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1st Communion Sprindale Church This photo was taken 1930-1931 and the following have been identified: Second from left, first row- Harry Charbonneau, Frank Gunnip, William (Bill) Gunnip, Allen Stratton, Arthur Charbonneau, unknown, kissy little boy, Maria Gunnip, unknown, Margret Clara Stratton. Second Row: Middle behind Maria- Addie Gunnip. Third Row: Second from left: Mary Gunnip-Stratton. (possibly Alie Stratton just behind and to the right of Mary Gunnip Stratton) Back Row, sixth from left: Patrick Francis Gunnip. Church was built by father and son, Patrick Peter Gunnip and Patrick Francis Gunnip (contributed by Janie Morgensen, additional info by Robert Allen Berger)

Greenwood Grange (Gifford area) Can anyone put names to any of these people? (contributed by Don O'Neall, from Lois (Holford) Smith collection)
Quillisascut Grange Tableau of 1929 (Rice area) Kneeling Ruth Connor, standing Grace Sparks, Mrs. Sparks, Roy Sparks, Bill Connor, ??? Curry, ??? (photo shared by Rusty Clemons)
Quillisascut Grange Team of 1929 back row Walter Clemons, Howard Heidigger, George Rose, Paul Holter, Albert Rose, Dutch Holter, Jack McCarroll, Bert Rice, Fred Byrd; front row Leona Rose, Opal Heidigger, Ruth Heidiger McNutt, Olah Rice, Ethel Holter, Rose Clemons, Dessie McCarroll (photo shared by Rusty Clemons)
Quillisascut Grange photo taken in July 2004; section to the left was not part of the original building(photo shared by Rusty Clemons)

Aviation Field, Kettle Falls Major Fancher and the National Guard Airplane Fleet at Kettle Falls, Wash ... American Legion - Post 196- Aviation Field - note: truck says "Red Crown...The Gasoline of Quality" (from the Jean Hirsch collection) 
Kettle Falls on the Columbia River before Lake Roosevelt was created as a result of the Grand Coulee Dam (submitted by Fred Smoot) 
Salmon jumping Kettle Falls This is a site no longer seen since the submersion of the falls in the early 1940s. (shared by Jeanne Garrett)

Jacob BUCHNER Real Estate in old Kettle Falls ca 1890 (contributed by Ronald Andersen)
John BUDD Born in Canada in 1861 and immigrated to the US in 1870. He came to Kettle Falls around 1900 and was involved with the Silver Queen mine along with several of his brothers. He passed away in 1918.(contributed by Dan Budd, great, great grandson)
William GUNNIP William graduated from Mary Walker high school in Springdale in 1942 and went from there to serve in the Philippines in WWII. He was captured when the American troops were forced to surrender soon after he arrived on the island and spent years as a Japanese POW, surviving the Bataan Death March and the hell ships. (contributed by Janie Morgensen, grandduaghter)
George R. & Mary HIXSON (1855-1936) and (1855-1928), memoirs and photos of this early pioneer couple in the Chewelah area in a pdf file (shared by Tom Hickson
The Albert NEWLUN Family ca 1910 Standing: Nellie Edith Newlun MacDonald, Oakley A. Newlun, Frank Lesley Newlun, Howard N. Newlun, Jesse MacIntyre Newlun. Seated: Grover Cleveland Newlun, Mahala Christena Coleman Newlun, Albert Newlun, Margaret Norma Martin Newlun holding Laura Fraces Newlun Hastings (submitted by Neil Newlun)
Orren ROBERTS (1852-1930), son of Simon Snyder ROBERTS and Nancy DONNELL (contributed by Robert Burke)
Orren ROBERTS' home in the Colville Valley in Washington (submitted by Robert Burke)
Harry M. & Madge SEIGLE on their homestead at Marcus (submitted by Ken Seigle)
SEIGLE homestead near Marcus ca 1904 (submitted by Ken Seigle)
SEIGLE camp Harry & Madge Seigle at Sheep Creek summer camp near Northport (submitted by Ken Seigle)
