Lamona Cemetery  Obituaries


                                   and Lamona Lutheran Cemetery Obituaries





The Lamona Cemetery obituaries are a compilation of known burials in the Lamona Cemetery and the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery, which abut one another.  Both are located in Sec 34 T 22N R 34 EWM. The cemeteries are located about one mile southwest of the townsite of Lamona, Lincoln County, WA. From Highway 28, turn south on Yarwood Rd, crossing the RR tracks and up the hill to the Lamona Cemetery Rd, turn west for about one mile. As the road turns south, the cemetery is on the northwest corner of the bend. The Lamona Public Cemetery was  deeded by W H and Alpha (Parker) Vent on 30 Oct 1897 to the County of Lincoln for the consideration of one dollar. The Lamona Public Cemetery was dedicated on Oct 13, 1898. The last deeded owner of the Lamona Public Cemetery is the Lincoln Co Commissioners, who assert that it is not their responsibility. They indicate that they gave the cemetery to the Methodist church and no documentation for the transfer has been found. Consequently, the Lamona Cemetery is not cared for.  The Lamona Lutheran Cemetery was deeded a 200-foot square in 1907, just west of the community cemetery. The Lutheran Cemetery and its records are under the control of the Zion Emanuel Lutheran Church of Odessa. This cemetery also shows no signs of having a sexton or being maintained.

Cemetery was cleaned in 1999, photographed and documented. It was reviewed Oct 2004.

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“The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Brueggemeier died last Wednesday and was buried in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery Saturday. Rev Schlichting of Odessa conducted the funeral services.” (Odessa Record of March 11, 1910) This gravesite consists of layered stones over the grave next to the tombstone of Olga Brueggmeier, no tombstone was found for this infant.



The white tombstone for Olga Brueggemeier shows “Olga Brueggemeier, Jan-June, 1913” and is in the Zion Lutheran Cemetery of Lamona. An obituary has not yet been located for her.


CALLIOTT, Earl G:                                     

“Earl G. Calliott. born: 5-09-1915 in Lamona, WA;  died: 6-17-1918 in Lincoln Co;  father = John E. Calliott, born WA;  mother = Minnie Luiten, born MN;  cause of death = convulsions;  burial: Lamona;  informant: (not specified).”  (Lincoln Co Health Death Certificate) “Earl Gerhart, only child of John and Minnie Calliott, ranchers of Lamona, died at his home, Monday night, June 17, 1918. He was born May 9, 1915, being a little over three years old. For about a year the child had been a sufferer from a painful malady, which proved to be a cancerous growth inside the head. Several weeks before his death, his sight was entirely cut off; and to those who waited upon him so patiently, death came at last as a great relief for the little sufferer. The funeral was held in the Methodist Church of Lamona, Thursday afternoon, the Rev W. A. Pratt officiating, and burial being in the Lamona Methodist Cemetery.” (Harrington Citizen Obituary of June 28, 1918) The grave is marked with a tombstone.


CALLIOTT: Henry Huck Calliott-see also HUCK

(Henry Huck was buried in the Lamona Cemetery, his tombstone bearing the surname Calliott. It is assumed that he was adopted by his step-father and was buried under that name. School records and news items show he used the surname Huck.)



“The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. William Calliott, living 7 miles northeast of Odessa, died last Sunday morning (Aug 23rd) of cholera infantum. The funeral took place Monday from the residence and was largely attended. The little one was buried in the cemetery at Lamona.” (Odessa Record of Aug 29, 1902) His tombstone shows his birth as July 12, 1902 and his death as Aug 23, 1902.



“On account of the death of Mr. Calliott, who was a member of our local school board, school was dismissed Monday, the day of his death, and was not taken up again until Thursday, the day after his funeral. On Monday the community was shocked by the report of the death of William Calliott, one of the early settlers of this section, at his home two and one-half miles south of town. Mr. Calliott died of Bright’s disease, with which he has been troubled for the past two years, but not badly until the past week. Funeral services were held in the school house at this place Wednesday morning, conducted by Rev Father Van de Ven of Sprague, interment in the Lamona Cemetery.” (Harrington Citizen of Apr 21, 1905) His tombstone shows his birth as May 13, 1859 and his death as Apr 24, 1905.


CAMPBELL, Douglas (no obit found)

Douglas Campbell  died  Nov 15, 1896  per  probate records, reportedly of the Lamona vicinity. His burial was not specified in the probate records and to date his burial has not been located elsewhere.  It would be possible that the wooden enclosure and wooden tombstone marks his grave, since the lettering for Doug and ____ell are visible. His property was in Sec 28 Twp 21 R 33. He was known only to have a brother in Michigan, Alfred E Campbell.


COX, Burton G. (no obit found)

The tombstone of Burton G Cox is posited in the Lamona Cemetery and shows his date of death as Sept 7, 1897, aged 13 yr 5 mos 18 days. Burton was the son of J. P. and Sarah Cox. The 1892 census of Lincoln County shows the family of J. P. and Sarah as: Ora, 10 years; Burt, 8 years; Ivan, 6 years; Jessie, 4 years; Perry, 2 years; and Henry, an infant. Burton was born in Oregon; his parents were natives of Missouri.


FINCH, _____

There is an adult grave-sized cement pad with no obvious headstone in the area of the other Finch graves.


FINCH, August (no obit found)

The grave of August Finch is marked with a tombstone that is crumbling, showing his birth on Dec 12, 1860 and his death on Jan 5, 1920. On the 1900 census, Augustus was shown as born in Dec 1848 in NY, single and residing with his brother Cyrus Finch.   Augustus Dayton Finch, per family report, was born Dec 8, 1848, in NY, son of Reuben and Mary Ann (Sprague) Finch. He was never married, and died Jan 5, 1920.


