LUMMI ISLAND, WASHINGTON NECROLOGY LIST compiled by Paul Davis of Lummi Island, WA 98262

A complete file of everyone who has ever lived on Lummi Island, Washington  and whose death has
been recorded locally through March 2001.  The list was transcribed by Jafra Mitzi Sutherland  
Note:  §indicates obituary on file either local newspaper or Lummi Island Newsletter usually 
followed by date.

Adema, Eva Ruth         	Born: 6/25/1905   	Died: 7/13/1989   	 Spouse: Floyd
Children:  Lucille Miller, Frank, Robert, Don               		§7/1989 
Adema, Floyd            	Born: 1899	Died: 9/9/1971    	Spouse: Eva Ruth
Children:  Lucille Miller, Frank, Robert, Don               		§12/1971
Adema, Robert H.	Born: 5/13/1926	Died: 3/24/2000		
Siblings:  Frank, Donald, Lucille Miller    Parents:  Floyd M & Eva R (Dowell) Adema	 §4/2000
Aiston, Homer           	Born:                	Died: 2/1983   	Spouse: Marguerite "Peggy"
Siblings: Robert                                          			§2/1983
Aiston, Marguerite "Peggy" 	Born: 6/24/1912  	Died: 4/29/1998   	Spouse: Homer
Siblings: Shirley      	Niece: Bonnie Foster               		§5/1998
Alfs, Annie             	Born: 1884          	Died: 1911  
Alfs, Gertrude          	Born: 1907          	Died:  ?           	Spouse: Herman F. Alfs
Alfs, Herman F.         	Born: 1885          	Died: 5/16/1967	Spouse: Gertrude
Parents: John Fredrick & Marie Alfs
Alfs, John Fredrick     	Born: 5/5/1846    	Died: 2/18/1921   	Spouse: Marie
Children:  Marie, Herman, Emil           	Notes:  Born in Germany
Alfs, Marie             	Born: 12/16/1854  	Died: 4/21/1932   	Spouse: John Frederick
Children:  Marie, Herman, Emil           Notes: Born in Saxony, Germany
Anable, Archie V.           	Born: ? (age 83)    	Died: 1/27/1978   	Spouse: Unknown
Children:  Randall, Robert, Wanda Schuler, Wava, Nelda
Siblings: Clyde                                          		 	§1/1978
Anderson, Anne C.	Born:  6/25/1931	Died: 6/18/2000	Spouse: Bert Frnaklin
Children:  Bekki Strickler, Bert	Parents: Jens Peter & Magdelene (Peterson) Jensen
Notes:  Active in water fluoridation research			§7/2000
Anderson, Arthur R.    	Born: 1903             	Died: 11/4/1980    	Spouse: Maude Archibald
Children:  Walter, Arthur
Anderson, Charles      	Born: 1854            Died: 2/13/1915   
Notes: Born in Germany
Anderson, Helen        	Born: ? (age 83)    Died: 11/25/1978  	Spouse: unknown
Children:  Lee, Lois Nephew: Jerry Anderson          NOTE: not LI resident 	§11/1978
Anderson, Maude J.     	Born: 1904            Died: 2/14/1994 	Spouse: Arthur
Children:  Walter, Arthur (died quite young)
Anderson, Ross W.      	Born: 3/23/1939    Died: 7/12/1962   	Spouse: Wahlella Bradley
Children:  Trudy, Lee    	Siblings: Jerry  	Parents: Alvin & Mary
Anderson, Walter Raymond 	Born: 10/9/1929     Died: 2/10/90     	Spouse: Hency
Stepson: Jud Elkes              	Parents: Arthur & Maude   	§2/1990   
Armbruster, Gerald A.     	Born: 11/27/1918	Died: 2/2/1986    	Spouse: Betty Jo Haven
Children:  Fred                                           			§2/1986
Austin ? (a sister of Mrs. Ely) Born: ?              	Died: 4/1969      		§4/1969
Austin, Arthur M.     	Born: ?                	Died: ?
Parents: Ely Austin, Sr.  	Siblings: Ely, Jr., Henry
Notes:  Army Air Force, WW II; lost in battle of Korea
Austin, Dana W.        Born: 7/13/1880       Died: 3/10/1906 in Gold Run, CA
Siblings: Ely, Sr., another brother
Austin, Ely Winslow, 	Born: 11/3/1920 	Died: 6/1984      	Spouse: Betty Bennett
Parents: Ely & Glenara Austin     Siblings: Arthur, Henry   		§6/1984
Notes: wife is daughter of Lillian (Smith) Bennett    
Austin, Glenara (Sherwood) 	Born: 1894        	Interred: 12/4/1976 	Spouse: Ely, Sr.
Children:  Ely, Arthur, Henry 	Notes: taught S End Sch 1916; later Beach Sch   
Austin, Isaac Ely  	Born: 1884             	Died: 11/1967     	Spouse: Glenara
Children:  Ely, Arthur, Henry        	Siblings: Dana W, another brother
Parents: Fanny Granger & step-son of Melzior Granger, Sr. 
Notes: name spelled "Ely" per Henry Austin                		§12/1967
Axtell, Ivy            	Born: 1917     	Died: 2/26/1991    	Spouse: John
 Children:  Russel, Vicky Elledge 
Notes: did ceramics LI mugs/plates                        		§3/1991
Axtell, John W.       	 Born: 1910             	Died: 1/15/1981    	Spouse: Ivy
 Children:  Russel, Vicky Elledge 
Baker, Betty Lou       	Born: 4/28/1932 	Died: 3/6/1935      
Parents: Louis & Gladys Baker        	Notes: born in Seattle, WA
Baker, Estrid      	Born: 10/14/1905	Died: 2/15/1990   	Spouse: Fray
Children:  Margaret Brandsrud, Charles, Norma Matthewson   		§3/1990
Baker, Fray      	Born: 10/17/1896	 Died: 3/10/1975    	Spouse: Estrid
Children:  Margaret Brandsrud, Charles, Norma Matthewson   		§3/1975
Balch, Earl            	Born: ?         	Died:  ?          	Spouse: Lula Miller
Notes: early Island couple - no children
Balch, Lula “Lou” (Miller)      Born: ?      	Died:  ?         	 Spouse: Earl
Notes: early Island couple - no children
Baldwin, Anna K.       	Born: 1885      	Died: 1/18/1966
Notes:  was Mrs. Lawrence Pike 1909-1918
Baldwin, Lindley Murray 	Born: 1873       	Died: 1951                    
Barricklaw, Child  	no info (reported by Fred Seelye)
Battiste, Amelia (Bonnie Margolis)    Born: 12/5/1919         Died: 10/24/1996
Children:  Angelo Margolis, Margo Margolis
Siblings: Bailey Battiste (twin), William Battiste, Neva Buechner  		§11/1996 
Baumgart, Ardith M.    	Born: 8/20/1935 	Died: 8/22/1982    	Spouse: Henry A.
Children:  Henry, Mac, Kurt, James, Douglas          Parents: Mac & Edith Granger               
Siblings: Dorothy Hanson, Arthur (twin)                        	 	§9/1982
Baumgart, Henry A.(Hank) 	Born: 1929?1930	Died: 6/11/1977    	Spouse: Ardith Granger
Children:  Henry, Mac, Kurt, James, Douglas                		§8/1977
Baumgart, Mac Anthony  	Born: 1958	Died: 4/28/1982    
Parents: Henry & Ardith Baumgart  	Siblings: Henry, Kurt, James, Douglas
Notes: died in auto accident                              		§5/1982
Beeman, Aaron W. "Jeff" "General"         Born: 1/1/1904          Died: 4/22/1986  	Spouse: Ida Marie
Children: William  	
Siblings: Ruth Davis, Delia Larson, Ohse (Cap), Beatrice Smith     		§5/1986
Beeman, Ida Marie (DeBolt) 	   Born: 7/23/1908      Died: 6/18/1978   	Spouse:  Aaron W. "Jeff"
Children:  William          	Siblings: William
Beeman, Ohse L. "Cap"   	Born: 6/16/1910 	Died: 12/26/1970   	Spouse: Millicent Anderson
Children:  Marlene Cole, Dennis 
Siblings:  Aaron, Delia Larson, Beatrice Smith, Ruth Davis		§1/1971
Behrends, Alice G.      	Born: 7/3/1919  	Died: 3/7/1998      	Spouse:  Vernon
Children:  Marcia Schlieger, Carole Behrends, Pam Ogle
Siblings:  Arie Haskins,  Leatrice Fastabend,  John Kitchen   		§3/1998
Behrends, Wallace	Born: 5/6/1912	Died: 4/23/1999	Spouse: Vivian Weyand
Children:  James, David     Siblings: Vernon, Donald		§5/1999
Belanger, Joseph           	Born: ? (age 77) 	Died: 8/7/1978      	Spouse: Vera (later Semmen)
Children:  Joanna Ferlan,  Lenora Jost,  Robert                       		§8/1978
Berg, Gerhardt "Gerry"  	Born: 10/29/1926	Died: ?         	Spouse: Patricia Cooley
Children:  Steven Carl, Karen Marie, Sally Ann  Parent: Nettie "Marie" Granger Berg Corcoran
Berry, Helen V.         	Born: 7/1/1905 	Died: 2/18/1999    	Spouse: Sam
Children:  Stanley, Donald  	Siblings: Marian Weston	§3/1999
Berry, Sam              	Born: 1899    	Died: 1997         	Spouse: Helen V.
Bishop, John            	Born: ?              	Died: 7/1/1996     	Spouse: Leone Townsend
Bishop, Leone (Townsend) 	Born: 5/21/1914 	Died: 7/13/1999    	Spouse: John
Sibling:  Beth Hudson
Blizard, Leonidus       	Born: 1/6/1844  	Died: 12/17/1914    	Spouse: Sarah
Children:  Ruby Taft, Hugh, Daisy, Archibald                             Notes: born in New Market, TN	
Grandchild:  Maurine (Taft) Melcher
Great-great Grandchildren:  John Melcher III, Jacquelyn (Melcher) Gaines Ashenbrenner, Victoria (Taft) Flynn
Blizard, Sarah          	Born: 2/2/1846	 Died: 7/23/1932     	Spouse: Leonidus
Children:  Ruby Taft, Hugh, Daisy, Archibald
Grandchild: Maurine (Taft) Melcher	
Great-great Grandchildren:  John Melcher III, Jackie Gaines Ashenbrenner, Victoria Flynn
Note: "Sallie Ann" not real name; born in Harrisburg,  Ky                   	§7/1932
Bloomquist, Frank A.    	Born: ?              	Died: 2/3/1975
Bohl, Wayne Herold      	Born: 11/13/1925	Died: 8/25/1995    	Spouse: Norma Browe
Children:  Rebecca Lyn,  Jennifer Bohl,  Laurie Ulrich
Siblings: Norma South                                        		§9/1995
Boles/Bales, Phoebe J   	Born: 2/19/1828/29	Died :4/4/1908      	Spouse: Neil
Notes: Born in TN
Bonaparte, Robert "Boney" Lee       Born: 11/3/1923         Died:12/22/1990          Spouse: Janet
Children:  Renee, Robert,  Anne, Ruth 	Sibling: Roy          		§2/1991
Bostrom, Dr. Albert W. Jr.   	Born: 3/26/1921 	Died: 4/19/1991     	Spouse: Carol
Children:  David, Eric, Blake, Greg, Stanley, Laura
Notes: born in Bellingham, WA                               		§5/1991
Botsford, Anna R.       	Born: 12/25/1860	Died: 10/23/1933/34 	     Spouse: Virgil C.
Botsford, Eulalia Virginia    	Born: 1894        	Died: 1965           
Notes:  never married - used to babysit for Lois Peterson
Botsford, Virgil C.     	Born: 1835    	Died: 10/22/1908 	Spouse: Anna R.   
Bowden, Nellie          	Born: 1891         	Died: 1894
Parents: Albion F. & Anna P (or R.) 	Sibling: Ann Francis (Bowden) Woodard
Boykin, Hilton "Reb"    	Born:  12/18/1913	Died: 5/22/1999     	Spouse: Catherine "Kay"
Children:  Terry, Donna                                      		§6/1999
Bringolf, Callie (Calla) L.(Botsford)     Born: 1881 	     Died: 4/1969     	Spouse: George
Children:  Robert, Richard 	Grandchildren:  Dick    	§4/1969  
Bringolf, George C.     	Born: 1883      	Died: 5/13/1979     	Spouse: Calla
Children:  Robert, Richard 	Grandchildren:  Dick		§5/1979
Brown, Earl D.              	Born: 1899	Died: 1987	Spouse: Mildred H.
Brown, Grace (Martin)           	Born: 4/25/1899	Died: 10/27/1915	Spouse: David 
Children: Emily, Tessie	Grandson: Jeff Smith (Frugal Gourmet)
Siblings:  Emil Martin, Sophia Martin Godfrey
Brown, John R.         	Born: 11/12/1908	Died: 4/28/1991	Spouse: Myrtle (1)
Spouse: Maude (2)	Children: Robert, Shirley Travenshek
Grandson:  Leo Travenshek			§5/1991	
Brown, Maude A.         	Born: 3/3/1912	Died: 8/19/1985	Spouse: John R.
Children: Ruby				§9/1985
Brown, Mildred H.       	Born: 1/4/1901	Died: 6/3/1973	Spouse: Earl Brown
Children: Gail				§6/1973
Buchholz, Ruth	Born: ?	Died 5/1969	
Notes:  family sold beach Store to Wallace Coleman		§5/1969
Bullock, Helen (Williams)	Born: 2/12/1920	Died: 2/15/1999	Spouse: Fred
Children: Fred, Jr., Judy, Janice	
Parents: William & Ida May Williams			§3/1999
Bulmer, Floyd	Born:  ?	Died: 9/1970
Notes: made LICC gavel			§10/1970 
Burch, Virginia Pike     	Born: 1914	Died: 1951	
Burroughs, ??	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Elizabeth (Beth) 	 
Burroughs, Elizabeth (Beth)	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: ?
Children: none	Notes: Granger relative; worked at Loren Ford's P.O.

