Frenchtown Precinct ED#239 1910 Census

                          Submitted by Celia Tomlin

1A 1 Harp Ulysses G H m 37 m1/11   MO AR/AR ditchwalker  
1A 2 Harp Sarah E w f 35 m1/11 3/3 IL IL/IL    
1A 3 Harp Harry O son m 10 s   ID MO/IL    
1A 4 Harp Goldie M dau f 8 s   ID MO/IL    
1A 5 Harp Clarence B son m 5 s   ID MO/IL    
1A 6 Reaves Ozy S H m 22 m1/0   TN TN/TN farmer/wheat  
1A 7 Reaves Mary E w f 19 m1/0   WA CA/IA    
1A 8 Corbet Margaret J gm/l f 76 wd   OH OH/WV    
1A 9 Gagnon Cyril H m 48 s   Can Can/Can Fr farmer/wheat 1880/na
1A 10 Tessier Esther housekeeper f 71 wd   OR Can/Can    
1A 11 Broyles Tascar L servant m 19 s   TN TN/TN farm labor  
1A 12 Gagnon Pierre H m 89 wd   Can Can/Can Fr   1868/na
1A 13 Kelly Joseph E H m 58 m1/25   Can Ire/Ire farmer/wheat 1879/na
1A 14 Kelly Nellie E w f 45 m1/25 9-8 NY NY/NY    
1A 15 Kelly Thomas L son m 24 s   WA Can/NY farm labor  
1A 16 Kelly Joseph E, Jr. son m 20 s   WA Can/NY farm labor  
1A 17 Kelly Harlon B son m 15 s   WA Can/NY farm labor  
1A 18 Kelly Leland F son m 14 s   WA Can/NY    
1A 19 Kelly Lizzie E dau f 12 s   WA Can/NY    
1A 20 Kelly Nellie I dau f 8 s   WA Can/NY    
1A 21 Kelly James S son m 5 s   WA Can/NY    
1A 22 Kelly John L H m 25 m1/1   WA Can/NY farm labor  
1A 23 Kelly Minnie w f 24 m1/1   MN WI/Ger    
1A 24 Wheeler Luie W H m 38 s   IL OH/? stock ranch/manager  
1A 25 Hastings Ralph H m 28 m1/4   WA OH/IN farmer/wheat  
1A 26 Hastings Lota w f 21 m1/4 1-1 KS IL/IL    
1A 27 Hastings Glen W son m 1 s   OR WA/KS    
1A 28 Fox Emma sis/l f 19 s   KS IL/IL    
1A 29 Potter Walter R H m 31 m1/6   MO MO/MO farm manager  
1A 30 Potter Jessie A w f 30 m1/6 3-3 MO MO/MO    
1A 31 Potter Christie A dau f 5 s   WA MO/MO    
1A 32 Potter Raleigh L son m 2 s   WA MO/MO    
1A 33 Potter Stirling son m 6 mo s   WA MO/MO    
1A 34 Mang Billy H m 40 m1/13   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa 1878/na
1A 35 Mang Emma w f 32 m1/13 1-1 Ger Germ/Germ   1891
1A 36 Mang Charlotte E dau f 5 s   WA Germ/Germ    
1A 37 Rock William H H m 26 s   Can Germ/Can farm manager  
1A 38 McKenzie Edward H m 31 m2/0   MO IL/IL farmer/alfalfa  
1A 39 McKenzie Minnie M w f 31 m2/0   VA VA/VA    
1A 40 Hadley Clay E H m 25 m1/4   OR OH/OH farmer/alfalfa  
1A 41 Hadley Pearl A w f 27 m1/4 2-2 WA ?/IA    
1A 42 Hadley Helen E dau f 3 s   WA OR/WA    
1A 43 Hadley Hazel P dau f 1 s   OR OR/WA    
1A 44 Blalock William D H m 26 m1/1   TN TN/TN farmer/alfalfa  
1A 45 Blalock Nora M w f 25 m1/1 1-1 MO MO/MO    
1A 46 Blalock Gladys dau f 9 mo s   WA TN/MO    
1A 47 Hines Myrtle sis/l f 22 s   MO MO/MO stenographer  