WEATHERWAX ranch near Valley in 1905, also known as the "Four Corners area" (submitted by Brian Smith)

Bossburg school(shared by Shirley Dodson)
Blue Creek School 1938 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Blue Creek School 1939 Front row: John Carefoot, Ted Riechers, Leroy Countryman, Byron Countryman, Mark Blew; middle row: Donna Jean Greenman, Myrna Gunter, Dorothy Countryman, Grace Schneider, Pearl Wilson, Walter Gunter, Jimmy McCrea, ???, ???, Betty Carefoot, ???; back row: Raleigh Gunter, Dick Schneider, Jack Humphrey, Ken Gunter, "Bud" Schneider, Verna Rosenberg Seabrandt, Henry Williams, Marjorie Millay; Teacher Mrs. Opal Lundquist (submitted by Don O'Neall)
Blue Creek School 1941 Front row, 5th from L Marvin Dale Winings; middle row 8th person Donna Jean Greenman, #9 Johnny Greenman; back row #8 Daina Mae Winings; other names on photo Mack or Mark Ballew or Blew, Floyd Cosn___, Les___ Wunter, ___ Gunter, G___ Snyder, Vi___ Estes, Luella Fisher, ___Carefoot, ___ Riechers, Myrna Gunter, Lois ___, ___ Eastes, ___ Fox, ___ Esteus, Erma Countryman, Alfred ___, Jimmy McCrea; Teacher Mrs. Vilconiks (submitted by Don O'Neall)
Blue Creek School 1941 Front row: Johnny Greenman, Marvin Dale Winnigs; other four unknown; middle row includes Donna Jean Greenman, Daina Mae Winings, Erna Countryman; back row #1 Clyde Eugene Winings, #2 Leroy Countryman, #7 Byron Countryman; Teacher unknown (Don O'Neall)
Blue Creek School 1945 Middle row #2 Johnny Greenman, #3 Donna Jean Greenman; back row #3 Byron Countryman; teacher Mrs. Pearson (Don O'Neall)
Cedonia School 1911-1912 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Back row L-R: Ray Heber, Mrs. Busch, Bessie Scotten, Floy Heber, Block Boy, Jessie Newlun, Noca Jacobs, Vivian Heber, Clayton Meyers; middle row: George Birge, Leo Jacobs, Henry Birge, Nettie Engelhardt, Dora Engelhardt, Inez Hunsaker, Nellie Newlun, Mary Turner, Willie Engelhardt, Fred Engelhardt and the Denny twins 
Cedonia School 1913 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Back row: Dora Engelhardt, 2nd from L; Second row: Louise Murk, far L; Front row: Fred Engelhardt, far R; Bill Engelhardt, far L (1st grade); Mrs. Mabel Minor, teacher 
Cedonia School 1914 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Back row: Nettie Engelhardt, 4th from L; Dora Engelhardt, 4th from R; second row: Louise Murk, 2nd from L; front row: Fred Engelhardt, R; Bill Engelhardt, L 
Cedonia School 1925 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Front row: Frank Crain, Victor Engelhardt, Mary Burns, Kenneth Crain, Vera Rodenbaugh, Maurice Dashiell; Middle row: Loren Dashiell, Billy Burns, Gilbert Hergesheimer, Hazel Rodenbaugh, Ivan Engelhardt; Back row: Thelma Dashiell, Mildred Dashiell, Milton Carnwall, Henry Engelhardt, Hubert Crain 
Cedonia School 1928 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Wayne Rodenbough, Agnes Engelhardt, Warren Crain, Mary Burns, Hazel Rodenbough, Alice Engelhardt, Myrna Rodenbough, Don Burno - 2nd row: Kenneth Crain, Frank Crain, Gilbert Bergishimer, Ivan Engelhardt, Vic Engelhardt, teacher George. Andrews  
Cedonia Grade School 1948 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Back row L-R: Doris Engelhardt, Joanne Rodenbough, Thelma Dashiell, Mrs. Georgie Llewellyn, Wanda Tiffany, Rovena Engelhardt, Ellen Engelhardt, Donna Dashiell, & Ilene Engelhardt; Middle row L-R: Terry Llewellyn, Bud Dashiell, might be David Castle, Unknown, Frank Schrader & Gale Hergesheimer; Front row: Evelyn Cannon, Marlene Rodenbough and Dorothy Dashiell.  
