl Rose
stats 02/11/1898 Stedman, Isaac Shaff, Mamie 2nd (Marshall)
stats 12/23/1898 Steel, James House, Anna M.
stats 01/29/1902 Steele, David Shea, Agnes
MR #7 03/19/1942 Steely, J.A. Kenny, Janet
Slater 01/26/1891 Steen, Daniel Sogle, Mary
stats 09/01/1928 Steen, Frank R. Barrow, Malina (Rail)
stats 08/22/1925 Steenson, Thomas M Anderson, Lillian Pearl
stats 09/10/1912 Steer, Leopold George Hancock, Edith C.
stats 06/02/1932 Stehr, Leon Young, Dorothy
stats 01/04/1909 Steineman, Tom H. Gau, Marie
stats 06/02/1906 Steinke, Max T.W. Falk, Ida
stats 12/14/1914 Stelting, Waldo Herbert Willard, Verna Mae
stats 12/21/1898 Stempel, Fritz Seilkoff, Augusta T.S.
stats 03/25/1921 Stengar, Fred L. Meusy, Mary
stats 10/14/1903 Stengar, George W. Madden, Harriet Elizabeth
stats 06/23/1925 Stensgar, Albert Desautel, Mary M. (Paul)
stats 11/17/1916 Stensgar, Henry Dean, Jessie
Slater 01/31/1889 Stensgar, James Berland, Mary
stats 07/05/1935 Stensgar, Joe Whitney, Genevieve
Slater 02/07/1869 Stensgar, John Pierre, Mary
MR #7 10/16/1943 Stensgar, Johnny B. Nugent, Violet
MR #7 01/03/1947 Stensgar, Melvin E. Baulne, Leona
stats 08/15/1900 Stephens, H.D. Benner, Sarah A.
stats 10/08/1938 Stephenson, C. Stanley Jacobson, Eileen C.
MR #7 05/29/1943 Stephenson, R.B. Carpenter, Dawn L.
stats 01/27/1928 Stevanus, Verner Earl Parker, Edna Elizabeth
Slater 12/25/1889 Stevens, C.E. Haney, Mary E.
stats 01/14/1909 Stevens, C.S. 2nd Cameron, D.E. 2nd (McDonald)
stats 09/15/1916 Stevens, David H. Lemoe, Sarah
stats 05/29/1925 Stevens, Edgar Cross Crawford, Bertha Emily (James)
stats 07/09/1919 Stevens, Edson H. Hills, Leona Ada
Slater 01/14/1892 Stevens, J.R. Holford, Susie M.
stats 07/23/1934 Stevens, James Hays, Sadie
stats 12/03/1892 Stevens, John M. Ensdorg, Eugenia
stats 05/16/1913 Stevens, Sidney W. Fowell, Sara E.
stats 10/12/1918 Stevens, W.J. Toothaker, Maud
Slater 09/15/1891 Stevenson, Clarence Powell, Eliza
stats 08/08/1929 Stevenson, F.J.J. Trembath, Marjorie
stats 11/18/1924 Stewart, Arthur B. Bohren, Effie (Rice)
stats 09/09/1924 Stewart, Burton R. Smith, Edith M.
stats 09/16/1933 Stewart, David Kapsch, Louise
MR #7 06/06/1941 Stewart, Eugene Todd, Minerva
stats 10/18/1921 Stewart, Frazier M. Frase, Edith
stats 11/06/1928 Stewart, George Paulson, Ada
stats 09/29/1920 Stewart, Harry Ely, Cora Adele 2nd (Fetterly)
MR #7 09/22/1946 Stewart, Laddie F. Blankenship, Donna
MR #7 07/05/1941 Stewart, Marion Lamb, Fada M.D.
stats 03/16/1920 Stewart, Ralph L. Smith, Myrtle
stats 09/26/1916 Stewart, W.J. Gourley, Iva
MR #7 10/31/1947 Stifel, Claude Long, Eleanor F.