1A 48 Bolton John servant m 28 s   Scot Scot/Scot farm labor  
1A 49 Merry Francis R H m 69 m1/38   ME ME/ME farmer/alfalfa  
1A 50 Merry Louisa M w f 58 m1/38 6-7 NY NY/NY    
1B 51 Merry Edwin son m 32 s   MN ME/NY farmer/alfalfa  
1B 52 Warner Ernest R H m 36 m1/2   OR IN/ME farmer/alfalfa  
1B 53 Warner Elizabeth w f 28 m1/2   CA Eng/NY    
1B 54 Pippa Ed H m 28 m1/3   OR IN/IN ditchwalker  
1B 55 Pippa Dora M w f 24 m1/3   TX TN/TN    
1B 56 Short James E H m 63 m1/23   WI TN/TN farmer/w-alf  
1B 57 Short Martha E w f 42 m1/23 9-9 TX Ire/MO    
1B 58 Short James V son m 20 s   TX WI/TX farm labor  
1B 59 Short Amy E dau f 17 s   TX WI/TX    
1B 60 Short William E son m 15 s   TX WI/TX    
1B 61 Short John W son m 12 s   TX WI/TX    
1B 62 Short Oscar N son m 10 s   TX WI/TX    
1B 63 Short Susan E dau f 7 s   OK WI/TX    
1B 64 Short Emma C.M dau f 5 s   OK WI/TX    
1B 65 Short Martha S dau f 9 mo s   WA WI/TX    
1B 66 Strassel Nicholas H m 34 s   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa 1901/pa
1B 67 Schaeffer Alphons H m 41 m1/13   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/dairy 1887/na
1B 68 Schaeffer Christine S w f 32 m1/13   Ger Germ/Germ   1889
1B 69 Schaeffer Theresa L dau f 11 s   OR Germ/Germ    
1B 70 Schaeffer Elizabeth C dau f 9 s   WA Germ/Germ    
1B 71 Schaeffer Rosa dau f 3 s   WA Germ/Germ    
1B 72 Mang Charley H m 50 m1/13   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa 1877/na
1B 73 Mang Emma w f 36 m1/13 2-2 Ger Germ/Germ   1890
1B 74 Mang Charles T son m 12 s   WA Germ/Germ    
1B 75 Mang Otto A son m 11 s   WA Germ/Germ    
1B 76 Bouton Alex H m 29 s   France F/France farmer/w-alf 1907/pa
1B 77 Bertel Herman servant m 16 s   France F/France farm labor 1902
1B 78 Bertel Camille servant m 40 m1/15   Belgium B/Belgium farm labor 1905/al
1B 79 Morau August servant m 23 s   France F/France cook 1907/al
1B 80 Mang Jacob H m 38 m1/11   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa 1878/na
1B 81 Mang Kate w f 32 m1/11 4-4 PA Fr/PA    
1B 82 Mang Oscar E son m 10 s   WA Ger/PA    
1B 83 Mang Walter P son m 8 s   WA Ger/PA    
1B 84 Mang Herbert G son m 4 s   WA Ger/PA    
1B 85 Mang Elmer C son m 3 mo s   WA Ger/PA    
1B 86 Ramasyer Frank H m 37 s   Switz S/Switz-Fr farmer/alfalfa 1902/na
1B 87 Gras Marie h/k f 27 m1/3 2-2 France F/France housekeepr 1908
1B 88 Gras Germaine h/k's dau f 6 mo s   WA F/France    
1B 89 Bolter Clement J b m 19 s   MA MA/ME farm labor  
1B 90 Stocking Ralph N b m 21 s   MT ?/? farm labor  
1B 91 Fehmer Gertrude H f 49 wd 5-5 Ger Germ/Germ farmer/chickens 1903