Daisy (actually Waterloo) School (submitted by Don O'Neall)
This photo is actually of the Waterloo school which was east of Daisy. It appears in the book "Last Bell," an excellent source for information on Stevens County schools. The caption reads..."Back row: Ruth Pierce, Fern Parks, Lois Clemmons, Hattie Winings, Hazel Corey, Ethel Tucker, Oveta Lacey, Burton Stewart, Stanley Bradeen, Eddie Countryman, Marvin Winings, Floyd Corey; Middle row: Viola Countryman, Angie Tucker, Hester Eslick, Vera Parks, Al Compton, Arnold Bohren, Ralph Bradeen; First row: Susan Countryman, Paul Compton, Lois Bradeen, Floyd Brady, Vera Compton, Ashel Bradeen, Bonnie Clemmons, Bob Winings, Milton Tucker, Ruth Corey, Myers Boy, Mamie Van Richie, Dee Bohren, Martin Corey, teacher." Believe to be dated 1918 / 1919 (thanks to Bill Charlton for this additional information) 
Forest Center School (submitted by Janie Mogensen)
This photo was taken before 1920 as Addie Gunnip (far right with white lace collar) taught here before her marriage. Forest Center was located near Springdale. Can anyone help with identifications?
Grant School, Colville (submitted by Cindi Bomersheim)
We are pretty sure that this is Grant School in Colville, also known as the "brick school," which used to be at the corner of Second and Maple streets. The only person identified so far is Anna Rukgaber Bomersheim, the girl with the cap in back row, 5th from right. We believe the photo dates to ca 1911, perhaps a year or two later. Would really appreciate any further identifications.  
Huckleberry School, Cedonia, 1948 (submitted by George Engelhardt)
Front: Jensena Cornwall; 2nd row: Ed Nicholson, Bill Singer, Bud Engelhardt, Jerry Tripp, Mrs. Mulherin; 3rd row: Jean Ballard, Dora Countryman, Shirley Nicholson, Gloria Baldwin, Joan Countryman, Ruth Baldwin 
Hunters School (submitted by George Engelhardt)
George's Aunt Dora taught at this school in 1927. The school was located a few miles up Hunter Creek from Hunters, beside the Hunters Cemetery. Front: Dinnis Oh, Leonzio Frazer, Marian Hanson, Burt Cooley, Frank Lakey, Charles hanson, Charlie VanDorn, Harry Selder, Bull Munson, George Cooley. 2nd row: Grover Lakey, Chet Handson, Buster Lakey, Mildred Selder, Gwen Frazier, Silvester VanDoren, Willie Ohish. 3rd row: Eugene Munson, Walter Lakey, Alice Engelhardt, Lucy Laughenour, Alice Selder, Hattie Frazier. 4th row: Randolf Frazier, Joe Van Dorin, Joe Ohs, Jim Ohs, C. VanDorin, Miss Dora Engelhardt, Margret Gunthur, Pearl Hanson, Leona Frazier 
Kettle Falls School December 1912 (from the Jean Hirsch collection) This school would have been in Old Kettle Falls, townsite now submerged by the waters of Lake Roosevelt. Can anyone help identify any of these children?

