Cemeteries of Walla Walla County


You will find the readings of ALL these cemeteries at:  Cemeteries-On-Line   Also known as interment.net, 

     I do not know any more about any of these people.  I just walked the cemeteries and recorded the information on the headstones. 

     In most of these cemeteries, but not all, if they had a headstone, then they should be listed.


       Blue Mountain Memorial Garden

   Burbank Cemetery

   Clyde Cemetery

   Dixie Cemetery

   Dry Creek Cemetery

   Fort Walla Walla Cemetery

   Foster Cemetery (aka Lost Cemetery)

   Ivy Cemetery

   Keiser Cemetery

   Knight Cemetery (aka Pettyjohn Cemetery)

   Lansdale Grave

   Lyon's  Cemetery (aka Mill Creek/Hendrix)

   Mount Hope Cemetery

   Mountain View Cemetery

   Poor Farm Cemetery

   Rosehill Cemetery (aka Buroker Cemetery)

   Russell Creek Cemetery: see article below

   Stubblefield Cemetery

   Touchet Cemetery

   Valley Chapel Cemetery (aka Harer Cemetery)

   Valley Grove Cemetery (aka Yeend Cemetery)

   Waitsburg City Cemetery

   Waitsburg IOOF Cemetery

   Wallula Cemetery 

   Whitman Mission Natnl Historic Cemetery


         *aka: also known as




   Washington State Penitentiary Cemetery 1887 to 1950 

         1313 N. 13th Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362




Cemetery Information for Walla Walla's two largest active cemeteries:

Blue Mountain Memorial Gardens
Myra Road
Walla Walla, WA 99362
In operation since 1968. Records housed on site; searches by appointment. 509-529-0703


Mountain View Cemetery ** 
2120 S. 2nd Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362, 509-527-4485
In operations since 1860. Records housed on site and available for searches.

** Online Burial Search at this site



U.S. GenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project provides transcriptions of several of the smaller, older cemeteries in this county. Includes: Burbank, Clyde, Dixie, Dry Creek, Fort Walla Walla, Foster, Ivy, Keiser, Knight Lansdale, Lyons Creek, Rosehill, Stubblefield, Touchet, Valley Chapel, Whitman Mission Baby Grave, Whitman Mission Great Grave, Whitman Mission Pioneer Cemetery

The Political Graveyard concentrates on people involved in politics who were born, lived or died in a county.

Washington State Death Index Codes  this list may help when you are searching counties.



**Russell Creek Cemetery new information


Stones Found. 

 Four grave marker headstones probably from the old cemetery on Russell Creek were found in the old cemetery at Fort Walla Walla Park early this week by the Fort Park caretaker.  Names and other data on the stone are: John Salling, April 17,1874; Mary J. McGuire, June 30, 1825-November 7, 1893; James R. Giles, May 7, 1878, age 4 years, son of J. M. and S. M. Giles and Ulysses Leroy, son of R. P. and E. A. Steen, died March 28, 1869, age 5 years.  Sam Maxson, city park and recreation director, remembers having seen some of the names in the old Russell Creek cemetery.  "The stones have been stored at Fort Park and will be turned over to anyone with family connections: says Maxson.  "I have  no knowledge of how the stones came to Fort Park, other than indications point to pranksters." (WWUB Wed., Nov 27  1968, If interested in this information you may call Herb Clark, Walla Walla, 1968.)


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