Stevens County Marriages 
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Stevens County, WA, Marriage Index
Grooms Index T - Z
stats 12/11/1908 Tabel, Harry Johnson, Annie
stats 01/08/1938 Tabert, W.G. Simmons, Hazel 2nd (Stingley)
stats 09/24/1919 Tabin, William Thomas Blystone, Lottie Marie
stats 02/20/1912 Taccogna, Nicola Miano, Natalina
MR #7 09/01/1947 Tadey, Dusan Waters, Lorraine
stats 04/11/1905 Tague, H.W. Holden, Annie Eldon
stats 10/03/1910 Tait, James Marsolek, Myrtle
MR #7 08/10/1947 Tait, Paul R. Pool, Marian M.
stats 06/25/1938 Talbot, James A. Hunter, Margaret Patricia
stats 02/05/1908 Taloner, Jacob Gustafson, Ita 2nd (Lind)
MR #7 10/07/1945 Tanneberg, James H. Davis, Donna Rae
stats 11/18/1910 Tarbet, Jess Eugene Wheeler, Daisy 2nd (Babbitt)
stats 10/23/1917 Tarble, Robert Scott Parker, Gertrude Emily
stats 07/06/1937 Taschereau, C.A. Riechers, Amanda E.
stats 06/21/1926 Tatton, John Wilburn Baker, Edna C. (Wendel)
stats 04/02/1938 Taves, Jan Wilkin, Margaret
MR #7 07/14/1946 Taylor, Charles G. Schmid, Aileen P.
stats 08/01/1921 Taylor, Corydon E. Hooks, Hazel Alice
stats 12/22/1902 Taylor, Ed Frase, Belle
stats 04/16/1912 Taylor, Edward A. 2nd Bradley, Bernice M.
stats 07/31/1934 Taylor, Eldon C. Smith, Anna A.
stats 12/23/1913 Taylor, Ernest F. Hoag, Florence
stats 08/25/1932 Taylor, George Cawthon, Lucille 2nd
stats 07/23/1936 Taylor, George E. 2nd Sublie, Florence
stats 10/18/1930 Taylor, J.H. Pearson, Marian Maxella
stats 01/03/1938 Taylor, James Grant Rella, Rena Marie Melvina
stats 07/06/1915 Taylor, James Lillard Hallgreen, Nora Annetta
stats 06/01/1929 Taylor, Paul K. Stratton, Dorothy
stats 12/03/1927 Taylor, Paul V. Hill, Opal
stats 02/27/1923 Taylor, Ralph Maxwell, Ruth E.
stats 05/07/1938 Taylor, Reuben Wooley, Adelma
stats 10/03/1908 Taylor, Thomas H. 2nd Williamson, Grace
stats 09/21/1929 Taylor, William Hutchison, Anna
stats 06/02/1927 Teague, Clarence W. Baerwald, Martha M. (Johnke)
stats 09/15/1910 Teasman, John Narcisse, Elizabeth 3rd (Takin)
stats 04/16/1913 Tedrow, Charles E. Underwood, Julia
stats 01/17/1929 Tedrow, Charles Ernest Wells, Salina Myrtle
stats 09/08/1913 Tedrow, E.J. Underwood, Maud
MR #7 08/27/1945 Tedrow, Kenneth U. Comer, Aileen
MR #7 12/19/1942 Tedrow, Milton VanBlaricom, Agnes
stats 07/01/1926 Tedrow, Ray Curry, Verlie E.
MR #7 07/24/1947 Teegarden, Ernest Derylle Gray, Alice May
stats 06/24/1920 Tennant, Stanley R. Simpson, Olivetta
stats 10/28/1912 Terry, A.D. Lax, Ida (Rykowski) 2nd
MR #7 03/05/1945 Terry, Dee Eugene Garner, Lois Marie
stats 09/17/1902 Terry, Robert L. Wright, Lydia E.
stats 11/12/1904 Tessman, Marks Watson, Lizzie
stats 07/05/1893 Teters, George W. Jones, Rulinda E.
stats 07/10/1934 Teterud, Lesley I. Baxter, Mary
stats 09/29/1938 Thackray, J.S. Sigsworth, J.R.
stats 09/15/1924 Thatcher, Isaac Campbell, Genevieve
stats 10/12/1918 Thayer, Eugene Kelly, Mary
MR #7 10/04/1943 Thayer, John H. Koziuk, Elizabeth A.
MR #7 02/14/1946 Thayer, Marcus Chester Kozuik, Elsie B.
stats 10/20/1915 Theis, Alva Schumaker, Beulah
stats 12/22/1925 Theis, Fred H. Forney, Doris
Slater 02/11/1884 Theis, George Prouty, Rachel A.
stats 11/18/1914 Theis, George A. Snider, Ida
stats 10/01/1913 Theis, Henry Hertz Bailey, Elizabeth Weidna
stats 05/01/1909 Theis, Roy Zirkle, Gertrude
stats 06/14/1911 Thexton, J.W. 2nd Ratray, Margaret
stats 03/19/1904 Thexton, John H. Marshall, Lucy E.
stats 06/15/1909 Thexton, Sidney Wolfe, Adeline L.
stats 06/02/1909 Thexton, Stanley Fox, Rose
Reg 02/29/1876 Thitado, Peter Marchant, Mary
MR #7 12/23/1945 Thomas, Robert Reeves Matozek, Anna Cecelia
stats 06/27/1930 Thomas, C.E.W. Cox, Myrtle V.
stats 07/16/1904 Thomas, Charles W. Matthews, Maud
stats 03/20/1901 Thomas, Daniel Moor, Marie L. 2nd (Cartier)
stats 12/20/1934 Thomas, Ed 2nd Crosby, Celia 2nd (Slyter)
stats 02/24/1938 Thomas, Edward 3rd Witt, Sarah Emma 3rd (Jones)
stats 03/06/1922 Thomas, Fred A. 2nd Davis, Hattie B. 3rd (Jacobs)
MR #7 06/20/1947 Thomas, George A. Foglequist, Jeanne
stats 06/29/1901 Thomas, George W. Reeve, Sarah Ethel
stats 07/04/1904 Thomas, Guy Glasgo, Rose Maud
stats 05/11/1929 Thomas, James F. Jr Evans, Frances Elizabeth
MR #7 11/28/1942 Thomas, John Allen Holford, Frances
stats 12/13/1933 Thomas, John Fleetwood Matthews, Marie Alma
stats 04/14/1924 Thomas, L.E. Watts, Gladys
stats 10/10/1927 Thomas, Leslie D. Stratton, Nellie
stats 09/22/1900 Thomas, Lucius Johnson, V.L.
stats 10/15/1904 Thomas, Ludger Jos Stussi, Lillian A.
stats 04/11/1936 Thomas, R.A. Ferguson, Lylla
MR #7 09/29/1947 Thomas, Raymond C. Heggen, Garghil J.
stats 12/07/1908 Thomas, Robert M. 2nd Mouray, Minnie C. 2nd (Cornwall)
stats 03/26/1894 Thomas, Robert Monroe Lambert, Catherine
stats 11/15/1910 Thomas, Wirt Tirk, Bessie May
Reg 01/11/1877 Thomason, E.G. Brown, Mary S.
stats 05/29/1916 Thomason, George R. Doran, Ruth Emma
stats 10/15/1907 Thomason, Ralph Green, Emma R. 2nd (Fearing)
MR #7 09/09/1946 Thomason, William Nord, Divina M.
stats 12/29/1917 Thometz, John L. Grant, Marian
MR #7 04/18/1946 Thompson, Andrew H. Houchin, Gladys L.
stats 12/14/1926 Thompson, Ben Robertson, Martha L.
stats 09/03/1921 Thompson, Benjamin R. 2nd Allen, Ethel M.