stats 07/05/1927 Stifter, George J. Killian, Chloe (Matlock)
stats 05/24/1907 Stiles, William Ray Metcalf, Clara Naomi
stats 09/19/1932 Stinson, H.H. Keating, Dorothy Louise
stats 06/12/1914 Stirn, Charles Hutchins, Amelia Melvina
stats 02/21/1922 Stirn, Fred 2nd Myers, Marie 2nd (Hofstedt)
stats 04/19/1922 Stites, Ernest L. Allen, Mary
Slater 04/08/1869 Sto-a-akin Marri
stats 06/07/1915 Stockwell, John Alfred Neisbitt, Jennie Louella
Slater 03/11/1891 Stockwell, William Snyder, Ora
stats 03/04/1906 Stokes, John P. Shriver, Janny (Annie)
stats 10/14/1922 Stolp, Claude C. 2nd Snider, Hazel Dell 2nd (Richmond)
stats 06/28/1930 Stolp, J.A. Fleet, Ruby (Rose-adopt) Kedder
stats 07/02/1926 Stolts, Gaylord W. Coon, Eva
stats 11/28/1905 Stoltz, George Ignatus Jones, Susan Bertha
stats 10/15/1918 Stone, Albert Marchand, Ellen
MR #7 01/03/1946 Stone, William A. Davis, Tatt Marie
stats 05/06/1939 Stopher, E. Morris Phelps, Nell
stats 10/19/1927 Storch, Ted F. Green, Juanita
stats 03/21/1927 Storer, Arthur Byrd, Elzora
MR #7 04/24/1946 Storer, Cecil C. (Jr) Fox, Blanche E.
stats 09/20/1919 Storer, Cecil Claire Copp, Levita
stats 12/03/1928 Storer, Orville Heberling, Edith
stats 12/10/1908 Stork, Fred Smith, Prudence
stats 08/21/1919 Story, Herbert E. Richardson, Myrtie H.
stats 10/30/1913 Story, Matthew D. Nussbaum, Julia C.
Slater 02/15/1891 Stover, J.W. Ebbert, Mary Elizabeth
stats 07/19/1902 Stover, James P. Trout, Eva Pearl
stats 06/01/1915 Stowers, Walter H. 2nd Knapp, Ethel L. 2nd
stats 09/22/1923 StPaul, Edward LaFleur, Josephine (Edwards)
stats 07/23/1917 StPaul, Peter McCrea, Lizzie
stats 09/28/1910 StPeter, Fred Fry, Ruth Ella
stats 12/18/1933 Strack, Lester J. 2nd Metcalf, Gladys
stats 05/27/1921 Stradley, Alvie Kennedy, Bernice
stats 03/07/1914 Strange, Alva Peters, Grace
stats 09/30/1924 Stranger, Carl A. Anderson, Eleanor
stats 03/22/1918 Stranger, Carl H. Waldvogel, Stella F. 2nd (Colbath)
stats 06/03/1939 Strating, Gerard H. Peterson, Norma M.
stats 09/16/1931 Stratton, Delmar Sliter, Grace
MR #7 12/31/1943 Stratton, Donald R. Huguenin, Leona
stats 04/21/1914 Stratton, John W. Kinnan, Blanche A.
stats 07/01/1926 Stratton, Sim Byrtle Booker
stats 09/11/1915 Streit, Rudolf Hubert, Anna
MR #7 11/04/1947 Striebeck, Marvin LeCaire, Maryjane
stats 06/01/1935 Striker, Harold James Johnson, Elsie Margaret
stats 06/17/1896 Strobbe, August F. VanSlyke, Nina
stats 08/03/1937 Strom, Alfred J. English, Lois
MR #7 03/17/1940 Stromberg, Louis Lynn, Jessie
stats 06/28/1934 Strommen, Francis Dane, Beth
stats 11/17/1916 Strong, Earl John Graham, Ora Bertha
stats 09/19/1910 Strong, Eugene Miller, Helen Blanche
stats 12/24/1934 Strong, Lesley M. Hartill, Esther Christina
MR #7 12/23/1944 Strong, William R. Matney, Edith Miriam
stats 08/18/1900 Stroyan, Frank Trampus, Catherine
MR #7 02/18/1947 Stroyan, Jacob L. Waldner, Elsie S.