FINCH, Cyrus and Lena (no obit found)

The tombstone for Cyrus and Lena is a shared tombstone, showing Cyrus, 1870-1927, and Lena as born in 1879, with no death date. According to the data furnished on the Lamona Precinct 1900 census, Cyrus was born in MN, and had been married to Lena in 1898. At that time they reported no children born to them. Cyrus William Finch was born 11-25-1869 in MN, and married Lena O’Hare on 5-04-1898. Cyrus was a son of Reuben and Mary Ann (Sprague) Finch. Cyrus died in 1927. Lena died May 17, 1965 and was buried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Everett , WA .   Cyrus William Finch was born 11-25-1869 in MN, and married Lena O’Hare on 5-04-1898.  Cyrus W Finch. Died: 29 July 1927, age 56, Chelan, Chelan Co, WA. Father: Rubin Finch; Mother: Mary Ann Sprague Finch.” (WA State Death Records)  Lena died May 17, 1965 and was buried in Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Everett , WA .


FINCH, Mrs. Mary Ann  

“The funeral of Mrs. Mary Ann Finch was held at the Methodist Church, Lamona, on Wednesday. The services were conducted by M R Brown, the pastor. Mrs. Finch was the widow of Ruben Finch who died 8 years ago. She died at Chelan where she has been living for some time, having sold the farm near Lamona. Mrs. Finch has been a consistent Christian and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church since girlhood and when she died was nearly 90 years of age. Her body was accompanied from Chelan to Lamona by her three sons. A married daughter lives in New York.” (Harrington Citizen  of Jan 14, 1915) Her tombstone reads May Ann Finch, May 9, 1837-Jan 6, 1915, wife of Reuben.  May and Reuben Finch were listed on the 1900 census at Lamona with the household of their son, Cyrus Finch. May was reportedly born in NY as was Reuben. She had given birth to six children, four of which were living in 1900.


FINCH, Mildred M.

There is a tombstone bearing the name Mildred M., daughter of Cyrus W. and Lena Finch, Sept 24, 1903, Sept 12, 1904, and a footmarker with the initials MMF.


FINCH, Reuben

“On Monday of this week, at Lamona, Reuben Finch died of pneumonia, after an illness of three weeks, aged 82 years. The funeral was held in Lamona at 10 AM Tuesday, and was largely attended by friends of the family, among those present from Downs being Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McIntosh. Two sons of the deceased live in this county, and two others in the East.—Downs Dispatch.” (Harrington Citizen  of Nov 20, 1903) His tombstone reads Ruben Finch, Nov 24, 1821-Nov 9, 1903, GAR Civil War, husband of May Ann. A foot marker bears the initials R. .F..


FINNEY, Beulah:

“Beulah Finney, the 5 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Finney, died at Dr Setter’s last Tuesday of tubercular meningitis of the brain. The child has been ill for some time and her death created little surprise to the many friends of the family, nevertheless, the end was a sad bereavement to the fond parents and they have the sympathy of the whole community.” (Harrington Citizen of Apr 7, 1899)  Beulah Finney died April 4, 1899 with burial in the Lamona Cemetery, however, her tombstone now is posited in the Odessa Cemetery, “Beulah A Finney, July 30, 1893, April 4, 1899”. No documentation has been found, to date, to confirm the removal of the body to the Odessa Cemetery.   


FINNEY, Lelia A.:

“Lelia A Finney, April 30, 1895, Oct 23, 1898.” Her tombstone  is posited in the Odessa Cemetery.  Since the Odessa Cemetery was not in existence at that time, it is assumed that this grave was originally in the Lamona Cemetery. No evidence has been found for the removal or reburial into the Odessa Cemetery. Lelia A. Finneyu was the daughter of George and Mary Finney.



“Mrs. George Finney died at her home in this city about 7 o’clock this morning (Saturday), from a complicated disease from which she had been suffering for some time, although she was considered entirely out of danger. On Sunday last she was up and around and apparently was a well woman, but the sudden change came and she passed away. Mrs. Finney was born in Missouri, and was 38 years old, she was married to George Finney in 1892 in Colorado and had lived in this city since that time, being one of the pioneer settlers of this section. She leaves to mourn her loss, a husband and two little girls, Tressa, age 5 years and Pearl, age 2 years; and a brother James Ray of this city. The grief stricken husband and little family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community. Services will be held at the house at 10:30 Sunday. Interment will take place at Lamona.” (Odessa Record of Oct 18, 1901) (“Mary S. Finney, Aug 22, 1860, Oct 19, 1901” on her tombstone which is now posited in the Odessa Cemetery. Mary was the mother of Tressa, Pearl, Lelia and Beulah.) 



“Maria Gelada; Died: 24 May 1902 at Lamona;  Born: Bohemia 36 years ago;  Buried: Lamona Community Cemetery; signed by: H J van de Ven, Rector” (Catholic Territorial Ledger at Spokane) No tombstone has been located for her burial. 



“H. C. Gruenhagen died last Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H. F. Eggers, south of town, at the age of 78 years. The apparent cause of death was old age. He is survived by a wife and five children. The funeral was held at Lamona Monday, and the remains were interred in the Lamona Cemetery.” (Odessa Record of Sept 23, 1910) WA State Certificate of Death for H. C. Gruenhagen shows: “male, white, married, born Jan 20, 1822 in Germany, aged 78 yrs 7 mos 26 days; father: don’t know, born Germany; mother’s maiden name: Mecker born Germany; Informant: Mrs. H. H. Luiten; Date of death: Sept 16, 1910 at 9:10 a.m.; cause of death: unknown; Signed Lee Ganson, MD; Place of burial: Lamona, WA, Dept 19, 1910, Undertaker: Stone & Son.” His tombstone shows: “H. C. Gruenhagen, born Jan 20, 1832, died Sept 16, 1910”, with a footmarker which reads “Father”.  Burial occurred in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery.