Calhoun, Charlotte	Born: ?	Died: 4/13/1994	Spouse: Carl (2nd wife)
Stepson: John "Rob" Calhoun			§5/1994
Calhoun, Elizabeth	Born: 10/5/1903	Died: 1973	Spouse: Carl (1st wife)
Children:  John Robert "Rob" Calhoun			§6/1973
Calhoun, William Carl	Born: 5/5/1903	Died: 1/6/1989	Spouse: Elizabeth (1)
Spouse: Charlotte (2)	Children: John "Rob" Robert  	
Notes:  Son & Father  - both pastors LI church		§1/1989
Carlos, Clarence	Born: 2/23/1923	Died: 6/22/1998	Spouse: ?
Children:  Corky, Lynette Cubic	Sibling: Allan		§7/1998
Carlson, Arnold John    	Born: 1/25/1909	Died: 2/22/1983   	Spouse: Marjorie
Notes: Capt. Navy WW II			§3/1983 
Chamberlain, Bertha May (Jones)    Born: 1/13/1884    Died: 6 or 7/1948	Spouse: Ernest B.
Children:  Enid Kathryn
Chamberlain, Enid Kathryn  	Born: 8/22/1911	Died: 1/20/1920
Parents:  Ernest B. & Bertha May	
Chamberlain, Ernest B.   	Born: 1/1/1879	Died: 6/27/1953	Spouse:  Bertha May
Chamberlain, John        	Born: 6/6/1854-55	Died: 3/23/1934	Spouse: Margaret Gawley
Chamberlain, Margaret M. 	Born: 1/29/1860	Died: 1/27/1933	Spouse: John
Chartier, Jack	Born: ?	Died: 1975	
Notes:  brother (?) of Charlene Chartier			§4/1975
Chartier, John	Born: ?	Died: 2/15/1980	Spouse: Charlene
Children:  John, Jr.				§2/1980
Christensen, John	Born: 1890	Died: 10/1981	Spouse: Kristine Marie
Children: Sally Prominski, Marilyn Peel			§10/1981
Christensen, Kristine Marie	Born: 5/15/1892	Died: 2/26/1965	Spouse: John
Clark, Bill	Born: ?	Died: 2/1975	Spouse: Muriel	§2/1975
Clark, Muriel (Wheatcraft)	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Bill
Parents:  William Wheatcraft
Clifton, Everett	Born: ?	Died: 5/1985	Spouse: May
Children: Delbert, Janet Essex, Judy, Carolyn		§5/1985
Cole, Marlene	Born: 5/13/1936	Died: 9/19/1998	Spouse: Earl A.
Children: David, Kimberly	Siblings: Dennis Beeman
Parents: Millicent (Tuttle) & Ohse Beeman			§9/1998
Coleman, Jessie May         Born: 1882	Died: 3/24/1947	Spouse: Wallace
Children:  Harold Long	Notes:  born in Chicago
Coleman, Wallace	Born: 6/5/1871	Died: 5/16/1958	Spouse: Jessie May
Step child: Harold Long               Notes: Owned & operated Beach Store 1921 to 8/1/1945
Collier, Edward U.	Born: 7/21/1910	Died: 8/8/1998	Spouse: Helen Hornum
Children: Sharon Marshall            Parents: Edward L. & Harriet (Underwood)  	§9/1998	
Collins, Hazel E.	Born: 1893         	Interred 11/28/1980
Combest, Mabel (Michaelson)	Born: 2/24/1889	Died: 4/8/1972	Spouse: Shelby, Jr.
Children: Shelba B. Harris, Virginia Susan
Combest, Shelby Branson, Jr.     Born: 2/22/1881 	Died: 8/13/1925	Spouse: Mabel Michaelson
Children: Shelba B. Harris, Virginia Susan
Combest, Shelby Branson, Sr.  Born: 1845	Died: 1923	Spouse: ?
Children:  Shelby Branson, Jr.	Notes: Civil War Veteran
Combest, Virginia Susan	Born: 2/7/1918	Died: 2/18/1996
Siblings: Shelba B. Harris			§3/1996
Cooper, Nelson "Ted"	Born: 3/27/1906	Died: 3/30/1989	Spouse: Evelyne
Sibling: Dorothy Lindberg			§4/1989
Corcoran, Clifford	Born: 10/25/1908	Died: 5/29/1979	Spouse: Violet
Siblings: Helen Hoffman, Dennis, Catherine Neff, Mary Margaret Noble
Parents: William & Marcia
Corcoran, Clinton E.	Born: 1921	Died: 1985    
Notes: Army Engineers WW II
Corcoran, Dennis	Born: 2/28/1905	Died: 11/28/1906
Parents:  William & Maria Corcoran	
Siblings: Clifford, Helen Hoffman, Catherine Neff, Mary Margaret Noble 
Corcoran, John Denton	Born: 1898	Died: 1973	Spouse: Marie Granger Alfs
Children: Steve Smith, Eileen Hanson, Jackie Jones    
Siblings: Helen Hoffman, Cliff, Catherine, Mary M.
Corcoran, Marcia 	Born: 1841/44	Died: 6/16/1919	Spouse: William Thomas
Children: Mary Margaret Noble, Dennis, Helen Hoffman, Clifford, Catherine Neff
Corcoran, Maria Elizabeth (Chappell)          Born: 2/16/1874        Died: 11/10/1948
Corcoran, William Thomas	Born: 8/19/1861	Died: 9/20/1935	Spouse: Marcia
Children: Mary Margaret Noble, Dennis, Clifford, Catherine Neff, Helen Hoffman
Coughlin, Shawn Del	Born: 4/27/1980	Died 8/20/2000	
Siblings: Tammy Leland, Troy Leland	Parents: Bill and Rea Coughlin	§9/2000
Curry, Ortha	Born: 11/24/1919	Died: 9/6/1988	Spouse: John
Children:  John, Jr., Clyde, Margaret, Pat, Sally		§9/1988

Dansforth, Nora	Born: 3/3/1899	Died: 2/21/1982	Spouse: ?
Children: Frank, Donna, John, Denise
Davenport, Clara	Born: age 89	Died: 5/29/1974	Spouse: Noah
Children: Howard, Robert H.,   James W.	Notes: taught school on LI
Davenport, Delia (McAndrew)    Born: 9/8/1876	Died: 3/15/1952	Spouse: James Aaron
Children: George	Notes: born Yorkshire, England
Davenport, James Aaron	Born: 3/25/1872	Died: 11/17/1946	Spouse: Delia McAndrew
Children: George	Notes: born Pleasant Hill, MO
David, Jessica (Hudson)	Born: 10/9/1983	Died: 3/29/1969
Notes: Aunt of Lorraine Peel & Willard Hudson		§4/1969
Davis, Edith Rachel (Kaufman)     Born: 10/22/1893      Died: 5/7/1967      Spouse: Lloyd Lincoln Davis
Children: Helen, Robert, William, Paul, Patricia	Parents: William & Maude Kaufman	Notes: taught N End School 1915/16		§5/1967
Davis, Harold Rehm	Born: 7/2/1896	Died: 2/11/1959	
Parents: Robert A.L. & Harriet (Rehm) Davis        Siblings: Charlotte (1/2), Lloyd, Mary, Ruth
Davis, Harriet (Rehm)	Born: 5/13/1872	Died: 12/21/1931	Spouse: Robert A.L. Davis
Children: Charlotte (step), Lloyd, Harold, Mary, Ruth        Parents: Hugo & Magdalena Rehm
Davis, Howard	Born: 1/29/1910	Died: 4/5/1989	Spouse: Ruth Beeman
Children: Ann, Mary, Daniel	Siblings: Mary, Wilma	§4/1989
Davis, Lloyd Lincoln         Born: 6/26/1894         Died: 2/1/1986           Spouse: Edith Rachel Kaufman
Children: Helen, Robert, William, Paul, Patricia          Parents: R.A.L. & Harriet    
Siblings: Charlotte Hall (1/2),  Harold, Mary Gillies Johnston		§2/1986
Davis, Robert Abraham Lincoln       Born: 10/1/1863     Died: 12/17/1936	      Spouse: Harriet Rehm
Children: Charlotte, Lloyd, Harold, Mary Gillies Johnston, Ruth	 Parents: Watkin & Rebecca
Davis, Ruth Magdalene	Born: 3/4/1898	Died: 7/16/1924	
Siblings: Charlotte Hall (1/2), Lloyd, Harold, Mary Gillies Johnston
Parents: R.A.L. & Harriet Davis
Dixon, Howard Allen	Born: 9/7/1904 	Died: 8/22/1966	Spouse: Mabel
Children: Richard, Loy, William
Dixon, Joseph	Born: age about 55          Died: ca 8/25/1858
Dixon, Mabel	Born: 1905?	Died: 1/19/1993	Spouse: Howard
Children: Richard, Loy, William	Siblings: Clara, Tora, Jesse, Leo  	§2/1993
Douglas, Lucile Grant Palmer       Born: 12/23/1888        Died: 10/17/1933   	
Douglass, Bob "Kansas"	Born: ?	Died: 1974
Notes:  Friend of Sue Dickinson & Bob Morse		§11/1974
Doyle, Thomas B.	Born: 10/26/1916	Died: 1/31/99	Spouse: June R.
Children: Donald, Robert, Thomas M.			§2/1999
Doyle, Thomas M.	Born: 4/24/1947	Died: 6/10/1996      	Spouse: Anne
Children: Burke &John Jackowich, Daniel Doyle, Mary Doyle
Siblings: Donald, Robert	Parents: Tom & June Doyle	§6/1996
Duerksen, Norman	Born: 11/20/1930	Died: 7/11/2000	Spouse:  Ruth
Children: William, Catherine Unick, James Norman	Parents: George & Bertha Duerkson	Notes:  Scenic Estates Caretaker & Water Treatment Mgr.	§7/2000
Duerksen, Ruth M.	Born: 9/14/1931	Died: 5/10/2000	Spouse: Norman
Children:  William, Catherine Unick, James Norman	Sibling:  Frank Eagle
Parents:  Frank & Mary (Ruff) Eagle			§5/2000
Duerksen, William "Dexter"	   Born: 10/28/1954	Died: 8/1/1996	Spouse: ?
Children: Cassandra (Carla) Mary	Siblings: Catherine Unick, James
Parents: Norman & Ruth (Eagle) Duerksen			§9/1996
Dunn, Clara (Melcher)	Born: 12/4/1891	Died: 10/20/1987	Spouse: Wad
Step-children: David, Alan, Roderick	Sibling: Jack Melcher		§10/1987
Dunn, David	Bor 10/8/1923	Died: 2/19/2001	Spouse:  Gisele
Children:  Charles, Mary Turtainen	Siblings: Alan, Roderick
Parents:  Wad & Alice (Borncamp) Dunn	Stepmother: Clara (Melcher) Dunn	ß3/2001
Dunn, Wad	Born: 7/14/1898	Died: 9/1984?	Spouse: Alice Borncamp (1)
Spouse: Clara Melcher (2)            Children by (1): David, Alan, Roderick	§9/1984

Ecker, Merlin L.	Born: 1/9/1912	Died: 1/6/1986	Spouse: Una
Children: Myrna, Lane, Bethany, Merlin "Bert", Richard
Parents: Lester & Edith			§1/1986
Ecker, Una Laura (Townsend)     Born: 8/7/1912	Died 12/17/1971	Spouse: Merlin L.
Children: Myrna, Lane, Bethany, Merlin "Bert", Richard	
Notes: sister of Beth Hudson			§1/1972
Edwards, Harmon	Born: 10/26/1911	Died: 3/17/1998	Spouse: Opal Hinote
Siblings: Audrey Thompson       Notes:  marriage date 11/16/1946		§4/1998
Edwards, Opal (Hinote)	Born: 3/21/1915	Died: 6/7/1995	Spouse: Harmon
Siblings: Curtis Allen Hinote, Opal Koetje (1/2) 	
Notes: marriage date 11/16/1946			§6/1995
Eldred, Ethel (Briscoe)	Born: 5/1918	Died: 6/30/1992	Spouse: Harold
Children:  Si, Mary Mace              Parents: Cap & Mary Elizabeth Briscoe	§9/1992
Eldred, Harold	Born: 1/22/1912	Died: 11/30/1992	Spouse: Ethel Brisco
Children: Si, Mary Mace	Siblings: Violet, Jerry		§1/1993
Elliot, Robert L.	Born: 8/16/1928	Died: 10/12/1997	Spouse:  ?
Children: Christine Amtor, Barbara Tripp, Julie Blake, Dirk, William
Parents: Eunice & William			§1/1998
Erickson, Bernice E.	Born: 2/16/1916 	Died: 7/3/1998      
Erickson, Orville K.	Born: 5/12/1915 	Died: 11/10/1998
Evans, Todd Sebastian	Born: 1/1/1985	Died: 10/9/200
Parents:  Richard & Janet Evans	Siblings:  Twin Kyle, Owen
Notes:  grandson of Charles & Margaret Evans		§10/2000 