Probably Kettle Falls School 1880sThe siding and windows look very much like the same building as the one taken in 1912. Can anyone confirm or identify any of the children? (contributed by Ronald Anderson)
Maud School (submitted by Don O'Neall - if you can help with identifications contact Susan Dechant)
Maud School Grades 1-4 (submitted by Don O'Neall, identifications by Darlene Winings)
Back row Frances Holford, Fred Yeaeger, Russell Hoffstetter, Ernest Norman, Hugh Neff, Ray Clemons, Edward Harris; Middle row Eleanor Maxwell, Julia Finel, Anna Caroline Slingsbey, Dorothy Finel, Mildred Countryman, Alice Mae Maxwell; Front row Frances Holford, Jack Maxwell, Betty Lou Harris, Shirley Slingsby, Guy Kramer
Maud School 1925-1926 (submitted by Don O'Neall, including approximate date and info in parenthesis)
(L-R) Row #1 (Front) Lucien C. (Lucien James Countryman); Dorothy H.; Anna C.S.; Lorraine S.; Alice M. Maxwell; Olive S. (Storm?); Fred Y. (Yeager?); Oreathea B.; Millie C. (Mildred Marie Countryman); Mally (wife of Joseph Mally born Stevens Co., WA) .... Row #2 (Middle) Merle H. (Hofstetter?); George Y. (Yeager?); Lorenna S.; Max Hanlon; Olive Bernice Morgan(submitted by Ruth Horton); Mary K. .... Row #3 (Back) Katherine G. (Gramm/Graham?); Keith C. (Compton?); Laurence Y. (Yeager?); Bill B. (William? Baxter?); Susie C. (Susan Countryman Winings); Loretta B. (Baxter?) - if you can help with identifications contact Susan Dechant
Mill Creek school maybe? (submitted by Jackie Bennett Hurn)
Possibly taken in the 1920s, this school was re-located several times. If you can help with this identification, please contact Susan Dechant through the e-mail link on this page.
Mill Creek school 1922 (photo contributed & indentifications by Ron Bestrom)
First row: Jim Keeley, Margaret Hale (Ickes), Thelma Huck, May Kramlick, Inez Bennett, Raymond Nielson...Second Row: Avery Crittenden, Cliff Bestrom, Lymon Noyes, Anthony Ramminger, Elmer Moran, Carl Bestrom, Vern Nielson....Third Row: Walter Huck, Bessie Potter, Florence Bestrom (Bryan), Inez Huck, Pearl Minor (Bestrom), Rose Hale (Deubel) and Mollie Bennett.
Mill Creek school ca 1925 (photo contributed by Ron Bestrom)
Ron thinks the boy in the middle in the back that you can see only from the eyes upward is Carl Bestrom; the girl to his right "could" be Ida Hull; the tall boy in the back "could" be Vern Nielsen. Based on the looks of these students in the 1926 picture, Ron guesses 1925. The teacher is the same Marion Gray that is in the 1926 and 1929 pictures. He looks younger than in the 1926, but could be anytime between 1925 to 1930.
Mill Creek school 1926(photo contributed by Jackie Bennett Hurn, identifications by Ron Bestrom)
First row: Randall Nielsen, Jack Bennett, David Leighton, Irvin (Bud) Bestrom, Elaine Bennett, Thelma Leighton, Jessie Bestrom (Wilson), Ivan Look, Eugene Hunter....Second row: Floyd (Bud) Kramlick, Roy Bennett, Harry Willis, June Martin, Evelyn Bestrom....Third row: Vern Nielsen, Carl Bestrom, Lee Kilbourne, ??? Thomas, Raymond Nielsen, teacher Marion Gray....Fourth row: Marie Nielsen, Ida Hull (Smith), Florence Bestrom (Bryan), Mae Kramlick, Inez Bennett, Lyle Bestrom
Mill Creek school 1929 (photo contributed & indentifications by Ron Bestrom)
First Row: Leonard Olson, Irvin (Bud) Bestrom, Ivan Look, Louise and Lucile Johnson, Eva Martin, Elaine Bennett and Alice Olson....Second: David Leighton, Randal Nielson, Jack Bennett, Charles Owsley, Evelyn Bestrom (Widener), Roy Bennett, Thelma Leighton, Jessie Bestrom (Wilson), Ralph Zema, June Martin, Eugene Hunter....Third: Walter Willis, Raymond Nielson, Inez Bennett, Ida Hull, Esther Alderson (Gilmore) and Lloyd Sanderson....Fourth Row: Carl Bestrom, Vern Nielson, Marie Nielson and teacher, Marion Gray.