“Word came Wednesday that Grandma Gruenhagen died in California and that her body will arrive here for burial at the Lamona Cemetery Sunday.” (Odessa Record of May 26, 1916)  “Maria Gruenhagen, Dec 29, 1829, May 24, 1916” per her tombstone, which also has “28 Ps 6”. The grave has a  “Mother” foot marker.  No obituary found locally. She was preceded in death by her husband. They were members of the Lamona Lutheran Church. Burial occurred in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery, just west of the Lamona Public Cemetery.



“Died Nov 10, 1905 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Heath, in Spokane, Mrs. Johana Hammersmith, aged 60 years. The remains were shipped to Lamona and buried at the Lamona Cemetery where she rests in peace with her mother and husband. Grandma Hammersmith was well known at her home in Lamona and at her daughter’s place in Spokane, and leaves a number of children to mourn her loss. Her death was caused by an operation for appendicitis on the 4th of last May, her age and weak constitution being against her recovery. The children of Grandma Hamersmith all wish to give their greatest of thanks to all the dear friends who were so kind to us in our bereavement. E. J. Hamersmith.” (Harrington Citizen of  Dec 1, 1905) Her tombstone shows the death date of Nov 10, 1905, aged 60 years, one month, one day.



“L. F. Hammersmith passed away, at his home two miles north of Lamona, Thursday, Jan 10, at the age of 61 years, 10 dyas. He was buried last Sunday in the Lamona Cemetery under the auspices of the IOOF order, he being Past Grand of Floyd Valley lodge No 208, Melbourne, Iowa. Deceased was German by birth, came from Iowa to this country in the early days, had been in very poor health for the past year or more. Leaves five children, Adolph, Fred and Edward, and Mrs. Anna Walch and Mrs. Lydia Heath, the latter residing in Spokane, the others all living in the vicinity of Lamona. A number of Odd Fellows from the Harrington lodge were present at the funeral services.” (Harrington Citizen of Jan 18, 1901) “Mr. L. F. Hammerschmidt, who recently died near Harrington, was another old settler of the county, who had recently dropped out of notice. He was the Hammerschmidt, if we can remember correctly, who formerly had the handle ‘Doctor’, tacked onto his name, and who possessed some skill as a practitioner among the afflicted. Not having a diploma, however, objection was raised to his continued practice, and he abandoned the work altogether. He leaves a widow and grown family. His funeral was conducted under the auspices of the IOOF lodge, of which order he was a member.” (LCT of Jan 25, 1901) His tombstone shows the death date, Jan 10, 1901, aged 61 years and 10 days. Family records show the birth of Leonard F. Hamersmith in Alsace-Lorraine, France on Dec 31, 1839. He migrated via Iowa in 1879 to San Francisco on the Southern Pacific RR and from there by boat to Portland, Oregon. He purchased a farm in North Yamhill, Oregon and also had a doctor’s office there. In 1886 his two sons moved to Lamona and filed on homesteads. In 1887 his daughter and son-in-law (E E Heath) came to Lamona. In 1888 Dr Hamersmith, Johanna and his son E J took a train from Portland to Ritzville, WA and then traveled by wagon to Lamona. On the 1889 census of Lincoln Co, the household of L. F. Hamersmith consisted of: L. F., Johanna, Adolph, Linda, Ed and his mother-in-law, A. M.. 


HARMS, Elizabeth

“Harms.—Mrs. Elizabeth Harms, aged 53 years, died Friday at Sacred Heart hospital.  She leaves a husband and several children at Lamona, WA, where the remains will be sent for burial.” (Spokane Chronicle of Feb 10, 1912) Lincoln Co probate file #1390 for the estate of Elisabeth Harms shows the following:  Elisabeth Harms died Feb 9, 1912 and her will was dated the 6th of Feb 1912.  Included in the file was an affidavit of Henry Harms, age 51, dated Feb 24, 1912. Children of Elizabeth and Henry Harms were identified as: Anna Weber, 27; John A. Harms, 26; Louise Leininger, 23; Emma F. Harms, 21; Martha Chandler, 20; Walter Harms, 19; Adolph Harms, 17; Sophia Harms, 15; Theodore Harms, 12; Gilbert Harms, 10; and Olga Harms, 8. The WA State Dept of Health death certificate shows the following: “Elizabeth Harm; female, white, married; aged 53 yrs, born: Canada; father: George Schweikert; mother: Sophia Struble, both born in Germany. Date of death: Feb 9, 1912 Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. The cause of death was primarily septic peritonitis; secondarily: surgical shock; J. G. Cunningham, MD; Place of burial: Lamona, WA, Feb 10, 1912; Undertaker: Smith & Co.”  Burial occurred in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery within an iron fence enclosure marked with individual tombstones, “Elisabeth, wife of Henry Harms. Born May 7, 1858. Died Feb 9, 1912.” 


