Stevens County Cemeteries 
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Note that for some cemeteries, there is more than one enumeration available - check both!

Cemetery Name Location
Addy Cemetery - Oct 1997 
Addy Cemetery - Aug 2000
Addy (two independent enumerations)
Assembly of God Church Cemetery West-End / Wellpinit
Blanche E. Fisher Cemetery Marcus
Bossburg Cemetery Marcus
Bossburg Cemetery Marcus
Boundary Burials Boundary
Boundary Burials (Nesteroff) Boundary
Calvary/Highland Cemetery Colville
Cedonia Community Church Cemetery Cedonia
Chewelah City Cemetery  
(aka Chewelah Pioneer Cemetery)
Chewelah Memorial Park Chewelah
Chewelah Memorial Park Chewelah
Chief Lot Cemetery Wellpinit
Cully Memorial Cemetery Rice
Cully Memorial Cemetery Rice
Daniel Sherwood Cemetery Stevens County
Edward Whalawhitsa Indian Cemetery Stevens County
Enterprise Cemetery Enterprise / Fruitland
Etue Cemetery Enterprise / Fruitland
Evergreen Cemetery (Rail) Colville
Evergreen Cemetery (NeWGS) Colville
Fairview Cemetery Daisy
Fairview Cemetery Daisy
Forest Center Cemetery Valley
Forest Home Cemetery Northport
Forest Home Cemetery Northport
Fruitland Seventh-Day Adventist Cemetery 
(aka Steele Family Cemetery)
George W. Thomas Cemetery 
Stevens County
Grandview Cemetery - Oct 1997 
Grandview Cemetery - Aug 2000
Marcus (two independent enumerations)
Green Mountain Cemetery Boyds
Greenwood Cemetery Hunters
Highland/Calvary Cemetery Colville
Hubert Cemetery - Nov 1998 
Hubert Cemetery - Oct 2000 
Hubert Cemetery - June 2007 
(aka Walkers Prairie or Indian)
Ford (three independent enumerations)
Hughes Cemetery Fruitland
Indian Cemetery Chewelah
I.O.O.F. Cemetery Kettle Falls
I.O.O.F. Cemetery Rice
I.O.O.F. Memorial Cemetery Rice
Julia Brown Cemetery Enterprise / Fruitland
Kelly Hill Cemetery Barstow / Orient
Kettle Falls Bridge Cemetery Stevens County
Kettle Falls Island Cemetery Stevens County
Lady of the Valley Cemetery Ward / Kettle Falls
LaFleur Cemetery Enterprise / Fruitland
Little Rock Church Cemetery
(aka Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery)
Enterprise / Fruitland
Loon Lake Cemetery (1997) Loon Lake
Loon Lake Cemetery (2002) Loon Lake
Marcus Ferry Cemetery Stevens County
Mattie Boyd Cemetery Stevens County
Mary Bernard Cemetery Stevens County
Meyers Falls Cemetery Kettle Falls
Moses Cemetery Ford
Moses Spring Cemetery Stevens County
Mountain View Cemetery Colville
Napoleon Cemetery 
(aka Green Mountain Cemetery)
Old Catholic Cemetery Colville
Old Kettle Falls IOOF Cemetery 
(aka Grandview Cemetery)
Kettle Falls
Old Northport Cemetery 
(aka Riverview Cemetery)
Old Scott's Valley Cemetery Tum Tum
Old Valley Indian Cemetery 
(aka Abrahamson Graves)
Pascal Cemetery Enterprise
Pia Mission Cemetery Barstow / Kelly Hill
Pine Grove Cemetery Valley / Kelly Hill
Pleasant View Cemetery Ford
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Wellpinit
Scott's Valley Cemetery Tum Tum
Soccumtitckun Cemetery 
(aka Sutton-Lynn Cemetery)
Enterprise / Fruitland
Spokane River Presbyterian Cemetery 
(aka Cornelius Cemetery)
Spokane Tribal Cemetery Stevens County
Springdale Cemetery - Jan 2000 
Springdale Cemetery - Nov 2001
Springdale (two independant enumerations)
St.Francis Regis Mission Cemetery Ward / Kettle Falls
St.Francis Regis Mission Cemetery Chewelah
St.Joseph Cemetery - Oct 1997 
St.Joseph Cemetery - Jun 1999
Valley (two independant enumerations)
St.Mary of the Rosary Cemetery 
(next to the Chewelah City Cemetery)
Stanger-Skeels Cemetery Stevens County
Stranger Creek Cemetery 
(aka Maud Cemetery)
Summit Valley Cemetery Dunn Mountain
Valley Cemetery Valley
Valley Cemetery Valley
Wellpinit Presbyterian Cemetery 
(includes Chief Lot Cemetery)
West End Assembly of God West-End / Wellpinit
Williams Valley Hillside Cemetery Clayton
Zion Hill Cemetery 
(aka Trysil or Mount Zion Cemetery)
Clayton (actually in Spokane Co)

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