MR #7 01/05/1947 Thompson, Hugh G. Briant, Elizabeth
MR #7 07/01/1946 Thompson, Irving F. Hennessey, Ruby
stats 04/08/1902 Thompson, James R. Goss, Mildred
MR #7 06/23/1941 Thompson, James Russell Thompson, Juanita Forshee
stats 06/04/1914 Thompson, John Sewell, Ethel
stats 12/21/1901 Thompson, Joseph Richmond, Nelly
stats 11/20/1934 Thompson, Joseph Francis 2nd MacNicol, Nellie Alberta
stats 08/29/1923 Thompson, Lloyd A. Rickey, Orpha H.
stats 10/08/1934 Thompson, Malcolm 2nd Forsell, F.
stats 03/17/1931 Thompson, Mercer Morrison, Eileen
stats 06/30/1919 Thompson, Peter Kleidosty, Lena
MR #7 02/18/1946 Thompson, Robert Gorman Baxter, Margaret E.
MR #7 03/17/1946 Thompson, Roger J. Thompson, Artha
Slater 09/16/1884 Thomson, A. Spoilen, Esther
MR #7 02/03/1947 Thomson, C. Herbert Triplett, May G.
Slater 02/26/1889 Thomson, Charles H. Moorhead, Viola A.
stats 06/18/1928 Thomson, Clay Morgan, Vina
stats 06/24/1936 Thomson, G.M. Milne, Margaret
stats 04/11/1905 Thomson, George W. Fedder, Iva M.
stats 09/17/1934 Thomson, H.P. Turner, Gladys E. 3rd (Thorp)
stats 03/16/1931 Thomson, Stan E. Rimars, Elsie
stats 06/13/1899 Thoni, Emil Kaser, Anna
stats 07/10/1923 Thoni, Fred L. Harms, Anna M.
stats 12/31/1920 Thoni, Jacob 2nd Arnadottir, Alsa K. 2nd (Paulson)
stats 01/07/1922 Thoni, Jake A. (Jr) Horton, Della D.
stats 04/04/1924 Thornberg, William Harris, Bertha C.
stats 09/09/1903 Thornbrue, Joseph Newton Dixon, Jessie Mae
stats 08/10/1906 Thornburg, Martin J. McCrea, Lena
stats 05/02/1936 Thorndale, Charles William Lewis, Wilma Ann
Slater 01/08/1891 Thornton, John Kingsley, Louise, nee Bosch
stats 12/06/1911 Thornton, W.A. Marchall, Theresa
RegA 09/16/1878 Thorp, Elbridge W. Wood, Mary G.
stats 07/18/1936 Thorstinson, Fredrick C. MacLeod, Mary
stats 03/13/1937 Thrasher, Fred Rhodes, Vivian
stats 04/02/1934 Throop, D.B. 2nd Maugh, Lilly J. 2nd (Bailey)
stats 05/02/1921 Thunborg, Frank W. Hageman, Frances R.
stats 08/14/1917 Thur, Thomas D. Blystone, Rebecca
stats 07/10/1924 Tibbets, E.M. Masterson, Eva
stats 08/10/1929 Tiffany, Clifford Nolan, Irene Grace
stats 11/11/1916 Tilbury, James V. Caza, Ida M.
stats 11/20/1919 Tilley, Homer Eldon Lubig, Maytha Augusta
MR #7 07/01/1947 Tilton, Emery L Ostrander, Katherine K.
stats 11/17/1916 Tilton, Emery Lewis Coulson, Ethel Agnes
stats 03/18/1913 Tilton, Melvin Coulson, Carrie
MR #7 11/17/1946 Tilton, Richard C. Borck, Betty M.
stats 09/10/1906 Timbrook, Charles L. Martin, Bertha N.
stats 05/28/1910 Timmel, Fred Buchanan, Emily A. 2nd (Angel)
stats 10/12/1918 Timmel, Hugh Cooper, Enid J.
MR #7 09/22/1946 Tinsley, Clifford Gordon Reed, Lita Lorraine
stats 05/11/1907 Tinsley, Mike Rowley, Clementina
stats 09/16/1937 Tipke, Lawrence G.R. Maxfield, Vera Aline
stats 03/01/1929 Tipton, Ralph H. Boawn, Helen
stats 05/31/1904 Tirk, John J. Schneider, Anna
stats 10/11/1926 Tirk, Lawrence G. Gruber, Mary
Slater 04/19/1890 Tisher, Zack Koker, Viola
stats 09/24/1926 Tisher, Zack Jetter, Josie (Addington)
stats 05/29/1937 Titers, John W. Cagley, Nelly Lida
stats 02/15/1934 Tobeck, John Smith, Dorothy
stats 06/12/1894 Todd, Elbridge H. Harrier, Florence M.
MR #7 09/15/1941 Todd, Howard F. Letterman, Gladys Evelyn
stats 02/01/1906 Todd, William Hamilton, Hattie 2nd (Taylor)
stats 12/31/1927 Toepel, Adelbert Edward King, Edith
stats 05/12/1921 Tokoy, Eric Johnson, Fanny
stats 10/17/1929 Tollefson, Clarence Day, Elsie E.
stats 08/03/1935 Tollefson, George Carter, Lucille
stats 02/16/1901 Tollefson, Thomas Wilson, Nora
stats 06/22/1938 Tollet, Albert Conrad, Katherine Dorothy
stats 06/13/1919 Tolliver, John Wesley 2nd Kulababa, Margaret Vada 2nd (Rollins)
MR #7 10/25/1944 Tolonen, Matt W. Wood, Mary Ruth
stats 10/16/1913 Tom, William Andrews, Elean
MR #7 09/02/1939 Tombari, William A. Walter, Margaret K.
stats 02/17/1938 Tomlinson, J.D. Dupuis, Alice 3rd (Wright)
stats 04/29/1938 Tomsha, Andy Mally, Catherine
stats 06/15/1910 Tomsha, Frank Torker, Marguerite
stats 04/28/1907 Tomsha, Jacob Forker, Maria
stats 07/25/1906 Tomsha, Matthew Trampus, Frances
MR #7 11/06/1939 Tomsha, Stanley Lockhart, Zelda Mary
stats 09/02/1937 Tomsha, Vincent Anderson, Clara
stats 11/23/1910 Tonasket, Peter J. Miller, Louise M.E.
stats 07/06/1935 Tonelli, Joseph Michaely, Cleo Ella
stats 06/15/1933 Tonhoffer, George Seals, Della M.
stats 04/06/1932 Tonhoffer, George E. 2nd Black, Eva M. 3rd (Bingham)
stats 07/18/1931 Toothaker, Elwood D. Colvin, Alice
stats 12/03/1902 Toulou, Albert Perkins, Molly
stats 02/06/1919 Toulou, Clarence Butler, Alice
stats 08/29/1918 Toulou, Frank Savage, Maude E.
stats 04/05/1898 Toulou, George Sampson, Olly
stats 12/27/1921 Toulou, Guss (Augustus E?) Rumsey, DeLois (Doris?)
stats 12/30/1893 Toulou, Julius Smith, Martha E.
stats 01/13/1902 Toulou, Julius 2nd Willie, Katie
stats 08/15/1895 Toulou, Louis Toulou, Eva 2nd (Rice)
stats 11/16/1915 Toulou, Vern Seyler, Alma
stats 05/13/1935 Town, Charley D. Diaz, Margaret
stats 05/23/1925 Town, Frank Ellsworth Walters, Laura Goldie
stats 10/04/1913 Towne, Arthur A. Gumm, Ethel M.