HARMS, Henry

“Henry Harms, a pioneer farmer of the Lamona district, died at the home of his son-in law, Edward Roeders, at Odessa Monday morning, of a complication of diseases, after an illness that dated back to the time he suffered a paralytic stroke about three years ago.  Mr. Harms was 61 years of age. He was born at Hamburg, MN, where he grew to manhood and married Elizabeth Ashweikert. Twelve children blest their union, all of whom are still living. In 1905 the family moved to Washington and settled on a farm where Mrs. Harms died about ten years ago, and Mr. Harms lived until a few months ago when he came to Odessa. His funeral was held yesterday afternoon. Two services were held, the first at the Lutheran church at Odessa, at which Rev H. P. Christensen officiated and another for his many friends at Lamona at which the Rev Henry Brockman, pastor of the Lutheran church south of Odessa officiated. After the services his remains were laid to rest beside those of his wife in the Lamona Cemetery. His children who mourn his loss are Mesdames E. Roeders, Odessa; W. H. Schleef, Lamona; William Tanke, Mohler; Mrs. Sinegar, Bear Springs, MT; Roy Chandler, Havre, MT; Chas Weber, Zainsville, OH; Miss Olga Harms, of Seattle; Walter, Theodore and Gilbert Harms of Lamona, John and Adolph Harms of Montana.—Odessa Record.” (Harrington Citizen of March 10, 1922) His burial, marked by his tombstone, occurred in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery which abuts the Lamona Public Cemetery.


HICLE, Henry, May 15, 1914

The body of Henry Hicle was brought from Spokane to Lamona on 43. It was taken directly from the train to the ME Church where the service was held. He was buried in the Lamona Cemetery. He was 26 years old, had lived all his life around Lamona, and is spoken of in the highest terms by all who knew him. He was sick only a few days, dying with some kind of stomach trouble. He leaves a mother, three sisters and five brothers.  The mother and four brothers attended the funeral. (Citizen)  


  HUCK, Henry

“The body of Henry Hicle was brought from Spokane to Lamona on 43. It was taken directly from the train to the M E Church where the service was held. He was buried in the Lamona Cemetery. He was 26 years old, had lived all his life around Lamona, and is spoken of in the highest terms by all who know him. He was sick only a few days, dying with some kind of stomach trouble. He leaves a mother, three sisters, and five brothers. The mother and four brothers attended the funeral.” (Harrington Citizen of May 15, 1914) (The son of Mrs. Wm Calliott, his tombstone shows the Calliott surname). “Huck.—Henry Huck, a ranch hand of Harrington, died Sunday at Deaconess Hospital. The remains are at the Gilman Undertaking company.” (The Spokane Chronicle of May 11, 1914)



“Ivis Hutchens, aged 18 months, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Hutchens, of Lamona, died Monday evening. Four other members of the family are reported sick.” (Burial Assumed; Citizen: 8-29-1913) 



“Frank Delmar Hutchins. Born 1910. Died: Sept 18, 1913, Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Spokane Co, WA. Death Certificate #869. Single, white, male. Age: 3 yrs 6 mos, born Oregon .  Cause of death: Brain Abscess.  Burial: Lamona , WA . Buried: Sept 18, 1913. Father: E A Hutchins (Edward), born OR; Mother: Mary Maynard, born MN.” (WA State Death Certificate)  {Edward Hutchins was born 1858 in Dayton , OR and died age 73 yrs 7 mos 9 days on June 13, 1931 in Seattle, King Co, WA. Spouse: Mary B Maynard, born Fergus Falls , MN . Father: James Hutchins. Mother: Elizabeth Sayles.}


JENSEN, Mabel O.

The tombstone for the grave of Mabel reads: “Mabel O. Jensen, June 24-Nov 15, 1903.” Mabel was the daughter of Peter and Mary Jensen.


JOHNSON, Jonas Thorwald

“Jonas Thorwald Johnson. Born: 1-16-1887 in Sweden;  died: 2-08-1919 in Lincoln Co;  father = Olaf Johnson, born Sweden;  mother = Christeen Peterson, born Sweden;  cause of death = broken back (a woodsman);  burial: Lamona;  informant: Gus Lybecker.” (Lincoln Co Health Death Certificate) His tombstone shows 1887-1919 and is positioned against the Hammersmith family plot fence, in a manner not apt to have been its original location as it will not match the cemetery platting.   Jonas Johnson died at the home of his sister, Mrs Gus Lybecker, near Lamona, after two years of paralysis. He was born in Sweden, age 32, and had two brothers, Charles V and John A. Interment was in the Lamona Cemetery. ( notes from Odessa Record: 2-14-1919)


JOHNSON, Vernon 

“Vernon Johnson; born:  5-22-1916 in WA;  died: 11-01-1916 in Harrington, WA; age 5 mos, 10 days; father: Frank Johnson born Arkansas;  mother:  Nannie Richardson born Tennessee;  cause:  bronchial pneumonia; duration 15 days;  burial: Lamona, WA; Undertaker = J. E. Turner;  Informant: Mrs. F. W. Reichow of Lamona, WA.” (WA State Board of Health Death Certificate) The grave location is unknown as no headstone has been located.


KAPUTA, Mrs. Annie

“Mrs. Annie Kaputa; Died: 21 July 1898 at Lamona, Lincoln Co, WA;  Buried: Cemetery at Lamona;  Born: Bohemia, Europe about 33 yrs ago;  Died: Suddenly without sacraments;  signed by: H. J. van de Ven.” (Catholic Territorial Ledger at Spokane) This grave location is unknown as no headstone has been located.


KUNZ, Ernestina M.

The tombstone of Ernestina M. Kunz shows her date of birth as March 7, 1847 and her date of death as Feb 23, 1908. Ernestina was the wife of Vincent Kunz. One huge monument topped with an angel contains the data for the three family members.