1B 92 Fehmer Mary A dau f 17 s   Ger Germ/Germ   1903
1B 93 Fehmer August L son m 15 s   Ger Germ/Germ   1903
1B 94 Fehmer Antonia T dau f 12 s   Ger Germ/Germ   1903
1B 95 Fehmer Gertrude A dau f 9 s   Ger Germ/Germ   1903
1B 96 Maiden Emory H H m 55 m2/6   VA VA/VA farmer/dairy  
1B 97 Maiden Ella w f 50 m2/6 3-4 OR OR/OR    
1B 98 Maiden Lola M dau f 16 s   WA VA/VA    
1B 99 Maiden Daisy V dau f 30 s   VA VA/VA teacher  
1B 100 Barney Clarence stepson m 14 s   WA OR/OR    
2A 1 Gradwohl William H m 32 m1/10   Russia Germ/Germ/ farm labor/hay 1893/na
2A 2 Gradwohl Maria w f 29 m1/10 4-4 Russia Germ/Germ/   1899
2A 3 Gradwohl Heinrich son m 9 s   WA R/Russia    
2A 4 Gradwohl Wilhelm son m 8 s   WA R/Russia    
2A 5 Gradwohl Fred son m 6 s   WA R/Russia    
2A 6 Gradwohl Lydia dau f 4 s   WA R/Russia    
2A 7 Day William O H m 39 m1/18   IA OH/MO farmer/hay  
2A 8 Day Lizzie M w f 36 m1/18 3-4 IA IL/IA    
2A 9 Day Russel W son m 17 s   KS IA/IA    
2A 10 Day Ruby M dau f 15 s   NE IA/IA    
2A 11 Day Helen A dau f 4 s   WA IA/IA    
2A 12 Sanders Daniel W H m 42 m1/1   MO ?/? farmer/dairy  
2A 13 Sanders Anna w f 34 m1/1 1-1 Can Can/Can    
2A 14 Sanders Albert son m 2 mo s   WA MO/Can    
2A 15 Krumbah Edward H m 40 m1/14   IA Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa  
2A 16 Krumbah Hattie S w f 31 m1/14 7-7 MO MO/OH    
2A 17 Krumbah Leona M dau f 13 s   OR IA/MO    
2A 18 Krumbah Hazel E dau f 12 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 19 Krumbah Ruth B dau f 11 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 20 Krumbah Irene dau f 8 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 21 Krumbah Charley E son m 6 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 22 Krumbah Josephine dau f 4 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 23 Krumbah Melvin H son m 2 s   WA IA/MO    
2A 24 Nelson Peter lodger m 53 wd   CA Nor/IL farmer/hay  
2A 25 Murray John M H m 48 s   MO MD/VA farmer/wheat  
2A 26 Wharton Eli W H m 62 m1/32   OH PA/OA farmer/wheat  
2A 27 Wharton Mary E w f 52 m1/32 4-4 OH Eng/MD    
2A 28 Wharton Palmer W son m 18 s   CA OH/OH    
2A 29 Wharton Richard E son m 10 s   WA OH/OH    
2A 30 Dorrance David W. H m 53 m1/19   Can Ire/Ire farmer/alfalfa 1880/na
2A 31 Dorrance R. Belle w f 36 m1/19 7-7 MO VA/MO    
2A 32 Dorrance Rachael dau f 17 s   OR Can/MO    
2A 33 Dorrance Ethel dau f 15 s   OR Can/MO    
2A 34 Dorrance Minnie dau f 13 s   OR Can/MO    
2A 35 Dorrance William F son m 12 s   OR Can/MO    
2A 36 Dorrance Edward C son m 6 s   WA Can/MO    
2A 37 Dorrance Vida A dau f 3 s   WA Can/MO    
