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Volunteering is serving a cause greater than ones self. A volunteer is a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service.

'Look-Ups' - Volunteers Needed!


Do you have materials related to Grant County, one of its communities, or about someone who once lived in the county?  Why not volunteer to do a 'Look-Up' in that material for other researchers!  Contact the Coordinator about your interest.  See below for other ways you can volunteer.  

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Transcribe Materials for the Coordinator:
There may be times when the coordinator needs help transcribing history books, diaries, or other materials for the website.

Digital Photos:
If you live in the area consider taking photos of gravestones for other researchers, and of cemetery entrances for use on the website.

Create an index of obituaries from Grant County newspapers. At minimum an index should include the name and date of the publication, the persons full name including maiden & nicknames, age, and what Grant County community they were from.

Help Researchers Obtain Documents:
If you are able to visit a local historical society, library or government office to locate a document for someone, or have access to a 'pay to use' site like, consider helping other researchers.