KUNZ, Levi

The tombstone of Levi Kunz shows: “Levi H, son of Vincent & Ernestina Kunz, Born March 6, 1883, Died  Dec 11, 1906, Aged 23 years 9 mos, 5 days. Our brother, first to leave our band, Life’s song as yet unsung, While gray hairs gather on our brows, Thou art forever young.”  


KUNZ, Vincent

The tombstone of Vincent Kunz shows his date of birth as March 10, 1846 and his death date as March 22, 1906. Vincent was the husband of Ernestina Kunz. The Kunz and Luiten graves are within a metal fenced area, a large monument for the Kunz family and another for the Luiten family. Individual grave covers depict the exact placement of the Kunz bodies.


LEBERT, Anna Mary

“Anna Mary Lebert; Died: Dec 29, 1896 at Lamona;  Age: 80 years.” (Lincoln Co Auditor’s Death Certificate) The ledger of the Smith Funeral Home in Spokane shows the purchase of a casket at Lamona, WA, on Dec 26, 1896 and billed to Eugene C Heath. This date coincides with the death of Anna M Lebert.  The Lincoln County Probate file #335 of Anna Mary Lebert shows her date of death  as Dec 29, 1896 at her residence in Lincoln County. Her property was identified as a house 12 X 14, one story and a fence around 160 acres of government homestead. Her heir was identified as Johanna Lebert Hammersmith, age 53, residing in Spokane. The probate of Johanna’s husband, L F Hammersmith, identifies a daughter as Lydia Heath.  The tombstone erroneously shows the date of death as Sept 26, 1896, aged 79 yrs 2 mos. Anna was the wife of Philip Lebert. One large monument in the Hammersmith plot bears the data for the three burials, LF and Johanna Hammersmith, and Anna Lebert. There are foot markers with the initials J. H. and A. L , but the footstone for L F Hammersmith was not found.


LeDUC, Eddie

“Eddie LeDuc, male, white, single;  birth: Nov 18, 1891, born  Spokane, WA; age 15 yrs 9 mos 8 days; died Aug 23, 1907 in Adams County, from paralysis resulting from   diphtheria, duration of 10 days;  attending physician was  F R Burroughs of Ritzville. Father: Frank LeDuc born WI; mother: Carrie Meachan, b. MN; Burial: Lamona on Aug 24, 1907; undertaker not shown.” (WA State Board of Health Death Certificate) One LeDuc cement marker was found with no identifying data on it except the surname. (Frank Jeremiah LeDuc was born June 27, 1863 in LaCrosse, WI, son of Jeremiah LeDuc, Protestant Huguenots. Frank married Carrie Jessie Meacham on Oct 20, 1884 in Sioux Rapids, Iowa. In 1910 Frank LeDuc reported on the census that they had been blessed with eleven children, six of which were living at that time. Frank and Carrie moved to Lamona in 1905 and resided there until about 1911-12, when they moved to the Mondovi vicinity of Lincoln County.


LeDUC, Ray

Family records show that Ray LeDuc, born March 8, 1906,  died in 1907 while the family resided in the Lamona district. Ray was the son of Frank J. and Carrie J. LeDuc.


LOGSDON, Madge Dorothy: 

 “During the past week death has entered into the home of another Odessa family and taken from it a sweet little child, which, during its short life, had grown dear to the members of that household. Last Friday evening Mr. & Mrs. Fieldon Logsdon were called upon to mourn the death of their infant daughter, Madge Dorothy, who came to brighten their home on July 6th last. The little one had been sick for over three weeks with pneumonia, and when the end came it was not unexpected. Funeral services were held at the church Sunday morning, conducted by Rev A A Powers of Harrington, and the remains were taken to Lamona Cemetery for interment. Mr. & Mrs. Logsdon have the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement.” (Odessa Record of Nov 28, 1902) Madge Dorothy Logsdon died Nov 21, 1902, daughter of Fieldon Logsdon. The obituary shows her burial in the Lamona Cemetery; however her tombstone “Madge Dolorous, daughter of F. & C. E. Logsdon, Died Nov 21, 1902, Age 4 mos 15 days, our darling” is posited in the Odessa Cemetery. No evidence of the removal of the body has been located.


LUITEN, Anna Bougard

The tombstone for Anna Bougard Luiten shows that she died Oct 4, 1918 at the age of 61 yrs 9 mos 25 days. She was the wife of Gerhard Luiten.  Family records show that she was born Dec 10, 1856 in Wisconsin and married Gerhard H. Luiten on Oct 22, 1875 in McLeod Co, Minnesota. Family records show only 11 children born to her in spite of her self report of 12 on the 1900 census. Those shown by the family were: Margaretha, unnamed infant (1878), George H (1881), Gerhard H (1883), Otto Albert (1885), Gerhardina C (1887), Wilhelmina L. L. (1891), Jacob W. (1893), William (1894), Emil (1895) and Jacob G. (1896). “Mrs Anna Luiten, one of the early settlers of the Lamona country, died at the Sacred Heart hospital Friday afternoon following an operation for cancer. Mrs Luiten was nearly 62 years of age at the time of her death. She was born in Dodge County , Wisconsin in 1856 and at the age of ten moved with her parents to Minnesota . In 1875 she married Gerhard Luiten. This matrimonial union was blessed with 12 children, six preceding the mother in death. In 1898 the family moved to Washington and settled near Lamona, where they have made their home ever since. Eleven months after their arrival here her husband died and with the help of her children she has worked the farm where they made their home. Her illness was of short duration, only four days was she bedfast and up to a week before her death she had been doing her work as usual. She is survived by three sons and three daughters, G D Luiten and Geo A Luiten, farmers residing near Lamona; Jacob Luiten, now in the U S Army; Mrs F D Graupman, Mrs John Calliott and Mrs Henry Reese, all of whom reside near Lamona. Funeral services were held at Lamona Tuesday, Rev P Groschupf officiating, after which interment took place at the Lamona Cemetery .” (Odessa Record: 10-14-1918)