stats 10/01/1935 Towne, Fred G. 2nd Pike, Arville 2nd (Riese)
stats 08/25/1923 Towne, Harold L. McNearney, Agnes
stats 03/26/1914 Towne, Robert Tennant, Alice
stats 05/11/1909 Townsend, A.B. Orr, Belle 2nd (Humphrey)
stats 10/11/1898 Townsend, Alfred Lawrence, Emma
stats 01/08/1908 Townsend, Francis L. Tweedy, Mary
stats 02/14/1922 Townsend, Frank Edwards, Priscilla 2nd (Sturges)
stats 01/08/1908 Townsend, George Hayes, Inez B.
stats 04/15/1931 Townsend, Herbert Vercoe Shaw, Lucy
stats 07/15/1902 Townsend, William P. Beggs, Grace S.
stats 07/25/1908 Townsend, Willis Williams, Myrtle
stats 01/12/1918 Traaen, Carl Savage, Nora
stats 02/16/1918 Traaen, Jens Oens, Dewey
stats 08/15/1912 Traaen, John Bennett, Irene
stats 06/20/1925 Traaen, Ole Russell, Nettie
stats 02/26/1934 Tracy, John 2nd Herman, Eileen
stats 11/12/1896 Tracy, John F. Hughes, Alice M. (Murphy)
stats 08/14/1907 Trampus, Frank Peternel, Mary
stats 07/17/1907 Trampush, Louis Tomsha, Lena
MR #7 05/25/1942 Trapp, Wesley R. Lee, Frances I.
stats 01/25/1921 Traynor, William E. Long, Louella May
stats 05/29/1925 Trego, Melvin Hawk, Dora L.
stats 10/05/1934 Trembath, Irving J. Cuyler, Phyllis Ethel
stats 07/05/1923 Tremblay, E.J. Klockman, Marguerite
stats 03/28/1932 Trepus, John H. Fievez, Sarah
stats 07/20/1907 Trewheller, Matthew Nicholls, Hetty Lory
stats 05/23/1936 Triggs, William J. Maki, Thelma
stats 10/05/1935 Trimble, Earl S. Boots, M. Ethel
stats 01/11/1935 Troger, Henry 2nd Jeannerette, Grace 2nd (Lowrie)
stats 02/19/1937 Trombley, Joseph Bradley, Jewel
stats 10/25/1918 Trounson, Wilfred Puddy, 2nd (Mrs. M.E.) (Southard)
MR #7 12/20/1947 Trout, Luther L. (Jr) Davis, Ellen E.
stats 02/27/1905 Troutt, Fred O. Powner, Sarah A.
stats 06/01/1906 Troutt, Wallace T. 3rd StMart, Clara P. 3rd (Hanington)
stats 09/02/1924 Trowbridge, Frank A. Hocomb, Phoebe E. (Barker)
stats 11/10/1904 Truedell, Myron A. Peters, Mary L. 2nd (Beuberton)
stats 09/16/1903 Truemmer, W.E. Tatman, Grace
stats 08/12/1908 Trumbull, Amos 2nd Lubig, Augusta 3rd (Wuche)
Slater 11/01/1891 Trunnels, Albert P. Wynne, Ella A.
stats 04/28/1915 Trunnels, Gerald Ayotte, Delia
stats 08/10/1929 Tuck, Ralph Rabichand, Anna
stats 08/31/1907 Tucker, Charley M. Blair, Anna M.
stats 05/29/1931 Tucker, Clifford Moorehead, Eva
MR #6 06/19/1939 Tucker, Earl Franklin Johnson, Ruth Ernestine
stats 09/12/1929 Tucker, H.E. Brown, Mae
Slater 03/23/1891 Tufty, O. Green, Rose
Slater 06/27/1888 Turcott, J.N. Gendron, Marcelene
stats 02/23/1939 Turnbull, Orville Delp, Ola
MR #7 05/29/1944 Turner, Byron Ewing Grady, Jessie M.
stats 09/23/1913 Turner, Charles Hansen, Etta
MR #7 06/26/1939 Turner, Emerson C. Chapin, Gail
stats 06/12/1930 Turner, Eugene Boyd, Alice
stats 10/22/1900 Turner, Francis Gilbert, Elizabeth
stats 09/16/1909 Turner, Francis M. Murphy, Florence Wanda
stats 02/20/1918 Turner, Harley A. Savage, Bertha E.
MR #7 09/15/1945 Turner, Harold Knudsen, Elaine
stats 08/21/1906 Turner, James H. 2nd Kemper, Elizabeth A. 2nd (Kent)
stats 07/18/1910 Turner, Nathaniel A. Bailey, Estella May
stats 07/22/1936 Turner, R.G. Schneider, Marie
stats 07/22/1904 Turner, Steven E. 2nd Hipple, Jennie 2nd (Snoddy)
MR #7 09/19/1943 Tuttle, John N. Rosenberg, Eileen Mae
stats 11/24/1911 Tweedie, Claud A. Moser, Zella May
stats 09/25/1913 Tweedie, William J. 2nd Reed, Olive
stats 09/29/1932 Twells, William J. Biddlecombe, Alberta
stats 10/23/1924 Twentyman, G.C. Lavin, Estella May (Gumm)
stats 06/02/1910 Twitchell, C.E. Hammond, Hattie
stats 04/02/1927 Tye, Aulmont W. Gourlie, Ethel J.
stats 07/25/1938 Tyler, A. Clifford Linnekamp, Wilma F.
MR #7 09/23/1939 Tyler, A. Clifford Linnekamp, Wilma F.
stats 06/28/1938 Tyllia, Alex J. Janni, Lenora Mary
MR #6 06/23/1939 Tyree, Emory Jolley, Charlene
stats 09/08/1934 Udell, G.R. 2nd Tuttle, Helen
stats 08/19/1916 Ulman, John Jacob Martin, Lola Ester
stats 02/17/1934 Umbarger, Floyd King, Sarah 2nd (DeFrance)
stats 03/16/1892 Underhill, R.S. Mills, Lucy A. 3rd (Bruse)
stats 05/21/1937 Underwood, Frank Harris, Ellen
stats 03/19/1904 Underwood, Rufus V. McWilliams, Adda L.
stats 03/05/1912 Underwood, Sylvester L. Olson, Ruth V.
stats 08/24/1920 Underwood, W.R. Dehart, Effie May
stats 09/15/1934 Unger, Sam M. Jones, Maud
stats 11/21/1935 Urhausen, John Vietzke, Dorothy
stats 12/17/1914 Urhausen, Matt Morris, Cora
stats 09/04/1906 Valley, Victor Barnhill, Alice
stats 08/18/1937 Van, George A. Hodge, Ida May
stats 05/28/1923 VanAllen, J.L. Addington, Ruth
MR #7 12/20/1942 VanAllen, Wilbur Rengglis, Mary
stats 03/07/1905 Vanasse, Luther Richardson, Mabel M.
stats 12/09/1936 Vanatton, J. 2nd Maynard, Gladys 2nd (Drew)
stats 06/19/1912 VanAuken, Ellsworth W. Mitchell, Delphia L.
stats 10/26/1911 VanCleeve, Emery Lester Neff, Anna Electa (Bradley)
stats 08/14/1893 Vanderberg, John Paradis, Aubin dit, Mary Louise
stats 04/13/1910 VanDissel, E.D. Cartier Larson, Pearl A.