2A 38 Dorrance Jennie dau f 7 mo s   WA Can/MO    
2A 39 Osborne Ottis H serant m 21 s   VA VA/VA farm labor  
2A 40 Baxter William H m 44 s   Scot Scot/Scot butcher 1877/na
2A 41 Albin Claude W H m 24 s   KS IL/IA manager/lumber yard  
2A 42 Powell George H b m 40 s   PA PA/Ire teamster  
2A 43 Owena William R f m 28 s   OH Wales/OH teamster  
2A 44 Foley Charles E b m 24 s   MT IA/IA teamster  
2A 45 Lowden Marshall J H m 40 m1/12   WA KY/LA farmer/wheat-hay  
2A 46 Lowden Emma J w f 38 m1/12   WA Ire/MO    
2A 47 Becker Elmer O servant m 21 s   SD IL/IA farm labor  
2A 48 Ramsdell Floy D. b f 25 s   MI NY/MI teacher  
2A 49 Eggert James J H m 38 m1/6   WI Germ/Germ machinist  
2A 50 Eggert Malissa I w f 43 m2/6 5-5 IA IA/IN    
2B 51 Hailston George H m 61 m1/38   Eng Eng/Eng farmer/wheat 1859/na
2B 52 Hailston Mary C w f 57 m1/38 3-3 NY NY/NY    
2B 53 Murray Charles S H m 24 m1/0       teamster  
2B 54 Murray Sadie E w f 22 m1/0   WA IA/IA    
2B 55 Alderman William J H m 42 m1/11   OR OH/IL carpenter  
2B 56 Alderman Effie E. w f 38 m1/11 1-1 OR IA/OH    
2B 57 Alderman Kevin H son m 5 s   WA OR/OR    
2B 58 Buck John N H m 33 m1/7   Ger/D Germ/Germ-Dan blacksmith  
2B 59 Buck Mary V w f 33 m2/7 5-5 OR IL/MO    
2B 60 Russell Hugh A step/son m 15 s   OR CA/OR    
2B 61 Russell Clay T step/son m 13 s   CA CA/OR    
2B 62 Buck Gladys V dau f 6 s   CA Ger/OR    
2B 63 Buck Eva M dau f 5 s   CA Ger/OR    
2B 64 Buck Nancy J dau f 2 s   WA Ger/OR    
2B 65 Holm Edgar H m 29 m1/1   WA Nor/Swed store/P.O.  
2B 66 Holm Matilda R.B. w f 31 m1/1 1-1 MN Nor/Nor teacher  
2B 67 Holm Agnes dau f 8 mo s   WA WA/MN    
2B 68 Beckley Herbert F H m 24 s   SD MN/MN farmer/hay  
2B 69 Beckley Louis G brother m 21 s   SD MN/MN farmer/hay  
2B 70 Wilcox George b m 28 s   LA Ire/? labor  
2B 71 Mang Henry H m 42 m1/20   Ger Germ/Germ farmer/alfalfa 1879/na
2B 72 Mang Elizabeth w f 40 m1/20 6-7 Ger Germ/Germ   1889
2B 73 Mang Henry A son m 19 s   WA Germ/Germ farm labor  
2B 74 Mang Kate C dau f 18 s   WA Germ/Germ    
2B 75 Mang William E son m 16 s   WA Germ/Germ farm labor  
2B 76 Mang Emma R dau f 14 s   WA Germ/Germ    
2B 77 Mang Minnie B dau f 12 s   WA Germ/Germ    
2B 78 Mang Lizzie F dau f 10 s   WA Germ/Germ    
2B 79 Cornell Luke H m 37 m1/12   MN IN/NY farmer/wheat  
2B 80 Cornell Addie M w f 32 m2/12 2-2 NY Eng/Eng    
2B 81 Cornell Clayton C son m 11 s   MN MN/NY    
2B 82 Cornell Avery H son m 9 s   OR MN/NY    
2B 83 Westhermon Frederick C H m 37 m1/13   MO ?/PA farmer/wheat  
2B 84 Westhermon Nellie M w f 35 m1/13 6-6 MO IA/MO    
2B 85 Westhermon Billie son m 12 s   WA MO/MO    