Feathers, Vernon	Born: 3/20/1920	Died: 2/2/1996	Spouse: Betty Lee
Children: John, Steven, Patricia	Siblings: 5 sisters, 4 brothers (see obit)
Parents: John & Sadie Feathers			§2/1996
Finney, Richard M.	Born: 4/27/1944	Died: 12/31/1991	Spouse: Jeanne Pulver
Children: Robert, Christine	Parents: Walter & Marilyn	§1/1992
Finney, Walter	Born: ?	Died: 1/1991	Spouse: Marilyn
Children: Richard	Grandchildren: Robert, Christine		§2/1991
Flower, Mable (Kelly)	Born: 4/22/1870	Died: 5/11/1942	Spouse: Mark G.	
Notes:  born in Token Creek, WI
Flower, Mark G.	Born: 11/9/1868	Died: 12/1925	Spouse:  Mable Kelly
Ford, Gordon	Born: 9/4/1926	Died: 5/20/1992	Spouse: Janice Hower (1)
Spouse: Marcia Allison (2)  Children: (1) Vincent, Claudette	Siblings: Doris Newland
Parents: Loren (Loraine) & Nyleptha			§6/1992
Ford, Henry	Born: 1860	Died: 1933	Spouse: Florence
Children: Loren (Loraine) "Tubby"
Notes: Concrete grave marker found on LI.  Actual burial at Bayview.  Never lived on Lummi.
Ford, Loraine A. "Loren" "Tubby"   Born: 12/15/1897    Died:10/25/1984	  Spouse: Nyleptha Granger
Children: Doris Newland, Gordon	Siblings: Elmo, Oscar
Parents: Henry & Florence Ford			§11/1984
Ford, Nyleptha E. (Granger)	   Born: 4/15/1902	Died: 10/24/1978	Spouse: Loraine "Loren"
Children: Gordon, Doris Newland	Siblings: Warren, Dana, Joseph
Parents: Chauncy "Chan" & Eva Granger			§11/1978
Fowler, George	Born: ?	Died: 10/1981	Spouse: Etta
Fox, Sadie	Born: 5/25/1884	Died: 4/1969	
Sibling: Nellie Brown	        Notes: Aunt of Leona Hawley		§4/1969
Freeman, LeRoy H.	Born: 7/5/1917	Died: 3/25/1985	Spouse:  Mary Prichard
Children: Jeri, Vicki , Martin, LeRoy			§4/1985
Freeman, Mary (Prichard)	Born: 9/19/1921	Died: 8/23/1995	Spouse: LeRoy H.
Children: Jeri, Vicki Veach, Martin, LeRoy
Parents: Harry and Sally Nelson Prichard			§9/1995
Freeman, Mr.	Born: ?	Died: ca 8/25/1858 on Lummi Island

Gaines, Grant Robert 	Born: 4/27/1922	Died: 8/11/1965	Spouse: Jacquelyn Melcher
Children: Gary, Paula, Janice	Notes: Major-Marines WW II	
Gans, Eugene M. "Gene"	Born: 11/9/1919	Died: 12/18/1996	Spouse: Verda Boshard
Children: Sue Kennedy	Siblings: Doris Huber		§1/1997
Gans, Verda "Vicki" (Boshard)      Born: ?	Died: 8/4/1999	Spouse: Eugene
Gawley, Blanche Alice 	Born: 5/15/1888	Died: 8/23/1919
Parents: Captain Thomas and Mattie L.
Gawley, Hector	Born: 8/1/1870	Died: 8/20/1951	Spouse: Louise E.
Notes:    born in Detroit MI
Gawley, Isaac Curtis 	Born: 1919	Died 1986
Gawley, Josephine	Born: 12/18/1839	Died: 3/15/1911	Spouse: Robert (2?)
Children: Josephine Parberry (married-Louis Parberry)   G-children: Geraldine Parberry Adema
Notes: married Henry Marshall (1?) 10/6/1897
Gawley, Lillian M. (Cummings)   Born: 12/31/1892/95    Died: 3/16/1932
Spouse: Robert Amaziah Gawley
Gawley, Mattie L.(Baldwin)  	 Born: 7/15/1864     Died: 5/19/1948       Spouse: Capt. Thomas Gawley
Children: Blanche, Robert Amaziah
Gawley, Robert Amaziah	Born: age 83	Died: 3/1973	Spouse: Lillian Cummings
Parents: Capt. Thomas & Mattie Gawley	Cousin: Josephine Parberry  	§3/1973
Gawley, Thomas R.	Born: 4/7/1862	Died: 6/19/1928	Spouse: Mattie Baldwin
Children: Blanche, Robert Amaziah
Gerke, Helene (Lovelace)	Born: 3/25/1907	Died: 6/8/1988	Spouse: Martin	§7/1988
Gerke, Martine William	Born: 1/2/1908	Died:12/15/1993	Spouse: Helene Lovelace
Siblings: Mildred, Mabel, Vern, Clarence			§1/1994
Gerritz, Albert	Born: ?	Died: 4/1974	Spouse: Elizabeth Kaynor
Children:  Kaynor, Georgina Ellis			§4/1974
Gerritz, Elizabeth (Kaynor)	Born: 3/10/1910	Died: 1/20/1993	Spouse: Albert
Children: Kaynor, Georgina Ellis	Sibling: Howard		§2/1993
Gettle, Mary Elaine	Born: 11/3/1915	Died:  7/13/2000	Spouse (1): Paul Johansen
Spouse (2): Bob Gettle	Children of (1): Paul S., Mary Lou Kreiss
Siblings: Eli, Stuart, Lois Tisdale, Shirley Kraig (all deceased)
Parents:  Eli & Agnes Heaton  Note: Paul Johansen died 1965 (See also Johansen, Mary)	ß10/2000
Gilfilen, Agnes	Born: ?	Died: 12/11/1994	Spouse: Leo	§1/1995
Gilfilen, Leo	Born: ?	Died: 1/17/1985	Spouse: Agnes	§2/1985
Godfrey, John M.	Born: 4/26/1866	Died: 7/8/1942	Spouse: Sophia O.                             
Godfrey, Sophia (Christopherson)      Born: 12/16/1860       Died: 6/4/1927	      Spouse: Emil Martin (1)
Spouse: John M. Godfrey (2)  Children: Martha, Grace, Bill, Jule;    Adopted Herbert & Mable Granger 	Notes: born in Norway
Gossage, Glen William	Born: 7/12/1932	Died: 12/17/1994	Spouse: Ann Moore
Children: Jay, Matt, Gina	Sibling: Wanda Phipps
Notes: owner of Loganita Lodge, pharmacist			§1/1995
Graham, Alice	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: R. C. Graham (1)
Spouse: John Harb (2)    Children: Gordon, Stuart       Notes: owned the paper mill in B'ham
Graham, Gordon	Born: ?	Died: ?	
Parents: R C & Alice Graham     Notes: plane accident shortly after returning from Guadalcanal
Graham, R. C.	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Alice
Sibling: Leigh Allen Wright (2nd wife of Frank Wright, Sr.)
Notes: Superintendent  of Carlisle Cannery after PJ Andrae
GRANGER SIBLINGS (Children of Arthur & Janet)
Douglas A., Donald R., Gordon Grant, Irene Mae (McFarland), Bob, Lyle, Earl, Frank E., Angus Mac, Laura Leigh (Singhose), Lucy I. (Tomtan)  Notes: Granger Way named after this clan
Granger, Arthur Hotchkiss, Sr.  Born: 2/19/1878	Died: 3/17.1967	Spouse: Janet McMillan
Children:  See GRANGER SIBLINGS	Siblings: Charles Allison, Edmond, Chauncy, Jeff
Parents: Melzior & Lucy	Notes: "Grandpa”		§4/1967
Granger, Charles Allison, Jr. "Bud"     Born: 10/26/1916     Died: 6/5/1963	     Spouse: Jean "Jeannie"
Children: Peter, John "Bud"	Siblings: Melzer, Marie
Granger, Charles Allison, Sr. "Al"       Born: 3/27/1880       Died: 9/8/1920	      Spouse: Nettie Alfs
Children:  Melzer,  Marie "Nettie",  Charles Allison Jr. "Bud"
Granger, Chauncy R. "Chan"	  Born: 2/21/1887 	Died:10/15/1948    Spouse: Eva Blanche Warren (1)
Spouse: Wilhelmina B (2)	Children: Nyleptha, Warren, Dana, Joseph
Parents: Melzior & Lucy	Notes: original owner of Loganita Lodge
Granger, Dana E.	Born: 2/4/1908	Died: 5/1/1974	Spouse: Elizabeth Taylor
Children: Charles, Diane	Siblings: Nyleptha Ford, Warren, Joseph
Granger, Douglas	Born: 7/9/1912	Died: ?	Spouse: ?
Children: Terry	G-children: Doug, Todd, Theresa	Parents:  Arthur & Janet	
Siblings: See GRANGER SIBLINGS 	Notes: died in Alaska earthquake
Granger, Edith (Tuckett)	Born: 6/16/1905	Died: 5/18/1989	Spouse: Angus Mac
Children: Dorothy Hanson, Ardith Baumgart, Arthur    Siblings: Irene Guinan, Horace Tuckett
Parents: Edward John & Sophie E. Tuckett			§6/1989
Granger, Edmond	Born: 1885	Died: 1918	Spouse: Martha Martin
Children: Martin, Herbert, Mable, Margie, Merle	Parents: Melzior & Lucy
Granger, Eva Blanche (Warren)    Born: 3/21/1881 	 Died: 10/26/1941	Spouse: Chauncy “Chan”
Children: Nyleptha, Warren, Dana, Joseph 	      Siblings: Tryphena, Sarah, Richard, Edna,
Elizabeth, Mary, Thurza	Parents: John & Mary Warren
Granger, Fanny Winslow Bana       Born: 7/13/1859/60      Died: 3/18/1921	Spouse:(1) ?
Spouse: Melzior Granger (2)	Children: (1) Isaac Ely Austin, Sr.;     (2) none
Notes: operated "The Grange" house 1900-1918
Granger, Frank E.	Born: 4/20/1909	Died: 11/1992	Spouse: Gladys Moore
Children: Frank Roy, Dale Eugene, Steve Arthur	Parents: Arthur & Janet
Siblings: See GRANGER SIBLINGS			§11/1992
Granger, Gladys (Moore)	Born: 6/25/1919	Died: 7/4/1972	Spouse: Frank E.
Children: Frank Roy, Dale Eugene, Steve Arthur		§6/1972
Granger, Gordon Grant	Born: 4/9/1916	Died: 5/6/1938	
Parents: Arthur & Janet  Siblings: See GRANGER SIBLINGS	Notes: tractor accident 
Granger, Helen A. 	Born: 1924         	Interred: 9/29/1977	Spouse: David
Children: Maureen "Mo" Hartsock, Ed, David, Ann, Kathy 
Notes: 2nd Lt. WW II				§10/1977 
Granger, Herbert 	Born: 5/27/1911	Died: ca 1928	
Siblings: Martin, Mable, Margie, Merle	Parents: Edmond & Martha
Notes: raised by Sophie Godfrey, died of TB    
Granger, Irene (Mundt)	Born: 10/23/1914	Died: 5/12/1999	Spouse: Joseph Granger
Children: Nancy Keaton , Sally Hudson, Roger		§5/1999
Granger, James E.	Born: 1944 	Died: 11/27/1968	
Siblings: Gayle, Arthur "Morrie"	Parents: Melzer Alfs & Josephine Granger
Granger, Janet (McMillan)	Born: 5/24/1888	Died: 12/5/1972	Spouse: Arthur H.
Children:  See GRANGER SIBLINGS			§1/1973
Granger, Joseph J.	Born: 8/15/1909	Died: 11/7/1970	Spouse: Irene Mundt
Children: Nancy Keaton, Roger, Sally Hudson                    Parents: Chauncy "Chan" & Eva	
Siblings: Nyleptha, Warren, Dana			§12/1970	
Granger, Lucy (Rogers)	Born: 3/27/1846	Died: 9/9/1890	Spouse: Melzior
Children:  Jeff, Al, Edmond, Arthur, Chauncy "Chan"	Notes:  1st wife of Melzior
Granger, Lyle Albert	Born: 3/6/1927	Died: 10/21/1978	Spouse: Jean McChesney
Children: Larry, Gayle	Parents: Arthur H. & Janet
Siblings:  See GRANGER SIBLINGS			§11/1978
Granger, Mac (Angus Mac)	Born: 8/14/1907	Died: 2/11/1984	Spouse: Edith Tuckett
Children: Dorothy Hanson, Ardith Baumgart, Arthur       Siblings: See GRANGER SIBLINGS
Parents; Arthur H. Sr. & Janet			§2/1984
Granger, Martha (Martin)	Born: 12/9/1885	Died: 1918	Spouse: Edmond
Children:  Herbert, Mabel, Marge, Merle, Martin        Siblings:  Grace, Bill, Jule
Granger, Martin	Born: ?1909	Death: age 9
Parents: Edmond & Martha	Siblings: Herbert, Mabel, Margie, Merle
Granger, Melzer Alfs	Born: 4/29/1905	Died: 10/22/1984	Spouse: Josephine Miller
Children: Gail Arthur "Morrie", James E.	Parents: Allison & Nettie
Grandfather: John Alfs			§11/1984
Granger, Melzior	Born: 3/27/1845     Died: 3/25/1922	Spouse: Lucy Rogers(1)
Spouse: Fanny Winslow Bana (2)  Children: Arthur, Edmond, Allison, Jeff, Chauncy “Chan”
Note:  “Melzior” was the spelling of this first of the Lummi Island Granger clan, but his descendants used “Melzer.”
Granger, Melzer Jefferson "Jeff"      Born: 11/24/1875     Died: 10/23/1968 	Spouse: Sue A. McKee
Children: David	     Siblings: Arthur, Edmond, Allison, Chauncy “Chan”
Parents:  Melzior & Lucy			
Granger, Nettia L. (Alfs)	Born: 1888 	Died: 1944	Spouse: Allison Granger (1)
Spouse: Bill Priest (2)	    Children of Allison: Melzer Alfs, Marie, Charles Allison "Bud"
Granger, Ruth Winaona (Gill)      Born: 9/12/1904	  Died: 8/22/1974	Spouse: Warren Granger
Children:  Marilyn Bunn      Notes: Birthdate in question -possibly 2/4/1908 born in Ohio
Notes:  marriage date to Warren 6/6/1926.  Also maiden or other marriage name may be Dudder
Granger, Sue (Susan?) A. (McKee)       Born: 1893	     Died: 1974	
Spouse: Melzer Jefferson "Jeff"	       Children:  David
Granger, Warren C.	Born: 7/13/1903	Died: 5/30/1978	Spouse: Ruth W. Gill
Children:  Marilyn Bunn	Siblings:  Joseph, Dana, Nyleptha Ford
Parents:  Chauncy "Chan" & Eva			§8/1978 
Granger,” Marie” Nettie	Born: 2/29/1908	Died: 2/10/1969	Spouse: George Kidwell (1)
Spouse: John Corcoran (2)     Bill Corcoran (3)      ?? White (4)      Gerhardt Berg (5)
Children:  Gerhardt	Parents:  Allison & Nettie (Alfs)	Siblings:  Charles, Melzer
Grant, Jessica (Ward)	Born: 1/15/1885	Died: 2/20/1941	Spouse:  James E.
Notes:  born in Portland, OR 
Greeley, David Curtis	Born: 3/7/1918	Died: 7/27/1998	Spouse: Jean McKee
Children: John, Peggy, Starr Swanson, Ann Hinz, David McKee "Mac"	§9/1998
Greeley, David McKee "Mac"         Born: 3/28/1942        Died: 9/30/1996         Spouse: Lee Lonheim
Children: Topher	Siblings: John, Peggy, Starr Swanson, Ann Hinz
Parents:  David C & Jean			§11/1996
Greeley, Susan Starr	Born: 6/11/1945	Died: 11/3/1972
Parents: David C. & Jean M. Greeley			§1/1973
Greenwood, Darrell Raymond  Born: 10/7/1966	Died: 7/30/1994
Siblings: Becky	Parents: Ronald & Margie Greenwood
Notes: Killed by hit & run driver on LI			§9/1994
Griffiths, Arthur "Art"	Born: 1911?	Died: 3/29/1993	Spouse:  Echo Tuttle
Children: Arlene	Stepson: Les Shanahan		§4/1993
Griffiths, Echo Zoe (Tuttle)	Born: 10/18/1920	Died: 2/12/1998	Spouse: Arthur Griffiths
Children:  Don Wright, Les Shanahan	Siblings: Marion, Floyd, Harriet, Joanne
Parents:  Moses & Hattie Tuttle			§3/1998
Guinan, Irene (Tuckett)	Born: ?	Died: 1/1973	Spouse: ?
Parents: Edward John & Sophie Tuckett
Sibling:  Edith Tuckett Granger, Horace Tuckett		§1/1973
Gutknecht, Pricilla Jane	Born: 1930 	Died: 3/28/1986