stats 02/24/1908 VanDissel, P.M. Cartier 2nd Blenz, Eva L. 2nd
stats 10/05/1920 VanDoren, John Brauner, Elizabeth
stats 12/23/1916 VanDorn, Jacob Henry McClure, Laura Pearl
stats 05/08/1918 VanDyke, Charles F. Pickard, Eva
stats 05/15/1922 VanDyke, Paul Alexander Coker, Marie Rose
stats 07/07/1903 VanFleet, Dewey Scudder, Cora Mae
stats 12/10/1913 Vangilde, Everett A. Gumm, Mable Margaret
stats 01/05/1901 Vannash, Boyd Hill, (Mrs. M.A.) 2nd (Denlon)
stats 08/25/1902 VanRigg, Raymond Fish, Laura Belle
MR #7 06/04/1946 VanScoy, Guy Brugg, Fuchsia P.
stats 07/07/1934 VanSlyke, Charles A. Powers, Bonnie
stats 07/23/1906 VanSlyke, Perry T. Richie, Phoebe Jane 2nd (Parker)
stats 02/04/1939 VanTassel, William Roberts, Lavinia
stats 12/24/1921 VanTuyle, Charles Fay, Alice
stats 01/17/1920 Varcoe, George Harrison, Lola
stats 05/27/1938 Vasburgh, Oran Johnson, Muriel
stats 08/22/1936 Vassar, S.E. Modna, Agnes
stats 07/11/1936 Vaughn, W.E. DeLorie, Mable L.
MR #7 11/06/1940 Vavra, Alvin Lakey, Alice
stats 11/10/1932 Vedder, Charles A. Robnett, Nelle M.
MR #7 05/11/1940 Veltrie, Gary M. Smith, Vernie W.
stats 11/09/1932 Veltrie, Roy Hills, Helen June
stats 08/16/1919 Venable, Chester R. Duckett, Mildred
stats 08/19/1931 Venneberg, William H. Hammer, Bina Clarice
stats 12/18/1926 Verrell, Ray E. Broten, Josie E.
stats 05/23/1923 Vert, Chester N. Klement, Antonia M.
stats 04/30/1925 Vert, G.L. Corey, Marjorie
stats 10/12/1897 Vert, Henry Maxwell, Alice
MR #7 12/28/1945 Vervacke, G. Rhodes, Pearl
stats 08/21/1936 Vest, F.W. Fitzsimmons, Helen 2nd (Harmon)
stats 11/30/1896 Vetter, Arthur Stafford, Lula A.
stats 09/16/1921 Veum, Otto Cook, Frankie
stats 11/15/1919 Vian, Ezra Eli Reese, Ethel May
stats 12/28/1923 Vietzke, Gust Kirklan, Mary A. (Hette)
stats 01/20/1930 Vietzke, Gust Mitchell, Hattie E. (Smith) 3 mar
stats 05/13/1924 Vietzke, Harold Costich, Ethel M.
stats 01/29/1934 Vietzke, Howard Waite, Mabel
stats 12/28/1894 Villandre, Joseph Benning, Delora (Keeler)
MR #7 02/27/1947 Villers, Dale A. Watt, Donna M.
stats 05/20/1911 Vilwock, William C. Vierth, Bessie B.
stats 06/21/1923 Vincent, Gerald Abbey, Mildred L.
stats 09/12/1925 Vincent, Merlin M. Keyes, Hazel May
stats 10/08/1927 Vindhurst, Dallas H. Fay, Frances
Slater 02/20/1886 Vinson, Samuel Mauzey, Martha
stats 12/10/1904 Vinton, John F. 2nd Vanctihe, Lilly E. 2nd (Vandyke)
stats 05/01/1907 Vivian, John H. Schuerman, Theresa
stats 10/25/1909 Vogt, Louis Pierce, Anna 2nd (Lauer)
stats 05/23/1904 Vogt, Philip Keller, Martha
stats 05/18/1939 Volpe, Robert A. Merk, Anna
stats 09/27/1935 Voss, Archibald Lauriente, Argie Clair
stats 11/07/1913 Voss, Arthur Slyman, Irene
stats 10/22/1930 Voss, Arthur Welch, Marie (Reavis)
stats 04/15/1913 Vroman, George Ernest Kiehn, Louise
stats 01/11/1916 Wacholtz, William Meshishnek, Maggie
MR #7 12/27/1941 Waddell, Daniel Leonard, Mildred M.
MR #7 12/17/1943 Waddell, W.H. Myers, Grace B.
stats 01/09/1901 Wade, J.M. Herms, Margaret D.
stats 12/20/1938 Wadsworth, William D. Queale, Roberta Nita
MR #7 03/01/1946 Wagner, Carl W. Ward, Mae
stats 10/23/1937 Wagner, Frank C. Austad, Marguerite C.
stats 12/02/1919 Wagner, Franklin R. Harris, Clara
stats 02/14/1931 Wagner, Leroy Bertschi, Marguerite
MR #7 08/20/1940 Wagner, Mike Remey, Burdetta
stats 04/10/1926 Wagner, Reinhard P. Memmer, Edith
stats 01/31/1922 Wagner, Robert H. Holmes, Vera Mae
stats 06/02/1904 Waitt, Charles Flory, Anna
Slater 12/07/1862 Waitt, George W. Peltier, Josephine
MR #7 11/21/1940 Waitt, Robert Westurn, Geraldine
MR #7 09/17/1940 Waitt, Warren Hurbi, Agnes
stats 07/27/1901 Wakefield, George W. Reed, Sarah 2nd (Carpenter)
MR #7 03/21/1943 Wakelam, Wilfred L. Shaw, Emily
stats 09/04/1929 Waldbeser, John Whitesitt, Maggie (Eddings)
stats 07/02/1908 Waldvogel, Anton Colbath, Stella
stats 08/30/1916 Walker, C.Burdine Kessler, Bessie
stats 01/31/1917 Walker, Cecil Myers, Mabel
stats 06/14/1920 Walker, Floyd M. Davenport, Iola
stats 06/16/1917 Walker, Harry Winfred Hansen, Helga
stats 11/03/1915 Walker, Henry C. Lawson, Lois M.
stats 10/21/1938 Walker, J. Harry Jacobs, Inez D. 2nd (Doyle)
stats 04/06/1933 Walker, John Eugene 2nd Palmer, Frances Alice
stats 07/25/1906 Walker, Marion Alonzo Baughman, Mary Bell
Slater 07/03/1879 Walker, Truman G. Pelker, Mary Ann
MR #7 11/26/1946 Walker, Vern N. Keller, Katherine B.
stats 11/27/1922 Walker, Wilborn A. 2nd Garris, Edith E. 2nd (Dike)
stats 10/24/1938 Walker, William Chornenkou, Mabel
MR #7 08/03/1942 Walkins, George S. Gant, Sheila
stats 10/05/1933 Wall, Ralph Maurice McHardy, Agnes Foote
stats 06/19/1922 Wallace, C.J. Betz, Mary Elizabeth
stats 09/17/1938 Wallace, Clem Culler, Mary M. 2nd (Wray)
stats 09/29/1920 Wallace, H.R. Casey, Constance D.
stats 04/17/1934 Wallace, Leroy 2nd Morton, B. Alice 2nd (Gutteridge)
stats 12/31/1914 Wallace, Leroy B. 2nd Lillybridge, Mary J. (Burkett) 2nd
stats 11/13/1893 Wallace, William Campbell, Hattie
MR #7 01/06/1941 Wallin, Gordon W. Stolp, Aletha
stats 06/20/1917 Walmer, Edwin Christian Faurot, Florence A.
stats 07/14/1898 Walmsley, William Taponi, Mary
stats 01/04/1937 Walruff, Richard B. Miller, Lela
MR #7 11/13/1946 Walsh, Jack Knickerbocker, Jean
stats 10/02/1920 Walsh, Jack (John B.) Seal, Irene M.
