Family BIBLES    


        Lost Bible: My name is Frank. I recently came across an old Bible

                            in a thrift shop. It belonged to a Floyd Fink and
                            wife.  Inside the Bible are dates of birth and death and
                            much more family information.  There are many other names
                            and dates written inside. It is a wonderful and a well

                            conditioned Bible for its age and in good condition.
                            I must assume that more recent family members or

                            friends had reason to donate the Bible to the thrift shop.

                            I am happy to now own it respectfully, but if there is family

                            that would like to have it, I am willing to give it to them.


               Note:   If this Bible could be from your family, please

                           contact us and give us more information about this family

                           as proof. We will give you the contact information for Frank.

updated July 15, 2014.

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