Haggen, Orvin	Born: 9/1900	Died: 11/1983	Spouse:  Ruth
Grandchild: Curt du Bois			§2/1984
Haggen, Ruth	Born: 1908	Died: 7/21/1980	Spouse: Orvin
Grandchild: Curt du Bois			§8/1980
Hailey, Earl R.	Born: 9/20/1929	Died: 12/10/1993	Spouse: Jeanne Robins
Siblings: Art, Curtis				§1/1994
Hall, Charlotte (Davis)	Born: 1/5/1890	Died: 8/25/1982	Spouse: Charles M. Hall
Half-Siblings: Lloyd, Harold, Mary, Ruth (all Davis)     Parents: R.A.L. & Harriet Rehm Davis
Hall, Jack Herod           Born: 8/6/1919          Died: 6/3/1996           Spouse: Anna Lou Schwichtenberg
Children: Lucinda, Cheryl Lynn, Tamara	Sibling: Fern Glessman   	§6/1996
Handyside, Lawrence	Born: 1898	Died: 5/19/1978	Spouse:   Lucy M. Lane
Notes:  Cmdr Navy WW I & II 
Handyside, Lucia Medora (Lane)    Born: 9/30/1893    Died:  1/20/1987	Spouse: Lawrence Handyside
Children: Charles O. Patton 
Hanson, Thelma B.	Born:  3/11/1916	Died: 3/22/2001	Spouse:  Herbert C.
Children:  Dale, Robert, Jerry Birdsey, Chuck, Frank, Lorelei Hanson, Pauline, Ingersol, Leona Allen,  Arlene Jonientz	Parents:  Walt & Elizabeth Seelye	§3/2001
Harper, Mildred "Deedie" (Howard)            Born:  7/22/1909          Died:  12/5/1994
Children: Diane Elizabeth			§1/1995
Harris, Earl Cecil	Born: ?	Died: 10/13/1981	Spouse:  Shelba Combest
Sister-in-law:  Susan Combest
Harris, Shelba Combest	Born: 4/12/1916	Died:  9/15/1999	Spouse:  Earl
Children:  Shelby Harris, Carolyn Brown	     Siblings:  Susan
Parents:  Mabel & Shelby Combest			§11/1999
Hart, Bernice	Born: ?	Died: ? 1974		§1/1974
Hartford, Robert L.         	Born: 1913	Died:  5/29/1982	Spouse: Helen
Children: Debbie, Mealy, Larry			§6/1982
Haven, Louis E., Sr.	Born: 6/24/1894	Died: 2/25/1978	Spouse: Sarah Fay Baird
Children:  Betty Armbruster, Louis E. Jr.
Haven, Sarah Fay (Baird)	Born: 1/21/1894	Died: 8/24/1990	Spouse: Louis E. Haven, Sr.
Children: Betty Armbruster, Louis E. Jr.	Parents: Charles & Sara Jane (Crawford) Baird    
Hawley, James Vernon "Vern"       Born: 1/10/1904	     Died:  2/2/1992 	Spouse: Leona Walton
Children:  Norma, Bill, Jim, Leo	
Parents: Robert & Lydia Hawley       Note: Owned Hawley’s Marina, Legoe Bay	§2/1992	     
Hawley, Leo E.	Born: 2/16/1933	Died: 1/30/1985 
Siblings: Jim, Bill, Norma McDonald	Parents: Vern & Leona 	§2/1985    
Heidbreder, Harriet (Tuttle)	Born: 10/29/1918	Died:  ?	Spouse: Albert Heidbreder
Siblings: Marion, Floyd, Echo Griffiths, Joan, Harvey                Parents: Moses & Hattie Tuttle
Helm, Charles           Born:  ?	         Died: 6/6/1980	             Spouse: Patty Gregory	§6/1980
Herb, F. J. "Bill"	Born: 10/12/1908	Died: 3/5/1998	Spouse: Mary Ida Brooks
Children: Nicholas, Frances MacPhee, Mary Ann Wesley, Catherine Thomas, Rose Ann Auld, 
Gretchen Herb, Nancy Hutchins			§3/1998
Herb, Mary Ida (Brooks)	Born: ?	Died: 1984	Spouse:  F. J. "Bill 
Children: Nicholas, Frances MacPhee, Mary Ann Wesley, Catherine Thomas, Rose Ann Auld, 
Gretchen Herb, Nancy Hutchins
Hereford, Richard W.	Born: 1953	Died: 10/19/1985
Parents:  Molly Hereford			§11/1985
Hoffman, George 	Born: 1904	Died: 9/29/1987	Spouse: Helen Corcoran
Children: Gene, Sharon Ecker			§10/1987
Hoffman, Helen E. (Corcoran)       Born: 2/27/1910	      Died: 6/29/1978	      Spouse:  George
Children in Beach Sch                Parents: William T. & Marcia Corcoran	§8/1978
Horn, La Loie Vivian  Martinson           Born: 12/13/1903          Died: 10/18/1995	Spouse: ?
Children: (All Martinson) David Tilden, John Sigart, Joan Maxine Dunkle
Parents: Ernest & Bertha Chamberlain		
House, Dorothy Cornelia  (Taft)      Born: 1/20/1908         Died: 1/20/1985 		Spouse: Leo House
Sibling: Maurine (Taft) Melcher          Parents: Frank & Ruby Taft		§2/1985
House, Gregory Leo	Born: 5/3/1947	Died: 2/20/1994	
Sibling: Victoria House Flynn           Parents:  Dorothy & Leo		§3/1994
House, Leo William	Born: 8/5/1906	Died: 5/3/1997	Spouse: Dorothy Taft
Children: Victoria House Flynn, Gregory Leo House	
Parents:  William & Ida Clubb House			§5/1997 
Howard, Alice M. (Miller)	       Born: 1918	Died 9/1990
Child:  Barbara Mae Edgman King
Hubbard, Beatrice M.	Born: age 71	Died: 7/4/1977
Siblings:  see written obituary			§?/1977	
Hubbard, Connie M.	Born: 5/23/1947	Died: 6/26/1992
Siblings: Candice, Tina	Parents: John & Donna Hubbard
Notes:  ashes scattered off Pt. Migley			§7/1992
Hubbard, Frank "Skinny"	Born: ?	Died: ? 1974		§9/1974
Hudson, Ellen	Born: 11/15/1903	Died: 12/17/1992	Spouse: Willard
Children: Eugene, Lou Ellen           Grandchildren: Linda Hudson		§1/1993
Hudson, Richard "Dick:"	Born: 5/14/1915	Died: 10/28/1998	Spouse: Beth
Children: Richard, Susan Peterson, Lynn McLane
Parents: Richard & Zoe Hudson			§11/1998
Hudson, Willard	Born: 5/18/1905	Died: 2/11/1982	Spouse: Ellen
Sibling:  Lorraine Peel			§2/1982
Huseby, Henry J. 	Born: 8/2/1904 	Died: 5/2/1944
Parents:  John & Anna Huseby
Hutchinson, Archie	Born: ?              Died:                                Spouse: Thelma	§5/1986
Hutchinson, Thelma	Born: ?              Died: 1986 in Seattle       Spouse: Archie	§5/1986