Slater 01/05/1892 Walsh, Jessie L. Signor, Jennie
stats 08/29/1916 Walston, Glenford C. Wheeler, Rosa
stats 07/05/1932 Walston, Hazen Earl Randolph, Clara
stats 06/07/1934 Walston, Ralph V. Stroebel, Hulda
stats 12/27/1932 Walters, Elmer Waller, Eunice
stats 09/16/1916 Walters, George Carter, Thelma
stats 10/31/1903 Walters, Joseph G. Jeanerett, Magdaline
MR #7 10/26/1939 Walters, Merle Lundgren, Helen
Slater 11/19/1886 Walters, William H. Weston, Catherine
stats 12/30/1908 Wanderschield, Henry Berg, Ida
stats 09/13/1933 Wang, Engwald Clarke, Vera E.
stats 08/26/1938 Wanless, Gerald H. Edwards, Edith C.
stats 05/25/1921 Warburton, Shirley E. Pool, Blanche
stats 03/16/1892 Ward, Anderson S. Bohart, Lucy C.
stats 07/14/1937 Ward, Charles Albert Evans, Dorothy
stats 04/28/1923 Ward, Floyd E. Burr, Eunice May
stats 02/26/1901 Ward, Francis Gifford, Lucy E.
stats 01/19/1897 Ward, Francis C. Cronander, Mary
stats 01/19/1897 Ward, Francis C. Cronander, Mary
stats 11/09/1907 Ward, Nathan J. Lonie, Amy K.
MR #7 09/22/1947 Ward, Patrick A. Harry, Winnie
stats 10/11/1937 Ward, Philip H. Kralicik, Hattie J.
stats 11/16/1899 Ward, R.J. Young, Susie 2nd (Moore)
stats 06/13/1916 Ward, W.D. 2nd Hubert, Etta 2nd (Conrady)
stats 10/15/1908 Ward, W.R. Tate, Elizabeth 3rd (Montague)
stats 04/09/1899 Ward, William M. Lawson, Clara L.
stats 10/31/1925 Ward, Willis W. Barnes, Grace E
stats 03/19/1929 Warren, Beryl Potter, Grace
stats 12/17/1938 Warren, Edward Hafer, Helen G.
stats 05/02/1908 Warren, Fred J. Mitchell, Mary Lorena
MR #7 06/06/1940 Warren, Wallace Eugene Alex, Dorothy Anne
stats 11/22/1918 Warren, William H. King, Mary Eva
stats 08/28/1906 Washburn, Ronnie M. Hale, Mary Aniettie
stats 10/22/1927 Wasson, G.D. Kennett, Genevieve
stats 02/10/1898 Waters, Charles A. Burgis, Mary Florence
stats 06/11/1930 Waters, George Heberling, Dorothy
stats 12/14/1903 Waters, Harry Wisner, Bessie
MR #6 07/03/1939 Watke, Edward Tripple, Gladys
stats 06/21/1917 Watland, Eli Richards, Telly
MR #7 09/07/1939 Watson, Claude A. Moneypenny, Joyce I.
Slater 11/04/1891 Watson, J.C. Schmeer, Sarah A.
stats 03/15/1911 Watson, S.E. Vanhorn, Bessie I.
stats 01/07/1930 Watson, Thomas K. Tucker, Eula
stats 06/25/1938 Watson, William Oliver (Jr) Bender, Lois
MR #7 05/13/1946 Watt, Clarence E. Noyes, Nelly E.
stats 08/14/1923 Watt, Harry C. Meusy, Pauline J.
stats 08/27/1934 Watt, Paul G. Kopsland, Virginia
stats 12/01/1898 Watts, John A. Waite, Edith
stats 07/30/1918 Watzke, Albin Watson, Elizabeth
Slater 12/16/1884 Wayland, Edward Weatherwax, Julia
stats 05/20/1939 Wear, John M. 2nd Streeter, Dolly B. 3rd
stats 01/05/1916 Wearian, Scott M. 2nd Gilligan, Anna 2nd (Kennedy)
MR #7 03/17/1941 Weatherby, Robert Lawrence Fortune, Flora
stats 02/11/1904 Weatherman, Alfred 2nd Johnson, Emma Dorothy
MR #7 07/04/1947 Weatherman, Harold V. Goree, Dorothe A.
MR #7 05/05/1946 Weatherman, Roy E. Noah, Lois
stats 11/19/1892 Weatherwax, Frank Slocan, Blanche E.
stats 11/29/1902 Weatherwax, Lewis Crown, Nelly G.
stats 03/02/1909 Weaver, Edwin Percy Onstine, Grace Alvira
stats 04/29/1916 Weaver, Girard Anthony, Mildred
stats 07/03/1901 Weaver, Theodore F. Rumsey, Millie E.
stats 12/01/1934 Webb, Alfred Mear, Amy
stats 04/07/1908 Webb, Benjamin W. Johnson, Alvina
stats 05/25/1925 Webb, Bernard Francis Fleenor, Blanche Iola
stats 02/08/1911 Webb, James Etue, Emma 2nd
stats 01/13/1902 Webb, Walter Stevens, May 2nd (Haney)
stats 10/12/1934 Webber, Lucius Lomski, Adeline 2nd (Bateman)
stats 10/22/1904 Webber, William 2nd Crandell, Laura Ellen
stats 06/12/1907 Weberneist, John G. Hicks, Ethel L.
stats 08/08/1937 Webster, Hilton South, Gertrude May
stats 07/03/1895 Weed, Charles H. King, Ida H.
stats 05/09/1911 Weed, Harvey M. Kidwell, Cynthia B. 2nd (Smith)
stats 11/06/1907 Weed, Raymond Dunham, Mable
stats 10/07/1907 Weeden, Arthur Alback, Ansine
stats 07/01/1935 Weeks, Abbott R. Davis, Marie 2nd (Inanane)
stats 12/22/1919 Weeks, Harry A. Fuller, Alice Jeanett
stats 10/22/1902 Wegeleber, Charles Woolshlager, Amelia
MR #7 10/09/1942 Wehrli, Raymond L. Smith, Wanda
stats 12/24/1902 Weigelt, August Bigalke, Hulda Mathilda
stats 10/24/1927 Weigelt, Emil J. Pletcher, Elsie E.
stats 06/12/1933 Weigelt, Gustav 2nd Hammer, Alice 2nd (Robedard)
stats 11/29/1933 Weilep, Robert Leslie Trombetta, Margaret
stats 02/19/1906 Weinke, Albert Baxter, Edith
stats 06/16/1927 Weinmann, Fred Herman Hobson, Grace A.
stats 09/03/1937 Weir, Loys E. Collins, Josephine
stats 01/14/1939 Weitzel, John W. Raugust, Martha Caroline
Reg 05/06/1865 Welch, Martin Shaw, Mary Ann
stats 09/06/1932 Weller, Frank E. Atchison, Virginia
stats 01/08/1917 Wellhauser, Henry m. Norton, Margaret A. (fa-Melvin)
stats 05/15/1894 Wells, Edward P. Cook, Sadie E. (Newell)
stats 03/31/1904 Wells, Roy S. Critchett, Grace E.
stats 07/02/1904 Wellwood, George Stuart, Janet
stats 05/01/1909 Welter, Peter Tirk, Matilda
Slater 06/12/1890 Welty, George M. Hand, Ida M.
stats 09/21/1895 Welty, John StPere, Ella
MR #7 10/05/1940 Welty, Les Wingenter, Margaret
stats 08/24/1938 Wenas, Nels Keown, Olive 2nd (Flowler)
stats 01/21/1921 Wendell, George E. Niccolls, Marjorie E.