Mill Creek school 1936 (photo with names contributed by Ron Bestrom)
Identified are: Virginia Phipps?, Charles flint, Glyndeen Look, Anne Johnson, Howard Phipps, Lois Murray, Shirley & Norma Phipps, Teddy ???, Ken Bestrom, Evalyn Mann, Gene Bestrom, Nancy Potter, Margie Potter, Phyllis Look, Richard Alderson?, Ivan Look Irvin "Bud" Bestrom, and Everett Martin.
Mill Creek school 1957 (photo with identifications contributed by Ron Bestrom)
Betty Stifel, Terry Lawson, Ron Bestrom, Stephanie Henry, Bertha Henry, Lois Fredrick, Craig Phillips, Dan DeHart, Kay Sherrod, Monty Paddleford, Raymond Hills, Charolett Hills, Darlene Bailey, Frankie Barber, Terry Sherrod, Dan Alley, Don Alley and teacher Emma Baulne.
Mill Creek school October 1959 (photo contributed by Darrell Jamieson)
First row of desks on the right: Terry Lawson, Stephanie Henry, Lori Rhodes, Betty Stifel, Raymond Hills.... Second row (middle): Ed Rhodes, Larry Fredrick, Charlene Henry, Larry Lawson, Paul Hills, Bertha Henry, Janice Hills....Third row: Bob Fredrick, unknown, Mrs. Elsie (Don) Jamieson. (identifications by Ron Bestrom)
Mill Creek school December 1959 (photo contributed by Darrell Jamieson)
First row: Darrell Jamieson (the little guy in the suspenders at left), unknown, Paul Hills, Bob Frederick, Jayne Henry, Anna Fredricks.... Second Row: Charlene Henry, Betty Stifel, Larry Fredrick, Terry Lawson.... Third Row: Bertha Henry, Lois Fredrick, Charlotte Hills, Dan DeHart, Ray Hills, Monte Paddleford. (identifications by Ron Bestrom)
Mill Creek school 1960, Mill Creek school setting, Mill Creek school view (photos contributed by Darrell Jamieson)
These are shots of the school and the surrounding area in 1960. That's Elsie Jamieson, teacher, by the Jamieson family's brand new Ford Galaxie, their first ever new car (which turned out to be a real "turkey!").
Mill Creek school December 1960 (photo contributed by Darrell Jamieson)
Left to right, front row: Vickie Lawson, Ron Rhodes, Jayne Henry, Laurie Rhodes, Darrell Jamieson, girl in white unknown (behind Darrell), boy to the right (blond headed) unknown, Bob Fredrick (behind blond headed), boy next to tree on right unknown, boy behind is possibly Paul Hills, boy behind Paul Hills unknown, students to the right all unknown, Anna Fredrick (behind Vickie Lawson). Back row: Bertha Henry, Raymond Hills, Betty Stifel, Terry Lawson (behind Betty), Charlene Henry, Ed Rhodes, Stephanie Henry (behind Ed), Linda Rhodes, Larry Fredrick. (identifications by Ron Bestrom)
Mill Creek school 1962 (photo with identifications contributed by Ron Bestrom)
Vickie Lawson, Jane Henry, Don Siegel, Carl Ehrendreich, Ed Rhodes, Charlene Henry, Paul Hills, Ken Siegel, Laura Rhodes, Terry Lawson, Stephanie Henry, Linda Rhodes, Edena Huguenin, Verna Gumm, Betty Stifel, Ron Bestrom, Larry Lawson, teacher Mrs. Mary Ehrendreich.
