Stevens County Marriages 1859 - 1947 
This newly posted database is courtesy of the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society. Please visit their website at for more information about this organization. If you find any errors, please let me know Susan Dechant (be sure to put "Stevens Co" in the subject line).

This is an index mostly to marriage LICENSES and STATISTICS dating from the earliest Stevens County records through 1947. That means that if you find a marriage listed here, you will want to follow-up to make sure that the marriage was actually performed. This compiled list consists of entries found in the following sources:

Cath = Catholic records published in "Washington's First Marriages of the 39 Counties" edited by John D. Carter, published by Eastern Washington Gnealogical Society.

Slater = newspaper articles written by John B. Slater for the Colville Examiner in 1917 listing actual early marriages, published serially in NeWGS "Pioneer Branches."

MR#6 or MR#7 = marriage record books #6 or #7, Reg or RegA = marriage registers, and stats = marriage statistics books. Note that marriage statistics were only recorded BEFORE 7 June 1939, so you won't find them later (they were no longer required by law after 6 June 1939). These contained much more personal information about the bride and groom than the license did. Recently all our early marriage records were moved to the Eastern Washington Archives at Cheney. Eventually they will be available online through the Washington State Archives Historical Records Search. Meanwhile, contact the Archivist at Cheney to obtain a copy.

The US GenWeb Archives provide genealogical and historical data to the general public without fee or charge of any kind. It is intended that this material not be used in a commercial manner. This file has been submitted by the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society (NeWGS) July 2003. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded.

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