stats 02/16/1915 Wendler, John A. Mitasky, Harriett
stats 05/04/1910 Wenger, Emil A. Aubertin, Josephina
MR #7 11/24/1939 Wenstrom, Henry Delwyn Nelson, Vivian
stats 06/25/1932 Werner, Fred Johnson, Iris I. 2nd (Miller)
MR #7 02/26/1940 Werner, Fred Peterson, Ann K.
stats 01/14/1931 Wernz, H.J. Marion, Edie D.
stats 11/22/1904 Wert, William Carl Herrick, Ethel Estella
stats 06/10/1908 West, Harry Bird, Emma
stats 04/17/1912 West, William Blinn Gollan, Harriett
stats 08/30/1923 Westbrook, Art Zigler, Ursula
stats 09/25/1936 Westby, E.K. Allison, Ruth
stats 06/18/1936 Westensee, James A. Wood, Ruth
stats 08/24/1906 Westerman, Arvil S. Sharp, Nina
MR #7 04/04/1940 Westerman, Marion C. Koppe, Mabel G.
stats 07/20/1904 Westin, C.H. Chapin, Edith M.
stats 02/07/1918 Westin, Eli S. 2nd Sherman, Mary 2nd (Pond)
stats 07/12/1911 Weston, Jesse Pohle, Alma
stats 08/27/1934 Weston, Julius M. McGuire, June
stats 05/17/1938 Weston, R.D. 2nd Cheney, Violet
stats 04/23/1914 Weston, William Rosch, Mary
stats 05/22/1917 Westphal, J.I. Haines, Laura
stats 12/28/1938 Westrand, Victor H. (Jr) Baro, Della Mae
stats 06/14/1913 Wetmore, William Stover, Cora L. (Whiting) 2nd
stats 06/02/1926 Whaley, M.B. Ripley, Zella (Ballard)
stats 05/12/1917 Wheeler, Erling Hicks, Cora
stats 03/08/1911 Wheeler, Fred Lawson, Hazel Blanch
Slater 07/29/1886 Wheeler, John L. Earnest, Ella
stats 06/03/1939 Wheeler, Justin H. 3rd O'Dell, Ella E. 2nd (Utter)
stats 03/11/1902 Wheeler, Lannie Lauson, Josie
MR #7 03/28/1942 Wheeler, Linnsey L. Lynn, Marian
stats 09/27/1916 Whetstone, Charles Pulliam, Florence
stats 11/22/1913 Whisler, Victor Paradis, Rosa
MR #7 02/24/1940 Whitcher, Marry A. Blair, Calla Mae
Slater 09/24/1891 White, Albert Stensgar, Olive
stats 11/27/1918 White, Albert E. Jacobson, Freda
stats 08/05/1905 White, Andrew 2nd Jacobs, Alice A. 2nd (Higgins)
Slater 06/04/1873 White, David Nancy
MR #7 05/22/1942 White, Eugene Hoech, Margaret Louise
stats 02/12/1899 White, George W. Hughes, Clara
stats 09/30/1914 White, Guy C. Price, Nannie
stats 11/19/1929 White, Harold C. Davis, Lucille
MR #7 08/18/1942 White, James D Mason, Virginia E.
MR #7 12/07/1946 White, John R. Sailor, Ruth E.
stats 05/26/1909 White, Joseph E. Hitchcock, Esther B.
MR #7 08/11/1946 White, Kenneth James Bulland, Pauline Frances
stats 06/21/1930 White, Leonard Quill, Matilda 2nd mar
MR #7 08/24/1946 White, Stephen Wilson, Doreen
stats 05/31/1932 White, Thomas Marchand, Emily
stats 04/20/1935 White, Walter R. Nesbitt, Alma H.
Slater 02/10/1891 White, William Hall, Emily
stats 09/21/1929 White, William Bazil, Philomena
stats 05/22/1933 Whitehead, R.M. McKenzie, G. Janette
stats 04/21/1934 Whitehorn, Albert James Rowe, Lilly
stats 08/20/1938 Whitmore, Douglas H. Clark, O. Blossom
stats 11/08/1916 Whitnell, Joseph Osterhout, Gladys L. 2nd
Slater 12/17/1891 Whitney, Fred A. Haller, Emaline
stats 10/06/1934 Whiton, Lesley V. Bell, Violet
stats 09/08/1937 Whittred, A.B. Bullivant, Alice
stats 04/30/1920 Wicksell, Erik Blakesley, Azalea
stats 10/21/1929 Widener, Cy Conner, Della G.
MR #7 12/07/1946 Widmyer, James E. Herrick, M. Virginia
stats 06/26/1937 Wiebe, Henry Norman Jorgenson, Stella Charlotte
stats 09/04/1915 Wieglow, Oscar David Bevan, Grace Irene
stats 03/14/1912 Wieglow, Walter C. Robinson, Bessie B.
stats 05/27/1929 Wiest, Vern Forshee, Olga
stats 04/30/1934 Wilbert, W.H. 2nd Ickes, Opal L. 2nd (Asbaugh)
stats 03/12/1920 Wilbur, Daniel W. 3rd Kyniss, Dartha 2nd (Garner)
stats 12/14/1910 Wilbur, George W. Carter, Ora J. 3rd (Nevins)
Slater 07/19/1885 Wilbur, L.D. Jones, Nancy J.
stats 05/28/1936 Wilcox, Earl G. Graham, Agnes T.
stats 04/14/1919 Wilcox, George Lafayette Smith, Floy M.
stats 01/24/1920 Wilder, Franklin Earl Kildow, Saluda
MR #7 04/13/1940 Wilderman, C.M. Johnson, Evelyn B.
stats 02/02/1907 Wiley, Chester R. Heritage, Amy
stats 10/29/1938 Wiley, Ray Hills, Bernice
stats 10/23/1906 Wiley, Raymond Guy Heritage, Dora Florence
stats 07/05/1913 Wilhelm, Oscar Koehler, Mary
MR #7 07/15/1944 Wilkerson, Mark Alvin Siegel, Arlie June
stats 12/18/1893 Wilkes, Gilbert Earl Burnham, Nancy Emily
MR #7 07/12/1940 Wilkie, Bertram R. Hoffine, Betty T.
stats 08/18/1931 Wilkins, Harry M. Malone, Inez L. (Amadon)
stats 06/16/1920 Wilks, Elmer Lee Gossett, Addie
stats 11/16/1935 Will, James McDonald, Florence
stats 11/10/1915 Willard, Arthur Webb, Effie
stats 12/02/1922 Willard, Leslie E. Stratton, Hazel
stats 02/08/1929 Willett, Earl Rutherford, Lila Vern
stats 06/08/1918 Willett, Ralph A. Bell, Wanda M.
stats 07/15/1916 Willett, Rolla A. Gilbert, Roxie
stats 04/16/1901 Willgohs, Fred Opsall, Inga
stats 06/11/1925 Williams, A.G. Dobson, Rebecca (Remey)
MR #7 12/27/1941 Williams, A.J. Lewis, Gertrude
stats 01/26/1894 Williams, Andrew J. Byrd, Dosha
MR #7 11/05/1939 Williams, Clifford F. Burnside, June M.
stats 05/25/1938 Williams, Dan W. Mayhugh, Callie
stats 09/05/1923 Williams, Donald Grosche, Henriette
MR #7 09/10/1939 Williams, Donald Rhodes, Bertha
Slater 08/26/1890 Williams, Edward B. Naff, Louise
stats 09/26/1936 Williams, Eugene Clippinger, Doris
stats 12/06/1906 Williams, Francis J. Golden, May
MR #7 06/29/1944 Williams, Frank J. Lewis, Dorothy Ann
stats 10/22/1895 Williams, George F. Moe, Jessie
stats 07/05/1895 Williams, George W. Davis, Frona M.
stats 08/24/1927 Williams, H.L. Campbell, Jennie (Gants)
stats 10/18/1919 Williams, Howard S. Barnhouse, Lena M.
stats 01/02/1894 Williams, James M. Peterson, Carrie M.
stats 09/26/1931 Williams, John Fredrick (Jr.) Johnson, Ruth
stats 04/21/1923 Williams, LeRoy Walker, Naomi Ruth
stats 11/29/1915 Williams, M.S. Myers, Nellie M.
stats 04/26/1898 Williams, T.H. Smith, Ella
stats 03/02/1911 Williams, William F. McNearney, Alice M.