Mill Creek school 1963 (photo with identifications contributed by Ron Bestrom)
Steve Matlock, Jayne Henry, Vickie Lawson, Alvin Dennison, Diana Bruce, Susan Connelly, Ed Huguenin, Bert Thompson, Clara Matlock, John Wonch, Jack Dennison, Paul Hills, Paula Bruce, Larry Lawson, Ted Bruce, Chris Matlock, Ron Bestrom, Stephanie Henry, Charlene Henry, teacher Mrs. Mary Ehrendreich, Verna Gumm, and Betty Stifel.
Pingston Creek School (submitted by Harry W. Seigle)
Pingston Creek students ca 1939 (submitted by Harry W. Seigle)
Bob Heaton, teacher; Harry W. Seigle center back; the blond in front of the teacher is Marcella Irwin; next to her is Bryan Cooper, then Catherine Olson, Barbara Seigle with her hand over her eye, and Johnny Olson; then back to the left is Carolyn Storer, Delores Olson and Clara Seigle with her lunch pail.
Springdale School 1929 (photo and transcription of names on back of photo contributed by Ann Bergstrom, granddaughter of John R. O'Meara, teacher in photo)
Springdale, Wash, 7th & 8th grade, 1929 ...1. Von Keller, 2. Flo Mossler, 3. Flo Tyree, 4. Esther Evarts, 5. Julie Ahlskog, 6. I. Routson, 7. Keith Ruark, 8. Viv Duckett, 9. Bud Snapp, 10. Schulley, 11. Billy Crosset, 12. Carl Wickham, 13. Louis Wagomer, 14. Clayton Simmons, 15. Marion Jones, 16. Ed McClurg, 17. H. Christenson, 18. Liz Matherly, 19. Cam Davis, 20. Flo Nordulund, 21. Earl Williams, 22. Helen Conn??, 23. Claudia LaBarre, 24. Eva Trout, 25. Francis O'Conner, 26. Frances Gregory, 27. Marion Keys, 28. Fred Costich, 29. Jesse Pullman, 30. Howard Vietzke, 31. Harold Banks, 32. Edith ????, 33. Edna LaBarre, 34. Katherine Van Dissell, 35. Carl Maki, 36. Irene Liliefelt, 37. Ella Russell, 35. Ralph Redvis (out of 55 registered during the year)
Springdale School ca 1937 (per Karen Liguori, more probably 1940 per Lois Stratton and Joyce Crane - photo contributed by Karen Liguori, additional identifications by Lois Brunton Stratton, Joyce Crane and Merrilee Bueno)
Original photo has names printed on it, so the following has some additions and possible corrections to that information; names of students with year of graduation...Back Row L to R: Lorie Vail; Marjorie Castrets, 1944; Marjerie ???; Louise House, 1944; Edith Anderson, 1943; Lois Liliefeld, 1944; Velma Jean Russell; Mary Waite, 1944; unknown; ??? Shaw; Lois Johnston; Mr. Finch... Middle Row L to R: Ed Swift; Elroy Costich, 1943; Leonard Anderson; Florence Franks; Mary Benton or Thelma Taylor; unknown girl now identified as Jeanetta Strickler; Lois Brunton, 1944; Margret Stratton; B.R.; K.W.; Nina Castrets, 1943... Front Row L to R: Marvin Lockwood; George or James Parent; William "Billy" Franks, 1943; Frank Gunnip; Bill Cummy?; unknown, Bobby Lee; Eddie Keys; Jack Raines. - if you can identify those unknowns, please contact Susan Dechant through e-mail link on this page
Summit Valley School (submitted by Don O'Neall)
Ella Foster, Gladys Setzer, Bernice Ball, ??? Eslick, Arnold Bohren, Burtram Stewart, Ray Summers, William "Bill" Smith, Virgil Smith, Mr. Beaumont  
Walter(s) School ca 1914 (shared by Rusty Clemmons) Can anyone help with indentifications; possibly Connor children included?  