Jacobs, Edward Carpenter	Born: 5/6/1852	Died: 1/22/1916
Sibling: Mrs. Showers                Note: First name may be Edwin instead of Edward
Jeffers, Mrs.	Born: ?	Died: 1973
Note:  Cannery family - Lummi Bay			§6/1973                   
Jell, Joyce	Born: 2/8/1924	Died: 12/8/1987 	Spouse: Edward "Ted"
Children:  Nigel, Colin			§1/1988
Jewell, Earle D.	Born: 4/14/1904	Died: 11/1964	Spouse: Violet Mitchem
Children: Robert, Earle "Bud", Alan, Barbara Thomas,  Babette Dornbush
Sibling: Ray
Jewell, Trinda Elizabeth 	Born: 6/15/1957	Died: 11/9/1998	Spouse: Ron Sevier
Children: Jeremy Sevier, Talia Ronne	Parents: Earle "Bud" & Anne Jewell
Siblings: David, Shane, Carolyn Jenkins, Peggy Holstine		§11/1998
Jewell, Violet I. (Mitchem)	Born: 12/30/1903	Died: 3/1974	Spouse: Earle D.
Children: Robert,  Earle "Bud",  Alan,  Barbara Thomas,  Babette Dornbush
Siblings: Marjorie French, Eunice Marshal
Johansen, Mary Elaine	Born: 11/3/1915	Died: 7/13/2000	Spouse (1): Paul A.
Children: Paul S., Mary Lou Kreiss	Parents: Eli and Agnes Heaton
Siblings: Eli, Stuart, Lois Tisdale, Shirley Kraig  (All deceased) 
       Note:  Paul A. died 1965.  Also married to Bob Gettle (see also Gettle, Mary)	§9/2000
Johnson, "Ma"	Born: ?	Died: 1975		§8/1975
Johnson, "Pa"	Born: ?	Died: 1975		§8/1975
Note:  Ma & Pa died within a week;   ref. Chris Jensen
Johnson, Edith “Betty”	Born: 11/12/1923	Died: 10/24/2000	Spouse:  Walter
Children:  Tom, David		Parents: Joseph & Edith Havey	ß11/2000
Johnson, Ernest Joseph	Born: 4/7/1912	Died: 5/25/1997	Spouse: Alice Erickson
Children: Keith, Kenneth, Bruce, Lynne Yurovchak, Carol Meetze, Mary Phillips
Parents: John & Nelcina Johnson			§11/1997
Johnson, Lars Erik/Eric	Born: 6/7/1972 	Died:6/8/1972
Parents:  Richard & Lylene Johnson
Johnson, Mayme (Clifton)	Born: 1/20/1911	Died: 1/21/ 1991	Spouse:  Harry
Children:  Gilmore, Delmer, Janet, Judy, Caroline			§2/1991
Johnston, Mary (Davis) Gillies       Born: 5/1/1900	    Died: 2/21/1993	    Spouse: (1) Bob Gillies
Spouse: (2) Joe Johnston	Siblings: Charlotte (1/2), Lloyd, Harold, Ruth 
Parents:  Robert A. L. & Harriet Davis			§2/1993
Jones, Howard	Born:  8/14/1915	Died: 2/2/2000	Spouse:  Helen Critchlow
Children:  Heidi Krieg, Becky Good, Roger	         Sibling: Harold		§2/2000   

Kappel, Marie	Born: 1/25/1893	Died: 5/1/1986	Spouse:  Julius
Children:  Doris Thomas, Marie Stimpson			§5/1986
Kaufman, Gretchen	Born: 6/3/1896	Died: 6/26/1997
Siblings: Katherine Smith, Edith Davis, Gertrude Jordan, Paul Kaufman
Parents: William & Maude Kaufman	Note: Aunt of Paul Davis  	§9/1997	
Keaton, Nancy (Granger)	Born:  1936	Died: 7/31/1983
Siblings: Sally Hudson, Roger Granger          Parents: Irene & Joe Granger 	§7/1983
Kepferle, Susan	Born: 1939	Died: 6/1987	Spouse:  Lloyd 
King, Barbara Mae Edgman	Born:  3/13/1938	Died: 2/15/1985
Parent:  Alice Miller Howard
King, Carolyn “Carrie”	Born: 3/15/1928	Died: 3/14/2001
Notes:  Hairdresser				ß3/2001
Kittle, Alfred	Born: 1909	Died: 10/9/1909
Note: Infant of 5 months
Klaasen, Clara K. 	Born: 5/18/1892	Died: 5/27/1981	Spouse: Jacob "Jack"
Children:  Bill, Dorothy Hauck             Grandchild: Nancy Dicky		§6/1981
Klaasen, Jacob "Jack"	Born: 4/21/1883	Died: 8/17/1965	Spouse: Clara K.
Note:  born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Kleihege, Dorothy L.	Born 1/21/1925	Died: 5/9/2000	Spouse:  William
Children: John Nalivka, Mary Mitchell	Siblings:  Margaret Hamstreet, Walter Upton, Arthur Upton	Parents: S. Edwin & Alice Upton
Kleihege, William B.        Born: 10/20/1904       Died: 11/11/1995    Spouse (1): Mildred Anderson 1935
Spouse (2): Dorothy Upton 1975  	Children: Coradee Olson, Mary John
Parents: William & Margaret (Webber) Kleihege		§1/1996
Konecke, Florence Emily	Born: 12/16/1915	Died:  2/15/2001	Spouse:  Ray
Children:  Ray, Jr.	Siblings: Millie Healy, George Rott
Parents:  August & Christine Rott	Notes:  Silhouette Cut-out Artist	 ß3/2001
Konecke, Ray	Born: 8/3/1904	Died: 7/22/1984	Spouse: Florence Rott
Children: Ray, Jr. 	Siblings: Henry, Ann Schar, Ed, Alois		§7/1984
Notes: Lived on LI since late 1940's
Kutnerian, Margaret Evans	Born: 12/21/1923	Died: 7/16/1998	Spouse: Karl Kutnerian
Children: Karyn Albrecht	Siblings: Robert Evans, Mae Durand	§7/1998

Lane, Baby 	Born: 1884	Died: 1884
Parents: Fredrick, Sr. & Nellie Lane	Siblings: Fredrick, Jr., Oliver
Lane, Daniel	Born: 10/20/1960	Died: 10/22/1998
Lane, Frederick F., Jr.	Born: 1882	Died: 4/15/1911
Parents: Fredrick, Sr. & Nellie Lane	Siblings: Baby, Oliver
Notes:   died in logging accident while clearing land         
Lane, Frederick F., Sr.	Born: 1829 	Died 2/21/1909	Spouse: Nellie
Children: Baby, Frederick, Jr., Oliver 	Notes:   2nd family to homestead on Lummi Island.
Came from Mass. & married Princess Nellie Howen of Matsqui Clan 1868. 
Lane Spit carries his name.
Lane, Oliver G.	Born: 1885	Died: 1894
Parents: Frederick, Sr. & Nellie Lane	Siblings: Frederick, Jr., Baby
Lawrence, Gwenyth A. (Moore)          Born: 5/22/191         Died: 4/2/1999	        Spouse: Harold K.
Children: Patricia, Rodney           Parents: Charles & Maggie Moore	§4/1999
Note:  Daughter Patricia “Patsy” born Aug 19, 1950, died August 30, 2000.	§9/2000	
Lawrence, Harold K.	Born: 1917	Died: 3/22/1991	Spouse: Gwenyth A. (Moore)
Children: Patricia, Rodney, Patrick McMurry		§4/1991
Leavell, Lois	Born: ?	Died: 12/9/1988	Spouse: Ross
Children: Gerry Shirley, Phillip			§1/1989	
Leech, Dale 	Born: 1909	Died: 4/22/1990	Spouse: Edythe Telegenhoff
Children:  Barry, Jerry				§5/1990
Leech, Jerry Dale	Born: 11/12/1934	Died: 9/9/1981	Spouse: ?
Children: Jody Leech Martin	Parents: Dale & Edythe Leech
Lewis, Chelsea Marie	Born:  6/2/1990 	Died: 7/16/1990
Parent: Amber (Elkes) Lewis              Grandparents: Jud & Theresa Elkes	§7/1990
Lintz, Carleton "Bruce"	Born: 8/30/1910	Died: 7/30/1998	Spouse: Hazel M.
Children: Leanne Hoffman, Sherryl Tekulve, Dennis
Siblings: Louise Taylor, Ivan Sandeguard, Harry, Earl		§9/1998
Lockwood, Murray	Born: 1896	Died: 2/14/1974
Siblings: Welbern "Bill", Vernon, Lucinda Haskell
Lockwood, Phyllis	Born: 2/4/1909	Died: 11/22/1999	Spouse:  Welbern “Bill”
Children:  Tim, Michael	Siblings:  Catherine Marie Luke
Parents:  William & Verda (Quimby) Parker	Notes:  Gave final care to Carl Otto who died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Inherited Otto Farm			§2/2000
Lockwood, Welbern "Bill" Truman       Born: 1/4/1904    Died: 12/12/1957	Spouse: Phyllis N. Parker
Children: Michael Parker, Welbern Timothy	“Tim”             Siblings: Murray, Lucinda, Vernon
Loetterle, Clarence E. "Dutch"        Born: 7/1905	  Died: 1/25/1985	Spouse: Toni 	§2/1985
Long, Harold J.	Born: 5/3/1905	Died: 6/9/1986	Spouse: Gladys
Parents: stepson & son of Wallace & Jessie Coleman		§6/1986
Notes:  Owned Beach Store from 1945 to 1970
Long, Helen V.	Born: ?	Died: 3/9/1987	Spouse: Gene
Children: James, David           Stepsons: Gary, Dale		§3/1987
Long, Helga J.	Born: 8/11/1896	Died:3/25/1985	Spouse: ?
Children:  Gene Long				§4/1985
Luke, Alma	Born: 7/31/1901	Died: 1/9/1991	Spouse: Andy
Notes: raised in L.A.				§1/1991
Luke, Andy "Andyball"	Born: 4/20/1901	Died: 8/22/1984	Spouse: Alma
Nephew: Lester "Les" Luke	G-nephews: Steve Luke & Jack Sadler
Siblings:  14  	Notes:  First LI Fire Chief		§9/1984
Luke, Lester "Les"	Born: 10/5/1908	Died: 1/3/1973	Spouse: Catherine Marie
Children: Ted, Randy, Steve        Notes: Luke & Crews Floor Covering Founder  	§1/1973
Lund, Carl             Born: 3/11/1911              Died: 11/7/1999	Parents:  Magna & Carl Lund
Siblings:  Ernest, Evelyn Pyle, Christine Reardon		§1/2000	

Madsen, Jason William	Born: 3/11/1971	Died: 4/29/1994
Grandparents:  Stanley & Marion Weston			§5/1994
Manson, Jack	Born: ?	Died: 3/1971		§3/1971
Marshall, Henry Dwight	Born: 10/15/1825	Died: 6/18/1914	Spouse: Josephine Gawley
Notes: marriage date 10/6/1897
Marshall, Josephine R.(Gawley)            Born: 12/18/1839/41                    Died: 3/15/1911	
Spouse: (1) Robert Gawley             Spouse: (2) Henry Dwight Marshall
Martin, (Female) Miss?	Notes: relative of Nugents - no additional info available
Martin, (orig. Stensrud) Emil	      Born: 1864      Died: 8/12/1902         Spouse: Sophia Christophersen
Children: Martha, Grace, Bill, Jule	G-daughter: Mable Granger
Martin, Bill	Born: 1896?	Died: 1968?
Children: Kenneth, Vincent	Parents: Emil & Sophia Martin
Siblings: Martha, Grace, Jule
Martin, Edna A	Born: 4/15/1903	Died: 7/26/1973 	Spouse: Jule
Children: Robert, Grace Brown
Martin, Emil (Stensrud)	Born: 1864           Died: 8/12/1902          Spouse: Sophia Christophersen
Children:  Martha, Grace, Bill, Jule                  Granddaughter: Mable Granger  
Note:  name originally was Stensrud
Martin, Jody (Leech)	Born: 5/18/1954	Died: 6/13/1988
Parent:  Jerry Leech	                   Notes:  murdered in Ferndale, WA by boyfriend
Martin, Jule Emil	Born: 12/15/1898	Died: 4/1987	Spouse: (1) ?
Spouse: (2) Edna        Spouse: (3) Carrie	         Children:  Robert, Grace Brown
Massey, Floyd	Born:  ?	Died: 1976?		§2/1976
Notes:  was married 
McDonald, Emilie (Chabot )	      Born: 1890 	Died: 1946	Spouse: Norman
McDonald, G.C. "Jerry"   	Born: 7/1920	Died: 12/27/1991	Spouse: (1) Jenette Ford
Spouse: (2) Norma Hawley           Children: Jim, Gary, Step-child Marcia	§1/1992
McDonald, Norman C.	Born: 1885?	Died: 3/29/1976	Spouse: Emilie Chabot
Children: Jerry, Norman J. "Bud"            Note: on LI 1908-1941		§4/1976
McEntire, Lorena Dodges 	Born: 5/12/1919	Died: 8/17/1995	
Children: Lee Mosley, Robert Mosley, Faye Holladay, Pauline Ingalls 	§9/1995
McFarland, Brian	Born: 1941 ?	Died: 3/1986	Spouse: Pauline
Siblings: Robert, Sydney          Parents: Ray & Irene McFarland		§3/1986
McFarland, Ray	Born: 6/21/1916	Died: 1/15/1988	Spouse:  Irene Granger
Children: Robert, Sydney, Brian             Siblings: Arthur, Lettie Richmond	§1/1988
Melcher, Genevieve Maurine (Taft)           Born: 5/26/1902        Died: 8/9/1980	
Spouse:  John "Jack" Melcher II
Children: Jacquelyn Gaines, John Melcher III
Parents:  Frank & Ruby Taft			§8/1980
Melcher, John "Jack" II	Born: 8/20/1895        Died: 1/20/1963     Spouse: Genevieve Maurine Taft
Children:  Jacquelyn Gaines, John Melcher III
Notes:   2nd Lt WW I;    Melcher Drive is namesake
Melton, Madge	Born: ?	Died: 2/1984
Children:  Charlene				§2/1984
Miller, Grace Marietta (Sherman)      Born: 1/20/1910       Died: 11/4/1981	   Spouse: M.V. Lehr Miller
Children: Dorothy, Sharon Drivdahl, James, Daniel		§11/1981
Miller, John Richard "Jack"	Born: 10/21/1918	Died: 7/12/1995	Spouse: Lucille J. Adema
Children: Barbara Ward, Tom, Marilyn	Siblings: Ray, Betty, Ethel
Parents:  Charles Austin & Ella Miller 			§7/1995   
Miller, Melvin Van Lehr	Born: 12/3/1908	Died: 10/10/1991	Spouse: (1) Grace Scherman
Spouse: (2) Lois;       (3) Irene	Children: Dorothy, Dan, Sharon, Jim
Notes:  1st editor of L.I. Newsletter and founder of  L I Community Club	§10/1991
Miller, Michael John	Born: 3/6/1950	Died: 3/8/1950
Siblings:  Barbara, Tom, Marilyn	Parents: John "Jack" & Lucille Miller
Miller, Robert Scott	Born: ?       Died: 9/2/1983           Spouse: Janet Miller Gaines
Siblings:  Robin (sister)   Parents: Elna Miller   Note: Janet later married Gary Gaines	§9/1983
Minor, Mabel	Born: ?	Died: 12/8/1991	Spouse: ?
Children:  Marian Burger			§1/1992 
Moore, Anna Lane	Born:  8/11/1894	Died: 1/11/1928	Spouse:  William
Moore, Brooke Shannon	Born: 6/7/1974	Died: 6/7/1974	
Parents: Kenneth L. & Kirby Moore
Moore, Judith Louise (Fillion)  Born:  8/24/1945	Died: 4/19/1972	Spouse: Kenneth	§4/1972
Morisset, Charles	Born:  ?	Died: 1977	Spouse: Louise
Notes: Louise married Dave Granger after Charles died		§10/1977
Morse, Robert	Born: 7/9/1911	Died: 1/22/1999	Spouse:  Edythe
Children:  Bob, Joan Kammerzell, Ruth			§1/2000
Moye, Elaine F.	Born: 7/12/1907	Died: 1/7/1996	Spouse:  William A.
Children: Edwin Casebeer, Michael 
Notes:  marriage date 1944; on L.I. since 1977		§1/1996
Murphy, Edith	Born: ?	Died: 11/1981	Spouse: Jim
Notes: on LI 1947-1980			§1/1982
Murphy, Jim	Born: ?	Died: 12/1982	Spouse: Edith
Notes:  Marriage date about 1948			§1/1983
Musser, Ethel (Tobyne) 	Born: 10/20/1885 	Died: 7/16/1989	Spouse: ?
Grandchild:  Richard "Rick" Finney 	Notes: born in Bluesprings, NE   

