Known Surnames and Families On the Kennedy Company Wagon Train of 1862


The names found on this list are taken from the Reconstructed Roster done by Marjorie Miles and Pat Packard.  Ella Jane Allison McCarley has been updating and doing additions and corrections.  3 Diaries from member’s of this Wagon Train as well as published articles and reminiscences by members and descendents were used to compile it.  If you think your family may have been on this train but the name is not mentioned , please contact me.  We would also like to know about the families that we only have surnames for. 


Bovee Family

Bovee, George

Bovee, Mrs. Harriet 


(Florence) Sarah


Orbie O.



Bullwinkle, Charles

Clark – See Raley Party

Collins, Dr. D. Y.

Coons, W.H

Creamer, J. W.

    Orderly Sergeant of Kennedy Comp.

Culberson/Cubberson, Ed


    Lt. Orderly of Kennedy Comp. Captain of splitter company after Green River, 20 Jul 1862


Cummins, Robert

m. 1 Lucretia Meyers.

Children who made trip:



William Henderson

James Madison


Cummire, Jordoff R.

Justice of Peace of the Kennedy Company..



DeLong, Joseph Henry


Ellis Family

Sarah Jane Farmer Ellis

Children on the 1862 Train

    Susan France Ellis Zaring

Ellis, Samuel G.  & Wife

Rhoda Ann Kennedy Children on the 1862 Train

John Morris

Mary Rosetta

Ellis, Ellis Ebenezer

wife Eliza Jane Zaring (sister of Eli Zaring)

Children on 1862 Train



Ellis, Hiram Lee

Ellis, Sarah C. Ellis,

Henry Clay


Files Family

Files, Robert

m. Harriet Ann

Children on 1862 train:




Forebush/Farbush, George


Gholson, Daniel

Hale, Jane

Sister of John K. KENNEDY

With son William.

Hale/Hall, Buckskin Captain after Kennedy resigned.


Hill, Stephen

Hillman/Hilman, John C.

(later addition)  His name is included in Cummins list, but he wrote a letter Aug 11 and it appears he was with the Bristol Comp.  He may have traveled with both trains.

Hoover Family

Hoover, Mr.

Hoover, Mrs.


Hunter, A.

J ames, Joseph W. – a youth

Jones, Lem

Kennedy Outfit

Kennedy Family

Kennedy, John Knox Captain

m. 1  7 Oct 1830 Sarah Sally)Steele

Children on 1862 train.

Ellis, Rhoda Ann Kennedy. Samuel G. Ellis (

Kennedy, Mary Elizabeth

m.2  Sarah McGuire Stotts

( she the sister of John McGuire and widow of John Stotts.)

    Stotts, Cassie

Stotts, Margaret A.

Stotts, Susan Jane

Son of Sarah McGuire Stotts and John K. Kennedy

    Kennedy, John Henry


Macky/Mackay, Thomas

Mahffrey Family

Mahffrey, Margaret McAdoo

Children on Train. They settled in Union Co., OR Error! Bookmark not defined.

Mahaffey, Samuel

Mahaffey, Pierce A

Mahaffey, Margaret A.



McClung, John Scott

From Dahlonega, Wapello Co., Iowa leaving there 24 Apr. 1862.  Wrote the McClung Diary. Error! Bookmark not defined. Died age 48 unmarried in a mining accident in Butte MT. Error! Bookmark not defined.

McCormick Family

Mr. McCormick

Mrs. McCormick

    Small boy McCormick(?)

McGuire Family

McGuire, John Garrett

brother of Sarah McGuire Stotts Kennedy, the wife of John K. Kennedy. 2nd Lt.

m. 1 Martha Kirkpatrick

Children of John & Martha on 1862 Train. 

    McGuire, William Harvey

McGuire, Solomon McGuire, Mary Elizabeth

McGuire Elizabeth (Lizzie) McGuire, Martha Jane

m.2 abt. 1853

Mary Jane Fitzimmons Paul Children of John and Mary Jane Paul who were with the McGuire Family were. 

Paul, Mary EPaul, Luellenn/Ellen Paul, Eveline/Eve

McGuire, John Wesley

Son of John G. McGuire and Mary Jane Fitzsimmons Paul McGuire

Miller Family

Miller, Abram Augustus “Abe”

Nancy Moore 1 child on train.