Waterloo School or Ward School ca 1912 - (shared by Rusty Clemmons)
Walt Clemons middle row 4th from L; Ruth Pierce middle row 7th from L (with bow?). Can anyone help with other indentifications?  
Waterloo School near Daisy ca 1914 (shared by Rusty Clemmons)
teacher ??? Nelson; Front row L-R: Marvin Winnings, Dee Borham, Floyd Brady, Mable Spoffard, Delma O'Keefe, ??? Clayton, Bernice Clemons (King), ??? Clayton, Devona O'Keefe, Bill Bowers 2nd row: Mamie Richey, Hattie Winnings, ??? Clayton, Helen Eslick, Earl Gourley, Malitia Stringham, Lois Clemons (Hasson) 3rd row: Louise Stewart, Ruth Pierce, Myrtle Parks, Lillian Yeakey, Margaret Yeakey, Anna Stringham, Margaret Clayton Back row: Merton Borhan, Clarence Clemons, Art Stewart, Harry Eslick, Milton Eslick  
Unknown School on the Colville Indian Reservation (submitted by Janie Mogensen)
Addie Gunnip, teacher, is at far right. Maria Gunnip is first on the left in front row; Billy Gunnip is second from the right, first row; Frankie Gunnip is second from right, second row. Can anyone help with more identifications? Possibly Gardenspot or first Loon Lake schoolhouse per Bob Clouse of the Clayton-Deer Park Historical Society.

Arden Mercantile A photo post card of Arden Mercantile and Farquar's house (shared by Mary Gilmore and Linda Braucht from Mary's aunt Ella Eilar Ogle Long's memorabilia)
Colville Mainstreet A postcard photo of Colville's Main Street showing center parking ca 1920s or 1930s. If someone can more accurately date photo based on the old cars, please contact me, Susan Dechant.(shared by Doreen Truckenmiller)
Beautiful downtown Daisy Photo taken July 1998 (shared by Reg Rittenberg)
Daisy Mercantile owned by Otto J and Ada Rollis; photo probably taken between 1910 and 1917 (shared by Ruth Rollis Horton)
inside Daisy Mercantile - the man with the handlebar mustache, standing behind the counter, is Otto Rollis; the woman next to him is his wife, Ada. The woman next to Ada is possibly Sylvia Eslick. The boys may be two of Otto and Ada's sons, maybe Joseph and Mayton. Any help with further identifications would be appreciated. (shared by Ruth Rollis Horton)
Daisy funeral A 1919 view of Daisy taken during the funeral of Ada Rollis (shared by Ruth Rollis Horton)
Daisy street scene The funeral of Ada Rollis who died in September 1919. Can anyone identify any of the people seen here? (shared by Ruth Rollis Horton)
Gifford July 1914 A postcard photo of Gifford taken July 3rd, 1914 by Alexander Bro's (shared by Don O'Neall)
Old Kettle Falls The original town was located on the east bank of the Columbia River. When the area was flooded by the Grand Coulee Dam in the early 1940s, old Kettle Falls was moved to Meyers Falls and the two towns were merged to become the Kettle Falls we know today. (shared by Jeanne Garrett)
Kettle Falls We believe that this photo was taken shortly after the "new" Kettle Falls was formed, possibly even the dedication day. This view is looking south with the railroad roundhouse at left edge of photo. (shared by Jeanne Garrett)
Marcus ca 1900 "Downtown" Marcus (from NeWGS collection) 
Marcus ca 1910 This town was moved to higher ground due to the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam and subsequent flooding along the Columbia River (submitted by Ken Seigle) - Note: the University of Washington has some great photos of Marcus during the moving in 1941; see link at bottom of this page 
Marcus 1914 State Street Pioneer Picnic in Marcus (from NeWGS collection) 
Meyers Falls ca 1901 - now Kettle Falls - from an Avey Bros. Lumber Co calendar for 1965. (shared by Jeanne Garrett) 
Valley 1911 (shared by Brian Smith) 

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