2B 86 Westhermon Boone son m 10 s   WA MO/MO    
2B 87 Westhermon Gladys M dau f 8 s   WA MO/MO    
2B 88 Westhermon Grace G dau f 7 s   WA MO/MO    
2B 89 Westhermon Pearl S dau f 4 s   WA MO/MO    
2B 90 Westhermon Meryll F son m 3 s   OR MO/MO    
2B 91 Beaston Louis M H m 22 m1/0   OR IL/OR farmer/wheat  
2B 92 Beaston Florence l w f 22 m1/0   IL IL/IL    
2B 93 Compau James H. H m 41 m1/16   Can ?/? mail carrier 1870/na
2B 94 Compau Hettie J w f 34 m1/16 4-5 OR OR/IA    
2B 95 Compau Mona C dau f 15 s   OR Can/OR    
2B 96 Compau Cecil P son m 12 s   OR Can/OR    
2B 97 Compau Flossie J dau f 10 s   OR Can/OR    
2B 98 Compau Raymond O son m 3 s   WA Can/OR    
2B 99 Lowden Frank M. Jr H m 34 m1/5   WA KY/LA    
2B 100 Lowden Elsie B. w f 27 m1/5 1-1 MN Eng/NY    
3A 1 Barney Harlow serv m 19 s   WA OR/OR    
3A 2 Lowden Frank M. Sr H m 78 m1/40   KY ?/MA own income  
3A 3 Lowden Mary E w f 60 m1/40 3-1 LA Ire/Ire    
3A 4 Resinger Peter   m 23 s   Germ Germ/Germ farm laborer/stock  
3A 5 Sloper Marion H m 58 m1/39   IA OH/OH farm manager/alfalfa  
3A 6 Sloper Mary N. w f 63 m1/39 4-1 OH ?/OH    
3A 7 Daulton John W. H m 43 m1/15   KY KY/KY farmer/hay  
3A 8 Daulton Annie E. w f 46 m2/15   OR MO/MO    
3A 9 Daulton Wreath E dau f 4 s   WA KY/OR    
3A 10 Daulton Myrtle W. niece f 14 s   WA ?/OR    
3A 11 Morehead Ed serv m 40 s   OH ?/?    
3A 12 Williams Abraham L H m 46 div   IN IN/IN Farmer/Alfalfa  
3A 13 Hall John serv m 30 m1/0   Eng Eng/Eng labor 1908
3A 14 Hall Lizzie serv f 26 m1/0   Eng Eng/Eng   1909
3A 15 Richards William serv m 34 s   Wales Wales/Wales labor 1905
3A 16 Clowe William B. H m 60 m1/38   NY Can/NY Physician  
3A 17 Clowe Anna P. wife f 55 m1/38   OR Can/Ire Farm Manager  
3A 18 Powers William serv m 70 s   PA ?/? farm laborer  
3A 19 Holm Charlotte H f 59 wd 8-8 Sweden Swed/Swed farmer/hay 1868
3A 20 Holm Anna dau f 38 s   IA Nor/Swed    
3A 21 Holm Morris son m 22 s   WA Nor/Swed farm laborer  
3A 22 Holm Roy son m 20 s   WA Nor/Swed farm laborer  
3A 23 Bell Martin F H m 24 s   Eng Eng/Eng farmer/hay 1908
3A 24 Reavis James L. H m 44 m1/18   MO MO/MO farmer/hay  
3A 25 Reavis Jennie W. wife f 38 m1/18 2-2 IA VA/VA    
3A 26 Reavis Lois dau f 14 s   OR MO/IA    
3A 27 Reavis Doris dau f 11 s   OR MO/IA    
3A 28 Goodman Owen G serv m 20 s   WA ?/OR farm laborer  
3A 29 Bergevin Joseph D H m 27 m1/7   WA Can/MIN farmer/wheat & hay  
3A 30 Bergevin Nydia J wife f 25 m1/7   WA Ire/Ire    
3A 31 Bergevin Ninnetta dau f 5 s   WA WA/WA    
3A 32 Ponsat Edouard serv m 23 s   France Fran/Fran farm laboer 1903/na