Auta/Aistie A. Miller

Neely, Tim(?)

(Although no first name is mentioned, I believe this be be Tim Neely who married Susan Jane Stotts

Newman Family

Newman, Tom d. 10 Aug near Massacre Rocks, Power Co., ID in the Indian battle.  His body was not recovered.

Newman, Mrs.

5 Newman children unnamed.



Paul Outfit

Paul, Joseph Rev.

Pastor of Kennedy Train.

m. Mary/Polly Cummins

Children of Rev. Joseph and Mary Cummins on 1862 Train

Zaring, Mercy Paul.m. Alvin Zaring shortly before crossing the plains. (see Zaring family).

Paul, Thomas Rev. 

m.1 in 1849 

Elizabeth Mortimore   She died in childbirth 27 Jul 1862 near Wagner Pass and was buried there. Error! Bookmark not defined. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth on 1862 Train.

Louisa Jane

Mary Melvina

Isaac Edwin


Martha Alice/Patsy

Lucinda Arietta age 2 b. 1860 IA

  Elizabeth b. 25 Jul 1862  Wagners Pass d. 3 Aug 1862 at Lane’s Grove, near Gray’s Lake Idaho.

McGuire, Mary Jane Fitzimmons Paul widow of their son John Paul, deceased.  She m.2 John G. McGuire. See McGuire family for their children.

Rayburn, Mary

Traveling with the Paul family to join brother in Oregon.


Raley Party

From Nebraska City, Nebraska. Four wagons drawn by mule and horse teams. Joined Kennedy Company along the way.

Bailey Family

Bailey, George. W.

Bailey, Mrs. Elizabeth

    Bailey Children:

    Hellen  age 10

    Mary N. age 7

    Douglas age 5

    Minna  age 3

From Nebraska City, Nebraska

Settled Willow Creek, Umatilla, OR

Clark Family

Clark, Fred

Clark, Mrs. Fred

    Clark, Infant

Raley Family

Raley, Rebecca d. 1863 Portland OR the widow of William Raley who died bef. 1862.  She was the leader of Raley Party.

Raley, Jonathan age, 33 son of  William  and Rebecca Raley

    m. Rachel (?) age 29

    Children on Train:

        Benjamin Franklin “Ben”

James H.


Raley, Andrew  young son of Rebecca and William

Moore, Mary Jane Rebecca Raley’s orphaned granddaughter.

Rayburn See Thomas Paul Family


Possibly the William Redhener, part of whose journal was published in Washington Statesman, Walla Walla, WA 4 Oct. 1862

Rounceville Family (as Ronsevills) Error! Bookmark not defined.

Rounceville, Nathan Error! Bookmark not defined.

m. Nancy Cummins Harvey


Scott Group  . 

Scott, Hamilton

Hamilton is the keeper of Scott Journal and was headed for Eastern Oregon mines. He returned to Iowa.

Scott, Wilson (brother of Hamilton)

Scott, Robert Shaw (cousin)

J. (John) M. Scott (don’t think they are same family as above.)




Stanfield Family

Stanfield, Ardly

Stanfield, James

2nd Sargeant, Corporal and Constabele of Kennedy Comp.

Stott/Stotts – See John K. Kennedy Family

Taylor Outfit

From Mahaska Co., IA. Ten family members and two hired men, not identified. 

Taylor Family

Taylor, Ephram

Taylor, Nancy (his wife)

Children of Ephram & Nancy



    Martha Jane

    John Wesley

    James Madison

    William B.

    Ephraim Jr.


Townsend Family

Townsend, Mr.

Townsend, Nancy d. 3 Aug 1862 when she was ran over by the family wagon during a stampede.


    Boy Townsend – 18 mo

    Girl Townsend – 3 years

Vennerns, Thomas


Zaring Family

Zaring, Alvin

Paul, Mercy the youngest daughter of Joseph & Mary Cummins Paul.

Children on 1862 Train

Ezra Eli

Luella “Ella

Zaring, Susan J. Ellis She was the widow of Eli

He m.1

Nancy Paul

Child of Eliz Zaring and Nancy Paul was Nancy Jane b. 1854  who stayed in Mahaska, Co., with her Zaring Grandparents.

Children of Eli and Susan on the Train.

Sarah Alice

August Alverna/Verni (Elina)


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