stats 11/09/1895 Stroyan, Lucas Tomsha, M.B.
stats 04/05/1902 Stroyan, Lucas Tomsha, Johanna
stats 05/14/1929 Strum, Jesse Luther Olsen, Anna
stats 07/05/1904 Stuart, William E. Murphy, Elizabeth
stats 12/19/1908 Studebaker, George A. Lawson, Agnes
stats 01/23/1918 Studebaker, Harold Culp, Minnie
stats 07/07/1920 Stultz, C.W. 2nd Mitchell, Eugenia 3rd (Arnold)
stats 06/27/1933 Sturm, Albert Habberstad, Mabel
stats 08/13/1914 Stutsman, John J. Day, Nettie
stats 04/01/1902 Stutzman, Ethan Rosch, Agnes Margaret
stats 12/22/1921 Stutzman, Russell B. Corle, Norah V.
MR #7 10/23/1941 Sublie, Herman Parker, Evelyn
stats 09/22/1937 Suiter, DeWaine Fields, Lucetta E.
stats 03/09/1915 Suiter, Glen A. Basham, Lucille
stats 08/11/1913 Suiter, Stanley Hill, Fay
stats 07/16/1914 Sullivan, Bartholomaus, J. Moore, Eileen
stats 02/16/1903 Sullivan, D. Coonc, Agnes Dora
stats 01/07/1922 Sullivan, D.C. Newland, Beatrice
stats 10/12/1913 Sullivan, Edward L. Sullivan, E.C.K.
Slater 10/02/1889 Sullivan, Edward Stewart Allison, Lucy E.
stats 11/14/1907 Sullivan, Fred E. Lueck, Emma
stats 07/22/1938 Sullivan, Grady German, Roxie H.
stats 12/06/1923 Sullivan, Guy Earl Griffith, Nellie
stats 05/20/1896 Sullivan, Patrick Bauer, Lysette
Slater 07/29/1883 Sullivan, Roger Kitt, Lucetta
stats 10/29/1936 Sundheim, Ingval Martin, Bernice
stats 01/30/1926 Sutherland, Don Casey, Gladys Irene
stats 09/28/1903 Sutton, Alva G. VanSlyke, Letha M.
Slater 06/30/1881 Sutton, James Brown, Jemima
MR #7 09/02/1939 Svenvold, Donald A. Burcham, Margaret
stats 09/12/1912 Swan, Clarence J. Campbell, Carrie
stats 06/14/1897 Swan, Isaac W. 2nd Buchner, Frances M. 2nd (Troyer)
stats 01/22/1903 Swan, Otto Buckland, Rosa
stats 05/24/1932 Swan, Theodore Seymour, Lucy
stats 02/16/1915 Swank, Alvidore Young, Etta
stats 05/26/1921 Swank, Kenneth Pence, Florence
MR #6 06/24/1939 Swanson, Arthur F. McClurg, Doris
stats 07/29/1912 Swarthout, Clifford H. Brown, Ruby E.
stats 08/28/1924 Swartz, Daniel L. Stewart, Louise M.
stats 03/31/1902 Swartz, Warren G. Parker, Cecelia
MR #7 07/21/1943 Swartz, Warren G. Rosey, Tammy A.
stats 02/14/1927 Swatman, John J. Palm, Hilda
stats 05/12/1937 Swindell, Robert J. Tann, Lillian May
stats 12/23/1912 Swinney, John W. Bissell, Blanche
stats 03/15/1899 Sykes, A.B. Castle, Hattie May
stats 02/14/1910 Sykes, Leon Summing, Laura
stats 11/19/1919 Symes, James Ballard 2nd Witt, Minnie 2nd (Richmond)