Neff, Catherine (Corcoran)	Born:  8/31/1912	Died: 12/6/1985	
Parents: William T. & Marcia Corcoran	Notes: Lived in Lois Peterson's house
Neuman, Anna Maria (Geisen)          Born: 7/18/1910             Died: 3/24/1999	Spouse: Ernst
Children: Erdmute Charlotte, Bernd, Winfried, Dietrick, Harmot		§4/1999
Neuman, Bernd "Ben" E.	Born: 8/20/1950	Died: 1/5/1992	Spouse: Theresa
Siblings: Erdmute Charlotte, Winfried, Dietrick, Harmot
Parents: Anna & Ernst Neuman			§1/1992 
Neuman, Erdmute Charlotte	   Born: 7/19/1940  	Died: 10/8/1994
Siblings: Bernd, Winfried, Dietrick, Harmot	     Parents:  Anna & Ernst Neuman  	§10/1994 
Neuman, Ernst G.	Born: 10/28/1905	Died: 8/24/1974	Spouse: Anna Maria
Children: Erdmute Charlotte, Bernd, Winfried, Dietrick, Harmot
Neuman, Winfried P. "Fred"	   Born: 4/10/1938       Died: 7/21/1981    Parents:  Anna & Ernst Neuman
Siblings: Erdmute Charlotte, Bernd, Dietrick, Harmot	Notes:    US Navy, Vietnam
Niedhamer, Helen Louise	Born: 1/24/1909	Died: 11/7/1998
Sibling: Lloyd D. Niedhamer         Siblings-in-law: Kay & Lois Niedhamer, Robert Lange
Niece: Nancy Simmerman			§11/1998
Niedhamer, Lloyd D.	Born: 10/21/1914	Died: 12/2/1997	Spouse: Katherine "Kay"	
Sibling: Helen Louise				§1/1998
Nilsen, Douglas Matt 	Born:  7/10/1931	Died: 12/15/1964	Notes: Sgt army Korea
Nilsen, Mallory Dean	Born: 4/24/1964	Died: 11/16/1988
Nilsen, Matt  	Born: 9/11/1902	Died: 2/15/1962	Spouse: Thelma
Children:  10 children 
Nilsen, Stuart Dean 	Born: 12/30/1934 	Died: 3/21/1975	Spouse:  Ione
Siblings: Heather Larson & others	Parents: Matt & Thelma Nilsen	§4/1975
Nilsen, Thelma	Born: 1912 	Died: 7/24/1980	Spouse: Matt
Children: 10 children				§8/1980
Noble, Mary Margaret (Corcoran)	Born: 4/4/1903	Died: 6/29/1990	
Siblings: Dennis, Helen, Catherine, Clifford	                Parents:  William T. & Marcia Corcoran
Nolte, Ernest	Born: 1898	Died: 5/1982	Spouse: Eva Pritts
Children: Ernest, Jr; William "Bill"			§5/1982
Nolte, Eva L. (Pritts)	Born: 2/3/1898	Died: 12/15/1992	Spouse: Ernest
Children:  Ernest, Jr; William "Bill"			§1/1993
Nordensson, DeLayne Smith	       Born: 4/19/1945              Died: 11/22/1956
Siblings: Manly, Donna, (1/2) Karlene "Korkee" Cunningham
Parents: Donald & Joan (Stanovich) Smith
Nordensson, Karl Jacob "Jake"    Born: 3/12/1890	 Died: 8/28/1972   Spouse: Joann (Stanovich) Smith
Children: Karlene "Korkee" Cunningham	Step-children: Delayne, Manly, Donna
Siblings: Oscar				§9/1972
Nordensson, Lillian L. (Smith) Bennett	Born: 7/23/1903 	Died: 10/28/1965
Spouse: (1) Jim Bennett       Spouse: (2) Oscar F. Nordensson    
Children: Juanita, Betty, Louis, Barbara  	Parents: Jim & Emma Smith 
Nordensson, Oscar	Born: ?	Died: ?               Spouse: Lillian (Smith) Bennett
Sibling: Karl Jacob "Jake" 	Notes: Owned Tuttle Lane Fox Farm with Jake
Nottier, Mel	Born: ?	Died: 1976?
Notes: Led simple life with "liquid excesses."		§1/1976
Nulle, Hellen (Pamgren)	Born: 5/19/1913	Died: 1/12/1993      Spouse: (1) Clifford Corcoran
Spouse: (2) Robert Nulle	Children: Edward, Clyde
Notes: Edward married Sharon Perminski, (daughter of Sandy)		§1/1993
Nutenberg, Mrs.	Born:  ?	Died: ?	Notes: mother of Fred

O'Brine (O'Brien), Ray	Born: 9/11/1900	Died: 7/3/1989	Spouse: Frona
Children: Nelda Hurd, Zelda Martin, Lawrence, Betty Dorene Beck, Van, Collet Dryden, Michael             Parents: Samuel & Rebecca Graham Mitchell O'Brine	§7/1989
O'Brine, Frona Serena (Fryer)         Born: 12/6/1908	          Died: 11/29/1991           Spouse: Ray
Children: Nelda Hurd, Zelda Martin, Lawrence, Betty Dorene Beck, Van, Collet Dryden, Michael
O'Rourke, Cora O. (Russell)	Born: 5/1873-4	Died: 9/10/1913	Spouse: James O'Rourke
O'Rourke, Helen (Arness)	Born: 4/3/1910	Died: 12/22/1978	Spouse: John O'Rourke
Children: Molly Harmoney			§10/1979
O'Rourke, John	Born: 6/9/1901	Died: 10/6/1979	Spouse: Helen Arness
Children: Molly Harmoney			§10/1979
Oates, Joseph Thomas, Jr.	Born: 1946 	Died: 5/1984	Spouse: Mary Beth Davis
Notes: Vietnam Veteran, son-in-law of Ruth & Howard Davis		§6/1984
Olsen, Della	Born: ?	Died: 6/3/1976		§6/1976
Olsen, Otto	Born: ?	Died: 2/1972
Notes: M/M Olsen active Grange Members			§2/1972
Olson, Orwell 	Born: 1917 	Died: ca 3/9/1920
Parents: Conread Olson moved back to Norway after Orwell died
Otto, Carl Ludwig, Jr.	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Ilse Von Drage
Parents: Carl & Lena Otto, Sr.      Notes:  Died of Lou Gehrig Disease, ashes on his property
Otto, Carl Ludwig, Sr.	Born: ?	Died: 11/1974	Spouse: Lena
Children:  Carl Otto, Jr.			§11/1974 
Otto, Ilse (Von Drage)	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Carl Otto, Jr.
Notes: of German royalty
Otto, Lena	Born: 11/30/1882	Died: 4/1983	Spouse: Carl Otto, Sr.
Children: Carl Otto, Jr.			§4/1983

Paine, Edward Q.	Born: 7/4/1911	Died: 10/8/1994	Spouse: Bess	§3/1995
Palmer, Frances Madeline	Born: 4/21/1855	Died: 2/3/1936	Spouse: (1) Grant
Spouse (2) Henry James Palmer	Children: Jessica Grant, Lucille Grant
Palmer, Henry James	Born: 1844	Died: 6/23/1927	Spouse: Frances M.
Step-children: Jessica Ward Grant, Lucille Grant 	
Notes: GAR Civil War, judge & WA senator	
Palmer, Infant	Born: 5/5/1918	Died: 5/5/1918
Parents: Arthur F. & Bertha F. Palmer 
Parberry, Josephine (Gawley)           Born: ? 1896	    Died: 3/20/1993	Spouse: Louis
Children: Louis, Jr., Gordon, Geraldine Adema		§4/1993         
Payne, Arthur R	Born: 11/10/1853	Died: 6/14/1917	Spouse: Jennie
Children: Esther (Robertson), Guy L.	Notes: Built O'Rourke/Harmoney house
Payne, Guy L.	Born: 9/24/1880	Died: 1/18/1943
Parents: Arthur & Jessie (or Jennie) Payne
Peel, Amanda Melby 	Born: 6/5/1893	Died: 11/25/1975	Spouse: ? Peel
Children: Earl
Peel, William	Born: 4/5/1901	Died: 11/17/1978	Spouse: Lorraine Hudson
Children: Beverly Baldwin      Notes: wife Lorraine sister of Willard Hudson     	§11/1978
Peterson, John Soren	Born: 3/5/1924	Died: 4/7/1986	Spouse: Mary	§5/1986
Peterson, Jules "Chrysler Pete"  Born: 12/24/1903	Died: 10/5/1995	Spouse: Lois Chamberlain
Children: Jewell Miller, Laurel, Terry	Siblings: Donald, Vincent, Tona
Parents: Thora & Julius Peterson			§10/1995
Peterson, Julius	Born: ?	Died: 1969	Spouse: Thora
Children: Jules, Donald, Vincent, Tona	Notes: Norwegian immigrants  	§4/1969
Peterson, Kenneth	Born: ?	Died: 10/8/1978	Spouse: Clara
Notes: Clara married Richard Severson after Kenneth died		§10/1978
Phair, Leona Lenora	Born: 3/20/1900	Died: 6/11/1998
Grandchild: Barbara Phair			§6/1998
Philbrook, Charles E.	Born: 5/8/1840	Died: 6/6/1915
Philbrook, Ethel Vera (Qualley)       Born: 6/5/1880        Died: 7/11/1973	      Spouse: Joshua M.
Children: Janet Hughes (born 3/26/1912)			§8/1973
Philbrook, Joshua M.	Born: 1881	Died: 7/4/1978	Spouse: Ethel Qualley
Children: Janet Hughes  Notes: Father was minister LI church		§8/1978
Pike, Grace Gawley	Born: 10/21/1858	Died: 8/6/1937
Parents: Robert & Josephine Gawley	Notes:  born in Detroit, MI
Pike, Helen Louise (infant)	Born: 2/4/1917 	Died: 2/6/1917
Parents: Lawrence S. and Anna Pike
Pike, Lawrence S.	Born: 3/2/1880	Died: 12/18/1918	Spouse: Anna
Notes:  born in Detroit, MI    (wife Anna later married Baldwin)
Pittman, Eva Mae	Born: 2/4/1906	Died: 8/12/1993	Spouse: ?
Children: Victor Armfield, Armand Armfield, LaPriel Barnes       Notes: Lived on LI  8 years
Pomeroy, Marianne	Born: 7/12/1934	Died: 11/5/1998	Spouse: Dan
Children: five				§11/1998
Pottle, Dorothy	Born: ?	Died: 11/1981	Spouse: Art
Children: Hugh, Roy, Harvey			§11/1981 
Prominski, Willis Raymond “Sandy”     Born: 1906	    Died: 5/26/1966	  Spouse: Sally Christensen
Children: Sharon Corcoran (Mrs. Ed)	Notes: wife is daughter of John Christensen
Purvis, Harris "Grandpa"	Born: 12/22/1908	Died: 10/1990	Spouse: Nellena
Children: Kenneth, Donna	Notes: friend of Beach School kids	§11/1990
Purvis, Nellena "Gramma"	Born: ?	Died: 11/23/1981	Spouse: Harris
Children: Kenneth, Donna	Notes: friend of Beach School kids	§11/1981
Pynor, Virginia	Born: 4/23/1904	Died: 4/15/1998	Spouse: Allan
Parents: George & Nancy Peters Clayton			§5/1998