MR #7 06/09/1940 Williamson, Albert B. Thompson, Clara B.
stats 12/22/1923 Williamson, George A. Reed, Leona B.
stats 10/01/1904 Willis, Alvin K. Cochran, Ada T.
stats 03/14/1917 Willis, Charles L. Burke, Mary M.
stats 10/19/1937 Willis, L.Z. McDonnell, Mae 2nd (Seyler)
stats 09/02/1902 Willkens, George H. McCann, Myrtle
stats 10/26/1914 Willmschen, William Henry Kempe, Amanda M.E.
stats 12/02/1932 Willner, John W. Seely, Dorothy
RegA 05/19/1877 Willy, Noah Pelissier, Ellida
stats 04/02/1919 Wilson, Alfred William Park, Ina R.
stats 09/08/1903 Wilson, Andrew D. Hartman, Annie
stats 12/20/1897 Wilson, Archie E. Willey, Ellida M.
stats 02/14/1924 Wilson, Charles Porter, Clara (Mason)
stats 05/20/1939 Wilson, Charles G. Sledge, Doris 2nd
stats 12/12/1938 Wilson, Clarence A. Fields, Margretta
stats 04/18/1931 Wilson, Curtis Marchand, Louise
stats 08/01/1904 Wilson, D. Fay Southwick, Mabel
RegA 09/02/1879 Wilson, Daniel Bennett, Dora E.
stats 10/09/1909 Wilson, F.B. Signor, Olive L.
stats 11/02/1933 Wilson, Floyd 2nd Rush, Ruth
stats 09/18/1901 Wilson, Fred Y. Stedman, Alma
MR #7 12/28/1940 Wilson, Gene W. Lucas, Helen
stats 09/30/1933 Wilson, Harold Shute, Mildred
stats 12/24/1904 Wilson, Harry Baker, Blanche
MR #7 05/01/1940 Wilson, Harry E. Davison, Mesetta Mae
stats 06/02/1919 Wilson, Harry Edward England, Ruth Helen
stats 11/26/1915 Wilson, Howard A. McMillan, Alice E.
stats 12/12/1935 Wilson, Hugh G. Sweetman, Kathleen M.
stats 12/24/1919 Wilson, James Dee Kilbourne, Ethel Emma
stats 09/17/1910 Wilson, James M. Jeanerett, Martha J.
stats 07/13/1915 Wilson, John Anderson, Hulda Johanna
stats 12/08/1914 Wilson, Otis E. 2nd Benzinger, Carrie (Schoner) 2nd
stats 04/06/1937 Wilson, Robert 2nd Whitehead, Bertha 2nd (Swedberg)
stats 06/22/1923 Wilson, Robert Norton Strate, Leona Garthe
stats 11/28/1932 Wilson, T.M. 2nd Sarlund, Mary 2nd (Tucker)
stats 05/08/1939 Wilson, William Campe, Beda
MR #7 11/20/1941 Wilson, Woodrow Johnson, Virginia
stats 11/16/1927 Wiltermood, Clarence Roitz, Antoinette P.
MR #7 12/29/1945 Wiltse, Charles W. Cooper, Edythe
MR #7 02/13/1946 Wiltse, Fredrick G. Burgess, Lois
stats 04/25/1936 Wiltse, Lyle I. Hockersmith, Dorothy
stats 05/05/1899 Winchell, Ira C. Sparling, Ollie
stats 09/14/1920 Windle, Howard H. Jarvis, Ora Beryle
MR #7 05/23/1944 Wingenter, James P. Welty, Mary Catherine
stats 10/25/1928 Winings, Marvin Countryman, Susie
MR #7 08/30/1941 Winkerman, Carl Binger, Lydia
stats 02/15/1902 Winn, E.S.H. Graham, G.M.
stats 01/02/1893 Winnings, Garret Cooper, Melissa M.
stats 06/09/1924 Wise, David A. Maxson, Verna Adelle
stats 06/03/1930 Wise, Peter O. Anderson, Ellen L.
stats 05/05/1931 Wissink, Frank Vogt, Agnes
stats 11/10/1933 Wissink, Lawrence Schmidlekoffer, Theresa
MR #7 11/05/1939 Witherspoon, Vincent W. Frazer, Roberta Louise
stats 08/29/1904 Wohfield, Edward Klasner, Mina
stats 10/07/1933 Wold, Weidner T. 2nd Moore, DeEtte M. 2nd
stats 10/10/1917 Wolf, Edward Woodard, Harriet E.
stats 05/27/1938 Wolf, Edward A. Burger, Virginia
stats 05/17/1937 Wolf, Jacob Tremblay, Helen
stats 06/20/1908 Wolfe, Frank Barber, Susan
stats 10/16/1922 Wolfe, Frank Davidson, Marjorie
stats 11/19/1936 Wolfe, Michael Crockett, Florence M.
RegA 02/09/1878 Wolff, Francis McCloud, Celeste
stats 09/12/1930 Wolverton, R.E. Christian, Evelyn 2nd mar
stats 04/16/1918 Womach, Roscoe C. Ridout, Alma E. 2nd (Seymour)
stats 12/20/1932 Wonch, Andrew E. 2nd McKenzie, Margaret
stats 09/04/1914 Wonch, Herbert C. Waltonberg, Mary S.
stats 08/11/1908 Wonch, James E. Shaw, Eva
stats 11/23/1935 Wonch, John Wesley Blank, Ella Lena
MR #7 06/13/1941 Wonch, William Winfred Caldwell, Mary Jane Frances
stats 07/08/1926 Wonderly, Robert Kenneth Maschke, Delvia Dorothy
stats 09/29/1911 Wood, David E. Morse, Elizabeth (Honeywell) 2nd
MR #7 11/09/1947 Wood, George Z. Slentz, Winnifred M.
MR #7 10/24/1946 Wood, Paul Thompson May Betty Louise
stats 08/19/1920 Woodard, A.C. Crow, Rhoda 2nd (Furley)
stats 10/26/1898 Woodard, Eli B. Harbison, Bertha
stats 10/27/1915 Woodard, Iben E. Jones, Ella
stats 02/19/1898 Woodard, Walter Larkin, Nelly C.