LUITEN, Gerhard Henry

“Gerhart Luiten, a German farmer living near Lamona station in Lincoln County, died at his home on Sunday, April 9, 1899, aged 48 years, of lung fever. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss.” (Adams Co News of March 29, 1899) [Gerhard Luiten was born March 17, 1851 at Schwafheim, Rhineland, Germany. He married Ann Bongard/Bougard on Oct 22, 1875 in Berilern, McLeod County, MN. He reportedly immigrated on Aug 17k, 1871 from Bremen, Germany to NY, NY. His parents were Johann Luiten and Gerhardine Wolters. His will was entered into probate court on June 20, 1899 in Lincoln County, which transferred his property and leases to his wife, Anna Luiten. Gerhard and Anna were buried in the Lamona Cemetery. The 1900 census showed Anna as a widow, that she had had twelve children and seven were living at that time. Those were: Maggie (1876), George H (1881), Gerhart H (1883), Otto A (1885), Dena C (1887), Minnie L (1891) and Jacob G (1896).]



“Lamona.—Otto Luiten, a well known farmer of this community, died at his home southeast of Lamona, Friday, Feb 8th, of pneumonia. Mr Luiten had been troubled with a severe cold for some time, but continued to work until about ten days previous to his death.  He was 21 years and 10 months of age, of good habits, honest and industrious, and his early departure is a sad loss to his family and many friends. Mr. Luiten is survived by his mother, three sisters and three brothers, all being at the home place near Lamona. The remains were interred in the Lamona Cemetery at 2 PM Monday, Feb 11th.” (Ritzville Times of Feb 20, 1907) (Otto Luiten was born April 10, 1885 according to his tombstone.  Otto Albert Luiten was born in Glencoe, McLeod Co, MN, the son of Gerhard and Anna Luiten.)



“Sam Marsh, a saloon man of Lamona, was killed last Friday night near Downs, WA. Marsh had been at Downs and during the day drank quite heavily, starting for Lamona in the evening on foot along the railroad track. One of the evening trains ran over him cutting off his left shoulder and breaking his left leg in two places and was dead when found. He had some money deposited with Davis & Yake at Lamona and part of this was used in bearing the funeral expenses. Undertaker Turner of Harrington took charge of the remains Sunday and buried them at  Lamona. Marsh had  no  relatives  in  this  section of the country, but it is supposed his folks live in Kansas. Coroner Kaulbach rendered a verdict according to the above facts on Saturday.” (Harrington Citizen of Sept 28, 1906) The location of this grave is unmarked.


MITCHELL, Edith Maude

“Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Mitchell are mourning the loss of their little three-year old daughter, Maude Mitchell, who died last Monday morning of dysentery. The little one was taken sick on Tuesday of last week and gradually grew worse until the end came. The funeral services were held at the house Tuesday at 10 AM and the remains were taken to Lamona for interment.” (Odessa Record of Sept 12, 1902) Her tombstone shows Edith Maud Mitchell, 1898-1902, daughter of W P and Elsie H Mitchell.


MITCHELL, Elsie Hamilton Webster

“The entire community was pained and shocked last Tuesday morning upon learning of the death of Mrs. W. P. Mitchell, which occurred at an early hour, from a complication of diseases. Mrs. Mitchell, whose maiden name was Elsie Hamilton Webster, was born Oct 7, 1870, in Rice Lake, Canada. She moved to Oregon in 1883, where she met Mr. Mitchell. They were married in 1888 and moved here in the following year. Mrs. Mitchell was a devoted wife and mother, a true friend and a kind neighbor. Words cannot express the grief that fills the hearts of her friends at her untimely death. A broken hearted husband and four children, 3 boys and 1 girl, besides an aged mother, who was present at her death-bed, and a brother and a sister, who live near Fort McLeod, in Alberta, Northwest Territory, are left to mourn her death. The funeral was held from the home on Wednesday morning, Rev Finlayson officiating, and the remains were taken to Lamona to be laid to their last resting place. The schools, stores and other places of business were closed while the funeral ceremony was being held and the friends of the deceased turned out in large numbers to pay respect to the memory of her, whose life was an open book to them, filled with deeds of love and kindness. The Odd Fellows, of which Mr. Mitchell is a member, formed at their hall and marched to the home in a body to show sympathy for their bereaved brother.” (Odessa Record of Jan 30, 1903)  (The one daughter was Mamie; she became Mamie Smith Carvington on Dec 7, 1906.) “Mr. & Mrs. Z. Finney, Mrs. R. L. Playfair, Mrs. R. Gillespie and W. T. Nichols of Wilson Creek attended the funeral of Mrs. Mitchell on Wednesday.”



“Jean, the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas Mitchell, living 35 miles southwest of Odessa, died at an early hour last Sunday morning, of diphtheria, aged 3 months and 17 days. The remains were interred in the cemetery at Lamona. The Record joins with many other Odessa friends in extending sympathy to the bereaved family.” (Odessa Record of Nov 28, 1902)  (The birth announcement of Jean Mitchell occurred in the Odessa Record of Aug 29, 1902.) Jean Mitchell died Nov 23, 1902. Her burial was in the Lamona Cemetery, however, her tombstone and that of her parents is in the Odessa Cemetery.