Rasmussen, Agnes	Born: ?	Died: 11/16/1989	Spouse: C. Wilbur
Children: Gayle, Clark	Grandchild: Reis Southworth	§11/1989
Rasmussen, C. Wilbur	Born: ?	Died: 3/20/1984	Spouse: Agnes
Children: Gayle, Clark              	Grandchild: Reis Southworth	§4/1984
Reel, Virginia Stanley (Erdington)        Born: 1841	     Died: 3/24/1912	       Spouse: John H.
Reither, Irene	Born: 11/11/1915	Died: 10/7/1995
Notes: taught Beach School 1935-36			§11/1995
Reynolds, June (Robertson)	Born: 6/6/1918	Died: 11/12/1993	Spouse:
Children: Jon C. Reynolds	Parents: Charles & Esther Payne Robertson;
Granddaughter of Arthur & Jennie Payne			§1/1994
Richards, Elizabeth Margaret (Turner)   Born: 2/12/1839    Died: 4/18/1920    Spouse: Ripley Jonathan
Children: Althera, Warren, William, Mary, Llewellyn, Otis, Jenny, Violet, Russel, Leon
Richards, Goldie	Born: 7/20/1901	Died: 5/3/1902
Parents: William L. & Neva E.
Richards, Ripley Jonathan	Born: 4/19/1828	Died: 5/8/1905	Spouse: Elizabeth M. Turner
Children: Althera, Warren, William, Mary, Llewellyn, Otis, Jenny, Violet, Russel, Leon
Richards, Roger	Born: 4/20/1900	Died: 5/3/1900
Parents: William L. & Neva E.
Richardson, Faye (Cliff)	Born: 1/16/1915	Died: 9/17/1990	Spouse: William "Bill"
Children: Robin, Pat, Mike       Siblings: Earl,      1/2 sib Marilla, Ralph, Bill  	§10/1990 
Richardson, Lyman R.	Born: age 70	Died: 3/12/1973
Notes: died in Warm Springs, MT     
Righi, Marvel Augusta (Miller)      Born: 1/25/1912 	     Died: 12/31/1971          Spouse:
Children: Barbara McKing    Parents: Henry & Charlotte Miller	Sibling: Alice Miller Howard
Ringle, Daniel J. "Montana"	       Born: 1948 ?	Died: 4/6/1994	
Parents: Dan & Luana Ringle			§4/1994
Roberts, Henry	Born: age 85	Died: 10/4/1991	Spouse: Adda
Notes: died in Mesa, AZ			§11/1991
Robertson, Charles T.	Born: 1888	Died: 1/3/1967	Spouse: Esther Payne
Children: June Reynolds, Fay Haven	Grandchild: Betty Haven Armbruster
Robertson, Esther A. (Payne)	      Born: 2/24/1893	     Died: 1/15/1975	   Spouse: Charles T.
Children: June Reynolds, Fay Haven	Grandchild: Betty Haven Armbruster
Parents:  Arthur & Jennie Payne
Robinson, E. Earl	Born: ?	Died: 6/11/1985	Spouse: Helen
Children: one son, two daughters			§6/1985
Roehl, Carl F.	Born: ?	Died: 5/15/1984	Spouse:	
Children: Will, Carl, Jr.			§6/1984
Rohrbacker, Clifford M. "Rocky"     Born: 2/12/1906      Died: 11/20/1991	      Spouse: Gretelle Quirt
Children: Bob				§1/1992
Rohrbacker, Gretelle (Quirt)       Born: 6/2/1911	Died: 1/16/1997	Spouse: Clifford M.
Children: Donna Weiss, Mary Meyer, Bill, Steve, Bob
Parents: Clyde Eaton & Gertrude Quirt	Sibling: Joan Geleynse 	§2/1997
Roughton, Willis Russell, Jr.	       Born: 10/2/1921	      Died: 1/1/1982	     Spouse: Patricia
Children: Garry, Willis, Larry, Don			ß1/1982
Rutquist, Eric Andrew	Born: 3/17/1920	Died: 7/18/2000	Spouse Melvina Eldora
Notes:  interred Lummi Cemetery 7/24/00		
Rutquist, Melvina Eldora	Born: 8/26/1914	Died: 7/18/2000	Spouse: Eric Andrew
Children: Linda Arden (married to Robin Arden)	Sibling: Mary Martin
Notes:  interred Lummi Cemetery 7/24/00			

Sadler, Andrew "Andy" Joseph	Born:  8/16/1966	Died: 5/4/1986	
Parents: Jack and Mary Sadler			§5/1986
Schuler, Glenn	Born: 4/8/1914	Died: 2/19/1993	Spouse: Wanda Anable
Children: Glenda Galahan, Jerry Glenn			§4/1993
Schuler, Jerry Glenn	Born: 9/12/1939	Died: 2/5/1995	Spouse: Judith Kuhns
Children: Jerry Glenn, Jr., Valerie Byrenes, Dawn Schuler
Parents: Glen & Wanda Schuler			§2/1995
Schuller, Ray	Born: 1924 ?	Died: 10/27/1992	Spouse: Louella
Notes: electrician on LI 1960's-70's			§11/1992
Schwichtenberg, Albert Henry    Born: 11/11/1904   Died: 11/15/1996  Spouse: Anna Lucille Shumway
Children: Dr. Alan, Anna Lou Hall, Joann Freimund		
Notes: AF Brig Gen				§1/1997
Schwichtenberg, Anna Lucille (Shumway)     Born: 5/5/1906   Died: 10/9/1995	Spouse: Albert Henry
Children: Dr. Alan, Anna Lou Hall, Joann Freimund	
Notes: husband was AF Brig. Gen. Albert Henry Schwichtenberg		§11/1995
Scott, Katherine Emily	Born: 10/13/1908	Died: 7/13/1997
Parents: Edgar & Katherine	Notes: not married		§7/1997
Seelye, Hannah K. 	Born: 11/10/1833	Died: 2/18/1915	Spouse: Merrick C.
Notes: Hannah & Merrick on same headstone
Seelye, James Barton	Born: 1/6/1880	Died: 10/11/1940
Parents: Lyman & Lorinda               Notes: born in Jackson Co, MN; Sunday School teacher
Seelye, Lorinda Emiline (Fields)     Born: 8/17/1854	        Died: 11/21/1923        Spouse: Lyman W.
Children: James Barton  
Notes:  born Sun Prairie, WI;       Also parent/guardian to Sophie Baker (born 6/17/03)
Seelye, Lyman W. 	Born: 1/7/1853	Died: 4/1/1939	Spouse: Lorinda E.
Children: James Barton	Notes: born Covington, PA
Seelye, Merrick C.	Born: 2/5/1832	Died: 9/12/1907	Spouse: Hannah K.
Seelye, Viola 	Born: ?  	Died: 1920
Semmen, Tormod A.         Born: ?         Died: 5/5/1991            Spouse: Vera Belanger	§5/1991
Semmen, Vera Belanger	Born: 1910	Died: 10/8/1993
Spouse (1): Joe Belanger             Spouse (2): Tormod Semmen		§10/1993
Semoff (?), Mrs. Pete	Born: ?	Died: 3/1971	Spouse:
Notes: former Islander, born on Lopez Island		§5/1971
Small, Mark Edward 	Born: 10/27/1962	Died: 9/8/1981
Parents: Jack and Frances "Frankie" Small	      Sibling: Jackie Small	
Smith, Almon S.	Born: 4/13/1870	Died: 9/13/1947	Spouse: Mary E.
Children: Guy, Manley, Leona, Attwood (b. 3/28/06), Donald (b. 1/15/16) Virginia (b. 8/27/18)
Sibling: George H.
Smith, Donald M.	Born: 1/15/1917	Died: 11/6/1996	Spouse: Joann Stanovich
Children: Donna, Manly         Parents: Almon & Mary                Notes: died Maple Heights, OH
Smith, Emma C.	Born: 1879	Died: 1946	Spouse: James E. Smith
Smith, Forrest Attwood	Born: 3/28/1906	Died: 4/26/1998
Parents:  Almon S. & Mary E.
Smith, Gary Lyman	Born:  3/4/1938	Died: 12/16/2000	Spouse:  Val
Children: Laurie Leishman, Todd Smith, Jim Anderson, Marvin Anderson, Mary Eva, Kathy Broman, Sharon Taylor, Laurie Anderson.	Parents: Harold & Beatrice (Beeman) Smith
Siblings: Twin Larry Smith  Aunts: Ruth Davis, Delia Larson, Millicant Tuttle	ß1/2001
Smith, George H.	Born: 7/1/1860	Died: 12/15/1928	
Parents: T.B. & Sarah
Smith, Guy	Born: 9/6/1909	Died: 9/9/1911	
Parents: Almon S. & Mary E.                Siblings: Manley, Leona, Attwood, Donald, Virginia
Smith, Harold	Born: ?	Died: 2/1984	Spouse: Beatrice Beeman
Children: Gary, Larry				§2/1984
Smith, Harry B.	Born: 7/4/1858	Died: 10/7/1916	Spouse: Ida M
Smith, I. Albert	Born: 1884 ?	Died: 1967 ?
Smith, Ida M.	Born: ?	Died: 7/23/1937	Spouse: Harry B.
Smith, James E.	Born: 1874	Died: 1938
Smith, Manley  Alfred	Born: 8/18/1907	Died: 12/17/1931	
Parents: Almon & Mary	Siblings: Don, Leona, Attwood, Virginia
Note:  uncle of Manly (spelling correct)	Drowned in front of Beach Store
Smith, Mary E.	Born: 1884	Died: 1971	Spouse:  Almon S.
Children: Guy, Manley, Leona, Attwood, Donald, Virginia
Smith, Paul	Born: ?	Died: 8/1992	Spouse: Bernice
Children: Chad Pepperworth			§8/1982
Smith, Peter B.	Born: 9/21/1836	Died: 8/2/1918	Spouse: Sarah A.
Notes: born in Ontario
Smith, Rachel (infant)	Born: 11/24/1975 	Died: 11/24/1975 	
Parents: Manly and Marilyn Smith
Smith, Raymond S.	Born: 7/2/1906	Died: 2/16/1986	Spouse: Trula
Children: Curtis, Craig			§2/1986
Smith, Sarah A.	Born: 3/8/1834	Died:  2/26/1904        	Spouse:  Peter B. Smith
Smith, Trula P                Born: 10/18/1909  	Died: 12/22/1994	Spouse: Raymond S. Smith
Children: Curtis, Craig			§1/1995
Smith, Virginia Lee (Millis)	   Born: 2/21/1910	Died: 7/4/1995	Spouse: William
Children: Sonnie King	Parents:  Linton & Elizabeth Millis		
Notes: owned Beach Store 8/1970 to 1974			§7/1995
Staude, Gustave Gentil 	Born:  1901	Died: 1984
Children: Jean Kershner
Staude, Walden (Herreshoft)  	Born: 1907 	Died: 10/1987	
Children: Jean Kershner
Stephens, Jack Shelby	Born: 1/18/1929	Died: 9/9/1957	
Parents: Al J. & Albie Stephens	Cousins: Shelba B. Harris & Virginia Susan
Stewart, Michael Shannon	Born: 1963 	Died: 9/6/1982
Parents: Carol & John         Notes:  killed on "Investor" fishing boat Alaska  	§9/1982
Stoffer, Bill Dean	Born: 3/21/1927	Died: 11/24/1992	Spouse:  Darlene
Children: Devon, Leslie Quinto, Randy			§1/1993
Strachila, Florence (Miller)	Born: ?	Died: 9/1985	
Siblings: Grace Tuttle, Jack Miller			§10/1985
Sutherland, Paul Franklin, Sr. "Bud"    Born: 9/3/1927      Died: 8/16/1992	    Spouse (1):Marcel Kerns
Spouse (2): Ola Rose Gibbs    Spouse (3): Mamie Hadley     Spouse (4): Jafra Mitzi Schireman
Children by Spouse (2): Paul, Jr., Lori, Alice, Scott		§9/1992
Swaen, Bob	Born:  5/30/1946	Died:  10/6/1999
Siblings:  Pete				§10/1999
Syre, Ole	Born: ?	Died: ?
Notes:  Outside Super. at Carlisle before Tomtan