3A 33 Bergevin Damase H m 70 m1/29   Can/Fr Can/Can   1864/na
3A 34 Bergevin Mary P. wife f 54 m1/29 6-6 MN Can/Can    
3A 35 Bergevin Arthur A son m 20 s   WA Can/MN farmer/wheat & hay  
3A 36 Bergevin Clement O son m 19 s   WA Can/MN farmer/wheat & hay  
3A 37 Bergevin Clarence C son m 19 s   WA Can/MN farmer/wheat & hay  
3A 38 Bergevin Augustina A dau m 15 s   WA Can/MN    
3A 39 Markham Alonzo M H m 50 m1/23   OR MO/MO farmer/alfalfa  
3A 40 Markham Lucretia O wife f 40 m1/23 6-8 OR IN/IN    
3A 41 Markham Elmer M son m 22 s   OR OR/OR farm laborer  
3A 42 Markham David N. son m 19 s   OR OR/OR farm laborer  
3A 43 Markham James C son m 12 s   OR OR/OR    
3A 44 Markham Fred O son m 9 s   OR OR/OR    
3A 45 Markham Anna P dau f 4 s   WA OR/OR    
3A 46 Markham Walter son m 3 mo s   WA OR/OR    
3A 47 McNeil Robert B H m 44 m1/11   Can/Eng ?/? farmer/alfalfa 1890/na
3A 48 McNeil Grace wife f 30 m1/11   OR IL/?    
3A 49 Baker David F H m 53 m2/16   IA IN/IN farmer/alfalfa  
3A 50 Baker Lillie wife f 36 m1/16 5-6 TX MI/TN    
3B 51 Baker Charles F son m 15 s   OR IA/TX    
3B 52 Baker James H son m 14 s   OR IA/TX    
3B 53 Baker David B son m 12 s   OR IA/TX    
3B 54 Baker Ester O dau f 6 s   OR IA/TX    
3B 55 Baker Vernon W son m 1 s   WA IA/TX    
3B 56 Walton George W uncle m 67 wd   MI NY/NY farmer/alfalfa  
3B 57 Massie George F H m 34 m1/12   IL IL/IL farmer/dairy  
3B 58 Massie Martha C wife f 32 m1/12 4-4 IA IN/IN    
3B 59 Massie Raymond F son m 10 s   WA IL/IA    
3B 60 Massie Velker D son m 6 s   WA IL/IA    
3B 61 Massie Gertrude A dau f 2 s   WA IL/IA    
3B 62 Massie Gladys H dau f 7 mo s   WA IL/IA    
3B 63 Bowman Charles E H m 40 m1/6   IA IA/?    
3B 64 Bowman Maggie J wife f 42 m2/6 1-1 Can/Eng Can/Can   1892
3B 65 Smith Emma M s-dau f 16 s   WA Can/Can    
3B 66 Maurer Rudolph W f/law m 30 s   Switz Switz/Switz farmer/wheat & hay 1890/na
3B 67 Shaveland Theodore V serv m 28 s   Sweden Swed/Swed farm laborer 1903/al
3B 68 Rendrick Lester serv m 23 s   IA ?/? farm laborer  
3B 69 Araux George serv m 27 s   ? ?/?    
3B 70 Stiller EdwardA H m 32 m1/11   WI Germ/Germ farm laborer  
3B 71 Stiller Louisa A wife f 30 m1/11 3-4 WI Germ/Germ farmer/wheat&alfalfa  
3B 72 Stiller Ruth M dau f 8 s   MN WI/WI    
3B 73 Stiller Herbert C son m 5 s   WA WI/WI    
3B 74 Stiller Eugene E son m 2 s   WA WI/WI    
3B 75 Hogan Joe serv m 41 s   IL IL/IL book binder  
3B 76 Coffin Charles E H m 31 m1/7   WA Eng/IA farmer/hay  
3B 77 Coffin Rose Z wife f 25 m1/7 1-1 CO IN/IN    
3B 78 Coffin Marvel E dau f 2 s   OR WA/OR    
3B 79 Coffin Lucinda m f 89 wd   IA ?/?    