MITCHELL, infant of W P Mitchell

The ledger of Smith Funeral Home of Spokane shows the death of an infant Mitchell on Oct 23, 1896 at Odessa, WA, with burial to occur at Odessa; the informant was shown as W. P. Mitchell, father. (Since the family was affiliated at Lamona, it is presumed that burial took place at Lamona Cemetery, as Odessa did not have a cemetery at that time; however, it is possible that the infant was buried on their homestead.)



 “A telegram was received this morning by F. J. Guth, worshipful master of Odessa Lodge, F and AM from H. E. Stone, stating that A. D. Pytcher, a member of the lodge, was dead at Spokane. Mr. Pytcher fell dead in front of the Whitehouse store on Riverside Avenue, last night at 11:30, of heart failure. The body now lies in the Gilman morgue, where it was removed after his death. Mr. Pytcher, for a number of years, conducted a large ranch south of Lamona, selling out last fall and moving to Bonner’s Ferry, ID, where he invested in a hay ranch. He was about 50 years of age. He is survived by his wife, who is a daughter of John Unger, a rancher living about ten miles southeast of Odessa. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made but it is thought that the remains may be brought to Lamona for burial.” (Odessa Record of Feb 11, 1910) A. D. Pytcher (Archibald) died Feb 10, 1910. He was the husband of Susan  Heiss Unger Pytcher. Records show that Archibald and Susie Pytcher are now interred in Fairmount Cemetery in Spokane. Susan R Pychter was the daughter of K Heiss and Mary Long, she was born June 22, 1852 in PA and died Sept 12, 1932 in Odessa, WA. At the time of her death, she was known to be survived by two brothers, Alpha Heiss of Knoxville, TN and Ed G Unger of Odessa, WA, nieces and nephews.


SMITH, Ella Irene:   

 “On Tuesday morning Mrs. W. L. Smith, a well known and loved woman in this section of the country, died at her home in this city from blood poison. About 6 weeks ago Mrs. Smith stepped on a nail causing Blood poison and gradually grew worse from day to day, and everything was done to spare her life, but to no avail, and on Tuesday morning she closed her eyes on this world and passed into the great beyond where she will be rewarded for the many charitable and kind deeds rendered at her hands to those needing a helping hand. Funeral services were conducted in the church which was crowded by friends to pay tribute to a noble woman. Rev Carpenter preached a very touching sermon which moved many to tears. Interment took place in Lamona Cemetery. The pall bearers were: G W Finney, Robert Alexander, W. P. Mitchell, L. P. Zimmer, Frank Guth and J. R. Miller. Ella DeSpain was born Nov 8, 1865 in Lane County, Oregon. She was married to W.  L. Smith on Jan 22, 1882 at Pilot Rock, OR, removing to Lincoln County, WA in the spring of 1884, where they have since resided most of the time. There has been born to them ten children, seven of whom are living, 3 girls and 4 boys. She has been a faithful wife and mother, her deeds of mercy and kindness will ever be remembered. Besides husband and children, an aged father, 2 sisters and 3 brothers are left to mourn her loss.” (Odessa Record of Dec 13, 1901)  “School was dismissed Thursday to enable teachers and scholars to attend the funeral of the late Mrs. W. L. Smith. She died Tuesday morning (Dec 10), leaving a husband and 7 children to mourn her loss. Mrs. Smith was a whole souled womanly woman; kind to a fault, sympathetic, generous, always seeking to relieve distress among those about her... Interment at Lamona Cemetery.” (excerpt from Harrington Citizen of Dec 27, 1901) Mrs. Ella Irene Smith died Dec 10, 1901 and was buried in the Lamona Cemetery. At that time she had three deceased children (one of which was Freddie) and came to the Lamona vicinity in 1884.  Her tombstone is now in the Odessa Cemetery, to date no evidence has been found that her body was disinterred from Lamona. Her tombstone reads: “Ella Irene, Beloved wife of W. L. Smith, Died Dec 10, 1901 Aged 36 yrs 1 m 2 ds.”


SMITH, Fredie:

“Fredie, beloved son of W. L. and E. I. Smith, Born July 8, 1896, Died Oct 25, 1897.”  It is presumed his remains were interred in the Lamona Cemetery; however, his tombstone is now posited in the Odessa Cemetery.


TANKE, Willard:

The tombstone of Willard Tanke in the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery shows his date of birth as Dec 19, 1903 and his date of death as Feb 4, 1911. Willard was the young son of William and Christine (Harms) Tanke. His grave is beside that of his grandparents, Henry and Elizabeth Harms within the iron fence.



“A young man by the name of Tommy Thompson was found dead by the railroad track near Lamona, last Saturday morning with the side of his head being caved in, as if struck by the cow-catcher of a passing train. The coroner and sheriff were notified of the affair, and drove out there Saturday, and a coroner’s jury was called to investigate the case, and after all evidence possible had been gleaned, decided that to the best of its knowledge the deceased came to his death by being struck by an engine. The railroad company was exonerated of any blame. Thompson had worked in the harvest field near Lamona for about a week, and after being discharged got drunk and left Lamona Friday night about 8 o’clock, still under the influence of liquor, and it is presumed that he had laid down by the track, gone to sleep, and had been struck by the engine as above stated. He was a stranger, and had no known relatives or friends. He was buried at the county’s expense.” (LCT- Aug 29, 1902)  The Lincoln Co Commissioner’s Journal indicates that the coroner’s jury was held in the Lamona vicinity. No burial was indicated, no expense was specified for a burial plot. The Lincoln Co Poor Farm ledger made no mention of his burial and it can be assumed that he was buried in the Lamona Cemetery or Downs Cemetery.


UNGER, John F.