Taft, Frank M. "Pop" 	Born: 1/12/1873	Died: 6/6/1955	Spouse: Ruby Blizard
Children: Maurine Melcher, Dorothy House	           Note: Taft Road is namesake
Taft, Ruby (Blizard) "Mom"	   Born: 6/26/1878	Died: 5/29/1964	Spouse: Frank M.
Children:  Maurine Melcher, Dorothy House	           Granddaughter: Jacquelyn Gaines
Parents:  Leonidus & Sallie Blizard	Note: Blizard has one "z" per gr-dau Jacquelyn
Tankersley, Grace Marie 	Born: 9/13/1912	Died: 1/1/1985	Spouse: Theodore (Ted)
Children: Mrs. Paul Guthrie              Grandchild: Sherrie Bartlett		§1/1985
Tankersley, Theodore R	Born: 1907	Died: 1989	Spouse: Grace Marie
Children: Mrs. Paul Guthrie              Grandchild: Sherrie Bartlett
Teicher, Mark	Born: 1948	Died: 7/30/1997	Spouse: Sara Storm
Step-child: Amy Henry          Sibling: Christine Cahea ?		§9/1997
Thomas, Doris L.	Born: 3/12/1922	Died: 11/3/1994	Spouse: John L.
Children: John, Nancy Markwood	
Thomas, Irene Medora	Born: 1897	Died: 11/6/1978
Note:  Purchased Loganita Lodge before Gossages		§11/1978
Thomas, Janice Lavaughn (Walls)	Born: 6/21/1947	Died: 10/7/1995
Note: lived on LI about 1 yr. in 80's or 90's	
Note: 1st female Afro-America locomotive engineer in US		§11/1995
Thomas, John L.	Born: 10/1/1922	Died: 11/15/1996	Spouse: Doris L.
Children: John, Nancy (Thomas) Markwood	                Sibling: Robert H. Thomas
Thomas, Lois Emily	Born: 4/15/1904	Died: 7/21/1992	Spouse: William
Children: William, Bernard, Darrell, Kathleen Staeber, Darlene Gilmore
Sibling: Sadie Howard			§9/1992
Thomas, Peter Danton	Born: 6/22/1919	Died:  2/22/2000	Spouse Daphne
Children:  William, Ann, Fae, Patricia	Sibling: Robert		§3/2000
Thomas, William        Born: 1902          Died: 11/30/1985           Spouse: Lois Emily  	§11/1985
Tomtan, Lucy Granger	Born: 10/25/1910	Died: 8/13/2000	Spouse:  Martin Tomtan
Children: Paul, Tom	Siblings: See GRANGER SIBLINGS
Parents:  Arthur and Janet (McMillan) Granger		§9/2000
Tomtan, Tom	Born: ?	Died: ?
Note: Outside Superintendent at Carlisle Cannery
Townley, Leslie V.	Born: 1905	Died: 3/6/1993	Spouse: Phoebe
Children: Gail Rittenberg, Sharon Griemsmann		§3/1993
Townley, Phoebe	Born: ?	Died: 6/1985	Spouse:  Leslie V.
Children: Gail Rittenberg, Sharon Griemsmann		§7/1985
Travis, Peter James	Born: 1963	Died: 6/1983           Parents: James D. & Helen M.
	Note:  died in accident
Trumbull, Tom	Born: ?	Died: 1975	Spouse: Florence
Children:  Dan and a "bevy of girls"			§10/1975
Tuckett, Sophie Eleanor (Saxon)        Born: 11/25/1867       Died: 3/22/1962	      Spouse: Edward John
Children: Edith (Tuckett) Granger, Irene Guinan, Horace  
Turner, Georgiana	Born: 1854	Died: 1939
Tuttle, Anna "Annie"	Born: 1/4/1884	Died: 7/16/1908
Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara	Siblings: Moses, Christian, Jr., Bertha, Hiram, Marc
Tuttle, (stillborn male baby)	     Born: ?       Died: ?            Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara
Tuttle, Bertha M.	Born: 12/8/1880	Died: 7/7/1898
Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara	Siblings: Moses, Christian, Jr., Anna, Hiram, Marc
Tuttle, Christian, Jr.	Born: 3/10/1885	Died: 1/27/1968
Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara           Siblings: Moses, Anna, Bertha, Hiram, Marc	§2/1968	
Tuttle, Christian, Sr.	Born: 5/25/1827	Died: 1/4/1902	Spouse: Clara Shrewsberry
Children: Christian, Jr., Moses, Hiram, Anna, Bertha, Marc
Note: 1st white settler on LI 1871,     born in Crescent City, CA,     married Clara circa 1880
Tuttle, Clara (infant)	Born: ?	Died: 1881           Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara 	
Tuttle, Clara (Shrewsberry)	Born: 3/25/1858	Died: 8/17/1901	Spouse: Christian, Sr.
Children: Christian, Jr., Moses, Hiram, Anna, Bertha, Marc
Note: , married Christian, Sr.(1st white settler on LI,  1871) circa 1880
Tuttle, Floyd	Born: 11/17/1915	Died: 4/5/1993	Spouse: Grace Miller
Children: Dolores, Richard	Parents: Moses & Hattie	
Siblings: Marion, Echo Griffiths, Joan, Harriet, Harvey		§4/1993
Tuttle, Grace (Miller)	Born: 11/23/1921	Died: 1/16/1995	Spouse: Floyd
Children: Dolores, Richard	Parents: Charles & Ella Miller
Siblings: Florence, Jack, Ray, Betty, Ethel, Joe, Lorence		§2/1995
Tuttle, Harriet 	Born: 10/29/1918	Died: ?	Spouse: Albert Heidbreder
Parents: Moses & Hattie Tuttle                Siblings: Marion, Floyd, Echo Griffiths, Joan, Harvey
Tuttle, Hattie Belle (Corcoran)         Born: 8/6/1896	       Died: 6/7/1967	     Spouse: Moses
Children: Floyd, Marion, Echo, Harvey, Joan, Harriet
Note: Born in KS				§6/1967
Tuttle, Hiram N.	Born: 4/22/1888	Died: 6/2/1986	
Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara  	Siblings: Christian, Jr., Moses, Bertha, Anna, Marc
Notes: Pvt Army WW I			§6/1986
Tuttle, Joe	Born: 1943	Died: 8/8/1985
Parents: Marion and Millicent Tuttle			§9/1985
Tuttle, Marcus S. “Marc”	Born: 5/21/1883	Died: 3/7/1941
Parents: Christian, Sr. & Clara	Siblings: Christian, Jr., Hiram, Moses, Bertha, Anna
Tuttle, Moses              Born: 4/9/1890             Died: 5/18/1952           Spouse: Hattie Belle Corcoran
Children: Marion, Floyd, Echo Griffiths, Harvey, Joan, Harriet	Parents: Christian Sr. & Clara
Siblings: Christian, Jr., Hiram, Bertha, Anna, Marc

Unknown, Young Woman	Note: Found in 1921 when grave opened to bury John Alfs
Upton, Alice	Born: 2/28/1901	Died: 3/17/1994

Van Horn, William  J. "Bud"	        Born: 6/1/1904	      Died: 4/10/1991	      Spouse: Constance
Children: Beverly Landerholm, Betty Elwell	          G-child: Barbara Eschbach	§4/1991
Van, Collet Dryden, Michael				§1/1992
Vaughn, Matthew 	Born: ? age 58	Died: 9/7/1908

Waddell, Jerry M., Jr.	Born: 1949	Died: 6/1984
Parents:  Sally (Nielsen) & Jerry Waddell, Sr.
Wade, Gary	Born: ?	Died: 11/1979
Children:  Cathy Luke				§11/1979
Walters, Leon Lex	Born: 2/3/1918	Died: 2/3/1993	Spouse: Ruth Wallen
Children: Penelope				§2/1993
Walther, Alma Eileen	Born: 3/9/1910	Died: 4/11/1996	Spouse: Loren Walther
Children: Darlene Stoffer, Buddie Friesen	G-children: Leslie Quento, Randy
Parents: Ben & Trudie Schultz Friesen			§5/1996
Western, Robert H.        Born: ?         Died: 8/8/1982            Spouse: Leone Noble	§8/1982
Weston, Ronald Rushfeldt	Born: 3/17/1956	Died: 6/4/1981	
Parents: Stan and Norma Weston	Notes: Interred 7/1981
Weston, Stanley Alfred 	Born: 1907	Died: 2/1986	Spouse: Marion
Children: Stanley, Jr., Linda Madsen,  Dan & Richard Mahoney	
Notes:  CWO Army WW II & Mason			§3/1986
Westphal, Suzanne	Born:  3/6/1906	Died: 5/22/1998	Spouse: Bruno
Children: Charmain, Patricia			§7/1998
Wheatcroft, William	Born: age 95	Died: 7/1971
Children:  Mrs. (Bill) Muriel Clark			§7/1971
Wifler, Ellen Jeanette         Born: 3/30/1918         Died: 6/24/1995         Spouse: Francis William Wifler
Children: John, Mike, Patricia Raichle, Pamela             Sibling: Lorelle Turpin 	§7/1995
Williams, Sam	Born: 8/11/1915	Died: 10/12/1997	Spouse: Fredricka
Children: Penny Williams            Siblings: Peggy Bohlman, Jessie Wilkie	§11/1997
Winds-Johnson, Noah Gordon	Born: 12/11/1982	Died: 12/19/1982
Parents: Laura Winds & Dan Johnson			§1/1983
Wolff, Bruno	Born: 1920	Died: 1980	Spouse: Renate
Wolff, Renate	Born:  1914 	Died 1/27/1982	Spouse: Bruno
Woodard, Ann Francis (Bowden)     Born: 2/17/1901   Died: 1/12/1979    Spouse: George T. Woodard
Sibling: Nellie Bowden              Parents: Albion and Anne (Anna?) (Lane) Bowden
Woodard, George T.	Born: 10/2/1914	Died: 3/29/1979	Spouse: Ann Francis Bowden
Notes:  Born in Torry, WY 
Woodard, W.                    	Born: 1866	Died: 9/2/1926 
Notes:  Buried LI Cemetery in plot owned by Louise Woodard
Woods, Thelbert "Woody"	Born: ?	Died: 3/7/1991	Spouse: Helen
Children: Nancy, Helen, Sherry, Thain, John, Dan, Don		§3/1991
Wright, Alfred David (Jim)	Born: 5/19/1909	Died: 1978
Parents: Franklin Wright, Sr.	Sibling: Franklin E., Jr.
Wright, Celeste	Born: 1921	Died: 1962	Spouse: Franklin Wright, Jr.
Children: Patricia Woodburn
Wright, Charles	Born: 5/26/1866-67           Died: 1929	Spouse (2) Olive Linden
Children: Elsie	Sibling: Franklin Wright, Sr.
Notes: Partner with brother Franklin at Carlisle Packing Co.
Wright, Dale	Born: ?	Died: 9/25/1985	Spouse: Cecelia
Notes: Treasurer of LICC			§10/1985
Wright, Franklin Eugene, Jr.	    Born: 1/30/1908	  Died: 2/23/1997	Spouse (1) Celeste Kienast;
Spouse (2) Mildred Hennessy  	Children: Patricia Woodburn	
Parents:  Franklin, Sr. & Myrtle Cramer Wright		§3/1997
Wright, Franklin, Sr.	Born: 8/17/1866	Died: 5/29/1935	Spouse (1) Myrtle Cramer;
Spouse (2) Leigh Graham Allen;        Spouse (3) Maud
Children w/Myrtle: Franklin, Jr., Alfred	Siblings: Harry, Charles
Wright, Harry	Born:?	Died:?	Spouse: Maud
Siblings: Franklin, Sr., Albert, Charles	Notes: Lived on LI about 2 years  about 1902
Wright, Leigh Graham (Allen)        Born: ?	Died: 1932	Spouse: Franklin Wright, Sr.
Sibling: R.C. Graham, Super of Carlisle Cannery
Wright, Maud	Born: ?	Died: ca 1956	Spouse (1) Harry Wright
Spouse (2): Franklin Wright, Sr.
Wright, Myrtle (Cramer)	Born: 11/28/1880	Died: 10/17/1919	Spouse:  Franklin Wright, Sr.
Children: Franklin, Jr., Verna, Marion, Alfred (AKA Jim)
Wright, Olive Linden	Born: ?	Died: ?	Spouse: Charles Wright
Notes: 2nd wife of Charles
Wright, Wilhemina "Billie:	Born:?	Died:  5/14/1982	Spouse: Willis K. 
Notes: married about 1959			§6/1982
Wright, Willis K.	Born: 9/15/1918	Died: 7/29/1998	Spouse: Wilhemina "Billie"
Parents: Frank & Victoria			§9/1998