Oral History Project


Knight, Margot H., compiler, Directory of Oral History in Washington State.Pullman, WA: Washington State University, 1981.

Contact: Touchet School District No. 300, P.O. Box 1135, Touchet, WA 99360
Project: Touchet Valley
Contents: Like many school projects, this one resulted in a booklet on the history of the area. The interviews recorded were not kept. Each freshman English class undertakes a projet in the spring for ten weeks. The objectives are largely educational. Positive contacts between the elderly and teenagers are sought. Two volumes of booklets are presently [1981] available from the School District. I don't know if this is still an active project. Will make changes here when I find out.
Contact: Walla Walla Community College, 500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla, WA 98362
Project: The Walla Walla County Horse Era
Contents: 20 Interviews 20 C-90 Cassettes Interviewers: Alfred McVay, Vance Orchard
Copies availabe at Penrose Library, Whitman College.
Begun in 1973, this project consists of interviews with various people who farmed in Walla Walla County using horses or mules instead of machines for plowing, seeding harvesting operations, etc and includes the story of how the transition was made from those animals to the gasoline and diesel tractors of the 1930's. **************
Contact: Whitman College, Department of History, Walla Walla, WA 99362
Project: Whitman College Oral History Project
Contents: 150 Interviews 130 C-90 Cassettes 130 tape summaries 2 transcribed The project was started in 1970 in an attempt to learn more about the history of Whitman College and the history of Walla Walla (post 1930). Was not available to public in 1981, but was to be available in the future. **************
Contact: Whitman College, Penrose Memorial Library, Walla Walla, WA 99362
Project: Whitman College History
Contents: 5 Interviews 13 C-60 cassettes 3 tape summaries 3 transcribed
Ome interviews are restricted for this project, started in 1979, designed to collect interviews with former college staff, faculty, and students for a college history.
Contact: Whitman Mission NHS, Rt. 2, Walla Walla, 99362 Contents: Contact the Mission for several interviews relating to the history of the Whitman Mission.