Walla Walla County, Washington 

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ARMSTRONG: Karen Sanford registered September 2014  

BRODECK:  Richard A. Wood  registered March 1997

BUNNELL: Linda Doty  registered August 1997

CALVERT: Barbara Leachman  registered December 1997

EMERSON:  R Mosier registered February 1997

FITZSIMMONS:  Mark Shepard  registered March 1998 registered March 1998

JENKINS: Barbara Leachman  registered December 1997

LANE: Nancy Brown  registered August 1997

McALISTER:  Kathy Scott  registered May 1997 registered May 1997

MOSIER: R Mosier  registered October 1996  registered October 1996

PAUL: Shirley Whipple  registered Jan 2013 

PILCHER: Nancy Brown  registered July 1996

SHIELDS:  Shaunee Power registered June 1997

SIMMONS: BOB  registered February 1998

TERRELL: Kathy Scott  registered May 1997  registered May 1997

THOMAS: Barbara Leachman  registered December 1997

WILLIAMS: Karen Sanford registered September 2014 




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