3B 80 Brown Adelbert A H m 36 m1/15   IA Eng/PA farmer/hay&wheat  
3B 81 Brown Grace R. wife f 31 m1/15 2-2 IA KY/OH    
3B 82 Brown Ethel B dau f 11 s   WA IA/IA    
3B 83 Brown S. Irene dau f 4 s   WA IA/IA    
3B 84 Franklin Ida serv f 55 wd   OR ?/?    
3B 85 Miller Harry serv m 18 s   MN ?/? farm laborer  
3B 86 Falconer William M H m 47 m1/18   IL KY/KY farmer/whet  
3B 87 Falconer Martha A wife f 40 m1/18 1-1 WA Eng/Eng    
3B 88 Falconer William E son m 1 s   WA IL/WA    
3B 89 Latimer Park L H m 45 s   IA OH/IN farmer/wheat  
3B 90 Latimer Elizabeth M m f 77 wd 5-8 IN MD/VA    
3B 91 Latimer Allen G H m 32 m1/1   IL OH/IN farmer/wheat  
3B 92 Latimer Rose wife f 26 m1/1 1-1 VA VA/VA    
3B 93 Latimer Pauline M dau f 4 mo s   WA IL/VA    
3B 94 Latimer Judd E bro m 38 s   IL OH/IN farm laborer  
3B 95 Nulph A.C. H m 54 m1/22   IA PA/IA farmer/wheat  
3B 96 Nulph Mary V wife f 45 m1/22 9-8 WA IL/IL    
3B 97 Nulph Samuel W. son m 20 s   WA IA/WA farm laborer  
3B 98 Nulph Perry A son m 16 s   ID IA/WA farm laborer  
3B 99 Nulph Charles E son m 14 s   WA IA/WA    
3B 100 Nulph Jessie V dau f 12 s   WA IA/WA    
4A 1 Nulph Harry A son m 9 s   WA IA/WA    
4A 2 Nulph Lucretia E dau f 7 s   WA IA/WA    
4A 3 Nulph Geneva E dau f 4 s   WA IA/WA    
4A 4 Nulph Lola M dau f 2 s   WA IA/WA    
4A 5 Scott Guy W. H m 20 s   WA WA/IN farmer/wheat  
4A 6 Stone Minnie E m f 39 wd 3-3 IN IN/OH cook  
4A 7 Crawford James C H m 65 wd   ME ME/ME farm laborer  
4A 8 Bowers Charles M H m 21 m1/0   KS MO/MO farmer/wheat  
4A 9 Bowers Elta M wife f 18 m1/0   CA OH/KS    
4A 10 Murphy Leon L. H m 27 m1/0   WA OH/IL farmer/wheat  
4A 11 Murphy Waltha I wife f 20 m1/0   WA OH/KS    
4A 12 Murphy Thomas F bro m 16 s   WA OH/KS farm laborer  
4A 13 Egg Edward H m 34 s   PA Germ/Germ farmer/wheat  
4A 14 Patterson Ned H m 25 m1/3   MO KY/PA farmer/wheat  
4A 15 Patterson Gertrude wife f 30 m1/3   WA PA/Germ    
4A 16 Morse Edgar H serv m 19 s   WA IA/WA farm laborer  
4A 17 Luckenbill Henry J H m 34 m2/6   WA PA/Germ farmer/wheat  
4A 18 Luckenbill Stella A. wife f 24 m1/6 2-2 OR IA/IA    
4A 19 Luckenbill Lewis M son m 5 s   WA WA/OR    
4A 20 Luckenbill Norman C son m 3 s   WA WA/OR    
4A 21 Kilgore Charles bro/law m 36 s   OR IA/IA farm laborer  
4A 22 Egers John serv m 40 s   NE ?/? farm laborer  
4A 23 Lamb Edwin D. H m 28 m1/4   KS VT/IN farm manager  
4A 24 Lamb Daisy E. wife f 24 m1/4 1-1 KS IN/KS cook  
4A 25 Lamb Netta M dau f 3 s   KS      
4A 26 Reames Clarence A serv m 27 s   KY KY/KY farm laborer  