“In the death of John Frederick Unger, which occurred Sunday, June 2, at his ranch home which is about ten miles southwest of Odessa, another pioneer passed that boundary from which no traveler returns. Mr. Unger was born in Germany 75 years ago and emigrated to this country during his early manhood, finally settling near Odessa about 20 years ago. He was married in 1871 to Mary A. Long and to this union was born one child, Edward G. Unger, who with the widow survives him. Deceased was well known and enjoyed the confidence and esteem of a wide circle of friends and his death will be sincerely mourned. He was a member of the Lutheran Church and lived an honest, upright life. The funeral, which took place from the home Tuesday, was conducted by Rev E. F. Williamsk, pastor of the Methodist Church in Odessa and was attended by a number of people from Odessa. Interment took place in the Lamona Cemetery.” (Odessa Record of June 7, 1912) His tombstone shows his birth as “Feb 1836” and his death as “June 1912, father”.



“Mrs. Mary A. Unger, one of the early settlers of the Odessa country, passed away at her home 9 ½ miles southeast of Odessa last Tuesday afternoon, March 24, the immediate cause of her death being a paralytic stroke. The funeral services will be held Saturday at the Unger home and will be conducted by Rev W S Pritchard of the English Congregational Church. Interment will be made in the Lamona Cemetery. Mary Long was born in Pennsylvania State on the 22nd of March 1827. She was married to K Heiss in 1847, and to this union four children were born, two sons and one daughter still living, one daughter having died at the age of two years. She was left a widow in 1858, when Mr. Heiss died. Her family and that of her first husband were all of PA, and all descendants of the first settlers of the state. In 1862 she was married to John F Unger, who preceded her in death on June 2, 1912. To this second union, a son was born. With her husband and son, she moved to Washington State in 1894, coming to the Odessa area where she has since made her home.  All four of her children survive her, they being, A. B. Heiss of Mecklenberg Co, VA; K. Heiss of MN; Mrs. S. R. Pytcher of Odessa and E. G. Unger of Odessa.” (Odessa Record of March 27, 1914)  Lincoln Co Probate file #1589 of Mary Unger was filed May 25, 1914. It shows also that one child died in infancy at less than one year of age. This record did not show who the father had been nor the year in which the birth took place, but one might suppose it to be the daughter born to K. Heiss. Her tombstone shows her birth as “March 1827” and her death as “March 1914, mother”.


unknown graves:

Many graves marked by wooden crosses, wooden fencing or small cement slabs once dotted the wide area between the visible tombstones of the Lamona Community Cemetery and the Lamona Lutheran Cemetery. Charred wood fragments, broken glass and tin cans were seen half buried among the weeds, matching verbal reports of early Lamona residents who attest to burials occurring in that location where no tombstones were yet found.


VENT, Horace R.

The tombstone for Horace R. Vent shows his date of birth as Sept 10, 1898 and his death as Nov 23, 1898, the son of W H and Alpha Vent. Wm H Vent was residing near Lamona with his brother, Robert and his family prior to the 1889 census. On Dec 2, 1894 William married Alpha Parker, daughter of Horace and Louisa (Johnson) Parker, first settlers in Lamona, the vicinity originally being called Parker Station. In Oct 1897 Wm and Alpha deeded the cemetery land to Lincoln County. 



Smith’s Funeral Home Ledgers of Spokane show a record for H. Wilson: Died at Lamona, WA on August 28, 1896. Age not given. Burial at Lamona, WA. Informant: H Parker. (This apparently reflects the death of baby Lue Wilson.)


WILSON, Loella P. “Loella P Wilson. Died: Apr 8, 1896 near Lamona from consumption; Age 32 years; married; resided in Olympia.” (Lincoln Co Auditor’s Death Certificate)  Smith Funeral Home’s ledger shows Leola Wilson died Apr 8, 1896 at Lamona, age not given. The informant shown was W. H. Wiscomb. (Louella was the daughter of Horace Parker, b. PA, and Louisa Johnson, b. NY.) Her tombstone reads Loella P Wilson, died April 8, 1896, aged 32 years.



“Loue Wilson; Died: Aug 29, 1896 at Lamona; cause: hydrocephalus acutus;  Age: 1 year; daughter of L. Wilson (b. MI) and Loella Parker (b. Oregon). (Lincoln Co Auditor’s Death Certificate signed by Dr Hamersmith) Her tombstone reads: “Baby Lue Wilson, died August 27, 1896, aged 23 months.”


ZABEL, Alma and Margaret

“Mr. and Mrs. Gust Zabel, of Odessa, are mourning the death of two of their daughters, Alma, aged 2 years, and Margaret, 4 years old, which occurred last Monday morning from diphtheria. Of the six children remaining four are down with it and the youngest, a baby four months old, lies at the point of death. One boy, Edwin, suffered a mild attack about two weeks ago but recovered in a few days. The other children were taken sick on the 5th.   Dr Connell is giving the sufferers his best care and most skillful attention and has quarantined the house and is taking every possible precaution to keep the disease from spreading. The house is in quarantine.” (Wilbur Register of July 18, 1902) The single tombstone reads “Alma Laura, Born Aug 19, 1900, Died July 7, 1902.” and “Margaretha Elisabeth, Born Aug 10, 1898, Died July 7, 1902.” The probate of Gustav Zabel in Lincoln County (#1960, filed March 1918) showed his wife as Wilhelmine and his surviving children as: Lena Martha, Max Gustav, Edwin Adolph, Maria Wilhelmine, Hans Alfred, Oscar Alwim and Edith Edna. 



Lamona Cemetery & Lamona Lutheran Cemetery, Lamona, 

 Lincoln County, Washington

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