MR #7 07/11/1940 Woodbury, Edward C. Smith, Ellanor
MR #7 10/14/1940 Woodbury, Edward C. Smith, Ellanor
stats 06/05/1918 Woodbury, Noel Edward Costello, Johanna Catherine
MR #7 09/06/1945 Woodcock, Gus Hamilton, Gussie
stats 12/01/1927 Woodcock, Lloyd Brown, Mamie (Rickey)
stats 02/26/1920 Woodell, John Landolf, Rose 2nd (Hemerick)
stats 12/24/1929 Woodruff, L. Franz Dent, Maude E. (Gately)
stats 02/06/1934 Woods, John Francis Phelps, Alice Mae
stats 11/28/1932 Woods, Richard Young, Elsie
stats 07/01/1925 Woods, Richard J. Blystone, Mabel Lucille
stats 04/21/1920 Woodward, Charles W. Chase, Orpha M.
stats 01/07/1938 Woodward, John H. Sommen, Phyllis Ann
MR #7 09/27/1939 Woodward, R.E. Knight, Dorothy
stats 03/29/1918 Woolard, Alonzo Oscar StClair, Bea
stats 03/12/1924 Woolen, N.C. Norling, Bessie C.
stats 09/07/1909 Wooley, Clark Dearinger, Ethel
stats 06/23/1923 Wooley, Edward Charles McCaul, Catherine
stats 01/15/1916 Wooley, Fred Kayser, Lucille
MR #7 03/17/1941 Wooley, Frederick E. Tayloe, Beulah
stats 07/07/1900 Wooley, George Rice, Fanny
stats 11/04/1903 Wooley, John B. Clemons, Anna B.
stats 03/25/1931 Wooley, Lee Smith, Pauline
stats 10/24/1934 Wooley, Lloyd Clark Brownfield, Birdie
stats 11/23/1907 Wooley, Rollin Philpott, Bertha Ella
stats 12/01/1897 Woolweber, Robert Clark, Lucy May
stats 04/23/1918 Worden, Clinton Ruehm, Lola E.
stats 09/07/1915 Worden, D.A. 2nd Owens, Ida 3rd (Chant)
stats 04/11/1903 Worley, George O. Parshall, Lulu Belle
stats 07/03/1937 Worman, Alden N. Tomsha, Frances R.
MR #7 05/30/1941 Worthington, Donald Hurdy Davis, Joyce Rowena
stats 03/14/1939 Wright, F.R. Moneypenny, E.H.
Slater 01/18/1888 Wright, George E. Belknap, Maud
stats 03/28/1908 Wright, John L. Hayes, Mary E.
stats 01/02/1908 Wright, Leroy Allen Coe, Florence Isabel
stats 10/01/1927 Wright, Lewis T. Gregory, Margaret E.
stats 09/09/1903 Wright, Parker Butterfield DeVallance, Abigail S.
Slater 11/02/1882 Wright, W.H. Chamberlain, Lucy A.
MR #7 02/28/1942 Wright, Ward W. Maul, Charlotte
stats 04/09/1910 Writer, Horace L. Bauman, Esther
MR #7 05/14/1943 Wuestoff, Fred Geer, Bethene
stats 03/05/1937 Wuestoff, George E. Williams, Ladean A.
MR #7 03/09/1943 Wuestoff, Ray Robinson, Marian
stats 07/22/1937 Wuestoff, William Bowers, Ursula Pauline
stats 07/02/1936 Wurzburg, Sidney W. Simcock, Frances
stats 06/13/1932 Wyckoff, Howard Pollak, Bessie Ellen
stats 03/30/1905 Wyland, Alvin G. Hesseltine, Effie
Slater 10/02/1883 Wyncoop, John C. Perkins, Christine B.
stats 02/06/1906 Wynne, Fred James Ryan, Maggie
stats 08/31/1899 Wynne, Richard Staves, Nora
MR #7 10/16/1939 Wynne, William Flett, Gertrude
MR #7 09/21/1941 Wynoff, James Theodore Dannheiser, Jane
stats 08/18/1923 Wyss, John Scherz, Magda (Mosiman)
stats 11/19/1910 Yake, Henry Culp, Mary Ann
stats 06/04/1913 Yarnell, J.M. Stalder, Tina L,
stats 12/23/1907 Yarnell, Maston L. Davis, Lulu M.
stats 08/30/1937 Yeager, Bill Sublie, Lena
stats 05/12/1913 Yeager, Herbert Crowe, Grace Pearl
stats 08/27/1936 Yeager, Lawrence Gifford, Verva
stats 12/05/1923 Yeager, Ralph A. Fahey, Emma
stats 12/27/1904 Yearigan Scott M. Moore, Sarah
MR #7 04/05/1947 Yendes, William Earl Duclos, Genevieve J.
stats 03/16/1904 Yenter, James E. Hartley, Lucille
stats 03/18/1939 Yerkes, William J. Simmons, Virginia E.
stats 10/01/1924 Yoakum, Clarence A. Watkins, Nellie Agnes
stats 08/15/1917 Yoder, Joshua E. Burgman, Edith Wilhelmina
Reg 11/19/1879 Young, Albert S. Pelissier, Nellie G.
stats 09/24/1907 Young, Charles Boyes, Emma
stats 10/15/1911 Young, Clarence Hutchison, Alma
stats 03/02/1929 Young, Claude F. Cumpton, Dorothy B.
stats 10/27/1930 Young, Claude F. Matthews, Eva A.
stats 04/30/1921 Young, Forrest Leithead, Itasca
stats 11/13/1894 Young, George B. Anderson, Emma G.
Slater 01/25/1866 Young, Henry E. Brown, Maggie
Slater 06/15/1873 Young, Henry E. McCoy, Mary
stats 09/23/1911 Young, J.H. Bird, Sophia (Jacobs) 2nd
stats 01/12/1903 Young, Jackson Thompson Parry, Mary Ann
stats 05/20/1901 Young, Jeff Marshall, Alice M. 2nd (Beddlecome)
stats 03/05/1906 Young, John H. Rodenbaugh, Elva
stats 07/29/1919 Young, Leo Magers, Bessie
stats 10/06/1928 Young, R.L. Ricks, Myrtle E. (Simmons)
stats 05/24/1895 Young, Richard E. Moss, Rosie E.
stats 10/18/1921 Young, Thomas C. Aspend, Helen R.
MR #7 05/16/1946 Zachary, Herman D. Lott, Velma M.
stats 08/23/1912 Zachow, William E. Tift, Frona E.
MR #7 08/24/1947 Zeihen, Carl F. Tilson, Jewel E.
stats 09/17/1924 Zeihen, Peter Hall, Myrtle Jane (Gilson)
MR #7 10/01/1943 Zema, Ralph Baldwin, Evelyn
stats 04/18/1908 Zerkel, Clell Haniver, Maud Cloe
stats 05/08/1917 Zibell, August Fritz, Donita
stats 01/02/1923 Zibell, E.C. Mally, Louise
stats 08/08/1908 Zickefoose, Charles H. Goodman, Myrtle L.
stats 10/30/1911 Zickefoose, James Lewis Travis, Goldie Marie
stats 07/06/1903 Ziegler, J.W. 2nd Fuller, Nettie 2nd (Hanley)
stats 01/16/1915 Zimkoski, Joseph Brown, Virgie
MR #7 03/02/1941 Zimmer, Perry B. Zibell, Esther M.
stats 08/27/1927 Zimmerman, Arthur Burnett, Bessie
stats 08/21/1930 Zimmerman, Don Waldvogel, Ethel
MR #7 11/18/1939 Zimmerman, Don Zimmerman, Ethel
MR #7 04/15/1947 Zimmerman, Millard Ludwig, Eleanor M.
stats 03/14/1938 Zimmerman, Vincent Price, Audrey
stats 08/23/1892 Zimmerman, William Mann, Mary 2nd
MR #7 04/29/1941 Zinchkovski, John Bender, Florence
stats 10/12/1915 Zirkel, Clell Flansberg, Pearl
MR #7 10/22/1944 Ziuchkovski, Stanley T Layton, Annie B.
stats 09/29/1930 Zodrow, H.G. Wissink, Gertrude
stats 01/08/1938 Zoyer, Chris Harman, Lynn
stats 08/15/1932 Zuberbuhler, V.H. Kifer, Bernice
MR #7 02/14/1941 Zundel, Theodore Buckley, Eunice
stats 05/16/1923 Zurbrugg, George F. Theis, Lettie
stats 12/18/1911 Zurgrubb, R. Edward Botts, Ona L.