4A 27 Alonzo Perry E. serv m 16 s   ID ?/? farm laborer  
4A 28 Okland Ole J. serv m 26 s   MN Nor/Nor machinist  
4A 29 Markwell Frank P. H m 36 m1/5   MO MO/ME farmer/alfalfa  
4A 30 Markwell Bertie I. wife f 25 m1/5   CA CA/CA    
4A 31 Murray Thomas E serv m 29 m1/6   CA CA/CA    
4A 32 Murray Sally E. serv f 30 m1/6 2-2 CA MO/CA farm laborer  
4A 33 Murray Isabelle C dau f 4 s   WA CA/CA    
4A 34 Murray Margaret M dau f 2 s   ID CA/CA    
4A 35 Duff John serv m 40 D   MO MO/MO farm laborer  
4A 36 Buckley Timothy H m 50 m1/3   Ireland Ire/Ire farmer/wheat 1881/na
4A 37 Buckley Mabel wife f 27 m1/3 1-1 OR IA/IA    
4A 38 Buckley Harold T. son m 11 mo s   WA Ire/OR    
4A 39 Corkery Nelius nephew m 27 s   Ireland Ire/Ire farm laborer 1907/pa
4A 40 Smith John P serv m 37 s   Can/Eng Can/Can farm laborer 1885/na
4A 41 Sims Anna S serv f 16 s   OR Scot/Ire cook  
4A 42 Talbot James A H m 48 m1/4   MA Ire/Ire farmer/wheat & alfalfa  
4A 43 Talbot Edna E wife f 30 m1/4 1-2 CA OH/CA    
4A 44 Talbot Ada A. dau f 1 s   WA MA/CA    
4A 45 Miller George serv m 38 s   OR PA/PA farm laborer  
4A 46 Orvsley Eugene serv m 26 s   WA MO/KS farm laborer  
4A 47 Egg Frank J H m 43 s   PA Germ/Germ farmer/wheat  
4A 48 Hiebel Albert J serv m 26 s   PA Ger/PA farm laborer  
4A 49 Bailey Melvin H m 20 s   MO MO/MO farm laborer  
4A 50 Dimmick Ziba H m 42 s   OR IL/Scot farmer/wheat  
4B 51 Hartley Ella serv f 24 m1/8 2-2 KS ?/? cook/wheat ranch  
4B 52 Bannock Toney serv m 23 s   Germany Germ/Germ farm laborer  
4B 53 Conner John A serv m 55 s   IA IN/PA farm laborer  
4B 54 Marsh Stephen W serv m 69 s   AL SC/AL farm laborer  
4B 55 Ballow Joe serv m 50 s   CA ?/WA sheepherder  
4B 56 Ellison Ole H m 75 s   Norway Nor/Nor farmer/hay&pasture  
4B 57 Weines William serv m 22 s   MI MI/MI farm laborer  
4B 58 McNabb James W H m 53 s   MO MI/MO farmer/wheat  
4B 59 Windsor Charles W H m 37 m1/8   MO OH/OH farmer/wheat  
4B 60 Windsor Maggie w f 27 m1/8 3-3 WA PA/Germ    
4B 61 Windsor Alma B. dau f 5 s   WA MO/WA    
4B 62 Windsor Ralph E son m 4 s   ID MO/WA    
4B 63 Windsor Lavina A. dau f 1 s   WA MO/WA    
4B 64 Fleck Myrtle L H f 27 m1/9 2-2 High Seas Eng/IA housekeeper  
4B 65 Fleck Winfrid G bro m 8 s   OR OR/H.Seas    
4B 66 Fleck Norman C bro m 3 s   OR OR/H.Seas    
4B 67 Thompson Ed H m 32 wd   Ireland Ire/Ire farm labor/stock 1881
4B 68 Rees Thomas H m 33 s   Can/Eng Scot/Scot boilermaker  

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